Rhodes VS. Rosenberg


They promised to agree Mama Mama the all all sweet the best wrestler shoot Arab the only to have every single mom you bring it on all the man the show not only the man and Honcho w but the man who will challenge I'm doing great man long time no speak man I'm glad I'm glad we because I definitely tried to get it you around the time the when the big so moved by that story and you know to be honest at that at that particular time I story was playing out like and and then as a result on the last few years it's been a pretty special thing to watch but supplementary Kevin Owens told me that I have the absolute worst phone mm-hmm when when we didn't even have these things but now they're so important I I will is fantastic that shows what uniter you are I listen I have a I have a lot I first of all what grade would you give you know we are really you're all I would give it an A. I would give it a day and the execution is the main thing like we have to we have to and with traditional booking you're going backwards from these major events so I I'm honored by everything that happens I'm honored that I have a chair for myself this I have to stop caring about and Gypsy okay cool that's and Tony Kahn and man if there's ever someone who's so we're we're wrestlers and in this case I found myself in the title I could go on and on I mean there's so much back of house stuff that brandy roads put lead work and I don't know why sounding so excited about all this stuff but was one night we had all the all the little perks of a major company and then when like private party in Darby Allen it's just a it's really a dream honored because that obviously comes from such a good place trying to appreciate an amazing show how much did your dad and you it on something that your dad did several times including of course you know booking when he wasn't on television history on prepare for this if this ever comes oh book show our he'd say who's your war games team and the industry in his generation proceeded that generation so he knew but now I kind of look at all that experience with him growing up with him school and I almost feel like I did go to college but it was a about wrestling the nuances of it and why things work education on Earth for this job not just what does he gave some unbelievably towns people back of House onscreen. WWe So That that's the key to all this is we gotta pass Mation and that's when you know you gotTa Pass It on and I'm glad you mentioned Darby for you and your position you don't want to say one person because so many people have been great from the outside looking in I think to get your juices flowing when you start thinking about what the possibilities in star but there's a different thing about once you guys are able to make what the experience would really be but I know Matt and Nick that's the people that care about him and just bring out the humanity in him that does connect Matinee Kenny have a vastly different opinion on wrestling but we all have in common the budding and you never wanna like be the one to say hey I made him or mel so every week some of the wisest and and greatest minds in wrestling including before they were chanting this is awesome last week for recruiter Shida thank you for granted either we have to keep whatever that formula is and keep that magic adding ride for me to watch because sort of my my working relationship not seem biased one way or the other at first seem biased in favor of wwe and now that I'm not and I think we're at a place now where with wwe we did not know what we would get with down have been more than mixed to say the least It has been a really like a big number one show clearly they have shown everyone this is the number one show and it is not Kevin Dunn shoots WWe is and we wanted to be an alternative now of course when you're counter programs different here's the only thing you will recognize the ring in the center of the building poke fun at it and not in a mean mean-spirited way but all of these rules just look at the monitor they have to stand aside because that's how Kevin Wrestling how we want to do it the good thing about the our partners at Warner media that is great it's all it's all young open-minded suggests synergy we get from our partners mortar media and at it to deliver because we had such a unbelievable debut the biggest debut in five and still be doing well that at the pressure we're putting ourselves as is looks and listen I really think that triple h is a fantastic job oh you are turns he'll has a really big moment to me that's also a sign it does I was expecting the undertaker it'd be teaming with Johnny Gargano Post Wednesdays Hey will what would you know I got a lot of friends in that locker room everyone else in your ear so I'm aware I actually got to see the pay like kick it's it is public knowledge that we're five things will continue to happen and that only brings out the best in us because I think we're just untapped and I think they can compete with any wrestling roster are tag division that Matt for the wrestling viewer and the casual fan as it's been dubbed so antiques spinning scary we can just bury it deep in the ground happy guy choline download the industry-leading Geico enjoyed fight for the fall and I thought it looked cool and unique I thought it was sort of the sleeper of the bunch raising I mean wrestling that you are frankly not going to see on WW television What did you think about things early on do you think that's an off-base assessment so in their early you know kind of never got too heavy handed in my in has never got heavy handed with that because you know Kenny has Dan and forgive me but I just I just got off the phone with one of our talents on it needs to be a party and if unbelievable crowd standing on their feet then have a US pushing a narrative because I think that's the buffet I think Matt and Nick and Kenny and Tony have everyone walks and that includes boxes for fans my favorite opinion of a fan is advantage never it's it's different so above all I don't I don't in the early stages I'd I'd say no so I'm I'm happy you know and having a good time that he's so gripping immediately it's instantly something nerd just saying what show are you most looking forward to this week and the stink and this I that that for that to happen to me is crazy the all everything because it's a for twenty twenty-five years Now one thing that's really jumped off the screen much like Orange Cassidy the between that and then I gotTa tell you man Wednesday into that felt that was real that was a real for us over the last decade get that Is there anyone in particular support for it I know for me I'm I used to think I was unlucky in this if is very much stranger than fiction my childhood my upbringing my used to call his Promo Class Promo class you'd call it communication class and defying with something and that's why you can't have these scripted oh it's because we trust that you already know how to communicate that

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