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You're listening to bedroom. Beethoven's were notable music makers breakdown stories accompanied by songs and melodies Melody's documenting growth through their ten thousand our journey and me what my name was cello. Your host is episode is brought to you by Masami. Let me tell you. I don't think ever in my life. I've used products that have been truly considered clean beauty meaning shampoos and conditioners would formulas that are naturally derived taking the best of nature nature and eliminating. Anything bad. I was left feeling. Oh so clean and rejuvenated. Masami is a premium natural. Hair Care Brand. That believes everyone deserves serves healthy hair visit them at. WWW that love Masami dot com room. Beethoven the minds. Nobody calls about thank you for this like I was looking forward to this chat. Man I love you interviews. I thank you for what you're doing. It is excellent. People can continue to learn stories. But he's a bedroom Beethoven's find out about it. Sounds like this. The shed light on on on US made why we really need documentation. The new definitely and Welcome friends and listeners to episode forty eight of the podcast I guess this week is so when in his miles. Bonny you're making music. Electing Accord and I make beats sing play trumpet in some of the things. And I guess I produced swore Sage Francis one below Reggie B Ceska. Who John Robinson Percy P dist New Mexico based multi instrumentalist miles body is interesting cat overjoyed? Wait to have them on the show. He grew up around live musicians playing classical music brass quartets Latin jazz broadway opera so being a musician and getting paid to perform mm-hmm is not new to him. But what we both talked about range. From teaching woodworking the genealogy and realize that he's a deep thinker and empathetic soul making making new music. Four old souls miles is a guy. He's a he's a person contributes to create a feeling and artistic feeling a natural Charles Sense of creating a worthy thing to have an interest in being creative and that just go to their jobs fulfilling someone else's agenda expressing your soul. His lifetime is important and this podcast broadcast tries to give those people a voice and get more people following their ambitions by utilizing the creativity of others of course and all his inventiveness the genius with a feeling for music history does not forget where the roots of his harvested fruits lie. We read it back from the days when he was just the son of a trumpeter to skirt the task of leaving the world a better place than when he founded bedroom. Beethoven's is the website goes. Jd Seven is the boss man. He's gracious enough to always lend me his music for the intro and he's got a new vinyl out for preorder so please go get that. It's on delicious blue wax and speaking of buying something support show by grabbing a t shirt on over to the website and I have some tanks sweatshirts and high quality vintage t shirts for you to buy and make sure you subscribe to the a youtube or spotify you know anything that boosts the algorithms of the show to get in front of more people. That's called support. Yeah and I appreciate it Bannon. Bannon feels good to be in twenty twenty guys happy New Year episode. Forty eight miles. Let's get started. I hope I'm not overreaching. Overreaching overstepping but when I start communicating. Just from the I guess limited verbiage I got you. You sounded decided stress man. I know you're a diy type of guy you were car you have a new video and maybe as things progress in you wrap up your thirties. Now I just I hope you're in a good place lately on a real good place. I just liked to mm fill my days so I have like extensive wants as far as Things I would like to create while I guess you know what the last couple weeks's been sick because a lot of family stuff that's positive but dynamic including basically that my partner and a newborn son just left for Australia for three months where she's from so there's a lot of stuff surrounding that in passports end government issues and all the nastiness of America Gotcha and then me just jumping into all the stuff. I do at day and nighttime so I'm kind of excited because I have a little bit more free time here with some of the family out. I'm as much as I miss them so. I'm of a lot of music to do that. I've been waiting on years in the making the so. Yes there's a lot going on but it's not. It's not negative stress at all. The I mean you're not the type of guy this kind of like. Just sit on the couch and binge-watch show offer near this. Seems like your schedules pay. You like to stay busy and creative. Yeah I mean you know especially men being involved in fields that have to do with Preventing for instance drug overdose and just seeing family members. Get sick or or colleagues musician friends dying and I don't want to. I have a lot that I can do and I feel. I'm obligated to doing the lifetime so I wanna get as much done as I can conceive of. Yeah well why can and welcome to my centralized place to showcase. Creativity is Kinda cool because a decade back. You had a show and now you're you're interviewing people on your podcasting so you know it's not it is easy as it may seem em. And I've I hardly our forget most stuff I did but it's I appreciate you me on on. Thanks to the context your dad is from the Midwest but he was a musician and he gigged the New York. I was curious what were some of his experience there and yours as you grew up. 'cause you gotTa have some cool stories. My Dad was also very busy so you know also work in the field of early childhood education so just for context we all basically. Is You know know what we know. Because of what we've been exposed postal code I've been exposed to was very Busy Dude who Work Nights The most accessible played his phantom of the opera for most of its entire. Run although it's still going on now and he's retired but also went to a lot of shows You know I remember being side of the stage while he tendency though point day now and went to the the jazz club with I think Ron Carter and nicholas pain. If the first time who I'm still in touch with just let's see a wide variety music Latin jazz classical set out to Nicholas. I should say Bam Implicit Jazz. But you know what I mean Orchestral things you know when I was a little kid US playing with a New Jersey based Little symphony and they're playing the nutcracker and I got to sit in the pit with them which is like where the orchestra sits in productions on. d- actually let me like hit the woodblock out of nowhere. I didn't practice or anything but here I'm ten years old. You know it's cool when people give you opportunities entrust you as a little kid in those things definitely helped me stay inspired and with great context for musical history. But when he wasn't doing music he had his own Tom. Single operated custom woodworking business. So he was working the day's in line in New York a night on On his motorcycle. Whatever it's it's great for around he lives close to me? Now is pretty wild trip without here in the in the South West even though I grew up with him in New Jersey on and also last he played with Philip. Glass is on some recordings. He was on the beat. St Beat Street Soundtrack. You played horn. You backed up Grace Jones. He was you know he was in the CNN. While I didn't know that about the woodworking stuff It explains a lot because I know you're a handyman and I'm not so much one than I always find when I go to commercial hardware stores. They never have what I need so it even at more of a loss so never worked out for me dramas longer looking for but I hear you the have the technically. You're you're miles westbound caskey. Right I'm factually miles bonny. But historically the Bonnie name came from my Dad's dad whose name was Bonkowski and Or bunny excuse excuse you When he came to America at first I thought will can America because he won't be accepting? That's true but it wasn't right when it came to America was after executing Kevin America long story short didn't know how to read a right got accepted into college. Stay New York even though he denied arena right and then Could speak German learn English and then and changes in component costs you to Bonnie so out here in the South West people was like all you related to win. Bonnie's billy the kid or whatever there's no connection because it was pretty much made up name but it is my legal name. What if you did it like a ancestry dot com kit? It wouldn't go back further than it would stop at your grandfather It's relatively new while it's pretty wild so he was an immigrant In and I actually it goes back real far although pretty much like He was in Poland. But before. Then there's a whole lot of Irish and but anyway so what interesting along those lines I got to go to Poland to residency shutouts grow and Our technologies people out there near Warsaw and all that they Let me a stay from month and Lube Lynn which is southeast in Poland and it turns out it was forty where my grandfather lived as a child and was exiled held by the Russians because he got a cent with his whole village of German speaking Polish people to Siberia basically die in a bunch of siblings died and he made his way to England and in Canada and I got to go inside like where the church was that they used to live in Israel. Cool experience that's that's awesome. But you're able to visit that place and have your own revelations and dig deeper into your genealogy. Not a lot of people have that opportunity one. I feel like as a as a perceived white American who doesn't really feel American American or white or something I'm always kind of looking for context and especially as they get older and Even comes to things like What I should wear what I said? Why do is flakes? No more about that. I want to talk about 'cause not the mispronounce the town you live in but I'll just call it three rocks. It was. It was a boomtown but now there isn't really a middle class. It's just a few hundred residents who live primarily off the grid or in poverty like you're either poor or off the grid and Yeah so I if you if you have a hard time mm-hmm identifying your place in this world is a place like that GonNa help you find your identity by by being more in touch with your resources not taking stuff for granted. You're one hundred percent right. That's exactly how I feel. And even though I spent a lot of time in Taus which is the closest like big town my heart and my favorite physical place to be so far really in America up there in today's speech as you mentioned there's there's a there's an organization around there that actually promoted the thought of liberating art through necessary dislocation. Where they they balk at the dream of suburban and development? The lack of amenities is the perfect intersection of life and art. That's what they believe people. I don't know anything about its foundation. That's actually in in that area. They have a website and everything. Yeah I'd love to learn more if you semi link. I don't know about them absolutely. Yeah I was just thinking 'cause I I always give maslow's theory you know just a lot of thought in my head about you know. Achieving balance in my own life and the theory is very effective when deducing a person's mental and emotional composition so to speak in it also helps me better understand a gives me the ability to respect the values the wants the needs and lives of others. Thor's so maybe in regards to Maslow's theory why did you settle there. How is it meeting your needs now? Because you've been there for a while it stability like I own land and I own a place to sleep in. It's not reliant on any outsource outside utility so if the power goes out you know oh so to speak if the water shuts down or whatever like it doesn't affect me. I don't even have internet their son my phone so like it's just it's like solid it's just like the definition of solitude like I'm chilling like when I was standing up there all the time. What's right now? Adler littered like other end at a natural gas or electricity. went on like all right. You know. It's just nice to know what that's like without being shocked by it when it happens ends because it is happening and it isn't always the smartest to assume that our government and other people are really looking out for us in that things can't go wild and I'm not someone who's scared of anything but I just think it's really good to know what to do. As a result that any of those motives involved the various frustrations you experience being a fulltime artists back in the day. Nah I didn't. I never really wanted to be. I've been a fulltime artist on occasion. But it's never worked out because I'd have to go a lot harder to make money to replace otherwise but beyond that what's even more important is that I don't want to write songs about being an artist artist like I wanna go through life like anybody else and know what's up around me and talk to that because I'm only making music only recording these a to communicate with people who listen to it so I want to record things that are relevant to them and I don't WanNa it's like listening to another recent interview an artist you're saying basically like you know if you're on tour what are you going to say like. Oh it's so hard to be on tourism. My Dad like I don't WanNa say that stuff you know have included some of that stuff in there but I I love community I like I like to get in the corners in the Gut Society. figure out what's going on in see what I can do to try to help out while I'm alive and that's what I do when I'm not making music also say real quick. It's interesting that apparently my grandma told me who she was a music therapist that Maslo she knew maslow's muzzle told her that that he'd been looking for someone to work on music within that she might be the person maybe flirting with her. But it's kind of weird little story. Yeah I mean a lot of people think like Oh you know you have a well a catchment the whole nine. I mean that's that's not how I wanNA live but no bills no frills reclaim reframe land-based notion of the American dream. I'm envious so I mean it's not even about got a choice you know like how. How long was the power out around? Where Iran California for a couple days right? It wasn't needed a change. They're just you know that's nice. At that time. I was posting pictures of my favorite solar lint. Some this is what I recommend you know like I'm not I'm not a doomsday. I'm not a proper but yeah I do like to know what's up with you know what. What's the solution when you can't rely on those? I think I bring up the whole maslow's thing I find the understanding that a a person's objectivity is limited by their condition has helped me rid myself of anger towards those that have not reached. I self actualization mainly I wanted to know if I'm making deductions based on a faulty theory or is it still considered pretty solid psychology. Well in how much of that is about out your what you what to your coupled with your own accomplishments or not so much my own. But if it extend to my family for instance brain draper's wife Taryn and quit her job to help her husband run certificate program at the University of Kansas School of music. And I'm always intrigued at people who don't tore three hundred days out of the year and they try to make a new album every every year. You can take the experience you have and apply them to teaching producing or social work. Even your wife can join you or your your kids look up to you and they I wanNA do when they grow up and I find that to be very selfless or is just fulfilling the needs of the person to choose to do it. Also you know like I'm trying to find a I mean you know in in in in selling most of my things moving into a portable trailer in buying land and building something. I've had gone from my dad. Extreme of like getting a lot of possessions possessions in starting over in society not starting over. But you know what I mean with physical goods and then as all assault trying to we're going to be in the middle like what do I value person. What have I inherited from the culture surrounded by to that end? I'm just trying to figure out especially with respect to my interaction with society. Minor actions money interaction with. That's how I use my time and spent on my family. What is balanced like for me? I like investigating that. I guess like even for Brandon like I mean that's what he's good at is like basically being entertaining and being a good percussionist and educator and it is dope that that was an opportunity for his wife In so for me. I'm getting closer to having daytime employment. That is what I would like to be doing but because I don't know what that is all the time I'm just really enjoying exploration Jason into you know figuring out What that would be the the flu goal is your mistress trumpet is your spouse? Don't forget which. which are you may lose your house? Can you explain that. I like my Flugel Horn a lot. It's definitely like the one it's the first one. I bought my own money because the rest of my Gotten USA Dad. You know it's I've been through some things it came on European tour's of me and it got banged up and it's a little fragile but it's got a nice war I like having I feel like the valves on it kind of buttons if you will. They're closer to my mouth on a on a trumpet and it's the same reason why leave trying to create a pocket trumpet which is a small because I realize that my hands posted my mouth when I'm playing but also the flu one has a nice warm tone that might kind of mimic my voice naturally little bit. I am going to start to bring aforesaid trumpet because I'm just ready for it you know it's nice to have both uh-huh I think it's like you know you can't you can accelerate the flag orne unless you are good at the trumpet and because the trumpet is usually the star of the show. Oh maybe I started the cornet because I had random awards but that's a good way to interpret it. Yeah I heard that the flu Flugel Horn mouthpieces fundamentally wrong for the taper of the instrument which causes these intonation problems. I mean maybe I kinda welcome intonation problems I have A. I'm working on another album or finishing up an definitely's random potentially out of two chords as I like to call it community been sound. I like that kind of stuff. 'cause I almost feel like there's so much music out there. In the Sony players are clean and like engineers. And that's cool. I like to humanity in the in the Ranas. It's like It's like a visual art visual to see some physical rather than like a You know twelve by twelve print from some architectural computer based design. You've been building. You can look at some buildings like that shit was made on a computer with the design instead of like some real handled hint. Craftsmanship that gives its character number more than two. That stuffy feel like Tom. Brock was kind of a musician that had character. I love Tom Brock. I was I have I guess I I guess only have one album. I don't have any honesty ad but that was a great discovery. Especially just because I'm a sucker for Good drums bass. And that's what pretty much Barry White did and then you have someone like. He produced that Tom Brock album. This is so thick breath. Basically what I'm missing is like well you know I've been there myself but I'm out here. I'm getting a little a lot for instance because there are a lot of sounds. I'm ready to try to capture well as far as live instruments and on which is like I got a plan because it's just efficient. That would do you think the result of streaming music is taken away from the art. Doug my biggest issue streaming music is a Is just so. It's it's it's the ability perhaps it's will there's two two parts of the answer. I guess one is that I've realized recently I was talking about life. Insurance like all the rest of comes from small small businesses and I never thought that way but I'm a fan of like a very small culture so like when I was a teenager and I would go to New York on the weekends. Myself my favorite the items that I would enjoy seeing experiencing or buying were in like the village and they would be like someone's idea and they had one shop and they would sell some random shit that other stories didn't sell and that was like my favorite kind of stuff to see and similarly now that the Internet exists period. I think I'm less less pissed off about it for music. I'm for just the way in. which it gobbles up? All of the cultures around the world that are connected to it and then suddenly people addressing In Berlin or fucking here dressed the same or whatever you know. That's what I miss. You know I miss that. I Miss I really like regional small interesting diverse culture and music feeds into that the physical products. That musicians might make When I was in college in Lawrence Kansas I was very much inspired by my peers? You know who had a new CDs. WE'RE GONNA new album allowed to see what they did that. Show a look at their merch right and the Internet. That was there but people weren't really using it like there wasn't Amazon and so now it's like my approach is kind of like not work with the label which can sometimes be disappointing pointing anyway. I'll just be like blue song like get this out of my life because I wanna make some more stuff and I'm not really worrying about you. Know what to do with their to be strategic. Because I really don't on I really don't care The thing that probably most strategic with Lenox Dobbs. 'cause I know it's something to really connect with in all probably have to put some money into but I don't hit the Internet bullock. There's always you miss about whatever the current time are you noticing its effect on the youth. Like maybe do you believe. There are significant neurological advantages youth. Who Participate in school and Community based music training as opposed to like private music lessons? Wow was the question honestly out here. They don't have many options. This this is a small town. There's only like how many people in this termite three thousand now there's like there's like thirty thousand in the county so so Daren't many options here I think that's socializations really important. Something that I'm running into hearing from staff at schools and stuff like that Is that You know there's a lot of pressure on teachers nowadays A lot of their pay and successes based on the the students you know. There's there's an increasing disconnect between this kind of What is it a factory mind state of education versus a adapting and adjusting acting to the very quick perceptions of younger people who have access to the Internet in answers and opinions at the touch of a button so they think and we need to both be like supportive of that and understanding of it and adjust to it but also help to educate them about the ways in which having patients in other skills? That don't always come with. The Internet will be essential to their successful living. That can bring great frustration. If you don't understand the basic elements of human life outside outside of your expectations in your relationship with your phone. Are you having parents or teachers. Come up to you and saying wow miles. I'm already noticing a change in in in my kid. The academic trajectory trajectory of my kid is soaring because of your intense music training. Shit while you know what the funny part is out even do music trading. I do I'm basically like I do some music stuff on with kids but like I brought some cool stuff you know when I'm doing things. We basically what I do is like when I was in college again. I kind of helped organize my musician. Edition friends into collectives or brands. That would make all what we create more supported in easily accessed by the rest of the community. And now I kind of do that for nonprofits for topics of social concern so I work in the fields of early childhood education on as far as The wide variety of issues that that community in parents are facing how to improve them as well as teenagers. basically preventing them from dropping out of school will in doing selling drugs and getting arrested. Kinda my goal. I don't know how many people walk up to you and say thank you but you're doing a lot of good for a lot of people so that it could stuff well. Well thanks for doing your podcast at all hopes for sure man and you got a new song out a new video. I Love Duet in the PJ Morton Jo-jo seems like you're gearing up for a very loud out twenty twenty. My wife is from Australia. She's phenomenal singer. I tell people that I couldn't I can sing. But she sings my line and so we're really great impair and musically. Now that we've kind of you know adjusted to living things in her moving into American all that because she's from Tasmania Australia. We met Melbourne. I mean we are going to work on an album together. I am trying to as a result finish my solo album first and then that we can spend most of the twenty twenty four hundred miles. She has album already you're on. CBS violence called cliffside woman and her artist. Name is shore S. H.. H DOC produced. Used it and I thought that was really important that she has much leadership there. And it's possible obsolete. It's not my place to decide that. But what I mean by that is it's great for artists on the first projects especially to do exactly what they feel. Because you never going back to that place as you learn more about how to publicly axe to it would evernote so pure so. Hers is very minimal very vocal focused. And if you're into great singing or harmonies she has definitely kind of Irish rush. Influence real women's strong kind of vibes com. Check her out but yeah we did like two or three songs together. So far and I look forward to working on an actual cohesive Lisa project with her because really co-produce she always brings the magic. Try to rent out the rest. It's good stuff and I was just introduced to her. And when you guys come together and painting it and I wish we it had more rap with a brass section like public enemy harder than you think or should even trick daddy take it to the house. Our care but brass sections are very underutilized. There was a brass band from New Orleans. Zuma's here played the man might have to put up. Anyone played this rap song that had a whole bunch of brass in it in. And they're like they're like that's uh I like playing their backgrounds. Super cool disconnected dots because people always told me satellite with respect to the brass culture and I finally went there and just to be able to go outside downtown in the city and see a bunch of brass and drums to me is just the best ambience ever and I wish it happen a lot more cities. Do you and me both wall miles you. You have a podcast yourself. So I kind of feel like you didn't have to be thank you for indulging me on my show and give me some of your time and I do want to dedicate this episode to the memory of wake self. Yes thanks man appreciate that Wake is it was pretty much my the New Mexico based hip hop artists to. I looked up to the most as far as collaborator. Someone I was hoping to grow Roth musically and I hope still hope to even though he passed in He did so much for this state and he's left such large legacy that I really hope will encourage everybody else to Step up to the plate and Represented disregarding the country today that you did on. My podcast is called records ceremony. I haven't given it much effort. I was thinking today that I've done some other injuries. I need to edit put out Kinda just feel my way through it. I I was going to make I totally based on horn players on and then I wanted to other people. Oh but I'm actually. I guess the news on that is I bought a new portable recording device. Allow for me to get really good audio. And I think I'm GONNA spend more time interviewing the people around me because there are some interesting people out here and I kind of feel like I love listening to conversations. People find interesting in general and so I'd like to do the more that really highlights the characters that around here in addition to maybe doing some recording from afar as well but It's been good to be with you. Thanks for the invite him you know. It's no comparison in having your own podcast. Because I wouldn't think ask myself these questions so it's always interesting in appreciate all the work in after you put in 'cause you've definitely on out in I don't know what to expect but there's a lot of content here that I still follow on. Yeah I mean I listen to your podcast. I know you value interesting conversation. So if you go through my back catalogue and listen. That's that's a win for me-mexican Nassar more. I hope your own podcast blows up. Because apparently is the new hotness. Everybody has a podcast but good. PODCASTS are far and few between so thanks for being here man. podcast okay the.

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