Diabetes at Menopause


Good day my students. Welcome your menopause. Your way in the state of menopause and the world day and welcome to the last podcast in the unit on heart attack. My goodness can you believe all the information you learned about heart attacks. Did you know there was so much to it. Did you know that it was even a part of menopause. As we've moved for the material podcast by podcast. Had you been shocked. Well if the other podcasts habits shocked you today's will we are gonna talk about diabetes at pulse. I know you're probably wondering why in the world i'd included in a unit on heart attack. When you see that's the thing there is so much overlap between diabetes and heart attack that it's enough to knock your socks. Aw actually it's enough to give you a heart attack so settle in and hear what i had to say you're going to realize there are so many connections between things you never ever connected before get every woman you know to listen to this. Podcast watched my videos by my book. If you haven't noticed type. Two diabetes is rampant and one of the reasons rampant because people don't get the education they need to avoid avoiding. I'm gonna make sense of it in a way you've probably never heard before and hopefully i'll make avoiding it or treating it easier for you. You know what. I'm going to start with the definition. Don't you i love definitions. You probably already know that. I love definitions. You probably already know. Also that there are two different types of diabetes. One diabetes is when your body doesn't make insulin you have insulin deficiency people left type. One diabetes get their diagnosis at a very young age. So another name for type. One diabetes juvenile diabetes because their juveniles when they discover that they have diabetes. Deficiency of insulin is incompatible with life so type one diabetic have to take insulin for the rest of their lives. we are not discussing type one diabetes. Today we're discussing type. Two diabetes type. Two diabetes is when your body makes insulin. But it's resistant to it in other words do produce insulin but your body has trouble using it properly. People who have type two diabetes their diagnosis at a later age. So another name for type. Two diabetes adult onset diabetes. And it used to be that only adults had type two diabetes. But now we even see it in children. And i'm going to tell you some of the reasons why they are the same reasons that more and more adults are developing type two diabetes. Now i like it. When the definition of one term requires you to know the definition of another. Because it's not fair. So since the definition of diabetes requires you to know the definition of insulin. I'll define it for us to. Insulin is a hormone. That your pancreas makes to aid in the digestion of your food. But insulin has one very particular and specialized job in the digestion process. It governs what your body does with sugar. So sugar is insolence. Only in concern. Insulin tells your body to either burn sugar as an energy source now or just store sugar as an energy source for later on and the medical word for sugars glucose you know when i was a kid growing up there was a candy called now and later and it's a lot later now than when i was a kid but it's still around and i think the name is really nifty now and later because now you're seeing that there's something to this now and later with regard to what your does with glucose so when you eat a meal. Some of the nutrients are glucose and glucose is present in many different foods. Not just in sugar itself. All carbohydrates contain some glucose all fruits and vegetables contain some glucose all grains contain some glucose. And of course. All suites contain some glucose in general the sweeter. The food the more glucose contains and your glucose is going to rise involved throughout the day depending on your last day and on what you last eight and on how well. Your body burn glucose neck. How or stores the glucose for later glucose is fuel for your body to us right now. It is supposed to be as quickly to give you energy. Now it is not supposed to be stored for later. Fat is stored for energy later. So the ironic thing about the now later candy. Is that the name implies. Something that you've probably never really considered your glucose will be lower before a meal in higher after a meal so your glucose metabolism is really really important. If your body does not metabolize glucose correctly a lot of other things are gonna go wacky. So the big issue is all about what your body does with glucose doesn't burn it for energy now or does historic for energy later and insulin is what determines which does Burn it for energy now or store for energy later. You know you can actually think of this phenomenon of using or storing glucose like you think of money you make money and you want to spend or some of it now and save or store some of it for later so to of money may have different purposes likewise your body is programmed to use different nutrients for different purposes. So you're supposed to use glucose now that's the money you're should spend for food and toiletries. It's what you used for. Immediate energy needs and you're supposed to store fat. That's the money you saved for later. It's an reserve so that you can utilize it in hard times. When you aren't getting enough glucose for your media needs it's just like if you're short on cash now and you dip into the money that stored a savings for later. So what would happen if you had money. Would you say doll of it for later. Had none spin rod. Now you would be able to pay for your current expenses. Well that's exactly what happens when your body uses insulin. Improperly so type two diabetes is a situation which your body produces insulin but it causes too much glucose to be stored for later and dada da. It stores it as fat so back. Right there is the big connection between diabetes and heart attacks. That's why i'm discussing. The topic of diabetes in the unit are heart attack. Because what's sugar is store. It as fat everything i've taught you about heart. Attacks comes into play it. It words type. Two diabetes put you at high risk for heart attack. Do you remember when i described menopause as an estrogen deficiency state. I explained that whenever your body is deficient in something. You have a long list of symptoms that telling you that. Something's missing diabetes because type one diabetes. You have no insulin it's a state of insulin deficiency but with type two diabetes. You do have insulin. Your body just doesn't know what to do with it. It's a state of insulin resistance. So use our baking analogy type. Two diabetes would be a situation where you put all your money into savings for later and there's not available to pay your current bills. Now you have money which just don't know how to use it properly so even though your body has insulin with type two diabetes. There are still symptoms with insulin resistance just as there are with insulin deficiency so what are the symptoms of type two diabetes. Well they include all of the following extreme hunger extreme thirst extreme fatigue. Dry mouth frequent urination headaches that gentle yeast infections dry itchy skin slow healing wounds and numbness or tingling in your hands or centers are quite attention getting but for some reason. Most people don't discover that they have type two diabetes based on symptoms alone. Most people discover that they have type two diabetes from a simple blood test. When you get your blood drawn for your yearly well woman exam or annual checkup. One of the blood tests glucose as with most things in medicine. There's a scale glucose values and there are different circumstances under which are glucose level is evaluated by the latte. So if you get your blood drawn when you're fasting like first thing in the morning before you've had anything to drink your glucose values should be less than one hundred twenty six milligrams per deciliter in the us or less than six point. One million miles per liter in europe and asia. This test would be called a fasting plasma lucas. But if you have any your glucose value should be less than two hundred milligrams per deciliter in the us. In less than seven point eight million miles per leader in europe and asia. And that's because your glucose will be higher after meal. This test is called a random plasma glucose and if your doctor wants more control over how the test is he may give you something. Called an oral glucose tolerance texts. This is where he has. You drink a specific sweetened beverage two hours before he draws your blood glucose test and this is called a two hour oral lukasz tolerance tests and the normal value for it is also less than two hundred milligrams per deciliter in the us or less than seven point. Eight million moles racia- now. There's one other blood tests you might get to diagnose type. Two diabetes is one of those crazy. Long nate's is called hemoglobin a. One c and it reflects glucose control over the last three months. This is the test. You'll get if you already have a diagnosis of type. Two diabetes because the idea is to keep your glucose role at all times and over the long term. The normal value for hemoglobin a. One c is less than six point. Five percent of the us your an asia. So you are a type two diabetic. If your values exceed eddie of these parameters fasting plasma glucose greater than or equal to one twenty six or greater than six point nine depending on where you live in the us or europe or asia random plasma glucose of greater than two hundred in the us or greater than seven point eight in europe and asia. A two hour oral glucose tolerance test rate of two hundred in the us or greater than seven point eight in europe or asia or hemoglobin a. One c value greater than or equal to six point. Five percent anywhere now because type. Two diabetes has become so so common there are now actually diagnostic criteria for something called pre diabetes. Prediabetes means you're on your way to diabetes land sister. It's supposed to be a wakeup call. It's supposed to make you say holy cow. I better do something about this. Now before i actually ended up in diabetes land. Unfortunately most people don't respond that way most just go on with their usual lifestyle habits that got them in trouble in the first place and they wait until they're completely diabetic and have no choice but to do something about it. We humans are very funny that way. We don't change our ways until forced to do so. So you've got pre-diabetes. Fasting plasma glucose is between one hundred and one hundred twenty five in the us or between five point six and six point nine in europe and asia. Or if you're random or two hour plasma Closest between one forty one ninety nine in the us or between seven point eight and eleven in your nation or if your hemoglobin a. one c. Is between five point seven. Six point. Four percent anywhere okay. So now it's time to tell you why diabetes is important at the time of menopause. A while back. I gave you a podcast on the similarities and conflicts between little pause thyroid disease. And then i told you that a pause itself causes your metabolism to slow way. Down metabolism is. How will your body utilizes food for energy and your thyroid hormones. Have a lot to do with it. But so does your insulin. So if you have type two diabetes. Your insulin is wacky and your insulin is wacky than your body does not know how to metabolize lucas. Instead of using it for energy it stores fat and win it stores too much of it. S fat your entire metabolic system goes out of wack. That is the very essence of type. Two diabetes saw at post menopause. You have three separate or model changes that mealy mess up your metabolism one. You lose your estrogen number two. You produce less thyroid hormone and number three. You either produce less or resistant to insulin. Every one of those things sets in motion all sorts of metabolic problems in your body and there's a whole lot of overlap in the symptoms. You notice at menopause you all the following weight gain due to increase storage of fat your abdomen slower metabolism due to decreased thyroid hormone and less efficient glucose metabolism due to insulin resistance. And it just so happens that the younger age at the time of postmenopausal the higher your risk of type two diabetes diabetes. Now every risks every disease has respecters risk factors of the things that put you at risk for developing the disease. And i've giving you a whole big long list of risk factors for a heart attack and one of those risk factors is diabetes. And if i give you a list of the respecters for diabetes itself you see that oh my goodness. A bunch of them are the same as the risk factors for heart attack. The ones that are the same for both diseases are high lousy. Ldl low healthy hdl. I try glass rides. Obesity that in abdomen high blood pressure sedentary lifestyle depression or a family history of type two diabetes. It's just shocking. This is really a big big deal. What you have here is to significant diseases but you have a lot of overlap in the factors that caused these two significant diseases in the first place. Plus you have a lot of overlap in the people who are likely to get them and you know what that needs. It needs that most of the things that you can do to prevent one also worked to prevent the other. it is so easy to prevent diabetes. The problem is that our society has developed ways of living which had high risk of both diabetes and heart attack. And up to you to do what you can end to do to avoid them. The biggest contributor of diabetes is all sugar. That's in everything these days. When you put too much sugar into your body your body just can't handle it. It overwhelms your insulin which is precisely what is lynn resistance announced to the next contributor is processed foods which strip nutrients right out and put preservatives in including sugar to that are sedentary lifestyles and your body stores glucose for later rather than burning it now goes right back to that count candy now and later and that leads to obesity fact being deposited your abdomen and all these things screw up your cholesterol values which leads to lip and build up in your heart arteries and the lipid buildup in your arteries put your blood pressure under higher pressure and that's the definition of high blood pressure. The blood pressure. Destroy your organs and eventually causes the heart attack. It is such a fish vicious cycle and it doesn't even have to be a stripped cycle. It's like any of those things can occur any order. You can draw a line from any one of them to just any of the others and it can look like a tangled web because that's really how it works if you're at risk for a heart attack you're also at risk for stroke. High blood pressure diabetes. It's a package deal physician. He or she will tell you that most of the patients who have one of them have all of them end. The sad thing is that this is becoming the norm. It's even happening to kids. These days people are getting fatter and fatter and with fat. You get diabetes. High blood pressure stroke and heart attack. That is why. I discussed all of these. In our unit or heart attack at everything presented in the unit for management options for heart attack applies to diabetes to. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. The low fat high fiber low sugar diet regular exercise. Wake control no smoking. If you permit these diseases in the first place taking hr it will be much more beneficial than risky and it will also help to prevent developing diseases. But if you already have any of these diseases you're gonna find yourself in a catch twenty two. You might want to take each. Rtd prevent heart attack osteoporosis and alzheimer's but you can't because you already have high risk of heart attack. High risk for stroke hirishi for blood pressure and diabetes. The name of the game in menopause management is to use the options that have more benefit than risk. But you can't do that if you have all these diseases. And unfortunately most people with type two diabetes. Choose to take medication for the diabetes. Instead of getting rid of the diabetes by getting rid of their lifestyle. It's a product of our quick. Fix mentality so. I hope this podcast is a wakeup call for you. If you if you're headed toward diabetes land. I try to simplify the material. There's some excellent books on this one of which is called fat chance by robert looting and it's not exactly easy read but it's excellent in terms of how explain how explains how sugar does the same things to your body. That fat does to it. And that's why i talk about it in the heart attack. You didn't so. I tell you this business of understanding how these diseases are connected is so so so so powerful. It helps you so much in terms of making sure you understand not only the nuances of each disease. But how doing anything to help yourself from. What would what disease can help with all the other stu. It's absolutely shocking. How much bang your buck. If you know how to manage any one of these diseases and people who do change their diets and lifestyle they tell you it makes a difference in every aspect of lives and that should make you very happy and make you look very good match. Should be rewarding enough to make you want to keep it up. It's a shame that these chronic diseases are so common because it's so unnecessary and they're so preventable and it all boils down to you. You are the biggest part of the equation when it comes to these you have more power than anybody or anything and your goal is to use the power before you're in trouble with these diseases and that is why i teach the way i do that. Is why give you these lessons in a way. Where the analogies the if you watch my videos the props the models everything helps you understand things on a level that is an forgettable to use analogies. I like to use props. That are familiar to you. When i'm teaching you things that are unfamiliar to you. That makes it fun and it also makes it easy to understand and you understand it in a very relaxed way without feeling intimidated. You know medical stuff is kind of intimidating. So i try to take all that away. I hope you've enjoyed this unit on heart attack. If you need to go back and listen to some of these again please do or go to my website or go to the youtube channel. Menopause taylor and watched them on video and really solidify this education because this is critical this is this is the stuff on which people either make it or break it at my website you can schedule a consultation with me that will change your life forever for the better They are very popular. I stayed very busy very book. I love love love doing them. I am saving lives with for women all over the world and i knew them all on video platforms and i. I have my own video platform in the website. So wherever you are. I can do a consultation with you and it will be the most beneficial thing. You've ever done in terms of being proactive. Taking control of your health and making sure you know how to manage your menopause your way successfully and easily because no matter how you want to manage it. I'm biased. i cover everything. Diet lifestyle. vitamins minerals herbs botanical hormones. Non-mobile medications you see me doing these podcasts. Suspending i with all aspects of my education. So please go to the website. Please watch the videos. Subscribe to my channel and the more people you can get turned onto this education. The better off all women will be. My dream is for women women to get this education in their twenties and thirties. Because that would change the world in ways that we can't even imagine they would know what to expect. They would know how to address it. They would know all their options. So this is raw. Leave you today. I invite you to come back next week for another great podcast and thank you for listening. Thank you so much. See you next time bye.

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