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Ep 217. Anxiety Bytes: Am I Doomed by My Genes to Be Anxious?


Hey guys autumn to not another anxiety. Show I'm your host Kelley Walker and joining me. Today is my co host Eric. Lay them head low. This these days I now and we get to do a little Anxiety by segment today. I know and I'm still angry about the it yes B. I t I s you. Don't all the grudge It's been a year more than a year it's been I think you have some exciting news. I'M GONNA share it for you okay. There are guests who knows how to sign into the show's instagram page. I do I know signing instagram. I even made a fun. Little time lapse video that I'm figuring out how to upload so stay tuned. It'll probably be like a week or two. I'm toying with doing once. We can like put it together. It makes us look like we're professionals. Yeah I'm not there yet. I'm just learning. I don't honestly we could talk about this after. I don't even see where you like. Start a new post or something so overwhelmed by. I like we're just GONNA TAKE BITES ICE says around coaching advice. Which is gonNA take fees Where you start a new post where you start a new post. Yeah we'll talk right after that will take that off. Line okay so anxiety by its. I'm kind of pumped about this one. Because I have had this question many times we we had a really great up that I can't remember the which one but it was sort of towards the beginning of things where we talked about We talked about this and it's one of it was when I was going through panic attacks. That was one of my biggest fears in the things. I got stuck on the most common questions I get asked. Okay really. It's like it's got to be like top five most common questions just in like my personal kind of one on one coaching experience. And I know it was a big question for me when things were really when things really felt like a big struggle. And we're really sticking well challen. Let's do it okay. So wait are need to set a timer. Is it going to be? Siri renew us all right. I'm GonNa see if I can do it with my voice. He Siri set a five U. Two's flower girl. God Oh my God all right. Forget I'm going to be hearings. A man you know what? Don't judge not that's okay. I've never heard man. Siri is my Syria. Identifies AS A British man? That's better than regular Siri. But you can tell me how to do that after two regular series. Okay ready so the question is am. I doomed by my jeans to be anxious. Ready go answer is now and that's the end of this segment. Thank you so much for tuning in today if you want to. Why do we do no no? None of us are doomed by our genes to be anxious In fact according to an article published in the advances in experimental medicine in Biology Peer Reviewed Journal Genome five times fast fast. You know when when you cited. It's nice abbreviated. But saying it. Out Loud so mouthful But you know. According to this study Genome Wide Association studies have failed to identify any genes significantly associated with anxiety diagnosis so You know this was published by the National Health Institute. I think it's like on the APA website too but They're very clear that we really just haven't been able to find any genes associated with an increased risk for developing anxiety But some recent research suggests that like epigenetics may be playing a role here so if you remember from old episode epigenetics can be thought of as genes that are more flexible so they can be turned on and off throughout our lifetime and they're also influenced by Environmental factors and environmental factors or like a very broad-based charm for like influenced by all sorts of things And this is really quite a bit different from how we used to think of jeans. And if you kind of want a quick review about genetics EPI This is a quick little anxieties segments bite. But you can listen to episode one seventy two With Dr Sarah Circus where we go into a bit more detail about Epigenetics and now apostasy by her so much much longer so much. Allah for so much But Anyway so preliminary research animal studies. Only there's no human studies yet but in animal studies suggests that some epigenetics may play a role in regulating our HP access which we talked about in episode fourteen so basically may influence. How sensitive are flight or fight response is under stress? So what happens is when we're feeling resilient on top of things good our fight or flight response may work absolutely beautifully but if our system is under stress which can be caused by external factors like financial strain Or internal factors like worrying. You know like certain behaviors or habits. We may innocently have But when our system is under stress epigenetics may kick our fight or flight system into higher gear a little faster than it would in someone else with the different genome but the great thing is there are genetic factors that positively influence the sensitivity of our HP Access Aka fight or flight response. So just some other factors that really like you can think of like enhance or late or you know. Increase resiliency with our fight or flight response. One factor is exercise. You know impacts this system. Positively nutritionally dense whole foods impacts this system positively human connection impacts the system positively A regular mindfulness practice can impact the system. Positively one of my favorite studies found you know just to go off. That is one of my favorites that he's in the world found that mindfulness practices. You know different. Mindfulness practices reduced on. Ibs symptoms in in study patients and and more importantly which shows sort of like the nature like a micro like a microcosm of the nature of epigenetics It also reduced these mindfulness. Various mindfulness practices also reduced expression of a gene associated with. Ibs Flare Up. So people were experiencing reduce symptoms and we were able to also see this in their genome so in short recent preliminary research suggests like there may be an EPI genetic factor here and also you know what we do know Have Known for little while there are so many EPI genetic factors that influence hauer fight or flight system behaves right like stress is one that can kind of tilted towards the unfavorable Paul. And there's so many other behaviors or habits that we can cultivate or have control over which is nice to know that. Can SORTA on nudge it back towards a more favorable place. Some right right right. I love that you keep learning things. Yano I'm like I told you Erica. Scientists forever yes mate just made it that time management. I'm just saying I was GONNA keep talking anyway. I forgot we had a timer Yes what'd you say? Science keeps things said scientists forever learning so we have to. Oh you you nerd I actually find this fascinating and you should have heard me the other day. Try to explain this to my significant other. High Girl I was trying to explain how epigenetics and you know jeans and whatever just based on what you've told me and I'm like you know that's something to do with like I don't know stress. Maybe eating faraone sour something about something. She hung out like pretty much like reading like a medical report published parks part of my health maintenance crowd you know. Throw everything on there a regional thing. I think yeah. I want everything on there hotdog when you get right on that. GonNa make on what situation? You're going to be making me a hot dog but if you are throw everything good to know earth okay. I wish I had like one hundred more questions. But at that made sense it always makes sense but sometimes I'm like what I know once you get past the mouthful. That is the Peer Review Journal. Article like fighting a pass that mouthful but listen. I've been in like you know I've been back in getting my like post masters in Grad School. So it's like I feel like I've really got like site this you know you're lucky. I didn't include the issue number volume. It is rescinded in five years because any good articles sites gotTa be recent so you guys are just lucky Adam. Throw that in there. You gotTa that that recent Article Jazz going. That is cool and in has changed. I mean what we've been doing this three years. Skipper take and I feel like the. It's almost rain. It'll be that's true. No no no no no but we started recording in July. We didn't publish Admiral. Babies four years old age is macaroni. Necklaces Ati trained in our age. But still to poop a little bit and talking about my own now That is really cool though. I think this is. It's it's nice to know we're not completely helpless. And just that it it. It may just like our genome our genetics whatever we inherent from our inherit from our parents grandparents may play a piece. But it's it's just that it's it's a piece in. Its so far from how we used to think about genetics. We used to really. It's like I remember like the genome wide project project had so many goals in mind but really what they found out is like genes are not set in stone. They are multifaceted. They're dynamic. They're changing and you know it's what we thought. We knew about genetics. Even ten years ago is It's different yeah. Well speaking for friend but that that really has eased my mind. Okay thank you. That is our episode. Thanks so much for tuning in today. If you're joined the show please subscribe to take a minute. Were pleased I am sorry. Guns enjoying the show. Please subscribe and take a minute to write a review on itunes so that we can reach and support more people. If you're looking for more resources like one on one coaching I have a question like on the show. Please visit not another anxiety. Show DOT COM. And until next time remember. Be Kind to yourself at me. Erica favorite part of the show.

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