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Welcome to episode Twenty Six popper PhD being the last episode of Twenty Nine Thousand Nine hundred instead of an interview and this week. I'm bringing your collection of inspiring full of wisdom the guests of shared so far. I hope you enjoyed them. Having sneak a happy sharing welcome to papa. PhD With David Mendez. The podcast where we explore careers in life after Grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in the world of constantly evolving rules get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of Papa PhD. I'd really love you the audience to play an active role in the show. So if there's a theme you'd like to see covered on the show or if there's a guest did you like me to interview head over to anchor dot. FM FOR SLASH CAPUCCI and drop us a voice message to be featured on a future episode on the PG see website you can also subscribe to our newsletter and get our resource sheet at the bottom of every page and you can also leave us a written message contacts page. Welcome to the show on episode one. The new Murchison shared about the importance of allowing self to think big when thinking of career opportunities. I think the the first biggest thing would be To to think big about what the possibilities are you know Well I think you know things like like this project. You're working on you know things it's like this podcast really help people to to realize there are a lot of opportunities to raise the go in addition to just you know continuing on academia right. So you know. Don't be scared to kind of be a little bit audacious about what what kind of direction you might be able to go into And to really think about what. What's what's GonNa work for you when it's going to resonate for you And then you know to you know work figuring out how you're gonNA spend yourself how you're going to and how you're GonNa get all personal brand how you're GonNa you know how you're GonNa spin it so that you're the right person to do that. Ah On episode. Two Joel. mccower talked about the importance of staying curious. I you still learning stuff. Yeah I thought I've got a PhD. I'm an intelligent person But when I was doing my MBA. I realized that If you're not not studying something quite rigorously you know. You don't feel union in especially of course I was in my late forties doing my mba as well but You don't Your mind does begin to stagnate so keep leading cause after a year of my MBA. I felt I was twenty years younger mentally again. My agility amd back and that was great you know is a great feeling To I would say just keep letting no matter what it it is do Of course you know Learn about extraterrestrial life. You know If physicals search for extraterrestrial life or learn about anything I think that's really important again. Every opportunity increases you'll network on episode three Mark Roberts shares. Why should never feel like you're stuck professionally? The key mindset is just to keep reminding yourself that if what you're doing say that new job outside Academian started if it doesn't live up to your expectations that doesn't mean that you made the wrong and that somehow failed so you really should have just stayed in academia. Now that's not that you can always leave. That new job can find another the job either in the same field perhaps discovered that field just isn't for you so if something brand new again you're really never stuck in this. You convince yourself you're stuck and so What what I would really recommend is that everybody is their own pep squad? So when things aren't aren't working out just keep telling yourself that things will turn around you one way or another on episode four Rob Hutchison talks about why it's important to identify your strong suits. I I would say to identify what you are good at and what you enjoy doing so they may not not necessarily be the same thing but hopefully future job would contain elements of both and next. I would say start working on your brand early so so this would mean developing your CV and your Lincoln page but also putting together your elevator pitch to summarize your profile. This is something that you should have prepared to recite someone on its opportunities arises and then third I would say. Don't be afraid to take a leap to try new things and do things that scare you like. I mentioned before some people might like the idea of just doing the same old repetitive tasks and over and over again. But if you want to progress in your career keep things interesting and do more meaningful work and makes a real difference whether it be for your clients or for anyone else that I think they need to take risks and put yourself out there. On episode six Fiona Robinson Talks about the importance of finding your passion. If you're doing research I think that the two top things you're at are transferable from that are your critical critical thinking skills and your ability to take a big project rated into pieces analyze those. Get those done tied back together and bring her back to the whole. I think you can do that pretty much. Anyone doing research is being back. Then you can do anything you can. You can take on any kind of challenge. So then it's finding where do you want to put your allergies. What are you passionate about? I know they say you know do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Whatever you still have to work? It's not always fun and not everybody gets to work doing what they. But there's gotta be something but you're doing or that you wish you in that that draws on episode seven Philippa Kereta Bauza talks about. Why you deserve to be where your today? Life is really really stressful nowadays in every field so you really stressful but if you are doing winging it is because it deserves and love your child as it's been hard in win nowadays the working. Where'd you live science will? Is Everything Itar and so rest. This will take all these days on episode eight. Emily Blue Roberts tells us what's important to have a side hustle during your PhD. Start doing actual work outside of your role role as a graduate student OR POST DOC By work I don't necessarily mean paid work. Although that is preferable it could be volunteer work but anything just just to gain any kind of experiences outside of your primary one as a researcher As a student as a trainee because working saying if it's a side hustle or a volunteer position or an internship or whatever it is gives you again those additional perspectives That you might be seeking at this this time and you know usually something you can put on your CV. Because a lot of the the fear I think at this stage is around I don't have any work experience. I don't have any reason working experience. All employers are looking for the PhD plus two years. He's Mary's as an entry level position. Well of course we know. That's negotiable right But something you can do while at the same time you're finishing her PhD. You can start that work experience clock even on a part time basis just by reaching out and having some of these other Arab experiences in episode nine killer look shows advice on finding a fulfilling career. Yeah so that is A. It's obviously a huge task to that transition and to even begin to understand what you want to do and I think one of the main things is needs to do. Your research find vocation that is profitable fulfilling but also can provide value to your audience and make you feel like you're making a valuable contribution And that's not always the easiest thing to do but if you do that research in you you have a decent idea that something's actually going to earn your money and filling. That's ninety percent of the battle on episode ten to Merle. Luke talks about why it's important to allow yourself to try new things see opportunities that often interest you even if they don't fit neatly into the path you think you're supposed using footage air supposed all along if it's interesting to you pick it up at the very least it's nothing you learned that it's Tea and it isn't for you at the very most host in a few really good at it and it could lead to an exciting career opportunity or you know like Barnes here extracurricular opportunity or you just never know what's going to be there unless you refunds and like. I said it doesn't have to be something that we'll be predetermined eighties in episode eleven. Chris can talk about resources available to people looking into enterpreneurship to produce We're at a time where there are loads of resources available to people coming out of Grad school especially with entrepreneurial unreal ideas on. There's tons of really good accelerator programs. Be At y combinator or at creative destruction lab program which is a program that we did That was phenomenal. But honestly you know the biggest value to a lot of those programs is that it introduces you to Lots of other founders. Lots of other people trying to do similar things It may not be the exact same company or the exact same technology but but they're all struggling with different varieties of the same problems And so talking to them can be hugely helpful. In episode Twelve Adriana Bankston talks about the importance of learning to tell your story learn how to talk about your science to other individuals and other groups who are not scientists so even if you have friends that are not in science and I'll talk to them and see if they understand what you're doing taking classes and You know being able to. I think I think the way that we started as creating resources that you know if institutions may have them or if they don't have them it's always helpful to try and create on yourself south in episode thirteen. Dr Kiki Sanford Talks About Imposter Syndrome. And how to deal with it. So imposter auster syndrome is something that we are hearing a lot about these days Just know that if you are in graduate school you have gotten there for a very good reason and you are a capable intelligent human being and You know find other people people that you can connect with. I think that is number one. Humans are social beings. And if we keep all these things to ourselves it's it's damaging in the end and we need to be able to connect with other people about about these thoughts of this this thing this thing. We're attempting graduate. School is a long a long and arduous adventure. And you it. You're not always going to feel like you're winning right. It's not always winning. There's a lot of losing. There's a lot of failure and it makes you feel really bad and it makes you doubt yourself So find other people. I mean if you don't have have a great relationship with your P.. I find other Grad students find other advisers but you you need to search for those people all You know sometimes they come to you but you need to be willing to open your eyes and see them as a as a possible. Small connection in Episode Fifteen David try it talks about the importance of taking part in student. Life pick something limit you like. Don't give up on too early because sometimes it was done one semester in whatever program and I don't like it so I have to find something else. Life moves quickly a Don't stick to something for ten years if you know you hate it after five and I'm thinking to myself in litigation but as far as the study goes just be diligent. Make friends with the students and something I also forgot is make friends with the professors and not friends. Buddy buddy just left the professors know that you're interested in what you're studying what you're what what's going on because when a professor knows that you're serious and that you exist and that you're responsible and you're taking things seriously On the one hand it's good to know the professors personally but on the other hand would if it comes to asking for a revision of an exam and the professor knows that you've been working hard all semester versus. He's never seen you except when it comes to complain about an exam it changes things a little bit. That's the very strategic way to look at it but knowing when your professors and getting to know them having getting to know what they want is also amazing but as far as the transition get out there meet people get get another city at just. Don't get stuck in the habit of going to school going home and You know not not not meeting some people and not getting out there in Episode Sixteen Seth Roger Shake run talks about why it is important to set short and long-term objectives support yourself try and create Or figure out what the the sort of short term objective is and And you know like a long term objective for the long-term onto that have to be very specific like I want to save the lives of MOMS and babies in Africa but it can be like I I wanna want to have meaningful impact in. Someone's life in help right that. That's one long-term objective and then the short term one is to do this. I think I need to understand how. Oh you know. Drugs make their way into the market And then from that work your way backwards to understanding what skill sets you need need and learn as much audible in episode Teen Simon. More asks a question that can help you throughout your professional life. You gotta constantly ask yourself what are you gonNa be when you grow up. It's not gonNA be the same it's GonNa keep it all again like whatever you graduate High School Graduate University right here is not. I mean I think either. Hopefully it won't stay that you're you're gonNA have all things will change in my state of same little while but some point is GonNa Change. You gotTa keep evaluate screen when he asked and that's been very in episode nineteen a Bill Police. It talks about why mental health should be your top priority. Yeah but I mean I think of when you have an accident you break your leg you go to the doctor and the doctor CEO you have yet to take some rest okay. And they give some exercises and and nobody ever tells us that you can also break your leg in your head. I mean something can go wrong with your brain you re using I mean especially people who have intellectual jobs they used brings everyday so football players. You go there you run us you tackle cul- and that's something you great something or you kind of You get an injury but did you notice Mandel so the brain can get interest. And there's IT's no permanent. I mean we have also a section. If if the brain has a problem is something permanent is mad is stupid is whatever is I know. The Bray is so considerate Massu. At some point. The brain has something that goes wrong. and which is something that would happen to everyone in life and then if the only thing you you have to do is to take some risks just like the saints too when you twist. Your Ankle Takes Abreast Youtube Fisher. Green you break something more serious. They said motorist I or even goes to the doctor and the doctor was okay. We should trust. Is it just it. Just bother you buddy so yes. Mental health is important but is important also took doc notice that we have we have not just to look after that we just we have the right to to be ill simple. Put up sometime in. The Twenty drew slack talks about the importance of reaching out to professionals in your areas of interest be fearless and and be Determined in in in chatting with people seeking out opportunities for mentorship of the knowledge gathering as early as is often as time permits always. I was found people so so happy New Year to help I think as scientists especially you know coming back to my own personal Or our personal sort of domain Because we're you know we're always held to account and we're never far away from Up from from some episode of failure writing as researchers We we have a out of humility that makes us ly help people but I found it in other domains too. So yeah I would. I would say leverage Every every opportunity audible and don't just Decide Eh you're going to settle on on one narrow area of of study a research career path. And you know. I think you don't know what you don't know in episode. twenty-one Mug with medicine talks about the importance of starting to network right now doing in your academic life tried to network. Don't stay focused only on the microscope. You have to log to have to talk to other. People have to lobby also tried to get a sense of the budget. How much you're spending? How can you make processes better in faster around you and this also counts more cost effective than you know more more efficient in general? That's that's something like that Damian lax but you you can try to develop on your own by the network and the knowledge around if you'd like to do something courses. Are you know thinking about entrepreneurship. Go to those networking events. Go to the to the talks. Listen how it is. Don't be afraid to talk with people what they feel about about it. What's their major challenges and see if it's really for you and pursued a career for women in general I think the most important important to remember that issue there? You're Likes to be there in Kenya. Where in a high position or wherever you are remember to look back and try to help others birds chief the plane? In episode twenty two cindy Evanston talks about how creating an interdisciplinary skillset could influence. Close Your career down the road. You have to step as hard as as hard as it is because we already don't have a lot of time but to step out of the lab and onto to do something else even get. I don't know some sort of one year program in a different field. That merges with yours you know like If it's in psychology and you know you don't become you know you don't want to do research in psychology look into whatever aspect that you enjoy whether it's child development or her Aging or whatever could be just emerged I think also not to be afraid to merger education with something else And I could be a weird mix it could be You just finish your signs and you love cooking and you might talk about the neuroscience of baking. I don't know I'm just saying like don't be too merged urge to different fields. Because that's what I did. I hesitated when I wanted to look into education a little bit more and but it was that jumper that leap into something different. That really helped me on episode twenty three Mark Rendall shares advice on dealing with criticism and with comparing yourself with others. Most people take action or don't take action based off what they think other people are going to think about them. And I'm going to hand you the golden ticket right here. People are not thinking about you. You they're thinking about themselves and they're thinking about what you're going to do and how that's GonNa make them look so when you really start to focus on why you're doing what you're doing in what you want to do in life and you stop thinking about what other people are thinking. which is themselves you can get really really intentional? and Re and really really clear on what you I want to do and you can live a life of purpose fun episode Twenty Four. You'll cost the talks about the importance of being patient in your search for the dream job. The life academia is very full of existential questioning and once you find a solution Russian let it let it sinking and and then take the risk like there's no there's no right path you just you'll you'll see. There is really not as solution of formula and you have been and till now if you are. PG students say until now you've been following a certain direction that the educational system has provided you or this society that you are in but you realize that there are so many avenues and so many possibility. So yeah chill out I would say And and get some Sun on and get some positive vibes wherever you can find and yeah go for it. It's I know that it seems like a race I I know that he seems very complicated for many people but I I really feel. There's always some sort of solution and you just have to. Yeah I don't know if it's wait for it but once you found it don't let it go and let it be so twenty. Five is one eleven to share. Here's some advice on how to choose your own path doing your Grad Studies. I think people should If you really love science and you want to dive in in research you should indefinitely go for a PhD. And it's okay if you change your minds midway and you change a little bit route don't forget it's your pitch it's not your supervisors answers. Its European so you have the right to choose your own path chooses supervised. The choice of supervisor is super important so chooses supervisory cit. I would not just for his or her scientific resume but also for their human qualities their personality the way the work. It has to work for you as well. The other thing is when you're midway through the supernatural to have doubts especially between the second and third year when everything is going wrong think because usually when it goes wrong between the second and the third year and you really wonder what am I doing with my life but if you want to do science related stuff well just just hang in there and finish it it will be worth it because when you finish your it's not just just the signs that you've learned you learned a set of skills. That will be super important for you in the future like problem solving and teamwork and meeting me any other people in getting people to help you solve problems and looking for answers and so many things that you learn along the way so having a PhD is an assets if you're doing a PhD in thinking of becoming a Pi. Well that's probably not going to happen. The numbers are not in your favor but having a PhD is wonderful because it opens doors and if you want to many other science related jobs having the is obviously a plus and even if you're not going to science well lots of consultants they value having people with PhD's because they know they're problem solvers and consultants will l.. That's their day to day job south problem so having a PhD's always an asset and this is it for twenty nine hundred. I I hope you have enjoyed the episode and to share great new content with you in twenty twenty so stay healthy keep investing yourself and keep tuning in every Thursday Thursday to hear news stories and get new ideas on how to carve your career path. Thanks for you're listening to another episode of the Papa Peach podcast head over to Papa. PD DOT COM for show notes and for more food for thought about non-academic boss Grad careers. I'll always be happy to share inspiring stories new ideas and useful resources here on the PODCAST. So make sure you subscribe on Itunes or wherever you get your podcast it to always keep up with the discussion to hear from our latest guests.

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