Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)


<music> boring is were the weekend. It was fantastic. Yeah looked like it yes. I think everybody did alright this weekend. I was making cosmo's shake rocks consensus and also created a new cocktail for myself uh-huh. I call it a cucumber delight. That sounds out. I'm in yes committee career. You get cucumber. You know liqueur you mix it in with a little graph graf boy healthy limit okay six six hundred sixty six win win. I was so ever the whole cucumber. I suggested key with your with your chef. Boyardee on friday. Pretty darn good. Not bad at all. Alcohol was pretty consistent i will i'd say a month the weekend i <hes> you one though that expressive r._t. Yeah that looked pretty bad looked so damn martiniere friday friday. I don't know wherever you were wherever you are on friday. When i say in the picture from the bar new responded with the chocolate martini or that was you don't have that point i was i remember that's what happens with the expressive martini experts chocolate martinis that means you had a long runway way. That's basically what the final finish line. That's exactly see belt was buckled up. I was walking home at that point. Yeah yells yells at home because i was down at the down at the bottom of the hill decided to walk to the i don't know i just wanted to walk. I guess in did you carry your anti coyote <music> spraying stuff. When you have to stick no to stick i was good. I just wasn't even thinking you know they're nocturnal key. Well i mean i guess what though i don't have a dog whitney some okay. They're not coming after me. They want you to think i they're not coming nat king. I know how to gang up on you and you just going to say you know what they could never. I wish he would run a they well. They hunt and paxi there. Maybe mike may action tony brown and see if it works because we you guys tell me it felt like we got you know his feeder healing and the helmet thing was kind of a whatever he was upset set and they got it squared away and he's back and now it turns out that antonio brown is upset about his helmet again and general manager mike mayock. He's had y'all know that did a._b. Is not here today. So here's the bottom line. He's upset about the helmet issue. We have supported that we appreciate that at this point. We've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief so from our perspective. It's time for him to be all in or all out all right. Let's start start right here key. Why was mike mayock the guy that went and sent that message because we've heard jon gruden talk about a b we saw jon gruden at that press conference say we've supported him through this this. This is a personal decision and gruden was pretty calm in talking about it. You could tell he was on antonio brown's side and now because this is round two of this they send out the general manager who clearly was sent aren't enough of this what they got the gruden's tired and he said he's tired of talking about it after the phoenix the arizona cardinals game he said you know what i'm. I'm tired of talking about it any mayock. Obviously he gets time to shine. He gets to step up and make it seem as though he's real general manager and he's the one who hired route and he has the authority which at all honesty. I really don't care about what mike mike. You're saying at the end of the day. You didn't even need to talk to the reporters. You could just simply say you know what we're dealing with it in house. We'll we'll. We'll do the situation but to stand up. Beat your chest like a tough guy with glasses on like you just stunning pool when used to be n._f._l. Network i'm not a big fan yeah. I don't like mike people trying to do that. Sort of stuff if you wanna deal with a._b. A._b. just deal with it you don't need to you don't need to tell the media. Obviously he's not here and you know look he's in or he's out. You don't need to do all that but if they chose to do that and to your point that he got to pretend to be the g._m. For a day clearly jon gruden game a green light to go do of course there's no question about. They're on the same page as far as the message that needs to be sent. There's there's no question about that. But you you don't need to do that is serving. I get it. I understand what you're doing. I'm not defending abo defeated before but i'm like i'm tired of it. It's it's wearing me out every single day now. It's like something else with this. Do like come on man like just get out for a walk around. You're gonna lead you. What's gonna wind up. Happening is at the end of the day. They're going to figure out a way to try to get that money back guarantee money out what to do in neom we walk around looking like a buffoon now now people that you people look at you like you like you stupid as it is already i mean you you gotta at some point his agent scumbag back agent drew rosenhaus is using the opportunity to go on national t._v. It talk about it to recruit the next guy. Do i stop. We have already happened rain morale. Won't you tell your client to get with it to start to play. Get healthy start to help the team not coming around every single day. It's a different issue like who leaves to keep leaving practice all the time like so almost right there yeah. That's that's the thing a and the line that giro's had was. We're not sure that we've exhausted. All of the options as mayock said that's what he's saying with regards to the helmet thing. This is it it really about that or is it. This unquenchable desire to be the center of attention. This unbelievable need to be talked about regardless whether it's positive negative or or anywhere between that in tokyo brown needs to be spoken about constantly so the way they did it again. Is this helmet. I'm going to do it all over again he. He couldn't think of anything else so oh all just redo the helmet thing feels like i don't know man is this is just kind of kind of old told me. It says his old would too okay. No the part of it talk exactly continue to talk about a damn helmet. Yeah just put a domino man right. They got seventeen thousand helmets. You can get certify that you wear and be safe one of the okay one of them is going to be okay. It's not even about the helmet you win. It's about the person let's go hit you. That's what it's about. Those homeless is certified by the n._f._l. In whoever company is not putting you in a position to get a headache. That's not their goal. Their goal is not to do that so any helmet that you wear you feel certain you had that helmet when perfect you swear swearing down he was getting ready to we was going to be at a funeral. That's you know what i'm saying like did protect you. You still wind up with a concussion so to speak which you know if key if you're tired of it right if you're just like do enough with the helmet enough with it and and i think that everybody probably feels the same way in our universe do antonio man. What are you imagine being a raider. Imagine being a teammate and having everybody run up to your locker after every practice or everybody coming to say hey what's up the helmet what's up with a._b. What's up with his feet. It's it's always something with this first thing. I will say that they read a bouma locker. It's not my problem man. Go talk to the coaches. I don't you know oh but you you leaders that i got here. My home is in my locker. Here's drew rosenhaus this morning on get up. I talked to mike mike multiple times yesterday. We're on the same page. We're working together. We understand the clubs frustration. We understand that they juan antonio back. We get all of that and everyone please understand that he wants to be there. <hes> it is difficult for him to practice actes take hits whatever with a piece of equipment that he's never used before and so that's why we're trying to iron this out so everything can go smoothly. The rest tested the season. We're looking for a permanent solution all right so that's drew rosenhaus on get up this morning. There's a whole bunch there. We'll get response key next <music> waking up with he sean and his boys. It's kind of like that milk splashing on your cereal in the morning. Oh yeah no not this time t._j. Hooker what no man i hear you more combat rundown. Oh but there was there was the dragon you gotta enter the dragon into the drag bruce lisa <music> forty-six years ago today. Is this the one where he fought kareem. No no. I know that he fought kareem at some point. Koreans toes it. I don't know i don't know all of bruce lee exit the dragon exit exit data dragons close enough the dragons guys aren't fairly feeling bruce lee all that money talk knows a great fighter <hes> <hes>. I'm not sure if dealing with chuck norris sure. Do you remember that no oh man that was your people that was people's hero ancho well texas ranger chuck norris. Well yeah chuck norris. I never i get i get it. I mean i don't get it that makes sense. Just didn't look right though no no one the only one. I need to respect the great bruce lee all right so antonio brown is the center of attention again. Which is what. I think this is exactly what he wanted. Antonio brown wanted to wake up this morning and hear people talking about antonio brown and hear people talking about his refusal play unless he gets his helmet squared away. Mike mayock said look. We've done everything we can't on the helmet. We supported them with them. We've exhausted all the options there. He's either in or out and his agent drew. Rosenhaus was on get up this morning saying not necessarily i talked to my multiple. We'll times yesterday. We're on the same page. We're working together. We understand the clubs frustration. We understand that they want antonia you back. We get all of that and everyone please understand that he wants to be there. It is difficult for him to practice. Take hits whatever with a piece of equipment that he's never used before and so that's why we're trying to iron this out so everything can go smoothly the rest of the season. We're looking for a permanent solution first of all of death game of death first of all you don't get hit so we talking about take hits in practice now. Now you just running your mouth. You don't take hits in practice practices like t shirts and shorts flags. It's flag and football helmets like stop why and so is he wants to be there if he wanted he'd be there. I'm sure he wants to be there but it's like anything when you're a kid if your parents allow you to get away with doing look that you just this nailed key here. Let let's listen to mike mac again because listen to this and you guys tell me what's missing from this because there's an incredibly important part of this. It's never said hey y'all know that a b not here today so here's the bottomline he's upset about the helmet issue. We have supported that. We appreciate appreciate that at this point. We've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief so from our perspective. It's time for him to be all all in. We're all out all right so that's raiders general manager. Mike mayock with phrases like okay. Here's the bottom line. You're either all in or you're all out. We've exhausted every possible avenue avenue. That's the tough guy. Let's say what's not. What's missing or else or else. Well says econo- said. I hope he does a game like a fake what else because he's all in all because i said i hope for him to be here week one right but that was kind of like leaving it. Ah cadillac a wou ki like you just said like with your kids or anything else the only way you get them to actually move to actually do it is if if there's some or else they're this this wasn't he needs to be here or else. We're going to blink. It was just he's in a row over opportunity. There's no there's this weirdo coach. Our else will be here this week. It'll be he works for your else. It'll it'll come out this week that they're looking into the contract of antonio brown. They've met with the n._f._l. P._a. This find out if they watch if he doesn't come into practice in get in line within the next hour. Call it three days. You're going to start to hear hear that. They've talked to the n._f._l. They've talked to the n._f._l. P._a. to try to figure out what is left for them to do can they take his money. Watch what i tell you but so it's gonna i'll start to happen but what's his in game like what is the many for him because you are so funny. You're not going to get your helmet. No so what's the endgame. I i don't know but what's so funny. Arosh is that people like you stupid and don't know i it. I would put me in the same category isn't antonio brown. That's just crazy neck right there. They just say they will put me in the same category as a diva with antonio brown. People voted you right there. That makes me sick to my stomach. That in person would think that i would do such a thing because i told the coach go pouncing it lost f- detrimental to the team is what's going on right because it is camp because you know brown nose to say man. Stay away. I'm getting better opportunities opportunities and more opportunity to stay away detrimental to der cars at detrimental to jon gruden been done for he's a pro. He knows how to run all routes all around the same. Dare car knows how to deliver. The football takes three days to get in sync. They've worked out together and he all season if he knows the playbook and knows when the lineup and do all those sorts of things not going to be a problem travis just so key schofield's better ooh a._b._c. finished with thirty seven percent of the votes t- yoga twenty six percent you wanna get twenty four percent receiver. Keyshawn johnson lashed out at the head coach on national t._v. and then oh b._j. Thirty percents so really less than one fourth show diva lever yeah but the fact that you would even have me. I'm not the only that the fact that shaw would even that y'all would even put my name align with such characters is ridiculous louis too but i'm not gonna defend myself. I'll let others duo lashed out at the head coach on national t._v. There are key just over your shoulder on e._s._p._n. It said antonio brown on. I notice notice what no one saying he needs to be here or he's not gonna play. He needs to be here or taken his money. He needs to be here or else. There's the the notice was there upset. Well guess what we're all been upset with him going all the way back things they just. It just happened yesterday i did. He leave barron aaron left or did he not show up because they just said he's not here so he didn't get his helmet cleared so he bounced okay so he gets in his car and he leaves again. I love it. That's so great sexy <unk> sexy. That's really what you should be doing he really should you really should show up. Lookie locker which you're looking for is go ahead and just leave so if it's not detrimental the team it's not detrimental to car in the offense and everything else is it. I mean i get that. We need to talk about detrimental to him right. That's the thing it's him. It's short sighted because clearly this is a man who likes to spotlight clearly. This is a man who likes being talked about this is probably someone who fancies himself as the personality away from the game. Perhaps someone who may get an opportunity beyond in a countdown someone who may get to being a boost somewhere what this is what he's probably thinking in his head because he sees himself clearly in a certain light what he's not being paying attention to and what drew has failed him at and saying you may see yourself through through this muir but this is what everyone else has seen without the mirror and we gotta clean this up. If you want that part of your career to angle that that i look at the end of a day he's gotta make choice okay and a decision on what he wants to do. This is consequences choices and decisions. There's all three of those and he's at a point now where he's he's a guy that everybody is now going to be talking about over the next forty eight hours. The team starts off in the wrong situation in week four. They start losing guess what is going on. You is going to say what you did in preseason yeah. That's exactly what's going to happen because look. Let's to be honest. It's we've got two weeks ago. We got two more preseason games the beginning of the n._f._l. Season starts that second week in february okay. He's gonna be there. I mean does has anybody thinks that antonio brown's and not going to be in the lineup on that first son or they get the raiders actually play that first monday. I don't really want the truth. Yeah i mean the way right so so oh well we say and he's going to finish training camp with the raiders or we saying that he's not gonna participate until he gets a new hill. I'm not saying either. One of those things. What i was saying is that by the when the raiders play week one monday night football antonio brown will be in the line of battle. I don't know that to be true. You think you might miss it over a helmet where they've tall tall tired of dealing with him. Yeah we'll shut it down. Shut it down. I think so. I think thanks so i i think so because did this is really i mean it's a it's antonio brown situation but this whole team and his organization and everything is really about john grew in if antonio's going to treat it the way these treating now and been around grooten any kind of know john a little bit about his ego and he's not gonna put la the push back. He's gonna wind up figuring out how to get some of that money back if not all of it in cinemas weigh in at third a three and a five they gonna be like oh li'l now i'm just telling you that's why i say to you this week if he doesn't come into practice you're gonna start to hear how they're gonna go after the money next receiver keyshawn johnson lashed out at the head coach on on national t._v. Who did he's on really wanna do a morning. Show with the answer could startle you next so the best singer for papa l z for you vandam only direct labor you rush bessinger though <hes> i mean for hooks and stuff you know hooks mean definitely debt one on the dude side yeah. He got wrapped the for sure. I wanna make sure though that i'm not overlooking. Some of the hooks like el-bugi dear for the food <hes> but you have the thing is just. Aren't you know. I don't know what i'm talking about is happy birthday traffic respect his voice was hooked so connick would have been would be passed away. Yeah blessed mris guests seeing some hoops okay but on nightclothes nate dogg actually had a son that was pretty good football but that didn't work out so great <hes> well happening just on tel- mill trouble and stuff just just young you know young in little immature and got caught up in some stuff that he shouldn't have been in fifty years old dog is birthday is brought to you by jaguar aguire land rover newport beach off the seventy three towards the sea visit landrover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond why you guys looking weird what do you mean yes. Y'all just up to something that was expected. Respecting the great nate dogg's birthday god bless the dead uh-huh funny funny pages. Let natives looks like the up to select strain like they doing something. They shouldn't be doing playing footsie or something under the table. There's stuff going on under no has another free hand all right. We saw the demarcus cousins towards a._c._l. S._e._o. which sucks for him which sucks for the lakers <hes> it also means that the lakers need to find somebody to replace him that they gotta find another body to come in and replace what they were hoping to marcus cousins was can give them or at least partially replaced with the marcus cousins gonna give him the name that keeps popping up in the name that the lakers are reportedly doing their due diligence on is dwight howard not is technically a member of the memphis grizzlies <hes>. He got traded to them in the middle of the season from from washington. He was in washington for minute and moved on down the road to memphis dwight howard two point oh in l._a. I it sounds like a terrible idea idea the way that it went originally and the way that dwight howard is seen now through most n._b._a. Fans is but telling you when you look at what's out there like the best option eh revisit. We wanna revisit. We're going to revisit because listen do i house first tenure as a laker wasn't clouded outed by dwight necessarily as much as all the other pieces around it and this is what i mean kobe number one they brought in a guy who had an office of skied that did not value the post play which now any ruffle feathers of dwight howard but also remember power go saw wasn't very happy about it either her and it just seems to me if you got power go saul and you got dwight howard or not make a change. You make a change instead. He's got two jumpers. There's if you can't coach anything but what you know is very difficult to to make a change to me. Great coaches can always make adjustments <hes> with the talent that the have you just because because you apollo running team and football and all of a sudden you got just this clip the wide receivers as aaron rodgers on your team. Let's some different exactly right. That's it's not right dantonio. Anyone do not differ so shoot threes and i think i took it out and i've always kinda. Sorta defended big shoulders in the past. Ask about that would be dwight howard. I how things turned out for him. <hes> it's it's one of those situations well. I'm willing to to roll the dice on him because it's a totally different organization and it was when he was hit a first time around the only real people are in the building or the buses. That's it who else is in the building. There's nobody on the team is none of the trainers is none of this. None of it's a totally different situation that some of the same fans but i think that the fans is it's so funny and professional sportsmen when you're star player size off on it. It's like the top head coach when the top head coach makes a decision about a player everybody else buys in <hes> when you're a top player on the team is okay with it and everybody buys in when anthony davis and lebron. James are not saying oh man. We don't want that dude on our teams. Everybody else bison. Everybody else starts to say well. He must be an all right guy because they're willing to play with him because if there wasn't willing to play with him you would certainly here lebrons campus whispering now. They don't want to do that or such and such a saying. That's not the way to go. Well the the other thing that's changed dramatically to or the expectations of dwight himself that when dwight came here the first time it was still in the short list of best player in the league dwight was <hes> on the list of at least the top ten top twelve top fifteen guy a guy that was an all m._b._a. Performer a guy that was an all star and you get to white howard and you're thinking okay here here. We go now the the expectation for dwight. Is you know you're gonna play twenty minutes a night. If you get ten points and six rebounds that's a win for us if you defend the rim that nobody's looking for him to be an all star or nobody's looking for him to do anything other than to give you some decent minutes and be a big i around the hoop and do the work. Why does he have to give decent minutes. Why couldn't he give you whatever whatever the max is for him if he does great but then my point is that he can't do it. My point is is that the expectations of dwight coming in are far different. He's he's looking to philly roll not be part of a koby nash pow for headed monster. He just needs to be a guy and get a dis way lebron's way. Let them do their thing and philip spot. That's that's a different expectation different expectation and so what we as fans and maybe the team expected. Dwight howard should settle down in a certain degree. Unfortunately the question is what is do. I howard see himself as himself as a role player. That's going to give you ten to fifteen he minutes does he or does he answer questions of that. Nature with the tone of i still gotta lot left in the tank and by laughlin tank meaning shots i see see that's see that's the thing i don't think so when you hear a veteran say i got a lot a lot left to give if there are superstar that a lot left to give means all star appearances if they've always been a role player than they know but you gotta remember though this dude is is odor is time has passed him by. He's never play with somebody like a._d. In lebron james kobe bryant was at the kind of like at the tail end of that whole situation. I mean that so. It's a totally different you plan with the number one player in the world. The probably the number of top to top seven players in the world because everybody wants to be with the cool kids. We let travis join in first few minutes next on the morning show. I got the full context of life. You got a different track. Don't you just have to kind of take it. All in in the moment in either enjoyed her not for what it's well it it was the singer to this. Oh yeah. I didn't know you guys are talking about either. We're all kind of confused. You have to listen to the lyrics chrissy. Now we it but nobody heard what you said. You gotta rolled off to the side. No i'm fine brand. Nobody because you guys know pay attention that's right. That's right well all right. <hes> the rams lose again on saturday and whatever who cares the game the score the game going out. There's a three game losing streak. Though you want to get really do make it sound terrible when it's not they've gone for three points and three points three straight points ten points yeah so this points in their last week so that's not great games. They played a starter and one of the one of the games they played the stars and here's here's exactly why sean mcvay and it's not just sean mcvay anymore. We're seeing more and more of the n._f._l. Where -rupt about half of it now or they're not playing lina the guys the rams played one of their guys who might be a starter in mike a kaiser a tourist pack and we don't know how long he's going to be gone. That's why these games are silly meaningless and certainly dangerous. If you're going to be a guy that's gonna play anyway. We'll look he's gonna you can give plenty of work now okay so when when i was playing when i played it wasn't a whole lot of scrimmaging going on with teams. You had a few joints prac- sims. I had full. It wasn't the entire league he doing it now. Everybody does it. You can get your work in the joint practices as a frontline guy all the work that you need is. Is it your same keith dude. Am i going to get the same work in am. I going to get up to game speed if i'm doing joint practice work as opposed to exhibition of everybody but if everybody is doing when it everybody's on the same speed is it makes sense to you but maybe it's not game speed because it's just a practical but if everybody is doing it right if i'm doing you're doing it and and we're doing it in a joint practice and we're frontline guys we're never gonna see those guys that actually play in the preseason because their second and third fourteen you guys that probably are not gonna make the team or be heavy special teams guys situational guys so when regular season stores. You and i are going to be on the same speed. We're gonna be on sci-fi because we did it. We've done the same work we say done same work but if i'm doing gang speed work and you're doing practice be working and maybe i'm gonna be a little ahead of you in the preseason is slow anyway. The preseason is not as fast as you think. Guys are still flying around because they're trying to make the team but overall. It's not a regular season game and it's not playoffs beat you look at what we saw two and again you're dealing with guys that are backups at best and then a bunch especially for the rams is because they don't have a bunch of open roster spots. We know who's going to make the team. We know who's going to be on the fifty three man roster with very few exceptions but what we did see was daryl henderson who record pass out of the backfield and it was that was those moments and they don't happen very often in the preseason where you go that right there that right there is going to be a play that we're gonna the sea and that's why they draft him because he caught a pass on the right side and he just ran bass. Jalen smith a starter for the cowboys like he was nailed to the ground. I mean he ran past pass that dude and that was one of those that's why they took him where they took him and and that's the thing about it is when you have an opportunity certain guys at a young. That's what the preseason business for preseason is now for joy bolsa aaron. Donald you know <hes> gear golf tiger early this now what the preseason is for <hes> pre the season is for guys to understand what pro football is like what the speed game could potentially be try to impress coaches on all phases of the game offense defense. This is special teams and if you do that then it'll be fine me getting a look at baker may feel in for short period of time. Hi is okay because he play last year so he shows you could plan roles so i'm okay winning just engineering drive or two down the field like tom brady drive down the field. Matt ryan played this weekend. I mean some of the prescott played some is. Yes some guys get it. I was a guy who liked the planet preseason but at the the same time i knew how to protect myself a new how to get out and i needed to get down the ride abounds. When i need to run out of bounds if you could do those sorts of things then yeah but overall if you're playing all eighty three of your guys or however many is on the roster ninety guys that you somebody's going to get hurt. Somebody's is going something's going to happen. I was watching the game last night. Quarterback backup quarterback for minnesota vikings went to sly seattle who got hit by the seattle whose insure he almost got killed killed. He he went to slide dude helmet-to-helmet yeah but he's also 6-foot-9 talk. He might have thought he was down. I understand that but that's just not right in your putting more abuse on your body and you don't need to know preseason uncle who away right now because there's money being made i figure i heard i heard over the weekend that one of the things that may be affixed to to this to eliminate a couple of preseason games and not take money necessarily off the table for the owners because that's why they have these games get paid on these games their ticket prices gate everything else yeah minnesota minnesota was sold out to charge and televise joint practices so they're the can get some money and so in the raiders and the rams go up to do a joint the practice you will get to see aaron donald you will get to see jared goff and todd gurley and he's being no but if they can if they can find a way to get a little it's not any less or more boring within a preseason game dreadful. I know but it's just silo. No you know what i want. I want we saw speaking with sean mcvay and mike dunn great now. I will listen to that. I louis great preseason coaches on the sideline as long as they're good sean mcveigh every single every single game you know what he was. You know what it reminded me of was tony romo in the sense that they know it. They say the identified immediately. Here's what's going to happen. We're gonna move this guy over here for that. We're going to see what the backer does here and then up there. It is boom and it's doing it in real time. It's just is an insight into expertise is real it was but he also is so media ready and i don't know how long he wants to coach. Hopefully is for the next forty years but if he decides he wants to do something else is evident is obvious this guy was made to be on television in front of a camera doing exactly what he did on saturday key can the two point. Oh all coaches do sean mcveigh did on the weekend which is they put a headset on understanding. They're standing there. He's watching it and just by the way that they line up just by the way they move one guy. He knows instantly what he's looking at. He can explain it very quickly about what's abbott. Is that just like this will be. A hell of a lot of coaches and a lot of players can identify pre-snap re. What's going on as soon as you break the huddle. I mean because you studied. It's not a test is everything is like a test man you when you're planning and you're watching six gain tape six games of tape of a team in an opponent. There's only so much stuff that they can do. There's only so many formations they can get in both defensively and offensively personnel groupings alignments. You can look out there. You go okay. This is what's gonna happen. I mean you you'll be able would you should be able to tell why are you saying noelle's because you because it isn't just about being able to read the pre snap read. It's about the deliveries about the timing is about the comfort of actually being explained what you're saying. That's not what he was asking. I don't believe i think he was asking can every single coach. Identify was getting ready ready to happen in articulated in such a manner in which you can understand and i believe that most coaches and players at a high level can do it. You gotta be high level says no because it takes a certain level of communication to actually make it digestible and i don't think there's a lot of coaches who may be they do but they can't explain z. Granison tail keyshawn johnson boxer about journalism about how to actually the report on t._v. We've thrown a headset on freddie. Kitchens are not entirely sure sean mcvay morning thanks show with keyshawn l z and travis coming up next or hey helps key open his morning pistachios.

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