Ditching Offline Marketing to Run Facebook Ads


Welcome to strengthen business. Podcast which is all about maximizing your impact by implementing a powerful Marketing System. That will help you perform at your highest level. And now here is your host Chris. Rock welcome to the strength of this. Podcast might Chris Rock and today's topic. Is that offline marketing to run facebook ads. Now if you've been listening to this podcast you know that during the past two months. I've been running a ton of intensive alive workshops especially in London United Kingdom. I met a ton of amazing people. Some of them marketing professionals others business owners. Water students as well alumni. Some of them wanted to leave the professional world. The corporate the wall of the financial institutions will to join the entrepreneurial journey whereas others were on a on their own business journey trying to Get better results from their face. Cats Very mixed groups there and was a lot of fun teaching them how to improve and get better results from running facebook and instagram hats. So and I promise. I'll come back to you with certain topics that popped during the workshop. Because I think it's It's really good talking about them. Especially if there's a something that kind of like ghost like a thread to the entire thing and I really wanted to share that with you. So that's why today that. Ching offline marketing to run FACEBOOK ADS. Now for those of you tuning in for the very first. Stein first of all. Welcome to the show. And second of all like to point out that I do the recordings at based on the blog posts that you can find on strengthening business dot com so for those of you will also like to have a written format. Maybe you WANNA download it you WANNA share it with. Somebody else was not necessarily listening to the PODCAST. You can do so simply hop over to strengthen business dot com forward slash block and you will find all these episodes in written format there. So let's get started ditching. Offline marketing to run FACEBOOK ADS. Facebook ADS are super powerful. There's no doubt about that if you have instagram. And Messenger adds to the equation. Chances are you'll reach a vast amount of your ideal audience for pennies on the dollar now. Obviously that's about to change in a couple of years maybe three years when big business finally decides to pour a higher percentage of their Media Aka ad budgets into social. That's not happened yet. However when these big boys and goals to decide a to let's say put the less of their entire budget in two traditional media such as TV and the magazines and pour a higher percentage into facebook Youtube Google into a say snapchat ads or maybe in the future. Take talk at Thanks we'll change now at the beginning of this year. Iran several intensive facebook advertising workshops in London in the United Kingdom. Where once again? I had the amazing opportunity to help and connect with business. Owners and marketing professionals from different industries were Assam. Attend these use Stephen to familiarize themselves with the way facebook instagram ads could help them leave. Their current jobs and joined the entrepreneurial journey authors came in with a clear intention to take their social advertising skills to the next level some of the marketing professionals from well renowned financial institutions and corporations. I'm just mentioning a few of them. I have people from Amazon from Google or even from Deutsche Bank and all of these professionals are reminded me of my own journey. I started running facebook. Ads Backing Twenty twenty eleven. Any was one of the skill sets. That helped me leave the corporate world and propel my own business therefore I very much understood their concerns and emotions in regards to leaving a so quote unquote safe haven to embark on the show. What struck me. Though was another group of attendees it was a few of the business owners who at some point decided to ditch all their other offline marketing activities such as for example referral systems distributing sales for Thursday to local gas stations to local stores to schools and redirect all of their money and energy into running ads on facebook and instagram. Now why with a business owner poor all his or her money into social advertising to the detriment of say word of mouth marketing. That's making up eighty percent or more of their business. Why would somebody do that? Is it? Because it's more comfortable to run from a computer instead of shaking hands answering questions from customers and asking for referrals. Look sometimes it's wise to deploy the all in strategies as we like to call it whereas other times it's silly and straight up dumb now. Here's the thing. Facebook ADS are in the cure for all your business problems. If you're an avid the listener off my podcast you know that I am a strong very strong advocate of doubling tripling or even quadrupling down on your shrinks meaning if roughly eighty percent of your business say sixty percent. I don't care but if that amount if that high percentage of Your Business is generated via word of Mouth Marketing Ata recommendations from friends colleagues and consumers then I would do whatever it takes to put a formalized referral system in place you will want to create and implement. A referral program is intentional. Meaning it doesn't rely solely on employees customers by their elbow and asking them for random referrals. Yes you need to invest into the system and integrated into your overall business process. Remember it has to be intentional if you're not doing it professionally. You're not just leaving money on the table but you also waste your precious time. Let me reiterate again the fact that facebook ads are an amazing all online marketing vico if used correctly and integrated with other online and offline marketing activities it can lead to tremendous results. Most the rich are measurable. That's the keyword most of which are measurable today. It seems like everybody wants to work remotely and be left alone to spend their entire day on the smartphone whether this behavior is helpful to you and the human racing general goes beyond the purpose of this podcast obviously based on this behavior. You are confronted with on a daily basis. And maybe just maybe you yourself can relate to quite deeply. You won't be inclined to conclude that all businesses on on social by running ads. Efforts wrong thinking to this they them. Most successful businesses are built on the backbone of meaningful relationships. Nothing beats face to face. The elite knows this very well. And that's why they continue to hang out at high caliber conferences such as the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. Or maybe you've heard off the Bilderberg conference. This is where they meet in person and closed deals behind doors. The wealthiest people on the planet understand the power of face to face because face to face has the highest sales impact period. Okay so why are doing it? And why are you ditching? Everything that has to do with it. And you're switching onto facebook advertising. Why did he do that? Look Technology has made things easier. It allows us to exchange information at lightning speed and connect worldwide with like minded people without the cost of travelling however technology and therefore facebook ads instagram ads. Google ads Amazon. You name it adds cannot and will never ever compensate the losses. You make by ditching. Offline marketing activities. Get Out of your own way and continue to build meaningful relationships use facebook as as an integral part of your marketing bouquet without this regarding and more importantly this respecting the offline world and this is coming from somebody who was built also one of the pillars one of the pillars that. I built my business on facebook cats right. So I'm doing workshops. I'm running my academy but are not rely. I'm definitely not relying on facebook gas right. There are a very important part of my business but I would never bitch Referral Marketing. I would never ditch wool of mouth. I would never dietsch. Meaning people face to face and talking to them All money into facebook remember with facebook. Ads You're building your house on somebody else's land. Yes you can send traffic to your web sites and other sources that you owe. But if you're entire business depends on the blue social media giant in Silicon Valley and one day suck the sites to close down the whole thing and go on a prolonged vacation. You're done and so is your business. Therefore think before you ditch something. Yes at facebook adds to the equation. No doubt about that. They are a very very powerful tool. However at the same token strengthen your referral process yes expand your knowledge get new skills. Worldcom your mindset to be able to grow your business now over to you. What about you? Have you poured all your money into facebook ads to the detriment of all other offline marketing activities How do you go about this or do have several pillars in place and do place more attention to the one polar? Maybe it's word of mouth the generating most of your revenue and profits. LemMe know I'd love to hear answers. You can reach out to me on twitter at Chris Rock and obviously on all other social channels as well as always. I'd like to leave you with a main takeaway today with a golden nugget. And if if there's one thing that I would definitely want to highlight is this Don't ever ditch will the mouth or referral or face to face. It is so important. The La the wealthiest people on the planet would not do it. If it wasn't the most successful tool lesson success leaves clues and you should follow these clues. Use FACEBOOK ADS to propel your business use facebook gas degenerate and awareness degenerate attention to generate click a website to do retargeting to do conversions however. Don't just rely on FACEBOOK ADS and double triple down on all those other activities that you do. They're bringing in way more revenue than may be faced with gats. This meeting said thanks for listening. Thank you for your loyalty. I'll catch up with you in the next episode. Happy Marketing and remember to always play to your strength. Thank you for listening to the strength in business. 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