S1E138: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 05/29/20 George Floyd Protests


only kid out the right encountered on the line. John and slow to get out. Authorized off the package component author including the from with the next version. Learn ALL OFF. Ships again on the mound. Breathe for Roy of just can't new. Okay come on. Let's get into this. God bless each in everyone. It is a feel Good Friday. Friday may the twenty nine twenty twenty fifty minutes after the hour To the show hobby show reaching Cindy J a law co host Cologne with you. Get Your Morning Star right only place on Earth where you get your morning star right to chat room is opening. Come into on today on builder Friday. All you can call in the number sponsor and zero nine eight two six nine zero broadcasting live radio. Dot Com iheartradio. Sean what we wanted. Show DOT COM comedy world radio or podcast platforms and also right here on the off mighty lie. So we ended up building likeness. Shed is showing the bill the Friday. Thanks for being with us today. Synergy on of Good Friday a good morning Jay. And how are you today? Good Morning Shawn Excuse me. Good Morning Shot doing great everyone listening. We have a great show for you. Today we're going to get started with from news with Semi Jay where I will let you know what's going on locally and nationally so make sure you stay tune for that morning Barbie because morning cindy good morning everyone here in Bethlehem we broadcast. Live you from. The weather is a little gloomy today. Guys it is a seventy three degrees right now. The highest onto to be eighty. Two today is cloudy. It's going going to have a little storm sometime this morning. So basically you have your rain gear on standby in Strasbourg. Seventy degrees the highest. Going to be seventy also with It's cloudy and am storms as well. Seventy in New Jersey. Eighty one for the high cloudy is a fog advisory right now but there will be some thunderstorms sometime in the afternoon. Hours in New York City. Seventy degrees right now. The highest going to be seventy nine today cloudy with a possibility of rain on the the seventy in Atlanta eighty four. The high. Cloudy some Sun. But it's going to be on a turn to clouds and it's GonNa rain in the afternoon and Miami and it's eighty one degrees right now. Have a highest going to be eighty four today partly cloudy with evening? Storms sixty three in Los Angeles. Seventy three for the high cloudy with a little son right now but the afternoon it's supposed to rain as well in Chicago. Fifty nine degrees sixty eight for the high cloudy and rain around eleven a M. That's the way that I have for you. All what to look like where you are Barbie Colonial Kevin you will laugh and the show. WanNa show featuring GERSTON J. You get started right exactly call. Well said we get your morning started right on feel the Friday. We are definitely going to have the morning. Buzz on the field. Good Friday so please. Don't get go nowhere because we have exceeded before nine. Am this morning has will be buzzing city. What else you have for us. Please in the nine o'clock hour I have sunny. Says where I will let you know what's going on in Hollywood entertainment news so you guys ground for the WHO and there'll be a little harvey has a sports guy stay tuned. Listen go nowhere what you've got to stay there because what we go. Will we come back? We are going to shout out the chat room. Where's the heart set in the chat room? Not only that on a feel. Good Friday we are going to announce good chat boom member of the week about that. So don't go nowhere. We are in the building. We do right now. We'RE GONNA GO BACK TO THE MORNING. Drive will dj at night here. Let's go ebay now here. We ate he's not he's not going to be back into the night sharp morning. Show Cine Bobby. The whole wait a minute. Wait a minute. So having more than show cine bobby. Morning combining quizzes quizzes scarborough. Hey Bobby Good morning. Everybody in the states hanging on over here. We we burn burn in the country. Now listen you are in the Domin- everybody me. Well he was. He had practically moved to the Dominican Republic. Wanted to okay bobby lives. He's a Bobby Rahal. I got on a body rallies. Big-time urban and urban media comedy. The Party commodity in New Jersey. Staten Island air moved down the of the Dominican Republic. He'd seen posting videos Jay every five minutes at the beach in listen Franks of notch in the background. I discuss the best life you know. He got to sing. It's real you okay down there so I got no complaints. Just called the shot Joe. You know all about me right now looking at the Puerto Plata economy branding hat. Bobby never never that as it all right. Hey hate him real. It's OK brother. You work on your life digging holes in New York City for thirty years and let me tell you something you deserve. Be SITTING THERE. You know on your balcony looking at the Pacific Ocean now that you're a resident of the Dominican Republic sending the Atlantic Ocean and Bob. I don't know if you'll notice about my my beloved friend of Wadi Rail. He speaks fluent. Spanish of Holloway. Wait WAIT WAIT. Wait wait wait a minute wait a minute. I would like for you before we take a break to say something very sexy and very nice to Rodney Colonial Ensign j time and Spanish Michael Friend this morning like you know what you like what you call. Let's something to these young lady instead right message. Sds genuine score on Edu. I any old federal S S story. Expand your appeal to still learning Spanish. Fat Gas Will Yep. That's active more of A. He's learning this is very fast of Baden. Rela appreciate you. Well you know. There's a lot of the took else got role for you. Brother of Dominican Republican Septmber part. It doesn't come to an end and I'll stop by and I'll see you got to look at the result where we at to one of the promoters come through one of the motives on the weekend out there so you can get Austin you to fly. I mean it's still happening. Love shot few weeks a few weeks one. Which is Tha Bob? Bob Bureau question before we go. Are You city? There's a lot of beautiful Dominican women down here bobby. I knew a soul in love with the Dominican. What are you going down in the summer? My social distancing into the mic to say fell in love with is as you recall last release was widow. Latino woman so I'm not crazy. Oh good. It's not Tina's so fella I said you currently single a single focus me the jewel Mitchell is. It's just weird this way smashing but not somebody various right now smashing smashing and he's also smashing themselves. A bobby wrote we have to go. If you don't mind a God bless you. God bless is no shade. Okay mom you're right about that bobby. Thank you for that. The lobbying real in Murph's have sort of like the same voice going league's lead. I almost until you say seeps quick break and then we'll go into announced the morning she hooked me up over the break Kayla. Worry Treetop Frazier. What's going on you power you talk? That was a hard game. My friends another one. That got snatched up who are in the ranch. Best the job of you in Colonia. This natural all my friends it's It's any of your friends and am not. I still well still friends your friends and it's fine. You all is still moving forward. So don't wear my friend Sean. Satisfying my job is to Brigham in your jobs. Both guys down to the taken away. It's five long as they stay. Each and every day is an assault. Good say Sean. Airs sponsor facebook poster. You know it's all business within. Let's like we don't really know the Real Sean Harvey you know what I'm saying. All this fly out for motion put a put up a funny Poe shrine put. I could've heard anything that I liked about shared of real hollers video yesterday with the do masturbating his own conference. That was our. You must have messed that one. Maybe pages things facebook page. Funny I WANNA see more personal. Stop shine more a ashamed. My covert results the other day on facebook enough. I know I'll take a strong today. Even been on your AIDS. I might have you know how people might have Sean Riding. I let us new for thirty days. What are you talking about? Maybe pretty cool though? You don't go over the top like that you don't where is my dear options. Everything which is would have been talking about getting offensive. It's Ok of of who said that somebody's Harmon has seen Sean Harvey James Lewis Lane James. Who's the Real James Lewis? Who Will Index at all? No I'll go is this and is in and carry on. I broke up in a relationship on this joke. You guys missed a hit me incorporate. Somebody asked me if I saw you with me. Showing posted Sean Non. Nobody Harvey had corn Rows Day. No I don't remember that. What are you talking about like every day on this show every single day? Maybe I just want you to post more. We oppose what I'm opposed. I'm oppose them and tell you what. I'm a postage t shirts. Hey Ray post. Yeah one of these away for the bill you want me to. Did you get more sal? Is I? Don't find myself on social media. We can run post. That who I'll be pulling this week is always church to upcoming post. Yeah Yeah Post that post Wojciech former chapel member we and you'll curses one deterred. I'll be mad at you. Look and if you're not occur the banana chat room member the week. Purchase it anyway because you become one seat. Look type of apples to about that I I I love them. Shine definitely need one of the old ago. Even though I've never been chat room member of the week I either just say well you know the famous story would bobby was about the chapel over the weekend the actual show and I've never been chat remember the week so so I also let's let's come back because we got it is a the Friday. Friday made a twenty nine hundred twenty seven minutes at the back. Shahabi morning show featuring us in jail echo spot where you get your morning starting right only place on earth where you WanNa start a bright the chat room in jail you can please a of call in the numbers. Basu Ninety six point. Five zero broadcasts alive iheartradio radio. Dot KOSH auto show dot com comedy Worldnet radio or podcast platforms in right here and all my facebook share the show him. Shannon show right now and you. Could you want to start right Bobby Cole? On a bill. Friday is good to see you see that show. I want to see if that cocoa TAC TAC Joel. I'm Bobby Cologne. The city at one show to go on down there and do and and take a cocoa test like I did. Y'All all you'll gotta go on down. There is no questions acts of fine. No your status go on down to the hospital. You go into eastern hospital. Barbara knows where is now located city? Utah on your drive on down here the eastern how in the parking lot and they will test. You know questions that okay. You're going down there next week when you'll get the chance that will running around here posting on social media and what your status of Bobby Cologne. I Post that. I want you on the post. That is well everybody in that chat room. You're over there. Get to know what your standard I park. How long does it take to get results? It's the bootleg way took off four days. Because I think most because they wanted me to go to my primary doctor and the whole thing so that took that will take two days but I when I told him I didn't have a doctor and it took and then what do you call and they give you results in Chicago. Someplace to get the paperwork. So it's it's a fast crossing is only twenty minutes. It took twenty minutes down there and stop acting Dope Jane Long I'm not acting. They'll come just staying home. Still snowing status still no spend sure I think if I had the car would have been dead by now because I have asthma. And you know listen. There's no fifth period of time where we gotta go back in the studio and work together. We Know Sean Status. I know you had. It would have been gone. I WanNa know both before going out. That's my personal medical business. I don't have to just him by his show and hit below are come. You're you're violating almost. Give a I wanNA know what was going on Harry guys here in Bethlehem it seventy three degrees. Today it's going to be a high of eighty two. It's cloudy right now. We have some a. m. storms in Strasbourg. Seventy two degrees. Seventy nine we'll be the high today. Storms as well in the morning sometime this morning seventy in Newark New Jersey. Eighty one for the high cloudy is father visory and there will be some PM. Thunderstorms today is in. New York. City is seventy degrees right now. The highest going to seventy nine today. It's cloudy possibility of rain throughout the day owning. Also if you have to go out take umbrella just in case you don't WanNa be wet in Atlanta. Seventy degrees eighty four for the high. Cloudy some Sun in the morning but it's going to be turned to clouds with a possibility of rain sometime in the afternoon and Miami and it's eighty one degrees right now. The high will be eighty four. Today's partly cloudy with evening. Storms in Los Angeles is stick. Victory degrees. The high will be seventy three. Today was a little son in afternoon in. Chicago is fifty nine degrees the highest sixty eight today. Cloudy Rain around eleven a M with increasing local storm sometime evening. That's what I have for you. All what's it look like way you are coming to you. Live from the Sean Harvey. Show featuring Sidney J right get your water started right of blessed job buddy. These this comedy Joe. You will get your shirt before the summit a will sit God. That's funding Lewis in all others. Who donate to this show Each and every week we really do appreciate it to keep the doors open. Thank you so much So sitting I think a city before we to travel more. Do we do that after shot? Joe Astor we're going to say before woman is so let's let's show up as a matter of time. Okay we WANNA are going to do by the way time. Okay so we truly appreciate all you guys listening to everybody so especially here in new listener. We want you to stay connected with us on. Social Media. We have a page that we broadcast off of when a light and share this. Show this video. Also that page WANNA follow it as well the harvey morning show featuring wake up t pete we also have a group that's on facebook the Harvey Morning Show featuring wake of team grew. The group is hopping. Look people love to pose shutouts lease Guy? We also have a cigarette. Face are warning in popping. Make sure they can follow us on there and then we also are on the iheartradio platforms and please make sure you follow us on there. You can take the show with you wherever you go and be sure to like this video and throw it on your wall or any groups that you are part of. We truly appreciate it. Well says thank you so much so I guess this is what we're going to get right into this month. Show the the chat some lot with what you guys man really like. We wouldn't be here but before a CJ we shut out the chapel Mowana give especially loves who or our creepers assayed each and every day thousands of folks that listened to us all over that just one enjoy showed show. He doesn't they. Don't interjected chat room. They just WanNa have a good time to listen to the show so I wanNA thank you. Also for the haters behaviors. We love you is the death you have. You need something to listen to in the morning. Listen Wack as radio shows so you come here but you hate on the show so I appreciate you haters. Stay HATING KEEP GOOD. Billets all in continuing to listen to the show now most of it in the chapel Toronto of the tests. It doesn't hurt. The Kobe tests. Any was paying for the hurt. When is an object going on in the back of your nostrils so your body seems to reject so you kind of move a little bit but I had a storm desire to want to sneeze with some reason guys? She'll what it's like down the flu tests right. They stick away of the. You got a hold of for a couple of seconds this okay. Well you got lose Sandy. Wow that's sean that's right. He wanted sneeze. 'cause sneezing helps keep stuff out. Of course of course I think Oh are the our beloved Queen. She also took the test as well. Yes yes along and and out to will beloved. The Sean hangs domes who was positive will and recovered and she's doing nothing. So that's right Leshan so now the Chat Room. Up Is Ron Chapman. Yes yes Scotch. Pause yes I'm GONNA switch it up Joe but young enough. I don't think you see him. Yes see the heart right now on the field of Friday before we get into this show. Thanks everyone for your continuous support. Each and every day Means so much to us in all the donations that you give now harbor. Continuous merchandise fell in the moving forward to sustain this show. So thank you so I need to see. Let's have fun today and then after that you know we're GonNa do gonNA mealy announced the chat will member the week and then we'll go to a great okay. I'm we'll talk okay. Wait sorry I gather over their hearts in the chat with a heart in the jewel with a heart set in the heart chip heart sets in. Let's go turn. Gap WITH WANT SEX WITH WITH ON TURNS OUT. Hey with heart. Sachin a with art shirring down to look with heart set. Your hearts her doubt. Look look look what never him with a heart in the heart in the check with hearts happened in the chest in the happened in the hot sesame. Let's go turn gap with heart. Sent a with Turner who with with heart sets or where the hearts look beach with a heart set hearts hawks who who who tend to hape. Up Nights. Oh my God Barbara who we have in here for. He gives himself out of people. Let's who win all ads home? I said Diane Ho. Hey Marcus missed a one EMOJI JAR. Vince Right Kevin Durant. It's in the building what K- Crystal Stair is. Hey girl see away. Hey Charles. How are you Marzia? Remote is good morning terrible. Lee is here. Y'All Scott Rodney round. She just ride me. Round tree just popped in the building. Hey Rodney Nathan you. Jones is in the building. What's going on man? You not much. Johnson Hey row graffeo William Dixon. Hey cousin without the net net net soprano is Andrew younger but added George. Henry Heart is in the building off Jay Johnson. Good Morning Audrey. Batty ramp is in the building. Hey Bobbing Hugh Williams can't treat showers jerome down and Philip Brown is here morning shown the Logan Warren row. Hey Warren Joe blow in the building with Joe Ambrose Smith Hello Ambrose. Good morning to you eric farmer. Hey Eric Good morning in the Sean Hayes. Yoda in the bill. That drew is here Harlem rich is in the building. What Harlem Branch Will Rob is here? I let a dog is Look Sean. Be Garret Princess Castle. Hey deriving stand out of the HEY BASS Steve Boo. Good morning worry. Treetop Frazier is here. James Lewis dray Shaw is in the building. Your D Era Jackson. Hades era should be alive. Hey how come you re AIG morning the Sean James here? Good Morning Diane and you guys say good morning to the coup Weiner sheets in the building. Who else is he? A Jessica will cops cut more than Jessica and Natalie. Right is in the building. Good Morning Natalie. Ask think that is all the name that I have seen today. If you guys want to get out please Sean Sean logging. I don't know I don't I don't think it. Hey here as you. How did you Rapid Phillip Brown anyway? I'm saying the gay girl in your us right right right big fish. She can hear me. Okay right right now but those are all the names that I have seen right now. What will or God you got a big mouth one. You won't be allowed. Do you have a big mouth? The I've been told I have a big now very loud. A big face to everybody over here as just bake big. Horrible okay cool. They must've search twenty dollars plus shipping and handling and also next week we got the God bless and we've got a whole bunch of stuff coming up so this should answer that question. Twenty dollars shipping and handling. I'll put it in the broom and as the show goes on with sizes and colors. We had those all the names that I have seen. You guys wanted to shout it out. Put Your name in for the next one as okay a great job bobby. Bonilla difference that taking the break we are going to announce the chat will link house Be The chat rule number of the week. We are so excited about that. I'm excited about bog. You said about The announcement of the Chapel member of the week so city I tell you what at the Three let's announce the chat womb would week and then we'll get into the into the show from that point we'd take under the. I like to talk about but we want to make sure we show the members love so walk alone If you don't mind him let you go. The honors Three in Ben City. You announced the Seattle does the rest w Dixon out kind mental of the WHO member of week both jets number. Judy help check check. Go W graphic on the chat group member of the week boo right. Been here saying little things here and there you to chat group member of the. Hey W M Dixon my friend due to Jack Gundi. Hey only sat out to you. Who Choice. Thank you so much for your support to the snow. We appreciate you so much now. The numbers five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero. We would love to hear from you. Call Call in so we could you know? Want to show you some love of welcome to the the group and welcome a congratulations on being chat room number of so good you we've been we'll be right back through the that will go into the off from pieces there. You go come on shots having a wd. That w w the whole time. This is deported. An snap Williams Augusta. Oh Yeah W. why you don't like colleen guys call in the them the number at the bottom of the screen so you speech a from. I want to hear your voice. How Barbie almost think the Miami and he he did to say up there. I mean all these five that means ninety that fear there. I wanted to say he has. Oh off okay. Instead of just happy every day you hear give sometimes as I guess he become flesh like seriously re- he it but that's all we love because that means you listen in W and round. This is the first thing that this young man has won in over ten years so can traveled make. I know it's GonNa be a great show. Brian Got Travel. Make is in the building. Oh this is. This is quiet refuge. Man We you know this way to get his morning started. Right is his only friends we own home to and this is where he comes every morning. You know exactly I got I got. I need to put a pool on. Want to hear your voice bro. Absolutely right in my nephew absolutely pulls on that. Show want to show semi barbies morning morning after a camper author. You sound that sound like a grown man pointing out is he's GonNa let you man we We appreciate you. Listen to the show without a foodie through thank you who do Barbie Cologne. I appreciate so much of you. Didn't have to listen to the show a you from like the rest of the of Cologne a Garland from the newer from the newer areas of safe. The say that you love the house music and House music. Bj's and go to all the festivals are etiquette. Now go to the training new. You'll be back we right now. You buy the house music. You've got a little house. Music Dance Steph. Do Jersey pay the song light. Bill do you listen. Congratulations given floor. Congratulations would be in the chat room of the week. Now Listen Up. You rank up there with the honorable printers. Cox No pause blackheart. I chat room member week case by so you are in the League Growth Mousa so saying that you are responsible you you the leader of the room for the rest of the week. So don't do like what you what you do but you retinues our whole entire groom who whole weeks or we'll crusade starting this weekend. Pick to promote job to them. I don't want to know that I have three baby mothers. Let me guess how many baby you have so by understood to your voice singing sitting two point seven baby mothers or you got three. Maybe six kids. Let's on my hero. So they all came back for seconds. Came back from all. We need this we need. This died three baby mother anonymous chat with one chat when you got three baby mothers okay. So Sydney Sinjin bobby alone We're to give the floor to our Lou. Chatan member of the week for this week. W in Dixie boy your but I really like I loved the pay. Hey we give your speech nowhere. He's both this when my baby. I don't even know where is cool. Bless God bless baby must bless all of my baby mothers but this one is i. You know what I mean I get it off. I WANNA give her. That sets them for that for that. It might continue to speak. He is he's been for. I am listening at the show. You're not gonNa have a discussion about baby mothers. If you want it you yeah pick. He's more concerned about his baby. Bubbas than winning chat room number week over a second stop right may involve for Sir. Currently I'm done with paying child support for years. It's been a long time ago. You still in that cycle of making payments back in colleague from being done with those same. At a certain point I do agree with you it becomes a bill. Let's figure so you're six months. You know how to child support pointy. When I've been six months away from it was a celebration but you six months away from you've done with child support period where we city. He is multiple got six months ago. Cindy God bless by. Sir We pray for you That you will get to the six months and you will and when you when do when you're finish man make rating phone call to one of those baby mothers and say you know what you can kiss. My is going to build good when Pamper. Why would I just the fact that most special requests this class keeping by making with that kid right back? She was a pain in the ASS. Back talking about it because you use either stroke listening to my calls coming along like do you go. God hurt his cold off your thank you God you you boy no Sir this excuse me. There are two two men talking right now. A Sir I take your Saint Philosophy. Thank you for your honesty bubble. God heard Him City Shing. I'm sue the war as a chat will league. You're going to be mad. I don't I don't care I don't care about these leave I'm like you. Are My hero grow the honesty? I'm talking about like cocktail. Well how this is the honest that you're talking about. This is what I'm talking about. Is it obvious delight? Congratulations man? That's six months. Go really fast Pity he's praying. Baby mothers the out inherent together. Grab Quick Sin City. You wouldn't be surprised if that baby got a. Haitian bootle dollar at his house in the Sydney j Doll Haitian Voodoo doll sticks that nevertheless dog down. Stop playing right now. A city to allow. But I'm just saying doc. The Women Amanda the chat will at you and I. But I don't care so you ought to chat rule number the weekend. God bless you man and your honesty. Just say thank you hang up only dodge stuff. Clo- I got a whole show. The do I don't want W M to get off the fall. He he needed. He got his work Johnson. This man is destruction of the baby. That name as my night dominate where you put them in the subway picking a Jews crazy be in Chicago okay. What can I come to your cookout in w usually our invite you not going. We said that God answers prayers and Had a little mini stroke goblets. That's not now he's going to Wm like I said yesterday you and we've been the hell nine times already so that doesn't mean he won't cine you better. You Better Watch ouston. You'd better do some extra point. I don't know what's going over there with that baby. Although he might be praying for you downfall right now me as a baby mother. That's why he liked that he might need to out and the best thing that ever happened to that man that city. I see us so. Tell them seeing you tell you the best thing that ever happened to that neck before he should be grateful. She's saying what she's saying long and when we five nights. Tanguay have to do that to your old quick. Listen Sir if you have a party in the next you know like I said it went up into child support. I had a party hosted the vitamin baby mother. Money Anyway. Which that's why I said we need to do with doing in Minnesota but we need to burn down all these child support officer job. I think they should put the a little DAB at Koko viruses. That child support said Yawn Manson took me. I don't understand extended for fishes Michael that was about the pot. He human human going be alone. W. M. has a hold agenda with. There's a lot of men that have a lot of beliefs and philosophies and prophecies time support a and how it should be and what well but why you now. What what they do is right there. Somebody about with that quantification about that. It takes two to Tangle. W We've got no problem raising our kids so you have problem raising your kids. So don't be angry about it now but he's angry. Do your par up. Only how did you feel the w? How did you feel when you found out that the news that you you baby? Mother had that little mini stroke. How did you honest I went to my kids. My son is in all benefit you can walk. And and how did you build the baby? Mother again doesn't make you right so used. Obviously he was concerned about your child. And then you was okay this long. Okay Right Oh okay did you. Did you know he's putting in social security insurance on baby mother so the big widow mood you? You're supposed to take your bag is GonNa do. W did you act the destroy visit and see if she was okay own rubbing up. Listen we gotta go. 'cause w the whole chatroom mad at you are not the pit a God bless you and God bless the baby mother with the stroke by you. Don't you don't you don't even care like you. Baby Mamas a smash dues like you you beyond all of that right so you would patch a baby mobile into somebody house payment. Nobody one problem old right now but I don't care. He's speaking his truth. Listen we gotta go because they the chew but they really get mad at me. For some reason I Lewis Clap the week. God bless you laugh. The voice think you sound low and are hopeful she will you say something about pass his mother she said No. I'm sure he's the one that needs to be passed on a cine. What city. I don't be surprised if that Baby Ball. The girlfriend over there got a little. Haitian Voodoo doll. Which was the pens? Innocent City please. The do the prayer. By why in these diller is still jacked up girl doing? Yeah it is like I can't like if I bend down like I can't squat. It hurts this knee. I don't really know how to make it better. They like do exercises. But I've been doing. Little exercises still hurts. It's been like like three weeks already so you pull your acl. Like I said I I. I don't think it's ACL. It's my and my newest swollen and had to bruises on an eight three does be what there's like. I look on instagram. And there's like this eighty five year old woman doing a triathlon. And I like care right or beddow three weeks with that hell is going and Dr not safe. There gun cabbies gloved up mashed up all Goldberg on Dot Com check your appeared bend over as well no like swatting down like bending down because it's hard to get back up 'cause my knee. It's like painful. It's like everybody didn't know what happened. And he was walking in the park thinks she said on a show. She's going to start running a false first of all. I have been working out remember. I was showing that so I wanted to switch it out. I didn't WanNa work out at home so I was like. Let me go Brian. I I can rhyme. You can't see you're not in shape to run. I walked a little bit in a loving way in the respectable way. You're not you should. I don't know why don't take my suggestions. Just walk so city barbeque Cologne and everybody in the channel. She didn't have the proper what we're when she started. She went around with a dirty pair. White Air Force. More on those are not the type of running you. D Like a specialized running shoe not the Air Force One. I on the correct shoes. I had on like three sports bras. I have water like my little backpack like I had. I was wearing flexible shorts like I had everything I needed. I have my dog. I was running with the dog like I was doing when I was running. I was fine home. I walked down and then the next morning Miami was swollen. I had bruises on and I haven't been able to squat down like or like Ben Painful shout out to my co worker of mclovin Aches Brown one of the COMEDIANS in the country. Cop sitting up that. She said she was running with three trillion bras three sports bras. Would Sean Week. What girls who is well endowed with the breast guy? Do we got a home down. Not that'd be all over the place a hurt right okay Cologne. Why don't you do shrink in? The RU is like fifty dollars for one so yeah. I'm not really one SIP in the Front. And that's the one. I were over the other the other to work hard to cook before we go to the clip by. I'm not an expert. Is it also please share with me? You say the Good Sports Bras has zipper in the front. And the about the dollars for one. Yes yeah so or sometimes. They'll snapping a front and straps adjustable of the in effect. They don't get comfortable but they are really expensive right but could that one for the one shot deal fifty bucks Bard because Jay. Why would the other two sports bras come in? I mean really flat and Hosmer. Yeah like I don't want to move at all so I just put all the protection. I can some one the fifty dollar one. With Zippo whole everything. Some if I went out on that one but some ladies like it to be really really tight and barely lose because they'll get a better workout. They face so sam was which are trying to achieve your breast to move through on so you you had three. What kind of how. Much the how was the perse sports singer? Well I've had them for like a few months now like the wine was will. Yeah the one that I have those at forty dollars the two were like cheap ones. They're like twenty dollars thirty dollars. Forty dollars squads wrong. Does it really matter Sean? It's just all about how it holds you. Sometimes just wind doesn't do the trade so we're couple but like if I'm doing at home exercise wear wine. Wait a minute to do so so so. Once was one sports run doesn't Barbie one firm one doesn't work. So how does that work like forty dollars? How does that work like do well? You I mean if one is not working and get another one that works so sometimes you'll have several and use the best one that works for you. How do you? How does the person go once like that? Where you don't have to the US never seen a woman whereas sports proba before I don't think so behalf it looks like it's just a one piece. It looks like a tank top with just the BOOB part. Yeah I've seen that right. I've seen that that so you have the one that Barbara box can keep everything your those were so. Why don't you get one of those I do? But sometimes when you're running or depending on how as you're running sometimes it doesn't keep you all and I have a really big Rizal. The the question would be the. Would it be the chest size terminates weather? You can run on now. You GotTa make sure that you're that you're comfortable. Some people might not mind now. I don't want nothing I don't because we know how our lovely African American sisters in the Babylonians they run track. Yeah I don't see the You see like a welcome portion woman. There's not a lot of a lot of a lot of runners. Nice killer so they don't really have a big chasse because a big chess is usually like a lot of fat. So is there a big chess? Olympic runner been exists. Or just out. Think I've seen any big really big chested Olympic runners so we say the same at the big chess big chest God. I bless. You shouldn't be running soon. Be Spreading what I probably would but hey to eastern. I know they've probably might get away a little bit. So if you wanted to take sprint and run like a fifty yard you would consider you'll have to wear a sports bra then your regular ball. Yeah we'll have to pretty much holies babies down and I wasn't sprinting. I was jogging at a comfortable piece so it wasn't like but it makes me worse to even jog. The three spot three sports bras couldn't hold you hold all this together. Look ridiculous is a give and occurs showing a get into cost the whole life man. Don't be like Sean Harvey. Twenty get a visual picture. This you happy do three Sports Board Bras that day and what kind of sneakers review and when you. When I was weighing Nike sneakers I even know what kind they are would have gone. There was a wedding wanting sneakers whether like sneakers that you John. You like the Athletic. Say not like a sneaker that you walk around and was a running types thousand lot specifically for running but it was like athletic sneaker like it has the what is it those bubbles or whatever like the little spring That aren't those. Yes will the those are winning boy and thanks for educating me on this? I just didn't know now a full with some knowledge with no man. You guys know being women go through. They don't care prevention all other things say so sad about it like I wanna get a surgery. I want to be like A. I WANNA be able to shirt when no BRA. That's what I want. I don't want them some. I love him but if Kurds saying they could go for me I know they say. Be careful what you wish for you know but I could do without right. I was little. I think that would be growing up. My class is hated it. I hated it. Oh my God I needed. It is now a different story. Maybe you shouldn't breast your Chess like a bomb. Kemondo do you know but I don't like talk. I'm sorry that you're going through this all my breath guy. Same shot after the TIG. Obeidi Assembly. You you don't know where certain shirt can't always have to wear bra be forever to find a good strapless will have the rule of law. Mind the cost me seventy eight day. And then I still have found alone. Odd Ashley Ashley. Stewart Jill Scott has granted ask to butterfly. Something of it's called one because it's like it's double strap a gallon regular strap and his in his paddock. Gar IS THE BOMBS DOT com. Oh my God. I'm wait a minute before we get to the way. Thanks for educating me. Because I really don't here's the basic question again. How much is like a good bra? Like how much does that? 'cause like a good one one. Goo- Bra about between twenty five and thirty thirty five boys you get. Your money's worth thirty dollars you get. You got your money's worth thirty thousand anything to find five dollars ten dollars less stuff like that and no support cheat you. It ain't GonNa last long so so so part of RAW. Yeah you can. What am I going to Agra Chase with no booze? I swear didn't notice so my is don't even come in that price. Okay yeah there could be one. Especially Victoria's secret and for BIG CHESS WOMAN. They don't have any color. Saudi Arabia shop victories. Vicki don't even have my size girl I don't even waste my time. Because they pissed me off or not. That's day most of storytelling. But the right so so it would say say like the Walmart stores they had size. Yeah I mean they had a may have but they're not going to have to support as cheap so yeah so go to forum so Sydney Bobby the next question up so I just as fascinating yes. On the Logan Bali brands Israeli good right via Bali is good too. I like the security bobby in the legs in a chat whether it be like average like of rock that you guys would have on a rotation as it like to Rod. How does that work? I didn't get a question. How many bras we have your rotation? Is it like be lost six like? How does that work have a lot like? I think currently like right now I have maybe like fifteen ochre. Oh No I have about thirty something. Maybe so the sports bras are extra so say that the average woman like you guys are the women in their child have about what twenty runs after my average out of the twenty th fascinating out of the twenty bras bombing those Bobby Cologne for you. This the average woman but a lot. How many like the the bras? The high thirty dollars abroad or or or each brought thirty on. Do you have to thirty dollars. Bras and six ten no. I'm is about Dan because I have. I can't be. I hear these streets with my boobs hanging. Yeah all mine costs and like half of them a half of the ones that I have are like upwards of like forty dollars once right in in the via cheap wine in you can we ever because you can't wear it or you're gonNA wear it like twice and then or wash it and it's GonNa get my stop the hand wash some of them. Yeah yeah most of them to hand washing so so so when I saw when I go I have usually when I go brush. It's like a half day. I've tried to get him his five trying to get you just trying to get it done all in one thing. It's like a whole SPEC is a whole process. Got Tribal Base. Where they did. Traffic is a mess. Harvey Morning Show Sydney Body. Guys like among hager on advise you really quick. Generally they abroad back can put upward of fifty dollars for a write a love good broth and then when you get them on failed and maybe get on sale for like maybe about thirty dollars you know. Don't high plenty the fight back and even from a fourteen year old I twenty five miles per hour is because you quote of the Bra and act W thirty six at Cop. We mobile will talk. Do Better at thirty six thirty six tripled the e fixture be boy grown girl. Yeah so especially Allentown I forget it so yeah so go by food. Drive is not going to know like little rinky-dink store because he is a joke because it's become really have good support. Need Back Foot to me on the the back for a lot of San Fernando secret is pretty much for them small booms. Don't we ask right? Victoria's secret MAC. No Arman fought bribes. Here's you need like a real good sports by. Jc Penney has had good sports prize. Also and somehow made it too. Because you need something that's GonNa hold you in because we do have a sports bra. What how Regular Brock. This is this is. This is fascinating trying to several not to send found that on TV. Sport Bob Wine and you see all the four hundred eight hundred. Eighty eight always knows out so a tiny Lynette. What's in a chat room seen before we get to the knows? He said she said girl. I've got you beat. I'm a forty two G. Now I don't Know Ladies Educating Forty g you that's that's like almost the middle of the alphabet echo shine still is the The ways around this in the number I mean the latter is the Cup of the breast cups town. We're way we go about to say no doubt barking so the number invasive back the conference so like though how big it is so like thirty six round then the cop is how old is how big the Bubis. Ooh Our is she like. I'm probably you. I've been with our by know what the at all according to g she probably could ultimately like avoid coup pouch. She got you gotta go right so this time you wouldn't be doing any light jogging shorts on a great. How like you know you could jog and stuff like that but it is you know they are the are heavy. I'd be because a lot of women. People always think that right by the associated. We'll wait and they're not because mental. What I went to like what I was getting my reduction and he was like feeling the breakfast breakfast. Glandular because literally all breast issue issue my head is really buzzed but so this is very expensive to have these laws. At that point. You want different. He was accused like skinny girls. Oh He's a nasty as big breasts women. It's a struggle working wrote. Will God bless a city? Seems very sad about this conversation. Well thank you. I'm educated so us. African American women are not going nowhere near Victoria secret. This is a joke right. That's what you're saying. Hey Right Marlin sometimes even if you do where you're still remain the same size. It happens to me. I lost over one hundred pounds and my angle. No Dan where I was hoping they would up right here right that most of my family we have big breasts is. That's my stage. Yeah fourteen thank God but they didn't crazy and my mother always made sure that I was in good. Bribe over to take gave this fascinating city this well. I'm glad these women are willing to share with you less ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous learning something cities. I really am. It's exactly right. I should notice an adult while in a guest of women with a big cup. A big change is GonNa wear a Sports Bra. What do you think sports four and I look at your on differently? But I'm still GONNA sit down William output sometimes big brass does equates back issue back problems. We get dense in our shoulders. How about this is shocking Thankful some time to said rows and round missed the Cessation Ohio today. Mahala this quick thing relgious. The you said Mr Sensational New Right. He's he gets the shaw of a morning show featuring the wake of teams cool page host of the day I suppose and shared on my page. It was Hung Lau guy with the corporates city. You gotta see this goal to paid the zoom carpets meeting about twelve widow. The host of the conference me in either need to be in the conference at the moment right each child. Click off the conference for long. He didn't click off the car. He caught up the EP cutter. Thought he clicked off the conference. He thought he cut up the camera. He didn't cut up the camera and he didn't leave the corporates. You go to the bathroom. Come out the bathroom with a big bottle and then you see him a big up some tissue so one of the girls have chromosome will turn off the camera right. He's looking into the camera looking at its core and semi and everybody in the armor that hey we told what you're doing. He paints he puts to squirts lotion in his own city in his name. And he's going in his life and I want to applaud Mr Cessation. These people are talk back. It is feel Good Friday Friday on May twenty nine hundred twenty four hundred backstroke much creature. Cine gentle goals body clone week women going to do because we don't want all over the Tom will go into front. Page those listen to this s to the either ny and you can't deny got the front page moves off from pigs. News Jaw Bobby. She got the front page news. Zhao saying you. I do have the front page news. I know it's Friday or give front page news with a little with a little bit of good news so the first story that I'm going to start off with today as many of you all know. Minneapolis is burning These are more protests. Riots Dalian ripped through the Minneapolis Area. Late last night as anger is growing over. The death of George Floyd was the unarmed black man whole died earlier this week after a confrontation with police smoke in orange flames. Fill the night sky last night. Protesters set the city's third. Police say the closest police hub to wear floyd was shown video with officer kneeling on his neck before he died The National Guard has been called in the mayor. Says there's been more than one hundred and seventy businesses that have been damaged with at least five buildings still on fire this morning. The four officers involved in the arrests have been fired. Protesters also have been gathering in New York. Denver PHOENIX MEMPHIS and elsewhere. The is I saw something where there is a protest to be in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Today they're also learning that The officer who have his knee on Floyd had eighteen prior complaints. That were filed against him. And though it's unclear what some of those were also the Asian officer that was there. He has complaints that were against him. Some were dismissed with discipline. Others are currently still open and surveillance from nearby. Businesses appears to contradict police claims that cloyd resisted the arrest because he walked out with that. The video has shown you now. It's been a lot of unrest over there people. Are you know outraged? It's you know going. Viral people are showing. What's happening down in? Minneapolis and recording is just a lot of islands going. On even the protests that happened in Denver some woman in a car tried to swerve and hit protesters in Minneapolis. There was a woman who was in a wheelchair who would acting like she was disabled. Got Out of the wheelchair and was walking around stabbing people in the target She was subdued with a fire extinguisher and subsequently beat up by protesters. There's videos of a man dressed in all black wearing gas masks in an umbrella. Walking through seen smashing on glass. As people are believed are saying that these are undercover. Police officers that are destroying things as well and citing more riots. There has been a call for Moyer's any types of legal representatives. Go to Minneapolis to be what they call. Legal observance of what's going on in order to help people mean everything that I've been seeing online. There's a lot of people that are four you know. Don't destroy your your own community your area you know you have to peacefully. Protest is voting stuff all of that and then there was a lot of people is just a really a big divide right now where people are tired of doing that. We protested football was like almost shutdown last year. Because somebody neely and then this year somebody dies by a cotton. It's just you know. Nobody wants to do peaceful protests anymore. It's like it falls on deaf ears and people are upset. You know destroying community. Yes it is a problem. But it's also disrupting money. That's being made in that area. Money that goes to the taxes that goes to that city that goes to fund these police departments. That are supposed to be here protecting people. And they're not and they are racist views. The all types of cultural diversity training dot Gov that that people just feel just burning down and then build it back up. The constitution needs to be re and there's so many things in this country that needs to be redone that we don't even have time for at the rate that they're killing. People and people are fed up. I don't you know I don't know how you tell people to not protest when things are happening you know they're like why don't we try something out? And you know maybe people might think twice like this is going to happen to your city if you continue to keep treating people like this unpredictable. You don't know I mean nobody did this. When I'm on our happened with arbitrary this happened other certain events. You never know p literally saw somebody die on the streets in broad daylight like that's very traumatic and want people who stand outside the Capitol building and hold hands and sing Kumbaya sick of it so thank you mentioned how quickly we forget. We had our own cities. We had our own things to outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. We had the Black Waterbury. They buried this jewelry. Rose may they came right. Yup Yup anyone anything once he s was definitely that and burned it down and you care about a target. Want us to care about wells. Fargo you want us to care about Home Depot City of you know I I know how you get emotionally wrapped in certain stories and issues that go on every day in the world And sometime concerns me which you because you get really emotional. Whether even we've talked about Hong Kong. That was even a problem now. Talking about what's going on in Minnesota I totally agree with you. One hundred percent of its so much anger embedded in us of black and Brown folks that sometimes like instincts just to let just dot flipping out if we can't control our emotional because we rehearsed so much each and every day and it's always the same crowd you never hear of a white boy. He killed by a black officer. You don't want these crops could never exist but every once a month something like this has happened. I don't advocate for burning down the targets. 'cause now with the there was in target calls all targets all stores in the city of. Minneapolis are clothes the clothes. You can't go no you can't do now. We as black folks got understand that we do have like I'll elderly community and we have other folks that are out there that need these resources in these places to stay open to run around and just thought vandalizing and stealing Even though I do understand it I do. I do modern. Do understand all of this because of the hurt in the pain that we go through each and every day and just images of this Babylonian officer straight committed murder right front of all of us manslaughter. That's for the for the district attorney's all this to drag the feed and the more time that goes by without in the rest of the worst. This is going to get but it doesn't even matter though Sean because the laws are made to protect these officers. I'm telling you they're going to vote for and he's GonNa say that he was allowed to do that. And why Blah Blah ask supposedly one of the officers got to skip town or something like that and like the hope. Fourth is guarding guys. How's your life like it's are not going to give as was made to include if the Constitution doesn't even close constitution was where we weren't even counted as a whole person. So Tim know that. The whole system calmed down the whole judicial. It's like all messed up like every law needs to be rewritten can do that. We're GONNA have problems. I'm green. We don't even like we don't even have. We need the money to put these like people in office. And it's like you don't even know who you have to in politics. You have to shake so many hands many backdoor dealings putting a black person in there. It's going to be for us because these people do so much route. Stop to elected to hold their position to please all these people you know why will are working for us they have all these stupid platforms and then when they get in there like it's yeah very home my whole concern with this whole like like. I said like these men should be immediately in jail. I don't this whole go to own be treated good in there now now solitary all day now my whole thing is this though like I'm concerned about this in Jay Bob. Low is the fact that I don't want more black folks and Brown folks to Die Minnesota. Because what's going to happen. They're going to start shooting. Everybody is going to be and I understand. Stand for the cause. I don't want a bunch of black folks today or tomorrow to all of us in getting murdered by the national guard or the Minnesota police because was going to happen. The Minneapolis police. Who's been happening? This is going to be a trickle down effect throughout the whole country with Now we had a cocoa virus going on out here and now this mom black folks Cindy. I'm watching I'm not even. I'm just saying I'm agreeing with you about you. Know you and not don't talk all the time I'm agreeing with you. Only thing up saying is this. I don't want to know more about black holes. The Dow this situation like that because now the way the racism is embedded in all offices and new probably right. They'll probably officers out there dressed in all black ride because they're upset too but it's still. The same situation is the Babylonian racist attitude. Natta got the National Guard and ball and now got the police so now. They see black bulbs of riding. They seem stealing nanny. Louis more because not really got an excuse to do this now. I'm just saying I don't want my brothers and sisters in the city. Minnesota Minneapolis to die tonight. Because this is going to come to and get some top who have the doppler. You're right I get it but I just don't want the SIPS Louis De Black folks tonight because they get to and only way this is GonNa stop tonight and the only way these Balboni is needs to Yael to US black and brown polls and arrest all these office in what you're saying about the officer leaving town nights more anger and sometimes I think writing words. I mean you know Rodney K Burgas like you don't want you to have happened before. And all this types of stuff and it's just it's heartbreaking because it's really like just you can't change people's beliefs and there they're bringing and it's just you can't change you know no matter what Ryan you knew it etc etc but is it changing anything changing anything you know. I was in stages stages of grief one of them anger in that play out very angry would not be surprised when we see Bilin- popping up all over the place and then that we have you know trump tweeting. You know they start. Looting Starch Donahue that how funded by his behind this. Husky Johnny up talking about. It's very disheartening. It's very crazy. Various craziest. Like I said part of me like Bernard Damn city down all the rare. It's Y'all where we go e after we did day because we we sake of burn a city del but I don't WanNa walk as black and Brown people getting shot out there tonight. Because what they're doing they waiting for the sun to go down and win. The Sun goes down. They start burning everything up. And what's GonNa Happen is they? Don't the police in the National Dog. Just start shooting them at. This is all I'm saying Annapolis Burn Hoping Not Okay? I just don't. I'm just one of black and Brown and Latinos. The guest shot and killed out there while it's going down you right so no of up agreed. Has a process starts with angle on certain situations shock and anger. They need to continuing to SAS situation only around. Just just be safe out. The thing is I don't understand why does Babylonian system throughout the country you right but especially right here in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota to expedite this thing. Quick these to be in jail tomorrow night right now. We talk going through all the evidence you an evening of Gilead over a yeah we have. We have currently Ahmad are berry. We wait in on right. Well we girl named Rian. Yeah did he get to talk about her overweight? On George Floyd waiting on the other would name brands like five. That happened this month. The other kids had mental issues in the cops stood over. And we're laughing about talking about going to have to be a closed CASS game. We weigh in on and there was one more I forget. But it's just like you know what and it's GonNa be crazy to see how all these cases and up playing out and I wanna see what happens because I guarantee you. It will not be satisfied factory. Go into your target or Walmart today because in the local Pocono Area Valley might not be here tomorrow. Better go out there. Now get all about but they got the police station and that thing look I sent ooh life in Minneapolis. Many black people in Minneapolis. Because right because that's the whole and even at it was. It was the janitor of the police station that burned it down. Jeanne Johnson will give a damn go Berlin Willy Jingle whereabout working in this nation of seventeen years la burning down the night crack crack harass. Her League Ragu much and can and they will target in you see people walking out with big tissue gate. I mean looting is a fringe benefit of a right back. The band's burt his stuff may still happen. It was off the I need you now. I mean if it's only on the wrong thing and that's nice to like people in society like us most of the time you know who do the right thing and you know. Live the life how we're supposed to and then there's that what that one per se that. WanNa get arrested and go shoe go crazy. It's the same like that in a protest in a riot in that type of environment. You you have the ones that are for the 'cause you know probably Wanna a straight to. The police station has targeted ads. You know that they wanted to make their point on right. And then you got the fringe rotate. The rioters to do some other stuff was going on. And you know you have two at work and I say we compete really protest and burn it down. Why do not birth the capital and we burned out and we will be our guest subject as well way that it burn. Let it burn do balls. Willie B.'s. Brother Malcolm is security at target and Amos. They don't pay me enough but out the US security at target right. Now you'll take everything then like I'll get paid enough of this bull crap. I'm out Matt One. You walk out with a aren new. I got back in downtown as stuff. You in these out. What you need a list groceries. Walk down the Ashley. Would have card I got. I got twenty riot story. Sydney j seventy six nineteen eighty. I can't remember the year The blackout I think it was seventy nine folks about my age I remember was about one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and there was a blackout in new walk and we right there on. Nfl With my beloved mother still live. My father was alive at that time. Barbara Quality Mother. Was everybody running our soccer. They stay in a Newton so my father sitting in the house and my mother was like we don't go outside of that. I'm going to go outside and do something did he. Goes up to the block. Boulevard to the Crazy Eddie at the time uh spills as TV. And he'd only one that got caught. He was believe that be pain in job. Three days abby wanted wasn't bad chicken for a blackout chart and New York. Seeing the whole sitting down it was just black but everybody came outside stealing everything city of about thirteen fourteen. Mama was. Don't you guava I see my friends outside? Loosening out the father said I'm on TV. Yeah they were. It was a Nola flat screen. That's got call. I would you big bank. Tv's Faucet Sharon was that can be moldy seventy seven seventy seven. I don't think it was something I can't remember you. I said I can't remember the year. But it was a seventy seven and seventy seven. Seventy eight seventy nine. Seventy seven seven seven. My Bob was the only person in the Bronx. Got Sean you crazy. Yes also in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State House. Democrats are accusing Republican leaders of keeping a lawmakers positive coronas tests from them for a whole week and withholding the fact that a handful of GOP allstate later. We're self quarantining as a result. Republicans State Rep Andrew Lewis confirmed. He tested positive for Lovie. Nine hundred on May twentieth and said he was working to notify anyone. He had contact with the capital but his democratic colleagues. Say they didn't find out about Louis results until he announced cyanosis publicly on Wednesday which was a problem since they all worked so closely together. The legislature is still debating on how to open the state and also what kind of safety measures. Lawmakers should undertake representatives. Brian Sims went alive. Were went off about how he felt about it So a lot of people are upset about that in Pennsylvania. We would wait. A minute. Came to work with the cocoa and then yeah a Republican respectable. He will he tested positive but he knew or a week before he announced it right so he can work me. You know. Of course not his right. I don't know all Republicans. But they believe they don't need to do this right right because mastered immediately. Go to jail in the chat will talking. About what year did this happen? Was a seventy seven seventy eight. Seventy seven Diane. Just put article. Okay Greg also. This is a little good news in Pennsylvania. Actually today is when liquor stores will be opening up in the count on in the county you today today you yes. I'M GONNA get the counties for you that are opening. We do not have to go to the. We don't have to go order online or go to any more mon- I'm sorry. The fine wine spirits locations in Monroe and Pike counties will start allowing customers back inside Friday. As those towns Pennsylvania's yellow phase of reopening state liquor stores closed in March nineteen due to Cova Nineteen and began offering curbside pickup April as a Friday. Three hundred forty nine stores across fifty six counties will allow customers inside wearing masks and no more than twenty five people will be allowed inside. Smaller locations may have a lower maximum. So you wait a minute. So we'll holidays putting chat room that the liquor stores in New York has never called. Yeah The in New Jersey. They didn't ever close. I know well some stores in Jersey the majority of dated so my question is would be called Pennsylvania when New York New Jersey like the epicenter of the cocoa because in Pennsylvania all liquor stores are run by the state. There's no privately owned liquor stores here. All Yeah Yeah. So we will county and Northampton County. You started today now. Monroe and high. You think we still in red. So they won't open us yet. Yeah there probably becoming along at think. Next week I think the I I saw an article. The Governor says something about all account he's GonNa be open certain businesses even pike and Northampton up. The comparison. Down here aren't you earn? No no we know we have the we have ten times population. A imagine you. Oh okay. So maybe that's why they probably Wayne. You know we gotTa Wait Yang. Too many folks down his any. Well you guys do that. They are reserving an hour or two there are opening reserving. The first hour of business each day is reserved for high risk customers. So I guess. Ten o'clock let me find out. I okay bar. B I forgot the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board every location opening. Friday has been professionally sanitized. I'm sorry. According to the Pennsylvania Control Airport every location has been professionally sanitized and Plexiglas was installed at registered to provide a physical barrier between employees and customers at checkout. All employees are being provided mask gloves and frequent opportunity to wash hands. I was actually You know you guys. I was working at the winery and they were actually asked me to come back this weekend. But no tasting just bottle sales they said. Tell me how you feel. And I don't know you guys and just a little bit apprehensive. I didn't know that enemy open but I guess because it's the outside. We'll wait a minute. Wait a minute so the all locally where you live is going to be open the crossings. Oh it was supposed to open air you with your eyes. That's what I'm saying unless you know some businesses I don't know they get that Open early or maybe only a select few stores are unknown. After crossing new stores in our town opened up I think was yes today or on the Ross Arab people. A lot of pictures and whatnot and saying the lines was ridiculous. Like people are so excited to go shopping and do their somebody balance that having win when we go yellow and green outside few minutes. But I'm not saying only Ellen Green and coming outside but it's like I don't really know where I wanna go like. You're comfortable sitting in a restaurant. You might have to get used to it again. Maybe we'll in like a safe of albo to outdoor it's summertime so right we're outdoor things you know when air circulating and we can move around yet but being in close spaces for long periods of time. I don't think s being a sit down restaurant. I my own dagger food. I'm like whatever also last ending this With the economy the economy was in bad shape but new research from the Bureau of Economic Analysis Shows. The first quarter was even worse than originally reported. Us Gross Domestic Product. The broadest measure of American economy shrank by an annualized rate of five percent between January and March a little bit higher than previously estimated much of the decline was driven by a sharp drop off in consumer spending especially on all things elective healthcare procedures. Economists say this worse than worse scenario could be somewhat good news for the second quarter. Since a lot of adjustments to things like product. Demand have already been made Still they say. The economy is likely to have a historic arable summer. They do say that we are. There is still talks. The House is set to vote on this or no. The Senate is set to vote on this in the next coming weeks. They said they were going to make a decision on it on the second stimulus after Memorial Day. They're dragging their feet because the economy is opening back up one that's getting steam as their heroes stop. Stop Stop. Stop saying the stimulus. The did have enormous stimulus packages. We have around to shine. Excuse excuse me when when it arrives on the Senate floor on a dead on arrival Debbie. No more of the stimulus check. There'd be no more reruns giving my isn't a free ride Sean. We're in a time of mass you. I'm a first ones cannot get the first one we got. I got the folks. You're right city I mean this is of course. But you're not gonNA get all going to get a lot of they're not gonNA pass another stimulus people tell you right now when this country goes green. I mean I think the MINNESOTA RIGHTS IS GONNA burn this thing down before. But I'm GonNa tell you this because nobody wear no massive massive before a whole different reasons. Aren't Minnesota right now. Cocoa left Minnesota the cocoa. A F-. Y'All Look at home. Check the free riders. Done like my nephew a is going to have to get back to work driving that bus making that crazy money them kids in December. I mean September or office whenever the school system stock single is green. There'd be no more stimulus. Sorry about that pause this checks I get it now is Iraq Malda. Heroes Acts would have additional funding for health care worker and it would be the same as the first round everybody would get twelve hundred dollars the the Heroes Act. I think stunned about the Now they're going to give the the healthcare workers has this pay or something like that is actually heroes. I mean they should get a double and she can handle this to be hers and give them money not not heroes like that. Okay no more jacket so shine. Is it safe to say that you are not for the development of Americans during a time? Crises I on the whole thing to say they. You don't think that the government should be taken care of us is we are taking care of. I do agree every gay all time. We People Sean. Hey well did I tell you what everybody take mass. Let that debt countable backup detect day you'll get another check we gotta keep. Because you're not going to happen. The coconino went down. Everything's permanent green football coming back next week. Next in the fall check all maybe Biz a deadline to PLOP PLOP for now. That's it maybe I need to go. Plan design. Get talking about his going back to work to January. School doesn't start in January. Right sitting desktops win attack Li hung around January back to work in August. What are you talking about better? Get THAT BUS. Sanitize that bus guy. Maybe he don't have to do that right now. Maybe they're not going to be going back. So when you say lease school started in his August starting in January in Dallas. I'm sorry no that is all that we have all news for today. I'm sorry that it could be more happy. That was great Bobby Bolt. That'd be my newsstand album revolt people. Burma mother of down Berman mother. This is Willie d league. You want I got my mom. Put some optimism Carleen and I'll starting to kick him I. I'm learn how to make a Molotov cocktail close because I will tell you something Sean. Let's Minneapolis and do live cuffing. That's right I'M GONNA go with my little bit. I go out there. We can do this show inside of target a Willie Brown Willie Brown and was smoking. Gun Sean. What I really don't want to smoke out. There were at but at Minneapolis. Minneapolis Bobby quick. Sports out there will huggy house baseball in Minnesota name. Them BEING PLAYED NOT GUESS NOT. They play within. I'm done. What does the Bobby Bobby? Yup what's going on out the more now GONNA go? They got five out there needs. You really can get out of Minnesota reince who is most now me and my Max. Sard share leads charge. I guess the Major League Baseball owner. It's not as you know you baseball. I don't know if you guys doing for baseball. Players only get paid during the season but because they didn't have a season the minor league players have really gotten paid so armee morning. Show Cine Barbie legal. Everybody over this Sean your mess now. This smoke man. We can't we can't hear you wait now. Used to smoke on. Bobby doing who smokes city but everybody saying hey we everybody all right okay. Healthy during girls. That's all you just say. Hi Sean. You got a cigarette cigarettes. How we go by the Golden Minnesota Vernon bad. Why would you WanNa do all that? I just want the justice I with on on the social justice shine ain't GonNa be no justice either burning down now out. Stop you looting of all places. The cords has since days that let me tell you something. I got Burton's seven in nineteen eighty can hustle. You want us to wait for a law that offer that they wrote themselves to get justice. Why are you giving me Babylonians on you? Put this front of the Capitol building things. They burn everything to do with the lawyer right after the ball games places intensive yours you notice that moving into all this stuff you know all around. 'cause they don't waste off saying when they are no business being had in that city. They are eating them in their pockets. Nobody's doing any business manappl- against no stars. No no nothing now. Anywhere Hurts John you mess. I want you to tell you on will meet the I said hello but talking about stopping marchant fire insurance going past my house out know who has buried but I hope whoever they okay well you got to be well you better hurry up and go to target and get with me. Only y'all got past. I had get nuts. I'm still before I really am straight on. Espn was your I. Throw some trash cans industry I think row midgets on about. They was riding to suck their stuff so I need to know what's going on in New York as well. What's going on in New York City? Y'All y'all let us know on New Yorkers reported Sean You Imagine Jesus Christ people get so sensitive on this show. Don't be masters the police batons out. Sean you mad continual mad. They might be a little big man he might be. You might be the only radio listeners. Get Mad at us. Took DOWN TO THE BANK. Earth thing businesses. I hope y'all GONNA pay Margie. I don't think they're doing moment. Pops your big box store house now. Marvin now Bobby Cologne this year. Who told you name Emberg Now? Lucille Beauty Salon yesterday sales sales out and they were burn it all of those ways and we asked. Jemaine job growth just reading a book smoke. I'm scared that Bird Alaoui. They should have a dog and it gets some big ASS bras. Importing to g makes the big I saw bound in Minnesota but no matter who me and got another doors? Henry was an end to big Adam. Wrong I'll know. Why only get your BRA issue? Minnesota some triple doubles that you want your came out now come. We need to call corner store. I don't even know who I was really hold on a second. Show me Sanchez. Char's trying to get you know. Players pay a pay in The minor especially in the minor leagues them the Minor Leagues because they get paid and if they were some Some teams have not been able to pay what I say able. They have not paid their minor leagues and once who did pay them on leaves the only gave them about two hundred sixty dollars a week for the the the are rookies. And then the the ones who's been there for a while the big only got about four hundred dollars a week be happy. You want that minimum wage so major league baseball play. You might leave you game some coin. Sean Ono Juggle work the the minor league. You gotta give money right now and how the word like billions of dollars but yet they keeping all the money to themselves. They ain't helping a blade. They selfish we don't need. We don't mean Major League Baseball. You take me they. Selfish on ourselves was your local minor league baseball team. I M pigs was the name was the name of the team. The I think is the Lehigh Valley. Iron pigs great job. Cj What's Your Minor League Baseball team in Poconos in that area even having. I don't think we've got stranded out. Think they got somebody they got the Yankees play out there senior right goodbye. May Minor League Baseball. I don't Super Todd Major League baseball players. Who are who have agreements with the major league owners because a pay reduction and when the singer said what percent of the country's unemploy these owners where billions and billions of dollars yet? They're not giving employees any of their benefits any money or you put that stimulus like everybody else. That's what it's there for city set that the money from the government comes for us and so that doesn't make a baseball player immune to that shoe. Don't give a damn about baseball. Football gotTA start. And that's all I want. I don't Care Baseball Hockey basketball. They all ACACUS my study. Don't even know the baseball team in local region so it really doesn't even mean anything. So why would she sympathized with a baseball? I think I think we're the iron takes to the island. Pigs have a major a minor league team there. I think it's minor league team in. Wolfsburg this team of there for you using I know one thing of course. Thanks advocating the donations in a chat room. I appreciate that five dollars ten dollars with you can't give us. We appreciate that donates. Show thank you but sitting Jada this cores and my cell the honorable Zukas quotas and now in the league rule. He's the honorable and I've been Arner so I've heard right owing to the ball game. We need to know those tickets go on sale so we can go to this game forty niners Jackson and show all of the bitcoin. United fans of New York will be at that game as well and all the jets mass. We go forward to that. The Godfather of Sola Tracy yes we know and they lose money but these seconds got billions of dollars today all right. They seem pretty in a mansion while they play is living squabble. Man's best miss me with it okay. Let's stop that anyway. Esteban I guess is a one time pitcher for the Yankees blew through forty four million dollars during his time from cocaine cocaine right. I really bad drug. The nuance spent fourteen seasons in Major League baseball which include a stint with New York Yankees in two thousand and four and he made nearly forty four million in his career now. The forty four year old has settled in Tacoma in federal detention. Prison and his money is long. Gone he is there on a on a felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute so. You went from rags to riches in now you stand spelling the selling the to the people. The baby's need to get it together. That's going to show you the right people in your circle dot only that managers also narcissistic self centered as nobody but himself. He did drugs and people probably was around him. Like they'll stop going then. He became a fellow drug dealer. Now he's in jail. I think I sympathize with this man. There's no sympathy from me. I think we should ship them the Minnesota give him into some kind of building in Burns as up. And that's all again. What bobby thank you anything. Oh in chat room if you don't mind if both gentlemen Shonda Logan is here William Dixon. Hey caused by your diet. Elliot's say goodbye to the Queen de low. Hey Hey hey sean Hayes Jones Princess Cox Goodbye Mr Robinson who else cravat. How is here Fabulous Fabulous Bagger all printed number to George Henry Valerie Thomas Least Sky Linda Jake of the godfather of Solar Tracy? Ray let s Serano del Andrews who else is here. Wells Wells Neuroma Johnson and It's more people in here but they don't have all the hottest in the building who else they don't. I people here but you know because they don't they don't have any they didn't tip posing the can't let here in a bio guys. We appreciate your again. Role Halloween's the boot pulse of the day special shoutout throughout our Chapman member of the week we got shirts on Salamo. Put Them Indy Group. From some of the show is over. Congratulations to our chat room member to they'll be U M Dick in Dixie. Who will appreciate you? We appreciate all you guys met. Thanks for your donations. Have a great week of merchandise on sell soon as the show's over. We appreciate you as we love you to everybody. Come on we. All votes group will shock. WanNa show reach in Waco team will wait a lease. Scott we'll wait for a SEAN LOGAN POST ON. Komo everybody where we love you guys the death and we will see how who else will be on Monday. God bless Ya.

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