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Okay guys the Super Bowl matchup is now set. We got no game this week but we can talk about the Super Bowl can't we. Can't we talk about the Kansas City and the San Francisco Super Bowl. I know that Coach Dosier was well he was he was big on campus. Green whole thing blew up in his face. It did and he was disgusted with himself. But you know what he knew. That was going to be a long shot. Now you're talking football too. Yes you have to sit here. Yeah you sit there. You don't tell me what to do. Wait a minute. If you don't mind Margaret would jump at the show of you know we're doing a classic today so anyway go ahead general. He said he thought he wanted Kansas City and Green Bay. Because that was the the very first super bowl wasn't is a New York. Hey Bud were you alive then no okay just back off. It was the what was uh-huh. Oh Yeah Right. Kansas City Kansas City in Green Bay. What about the New York jets? What about a man that was like Super Bowl three-man oh-oh-oh hello super bowl? Joe Nemeth right yeah joining US anyway so there is no game obviously there is a pro bowl I mean they. Hey there's some hot action yes sure a pro bowl anyway. There is a beautiful beautiful super bowl coming up man the conference championship games. Of course Was Kansas City defeating. Tenessee as we knew they should but that that Green Bay San Francisco Games. A long shot. He knew it was a long shot. He said it was a long shot and it was talked about and discussed a long shot and in fact it was at the end of the day. Yeah as long shit yes okay so it was a long shot so he didn't pick it right no he did not pick it right anyway so we got a big Gus Super Bowl game coming up. Make sure that you you get an account at bet online dot. Ag That's Bet online dot ag your online sportsbook expert. And if you're a full refund you have that and during the regular season we are the top show or you know at least in our minds the top show. Well you don't have to be top show. You can't just be in your mind you can but to not gonNA make any money. No it won't make any money but anyway if we are the top show the newsstand to pick up one hundred bucks man if you over and set up for a free account at bed online dot. Ag Make sure you use the Promo Code podcast one for a fifty percent sign up bonus man now. You can't beat that Jack. That's a fifty percent sign up bonus. Setting up for a online account had been online online dot A. G.. Start Thinking about your super bowl pick Who Are you picking Phil? 'cause you haven't said what are you like. Oh I told you already man Oh yeah you. Don't Kansas the city. I'm going with Kansas City only because this is the first super bowl. Kansas City has been in since Super Bowl number one since super bowl number four. You said it was the jets. But I'm going to bet you know it was not the jets. Oh Yeah it was. Kansas City digest was number three million nuts. But when you say about four the brigade a good idea anyway. This is the first super bowl. The gypsum the Kansas City going to fill. Don't do ten years for killing van. Do it felt be climbing. The walls get back off so so anyway man get get sign up for online account at bet online dot. Ag Anybody that has this much damn fun doing their gig every day. Like I does me Phil Hendrie I don't know maybe it'll be against the law but get out get an online account about online dot. Ag I pick the Kansas City chiefs for the Super Bowl. We'll talk about it more next week. Thank you bet online dot ag. Hey you're online sportsbook experts. Yeah from a and either creators of cold case files comes next true crime podcast obsessions PD stories stories. Every week law enforcement professionals join host Tom Morris Junior from America's most wanted and live PD to share their experiences their insights and perspective on policing. You're not gonNA WANNA miss this show be sure subscribing podcast one apple podcasts and many other podcast APP so you can get new episodes. Welcome folks to our show today. This is Friday. It's a classic Friday. It's not always going to be a classic Friday the last few weeks we've been doing classic Fridays. Because we've been very very busy with other things but I think you'll enjoy this. This comes from our archives. Now man this comes from on our thirty five thousand plus hours archives than business pre two thousand seven so this is from the radio show and this is from September of two thousand four. We just As we usually do we went ahead and just threw a dart and see where it landed. This is from September twenty eight two thousand four hundred. Lloyd Bona Fide. Bit One of the characters that We don't do anymore because Lloyd was like a Korean War veteran and his you know he's retired and he's half crazy harvey another one that we really do because Harvey should be over one hundred right. Well no not over one hundred. But he's in his nineties. Harvey would be in his nineties. Harvey was pan. He's a marine all that stuff. So here is Lloyd Bona Fide from September twentieth. Two thousand four and. Here's a Korean. War veteran who across the street from him has moved in or has been there for a while anyway another elderly gentleman who has a corvette parked in his garage and has weighed equipment. And it's As far as Lloyd is concerned it's causing too much of a stir among all the quote old ladies on the block. This guy is some sort of a sexy guy. So let's check this out now. Lloyd Bona fide the heating and plumbing guy from Alhambra California You know his wife Marge and all of the antics on his street and with his business from September of two thousand four. Today's Phil Hendrie show classic Friday breath and Henry go ahead man. We're on the air. The go ahead insisted we are very concerned. Of course what these candidates will do for for senior citizens the the situation in your neighborhood though. Well this gentleman who has moved in to this home across the street from our home is a senior citizen himself. here's a way to Is my wife is closing the door to the den He's a widower is sixty five years of of age He has this gym exercise equipment and so forth. He's got a sports car. The neighborhood hould. We live in is primarily senior citizens mostly owned our homes for quite some time. I bought the house. We live in now in nineteen fifty fifty seven when I was discharged for the navy and in San in Long Beach and we moved up here and most of the people here have lived in the neighborhood neighborhood for a long time. This gentleman now has moved in and he is exhibiting a lifestyle that I think is is unusual for the rest most of us. Because we're we're retired people I am but a retired and he is. I think we don't. I don't WanNa get a lot of these especially our wives who Senior citizens are wives. Older Women Oh ladies and and this guy. We're we're afraid it's GONNA get agitated. I guess what. What do you mean by agitated? This is a He's a single ban Yes sir. He's a whiz life past started. Believe last much okay and his presence with the gym equipment that he has with his sports card guard. So on we've got a situation in our neighborhood where our wives content they are. They're older women and they used. You're still a very content life. Okay and what. What is your excuse me? I got a frog in my throat. What is your primary concern with this man moving in the primary concern valleys that he's going to get the way a lot of the women another these are all all ladies are going to get a little restless and at are going to get agitated by his presence and I spoke with my wife about it and she understood she said and and you know It isn't any secret by a lot of these men are taking blood pressure medicine As a result they're not able to Engage which I guess is the is the way to put it politely. A physically and you don't want to stir up a lot of these ladies when you when you have this guy. So aww what has he done anything overtly well. I went over to his house and I did what I do with every new neighbor I said. Oh my name's Lloyd Bona Fide. Welcome to the Dave I said okay. That's that's out of the way I said I wanNA tell you that you're you're you're you're unusual for this neighborhood and you're gonna you're you gotta agitate a Lotta these little old ladies that live here. And he was listening to me and I sit back by the gym equipment so we asked him if he would closes garage door so he's not showing gym equipment and and the car and also to keep the car in the garage so that he's not flaunting. Learning is lifestyle in such a way as agitated and get these old. You know a lot of Wife stirred up. Are you afraid that he is going to have an affair or I. I don't I don't know I don't believe so but you you'll make you don't want to get the wives in this neighborhood. We don't want to get them dissatisfied di-did stirred up and you know one eight hundred four four nine eight six six. I think I think I understand what you're saying. So you have asked this man to close his garage door. And this is the thing that I think. Bush and Cheney need to address and and and and very concerned to tell you the truth because he said to me. Why do I have to close by garage door and I said well down here see now? You're now you're getting my face and he did not want close his garage door thus not being people can't. Let's see the gym equipment. That's right it's his right Well let me tell you what this is the neighborhood. We protect our women in this neighborhood and he's got gym equipment. He's got a car and it gets these. These wives have is that they get. You know they're gonNA get agitated and so I told this guy. Let me tell you what I want. That garage door closed. I want that gym equipment out of sight and I want that corvette out of sight and he says to me well. I don't have to do that. I said let me tell you what other Korean War veteran hold on. Let me get. Let me take the pulse in the audience on his. I told the Navy veteran Do you have the right to tell your neighbor to close his garage door to keep the gym equipment and his corvette and everything from being seen outside of his house because he is a. I guess you could say that. This man is aid a single available senior citizen that is correct and so a lot of the women in the neighborhood hood. Even though they're all married you say are going to get agitated. Because you don't know what you mean by agitated thinking thoughts and and you know we got a lot of friends of mine who had blood pressure pressure better citizen and so on and so forth. They can't do the businesses you say you know and all ladies that live hero because we've kept the women. What did you see the women? Well no we've kept women are calm and and and have a nice ray lifestyle. Now this guy comes with his corvette the veterans gym equipment so I told him close the garage door and he refused. He refused me and I said Oh. Let me tell you what I. v United States naval veteran. So that didn't seem to oppress see Accident Korea so I I have written a letter to city council the all right one eight hundred four four nine eight six eight six. Lloyd Bona Fide You live in Alhambra right yesterday. And you have told a neighbor to keep the garage door closed where he has gym equipment. A Corvette Corvette and other manifestations I would say of a of an active single life. He's living in a neighborhood. That's the other thing. Why did he move into our neighborhood? Where we we have a great many Older women who I can't I you know who health this left that Strong and he runs around with what is gym equipment in his corvette which could only agitate these ladies all right. I understand so you're asking why he's moved into. The neighborhood. Generally exhibiting a single single lifestyle while there's so many married couples many of the an older women who are going to get over wrought by his presence. Well I I don't know if the words over but you got a lot of these old women who are very to us and they sit there and now here comes this guy showing up. All of his gym equipment added can only let me tell you I know women. I've been married for forty years. It only stimulates them. It agitates ads so so you feel it reasonable to go and tell him shut the garage door shut to garage door and with the corvette comes in and goes in the other thing is. He doesn't automatic garage door opener so what he does. He's got an open so that's all the more time the corvette sitting on the driveway and I said let me tell you what you gotta garage door opener. You could go down to sears and get the genie garage door opener. The man will come out and install and he said well you know he mumbled something. So I I You know this is why. I've talked to Congressman Thompson or excuse we city council Thompson and why. I'm concerned with the debates on Thursday night a single. Oh man and a widower who he's the same age as the rest of you guys about sixty five sixty six okay. He's a little bit younger but he's his moved into your neighborhood. He has single and he has a corvette and and he's kind of active and you feel that him exhibiting all of that gym equipment. Having his corvette parked out in the driveway only serves to. I'm quoting according to agitate and make the local the women in the neighborhood a little restless and start thinking impure thoughts. Or what have you I. I so what you are asking this man to closes garage doors. You can't see his corvette gym equipment and he has refused to do that as refused to do that. Now I waiting waiting for a response from the city councilman. I really. Don't WanNa go to to to the next level because if I go to the next level I'm a Korean War veteran want want please don't intimate violence and let me tell you what I am not going to be by. I don't know I don't do that. I'll go up to him and L.. Put a finger on his face and I'll tell him that will you don't WanNa have to muscle a neighbor when you can solve these things amicably. what is it to be a good neighbor in the case of this one man Anna lives across the street from Mr Bonifay would like him to simply closers garage door so his corvette and his gym equipment are not readily seen by the wives in the neighborhood who who have been married many years to their husbands and could become as he said overwrought or agitated seeing this available senior gentleman who is single a widower. His wife died my understanding last spring. He's gone to a city councilman and he has also talked to a couple of local congressman about his rights to go over there and shut the garage door. Feel hungry Shell. All right Lloyd Bona Fide with me gentleman lives in Alhambra California. The neighborhood they live in is is one that is I guess if the kids have grown up and moved away is that correct. I share we all hat I raised my daughter here and so everyone. There is pretty much a senior in your now and this this new man moved and he's a senior citizen but he's single. He has a lot of gym equipment. He drives a corvette This show it on and I simply I said to him. Let me tell you what. Keep Your Corvette and your gym equipment inside the garage because you are all the women in the neighborhood are all getting stirred dirt up a lot of bad blood pressure medicine and so forth Heike. You're on the Field Henry show. Hello Ma'am I make a comment. Tehran has been listening to This gentleman has lived there for several years. I don't understand why he is upset because he thinks the winner are going to get riled up what the problem is. He is jealous of this new man that has moved into the neighborhood because because he obviously is United States. I'm about ex-spouse spouse bivalve. More officer to and I've lived that type of I want you to know got jealous being in the sixties. You should have ron to live anywhere that you want to. I don't want him to. I'm not asking. You want to own a radio gym equipment. Okay can you hear Lloyd. Don't interrupt I WANNA make a point number one. I'm not trying to get the Amanda move. I simply want him to keep his car at his gym equipment hidden away from the women because one more hidden from a neighbor. Did you keep your job. Take my lawn mower is an obscene way. Try Out mowing the yard. You'RE GONNA stop the ladies and you automaking let me talk. You WanNa make a joke about a man not being able to do the business because he's not nothing to do with it. Okay Pan looking difference the artful well. Here's the what I simply asked him to do. Keep keep his gym equipment in his corvette he can go out and you know he wears wraparound sunglasses. And don't you got his hair all oil back the way I don't see where years out. Where do you not have any have because I happen to be an American? I'm not one of these greasy. You know what a lot of times we hear glasses are very popular for all ages. Span is sixty. Six years of age has found business driving a corvette that s not wait a minute wait a minute we know business driving. He lives in a neighborhood with retired people with old ladies. That only get agitated when they see this kind of thing that makes that are you. Are you a windows like do you let them do you. Do you just look at women and then go on about your business. Let me tell you what it doesn't hurt thing for the women to see him out there and go about their business will Act upon going over there and getting acquainted with him in a in a intimate way. That's where bears. That's where it's wrong. Well that's what they should. I don't know why you should be upset because this man has been there and has these items. And are you on my wife's body in shape right bill bill Macmillan lifts next door to me I said I seen your wife and she was looking at him and bill. You know at at talked doc to his wife and and and she she got with the program what what do you mean. She was looking at him. I had seen her out front looking over there at his corvette. I said the billion wife is is getting agitated and worked up by this guy don't even as she did not your wife. I okay thank you for your call. Let's go to Lily Lily. Go ahead you're on with bona fide. Hello yes let me go ahead hello. I'm I live in Bellevue Bellevue Washington and I was born in one thousand nine hundred forty three. I'M GONNA be sixty two next year and I think to have someone next door to you that drives a corvette and have exercise equipment. It's the way you should live because if you had some exercise equipment maybe you could throw the heart medication away. Sixty no wait a minute. War Korean War. I see guys get my husband. Served served also in the Vietnamese war and he was Korea back. That is okay. I'm sixty. I'm going to be sixty two years old next year. I can't wait for social security purity and but I tell you this is every day and to have someone that's in their sixties drive a corvette in exercise. I think that's a model for us. That are in our sixties by the pain that you hide away. Here's the problem. He drives this corvette that causes this vibrating sound. And I think you know what I'm talking about did it is wonderful rates and everything women can now L. Akwa or a Harley has a wonderful natural vibration and so do barbells and and right hike food and minerals have seen your vibrations. Because you want to shut things like that. Out For a woman to straddle the man for woman of your age to straddle a Harley Davidson and get your kicks shove cheap crown. I Chop Wood with my husband. I use This guys out there and then we have a so in other words. You Start Harley Matthew Dame could I ask you a Qu- so you got a Harley Davidson because you want to feel the vibrations obscene that is technically the wait a minute wait. That's not what she said. This guy with his corvette is trying. The women have a corvette wonderful show. You like to run around out there and show everybody what you got. No not me Mr that me now all right good vibes. I've eaten some dried food drive through. I'm eating dried fruit right now. Which keeps me clean? And that's all I need and yet you and this guy with his corvette news vibrations vibrate all okay. Kind of you've got the wrong idea cave. Thank you very much. Lloyd Mike Go Ahead. You're on the Phil Hendrie show new listener As for the aspirin is old guy. Dude needs to go to Dan Denney get his get his early bird special and keep watch matlock. So so that's what you think Yeah well let me let me tell you what else. He's GonNa close his garage door he's GonNa graduate or is he showing off everything to the neighborhood ladies. 'cause you wants to you could go. This is key boxing your matlock and don't worry about him. Hey I don't watch matlock. Okay good I watch a TV land. They have a lot. I bet you think you're some kind of a tough guy Like the dude is not Trying to he's trying to get in my grill man. What a moron? All right Uh Whatever world-famous Phil Hendrie show the filming we shall. We need a checkup from the neck up on Lloyd Bona fide with me for a last round of phone calls. I just want to ask you if the man does. There's refuses to this this. This gentleman lives across the street from you. He has his garage door open showing his gym equipment. Showing a corvette you say the guy whereas wraparound shades and sixty five and. I don't have any problem with the way of Ad Libs. Well it sounds to me like you do. It sounds to me like you don't want you say the women in the neighborhood char wives CBS. Who who look over at him and they start taking about they get agitated and start happen thinking about leaving the life that they have because these guys are blood pressure? Medicine can't do the business so then she wants to ride around in sub guys corvette feel it. Vibrate up doubted everything. And it's it's seen and I told the guy I said that garage door is GonNa get shut one way or the other and I can tell you right now because I was a welder. The Navy When I first started out I could well that garage door shut over there? Well that got you need to calm down calm down would get response to. This is the reason. Why the guys that run for president? I WanNa look at these debates on Thursday night. You'RE GONNA well two guys garage door shut. You're going to get into some legal problems. The Korean War veteran's all right. Here's Sonia go ahead Sonya where they have a common. This is the United States of America. The land of freedom of yeah. And it's you lose Standards Korea Reuter Chinese your wife Jason Shot You. Don't mind your own business and the men had expect the men of sixty years old active. Jim Corvette that. Maybe you should learn how to what did you say. Well she won't listen the Bay. I fought for this country in Korean. This the bride of Frankenstein here is telling me. What is the bride of Frankenstein supposed to mean? Where are you from Sonia from Russia? No I born in Egypt by Africa I managed good. I met in American and I live on United States for Serbian. CBS and I love the country. Because of my freedom or you can Shoulda Shoulda. You wanted to go so soon you you're saying just shut the door. We're in mind your own business to wait a second. Let me get this. Let me get this straight. You're taking the side of King touch sister here over me. I'm not taking no side you can you know everybody business. Because they're afraid to lose your life so handsome men working working and having a good time and size and shape. You don't show you move out for you. Would you do your favorite just say the following words. Three tunnel leaves is all you need to reactivate the mummy go ahead. What are you trying to do now? Don't you know how to leaves. Are I come to this discount. Discount and I met anyone. I don't need an India's like USA telling me what to do. I thought for this country in Korea against what articulating. That's different Dr. Nobody is disrespecting that what we're saying. Lloyd as this country you don't go over and well two guys. Garage is door shut because his he's got gym equipment. And can't you say the tunnel leaves will bring you know what's the tunnel leaves man. Probably for God's sake that only a little bit more like the the Gypsy lady in the movie the Wolfman movie go say that whole deal about even a man who's good and says his prayers at tight. Can we cover wolf. Where the wolf's Bane bloop said the Buddhist full of right you do that he that guy that guy to have fun we can nuts good have a good all the time and enjoy what is left of his life he let me ask you how to get along Egypt Sonia that you carry a basket on your ahead did you know how does that work you know what Mr Bonaparte? You don't need to insult nobody. I WanNa know what advocated and you need. I've been around the world series six countries around the world. You've land I love what I land magical and free them land. What matters state I wanNA? I WANNA ask the question if I could. Because I'm the guest right. Yes sir. Are you interviewing Cleopatra here what's going on Sir I am talking to my callers in your smart ass remarks you calling me a Spanish. I got a guy across the street. My wife wants to vibrate in his corvette. And you've got the lady or the light here who You know give her half a chance. It's GonNa turn into a Werewolf. You know how to play the flute to make the snake out of the basket. That kind of a deal soon. You thank you for your call. 'cause down what he's doing is he's just being a smart ass. I think you made some very good points. Okay thank you I thank you very very kind. That cares it right there. The fact that you're being nice nice to some lady who probably gave a guy some kind of a potion tournament If you've ever heard sudden turned into what are you talking. What about man was the last time I seen a frigging Wolfman? That's the Gypsy Lady. I bet you buddy that's the gypsy layer of so help me. Jesus I'll slip both wrists right down the street saying Jesus Jesus anything aid the Gypsy Lady. Give me the phone. I'm sorry all right. Yes this is the Phil Hendrie show the kitchen. I'm sorry this radio show yes I'm very sorry Aw He is. That man is one of our patients. I thought he was a guy that He called all radio show. He called John Cannon. All that mess you could get on a show happens. Everybody believed the Gypsy ladies asked twin. So I'm very sorry Sir and This is this is the Phil Hendrie show. He got out of our day room and got over to the payphone. After we gave him a court he wanted to get a paper. I said we're here for you. Go Get a paper turn out well by candy sticks in my fancy rogue at the Gypsy is going to be too aware if I WANNA thank the bad boy. Hold off the bat boy. Oh please the name of everything. Holy cow it hurts good okay. I'm done yell Mr Henry. Love your program. The WHO word up to your mom all right there you go. That's Loyd something's going on over there at the retirement home. I don't know what he's calling from his house with that his wife is a net. Been What Phil Hendrie Shell at a Korean war better. Ed You back a bloody stuff.

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