November Biohacking Q&A #8 Stacking Piracetam with SSRIs, Microdosing LSD vs Nootropics & Semax


This is john and this is the november. A podcast and eat questions for this one. So i'm gonna try to have a little bit. More of a rapid clip going through them questionable. One i heard from buckle landi. He commented on youtube jonathan. I'd like to ask you. What is the best neutral. Pick in your opinion. What is better. Oxy rasa tim with pheno crossed him or new pepped with final peraza attempt. So there's two questions in there the best nutro pick in your opinion okay. This is a question like when people say hey. I want to travel the world to seduce exotic women which country has the best women. Tell me which ones are the best go there. And it really is subjective and based upon what you're trying to accomplish and based upon your unique neurobiology and your cognitive and personality and make up your different motivations. I really can't tell you what the best neutral pick is. I'm just going to have to recommend that you try a couple of the ones that are held in high esteem by bio hackers high-performance successful people. And you'll be able to select something from that that you really really liked it. You consider your personal your personal favorite. You may also be asking Jonathan what in your opinion what. Your personal view is the best and i have to go with the product that i created myself and obviously created it largely so that i could have something that really worked. Great for me and that is kabaija rasa. Tom rich stack that used to special proprietary ingredients that really increase the bioavailability of the other teams in it. That took all the other rasa dams that i've been using for all these years and that are held in such high esteem and took it to the next level that product was called combined. Joe and i sold it to about one hundred people at this point now a little bit more than that and i will consistently here. People that are veterans of pharmacological enhancement. And they'll tell me. Wow this is like the best or one of the best things that i've ever tried. So yes i have to personally. I'd probably rank that number one. The second question asking about female president and the other those rows attempts new pepped and oxy rasa tim because while you can take phenyle on its own it. It's expensive and so you really wanna maximize cognitive benefits. That you're getting out of it and if you combine it with some other things it can really take things to the next level. And i like oxy rasped him. More than new pepped for a couple of reasons oxy rested him more proven by double blind human clinical trials and and solid science whereas new peptic just has those handful of decent studies that have been done on it and oxy raza him based upon dealing with people that i've talked with that are you know self experimenter's self qualifiers oxy rasa. Tam seems to work more consistently than new pep does and personally. I really like oxy ratan. Because it in a very subtle way stimulates discipline. And i really can't say the same for new pet but i'll also draw your attention to two other co factors of phenyle porosity and perhaps cofactor isn't isn't quite the right word. 'cause cofactors implies that there's some type of pharmacological action that they have together like the way that alpha-gpc and phoenix awesome. Do but two things that as i was researching people kept saying. Wow these three things together were just like a having a montage trois with you know those green aliens from an old star trek episode. The captain kirk would get frisky with which is fina past him. Seen axe and sell lec seem accents. Link are these neutral of russian origin and they are peptides and they work more specifically on the bnf mechanism. And i recently research cemex really thoroughly and look through. Jeez probably at least several hundred anecdotal reports of a very rigorous bio hackers. And i kept hearing people say pheno prasad him in selangor. Wow and cemex in slink are are not seeming is a little pricier. Selena is really not very pricey and so if you're going to shell out the cash for female peraza down. I would combine it with those two other things. If you really want to become so smart that you just figure out a invention that can deliver us world peace or whatever. Next question was from your shed. I've i've no idea if i'm pronouncing that name correctly. He said fascinated by your research. Thank you sir. I'm fifty two years old. i've to minor strokes and recently moved to israel. I'm struggling to learn hebrew. I take esus argument. Sri medication and have to be careful about which supplements that i take. What are you recommend. And he said that he was on zoloft and paco today for bipolar depression. And the new trubnick that you could take with a very minimal risk which is to say a virtually no risk along with those is peraza him. President you've probably heard of it's the original. It's it's one of the original nutro. Picks that was so effective in improving people's minds in their memory. Either ability to focus improving their mood that it won this class of pharmacological agents the colloquialism smart drugs per item is debatably the first quote unquote smarter and prasad. Him is going to help you. Certainly with language learning. It helped me when. I was learning spanish and i doing some searching around for a watered. You tropics that have conflicts that of an undesirable reaction with sr is particularly soup. Zoloft ends pacho to. I do not think i'm pronouncing best. Second all right correctly Wh- porosity came up and came across a number of anecdotal reports. Where people were saying that they combined those. Sr is with peraza. Tam with no problem. And i actually linked to a couple of forums where that was being discussed by people. So you're looking for something that's real safe. I would go with that. But i would encourage you to try to get off the. Sri is sr is so many different undesirable side effects. They have these long term negative side effects they the science the supports as is is increasingly increasingly. Kind of shoddy. And there's a number of studies where they'll look at. Sri is and they don't do that. Great job of outperforming placebos or outperforming more natural type alternatives. So what i would encourage you to do. If if you're not gonna like totally you know. Commit suicide if you go off your eyes for a week is i would encourage you to line up about four or five different holistic lifestyle type approaches to your bipolar depression. Things like meditation and exercise and a kito diet. And you know. Don't don't look things up on the internet. You'll find look things up on youtube. You'll find a lot of different options lineup and herbs of course herbal medicine showers. Maybe if you're up for lineup like five or six different holistic type things to address your depression and then Cut the us our eyes and start taking peraza. Tom and you can even take Quite high dosages. If you'd like and i i would. I would hope that you may be able to replace that quite that that kind of risky as sri strategy for addressing with some things that have a whole lot. More upside with a whole lot less downside. I hope you'll let me know how that works out for you. Next question was from stephen. I said hello have been following your channel for quite some time. I've actually been waiting to make my own bread of neutral picks for quite a while. Could you give me some tips. Study neuroscience university. And i am interested in tricia neuroscience relation to mental health conscious and would like to get advice from somebody knowledgeable. Cool man. yeah. I i think you should Try to do something entrepreneurial. Like if you're if you're a university student and your plan is to go and work a five for corporation for twenty five years following graduation and then retire comfortably. Well it's just it's not gonna work out that way. Our civilization is not on a trajectory where that path is going to work out. If you want to be relatively happy and successful uncomfortable in life you're going to want to do something. Entrepreneurial and there is seemingly boundless opportunity in this field health and anti-aging but my recommendation would be to. Because your your message to me did not communicate that you were in a situation where you urgently needed to make in common launch something so my recommendation would be do something original. The health anti-aging biohacking spaces is increasingly competitive and almost every day get emails from these new brands of nutro. Pex lifestyle things that people are launching. And there's just not a lot of original stuff were getting to that What is it is it the heinlein principle where it's like ninety percent of everything is crap and there's there's ten percent that's actually worth looking at. So what i would encourage you especially if you're in college or recently out of college is do something in the space but take some time. Take six months. Take your if you have to to come up with something. That's really unique. That's really interesting That's really good. And then i'll help you promote any way that i can't next question was from a bleak tease. Hey jonathan love your work. Do you have a video article on microdosing. I'm interested in it as a new tropic. If not could you direct me to the best resources on the subject i have not done a video or a thorough article on microdosing. Lsd and. here's the reason why i. I don't think it's bad. I don't really think it's it's very risky. However it is a little more risk risky. The reason i haven't spent much time or attention on microdosing. lsd is. I just don't think it offers a whole lot that the other pharmacological creativity and focus enhancing substances offer as a whole a better deal so when you look at like the extensible benefits of microdosing lsd to like happy healthy sane people. It's like well. It makes you a little bit more focused and makes you just a little bit more war creative. It will make you a little bit more relaxed and these are all these like very low level subtle benefits that it offers and all of these benefits are offered by things like the rasa towns or things like the adaptive jin's or any number of other neutral supplements that are a whole lot more proven that have hundreds of double blind clinical human trials that have really good research of it's actually done on them which are very forcible very accessible and importantly legal. Lsd is still illegal in many many places and the benefit that you're going to get from microdosing it that a stencil benefit is is you can accomplish the same thing with all these other things so a lot of people they wanna do microdosing of lsd. I think largely just because. It's kind of like edgy. Because it's like oh my gosh illegal and this'll make for good story to tell my friends but the benefit offers you the same benefits that nutro picks are much better proven to offer their whole lot more easier to get and you don't have to worry about going to jail or having a hassle of dealing with the dealing with the police or you know who knows we have the government and all these different agencies spying on us seven different ways to to sunday or smartphone or web browser and who knows how many other digital avenues do you really wanna be plugging your credit card and your bitcoin detail into a website to buy a packages of or a little packet of micro. Lsd doses win. That could be Something that Big brother remembers that you did anyways. You also asked what about a good resources. Yes you'd want to check out maps. Which is the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies. And there's a there's a biohacking scholar that is a greater scholar than i. I'm not shy about saying so named gwen. Gorn guerin dot net and he did a really thorough epoch breakdown on microdosing lsd. So i will link to those resources on the blog article. That is below this podcast wherever you may be listening to it. Then there was another guy named supplemental eighty nine and he commented on my meta analysis. Podcast of cemex. And he said you said jonathan. This cemex increases by five hundred per cent. Is that four point one percent stuff or the one percents stuff. Well that would that would make gets a good question. I'd make quite a difference because if that's only for the one percent stuff that's kind of pricey then the point one percents stuff would only increase bef by fifty percent which is It's it's not quite as impressive. is it well. I i went. And i tracked down the study. That was being referenced by the person that made that statement and it is the point one percent stuff so so yes so again as the recommendation i gave in that podcast with c. Max unless you really want to use it to treat some tragic illness of the mind that you have in your dire straits and you want to shell out for that one percent stuff. I think you're i think you're pretty. Okay going with the the point. One percent stuff that is still benefited or that is still demonstrated tap some pretty significant effects on on stimulating the plasticity and the capacity of neuro neurogenesis of the mind. The so. you'll you'll be fine with that. I link in the podcast article to that particular paper which was called cemex. A revolutionary neuropeptide. Hey usually usually studies have more longer more longer. Put you to sleep. Titled next next question was from a dean m. hey i'm extremely new to neutral picks only recently been using pseudo choline in new pep along with some adapted jin to manage my adhd symptoms. What would be the recommended. Dose of oxytocin him. Thanks for asking oxy. Raza him is. I was diagnosed with adhd and that was certainly a big challenge in my own childhood and teenage years. And i gotta say oxy him if oxidised him works for you the way it did for me. Boy you're gonna love it. It's going to be one of the best things that you ever consumed because it is a in my experience it's not a very stimulating drug but it's a drug that gives you the discipline that being a productive member of society demands. Tansu your question. I seven hundred and fifty milligrams of oxy ratan vets. That's a pretty standard dosage. you can. You can experiment a little bit with doing a bit more of it but you're already taking some other neutral picks that are going to be stimulating. You and sue so. I think i think you're probably going to be okay. With seven hundred and fifty final question is from some named aldo varez. And he said your bids have been going pretty deep man go deep homey and addressing some very deep this truths that are ahead of their time. Just calling it now man. Are you in to jordan. Peterson i'd really like your perspective on maps of meaning. Thank you for your work. So yeah. I have followed jordan peterson and watched some of his videos on youtube. He has some really his a great capacity for war. Making these connections in between these really morbid events in history and Between these deep dark truths of human psychology. I have not read his book maps of meaning. And i think it's it's quite expensive. Isn't it last time. I checked it out on amazon. It was like sixty or seventy dollars or something like that. And i've in my experience in my experience they'll be these public intellectuals that do the follow kind of this business model a putting out a bunch of videos and podcasts on the internet where they speak really really in depth on a given topic and they do interviews with people and debates with people and they really flesh their ideas out in a public forum and then what they do. Is they come along and they write a book that synopsis sizes that book those ideas and a lot of times. We'll refine those ideas and will maybe cut some chaff away from those ideas and in the case of jordan. Peterson what i anticipate. Is that i- -ticipant that. That's what his flagship book maps of meaning is about. It's pretty rare that a public intellectual will spend half their working hours of pining publicly. And then they'll be able to write a book on top of that that covers sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred thousand words of completely brand new content. That's actually that's actually pretty rare. Usually the usually what it does. is it synopsis things. And in that situation. I just can't really justify spending another like sixty or seventy bucks and then probably another twenty five thirty hours on top of that reading a book. So what i have to know is i have taken jordan. Peterson's advice and i have purchased his his program his self authoring program and i have started doing started writing all those essays about yourself and the different chapters of your own life and it's interesting and there's a couple of things that have surprise myself which i think is part of the objective event but i have not finished it yet because it is a it is a gigantic task of writing to do all these different essays about your past experience and finish this authoring program and i experienced some type of benefits or some type of interesting life change. I will do a video that reports back on that but at this point jordan peterson is a real. I would say is intellectual influence on me. Wow i got through seven questions in just twenty four minutes. I must be on smart drugs or something like that anyways as always i look forward to a continued conversation with you. And if there's any questions here that i did not answer to the extent that you guys needed them answered or if there's people listening that would like my opinion on some real specific thing if there's a question regarding your mindset and your biohacking that you haven't been able to find good answers to just by googling the topic at a lotta times. Googling thin a lot of times people say oh you just google anything and you can find out the question to anything and boy that is not the case and a lot of situation and a lotta situations the google algorithm does not give you the information that that you need. The artificial intelligence that that google has while while powerful and while it certainly does help us to live better lives. It is no substitute for human knowledge and experience and empathy. So if if i can help you i have the limitless mindset secret society where i do twenty five minute free biohacking consultation with people that are spending a hundred bucks or more on their biohacking on there that they're investing into making themselves a bit more dangerous high performance animal and also of course available for just our the costing and i do hourly consulting with people and and it's always it's always interesting. Sometimes we cry together. Sometimes we cry together but not a lot. That's always that's always interesting when you have that level of connection isn't anyways i look forward to continue conversation with you. I said that twice. But it's my thing that i say.

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