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Hello and welcome to food. Neighborhoods of monaco. Twenty four. i'm charlie film court during the pandemic we continued the show in a slightly different format. As many of you find yourself spending more time at home. We followed suit dove into the world of great recipes. All of which can be tried from the comfort of your own kitchen. We hear hearty bread recipe on a for at london's liquor. Hello everyone my name. Is jim thome. And i'm the obligatory shut. Thames just bridge were small. Local independently owned italian restaurant. Okay so the recipe chosen today is for catcher reason for this is because i think bread is such a fantastic statement to be able to cook and any leftovers can be used to make really simple tons and ella salads toasted and topped with various delicious things turn into christina croutons and even blitzen tons pankratov sprinkled on past for an alternatives cheese restaurant. We bake two to three lobes daily depending on the day and also reason this recipes special. Today's actually kind of perfected it during the first lock down. We had when everybody was obsessed with saturday. Matinee hundred took the opportunity to really work on this recipe. Good friend of ours budgie one toy. He's a fantastic chef. Norman as well as a help gag thing in order in essence is pretty difficult operating. It's really really simple. So for this account one thousand two hundred grams of strong bread flour restaurant. We use marriages strong bread. Flour reply protein content any good cannock strong portfolios great twenty five grams of fresh least twenty grams of salt. A big pinch of sugar. Nine hundred milliliters of warm water. Lots soluble coffee to say how much we just depends on how much you want to put on anita rosemary. Sage must play. Tc salt so firstly type browns of nine hundred pieces of reporter an big pinch of sugar lead up about ten to fifteen minutes. Just covid comeback win moment in a -nother large baking bowl a stand mixer at the drawing regan side one thousand two hundred grams of flour and the twenty grams of salt on then. Combine that with the east mixture. That's been set for ten to fifteen minutes. If you're using a stand mixer use the hook attachment freezing last mixing bowl. Get your hands on and give a good meat ten minutes. You just wanna combine everything together. It doesn't need to be rethought next. Give it a good need ten minutes once. That's done scrape it down to rest for about an hour or two depending on the temperature of your room and it should roughly double in size. That point. what you wanna do is get back. And you scrape downsides. The bulb went hand slightly at this point. And then you want to divide into two so we'll make to dodge lives. This can be done by again if you want to be more precise scale then once. That's done lawn some baking trays with greets cruise paper. So kind of hanging on the edges of the trae you want be quite generous with the grease proof paper you want. It's kind of hanging over the once elected. Bates you can use paper clout do not get lining the tray with. It's so important. It makes your life so much easier and it stops the from sticking to the pan on top of the grease proof. Paper give a generous sprinkling olive oil. And if you don't have any baking trays this works perfectly. Well the cost on skillet as well so you can kind of divide it one by one if the rest in the fridge using it and then come back to bring up to room temperature before baking second life when you're trying to stretch i into the corners of the baking tray. It can be a little bit tough because the more you are the harder it gets to consequences to just leave requirements to relax before you shakedowns will rough oval again. Let it dry for five fifteen minutes. If it's every time you try and pull it entity edges econ springs back to the middle which it will just just let it do. It's thing just relax. Sometimes it ten minutes. Sometimes it takes fifteen minutes but again. Just take your time with that. Once this is done or very lightly of his coin coverage between so you then wanna leave and warm space for about two to four hours to let really dublin size will become very active very bubbly eastwood staying. And you'll really start to notice that it has a really uneven with strange looking surface but that's perfectly normal once you've done that pill that between film very making treat terrain bubbles this point one. Preheat the oven to two hundred degrees celsius. So once on coverage you did with your fingers tip your fingers and a bit of water which we did dart's and stick to it very gently a man covered generously with oil insight. Salt once don bake at two hundred degrees for twenty minutes but the you wanna liberty space and water into the ovens cray. Something called oven spring. Which helps the derise Brown crossed another way to do this. If you don't have some more to us they can spread into the. The offense is to sit up another baking dish. Which is foiling water and a towel which tim whitten right at the bottom of your oven. What happens at this. Point is as the british baking awards associate crates and crates ovens team. Which also does that same job off to twenty five minutes to one seventy type in loads out of the oven and sprinkle them with lots of rate or h whichever you prefer bake at once every ten minutes. Then what saas done kafue out of kuwait until the journey on to them and they go to catch my thanks. Jay patel ford's recipe for more from the hospitality sector stay tuned to monaco. Twenty four. you can subscribe to a magazine and sign up to our email newsletter. The monaco minute head to monaco dot com for more info. I'm charlie from a call. Thank you for listening and boy for now.

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