The Productive Podcaster: EP6: Millionaire Mindset


There are millions of podcasting done all over the world take on the personalities of their creator. Psalm bringing thousands of listeners each week some bring large amounts of revenue while others entertain millions and help sell products. Like many podcasters, you want to reach your maximum potential but how? How do you make your podcast and all the rest join Dr Barad Matthews and he talks the expert who are doing it on the productive caster. Hello everybody. Welcome to another episode of the productive podcast or I am Dr Barrett Matthews's, and I'm excited to have you guys here. Today we have a very special show. I'm excited about the guest we have today and I think you will be too. So I wanna take the productive podcast. Is A podcast for podcasters. Set Up to help you to be more productive so whether that means to you bringing in more listeners, getting more downloads, getting more money from your podcast, getting more sponsors or just being able to touch more people whatever it is to you. We want to help to be the most productive you can be as you podcast with the information and the guests that we bring to you here on productive podcast itself, we start off every episode one thing that we like to call pros and cons, pros, and cons. And pros and cons is it's a way for us to help you by giving you some advice to help you with your podcast so that you don't encounter some of the pitfalls that many other podcasts do today i WanNa talk to you about. Social media putting schedule out and automating your social media. Because if you can do these things, it can save you a lot of time and energy in trying to organically reach people to get them to listen to your podcast now. There are a lot of sites out there that allow you to actually. schedule. Post. That's right. Some of you may notice already there. Sites out there that led to schedule your posts so that you can reach your audience and let them know what's going on with your podcast when listened to it, and then it's Down uploaded and so forth. Well, the thing is. You gotTA use. You gotta use them. So schedule your coast put a post out there letting them know that you can use several sites when you go on this but they go. He has it then. We. Use Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for bride, Cathy? If you WANNA have you have a larger audience and within reach out to a network, a companies or journalists, and so forth, sending out to twitter. facebook everyone knows about facebook facebook is a powerful powerful tool. If you want to network with people reach your follows it's here's the things. It may not be the best to promote to businesses, but you can get you can start groups. You can start tribes on facebook that will follow you follow everywhere you go. You can do that with facebook then you have linked been linked in is designed for businesses especially if we have a serious topic. If, you have a serious topic if you really want to engage people link and get people to follow you if you're gonNA blog. They will follow you on link then then there's Google Google plus Google lecture to a whole lot of different things with Google because Google does so many different. Thank. You can talk about traffic with Google can help with traffic and of course you have pinterest. Pinterest is still there can actually build brands and so forth with Pinterest instagram another one. Wow instagram. A lot of younger people are using Instagram, but it's a great way to get your message out and get your images out and get videos out. You can do instagram stories and a whole like you can do it instagram and I want to go back to facebook facebook storage as well. Then you have snapchat snapchat seem to have a short life obscene but a lot of younger people using snapchat you you a lot of branding with it as well. With snapchat you can use scheduling sites like hoot suite and some. Of the other ones to schedule them putting all these one and you can schedule your posts go up. So you don't have to sit there everyday certain time saving your post out. So great way for you to get your podcast promoted that is pros and cons for today I. WanNa. Thank you for joining me for that segment. Guess what we come back from our break we're going to have a very, very special guest, the one and only Mr Myron golden stay tune to the productive podcast and we will be right back. You've heard the rumblings you've even thought of starting your own but how everybody knows podcasting is the fastest and best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once although everybody knows us not showed you what to do. 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S. T. NATION DOT com your people are waiting on you make them hear your voice pod gas nations. Okay everybody. Welcome back to productive podcast her I have a special guest coming right now this gentleman I have known for a number of years and he has helped me a lot of people grow. Their businesses is also created a lot of millionaires this. This is someone who definitely WanNa hear and he has a podcast is doing wonderful because doing great work as well. So I want to introduce you to none other than Mr Myron Golden Myron. Walk through productive podcast. Thank you. Thank you appreciate that it's my pleasure beer while I'm glad to have it. I tell people what it is that you do as Marengo the. Business in soccer you do. I teach people how to sell from stage teach people at a Celtic and high offers, how to grow their business exponentially. But to do all of that using biblical principles, wounds now biblical principles of you in my opinion probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the Bible that I have ever ever met. Desperately, need to meet more people. Do will people but you will, I mean, let's face it. It gives you tell yourself you've been studied sending a Bible we were a teenager. Tina for forty two years according to. I don't know too many people. That look that can still move around have been studying that law. Touche. NASA I mean. Most of us, you know we are familiar with the Bible at sixteen, but we don't steady at that eight and you began studying that eight looks like I said, and you'd never stopped so that that right there put you in a different stratosphere as far as I'm concerned with people who who are. Biblical scholar. So to speak now, because of that, you decided to take that into another era which his success with your your podcast. Of Baba success principal with Bibles Success Secrets Secrets Secrets. Obviously the secrets thousands secrets now now the thing is. When it comes to. Success. outed. How did you put that word in it with about why? Why did you tie that together? That's a good question so Because everything that God ever created he created to succeed. You created the Sunshine Chines birds to fly they fly wind blow it blows water flow flows great human beings to be in dominion. And human beings are the only thing that God created. The oftentimes don't succeed in the reason we don't succeed I believe is because we have a choice. Room and the ad I really agree with their well said now bio success sex secret. So what what a secret? Why Secrets? Well. They're not secrets because God wants to keep keep them secret secret because few few people know about them. And few people talk about them for whatever reason, and so therefore, they don't get the benefit of those secrets and another another concept of a secret. A secret is something that is valuable. A few people know about well, there's nothing more valuable. I believe than the than the practical principles inscription people think the Bible is a book about religion. The Bible Governmental Document and it governed governs every molecule in this universe and some people say why don't believe the Bible? That's okay. The Bible doesn't need you to believe it any more than oxygen easy to believe in oxygen or for you to back is when it and. And so. So. I. Believe that God has given us principles on how to make the work we do work. In scripture in if we do it the way he said do it. It works every single time in. So y Bible success secrets because when we we discover these secrets and then we develop ourselves according to the secrets and then we deploy ourselves into marketplace using these secrets. The success that we have is absolutely dynamic. You said that we don't know these things for whatever reason what is your opinion? Is the reason why we don't know. Because when we look at the Bible, look at it through religious covered colored glasses. Were looking at it for something to know instead of for something to do. And so so many people. WanNa know quote no, the Bible. Yeah what Christ himself said he said if any man will do his, will he shown no the doctrine in other words if you don't do you. You don't get to know any more than you know. In some things can only be learned by the doing of the thing. Wow. So that being said, what made you begin a podcast on this? Because businesses a passion of mine who I love business I, think, this is a good idea because businesses are got idea. I like the the game challenge. if you will the exercise of making money, I like that. And the Bible speaks a lot about it and most people think that God is against people having money they think God against business anything you know God would never create something like that. They think like. Wealth in money in prosperity is satanic. Well, the reality is Christ said I am come that you might have life in the you might have it more. So abundance is godly. He said the thief comes not but for to steal to kill him destroy. So lack is actually evil. Not, implying that people who lack are evil but definitely. Not, just implying what stating insisting that if you practice evil, the end result will be some form of lack or poverty. Got It got a guy now with with your podcast. I love it I love the Pike I listened to it. When I'm driving done, I've been on road performed this listening to your podcasts auto Love it, and you you take a lot of this research you and your tied in with. Life and business as well. Because it's not just about is just about life. As you said, the Bible is is a manual on on what to do and doing that what kind of. Be. have. You gotten from people who listen to your cats everybody who communicates with me about it? I'm sure this is not the case for everybody but everybody who communicates with me about the feedback is always mindful. And it's interesting like a lot of people say what you said well. You know I tied the scriptures together with business principles or practical, but I don't tie it I just don't. I don't tie together I just never untied. A CPA I think I'm making the connection I'm not making the connection. The connection was already there. I just didn't remove the connection because I had tear motor. So. What it says in other words, other people have already untited that they think there's a a tie there like. Yeah that's why they think that I've done something because all of the teachers they've ever heard have already untied the application that was already there. I didn't I didn't. It was already in the by this morning. I didn't. Let Astro because most of us when we bank Bible, we don't think business. In. We don't think Bible so yeah. I get an don't. Only think family that don't think Bible and within when they think friendship, they don't think Bible. But when I think of anything. The best way to have a good anything. To do it according to biblical principles. I agree with you. I totally agree with you and. With your with your podcast, how long? How long have we been running it now? So shame on me. Shame when you came on me thing I did twenty nine episodes. Okay. Twenty nine episodes a year and a half ago. Wow. Well, here's a great thing about America in that same. All you. Have Not Jane. They have not changed. A. So they still. May still apply, but I also have a facebook group. Called Bible Success Secrets will and I teach the same concepts in there. The same kinds of concepts in there that I teach, teach my podcast and I've been doing that for six years and you never buy low according to it's in the facebook group. Bible. Success Secrets and there are literally hundreds of hours of me teaching Biblical success principles. The League won't be that into the PODCAST. Whale. Content for something else. Yeah. I. Got You all right I. Am for something else, and that's why it's not a part of the those there will be a repurposing on at least. Latin, that rain not from back to that rather repurposing from. Something else. I wanted to bring this up because your podcast topic in subject matter is different than most by guests and it definitely a a blue. Ocean. Our concur you. Bring this up because a lot of people that I talked to who are. Cautious about starting podcasts always wonder do I have an audience? Does anyone WanNa hear what I have to and I know you've never thought that way but what do you say to those people that think that go to the? Grocery store. Go to the magazine Rack. And just count the number of categories that there are magazines on. Turn on your television. And count the number of channels there are and count the number of shows on all kinds of different topics, and that will let you know that if you are doing. Green eyed cats. From. Where from Antigua? You're GONNA have somebody. WHO's an audience for that subject matter through? That I told someone recently I think mentor don't WanNA. Episodes that I went to a conference earlier this year. On podcasting. And people from all over the world they're a you'll pike. Some of the weirdest topics I had ever heard of absolutely I'm not talking about this people who were like, no got your pockets I'm Donald these are the speakers neither the presenters at somebody oddest topics and I'm like, wow, there's a podcast everything everything. Absolute. It's amazing to me. So I mean please listen to what Myron said go to grocery store look look into magazines, change your channels. The podcast for everything now. Bible. Success Secrets now. There are different versions of the Bible. Sure. How do you approach that? So. First of all, I understand that translation. Is, commentary. So what I mean by that is impossible to translate. Scripture from one language to another. Without. Adding some form of commentary, for instance. If I were to say to you what was Jesus was occupation you would say he was A. Carpenter. Right. But the reality is. Biblically speaking it wasn't a carpenter he was a builder. Now. Why do I say that? Well, if you've ever been to Israel, you know they have no forest right with beans. If you don't have four, you don't have. Would you don't have lumber you don't have lumber you can't be a carpenter, right? Right. But when they translate the Bible into English because the resource in Israel almost every house is built out of stone right now almost all the House Bill Esto, you're not gonNA find wooden buildings in Israel anyway. I. I've been Israel I don't. Two or three times I've never seen a wooden building in Israel. There's very little would right and the would that is, is like olive trees that have liked the the trunk is not that big around, right so Myron, what's your point? My point is. When the English people translated from builder. into. English. A builder in England was a carpenter so they translated carpenter. So what I do, when I'm studying the Bible I use resources to help me study. The original word definitions of the original words in the original language I use the King James version of the Bible predominantly use the complete Jewish Bible, and then I use resources like strong's concordance like an inner linear Bible light the etymological biblical dictionary of Hebrew in these different Bible study tools to look up the words in their original language in the original meaning of those words in the original language so that I don't get somebody's interpretation. Of what God said? They know exactly. What gets it? Again. I totally get and I I already talked about that before I remember talking about this I wanted to add netflix because I know someone out there listening to. Same woodworker the Bible is you teach on it and it's it's. Enough I'M GONNA have you delve into that a little bit? Is Why the? Game Dangerous? While it was the it was the I speak English. Right. So it was the first. Language, I mean, it's the first translation into the English language the King James Bible. Even, though it's impossible to change to translate the Bible. Word for word from Greek from Hebrew to English, because there are some Hebrew words for which are no English words by. The new, testament was written in. Greek because Alexander the Great had taken over the world and Helen is the world of made Greek, the worldwide language, the one world language. and. So the New Testament was written in. Greek. There are some Greek words for with their English equivalents. and so. I use the King James. Because the it's. Laid. From. A more accurate original text. So the original text. I'm not going to go into great detail. The original affects the King James King James. Is translated from is called the Texas Texas receptors. Which means the received text tax authorized received text. The translation with an IV, some of these other translations translated from what's known as the West cotton. Hort? which was corrupted translation. Corrupted from the standpoint that. They use. Some of the same terms to describe Christ and Satan for instance. In the West Cotton Hort it says that a young woman shall conceive and bring forth a son. But in Texas receptors said Virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son will you can be a young woman and not be a virgin or you version be a young woman So so to me. If you're starting with. A text that is. Corrupted and I believe the Wisconsin I mean I believe the Wisconsin is corrupted. Then when you translated in English, you're going to have not just a mistranslation but you're gonNa have things that you don't have the Bible saying things. The Bible never intended to say the other reason is because Satan is a master changing words. Changing the meaning of words and what Satan has done from the beginning of time. Is He has used. God's word out of context to confuse people, and so that's why I people will say. Yeah. But but the King James Versions too hard to understand and my question for people who say that is always win making something easier make it better. That right there. I asked him that question everybody because I wanted to give you a reason to life listened to bow success secrets. The way he does broke that down is what you get. We listen to his podcast. Montella one before we go to this podcast. You can find it on I tunes or. Google play or wherever you find your podcast. It's probably there because we syndicate to a bunch of different podcast services and it's called Bible Success Secrets, three separate words and Myron Golden, and hopefully, it'll be helpful for you and you can also join our facebook group, Bible. Success Secrets we've got we've had had I don't know how many downloads millions of downloads and for of the August but the facebook group we've got about I think. Twenty seven or thirty, seven, hundred members something like that. It's. Vote. Well hopefully, you'll make some more episodes but. I will definitely make some more episodes. Yes. All right I mean I know some of them you did while we were live events, I remember being there. So that was cool. So anyway, guys look barring Golden Bible Success Secrets make sure you check out his podcast. It's incredible. You will learn so much. It will help you grow and develop yourself Myron. Thank you for joining us on a productive podcast my pleasure. Thank you for having me. All right. All right. Bye for now. The rumblings you even thought about starting your own but how everybody knows podcasting is the fastest and best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once although everybody knows this nobody showed you what to do. Well, podcast nation is ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. While you just deliver your message and grow joined the nation and start your podcast today text podcasts nine, two, nine, two, four, four, four, three to three and make them hear your voice. You hear what I hear. The sound of your tribes, your audience, your people that's the sound of your nation. People who love to hear the sound of your voice as you bring your special message to them in years Berry podcasts how did you get it to them? Let us handle that we're podcast nation. We make sure they hear your voice podcast mission is a full service podcasting firm. The does all of the hard work boreal. Talent and get your message to your people just takes podcasts two, nine, two, nine, two, four, four, four, three, two. Talk to one of our south on how you can get started with your very own done podcasts or go to podcasts megyn dot com get started today. That's he od KS. NATION DOT COM for people are waiting on, you make them hear your voice. PODCASTS MSCI. Well. We're back here on the productive podcasts ter-. Did I tell you or did I tell you? Mr. Myron. Golden is nothing but the truth I am so glad he was gracious enough to join us on the show. Demand is a multimillionaire business. He's created other multimillionaires in business and we were honored to have him to be a part of the productive podcasts. Thank you myron appreciate a man. So guess what guys it is time now for pod quest pod quest. Hike with all of your loved the segment, some of you always have questions for pod question I. Appreciate you so much podcast is basically the segment will allow you podcast and our audience to ask questions from our guests and for me about podcasting about what you may be looking to do some of the issues that you may be facing. We let you bring them up on pod quest here so podcast today, it's a question for Mr Eric Twigs Eric with one of our guests and he talked about productivity. He does pipe a COUPLA. He does podcast himself and he'll he'll just pop up on on any time. He wants to go podcasts I love Eric, and he's also a graduate of Hampton University like myself would a question for Eric, and five is how do you maintain work schedule with the PODCAST? And, that's a great question. So we put it to Airi`Q. And one of Eric's answers is that You have to plan it. We have to schedule IT and I. Agree with you you have to put it down, write it on paper and stick to it yet schedule it. Of course, if you have a nine to five, you know when you have to be at your nine to five, you don't have to do a daily podcast. You don't even have to do a weekly podcast you can do a monthly podcast want to but. Of course, the more consistent you are the better. So people know it's coming once a month you better build up so that they know that once a month they wanNA listen to your podcast. If coming once a week same thing if it's coming barely you still want to promote that podcast but you have to schedule it may show your schedule your work at around your podcast and your podcast around your work you can do both. But you have to schedule a lot of people are trying to fly seat of their pants and do it, and by doing that, that's when they run into the problem I don't have time bull you have the time you just haven't made the time to do the podcast and to do the work, make the time trust me you have the time when your day your podcast does not have to be an hour long. It doesn't even have to be twenty minutes long. It could be a ten minute podcast a good friend. Shave. Brown who who's been show Shave Brown used to do a ten minute podcast. Before he became having nor he was doing a ten minute podcast every day it was building and he had people tuning in every day. So you can do the same thing I went to this to focus on together schedule and sticking to that schedule. Thank you, Eric, and thank you for the question. We appreciate that it's now time for the podcast profile. This is what we profile someone out there who's doing the dog on thing in podcasting and today we're going to showcase Amy Walker and Dr Monica Ogongo. Amy's a good friend of mine. I haven't seen her in years but hey, amy, I know you're always doing great thanks and she has a podcast now with Dr. Monica Gundel called your circle of influence check it out. Go check out your circle of influence with Amy Walker and Dr Monica Ovando. They're basically bringing in people who are centers of influence to talk to them to find out what they know and how you can blame something from them to grow yourself in business in in your professional life. So check out the PODCAST, your circle of influence with Amy Walker and Dr Monica Again Bill It's a great podcast. I. Want You guys to make sure you listen to it and support them right now it's time for one of my favorite parts. That's right. It's the give away the giveaway like to give away to a Lotta People Bear how can I get into gift why it's easier to get into? Give what? You have to subscribe to podcast and share. Of course, everybody's not gonNA GONNA get selected but we have people that do get selected and they get a prize today we are giving away those people who podcast you get this you get this you get this and hope you guys can see clearly it is the recording in progress on, you can put on your door when you're doing your pipe Catholic. Reds don't class, but you're going to get you're gonNA, get that sent to you and who is getting it today who who can I be? It is stacey shifted stacey shifted. She is getting that as well. So thank you Stacey for listening to productive podcast. Thank you for subscribing and thank you for sharing it with people because that's what you had to. Share it with people so that you too can get entered into the drawing to win a prize. Now come to one of my favorite parts of the show y'all know what it is. It is time for the productivity quote, right? The productivity quote today's quote come from Charles Caleb Colton Charles of quoted in reads time tons of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds appears or is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm who read that again ties with great. Confusion have been productive for the greatest minds the purest or is produced from the hottest furnace and the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm from Charles Caleb Colton. What does that say to me? Well, that says to me. That, it's in those dark times is when times are rough and some of you may be experiencing some rough times right now. When you can be the most productive some of the greatest inventions, some of the greatest creations came out of. Recessions depressions dark time. Could guess what it creates voids it creates needs you can fill those voids. You can fill those needs as a podcast. You are creative right now you are created the world needs creatives right now world needs people who are GONNA use their mind to fill avoi- be that void filler be that person that can take on the challenge and make things great for other people around this world I'm telling you. You can do this use your voice on your podcast it changed live use your voice to inspire someone to create something great use your voice could bring change about this needed in this world you can do it I challenged abuse, oh. So Ladies and gentlemen that ends today's episode of the productive podcast. I urge you please. Make. Sure that you download, subscribe and share with other people enter into yourself withdrawn. Make sure to ask US questions for PODCAST pod quest. We look forward to having you on our next episode. Thank you for joining me on the productive podcast. Thank you for joining us on the productive podcast. For you. To Join US next time for another great show, we welcome your engagement. So make sure you participate by joining the productive podcast, their facebook group, and chime in also share a productive podcast or some of your friends right now, if you have a podcast and you're looking for gas or would like to be a guest on a podcast, join our podcast exchange at www dot podcast world directory, Dot Com we'll see you next time.

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