The story of Vashishtha and Vishwamitra


welcome to the fairytale India. Where we bring to US doggies of kings and Queens Princess and these are classic teams of eventual Magic Ngoma from India? Brought to you in a new of Dodd by Gov starting known more visit midst midst and legends India Dot Com sheesh and visual study kids. Do you know that the Rivers Sutlej envious flow from the Himalayas into the states of a open job and go up to Pakistan. Do you also know the other means. By which the unknown you also do you know how stories are related to the rivalry between receiver shish and receive Shawmut through. The story goes like this. In ancient India. The Sutlej was known as the shuttered. Through which means flowing two hundred branches kids the source off the reverse is west off lake Rupture style intimate also in Bonn job. That is the famous Karnal dam built on the river. The Be us in ancient times was known as the VIP shop or it comes us from the world of a bunch. Have you heard that word which means without any bones via via us. The author of the Indian epic Pick Mahabharata is said to have created it from its source leak the VR. Now before we the ASS. The river was known as Sodas with there is also one historical anecdote associated with this river. Be Us the US is one famous revolt which created problems in Alexander's invasion to India. His troops after reaching BS refused to go any further as they had been away from home for eight long yours. Alexander shot himself in his stand for three days but when his men did not change their desires finally he had to give in raising twelve colossal alters to mark the limit and glory. Sorry office expedition. Today there is a huge project for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation. Initiation Babu's developed on this very level. Okay so now. Let's get back to a story of the rivalry between Tom. Shish and wish through which goes like this. Many years ago there was a king named goody Belonging to the she got dynasty after him. His son visual Mithra became the king. He was a great it. Water and addicted to hunting for sport. He was wandering in the forest for hunting accompanied by his encourage. It was afternoon and the king and his men were tired as well. As Hungary these saw the homepage of the great sage rushed the stage. Welcome to the king and offer his food. Cooking was very much surprised. Christ the complete feast had been laid out for his in torch dishes of every description and in brief threshing brings off all kinds of varieties the king and his followers dying in style through dense to she sched all Gucci Hamas that living in the thought you were able to provide provide such a lavish feast for me and my men. Is it the result of some great magic that you all know or have God bless you with some boon this stage set king. What you witnessed was pneumatic imagery in the has given me none the knee the off his divine cow comedy new likelihood model although this sacred cough is capable of giving all types of riches? Thanks to her I was able to provide so you were the refreshments so quickly. The king failed that this golf could solve the problem of feeding his great army. He said to the Sage Great Guru where she should. I shall give you whatever you ask for. All in exchange he's given me the scoff nominee. She will be very useful to be deal king. This unscarred has been given to me so that I can solve the boards guests and my ancestors. Besides she is essential to me for the years that I perform. I cannot give away the gift of in. Not even if you offer me your whole kingdom now the king very angry he said I'm shut three king. I have all all the powers in the world. What power do you owe muir plumber spend this diamond brand and meditation? Hello now since you have refused to give me a cow. I shall take her away by force. She is more useful to me than oh you but she said you very well know the metal Brahmin do what you will will. I shall not try to stop you. Visual mid through order is meant to drag the cow a week. He's soldiers steidl ropes to the neck of Nundy and try to dig away. Nundy approached rushed and said what crime have I committed. Why do you force me to be insulted by the King's men? Are you displeased displeased with me. Why have you given me a way to the king? The good who said many it is not by my will that the king is taking you. He's angry that I'm not willing to give you to him. So he has decided to adopt talk to you by force. If you do not wish to go it is your wish listening to this. Non The became very angry. Horde is became red with Ango she howard with rage and attacked the troops. oops of wish woman from her tail showers of burning coal shot out and wound many soulages Joe's in an instant of vast army removed from her body. This vast army created from the body of none attacked the armies of king visual through and killed them in visual through saw the destruction suction of his forces by the power of rushed. He ashamed of his own bowel. He realized that follow cannot cannot be achieved by might or weld so he decided to meditate in order to achieve the power like the sheesh he left his kingdom and went to the forest to meditate. He meditated for many years to please leased God's entertain bowel. Such was a spa will the Lord Indra got scared that visual me through would ask for the seat in heaven so Lord in thought of a plan to distract his attention you send a beautiful upset. Saddam mean ago distract wish amid through from his meditation. What happens next is the story for another another day? Our story goes like this. He became a great. Sage was famous for his Yogi powers however he never forgot his humiliation at the hands of rush and became his enemy. Wish Will Mitt through was always jealous. Elyssa of great learning and wisdom. He disliked the owner given to him by the king. Kalmar Shabad and a descendant of Shiva Dynasty visual. Metra wanted that position of royal pleased for himself for he thought he was wiser. And more capable than mushed. But Kinkel Marsh Hutchison mushed this mead vishwanath throw even more jealous and he decided to get even with washed. The siege rushed had hundred sons who he loved the most in the world. One be sucked three. The eldest son was walking down the road. When he saw Kinkel Marsh Bud and his into Orage in writing towards him on the scene Lord the king doors suck three to move out of his weak but sucked refused and replied politely? King I am Brahma by law even the king must give way to Palmer. King was furious and he lashed secre with his whip suck three became very the angry and goes king. You survive only on human flesh. The CHEVAL mittel was in in visible form and he saw and heard the entire of exchange between three and the king one saw him this. Give Me Schmidt through the chance that he had been waiting for Swami through commanded. Oh Man Eating Raucous Ginga endure the king's body ruptures did as wish will come on uh-huh and it needed cut. Demolish Bud became a Mattie to his first victim was suck three the king set out for the homepage of rushed which was Neil by Russia. She was away on some work. I'm the King Saul his sons the homepage so he killed all the ninety nine sons one by one and eat her win. Washed came back. He came to know about the death of his sons. He was devastated listed and did not know what to do. He decided to end his life by killing himself. He threw him said from the top of malt middle but the rocks he fell upon became azoff. This quarter he jumped into a burning forest but even the fire did not burn him up. He then jumped into the sea. The law the high-dollar Nick but the we've lifted him and put him upon on. Brian was she been tied his hands and feet with strong drops and John Trouble Mountain dew. The revolve loaded loaded with re the river also did not kill him instead losing his strong ropes and unleashed upon its banks from this day on the reveal was named VIP USHA remember the same level of which we call bs exactly rushed. Ben Threw himself into another river which floor floor faster than bs and lots of crocodiles disregard. Who did not kill him and rushed away? In a hundred Diocletian's the revolve was named shut the through the one that flows in one hundred streams we call the river Sutlej rushed finally decided to return to his Ashram in the forest on on his way he saw the unfortunate Kinkel marsh stoop was this by the manny deductions. The king tried to eat rushed fished but was she should to his powers chased away the Rock schist from his body and remove this course. Gingell all Mush but felt sad on knowing how he had killed his hundred children and asked the Rishi for mercy. Forgive the king and ordered him to return to his kingdom he told the king to rule wisely Isley and to treat all people with equal respect on reaching his Asham. He heard a young voice in writing the Vitas when he entered his hot he found that only his daughter-in-law attrition he was there. The mystery of the anonymous voice was solved. When did she realized by his Yogi Powell? Our that it was the unborn child in her room. That had been reciting. Though visas the son unborn to audition was named but asset. He learned the scriptures under the guidance of his grandfather. You think that is grandfather was his father when his mother holding addressing shish as father. She told them that Israel father had been eaten up by a rock shoes that was only his grandfather. When Barossa asa heard this story he decided to perform a sacrifice to destroy all the boxes? He succeeded in killing a large the number of them before he ended his sacrifice at the insistence of fascist and another siege named Alistair. But that is the story for another. So how did you like today's study. Please leave your review on Gutter study eight DOT COM. Listen to such amazing stories on Gutless Story Dot Com you for listening to this awesome story from eighteen of anger. You can listen to many such stories in English Hindi leap and soon in many other. Languages to non Moore was an F. D. podcasts. Dot In this story was newly by shoot Ali Bidu or Berry tens of India and has been reduced by got stories.

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