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Sports bettors are you ready when you bet with points. Bet you get faster bets. Faster withdraws and faster rewards donald up. Now sign up with code. Nbc pod one hundred to get to risk free bets up to two thousand dollars. Terms and conditions apply. Border prohibited must be twenty one years roller gambling problem. Call one eight hundred number for crisis counseling and referrals. Welcome to the peter king podcast back at home after eighteen training camps away over the past month and bag at home in brooklyn recording from here today. And i've got a fun podcast for you. I'm gonna play you too long. Soundbites of for my conversation. Last week in tampa with tom brady and i picked them because i thought that they were the most fascinating and the things i learned the most about. So we'll have that. Then we're also going to hear from tampa bay coach. Bruce arians who was revealing. I thought nar conversation. And also i stopped in at the steelers. Preseason game saturday night against detroit and had a brief conversation with mike tomlin. You'll hear that as well so before we get to that three notes of interest around the national football league as the teams get ready to play their final preseason game everybody will play their final. Preseason games this weekend so obviously. There has been not necessarily a co vid outbreak in buffalo. But with the news that one of the trainers a had has cove it and was in close contact to several bills now five bills players included including noted anti vaccine or or whatever. You would call it. Guy who doesn't believe in the vaccine cole beasley. Now we'll have to stay away from the team for five days and look this is all. This is a cautionary tale. Because just telling you this is what this season is going to be like in the nfl. I think especially with the southern teams. You know as. I was in new orleans jacksonville tampa. There was no question at all that those teams are highly concerned. And i mean highly concerned with what is going to happen. This season with cova d- Obviously mike variable the head coach of the titans has tested positive. So this is not only is it not over but it could be just as dangerous in just as big an interfering factor in the twenty twenty one season as it was in twenty twenty secondly the patriots have traded running back sony michelle to the rams michelle overall a disappointment in new england. The rams clearly desperate for an nfl caliber running back. When i was in rams cam the word was that they didn't think they had an every down running back on the roster and if they didn't get one what it meant was matthew stafford who already is going to throw the ball a million times this year would have thrown it even more so getting sony. Michelle means that the los angeles rams are going to be able to have a representative good running back who came into camp this year in really good shape and the fact is the patriots. Don't really need sony. Michelle there in very good shape and the running back position so they get either a fourth round compensatory pick next year from the rams or they'll get fifth and sixth round picks from the rams. I think it's a pretty good deal for both teams. The rams really don't value draft choices the way that most other teams in the league do. That's probably a discussion for another podcast. But it served them pretty well and making them contenders so far and finally a couple of things about the new orleans. Quarterback situation had a good conversation with sean payton. When i was in new orleans last week there was no question that the monday night. Preseason game against jacksonville was huge. For the new orleans saints because in tastes them hill and james winston were instill in significant competition for the quarterback. Job the starting quarterback job and as i wrote in my column this week. You just got the sense that the saints not that they were pulling for jameis winston necessarily but they thought that that was going to be the best thing for the team because if tastes them hill. Wins the quarterback job jameis. Winston is a classic backup quarterback but if jameis winston wins the job tastes some hill will play probably about two hundred snaps in the regular offense this year. He'll have a huge role on special teams And it's just better for the overall team. If winston wins the job and i think in the wake of his very solid performance. Monday night against jacksonville. That he probably will win the job. In fact by the time you hear this you may have heard that That he has been named the starter. Now i don't have any inside information on that but i would expect jameis winston to get the starting job. So let's get into our conversations now. I i'm gonna start with the couple of soundbites from tom. Brady one is about how what it basically takes for him to get familiar with a receiver and we talk specifically about a young wide receiver named jalen darden a fourth round pick from north texas. Who brady has been working with a lot in training camp Working with them individually and he's gotten pretty tight with darden professionally. And so i would expect darden to play some role with this team but the reason i thought this is significant. Gives you an idea of how tom brady thinks. And what's important for him right now for a young receiver and how and why it's so important for a young receiver to get on the same page. So here's brady on all that it was very I think it's good for me to kind of have different expectations coming in. I know where to park where my locker is what the game days elect with travel slight with the driver works like with the stadiums life. You know it's like last year was everything was new everything personally. Professional life relationships teammates opponents practice fields. The meals this year. It's like i know what to do. Know the offense. No terminology now really got to focus on you know how to make ourselves the best possible. It's it's not an easy on. This is heart fire and said something really good today. It's very simple game. It's very hard to execute. It's a very simple name. But it's very hard to get eleven people on the same page. I ever play. But that is intense effort to get eleven people coordinated individually it's simple throwing a hitch running routes and but now i gotta connect the movie received. That's a lot harder to confer receiver with line in front of me. That's now i got to do the same thing with a difficult blitz look. That's hard to do it now. I gotta play clock and our down is hard. It's got to be on the same page at the end of the day. Like no one can fix it except the quarterback see her doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I'm throwing the ball. You're catching it. We got to be on the same page and we gotta connect and we gotta literally have a von the connection between us and you gotta take what. I'm thinking all the time. So the more you talk in the more you get the better it is and the longer i played with. Guys better is You know the shorter you play together. You can't cover everything five weeks of training camp for in two years together five years together. Maybe seven years together okay. It's pretty good. Play seven years together with the receiver and can make a magic allen. You know but after a year to banner still things. There's so many variables that you've got to get right and it's a it's a. It's a chess game. everything's new any. It's you have played. I changed the play. Then i look at you. And i changed the route than i see a defense that we didn't necessarily talk about but everything i gotta throw right here and said gonna throw in point two two two seconds in a laser chin-high to a place. I don't know where it's gonna be an you gotta run where i think you're going to run so it's just every player. It is what i'm thinking you know. And you gotta have someone that can take a take the critique the mid you know the coaching you got to be on the same page together so just it's constant communication. The second sound bite. I have from brady is about how. It's so different for him. This year compared to last year in tampa. I just enjoy the kind of thoughtful response in the fact that when i you know as i wrote in the column. I'm not sure we really appreciate a guy walk into his new team. Getting into the huddle for the first time with his new offense. Exactly one month before opening day and going on to throw for more touchdowns than patrick mahomes more yards and aaron rodgers and winning the super bowl by twenty two points. I mean there's a very good chance. That's the best accomplishment at tom. Brady's career but anyway he talks about his comfort level this year compared to last. So give it a listen. It was a really special year for a lot of reasons. You know a lot of Change you know to go from one place to another. And then he was magical. How how the team made it happen. I was very. I think you've become a free agent. This'll bado choices. There's a lot of reasons why you would choose tampa or another place. you know. i think when. I look back how fortunate i was to choose here because all the things that happened when i got here. We're better than even what i thought and it could have been different. And i think he'll be a better the whole time. I mean i. You went through some her champs. During the season perfectly. Payment to denver was hard is hard. I talked to him about it. He told me the for sure. I had with my first year. And i was expecting. Because there's so many situations and football that you have to cover and your one year in and you're you're two games in and things happen and it's like okay. We have a problem coach. Va has knowing how to solve that problem. One way i have in my experience solve the problem another way. It's the same problem we've identified it but in bruce's not and and byron. This is how he likes to do it in my mind go. This is what i think. And then how do we get on the same page show. They're confident i'm confident. And you'll use work through it. And i think they're so receptive to and i'm receptive event. Ultimately we want the same thing so just work through like okay. I got to relearn something and the as gone. I gotta remark and it actually makes a great for me and for him because the trust really pays off in the end for all of us. You know. haven't gone. I should on my way or here. Sugar my way or football's ultimate. You look around the league ultimate blame game. Yeah general manager and head coaches player. Quarterbacks receivers defense offense. It's so easy to blame someone else. Yeah it's so hard to say. I didn't get the job and we collect didn't get the job and that's the best part about team sports and i pick the team where everybody's like. Hey we gotta get. We gotta do it better and it's not. I got all the answers. You guys all screwed it up except me. That's that exact opposite way to play the game. You gotta play together. My thanks to tom. Brady and to particularly a shout out to nelson louise the vice president of communications with the with the bucks. I've been talking to him for a while about trying to get brady. And and he was very helpful in it and i really appreciate him His work and making so many people available to me when when i was in tampa for just a day last week. So let's move on to our interview with bruce arians. I enjoyed this conversation. Because i think it gives you a little bit of a feel of how arians is going to approach this year and just how different it is this year from last year. Here's bruce arians. With bruce arians the head coach of the super bowl champion. Tampa bay buccaneers. I have to ask you. Has your life changed now. You've won super bowl. You've coached a super bowl winner. Never gets old brother being introduced as that never gets old but You know finally after the ring ceremony we could put last year to bed and and get this team focused on this year job and put it in review mirror but Yeah that that part never gets you know. It was almost exactly ten years ago a decade ago. That you've got either depending on how you term it either fired or not renewed by the pittsburgh steelers and part of you thought. Well that's it. You're riding off into the sunset. And i wonder could you have ever imagined a that. You were going to coach another ten years and be that this would have happened. No not a million years You know One storybook book year change dollar lives. You know chuck's phone call to come to india ghana in the colts. Yeah he makes that call. We go to indianapolis and You know we're driving the road and my wife looks at the phone show. Shit you're gonna take this job. Wait till to see what he's got a but When when chuck got leukemia and got sick and they got an opportunity to to take over. It opened up all those doors that we're never going to open. And i knew they were never gonna open and it's a shame that took chuck to get sick for to happen but Life is funny man. It takes some crazy turn sometimes but just two more questions about you. That really interest me. Remember at that time even after you had the coach of the year season in indianapolis the only interim coach ever to do so. You still go through the first seven jobs of that postseason without getting a sniff. Seven jobs get filled. The only job left is the arizona cardinals and luckily you get that job but just imagine if they hire somebody else maybe. Maybe you're never head coach. Oh i i doubt i ever would have been you know. I took the chicago interview first. And then came back and really wasn't even going to take the arizona one because kenny wizard. How and russ grimm and kevin spencer those guys while went on super bowl within pittsburgh and i would have to let some of those guys go. We're good friends inside. I called kenney said bro. i don't know if i can take this interview. And he really talk me into take an interview while so let's go to the present tense now. You and your general manager jason. Light have brought everybody of great importance back to this team. The coaches are backed front offices back. Probably you're twenty five. Most important players are all back to me. That seems almost a blessing and a curse. Because you don't have a lot of new blood here. How has it been so far for you. Spent fantastic jason mike greenberg. jackie davison. Just did an unbelievable job of getting everybody back. And we're very fortunate with the hiring process happened before the super bowl. There's no doubt my mind had to hiring process happened. After the coaches for coaches have lost tight end byron and You also have your coaching staff. We even have staff meetings. We've been together so long. Everybody knows what to do where to go. How to do it and Coach coaches is harder than and players. And so as i have them back. Have all the players back to top twenty five to thirty guys. Then i thought we'd jason just hit a home run with the draft and the influx of new young guys that are gonna make big impacts on this football team and giovanni bernard talk about his impact early. Yeah was one of the guys really targeted in free agency. And it was a great interest on his part. Great interest on our part in a veteran back. That's solid pro person and fight football player. But he gives us a pass catching guy out of the backfield. That's been there and done it. And he's been a blessing in a lot of ways because of his preparation. He's one of those meticulous preparing guys. Nothing's going to surprise him in a ballgame Younger players are there any. Is there a downside at all to bring everybody back the whole idea. Maybe some people are complacent. Now i think with with the everybody's think thought would be complacency would be the problem. And you know. I gave all the veterans the entire spring off and We brought in forty five young players looking for about ten fifteen spots and mostly were special teams. So we spent the entire. Ota's with them. Then we brought the vets in for the mandatory mini camp. When you have dante david in. And i'll even throw devon young as years but devon white devon jason pierre paul shag dominance all the leaders. We have on defense. There's no complacency but the competition between our offense in our defense is relentless every day. Because they're both really top five in their Rain ranking so they wanna win every day and with brady on offense. They're not gonna be any complacency. I promise you what's brady lake in year. Two with the bucks it's night and day. I mean he knows how to get to work first of all. He knows where where to stop where to get groceries. All those things that that that affect your life but the terminology it just flows now. He seemed pictures in his brain when he calls the play. He knows the picture in his brain last year was just a bunch of words. What the hell's at me all the way up to by week nine It was it was just a learning process. Us learning him how to make him. Comfortable byron did just unbelievable job. I get way too much credit for anything that happens offensively. It's all byron and So now he can be more vocal he can even a better leader Because he'd really knows what the hell he's doing. You know what. I really remember about being here last year. Exactly one month before your first game of the season to give people an example of how difficult it was last year exactly one month. I saw the first practice where he huddled with his offense. Imagine you don't you don't get in a huddle with your teammates because a cova because of all the restrictions until thirty days before you have to play the new orleans saints in the super dome and that's why to me. The first few weeks of the season. I would have been surprised if you won. Many games at all. I was shocked. We've got to six and two our young defense. Getting better and better than and tom byron. Just working together. You know staying in their comfort zone as much as possible but yeah it was You know. I gotta staff unbelievable amount credit because we had to learn how to teach eat. Meat travel differently in a matter of thirty days for the entire season. You know we had to learn how to eat outside how to meet outside We have such a great facility kind of made it easier than most teams because we could meet outside and Then travel moving all your travel back not having meetings before the game all those things that go into a just it's Our guys on our staff our players on our staff just had a hell of a job. How different is it this year with the because you still have some restrictions obviously yeah everybody else is acts like they're normal we can't you know we've already had some positive cases on vaccinated people and so we have to still be extremely cautious family wise and still sacrificed a lot as players coaches and families. it's great to have the fans back blame great to have the fans bag but again they they are more normal than we are year in the belly of the beast with his delta variant in covert and everybody had hoped by now that every all of this would be over. It obviously isn't over. You still have to be cautious every day don't you. There's no doubt because we you know we've had fully vaccinated people get sick or test positive. But they don't get sick they just they have symptoms very mild but again you miss ten days of work so if if it's our players are going to miss a game or maybe two when you look at this coming season water the potholes that you look at entering twenty twenty one defending your title things. You can't control injuries. Injuries decimated team quickly obviously still covert. It's a huge part of it Missing time missing games and then for that. If we if we can dodge those two now love our chances. You wanna make a prediction. I think we'll dodge last thing. What have you learned in the last year and a half from tom. Brady well It was reaffirmed more than learn having been with peyton manning that preparation is the key and He prepares himself physically mentally as good as anybody i've ever seen. But he is such an unbelievable coach to younger players. Not just on the field. But off the field with tb twelve and some of the things that he does to teach young players how to do it the right way and he really embraces. That and i never knew that about him is probably the most positive thing i can say about him and this year. Who've you seen him kind of take under his wing or help allot. I remember last year watching him and oj howard He really was on top of oj. Howard i thought. Oj however is going to have a great year until he got hurt no doubt about it and and scott miller really blossom. I think if you look jalen darden a young rookie Tom sees a lot of solid things. He likes and Trying to get him very comfortable in his raynor's in his role and You know some of the young offensive linemen that might give depth. You know helping them to. Hey bruce good luck. This is gonna be fun to watch. Thank you pete's always fun support for this. Podcast comes from better help online. Therapy go to better. Health dot com slash. Peter king for more info. 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Shoppers cargurus here with your word of the day confident. You know that feeling you get when you're about to rock an outfit so killer. It's going to drop jaws worldwide. What if you could get that feeling well. Shopping for a car with cargurus. You can shop more cars than you'll find on other leading car shopping sites find a deal. That's really really great and see all the details that matter like mileage accident history even days on lot all on cargurus then context the dealer knowing your stuff and feeling more confident than well ever visit cargurus dot com today. My thanks to bruce arians for his time in a very very busy day around. The buccaneers last week. So we'll end the interview portion of the podcast with With mike tomlin who you know this year it'll be as fifteenth season coaching. The pittsburgh steelers. And i still find it. Amazing that he will end. This year's i say in here he won't turn fifty until after this season. Imagine coaching for fifteen years with one team before your fiftieth birthday. I just think that's amazing anyway. Here's mike tomlin. After the steelers victory over the detroit. Lions at heinz field. Mike he just finished off a win over the detroit lions but in the pre season. It's not necessarily about that. It's about answering the questions that you guys have. Tell me about your offensive line which you probably are going to start five guys at different positions than they started a year ago. There have been two things that have been really impressed with i their level of conditioning and collectively groups in great shape. And that's a catalyst for everything and lastly there finish. I like the direction that the palace fallen. I like to Guys finishing plays with We continue to to build off of that foundation. I'm confident that we're going to have the type of cohesion and half the second line and we need a lot of coaches would look at an offensive line. Making five major changes the way you did. Maybe fear is the wrong word but with some trepidation. How did you feel knowing that you were going to make all of these changes in the off season. You know it's just part of it You know we we you know. We were last in the league last year and run the football. So you know they're not allowed of room places the fall We don't live in fear. We live in hopes and dreams. We're excited about this group that we're putting together in a way that they're working in a way to come together. Najji harris has been a revelation throughout the off season through training camp. What have you seen him. That gives you hope he can be an impact player early. He's just a tremendous competitor and just about every circumstance. We put him in. Not only the things that you see stadium but probably more importantly day-to-day practice in competition period. Drill work He's got a thirst for the competition in an s exciting. The interesting thing about your team is that very rarely. Do you have an end of the season kind of as devastating as you guys had and then have to come into the next season and think boost your team and say hey we're gonna make it. We're gonna be okay. How did you deal with your team. Mentally after how last season ended in always devastating unless you to world champ That's the mentality that we have. So i understand your question but we all know that we live in that world you know. We realized that we set out to be world champion. Idi are aren't and we weren't and also we load up and we go with an effort to be world champs in two thousand twenty one. Do you think you've ever seen the division that you're going to be playing in as strong with at least three teams and maybe the bengals to as strong as this division is you know we don't pay a a bunch of attention to to the preseason hype or or non hype. We're just preparing ourselves to play respect Everybody we play against. We expect competition in our division is always gonna be rough and tumble. But that's no indication of record in so we just proceed with that understanding. We're ready ourselves for the fights that line hit last thing. You're entering your fifteenth years coach. You aren't even fifty years old yet. And i wonder is you look at. Why so many young coaches in the nfl are making an imprinting getting hired early on the way you did. What do you see. you know. i'm not gonna pretend to understand what people are looking for But it just some dynamic young coaches some bright coaches out there some guys that are on the cutting edge innovation and i think people want part of that offense and defense mike like this year. Thank you my thanks to tom. Brady bruce arians mike. Tomlin hope you learn something from those conversations. I am going to be back next week. And i'm not sure. I'm going to do any more interviews from the road kind of exhausted them. I might pull one or two of them out. But i think next week. I'll just start telling you a little bit about some of the things. I saw the road what i think how. It's changed my opinion about this season. But if there's anything you want to hear on the podcast or you want me to discuss on the podcast. Please send me an email at peter. King f. m. i. a. edgy mail dot com peter king f. m. football morning in america at and i will try to get to your request next week on the podcast. Hope you enjoy the final week of the preseason games i have to tell you i'm probably not going to be watching a lot of them. There's a couple of things i have in mind. I want to see this weekend. But you'll see a pretty good chunk on both the ravens in the steelers in football morning in america. Next monday august. Thirty hope you enjoy. That learned a lot on my visit. Visits to those two places have a great weekend. Everyone and really look forward to starting to really look forward to the 2021 nfl ceased.

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