The Great Gildersleeve 47-06-04 (254) Called in by the IRS


Kraft Foods Company presents Harold Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. Did. The. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft. Foods company makers of far. K. Marts ruin every day. Millions of women all over America's Fire K. Margarine because it tastes so good. To get some. Ongoing? You'll like it you. Mark Margarine P. A. R.. K. A.. Y.. It's wonderful. It all started this way. Jealously Nephew Leroy arriving home from school, found himself loose ends, then under those Bush's fight, an old shoot up golf ball idly picked it up and stuff bouncing it against the porch. Bouncing in catching it till suddenly. Tragedies. That's all I'm just going to tell him. Bernie Gosh. Gamble in. That's all I make a fan, lemon pie ogle favorite instead of here in the past crew in the get the meringue onto. What you've got the bus of wind all over. Look at that. For the night just. Shot. To Go. Gosh I know you. Say. All difficult. Tell him that's what I'm going to do. Jalen. My Love Tony Sacconi. You don't I will. Will Do. Daily. Oh. Just turn any yard now. You stick right here with me, Leroy. Pollen to to paper and cool off for a while. Don't they win until after dinner may fear after you fed. G. Ready. The kitchen door bring in garden. My. Gosh I forgot to bring in again. He'll murder me. Good evening very shouldn't be at the top of the evening to. Leroy my boy. What's wrong. He didn't go to. Jail for. Just a minute ready. Yourself you didn't get tacked. That's all. I was a boy. Myself Wensley right I'm afraid I forget it sometimes, but who hasn't broken windows. I wouldn't have much use for any boy who was such. A pantywaisty never broke a window. That can happen to anyone. I wouldn't. Go around breaking windows of cars. San Smells something very good there. What's for dinner very well? Have Problem, please. To Salad, cave but desert I'm quite excited. Ready don't bother about dessert. I'll take the kids persona after how would you like that? Would you like to go out and have a soda? Would you rather stay home and half Tapioca? Kid. Sort of. The movies could we could? We might as well right down. There could well. New Cars. Aren't going to have any. We're going down drugstore and have a soda. That was one of the movies maybe. What's the big celebration? Window! Food? My. You. Right now, courtesy. Things! Jury Lean on. Family, party PD family fighting. Tamil ahead. Climb up. Leroy. What's your pleasure? I don't see how you can be just after you finished dinner, but the sky's the limit tonight anything in the house, Yours just name it. I think! We, let him take my dream. I! I. Don't know I just feel good today. Imagine. Chocolate national. Sunday only was raspberry, SYRUP JOKE! Could you put Jerry on the top? Imagine that can be rain. Screen ripped Leroy for heaven. To wonderful. Well. Give me one to what the heck. Pharmacy Accents No responsibility Mr Gary. You heard the order Mr Three chocolate marshmallow Sundays with Roman candles A. I don't know i. just feel good today. Mister Fever. We're going to the movies. I didn't say me we're going. I said we might be thinking about this movie kin. Thank you like no love. Stuff and Roy I didn't say for sure I said maybe. Doing PB. Hard. In the whole world? Why this is GonNa be a Super Day. Could just. Go to remove Malley era. Info also. ice-cream before it gets code. I heard it. died. Sunday if you WanNa go to the movie. Z.. PLAN CARE Super. Easily right. Easy, SURE YOU WANNA! Go to this movie. Sure you wouldn't rather go home and go to ban. I wouldn't let her go home and go to. You've killed me on. Hainault kidding. You love this movie. I'm picky. saw He says got screamed. Screams, yeah, this guy gets shot me. Fall off the. Screen all the way down. CARE to. Well. You sound earlier, right? We'll ever get through the picture. You Chuck! Engine. Senate, he had down. I like style sister you've got. You got a funny nose. Fresh. AM. He's in here. How Hun! All right killer on your feet visit. He'll be a favor if you see a girl. Funny nose. Hello I asked after on your way. When you're funny. Come on. Let's go home. You know up to bed. It's late. Movie. It was alright terrible. Going to bet you can if gritty. What are you doing up at this hour? Well, I waited off. Came the other day midfield sleeve and I. Put it regularly sure and don't forget you didn't see it. What letter? Where is it I? Put it right will be sure and see it, but dizziness after you've gone I've seen it still van. I thought it might be important, so I wrote you a note reminding you about it, but then I got to thinking well, you missed the letter. Maybe you might miss note so then I figured maybe better. Stay up to you got home. Make sure you didn't miss the nothing. Never mind the ready. Where's the letter? Birdie, you know that's no place for letters. Department of the Treasury collector of Internal Revenue. Third. Rock Morten P Illsley. You are requested to appear at this office honored before. Nineteen forty seven June fourth. That was today on before June, fourth nineteen, forty, seven to answer certain questions that have arisen in connection with your nineteen forty four income tax return. Please bring with you all records and documents pertaining to rally get. Forty Four I didn't pull anything in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four. How do I know what I did in nineteen, forty four? That's three years ago. As a judge, hookers fault, he vises me on. Taxes just weighed life. No, he's probably sleep. Sleep now goes to bed at eight o'clock. He can done well get up. In south lawyer supposed to protect you from things like this. Come on judge I know you there. Gosh I wonder if I did do anything. If you requested to appear at this office on it before June four. probably a penalty for not appearing. Wonder if they find you what? Contempt of court maybe. Come on your gold. Please, bring all records and documents. How Judge Gildersleeve. Listen Hooker. You call yourself a lawyer. Well I, just got a notice from the collective internal revenue. He wants me to come down and see him. Going see him don't Adamy. One thousand four income tax care, why don't you ever caught in the middle of the night? Just let me remind you booker. You. Help me make that return. On this with me just. Let me, remind you Gildersleeve. You never paid me a set for my vice all. You're the one who signed it. You're the one who swore to it, and if they throw you in jail, I hope they will don't go calling me up in the middle of the night to get you out. Oh, Jail. They can't put me in jail. They. Can they well? We'll find out in a minute. I word from the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque the quality module friend to me. I make a suggestion as one of our regular listeners. Any suggestion you make will be with thanks. You know that little jingle. You use that to market to market device in Parque. Aren't you like I like it fine I only mention it because I have a little twist. You Might WanNa. Try. Do you mean well? Everyone agrees parque margarine is America's favorite tastes good. What instead of singing? You'll like it? You'll love. It is millions who say my favorite marches parque. Why not seeing a you like it? You love it and you really should parque margarine taste so good. That's a good suggestion because we like to talk about the wonderful flavor by as about how delicious it is on roles muffins, pancakes waffles. Tell what a crime energy today! We just plant them. Simple could talk about parque were let's understandable. I guess that's later jingle the way it is, we'll hear it at the end of the show, but for now let's leave this one little reminder with the folks. Millions of women all over America are a margarine because it tastes so good. Now, let's get back to Gildersleeve. Who By this time is in the land of nine and having a bad night? We're am I ninety nine? You're in the. House. You see me mouthpiece. Listen Hooker! How can I be in the house? When all I did was make a mistake. My income tax as things are hard to explain to a layman guild. The law has certain principles, but I'm not a murderer I'm not a traitor or a kidnapper personnel man. It's just one of those things you'll do something. Appeal to the Supreme Court, we had the governor appeal for mercy from the governor. Thought? Do it horse well. Try Apartment and I'll settled for life imprisonment. Or if you only could I'll be indentity you for life. See what I can do. Guilty I. Look in on you early next week next week I go to the chair myrow. All so you do well I'll try and get out of this afternoon so together. NEW Afternoon. What are you doing here? Thank you find. Oh I thought you were somebody I knew and. Understood, you WanNa do what are your last meal I? WanNa meal. When I'M GONNA live. That is I maybe judge Hooker speaking through the governor about me and Co.. Lamb. House Roseby. Comment Johnny today. How's the? How's the lamb or? The lamb to? This is my last meal. Which is the best? Of Our menu is approved by the state corrections. Well I'll have the B. B.. Make Potato. That I don't know. With Rayvey. Lie Desire it. Green challen lettuce, tomatoes. MENEA- certain amount of each and he's. He's going to stay healthy, admit you. Oil Dressing. High crunchy coughing. No I drink coffee. It'll keep me awake tonight. Wouldn't. Now new poll found. Leila. You come. Stay. Committed to, won't you eight against the Rule Strike Mountain? Understand here and you can laugh at me. Your name, Jalili. Miss Me. Issue, Leroy I wanted to come here with me, but I doubt that a non. The shot of J.. He will. Talk? I've made a wreck of my life leaving. Perhaps this is sitting in for me. Travelers. You never met the right. Maybe you should have looked carefully if the girls in you. What do you mean sometimes person? Find Happiness right now, backyard. On next doll. Could kick myself. Out of it shown I wouldn't be just the strangest thing bad. Even. If I. Wasn't going to be. If things were different. Would, you marry me. If it would make you any happier on your lash. Sale. I'll will drive mom. Leela come a little closer. Just one kiss before we. Keep, got. On me. Reach a little hand through. Let me hold it. Judge. Maybe. He's got good News News Oh. Yes. Yay get pardon. This is all just tentative about you and be I mean why. Never expected to find here your. Plan down. You old shop show for you. I. I mean it's in Sierra Judge Your. Client I'm going to the electric chair. Oh yes. There was a little matter of seem the judge. Did you see him I? Did so? I'm for several minutes as a matter of fact although he was quite busy, he's very considerate it to the point judge. He got to make a long story short. There's nothing I can do. Sorry, all members of Jeff One of those things. L. Leila going back to town and I'll be glad to give live. Are Is your DA in. Young man come back here. Who can bring back my girl? Okay, Ninety nine on your. Is it. You got any last words. Last words anything you want to say, make it. All I, am I owe to the kraft cheese company. Okay. All. Back there, you reporters. Let it go. Wrong MARLA. Right Marjorie wear a hat. God. You heard me. Don't you understand this is a matter? I don't see why we have to go down there. Just because you made a mistake in your income tax. Records I'm taking everything. I got my driver's license. Yes here. It is I have to bring all my records for nine hundred, forty, four to show the tax inspector. Dependence I couldn't find your birth certificates. Let's bickering and get ready. Okay, gosh a necktie. Don't blame. The kids were getting sore. This whole thing outrage not rage some self-important little creek that gets travelling expenses persecuting innocent citizens. Well I'm. GonNa tell this off. Little scored exactly what I think. And the Internal Revenue Department and the government. Well, anyway I didn't receive the notice until last evening they'd been mislaid by my housekeeper ordinarily very reliable. That's all right. Ask stayed up with call it to my attention last night and I got down here as quickly as I could this morning. That's quite all right. We just thought you might think I was intentionally disregarding the notice Sarah but that's not the case I've got all my records here so if you WanNa go over records. That wasn't necessarily Mr. guiltlessly trouble Sarah I've got my dependence out there in the anteroom. If you want to check him really I'm sorry to put you to such trouble. Here's your return nine, hundred, forty four. You made an arithmetical error that could happen to anybody. You owe the government, two dollars and sixty cents. Era. Now, how could I done? Millions of people do dollars and sixty cents, and your all square buckle Sam. George. Take a check certainly. The collector of internal revenue. Collector of Internal Revenue. To sixty hundred. Morten P. The Ellerslie Yeah thank you, Mr. Gillis, leave and all the. Call me any time you're in town. This is a great country children why our own butcher could not me every night. Regulars wants to talk to you about summer plans and just a minute. Every day millions of women all over America serve prior margarine because it tastes so good. Try it soon this for yourself. How good parque tastes when you spread it on bread! Toast enrolls see if you don't prefer parking garage runs fine, fresh flavored any other brand as millions do. It's true every day. Millions of women all over America serve parque margarine because it tastes so good. Look I for the margarine of craft quality tire. K. Margarine made by kraft. You'll like if you loved. Magic. V. A. R. K. A. Y.. It's wonderful. A. By joys. The weather's getting so nice it out that all of you are thinking about vacations. I know I am. I'M GONNA take one two, and that's what I want to talk to you about you know. In past years we've sought to close the town of summerfield up for the summer, but this year's summerfield stays on the air. Yes, sir, we think we've got to kind of a cute idea to. There's GonNa. Be a band concert summerfield every Wednesday night for the next thirteen weeks Jack Mechanism is a real hometown brass band, and they'll play marches and overtures and fine old time tunes on top of that. We've imported a great young singer named Ken Carson with us for the entire season. We're going to have a pretty girl. This thing every week to the first week is little miss. Kay Starr, most of these summerfield residents are going to be around from time to Time Leroy Marjorie and Birdie judge booker the old goat, and of course Mr. So you folks, I'll be sure to tune in next Wednesday and every Wednesday after that for the summer fuel band concert and we'll be back with a regular. Great Gildersleeve shows in the fall. Thanks obviously in your soon good night. Right. Gildersleeve is played by our sweating by John Wiedeman Sam. As John, Langtang denied for the crap food aid Lakers in the panels line of quality products. They sure you're here next week at the same time for the first summerfield band concert. Own. Ladies when you're in a hurry in the families hungry, here's a quick easy way to satisfy appetites with PAP. Step the delicious Cheddar, Cheese Food, children love PAPS, deaths mellow Cheddar flavor on crackers or toasted sandwiches, and for main dish traits. 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