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Challenge people some of us though d._j. Nick one stop landed. Musica country star dondo set listening bruce jesse jackson. Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of settlers bruce. Your podcast all about bruce springsteen his music and mostly as fans. I am your host jesse jackson and joining me tonight or today depending on when you're listening to this is one of by by podcast brothers <hes> part of the southgate media group. I've got kevin from the kevin long. Show with me. How are you doing. I'm good how are you. I am awesome. <hes> it's for those of you. You've been on the show before but everyone's podcast awed cast could be someone's first podcast so tell them a little about yourself case so i think this is my fourth time on the show i think so oh yes so i am kevin long and i'm the host of the kevin long. Show we do an episode on mondays i talking about magic items or magic spells from the dungeons and dragons game and on thursday. We have a more in-depth discussion discussion on dungeons and dragons in all its various forms and editions yeah <hes> some very interesting arresting stuff. You've done some creative things you know. Played games talked about different things one of my hole in my pop culture <hes> being is i have never really played dungeons and dragons. There's still time jesse. There's still time yeah <hes> you know. I get the concept and you'll see it on t._v. He i mean <hes> is zombie. Last season had the you know playing and you know and big bang theory and <hes>. I guess stranger things <hes> so yeah. I guess i'm going to have to jump on the <hes> horse visit about that so very cool. <hes> kevin has <hes> been a big supporter of settling bruce <hes> he has edited podcast outcast for me. He has always is one of the first to <hes> re tweet and share my post and so <hes> he is a wonderful <hes> husband and father <hes> usually his kids join us of so well and <hes> i look forward to <hes> when i'm on kevin show the the kids join us and they they share what's going on with them so it's always just wonderful full but tonight. We're gonna talk a little springsteen. Aren't we yeah we are so <hes> kevin reached out to me and he says he just see <hes> you know i'm a casual springsteen fan at best but i've watched his netflix special and i have thoughts so let's talk about that a little bit you you had like i said we've shared a few things <hes> you you actually went through the newbies right you listen to dead different springsteen songs <hes> so what would your thoughts going into when when you saw that they were going to film the broadway well. What did you heard about the broadway show so i've only heard about the broadway show on what you and your guests have talked about and you you went right. Yes i was lucky enough to go so that's that's what i've heard and that's what i knew about it and you had in some of the earlier shows you had hinted that you were hoping that netflix or one of these on demand streaming websites would would would pick this up and then the news broke that netflix was indeed doing it and i was really excited added about that just because i like to call it a documentary but i like stuff like that yeah being able to see i guess the closest thing i would have to it would be like v._h._1. <hes> behind the story or m._t._v.'s unplugged where you just get a more <hes>. What's the word i'm looking for. You just get a closer look at the people not just the the band and why they wrote the songs they did so. I like things like that yeah so <hes> how now obviously when i went <hes> i had a huge expectations when i went and saw it live live in <hes> obviously being a bruce springsteen <hes> fanatic <hes> i had no i you know i i was totally satisfied. You know it it. It met my expectations hi. What kind of expectations did you have given. I'm not on sure. I had any expectations like i was hoping for a good show. Okay that's fair enough. I don't like wasting my time yeah and and i definitely got a good show. <hes> and a little the expectation was a good show and add what i got was a phenomenal show yeah <hes> so <hes> when i went and saw it <hes> you know they they announce your please turn off your cell phones. <hes> please. I hope you know keep it quiet. They turn out the lights and all of a sudden bruce comes out and there's no good evening gene or how you doing. He immediately starts into the show right. I was really surprised by that and was kinda. Whoa this is not a concert. This is a show. What is your thoughts about it. I thought it was really great. I wasn't necessarily like everything. I've heard from bruce. He's a guitar guy so when he started on the piano. I was like oh this. This is different and yeah so i mean i'm. I'm not surprised that he has multi instrumental talents not something i was used to yeah but i would like to start at the beginning. Hey it's probably been a month or two now that you had a lady on your show and you talked about you talked about language and how how just because a person uses foul language doesn't mean you have to do it or that. That makes them a bad add person right. I had to start had to start this show three times because as soon as he dropped his first f-bomb the wife was like okay children. Yes absolute bad and husband. You probably shouldn't be watching this with the children around. Yes you know and that was my thought like hey look. This is obviously who bruce is going to have to deal with it and just because has bruce drops an f. bomb. The kitchen know that if i hear them drop enough bond. There's a bar soap in the bathroom. Yeah and you know we did have that discussion. Where where and that's how i trained train. That's how we raise. Chris is <hes> that's adult language and <hes> when you're an adult if you choose to use language like that that's fine but not as <hes> a child. That is an appropriate have you can't do it <hes> <hes> were you offended by it. I i don't think so just to each their own. Yeah and you know one of the things i i have really enjoyed. I think one of the reasons why <hes> you and i have developed this long distance friendship through this is you are by nature non-judgmental. <hes> you truly look for the best in everyone one. <hes> you are big believer in live and let live <hes> we have talked about <hes> people in alternate lifestyles. It's <hes> how <hes> we're supporting them. As much as we can. <hes> you know because we believe live and let live so i'm not surprised is by that but i had to ask right. Now it <hes> iris the story at one of the thoughts i had is how much of the story in his show was in his book so that's a great question and i'm glad had you brought it up. <hes> we there is in in theory kevin i could take the audio version of him reading his book and splice it with breath acoustical versions of the songs and it would give you the bones of most of the show okay but however he adds you know some drama to it and <hes> you know some the way he he reads some of them for emotional response. <hes> you know like he makes it funny when he talks about you know i'm mr born to run and i live blank miles from my <hes> born born to stay just doesn't work the same way you know and that's funny and then when he tells the story about going to the draft board and coming back and telling his parents that he didn't get selected and he told the story that his dad was like i can't wait to the army gets you can't wait to the army gets you and then when that actually happens their child he because that's good that's good and then when bruce very very quietly says but i often wonder who went in my place right that's that's touching and that's chilling and so forth there are so i guess the answer is some of the stories he shares in the book but the way he tells them in this makes them more dramatic. Does that make since yeah for sure okay. It's it's interesting that you brought up the part about going to the draft board and his thoughts on on who went in his place because i might have misinterpreted the story wrong but he said that he did everything he could to not get get drafted correct absolutely and he talked about that that he was glad that mad dog lynn mad dog lopez and the other other members that went with him did not get drafted but he does have that. I don't wanna say survivor's guilt because that's the wrong word right but i think he does have that guilt of you. Know someone someone someone had to go instead of me and what happened to that person and yeah go ahead no go ahead finish finish and so and i think that's one of the reasons why <hes> in the book he talks about <hes> reading the book born in u._s._a. And then meeting ron kovic <hes> and <hes> in how how he has done a lot of work with veterans and vietnam veterans and and supporting them and and raising money and <hes> the cynical person could say well. It's easy for a rich rockstar to do that in. Maybe he's just trying to pay off his guilt of not going. I think the other person is i think just because you have that guilt doesn't mean what you're doing isn't of consequences in isn't something good to do right so i guess my question is it's. I don't know it's important to me and i'm not gonna say that he wasn't that he's not a draft dodger. 'cause it's not what it sounded like to me but let's say that a person does draft dot draft the dodge dodge dodge the draft yes and spent his life thinking about those people that went in his place and works with veterans does everything he can and another person dodgers the draft and is just like screw you you guys would not the way of the way we look at people would not the way be the same lake jake. You both dodge the draft so y you know what i don't know how to explain it. No i and i think like <unk>. Get what i wondered about that because i think that's an interesting point. Kevon is <hes> you know like there are people well still to this day that are very unhappy about jane fonda because of how she was against the war and <hes> you know in vietnam is still very very <hes> you know an open wound and a lot of ways to this country right and <hes> and i have no <hes>. I have no problem if someone said <hes>. I you know i think this is you know he's he's. He's too little too late. If he was true man <hes> he should have done that and you know <hes> a <music> but things change like for the longest time mohammed ali under both spaces most host people's opinion are he is held in esteem that he refused to go even though he he he ended up it. It cost him several years of his professional boxing. <hes> and bruce had <hes> had it had a motorcycle accident <hes>. They're the reasons why were healthy. No <hes> but there is that you you wonder i don't know i i'm i'm. I'm older than you but i'm still too young to been in that situation. I don't know i've never been asked to serve. I've never been. I've never even registered for the draft. I was at that time period where you didn't have to interesting yeah <hes> <hes> yeah because i was born in fifty nine and they ended the draft and then started it back again but at that point i was too old for for it <hes> but you you wonder if i had been in that situation or if chris had been in that situation what would i wanted him to do right and it's very it was a very complicated implicated war <hes> versus <hes> you know so many people <hes> like after nine eleven and the amount of people who immediately <hes> you know signed up and and we're trying to <hes> to get revenge to protect this country then <hes> so oh versus you know vietnam was a very complicated war <hes>. I think that's an interesting point and i kind of i applaud that he addressed it right away. He addressed in the book and he addressed it on the play now with what he did do you do. You have a did you end up deciding one way or another. I have no problem with it <hes> okay. I honestly don't think that he's trying to make up for anything but <hes> i don't see like if someone presented more than just an opinion like well aw i don't think like i think he's trying like if they could show me how his actions now were trying to make up for guilt. I would at least entertain entertain that thought but i don't think he is okay interesting so <hes> going back to the show anything thing else stood out to you the story about when his dad came to the house right before he had his this kid you know given an apology in in his way <hes> and you know that stood out just like my dad was a truck driver my entire life and by the time we could actually spend time i am together he had already had his accident and was stuck in hospital bed for the rest of his life <hes> and and <hes> i thought it was interesting the you know it's very clear and if you read the book he talks a lot about his dad and how <hes> he you know his dad fought depression the same way he did <hes> and he understood that there was a lot of things going going on and do have him you know his dad and he talks about it right the said <hes> <hes> we weren't you're good to us and i wasn't always the best. <hes> you know in thanks in chris you know and then <hes> bruce says it was enough <hes> eh. That's a very powerful seen within yeah. It is yeah <hes> because i think we all <hes> we all have issues with our parents. <hes> whether we have a good relationship or poor relationship your parents it's a complicated <hes> relationship in you're going okay okay and and so i thought that was really interesting <hes> the in my father's house it's not a song i like very much and i mean i don't dislike it. Just isn't one of my favorites right and and my my buddy sam <hes> said <hes> and i saw the set list my father's house. I wish he'd do a different song and i said said i felt the same way till i watched the show and same thing i am not a fan of born in the u._s._a. With the slowdown blues version but in the show both of them work very well and when sam came back from seeing it he said you're right he said <hes>. I don't know if my opinion my father's house has changed but in that con- you know in that capacity of where it is in the show with the stories he's telling it was a perfect song to fit right yeah <hes> <hes> did you find it funny the story with his father no just the show and general terms. Oh yeah. I laughed a lot yeah. It was nice when when patty came out yes. I was gonna message today because there's this thing going on right now on facebook about how they'd been have been together for thirty five years when i first thought when i first saw it just just said patty and bruce oh great. They're getting divorced. I yeah <hes> you know and <hes> you could see see you know he. He really loves her and he does. I have no idea idea of what kind of marriage they've had. Though the book talks about how strong she's been to him uh-huh and how she has <hes> like he specifically mentions that <hes> you know rock star lifestyle you stay up late you get up late and patty said you're missing it. You're missing it in the morning morning when they're getting ready for school. You know that's when they're sharing things and you're you're just gonna miss it and you know he talked about. You know he changed changed. This pattern learn how to make pancakes <hes> so he really there in the morning and the other story he told his you know i know my views is talking to me and she said <hes> you can always write another song but you're you're the the kids are only going to be this age for a short amount of time. I think she has helped him <hes> and you know it appears. They've got three not really well. Adjusted <hes> successful children and i have a theory kevin that <hes> you know if you google <hes> waiting on a sunny day. He always has a little kid. Come up and sing with them and i'm thinking that's because he's ready to be a grandpa. He is ready needs to be papa bruce nah he might be. Yes any other songs are story. Stand out to you so i've heard dancing in the dark a lot in iraq. That's probably i mean aside from born in the u._s._a. That's how i know bruce sure and there is something different about how he closed the show in singing that song i've never gotten goosebumps before from dancing in the dark kevin this time hype that was another song that as i saw the set lists you know i i guess dancing in the dark orcas good but at that point and for those of you who am i kidding anyone who's listening to this podcast this watched it but just the game <hes> you know he's talking about being kind to each other and <hes> he doesn't go into the current administration but he's talks about <hes> that it's tough times and we could be <hes> you know pushing and and being challenged and he had talked about earlier <hes> and when i saw him they heated not talk about his mother's <hes> alzheimer but in the this show they recorded he shares that and <hes> and there's that scene where he says on the wish you'll know me in a glance and then he says you'll know me when you realize she doesn't know him now <hes> and he he talks about how much she loved music zik and she loved dancing and then when he says in so what you gotta do is like my mom put on your shoes and dance and when he goes into dancing in the dark i agree with you. I am getting a little miss. The i just now talking to you and then land of hope and dreams is one of my favorite songs and to go from dancing in the dark straight to land of hope and dreams <hes> it's just an any close with born to run but that to to certain degree is the end of the show right and it is i agree with you. It is a powerful powerful way to end the show of and i'm gonna sound overly <hes> dramatic here in preachy but the power and of of of music the power of love the power of dance the power of of this art <hes> he celebrates that and it is just a really really cool thing to say. I'm glad you felt the same way and i think i guess i said i've heard it lots of times but maybe this time the power came from the fact that the song is about being gene good to each other. He you know go to bed late. Get up late. I worked a graveyard so oh i get home at nine o'clock in the morning and i'm ready to go to bed like i wake up feeling the same way say yes but if somebody needs something even at nine o'clock in the morning when i'm ready to go to bed let's let's go help the people next door jump their car or move out of their house or whatever they need 'cause this guns for hire even or just dancing in the dark mark well said and i agree <hes> i had some friends who were divorced and they would often complain that they didn't get to see their kids enough because the other you know their their former spouse had custody and <hes> and i would bring it up and then like wow now i worked all week. I'd have to drive you know. I'm gonna drive six hours siham two or three in dr another six. I don't know if it's worth it and i just i kept my mouth shut because it wasn't my place when i'm like yes yes. We're parents. We sacrifice to see our kids. You delay going to you get less sleep because your home but you've got a kid. Who's sick and you gotta take care of them. Kevin right right you. You do those things <hes> to help out because that's the kind of person you are and that's the kind of you know neighbor. You are the kind of parent you are and we all should be that way. Yeah yeah we should yeah do <hes> and <hes> any other thoughts. I think those are all the thoughts. I have on the show. That's that's that is. Well said <hes> very nice summary. So do you think you'll revisited visited sometimes. Is it still on netflix. Yes it is yes probably all right so very cool. I am looking afford to <hes> now. I know it is very hard to get to the movies <hes> when so you've got little ones that doesn't involve you know a talking <hes> penguin or something <hes> but when it's available i think the uh and <hes> blinded by the light the book that's the movie that's based on. <hes> you know <hes> buried ashbury park hark about a pakistani ian raised in <hes> u._k. That discovered bruce springsteen and helped him to find his way <hes> <hes> is is coming out this summer and i think it's gonna be amazing. I i've seen the previews it absolutely <hes> seems to be how his music <hes> help the sky to touch. I ended up reading the book and the book's really about finding minding his place in the world. Okay as growing up in the united king you know his his parents emigrated from pakistan he was like three or four when he got here so he grew up in <hes> you know england but with a pakistani background trying to figure out who and what he is and how does he fit in <hes> really interesting book and i'm looking forward to <hes> the movie so i ah i can find the book in the library and all all go see if i can find a trailer as soon as we're done yeah absolutely yeah if you just go blinded by the light or bruce springsteen steve movie. You'll see it so kevin. What else do we want to catch up on while we're here well. That's a good question. Why do we chris's mary now. Yeah yeah well actually <hes> i have not talked about this too much on the air but <hes> about a month before the wedding and he came to me and said <hes> dad i'm having doubts and <hes> you know he he had really <hes> had been working with <hes> a therapist and <hes> really suggested that he and his fiancee go to counseling and <hes> not pointing fingers but they both decided that maybe this was a bad choice and so he's <hes> he's down living back at home <hes> they've kind of separated in each gone in their own way and so he's kind of finding his own path right now <hes> yeah it's <hes> i'm really proud of him kevin because it a month into the month before the wedding really been easy just to say this is cold feet you know just plunge away but both of them discuss this in came to the decision <hes> that they had too many issues <hes> on both sides to think this would be a successful relationship so they've each he's gone their own way and it's a little sad because i really liked his fiancee but i'm proud of both of them for making the the decision. <hes> you know how hard it is to be married right and that's i'm. I'm proud of both of them as well just because like we talked about a minute ago the sacrifices that we put forth for each other and i'm i think you said it before on the show before that some days you give more than you get and other days. You get way more than you. Give and you both have to be ready for that. Yeah you do and and you have to understand that it's never got fifty fifty and sometimes it's going to be ninety ten with your at the ten percent right and you've got to be comfortable with that so <hes> yeah <hes> thanks for asking he's. He's doing okay <hes>. I'm i'm proud of him for kind of working and through this so it just gives you a partner to go with when the the new album goes on tour absolutely so so <hes>. Is there gonna be a tour with the new. I'm sorry i don't remember the name of the album. No no no <hes>. The name is western stars right right. It's very <hes> glen campbell burke back correct <hes> it's it's a it's really worth listening to on spotify by <hes> to kind of check it out. It's it's got a lot of strings hill. He's not touring on this. One by the thought is his and he has announced that he has almost a full album's worth of material written for the actual eastern band okay and so they plan to what he has said is. The plan is later this year like in the fall. They'll work on recording an album mm-hmm and then tour next year okay so just because i don't i like music are down into the inner works so <music> this fall. They'll make a new album and let's just say it's called blue sky over the horizon okay and then next year build the old tour that album yes yeah and what he normally does is <hes> the first part part of the tour he will do multiple songs from that album to promote the album. Did he'll go to europe and then normally he comes back to europe then he'll do. Maybe maybe australia <hes> you know the different <hes> places and then usually come back and do a second round in the u._s. S. and by that time he's not playing as many songs off the new album he tends to mix up the set lists a little bit okay <hes> yeah so so the hope is that a couple of songs on this new album will make the cut. I think there's some really interesting. <hes> there's a song song called. <hes> tucson trained that i like a lot <hes> the premise is <hes> the guys talking about he he had he had messed stop he had really disappointed his partner and <hes> he or she because you know they they don't they don't say in the song <hes> that <hes> they he he left any move a to a different city to redeem himself to rebuild his life and <hes> and so the the songs is <hes>. I'm waiting for my baby. She's coming on the tucson train and <hes> that in one of the lyrics alex. Is that <hes> you know where he said. I'm specifically <hes> i will. I can show her that. A man can change <hes> so yeah. Is this hard work or clear your mind and body eighty. The heart son will burn out the pain if they're looking for me. Tell them buddy. I'm waiting down at the station. Just praying to the five fifteen gene. I'll wait all god's creation justice show her a man can change now my baby's coming in on the tucson train so so <hes> it's a very fun picked up song <hes> if you google it. There's a video of him playing it with a not the eastern band but a different different band <hes>. That's a lot of fun to look at it cool yeah so that's what that's what they'll probably do <hes> i. I think <hes> just the other night <hes> a <hes> gary talent who is the bassist on eastern band has a new album that's due out and he opened for southside johnny <hes> down at <hes> in asbury park mark <hes> and bruce joined him for one song and then <hes> when southside johnny came out <hes> at one point he said well you know let's bring the boss out here and so- bruce did like seven songs with him as a mini kind of set list <hes> <hes> you know people kind of think they always hope that he'll show up but he hasn't longtime so so the people were there were thrilled that they got kind of a little bonus <hes> concert and so but the the thought is he's got that each dow that he's <hes> he's ready to tour. <hes> you know a theory a lot of us had god was one of the reasons he stated broadway so often is to be close to his mom while she's <hes> you know fighting fighting the alzheimer so but yeah i think i think he's getting the itch and he's ready to get back <hes> as he jokes about his day job and do that so yeah. So how about you. Do you have any conventions coming up appearances. You're going to be visiting and seeing convention wise. There's one in august <hes>. It's just a little a little utah thing. It's called <hes> assault con <unk> into summer okay. There's a new one in october. That's coming to provo and i'll just be helping do some d._n._d. Stuff i'm hoping to have a booth of my own at the fair con- that's at the end of october actually the beginning of october this year <hes> and and it's it's kind of like i can't remember the name of the one that you go to or promote the one in austin that halloween and and fair and all that good stuff okay well very cool nice and so are the kids having good summer yeah. They are very very nice having a good summer they've got two of them are in gymnastics. One of them's about to start ballet. That's that's always interesting. I really like you'd never never known the two older kids because when they were around <hes> we weren't podcasting but i'm gonna be a grandpa very nice. How exciting yeah so you. You have a pink pink floyd playlist ready for the new grandchild that you can <hes> since that's <hes> do bet. I know that's where you're that is very cool winner winner. They do <hes> at the end of the year very cool very nice. Well good <hes> well well. Kevin is always love catching up with you <hes>. It's it's. It's always a lot of fun. I i appreciate your friendships <hes> more more than you could know you are a source of light and positively out in this world and i know that you have have a giving and understanding heart <hes> and are out there trying to make a difference and so i appreciate it <hes> if someone wants to listen to the podcast give us the names talker and how can they find you on twitter so they can find the podcast on any <music> podcasting catcher. It's called the kevin long show and if you don't have it on your prescribed. Podcasting network just hit us up on twitter at the kevin long s. h. One and robin. I will get you that podcast as soon as we can. I <hes> i work with rob on one of his projects and twenty minutes after i did something he told me to do somebody was on twitter is like hey. This is the podcast provider us and i can't find your show anywhere twenty minutes later. They had the show awesome so great. If you can't find us let us know either on twitter. You can also email us at the kevin long show at g. l. dot com or we're on facebook at the kevin long. Show yes and you if you have topics. They want you want to discuss or you wanna <hes>. You have some ideas. Please let kevin know. He loves to hear from listeners. <hes> i you want to share your springsteen story or any favorite musician. <hes> let me know send me an email at settlers brusett you can <hes> i'm on twitter at jesse jackson d._f._w. I <hes> the show is at settling bruce. <hes> please go to itunes means or wherever you get your fine podcasts and subscribe to the show <hes> subscribed kevin show that helps us <hes> get new listeners sneers <hes>. We appreciate that so much. I have a brand new of voicemail for the podcast. I'm i'm trying to experiment <hes> it is four six nine two four nine two four two that is four six nine a two four nine two four to leave a voicemail with any comments about the show or suggestions and hey you might hear it kevin as always always this is a joy. We'll have you back on a few months and we'll just catch up again sweet but any final thoughts you wanna share not for the show but do you have a few minutes i do so let's close and then we'll visit. Thank you kevin. Thank you listeners. We'll talk to you soon.

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