The Last Dance Review | Episodes 3 & 4


Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of Dirt Supine Bo. Oliver today joined by Aaron Leonard. Sue Monkey also here Started their little. I hit a dead spot on that old. Nineteen Eighty Celtics Hardwood. You weren't sure if it was today or not. I wasn't sure yeah no idea my perception of time the other day someone says Oh. It's it's thundering. It's snowing by me like dude. Be careful next morning. I'm like how is that snowstorm last week. Did you guys get through that she goes you mean last night? I swear that was genuine. Dude I had no idea a whole days a week for me now but I tell what April is going a lot faster than the March. April is just two weeks of March where Crawl April. Speed my yes. Someone said March was a year April. It's been a week it's just been and by but we are back to review and other episode and other two episodes episodes three and four of the last dance. The Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls nineteen nineties documentary about the final season of their dynasty. But they've been going back a couple of years. Looking into the origins of Scottie Pippen Jordan of course Dennis Rodman in these two episodes more so and even Phil Jackson. But I guess we'll start with the star of these episodes Dennis Rodman. He was just lighting it up on twitter as well. People can't get over. How eccentric this man was in his playing days and I still can't get over that there's a let him take a forty eight or what we're supposed to be forty eight hour vacation in Vegas. I need one of those so God damn bad that I love the back four Michael Jordan. It's like I need a fuck vacation for anybody. Needs evacation the way he told. That story was so hilarious. Somebody said that he invented load management by going to he literally took load management and just went to Vegas and he said we give them forty eight hours. We ain't getting them back in two days now the Jordan new. I think the thing about Phil Jackson and I think it's very evident in that decision will let him go is just the way he understands his players where. I don't think any other coach like are you serious like all this thing about team. I like your turn back in your teammates. He knew it's like I know. Dennis on a personal level. I love that connection. They have with the The native American culture and how they bonded over that I had to laugh out loud when he said that he says me and Denis have a native American bond. Yeah of course Phil. Jackson has this bond tennis. I love that friendship me to my favorite thing all time. Even though I hate Phil Jackson but pass Phil. Jackson can't hate Phil Jackson key. Look over it until we get out of that hole that he dug us in. Yeah we pay Joachim Noah. We already six feet underground. He basically added a couple of inches. Come on well Couple of everything was going swimmingly with Isaiah Marbury before Phil came up but just the wall and I guess foresight to let him do that like he had to basically carry the low hip out. He needed a break. And it's going to vegas with Carmen Electra. Yeah that was so funny the story of Jordan running around Vegas trying to find Rodman. Someone said let's be. Let's be honest here. Jordan was out there on the crap tables. He's getting a couple of hands in gotta find. Dennis fastball yeah. No now she's so we'll go back to your point about Phil Jackson Weird Transition Carmen to fill. Yeah no that's why he A lot of people consider him the best coach of all time and in the shack biography. One of the biographies that he wrote he talks about his first meeting with Phil Jackson and how they kind of developed his friendship where he knew that Kobe would be fine but that he had to almost suck up to me talking about track that I had to be the favourite be like a father figure. Kobe didn't need to talk to. He knew he was going to be out there. Playing Artists Phil Jackson knows personalities. He knows how to motivate people. He knows what makes people tick. He knows what not to what to do what not to do. And that's why he is the genius and he's a weird guy to wired knows weird. I love the set of the dock where it is very much a Jordan doc. But they're taking these individual episodes who go into different aspects of what made that team what it is so well paced like talking about Rodman and then going to his years his formative years in Detroit. How he kind of develop that playing style. And then just going right into a little bit of the history of that pisses team. It's just been so well done and The Pistons that those those two teams they were bullies man. They were bullies. And just a style of basketball that you can't play anymore but there was a lot of grace on that team in Joe Dumars Isiah. Thomas probably still the one of the top three point guards of all time. Think he's become very underrated. Yeah it's definitely a style of basketball that we don't really see any more due to all the rule changes in the such but I mean yeah just that the edge they played with saying Yeah Jordan. Come TO LANE. But he's an end up on his ass. Yeah and if you think about it really I mean Jordan. Obviously before that all world score just a he was still Jordan but it took that and the motivation to beat those guys put on the extra weight. Play a more team oriented game. That truly made him a champion. Yeah it was just year after year. Those same guys and they talked about how the kind of wanted trend wanted to transition from. Larry Magic to Jordan. But they were in the way. They kept him from becoming a champion so that he can really reach his full marketability potential. Because you have to win and we saw we saw Lebron with Jordan. Because you always hear the six for six. He was a great winter. You don't really remember those days of the late eighties early. Nineties of people questioning him as a team player in that. You can't win with them. L. is also very fascinated by his relationship with Doug Collins. 'cause I always wondered in the back of my head to Jordan and enjoy playing on Doug Collins under Doug Collins because his rep was that he wore on players and they go into that a little bit how he kind of wore out his welcome all Jordan says he was. I mean he liked the collinses fire he was. They showed him Sweating on the sidelines. Like he was playing the game and Jordan wasn't too happy with to fill move in the beginning but obviously worked out pretty well and they got him close man. I know thank Doug on him to Eastern Conference finals. You would think that they win a couple with Doug in the ninety S. I mean we'll improve the roster. You get a Scottie Pippen. That's more developed and a Dennis Rodman on the back end of the three petes they definitely would have won another thing with the Detroit Pistons as they were getting up there h. Two so. It's kind of that natural progression. Move on to the Michael Bulls. I Dunno if they would have went six for six with Jordan and Collins but or six four eight. But you know what I mean. Yeah you never know But even Jerry Krause I mean as much as they love the clown and the way he did. Fuck it up at the end but just the just the Will said in the ball trust and tax. I mean text. I mean. He's show Jackson the the triangle and he kind of influenced that style of play and that move. I mean it took the league by shock. It seems and looking at it from present day till back then. Just imagine a coach in this day and age building a team like that getting that far and then just getting fired David Blatt. But that's just a whole different look very similar to mark. Jackson and Steve Kerr and that Doug Collins and Mark Jackson. We're very Rog. Is they're gonNA ride you? They're going to get you to play defense. They'll get you to play hard but offensively I don't want to say that they're limited but they're not as creative with the exodus. Doug Collins was always relying on Jordan. The triangle offense kind of transformed that where it was Scotty. Pippin PLAYING POINT FORWARD. More team oriented. Just the lanes opening up the motion offense of the triangle offense. Same thing with Steve. Kerr Steve Kerr comes in you. Keep the same intensity. Keep the same effort defensive presence. Open up the offense. Get STEPH CURRY OUT. A pick and rolls move it. Get Curry off ball. That's what I mean. You can obviously respect something that a person built. But then you have to give credit for Phil Jackson you know. He goes six and our bills. Five with the Lakers. I think there's something to say of his ability to coach but you also give credit to Doug Collins. He feels like A legendary coach. But he's not. He's never won a championship. He's never had overwhelming success. But he's just been around the game for so long. I didn't know he was a number one overall pick. That was pretty interesting. Had A good plan career but yeah that was cool to to see them. Go into relationship. I love that Jordan. Loves HIM TOO? Yeah it's like we said before it was cool getting not only Dennis Rodman but like you said Phil Jackson's a very interesting guy to kind of his road to you. We'll touch on that to appoint your assistant your lead assistant. Fire the guy that just brought to the Eastern Conference finals and you promote Phil Jackson you got to give credit to krause. Yeah it's that move backfires you're done definitely it's interesting to see just how it all worked out so perfectly and that is that was interesting to see how. Jordan wasn't considered a winner. He couldn't win with Jordan. Just a an elite score and it just shows like nothing helps your legacy as much as winning. No it really is so important man. It's so important to get that championship. And you look at a guy like Kuwa- you look at his regular season stats. This is one of the best players of all time. But we've seen what he's done in the playoffs. We know how consistent he is on both ends and we look at him and say that's one of the top ten guys I've ever seen or maybe the whole the stats. Don't tell the story will. Jordan made it so difficult to because he didn't only win. He wants six six. And so it's like Lebron might have gotten early. He'd lost and he took a couple years. How did join the Big Three and then he finally wanted to and then he went back home. The Cleveland One. Another one against the the seventy three one warriors and people still don't think that's enough because of the the standard Jordan set if Phil Jackson like I said Weird Guy. Obviously played for the Knicks won the two championships from one of my mom's favorite players. And what they mentioned in the dock was that he was kind of Rodman before Rodman. My mom always used to say about Phil Jackson. I'll get a kick out of it. Nobody guarded inbounds like Phil Jackson. He was so long he was so tall. So yeah it's a good skill to have in the NBA. Making my prototype for two K twenty one pure inbound inbound defender Phil Jackson headed on Hall of fame but he had great success playing and then also his coaching in Puerto Rico. And that was interesting as well to see all those small towns so obsessed with the basketball league. The Basketball League over there is still pretty big yet. You know about that at all. No I had no idea about them. Gutting chickens and pouring it over the team's bench that's like European soccer fans that type of intensity. We're missing that. We're kind of lacking on the fanatic. I asked murdered in my life. Was that I'm an islander fan. So when they played the capital's Years back in the Coliseum in the first round in the playoffs there are stories. That islander fans were stealing Washington Dc license plates in the parking lot. That's funny I respect the hell out of it. That's the worst thing you do to someone like you have to go to the MVP. You can't even drive home but when you get home you're gonNA have to sit in beaver all day. Fans can get crazy. Yeah but then. He has his success in Puerto Rico and he also coached in Another junior league. I forget the name of the League but he won the championship Wherever CBA right right. That was a Canadian. League was or Abia is one of those. Aba CBS. It's a right one of the Albany. Filled it bring New Yorker champion. After and his playing days he's got three overall. Come on Man New York legend and Yeah he gets a job as the assistant coach Tex winter also followed him to La. I'm pretty sure he was an assistant. Coach on the Lakers. As well. And he's kind of the genius behind the triangle offense and Interesting type of Genius. Not One to take the lead but more to kind of play the sidelines. Play play behind the curtains. I love the way they Visualize the triangle when they had that overhead shot and they were just moving. They're moving around and they're moving like the All the and everything. That was a very cool little insert there. Yeah when they go into videos on how the triangle offensive offense works. They talk about just an endless amount of possibilities with the motion and people still implement parts of that offense today. Obviously the game has become way more spread out but I think that was kind of the first step going in that direction. Getting back to the ball movement getting back to the motion so a memo is Mellowed didn't understand a triangle. Sit in a like it. Rodman's like oh it's pretty easy. It was just a triangle. That's what it is right. Well the triangle today. It's it's just. The game has become so predicated on three point shooting and I think the last to run it exclusively and win a championship where his two thousand ten Lakers. But it's not like he implemented the Triangle in Chicago and it spread throughout the NBA. It was still a very specific offense. Yeah for the Bulls in the Lakers. But like I said. P teams implement variations of it yet definitely but it worked for Jordan and it worked Mostly to get Scottie. Pippen in that point forward role. And that's where he thrived yet. It finally worked out. They finally beat Detroit and the fact that he still hates his. I Isaiah Thomas is awesome. What do you think about that? The Walk Off I. I liked that he still holds a grudge. I don't think it's a penny Russia. Yeah because they did show the Celtics of the same thing and it took Isaiah Basically running down Mikhail to actually get a handshake and I don't know nowadays obviously with the whole Camaraderie and sportsmanship. There is in the league that it's kind of unheard of to see something like that happened. I mean even Bill Belch echoes the shake. Someone's hand if he loses in the Super Bowl but I don't know that's just the way it was back. Then Lebron got a lot of flack for that in two thousand nine didn't shake with Orlando just walked off and then the next year. He was hugging the Celtics when he lost. Now it's the thing is with 'em Jane Isaiah I don't want to take sides because they're both massive masol's fish such douche bags to both of them So I mean who said Sake between the two guys that didn't bring me any success while I love what What's his name in my phantoms? Oh I love lamb beer said I think it went on the job. And he's like I won't apologize. I don't care it's like I don't care what the media thinks. That's just the way it was it was. I think it was cartwright who said Yeah they walked off like a bunch of bitches. Was it now? I think that was What's his name grant? Yay Now that that made me laugh out loud. I mean the the garages there are. It's what it is. I loved it when he was talking. About how Scottie Pippen? He needed somebody to fight. They're with Scotty would fight back if he if he knew that somebody had his back. And that's kind of why Jordan took him under his wing when Jordan and Rodman. We're getting into it just screaming at each other on opposing teams that may be pumped up and made me. WanNa play like. Yeah I love when you dig into the trenches and you come in and defend teammate. Or just the whole mentality. How they like. If we don't react they know that we're not phased anymore right. Yeah and ninety-one series right And the year before with the migraine. That was also. You could tell Jordan's still pissed. Yes it's like yeah I get a migraine or something. So what can I say? He said he had a migraine. I believe him. Can I say she said she needs to fly I mean my grades are tough though. If you can't see double out there it's surprise even played. Yeah there are certain injuries where I can understand. You can push but like when the people give Lebron flack for the cramps. You can't walk with cramp have yet. Has Anybody listening? Experience the cramp before you know bad. It is a migraines e claim that he couldn't see yeah So I mean that was game seven two so you never know. Maybe if he was one hundred percent I could've slayed the beast a year earlier. Yeah they get seven and he goes seven now and You know it's tough when Rodman is the guy staring you down on the other side and who was it. I think it was David Aldrich called Dennis. Rodman the best on ball defender that he's ever seen yeah The Way Rodman was talking about rebounding was fantastic. Just playing off the angles. I know Jordan shooting. I know the his spins going to be like this. So let's go this way. I know how to position myself. He really just made it into an art form yet. He's almost trying to explain his incredible instincts because he has. He's incredible ball instincts. He knows where to go where the ball is going to fall and so him explaining it. It sounds just nonsensical but believable. It's like yeah. That's how he sees it six seven two. It'd be that efficient rebounding. It's just it's one thing to have good timing and just positioning but his will to get a ball. You'd see he would tip it up five six times. He's averaging nineteen rebounds a game and his prime nobody comes close to that and the modern MBA. Drummond I think drumming gets like fifteen sixteen huge just the perfect player to add to that team for their second. Three peat and I know draymond. Green is beginning a lot of Hitler recently because he said that he said something to wear like he called himself the new. Rodman or something like that right now. He said something about us. Talk about him. Clay and staff and people are planning on him but he does bring that on tangible Style play to that team in a very different way. He's not the rebounder. Dennis Rodman is by any stretch but just the way he if you put dream on the Knicks. He's not doing anything but he was just a perfect match for team for them to succeed. Rodman like you see. He was a perfect a perfect piece for the Pistons San Antonio and then put him back on a ready made team like the Bulls and you can just escalate that whole squad to a different level yet. Draymond Green is any championship team with mom. If you're a top six stop seventeen. Draymond fits in with any team and fits in with the next. But he's just going to do the same he would do on the Knicks with the Lakers. Easy to get you eight. That's not GonNa you know you're not a number one guy doing that. You can be an all time. Great number three number four guy. And that's what he does and Robin. Yeah I mean it was just. It was a lot of his athleticism. You know I mean yeah I mean I'm not comparing the two have very different games for the roles are similar to have those robbing. It's the same thing you can plug in Robin. Right now on any team in his prime. I mean he's a guy he's a psycho out there. He's the best defender easy. Best rebounders Speaking of two K we need to guide A PRO-AM team next next year to go. Twenty Towns Zero Points Twenty rebounds now focus on getting the board some defense. That is the last thing that we need. Any goddamn shooters I also found it interesting. That Phil Jackson Genius Coaching in In their first championship season was pass it to John. Paxson. It's like. Hey Mike who's open John? Pass the ball Jordan. He was just this whole mindset on the game of basketball change due to the new offense in the way Phil Coaches. You don't have to do it by yourself. But your teammates hit open shots. I love when he did complain about the equal offensive. Equal Opportunity Offense with cartwright malls Taking the show He sees so he's been really funny throughout this whole documentary and we do see his. I guess what made Jordan so iconic is just the way he was able to come up so big and big games and that and that buzzer beater against Cleveland shot. Everyone's iconic. I've probably seen that. Three hundred million times him hanging in the air clutching it rattles in. I love how before this bombs go. Home pointed out to all the writers like. I proved you wrong. I proved you wrong year tonight. Chicago writers right so we took care of you the other day to care you last night tonight as you showed on like. Who Was Gordon him? Because and the defense wasn't all that bad. The problem was he went up with him. Why would they put that guy on them? Elam crazy low. That's all you here. It's the crazy low shot. He went up with him for the problem. Was He was on the Ground Georgia? Saunas EIGHT-PACK SCILLIES. Still around you just moving around like maneuver in in the Ron Harper. Guy Who went to go win three championships with Jordan Jordan. Even said it he plays. The best coaches always tried to get cute. They always try and get cute. Like when pop took Dunkin out to Twenty thirteen and the boss gets the offensive rebound to stick with guns man. Stick with what works? But I'm yeah. I don't think Harper is making a difference because like you said the man was up there for about ten seconds changing. Just doing what are you doing their guy. I think I mean it. Seemed like a great series Poor CLEVELAND He may go on to. I mean the Bulls gave Detroit a run for their money. That year almost beat him. Maybe Cleveland us. A lot of people say Cleveland was the better team. They overwhelmed the the Pistons to get that Nineteen Ninety Championship. Yeah and then Jordan coke can go back seeing that one of Lebron's accolades that people. Bring up when comparing it to is that championship in Cleveland. He got the first one. Maybe go back in time. This shot right here right. He would do so. I can time travel and I'll know my it's the only shot he'd WanNa Miss. I can't believe he missed that free throws that game four BOYS SKIP. Bayless must have been really hard on them. Yeah all it helps when you go onto go six in our final year. That's your you miss. Those free throws I also enjoy the nineteen ninety-one finals the behind the scenes. Look at that seeing Magic Johnson. Kind of passing the torch to Jordan and it's not the same Lakers teams. Because at that point Kareem had been retired they serve James Worthy and Maj also was a couple of years from retiring. So it wasn't those. It wasn't showtime but still people were excited to watch it. We probably have the two biggest names arguably still and the the game of basketball. Let's IT WAS MAGIC. I I'm Jay and try to think of an equivalent that we've seen. I think it would have been Koby Liberal. It would have been our yeah. It would have been a Kobe. Lebron especially because Kobe was around that age of kind of towards the back. Nine in the broncos up and coming but kind of is incredible how the NBA Guy. They were able to go to the Celtics to own. They're able to have those. Celtics Lakers seems to have a piston seem Isaiah. Thomas is another star then writer. I'm Jay Wright to Kobe right to Lebron. It's it's been a pretty impressive run but well. That's all the talk. After Jordan left was who is going to fill this hole? And we're seeing that talk now with Lebron one is the NBA to do when the brand lease the NBA always needs a a main character and Jordan was the perfect one because it was just such an extreme passion when it came to those bowls teams either love them or you hate them more so than and the love. There was throughout the country. There are people that I know today. That says Hey Michael Jordan made me love basketball. That's why I'm a bulls fan so they they showed How Pippen would pick up magic full-court and just the way they were swarming. Though seems and even the Pistons I mean they swapped them so it was definitely their time and they took every advantage they could and didn't stop so and just the elation of Jordan when he finally won. I think that was a moment where they even said like. We weren't even sure Jordan emotions and assume react like that. We'd only seen anger and frustration of delays point. Yeah Scottie Pippen's defense picking up Magic Johnson to shutdown who many people believe to be the best point guard of all time. That's why he was so damn impressive and they have the stories about the ninety two Dream Team when they played the the Bulls had drafted a European player and they ended up playing that country in the Olympics and Jordan and pippen made a point to shot this guy down just to completely break him. And that's what they did the NBA teams man. That might be the best defensive team of all time because Jordan like they said Doug Collins was talking about I have the MVP of the the MVP of the All Star game The defensive player of the year. What more can this guy fucking do? And on the to have those three guys on your perimeter Pippen Jordan. And how would you even get them? I have no idea. Draymond Green was talking about today. We're the best team of all time. Mean Steph. Curry would kill shack. A pick and roll Yang killing Jordan and pippen 'cause they're switching everything dog. Rodman back there too so that that's why Miami was so good when they had weighed in the Bronx. They're prime just able to run like maniacs on the parameters chasing everything. Yeah well I I do. I think the warriors aren't all-time grade team. But in your best season you lost so yeah yeah now. The kind of like the They have a better argument with durant yet. I put the durant teams up against those ninety six sls dumb yet teams are. It's hard enough to compare players whole teams. It's just impossible but just the way they played and the standard Jordan kept his his teammates to. It's rarely have players like that. Yeah all that got him although that might came when Mike can't lead a team to a championship and he took it upon himself to make sure that his teammates would be just as dedicated as he because he realized. I can't do this without for the people besides like the true great and you know who they are but it seems like everyone else is playing the game and they kind of just are the game. It's just so effortless it's second nature all reactions and instinct. It's so fluid that there's not it. Looks like they're not trying obviously all the work in and they're trying always the minds always moving but it's just so smooth. Nfl ascend washing the foot of Jordan. It's just there's nothing nothing can it's it's funny there's this This idea that great players can't be great coaches and I think that your point kind of speaks to it that the game always came so easily to them. They don't know how to kind of convey what to do. They don't know how to convey their their way of approaching the game because for them. It's just just did it do what I do. That's kind of what Jordan's mindset was before. He got involved with Phil Jackson and Tex Winter and they expanded the philosophies of what can be done on offense and it is a very simple game but it can be complex and it took him that all season of just dragging everybody with them to hell saying. We're GONNA get better. I'm going to force you guys to get better. And we see that with Kobe. Bryant of course but yet Jordan and his work ethic is so legendary were. That was his life. There are people who approach the game as kind of a nine to five. They're great athletes but they don't take that extra effort or extra step to improve their their games. People always criticized steamatic. Vince Carter incredible potential. If they had Kobi's work ethic maybe there Michael Jordan but Michael Jordan wasn't he was gonNA squeeze every ounce of potential out of his skill and that's what he did real quick here what I absolutely love about Rodman to is When he came back from Vegas and Phil Guy let's try to get conditioning back up and he was just he was ready. Never missed a beat. That drill socks. Have you ever done that real now? Do we did it once in Eighth Grade. It was hell. I still have nightmares of it but I love the idea of Rodman being the guy last night he decides to sprint. And fuck with everybody and Jordan telling Steve Kerr to Kinda jock. It's kind of weird getting this other perspective on Robin because on the outside looking in it's like oh the guy who died his hair. He was crazy great player. But I mean just as natural ability the way he looked at the game the way he was committed. And even if you did need to take what are they not being four days in Vegas? He can come back and you know he's GonNa give it give it his all and his childhood also was It was interesting to see his childhood as well. Some things that I'm not really aware of the fact that he was and that he saw all this crime going on right in front of him and he never took the temptation. He always managed to stay away from it and carved his own path. That to me was very impressive. We always talk about how bizarre and weird he was but at the end of the day he had that kind of I guess. Morality with inherent in him to kind of stay away from the ills that were plaguing him in his community. Well it was Very interesting too. When you left the Pistons and just you could tell like. I guess the strain on his mental health just not being who he was and then just that freedom when he said I. I'm just GONNA be May and I think it was with Madonna. He said that he kind of got that inspiration to kind of be himself. And that's awesome and you could see the hair. And the way he was able to express himself and one thing even mentioned Michael and pippen just took him in right away. Right yeah now. They knew that they knew those guys. It would be like a wade and Lebron taking a guy like that like even like Birdman. Who had his problems? Obviously not as good but even Lebron taking on JR Smith. It's always when you're kind of a controversial not necessarily at trouble player. But you're you're out there when you put them with greats. They know to get in line because at the end of the day. If they're worth the controversy they can obviously play so the great players going to respect that about their game coming back then. It was a controversy but looking at it. Now it's like yeah. He dyed his hair he dressed. And it's not that well look at his influence. Yeah I mean everybody is Dennis Rodman and pre-game now look Russell Westbrook with his outfits all the different hairstyles tattoos. Being the brand being more than the game they those guys kind of started it. He and Jordan and seeing the nineties like he would have interviews with us like an overview and there was questioned him about his sexuality and things like that and just such a different time. No yeah much different. Oh yeah well with Jordan with his playing style and I guess rob into but it feels like they were just plucked out of different areas. Because Robin Right. Now you wouldn't bat an eye it's all. Yeah he's he dies his hair. He's a little bit off but whatever and today's game he would fit right in almost while the tail end of episode. Four they go into the rivalry with the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. And that's going to be great to see in episode five because Carlo when you look at him statistically think this is the best power forward of all time. It's not even close. The story around the loan was that he never delivered in the playoffs. Yeah and he got close man. They got close time song other things. I'll fuck that. He get away with that talk about different times. Yeah I mean the ninety four great players and just kind of getting this This journey through all these different seasons and decades of who is next for Jordan to conquer. And it's just great after Grit. It's it's fun to see just kind of getting taken like a time portal back to that time with all the narratives going around with the media Input because it's one thing to see and like read read about And Look at statistics. Jordan beat them but to hear the way they all these different players and teams were regarded by people knowledgeable about the game during that time. Which brings it to a whole different level. They go into that regular season game. Where they they build up the big lead Chicago. And at this point Scottie Pippen it already come back and then Utah. Cut of rallies. They're at the end so there were still problems that they were having inside the locker room. Even after integrating Scottie Pippen because Dennis Rodman said when Scotty came back even though he had the haircut with reason he became the third wheel in the family and his dissent. They say was rapid so that bothered him. So it was a roller-coaster season. Four Robin there. Were so many controversies surrounding this last season. You know we think back. Can we just think of the push off? Game Six. The game winner Jordan walks off fantasy ending but man it was. It was hard getting to that point. Well only on the court but mostly off the court will even with Krauss how we talked about. How great in the foresight. He add back then. Now it's like what are you doing? Man What's why are you commenting on the future of your player. You already told. He made it known. That coach is not coming back. And now you're talking about things that now in the middle of the season year putting speculation on Jordan and all that we saw the media was and even today with people either contemplating retiring or are you gonna come back and things like that. He just they came home for a lot. Batum the media inside outside the media just hasn't changed now. The cannot be fixed. They they hounded that man for the entire ninety eight season. That's something that I did not know. I didn't know that there's so much speculation. I mean I guess I I should have because he just. It feels kind of abrupt to leave after age thirty five but the Anton to push that guy out to be so jealous. I mean you're the GM. I was thinking if I was the GM. I'd be sitting pretty. No one knows who I am I'm rich I'm friends with all these guys. They get to be friends with. Michael Jordan invited him to my wedding. That's cool. Do you really want Credit Jerry. Krause I guess some people do. Some people just drives them to make these ration or irrational decisions. I mean it's not like yeah obviously. Gm's Crowson Phil Jackson. That's that was his boy but GM is never gonna be as big as the players. But you didn't cashman cares. Yeah right CASHMAN'S GONNA drive out. Cashman is a big name he gets credit and is also cashman. Likes Being Cashman? Yeah yeah that's never happened. And let's say they came back and they want another one. Oh Jerry crust. The man who build a seven time world champion. I know that's he wasn't thinking the best. Gm of all time surrounded with just the right pieces to Moghadam success throughout his career. Yeah I like that Guy Right. Maybe he goes on to be commissioner after stern or he gets a job in the League office or he becomes a beloved analyst. You know you have to. I mean he wasn't. I would like to have that time. Machine Jordan misses a shot. I'd like to go to krause. It'd be like you just because you're going to get dunked on for the for the rest of your life your entire legacies. GonNa be you being dunked on Spring back a couple of DOC. Don't dance on a team playing after you beat the Pistons please. That was hilarious. Go Jerry go killing it. Are you kidding me. I like to see that. I like to see the good times when they all look like a minute of fun. I go sit down. Yeah Yeah they kicked go- Jerry Go. Sit Down Jerry me. Maybe that's what that's what it was. He opened up dance in front of his friends and they just shot down. Yeah Poor Jerry. That's why you dance in public. That's why I don't dance in public. But this documentary continues to be probably the the best thing I have watched on. Tv This year. It's just so fun to seeing all the the behind the scenes footage and it's pretty incredible houses capturing the the nation sports fans everybody. It's we still love the Chicago. Not that we still love them. But we're still so fascinated by that era of basketball. The nineties the way that it's been romanticized that this was the premier era for basketball so we love and the ninety s nostalgia just in general for people our age of course but they call it the golden age so It's a modern golden age with basketball and a lot of other stuff. But it's been fascinating to watch this journey unfold ten episodes documenting so what we got six left and now I feel like we need more still plenty to ten on the outside looking in but the way they're doing it twice a week it's like Oh really gonNA have four more weeks of this but yeah it's fascinating there's still a lot to get to And I hope he I hope he gets it. Hope joining the sixth well. He's got the one right now. So that's okay. No only three and then he could stop and he can go play. Baseball will depend like in the present time. Line last five when we're going back. How does that work right now? He's only got five right. Yeah so no no. He would still have six if he misses a shot. Whereas CLEVELAND. 'cause they didn't win that year now. I think we're talking about two different things. Our timelines have become so. Let's just review Westworld yes.

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