Hour 1: Saints, Cousins & LeBron


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But which team takes on the wind gusts are the saints. Now the best team in the NFL. Plus how far can the bears go this season? And which team wins, the NFC ease also can LeBron and they Lakers keep it rolling. And why are the warrior struggling, let's get started? So what's going on? Everybody will win. I take on a Monday he'll feel heading wonderful weekend. He is Mexico Elleman. No, Molly Keiron, Stephanie Smith is in LA, Steve how Phelan I'm feeling wonderful presidents. I haven't looked forward to a regular season game. And it fell in years. I am it's like the Super Bowl tonight. All right. Let's get into it. Because we had a good one yesterday as well. The saints and proved to nine and one as they demolished the eagles forty eight seven Brees was incredible going twenty to thirty three hundred sixty three yards and four touchdowns. Meanwhile, Carson Wentz rug alling with three picks. Here's the cubeys. A lot of football games my career ever since I was a kid. And this is one of the the worst losses. I've ever been a part of and. Yes frustrating, especially all the around festively defensively special teams. We just got beat. I feel really good right now. I'm I'm a love my team. I love coming to work every day with these guys you I wanna I wanna play my heart out for these guys not care about them and truly don't wanna let them down want to be as consistent as I can't for them. Give them confidence put them in positions to succeed. I mean, that's my job. So I'm just doing my job. Drew Brees truly grateful right there. Steve nice lips. Did this think prove they are the best team in football right now. I think they are. I think they are. And I I don't think it's almost it's virtually impossible for anybody to walk away with a different conclusion. Obviously tonight's Monday night game between the Rams and the chiefs might have some kind of impact on on such commentary. But at the end of the day, it's just hard to to deny what we're witnessing take place before. I very odd. We're looking at a guy in drew Brees. Completing nearly eighty percent of his passes. We're looking at Michael Thomas that has arrived as one of the top five receive is in football with seeing rookie like a tray quad Smith have about. What is it ten receptors about a hundred and fifty seven yards? I mean, we're seeing that dynamic duo out of the backfield in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara with CNN offensive line. Protect one of the greatest quarterbacks this game ever seen having one of the greatest years one could possibly imagine. And then all of a sudden your defense is coming together. A little bit there. You you quite ally. Apple a couple of weeks ago, you hell the reigning defending Super Bowl champions, two seven points. I'm looking at the Philadelphia Eagles. I told ya Friday when we asked what chance zero absolutely positively zero and then cost it and went proved it max because guess what he turns over the ball early in the game. It's like a seven point game or whatever. And he's throwing his helmet on you know, on the ground on the sideline why? Because he knew in a game. Like this. You can't afford to make any mistakes because you can't stop this well oiled machine, and that's exactly what the New Orleans Saints are right now their defense is not great. We understand that. But the secondary to become together Williams and Lattimore in that secondary at an ally apple to the mixed getting out of quarterback, they're plying pressure. And if they can give you anything anything at all, you know, the off. Rent is going to do the rest. So when you say that I would say to you their offense is just as good as Kansas City or LA's and the defense at least over the last several weeks might be arguably a little bit better. I'm gonna say right now to say to the best team in football. Stephen. I thought you were going to go the chief. So what changed your mind is it just the defense that you saw last night. Well, it's a combination of the fact that the offense is so unstoppable in defense improve it a little bit. That's how the the answer right now is the saints. They are the best team in football. But it is actually because of the defense. Their offense was unstoppable. We know that you know, what other offenses I'm stoppable Kansas City. You know what other offenses stoppable, Los Angeles. You can't stop these offenses. They're all excellent. They're all as bitches about as good as an offense could be the difference is this year. The saints are playing defense in a way that the chiefs art, and the Rams aren't the saints have. Been stopping the run basically all year, they're good against the run. But now last night you saw him getting after the quarterback too. I mean Carson Wentz was totally flummoxed. And when you look at the final score is the outscored the the eagles essentially seven to one forty eight to seven means six touchdowns in a couple of field goals to a touchdown, basically seven to one out outscoring the defending Super Bowl champions. The other thing about the saints is they have home field, the Los Angeles at this moment. And maybe they could even go on the road. If the playoffs were to start at this moment. But it hold drew Brees. It home has been completely insane. But Stephen A not long ago matter of fact last week, I saw your power rankings. Would you have the saints like third or fourth and you were raving about Kansas City? Bush appoint. Kansas City hasn't played yet pizza ranch tonight is your number one. Specifically told you my listeners fluid is Stephen A list. Okay. It's not max is not the NFL. It's not pundits other. It's my list, and it's fluid if fluctuates from week to week sixteen weeks seventeen weeks during the NFL season, you're going to see something every week to says Stevens. Hey list money list. I make the call. I am the CEO it is unanimous vote of one two zero. Okay. It's uncompromising. I do meet. What what if the chiefs go out and stop the Rams to we'll have a different discussion. But we're not have it. I take on Tuesday morning after the Monday night game with having the same Monday morning leading into the Monday night game, which I'm going to be at today bunny. Doing exactly okay last week to make you have him forth. What is it just? Excuse I had them third. So because the two teams ahead of them haven't yet played that the saints are now number one that I expect I expect an epic encounter between the chiefs and the rain tonight, I expect to see great things, and I expect to see flaws in both teams I am looking at the New Orleans Saints, and I'm watching them steam roll over one Ponant after another after another and the big thing for me max, the one thing I have been consistent about what this is that. I think that drew Brees is a league MVP. I've said that for weeks now a lot of people's on Patrick Mahomes tip. Okay. Others have mentioned Aaron Donald and others. I have been on the drew Brees bandwagon for the last several weeks his brothers just on another level. And he's having an all Tom season. And I'm watching him perform, and I'm thinking that that's the difference right now. When you say, I expect to see great things, and I expect to see flaws be more specific what great things. What flaws not only reason? Well, we're going to get into that as the show progresses because we will be talking about the chiefs. And the Rams which is why didn't get too specific with you can get into. It's not till the end of the show. It's about right? Well for me personally. I'm thinking that we're going to see flaws from the defensive side of the football with away because it is secondary. If a keep to Liebeck still got Morgan's pitas out there willing to see what kind of struggles he's going to have or not have. We know what we're going to get from Donal, but the respiratory cularly LA secondary, not only that you're playing without Cup. So we'll see what whether or not they compromised offensively with the cheese. We've lamented the state of affairs with their defense for quite some time. Now, we wait for Justice, Houston, and every very to get back to see what they're gonna add to the equation defensively from Kansas City. But we don't know they don't break what they've been an awful lot. So we're going to see what they're going to bring the night. And that's when I mean, that's what I mean. When I say, we'll see great things, but we'll see some flaws, right? Well, you have taken the chiefs as the number one team in football for the last several weeks and the difference between and listen breezes, clearly the MVP at this moment that's going to be tough to argh. Against but the difference between the saints and say Kansas City has not been at the quarterback position. The difference has been recently if you favor the saints the defense that has been the defense the difference. The chiefs can't stop anyone. I doubt they're going to stop the Rams might even without Cooper Cup. Hooper? Cut makes a big difference to that team, actually. When when all three receivers are healthy, there's nothing you can really do. You can't defend everyone without Cup. The Rams come back down to earth a little bit. But the bottom line is Kansas City. Can't stop anybody and the saints can. And that's the real difference in the two teams. That's why the saints right now are the best team in football. I got no problem. We'll see we'll see tonight, you know, about blink motion activated security cameras, amazing technology for detecting anyone sneaking around your home or trying doors, and of course, monitoring holiday package deliveries. Blink is inviting ESPN listeners to score massive savings during its black Friday, cyber Monday event, go to blinkprotect dot com slash radio and sign up for an alert when the sales starts. That's blinkprotect dot com slash radio or hit Amazon dot com and search blink security is an Amazon company. Right now Collins the bears who control the NFC north Chicago. Now leads to division by two games after their twenty five twenty win over Minnesota. In case. You miss any of the action. Let's show you how it happened to kill the go biking. Toughens falling short against a dominating bears. Defense in the third quarter bears up by fourteen Khalil Mack shine the light on him sacking Kirk cousins per loss of eight Viking settled for field full until fourteen to three MAC and finish. With the second of four fumble. In the four nine minutes to go hasn't intercepted by Eddie Jackson who returns it twenty seven yards for a touchdown hasn't in the Vikings. Not happy bears go on to win twenty twenty. Here's math on making this team. So dominant. Have you ever felt this is your man? Oh, man. In close, man. But even then it's not about me. On defense, so strongly chummy plays either they're not listener not paying attention or they don't really care. So we'll have to find out which one of the three it is. For more. Let's get you back to I take return of the math my jammed back in the day. Nothing much. What's going on fella? Yeah. We'll get you. He's got everything unlike somebody else, so but we not gonna speak on that. There's no need to speak on. It was no need to speak on. I'm looking relaxed women the sign show. Yes. I am out of the way. They already use zip. It. Gimenez, you'd better come. And you say let's settle down. Let's all settle down. And. Let's let's let's. Man United studio. I'm lame. Do you have what I say? Go ahead. First grade teacher shy town stand up the bears seven and three persons. Take game lead Kirk cousins to be dramatic had two picks of his own including a picnic than his bikes that when all for all in for their quarterback franchise. They're now five four and one then this game proved the Vikings made a mistake signing Kirk cousins. Of course, listen, you know, why franchise the reason Kirk cousins was available in the middle of his prime just for the money and didn't even reset the market is because he's not a great franchise quarterback. Those guys do not become ever available in the middle of their primes. And then don't get don't even reset the market with the contract. That's what he's a good quarterback. He's a middle of the pack and want to say he's middle. Okay. That's the playoffs case keenum last few think you're gonna do better than that with Kirk cousins. And by the way, I know a lot of the analytics guys may be made roll their eyes at this. But let me give you kind of the dumb mainstream hot take e- or big picture, low hanging fruit view, okay? Look what happened in the game is a microcosm of Kirk cousins. Good quarterback, right? They have a chance to tie it up. He throws the interception to bury them. Then. Once the game is over. They come back. They come back. They come back and then when a chance to win. Hey throws the perception that leads to the loss by one score. If he is there as the tipping point in the balance of power, at least in the NFC north that didn't happen. You just spent all that money on a guy to win a game. Like this. You could be six three and one, and they could also be six like you could be almost in the first place in the division and every high leverage moment, he underperformed every single type. And by the way, this has been happening a lot in his career. If you really look at the high leverage moment with Kirk cousins, you go a lot of those numbers were empty calories. Bottom line is they signed him click thought he put them over the top. He will not put them over the top. Therefore, it's money poorly. Spent period, I completely disagree with max on this one. And here's the reason why I think Kirk cousins was a good side. I don't have any issues with them. What's issues? What money being accorded like twenty seven twenty eight million for guys like ham, Matt Stafford another they haven't even wanna playoff game. I get that argument. But clearly, no one's denying that. He was an upgrade from case keenum and on top of it all the market. He got what the market allows which is a twenty eight million a year eighty four million dollars guaranteed. We get all of that. I will remind everybody that Kirk cousins was brought to the Minnesota Vikings because the Minnesota Vikings last season Damian, you can co-signed on this. They were number one in points allowed. They were number one in yards allowed this year. They're eleven okay. In points allowed and fifty yards. All I'm saying to you that did Keith. His taken a step back several weeks ago before they got on a roll, particularly after they lost the Los Angeles Rams thirty eight thirty one we looked at the Minnesota Vikings. And we saw so many holes in their defense. We said, Dan, this is not the same team that they were last year. So we looked at the defense as being problematic because case Kirk cousins with opposed to arrive to t- that had an elite defense. You know, exactly what you were getting from Kirk carpet. And I think that's exactly what Kirk cousins is giving you this year. He gets it numbers. He gives you numbers. He'll give you share a touchdown completion percentages and all of that stuff. But you're not relying on him to win you football games that was supposed to be Minnesota's defense. And even though last night is not the greatest time to make that argument because Kirk cousins did throw up pick six at the end of the day when I look at Minnesota's five point one record. I'm looking at the fact that their defense. Has dissipated in terms of its prowess more so than Kirk cousins is not being that guy. Listen, first of all I got to come out and say, I've never been a cousins guy because if you look at Kirk cousins throughout his career particular washing. He's never had a signature moment. He's never had a signature moment. A signature win. When you could just be like, okay. That's that guy. But here's what I will say, okay. Kirk cousins was in a unique situation as far as being a free agent. So he got what the market determine what he should get so not knocking Kirk cousins money that concern. When I look at the Minnesota Vikings Stephen that you alluded to this their identity is their defense and they want to run the ball. Okay. Last night. They had twenty two yards rushing. Twenty two yards rushing in that game last night. And we've talked about all with the Minnesota Vikings d v they have taken a step back on that side of the ball. And Stephen that you talked about the numbers they're not able to they're not getting to the quarterback as opposed to. They're not in the secondary tonight covering like they like they've been accustomed like we've been accustomed to seeing. So when you look at the Minnesota Vikings, you can't expect her cousin who's never in his career been the guy that really kinda showed the low to all of a sudden come into the Minnesota Vikings franchise and be that guy. He is who he is. He's a stats guy. Let's just put it out there. He's gonna put up good numbers. He's gonna you know, he's going to be upper echelon guys for us number concern. But he's not going to be the guy that he's gone. Gonna show the load and all of a sudden elevate the Minnesota Vikings to this Super Bowl Super Bowl five t he. He did have signature me at two signature moments last night, which is in high. Months wing interceptions. We know what it is Damian for you to say, no signature moments or then even following your argument. It doesn't make sense to sign him. If he's just a stats guy. And you can't rely on them when the when when it counts the most and you add the team ready from with to win. Why are you all of these sorts of new because you can put because Kirk cousins is an outlier maxi's out LA how often do the garden of Kirk cousins, you know, his caliber I'm not saying he's drew Brees Tom Brady. But these guys don't hit the market very often. So when a quarterback of Kirk cousins, you know, his cowboy comes along, of course, he's going to demand. But he's going to demand a lot of money. So you don't have to give it to them. Are you going to pay? Bridgewater on. Okay. First of all teddy Bridgewater concern. Everyone was play Monday morning quarterback. Because we've seen them at what he did in the preseason. So everyone wants say all they had Kurt they head. Teddy Bridgewater doctor. But if you're the Minnesota Vikings, you watch teddy Bridgewater through what two years rehab. We have rehab practice. So no other team really had a better kind of advantage point. Then the Minnesota as far as what they thought that Ted teddy Bridgewater, take them. So that's why I had no problem with the Minnesota Vikings paying Kirk cousins. And by the way, neither do I. Because remember what I keep saying? Max he arrived in Minnesota with Minnesota via fresh off an NFC championship game parents with the elite team in football. So what you need it with somebody that could put up some numbers and had the potential to really elevate you to such a degree where you could still rely on that defence Kirk cousins and four years as a starter. Sixty nine point eight percent, sixty seven percents sixty four point three percent this year. He's completing seventy point seven percent of his passes. We looked at Kirk cousins just a few weeks ago. Max you was sitting up there talking about how good Kirk cousins? Look now, you'll never say you never once said, oh my goodness. He's the second. Come. And then I'm not accusing you of that. What I'm saying? Is you did acknowledge how good he was looking and. That's what it is. I got no problem with with acquiring Kirk cousins. If you're the Vikings, I do have a problem with paying them as always elite quarterback, and I will really quickly say the giants. Need a quarterback and teddy Bridgewater will be available and I'd love for the giants to sign Bridgewater in the short term. But if they wind up giving him a Kirk cousins contract be yelling and screaming about that too in class contract for middle class quarterback. How how many times I gotta tell you about. It's not about necessarily the name. It's about it's about the leverage when you hit the market and Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf win. Bam a bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV and surround sound anything. You could have done to help, ma'am. I'm a foldable table, not an electrician TV. Trae can't help you in a lightning storm. But the guy co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how affordable renter's insurance can be. This is sports center right now. I'm Tony Collins mini reunion tour for LeBron James this week the Lakers play the Cavs Wednesday last night, the play the heat. Lebron had not one in Miami. Since leaving in twenty fourteen well that shirt change making history along the way. She'll make an airlines arena week. Oh, and the first quarter James was feeling from three here within space sent back to me. That's good. Then amiss John Kelly on the three s good and once again on the step back three three Ueno James heating up Lakers, thirteen after the first quarter twenty seconds left in the problem with forty points. Math season condemn LeBron to shoot up three. Guess what happened? James fires that one deep three. He's just the fifth player in NBA history with fifteen point game four against the franchise. The Lakers the win. Here's a after the game. Orleans land told me to finish the game off. And I'll bet you won't shoot a three. Let me say go for the three. I bet you won't go for three. So I went for three point right lanes. Do you think it's smart to do everything? Stevenson bet you today guy. God willing to say. So we're gonna say. Now, let's get you back. The first take. Lebron going off for fifty one in his return to south beach last night. He becomes the fifth player in NBA history to score fifty points with three different teams and only the second player to score fifty in a six. Or I'm Haider, right? Oh my goodness. Steven is LeBron hung the best basketball his career. He is you can point to the twenty twelve twenty thirteen season. I think that was the second championship. He shot forty percent from point range that year that was his best. This is the best. This is the second best performance from three point range. He's at thirty nine point six percent from the point range and in the range. It's not like it's at three point line yesterday. He pulled up from thirty two feet. That's what he's doing right now, you have to take into account the fact that when we point to how explosive he was when he was in his prime, obviously have more spring in his step, and it's jumped shop was falling with a degree of regularity more that one particular season. Remember that back then he had the Wayne Wade and Chris Bosh to lean on therefore the level of duress that came in his direct. Was it the same as it is now devoid of that secondary superstar on your squad or even star on your team? Everything is falling on your shoulders. And what are you doing the answer that call your average at twenty eight point eight about seven point seven rebounds about nearly seven assists per game. This man is is is on another level. I said before the season began it wasn't just about winning. He was going to try to put on an absolute show this year and put himself in the conversation for league MVP, honest. And max that is exactly what he is doing. This is not the best. Lebron James we've ever seen, but I forgive you Steven A for thinking, it is because LeBron has evolved his game in such a way you mentioned the distance at which shoots the three not all threes created equal at Steph. Curry is shown the deeper you can shoot it from. If your team moves the ball, the more wide open looks other guys getting higher. They're shooting percentage should be from deep. And that's the way the game is played nowadays. And I said I mentioned. One's better than LeBron shooting at deep. You mentioned Steph curry has more ability. But LeBron by the numbers shoots the very very deep. Threes, wells, anybody. So that is all true. And he has thought the game at an even higher level. It's always been a basketball genius, right? A survive. But in the last several years and it shows up in the playoffs. Lebron James has been just losing his mind. But if you want it, so I get it. He's evolved his game in subtle ways. The way Michael Jordan in certain ways evolved his game. Who's better Jordan from the first three peat where the second three peat? He was a more complete player. The second time Jordan was more of an animal. He was more of the force of nature the first time and that early Michael Jordan is the greatest player who ever played including the late, Michael Jordan, including this LeBron James and the prime LeBron James is not this season. It was as you pointed out the second championship his third season in Miami. When he discovered that spot from the right side where he basically couldn't miss the. Three. But it's not just the offense. Stephen. Yeah. His P E R was basically tied for the highest in his career several points higher than it is now back then that's PR's. Basically, those advanced analytics basically look at the offensive side of the ball where even by those numbers. He was a little bit better than basically as valuable now just a different kind of player, but a little bit better then, but that's to say nothing of the defensive side of the ball. The fact of the matter is playing for a Pat Riley franchise Spoelstra, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh and those guys LeBron James played wire to wire all time great defense. He was a great defender on multiple positions and a credible defender. At least I would say an incredible defender on all five positions not seeing switching on all five. Oh, five then all five positions at an elite level the entire season. So you have a guy who's offense is slightly different now. But whose defense was simply different back dead. Lebron James is third season in Miami is one of the best defenders I've ever seen. The Bron James has never defended consistently in terms of from first quarter the fourth quarter, he's always been elite when called upon to do. So 'cause he can do that with his eyes closed. But there are many times that difference between a wildland, for example and somebody like LeBron coagulant at walk into the league opening tip off taking on the toughest defensive assignment from opening tap to the end of the game that he's been whereas LeBron because of the offensive responsibilities that he has had has always managed it judiciously, but I will say this to you at the end of the day when I look at the Los Angeles Lakers right now because of the personnel. He has a bailable to him. And because of how he's been. Called upon to bring these guys along. I'm going to tell you that right now what I'm seeing from him is incredibly impressive compared to a lot of the moments. If not almost all of them because we're not the early with Cleveland 'cause we know I carry that franchise. But this is indicative of that when you're playing with the way that Chris Bosh, and then kyri and Kevin love in them. It's a difference between what you what you have to do right now. And I'll comparing it to that not his early Cleveland days. All right. Well, keep the move and what is wrong with Golden State, fellas? The warriors dropped their third straight and four of their last five after the infamous, Kevin Durant. Draymond green spat. Steve Kerr not holding back after the loss in San Antonio take lesson. Okay. We don't have that sound right now. Keep in mind, obviously, Steph curry wasn't there Dan with the groin. Max are the warriors struggles more about that spat with K D And Draymond green or Curry's injury. Is this a trick question? Now. Of course, it Steph Curry's injury as Steph curry is the warriors. He's the revolutionary player. He's the engine that powers that team first of all it. Steph Curry's up the floor. Draymond green never bringing the ball up to even wind up in that position in the first place. So that incident doesn't that's not the inciting incident. Right. That's not the catalyst for all. This. Maybe something else pops off. But it's not that. And by the way with Steph around on not sure there's something else. Pops off the unselfish superstar keeps everyone on the same page through his behavior. They'll left to talk through with behavior, but beyond all those things whose Steph Quinn cook. I like him. He's a nice player. He is not a Steph curry equivalent. He can do certain things. Steph, not there's no approx. Summation for Steph on that team. So without Steph curry, the warriors aren't the warriors this is. So obviously a case of steps absence leading to this situation. It's not even close. Well, what are we asking? Here is it because to me, obviously, K D And dream on fallen out with one another last week with the clippers situation that's been a distraction for this quad. Now, of course, they've curry being on the court makes the difference because with him on the court. You're not losing three straight. Not this team. We get all of that. But in the same breath. I definitely think it's it's not as if to say that Kevin Durant and Draymond scuff. Then the, you know had zero impact you, Dan, right? It had an impact the game that dre mall was suspended. They beat Atlanta. But they struggled to win that game. We've seen what happened with them against Houston and San Antonio and Dallas or whatever they lost the Texas. They ain't even lose the team. They lost their entire state of Texas in the NBA. In spend the three to five days. And so I look at it from that perspective. And I say if there had were completely on straight, and they were zero locked in and focused. I don't think that would have happened. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf wind Cup. Bam a bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV and surround sound anything. You could have done to help, ma'am. I'm a foldable table, not an electronic you were TV. Trae can't help you in a lightning storm. But the guy co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how affordable renter's insurance can be.

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