Big Papi goes public - Red Soxs potential SPAC. Twilios gold shovel. Fashions QVC-ification.


Nick this Jack and this is snacks. Daily eight is Tuesday October thirteen happy teaboy, Tuesday. This is the best one yet she act this way what we did yesterday and stocks jumped First Story Jack. What do we got rid? SOX Nation is the first fan base to form an identity around hating another team. Now, the antiach he's reportedly planning to go public. This is a big one for a second story. When you're uber driver calls you to say that they've arrived they're actually using Ilia. They're also probably five minutes away from where you are. That's fifty billion dollar shovel provider to the APP gold rush for our third and final stories knackers in third grade. You probably stay home sick once or twice, and you might have watch QVC on television. Yes. Now Fashion Brands Jack are seeing themselves the old, diy. QVC. Jackie. Dream the hamburger was. KNACKERS happy. which is it's not just any teaboy. Tuesday to now? No No, no no. No. Four are Scandinavians knackers. This is the worst one. Yet that's right. It's the National Day of failure over and finless. Yeah. Can I got tipped off to this by legendary snacker? Lloyd. Brahmin in Philadelphia he's been celebrating every year the fins are celebrating an entire day. Devoted to making mistakes messing classic. If you make a mistake today, you've got carte blanche excuse cards. You say was Finland's National Day affair. Sorry for spilling hot coffee the but after all it is national day I'm sure that will work out well, and I know someone who can south with them things on your thigh when he got things on your thoughts. I thing in Finland business leaders and celebrities they're speaking up in going public about times that they've picked up in life. So Jack I jumped and snacks out notice. It's like the full realm finish business celebrities they got over an executive at Nokia, the creator of angry birds, the popular mobile classic head coach of the National Ice Hockey team who's like a Number one over the Pantheon of business wisdom in the country of Finland have all announced their past failures on this day. October thirteen. Now, the idea here is they're encouraging you to try something out because failing is okay and eventually you'll get by maybe you try torching that Carameli- souffle yourself on the stove or asking someone out on their first date even. Present show, they're going to reject around a hundred percent but jack and I have got an ounce got our own failures today jacked WanNa kick things off made Alex. breakfast today flipped it on a broken a Yoki spinach cheddar cheese mess. Non Mistake that's delicious. But tried making hands free phone call to mom through Siri Jack end up cursing Syria instead phone call mom mobile no mobile no matthew now not hauling Matthew Not Matthew. Let's hit a three story. Daily. Food is candy. They don't reflect the views of robinhood family stolen. Just so Recommending any securities nope. Not a research report or investment by snape offer or sale of security by. Digestible business news video. Financial LLC member FINRA. S. See. Our first story, the Boston Red Sox just had their worst season in years. So they're reportedly trying out and finance to become the first American baseball team to IPO. Honestly, it beats the minors but ticker symbol Jack where within your socks socks spell socks no socks s Awa KS or he could go no Ma but you could do one or two as on that thing, I like the babe. ABC to show that they're really just owning that curse that they're over it or Jack maybe a living in the south end you WanNa go a little bit more low key Ego C. T. G. O.. That's an Easter egg for the real monsters out there or how about dvr. Deborah Toe, pumps hazelnut. smackers. This story is about Fenway Sports, Group A company owned by billionaire John Henry Yeah not too shabby also owns and operates Boston Red Sox Park and Liverpool football club because this is a classy organization and this story is also about Red Ball acquisition a publicly traded company right now and the company has one job bill buckner grabs ground balls red ball acquisition acquires private companies take some public. I actually don't think that sports analogy works because Bill Buckner didn't get the ground ball is national failure day. So Red Ball acquisition is a SPEC. It's controlled by billy bean the famous. Athletics. GM from the movie and Book Moneyball who else was accomplished two of our life goals I becoming a PF WTN person familiar with the matter and second Jack Getting cast as Brad Pitt in a move not too shabby. Now, the news here is that red, ball acquisition Corp. is going to be acquiring fenway, which means eight facto by the transit of property. The Red Sox will become a publicly traded stock talks are still preliminary. Fall through it's not official yet. But if it is the Red Sox organization Fenway Sports, group will be worth eight billion dollars about any ESPN's already like six thirty for thirty, six part films on this nick in. America, has four major sports. I think that's what they're. All right. Right. We call it that we're going around to that number the NBA the MLB, the NFL NHL There are one, hundred, twenty, three team, and they're all technically private companies with just. A few really interesting exceptions. Okay. The Green Bay packers love to Brag that are owned by their fans. Yes. Let's the stocks not traded on stock markets. You can only give this stock as a gift like for a Bar Mitzvah it's a certificate you frame and you're putting your man cave the base worth throwing that one on the a wedding registry ETF. The Atlanta braves are also owned by a much larger conglomerate that happens to on the Atlanta braves. Yes. They are and Madison Square Garden Sports is the stock that owns the rangers and the Knicks Down in New York, and then across the pond you got Manchester United, which is a straight up like UK based publicly traded stock with a soccer otherwise be science. Those really interesting examples. Ninety nine percent of sports follows this single ownership structure. You have one incredibly wealthy guy who owns the company Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys kicks up his boots doesn't do much else and. If no one incredibly person you have a consortium of incredibly wealthy owners. That's the other option check the more the Merrier, the Miami Marlins, why not get jeeter Jordan and a private equity guy in thirteen really wealthy Floridians in a room together but the Red Sox, this could be different if this SPAC was issued goes through Red Sox stock could be owned by anyone who's got a brokerage account and money to invest but here's the thing snacker sports team financials. They're shrouded in secrecy. got to see the books so to speak, but as a publicly traded company, the Red Sox would have to tell us every. For example, they'd have to tell potential investors how much the green pink costs to paint that giant four, hundred, twenty foot out there monster Jack Chris sale signing a positive roi is the Jimmy Buffett concert bring in more money than the John Mayer concert I don't think. So trick question both more entertaining than the red sox. So Jack, what is the takeaway for buddies? Over the Red Sox? We have a new category of investor. We gotTA talk. About. This, we do the die hard investor Yip, the fan investors and other company by the way with its heart. Also, in Boston, Barstool sports are still just like the Red Sox has a following of die hard fan, and now Barstool is owned by Penn National Gaming up publicly traded casino and gambling company and lots of fans of Barstool are also becoming fans of Penn National Gaming Stock. The stock of gaming is so high right now it's like baffling stock analysts it's tripled in two thousand, Twenty Penn National Gaming has and that doesn't seem to be fueled by fundamental stock announced. Coincidence, Yak because the loyalty of Red Sox fans also baffles most human beings as well. Yeah. So the current owner of the Red Sox organization, John Henry, he thinks that die hard fan nece could also translate to Red Sox talk if you've got a calf tattoo, you're probably going to buy the stock as well. If that happens nick and the stock manages to get die hard Red Sox fans as investors, Aka fan busters then the stock of red sox could lift even if acid more with big PAPI than. Baker earnings four our second story TWI- Leo. Just made its biggest acquisition ever you know out, but you probably used it today definitely. But here's the thing about twelve snappers the technology behind Williams like it's just it's just really hard to explain. So the founder of twilly has his favorite move that he likes to pull out like dinner parties or pitches VC don't joke. This is like the party trick of Sandhill road he actually used to do this guy's name is Jeff Lawson. Any tells the people in the room Ever got a phone call from Uber when the drivers circling the block and can't find you. So he calls you but you never gave them your phone number. No, you didn't. You didn't end by the way. The AP says that he's three minutes away. There's no way. He's not at least ten minutes away or have you ever logged into your wells fargo account and they're like sure you can log in but what four digit number do we just texture always never going to be two of the same digits little trick question over. There they're playing with you or when match APP pairs you with Mr and Mrs Right Yeah but they don't give away the phone number. Now case there Mr and Mrs Wrong or you don with instant card and robs texting you from the store he subbing out the peach nectarine and wants to know if you're down with the baby Bok Choy, not the real big boxer and it can be blown away by this pretty much any abuse to chat with somebody else you're chatting through twilly or Jeff Larson. What's eight you see that? That's. The Dinner Party track. Now, the core product of Twi- Leo is anonymous and direct customer communication and he started texting then they expanded to email. Then they're doing phone calls. Now they're doing the whole website customer service situation, the IP in two, thousand sixteen, and now they're worth fifty, billion dollars Nick Translation five lifts five left's and the stock has nearly tripled this year because the pandemic is causing a sudden diversification, one of the customer base. Their main customers always used to be the GIG APPS that you're seeing because he had to connect the GIG worker with you. But now J. Crew is using twenty to live chat with customers for on shop or maybe you're planning to donate to a political campaign Syria and emails from them every six minutes. That's twenty that's probably twenty trillion or you're getting a document from a doctor about that thing on your thoughts that you just checked up. Well, that's all happening online and twilly making the interaction APP companies that used to rely an person to. Customer Communications they turned to William during the pandemic for distance digital communication will the company twilly just splurge three point, two, billion dollars their biggest amount ever on an acquisition for a startup that helps move customer service information on you from one APP to another APP and toil jumped eight percent yesterday because they own the customer relationship arguably more than the customers in the APP store. It's awkward his own in this situation here. So Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over twilly for every gold miner ask who sold them their tool snacks you know the consumer facing companies who are winning today in the corona economy. NETFLIX's stock almost doubled them. Almost tripled down. KOMO's quadruple. They all struck gold in the current economy. Miners don't dig with their bare hands. They used tools to find that goal. What kind of a minor would that be the tools leg shop I? It's behind the scenes helping sephora sell makeup online or maybe it's Scots Miracle Grow which is providing the fertilizer that like every cannabis startup is using right now Twi- Leo is another shovel seller in the gold rush and crazily it's probably the one you interact with the most five minutes ago four third and final story. This one's wild fashion brands are starting their own QVC style shopping channel because online shopping can be lonely to. Be. See the original influence or out of our generation, what it stands for now but you one hundred percent need this bop that's on Qvc read our Val, ten thousand tweets about what that stands for check. Back in the nineties Nicaragua Checkout Cable TV. There's one Channel One hundred percent dedicated to selling things you're GONNA screw up you're GONNA go to usually channel eight and by the way if you're an astrology for this, you can still get QBC on Roku Amazon fire stick but this show was a show without a shout no wasn't it was like the original Seinfeld it was a nonstop commercial the whole thing the whole thirty minute block is just a commercial trying to sell you something boom jewelry decorations kitchen really think the host mimics the in store personal shopper to get you to buy these interact with. You and there was a nice like common touch vis-a-vis the phone calls from viewers which the hosts accepted lot. Yeah. There was Jack. Hey. It's Doug from Bennington are these dockers GonNa look good for my anniversary. Doug. Yes. These would be perfect for your anniversary debtor doug these are only intended for your anniversary. Now, QVC is a close relative to the infomercial. Billy mays here good point point because there's always four easy payments of ninety nine and the shipping and handling is not include no cash on delivery please pay shipping and churches that despite all that there's actually demand for QVC like video shows from cable. Cutting online shoppers today, this is the story that Jack and I found in the Wall Street Journal and found fascinating apparently thirteen thousand people tuned in live on Tommy Hilfiger website to watch. Tommy Hilfiger, fall collection. It's a show hosted by models, influencers and celebrities showing off Tommy's blue and white. Sherpa jacket for only eighty, nine, ninety, nine. So broadcast just like Tommy figures are going direct to consumer from fashion brands website or on its Youtube Pager on instagram page along with some one click add to cart options that are very handy. This has already been a thing in China where Tommy Hilfiger had one. livestream show recently with fourteen million viewers does again be game to finals nine million viewers. They actually showed a Hoodie during this event boom one point three, thousand of those hoodies into minutes. There are two big behavioral issues Nick and I have pointed out here with my job at Jack and I chat about this pretty much every day that they're too many options, and then there's too little imagination when it comes to ECOMMERCE. If you're shopping online, you're overwhelmed with like literally a trillion things you could boss Ocher, you need like someone just to support you psychologically through the purchase. So instead these companies are doing. A fashion event showcases with only ten items looking at ten sharp picks from our Spring Twenty twenty one collection snack as you've heard, say that content is King Will Jack and I like to point out that curation is the queen. That's why they're shown you the oversized ball cardigans super cozy for your post work from home chill. All right. So that's to handle. All the like too many options problem with online sales. But how about the two little imagination problem check? That's why the fashionable hosts of these shows explain the item and help you envision actually owning and wear care is going to show you what to wear how to wear when to wear wide aware to make sure you're actually wearing it doug for that anniversary in. Bennington so many options to little imagination fashion brands are launching their own QVC like streaming shows to solve those two problems sue jack what's the takeaway for buddies over in the fashion industry without storefronts catalyzer dressing rooms fashion has to get creative Jack what do I have to do to get you in these genes? The gap person who said that to me they're? Standing beside mannequins who are wearing the perfect ensemble for you to think about it. Then Jackson and get escorted by store associate all the way to the lovely dressing room where Jack is told those look fantastic and were made for you and I was probably flipping through the catalog licking my finger before mood past each pay or like a magazine till I, figure this. It's all up to the buyer suit of clothes sales. These fashioned brands are embracing video on their own platforms to take the pressure off of the alternative of those QVC style shows is like the rat race on instagram and facebook where ads are extremely expensive. So producing one low key fashion show a season is a super cost effective way to sell those fancy bell-bottoms we're thinking Shimmer we have these kinds of QVC style shows for everything not just fashion cars we're looking at you. Jack, Kenya whip up the takeaways force over there. The Boston Red Sox are reportedly talking to billy being spec about going public. That's spat could benefit from Diehard Investors Aka faster for second-story Twi- Leo is enabling the APPS you love to chat with you. So it still in customer service shovels in the digital APP economy for a third and final store QVC style shopping shows are getting resurrected online by fashion brands. My shopping can be so lonely. So brands are launching something free to been shopped. Now time for our snack factor the day this one tweeted in by Chris lemke in Lovely Grand Rapids Michigan Jack Aka he calls it beer city he did I mean founders is based there but one US based that is it is not plural beer can be single but now I'll tell you what is based there is former president of the united. States Gerald Ford Aka the only president who was never elected president the only president who was never elected president. Now, this is just a snack factor pull over here because that wasn't even Christmas snack what he did Tweeden was that the US dollar is the reserve currency. It's not an official title, but you can kind of see that it's true considering sixty. Five other countries in the world peg the value of their local currency to the US dollar. But it doesn't stop there as Chris pointed out the US dollar is also the official currency of five US territories and seven different sovereign nations Ecuador Zimbabwe, out Salvador they all they're like, yeah. We'll just use the US dollar. Yeah. It turns out that over half. Of the US dollars printed or actually used outside the United States, we're still questioning that beer city title though Grand Rapids Michigan in the meantime those knackers you'll look fantastic for a t by Tuesday happy failure happy failure day texture buddies h. y. h. y. h. y., and apologized for national failure of you have you have you have you had your snack. We'll see you tomorrow help spread your snacks, and before we go knackers huge congrats John Navy just got engaged teacup down on one knee up and no pop in the peanut and congrats to Milton Nunez who's just starting his first day on the job apparently at Tom Brady fan because he's from Tampa Florida and Alex and Elena. congrats and having the baby. Congrats to Eva Carbonell who just got a one hundred on her sixth grade math score and while she was doing that a listen bill kushner celebrated their one year anniversary over long. Island congrats to Jenin Jason for Getting Hitched Trials Town Mass Aka the town into cone and Kayla their anniversary over in Cincinnati Ohio unhappy. Birthday to Chris. In Huntsville Alabama into Greg Berry in Norwalk Ohio Marissa. Kelly in mill break, California Eric Kinkel, quakertown Pennsylvania, and Millie Ruth in Riverside California and happy thirtieth and one year snack in. Chris White in the twin cities of Minnesota he likes the twin cities so much he couldn't just pick one. Through. Like guilty. This, Jack Nicholson stock of shop I, Own Stock Amazon. The Robin Hood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of Robinhood, financial llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets, INC or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial LLC member Finra SIPC.

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