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From youtube and emt comedy off broadway in lexington welcomes josh wolff august. Twenty six through the twenty eighth than september third catch comedian and social media star josh and just office. Recent appearance on america's got talent. Don't miss michael yo. September ninth through the eleventh for showtime's tickets to all shows call eight five nine two seven one joke or visit comedy off. Broadway dot com. Talk radio ten eighty. This is kentucky. Sports radio presented by stockton mortgage. Now here's matt jones. I can tell you sports radio monday. August thirtieth game week. Yeah saturday the football season kicks off. I can't wait. I'm sure you are the same way soon. You'll be able to give us a shout on the cars papa. John's phone line to five seven tonight. We're maxed out the phones for a little bit of money. There's so much to talk about. I want to get to some of it. And i don't want people have to hold. We'll open it a little later. A vision glass text machine. Seven seven to sim four five two five four and this edition sponsored by the t. j. smith law office personal injury lawyer call tj. He'll make them pay brian's lexington. I'm here with shannon and little absolutely beautiful day once again. But but i enjoy it because we're going to get hurricane ida here on wednesday and they're expecting three to five inches of rain think it's actually coming tomorrow. Well right threatened the five rain ryan so obviously prayers here by dealing with it now but get your get your umbrellas ready for according to shannon tomorrow. That's not what my sources said. But i will i will. I will trust shannon ryan. I know this maybe not the thing you want to start with. But i could not quit watching this stuff from down in new orleans yesterday. I just kept watching him. Just the wins one hundred fifty mile an hour winds. Oh it breaking down apart. Sixteen years to the day that katrina hit you got to. It's got to be a certain kind of person to live in new orleans. Yeah i mean it's every other year you just gotta be like. This is what we do. You know what. Here's what we have. You ever seen this story about that bar new orleans. It stays open no matter what no no. There's a bar it's been open for like sp fifty years every day no matter what. It stayed open during katrina. Wow and it stays open on christmas and it is staying open through this i soon. I didn't see a story about it this time but i've seen stories about it in the past. Isn't that crazy. Who is walking in during a hurricane. Drink i first of all. I think the people who stay. Because you know some people stay through it. Yeah but you stay inside you. Don't go out to a bar. I think some people take pride in. I mean look. I'm not saying it's rational. I'm just saying. I think that's what some people do. So crazy. pete wilson. Maybe they're by themselves and they did the comfort of being with other so far. You're by yourself down there. And you're like i'll feel better if i'm with other people gotta get a boat to get there. Yeah well anyway. It's it's going to be. It's going to be a wet time. It does look like so far again. It's hard to know this far advanced. That saturday still looks pretty good. They said that newspaper today. Thirty three thousand season tickets have been sold a little less than twenty nineteen but not a lot. It does make me though wonder ryan whether it'll be full saturday because i am. You know that basically means they're going to need to sell twenty five thousand tickets or something new. That will happen i i. I've always felt like maybe close to full but not full just because there are people out there with coach. Spiking are still a little leery about going out and being in crowds. I don't think it'll be fool. I think it'll be full for the next one. Yeah missouri is a different story. I think saturday night with missouri. Kate tastic. I think that'll be full and also awesome. The i'm really looking forward to these next two saturdays. I mean i think saturday's going to be fun on a personal level. I think it's going to be as it's going to be the first day since kovic where the bar is going to feel. Like it's rocking. It felt good friday night at that party but like that was just all of our friends. Think this is gonna feel like old days. And then i think september eleventh with missouri is going to ryan feel like one of those great kentucky athletic days. In general i agree. You know there wasn't a whole lot celebrate during a nine win basketball season the ncaa tournament so we didn't have those kind of environment. Even the football season you'll s. schedule. I just to give you an example. I won't use the actual dollar amounts but during the football games last year the best day for the bar was half of what it was the year before the best day. So i mean that's just gives you an example of what it was like for everybody. You know what i mean for everybody else whereas now i think and also just get the sense. Everybody's you know everybody's just excited and we're gonna spend a little time today talking about the season and what it's going to get to. I do though. I feel like i have to at least acknowledge this insanity at u. of al yeah. I've been waiting to talk about it. I saw it happened right after we got out there. He's always happen always happens. I'm not gonna say do it intentionally. But there's a part of me feels like they do. They have to. You know. Friday news dump at noon and then i was on espn. So i didn't even get to hear the audio during it. And i'm keeping getting these texts i can. You believe the audio. And i couldn't listen to it so i listened to it after it was over the art so first of all dino gaudio ends up with one year probation ten thousand dollar fine and the federal judge going. Why are we here. This is so ridiculous and such a waste of time. Which by the way is what i said. The first time it was ridiculous that should never been a federal case. And as a matter of fact. When i heard the audio the audio ryan was amazing but it also confirmed that it shouldn't be a federal case. It was two friends arguing. Yup didn't you think that that's exactly what it was and got gaudio's audio is very entertaining. I'll give him that. It is very entertaining when he calls. Vince tire towed. Here's what you're gonna do. Here's what you go pay me. You go pay me you do it. Have you want you write me. A check brought me a check. I don't care eighteen months. Sixty six turned social security piece here. Why did he repeat at the end of every statement. He'd say something and do just what you did. He'd greed repeated. What because he that guy from leslie county who would repeat everything. Say everything and then whisper it store. That's kind of how he would just say it. Say it again. Yeah delighted. I love and then chris maxwell trying to france like dino. I love you man. I love you like you could trust me. I know you may not like shut up. chris. Chris mack is such a weasel and these things playing the nice guy because he knows he's recording the conversation. I mean chris. Like i gotta tell you man dino may have broken the law all although i still don't think that's what the law is a situation like that right. Here's where he screwed up at first he sent him report it to my superiors right. Yeah that wouldn't have been an illegal ryan. Yeah if he said if you don't pay me. I'm gonna report to my superiors. It was when he brought up. Tim sullivan and jay bilas and all that that was when he probably screwed up. But i still don't think it should have been a federal case but i still think in all this mac still comes off like such a weasel. I mean dino comes off kind of as a bully but don't you think matt comes off the worst friend in the world and we've said this was mentor. Protege these guys were super close for a long time. That's mac brought him here to be on his staff because he loves the guy ended up like this and then it was also kind of sad dino at the end is like i was good at offensive rebounding. Our defense was good. Look look it's nothing personal. I just need better chemistry. What does that mean. I need better chemistry ac. We all need to get my question. Did chris mack. No that dino is going to come in and have that conversation. He had to or chris map record every conversation have that maybe maybe christmas like watergate and there. You gotta be careful what you say to. Yeah because how would you just have that unless you knew either a that was going to happen. Our love i mean i love you man but you know how he needed a mammalian a man. I love you but and then dino cuss like a sailor. I wanted to play the audio which can beep beep beep. I mean like you can't you can't play it. Yeah so but cowl tucker made a great point when all is said and done and everything is over dino ends up with a ten thousand dollar fine and one year probation chris. Mack ends up losing two hundred twenty thousand dollars six games twenty days so turn him in actually back actually backfired should have let it go. I mean of course he should let it go. And i got the sense man. Here's i just listen to it. I got the sense. It was one of those things dino's blowing off steam ryan but he wouldn't go into anybody you know what i mean. I think he thought going in there. Mac his buddy with like okay dino yell let's do it. Let's do it you know. I really think they dino stop brought. I'm gonna play tough guy for just a minute. And then mack my old buddy. My old friend is going to go ahead and give me that money by the way. Do you believe let's say it wasn't recorded we. Max said i'll just pay ramon pocket. Do you believe he would have done that now. i don't know either. Now come on. Give on mac so so now this morning. Eric crawford is reporting that. There's more to the tape that didn't get released and that. What was on that tape. Maybe why matt got suspended. Oh that's intriguing to me like if you're going to release the tape released the tape. You got to release the release some of the tape. If there's more of the tape. Then i need to hear said tape don't you. Yeah yeah one hundred percents like we didn't get the best part of it and it also sounds like this suspension came from the president need neela pootie and the board that they were the ones upset which goes to show when you actually put someone in charge who has principles ryan. You're in trouble. And in various circumstances see. I just assume most. The suspension for mac was the allegations. That gadio brought forward. You know the now that they're not worried about any. Apparently that's not what it was. It says it was his behavior during the conversation. But if you just listen to the tight that we've heard it doesn't sound like he did anything wrong necessarily want to hear what the rest of the tape is. So i find it fascinating. It's also so you avail that like i mean. Just think about this sentence. An assistant coach was federally pled guilty to extortion of the head coach. Due to ncaa violations that occurred under his watch and yet louisville that barely even registers as one of the worst scandals. They've had in the last year right way down the list. It's way down the list. It is insane. Here's what's sad about little. I was just talking to tony bonetti about this. What's sad. is that all. These years of scandals have made it to where their fan base is apathetic. They really are. I mean one of the sad things to me is part of what made the uk. You've l. rivalry fun was that they were their fans had become insane. You know what i mean. Your fans had become the people like they were. I'll be careful what i say. But they were like the people who will listen to what anybody says it. Just do it. Because they said it and now they've been beaten down so much that they're just apathetic and actually think that's the worst thing for the program. You know what i mean. The worst thing for the program is. I don't think they're fans care anymore. And that's hard to recover from like being bad ryan. You can recover from even being on probation. You can recover from but if your fans stopped caring. That ryan is much harder to come back from. Yeah and they stood behind them even through some of the early scandals but then it just kept smacking them in the face one after the other they still have that one fan holding out form the uk. Sheriff that you had an interesting interact is something else. You like the sheriff shannon. I don't know the sheriff. I wouldn't know the sheriff if he sees twitter account right. I don't follow them. I saw what you Responded to know what you're grown man. I think he's probably in his forties. Would you make your twitter account. You avail sheriff. No what does that even mean. I think it means he's out policing those of us who might criticize you. Okay that's your take on. How what what's your take. I don't know maybe maybe it was a former sheriff guys. Share the dude with the scar on his neck and he was a sheriff. I don't know ryan is that now. He's this sheriff to sort of protect. You avail yeah protective. Defend his beloved cardinals. That's his job in life now. i think he's on. He's on a boat by himself anymore. It seems like he didn't. It wasn't his best decision to come after me yesterday. Yeah it was. It was entertaining saul say that as well. I won't go over it but you know sometimes you gotta you gotta finish it. Sometimes you finish do up seven one today. We won't open it yet. We want to talk about the football. We got some news crazy stories in sports not so much. uk but in other parts of the world. Some of these stories are wild. And i can't wait to get the take of ryan and shannon on some of this stuff that happened and this was one of the weirdest weekends of odd stories and rail bird shannon turned into No water-bird for a while. Ooh that's bad. We'll talk about that. More we retired scares talked about jones. And the crew called clark's pup and shop online at five to seven hundred ten eighty or one eight seven seven nine thousand four hundred eighty or since the kentucky brandon chaos or tweet of the day by twenty at kyi sports radio blue and kentucky. Sports radio on talk radio tennessee. Casinos should've walked in seeing mass. Twenty did i wonder how much money we're talking about. How much was getting paid. Probably a couple hundred thousand dollars. You think i'm not. I mean there's that public absurd. I don't know what it is. I'd be interested to matt. What about the multi-millionaire dino gaudio's thirst for social security i. I'm not sure if he's a multimillionaire. I mean he was. He never would have been coaching at the time. That coach started making insane money. So i you know. Plus i think some people just want their social security where they need it or not because they feel like they deserve it right after paying into it all those years. Yeah after paying all those taxes for all those years you want a little something back but dino definitely like get me to sixty six and two months i can get by social security. You get all kinds of perks at that age quite like i think. He liked twenty-five coffee at. Mcdonald's can go workout wherever you want any. Jim is that right. i think so. I don't know about this. My dad told me this janos. Oh you get twenty five cents coffee. I don't know if twenty five percent but you get a discount on coffee and you can work citizens him you want. I believe that's right. Yeah well what are these other big benefits of being sixty six. I'm sure there's other ones do you know of other ones. No i need to know sneaking up on it here. We have some sixty-six-year-old listeners. Are older tell me what are the benefits. Seven seven seven seven four five to what is dino have to look forward to the seventy seven to seven four five five four except the twenty. Now then i'll make sense to me. Why when you walk in any small town. Mcdonald's there's ninety old men that's getting twenty five cents. Coffee now makes it now. It makes sense free refills free ringing field. Every wonder why do they always choose. Mcdonnell's that or like a dairy. It's always one of those two. Wow when berger says matt my day. The girl who's grandpa recorded every conversation. He ever had with people outside his family. That's that's weird. Yeah i was gonna say that's a little walked around and recorded every conversation. He had man's because you have you ever recorded any conversation. No i mean not without the person knowing. What about you ryan. Yeah i have. Oh what. I could tell me something i can tell by the way. He's talk that he does not wanna talk about it. I i could tell. I knew it. I'm intrigued though. I knew though the way he said that because he's so open about everything the way he said that was with. Let's just move on. Yeah the person's name that can you tell me so i i. I'm on. I'm laying off. Almost i can feel it brian. You want us to move on. don't you. Man that hurricane is up here. Just want to know the scenario now. Let's let him off normal. He doesn't do it but let's let him off at admit to it. Then when a dog so odyssey's recording over record a conversation. But when i was thinking about running for office my mom suggested and she wasn't the only one i probably five or six people say every phone conversation you're on from now on assume it's being recorded. Yeah and so. I did actually now doubt but i did because i think she was probably right about that. There's a lot of sports stories. Our talk about the one fast me most is. This bishop sycamore story. Yeah no kidding so. Espn had a weekend of high school football. This weekend. like games all weekend. I g academy is like the best football team in the country. They were supposed to play. Bishop sycamore a school in ohio. The game is thirty seven to nothing shannon midway through the second quarter and the espn announcers basically go. All right folks turns out. We got duped. This school told us they had tons of division one prospects and we're great and clearly they're not and this is a sham and these kids are going to get hurt and then comes out that it's not even really school. Gosh yeah. Their web webpage is just a blog and shannon. They play two nights before they get on. Espn nobody factor nobody. Espn we got duke. That's shame on them. I mean listen. I'm espn god now but part of that is on them. You got to check up on this right. Go take him for your work. You just call up and go. Hey i got a great team. Shaven billy we're all we're all division one prospect. Okay come on out and play the number one team in the country now so now. The question is how did that happen. And here's another thing. Ryan that teams playing johnson central friday night. That's right play. Johnson central next after all this. They were what they were like. Owen six last year even in your game preparation. Either by the producer or the announcers. Somebody should've caught. Hey i don't understand. How did they not know that. This team went. Oh and six last year. Somebody didn't do their homework. And really the announcers. They was good limb to admit. But don't you do a little game prep and show prep before you announce a game like that. I should have believed they also they. They only had like twenty four players. And it's not even a real school not even a real school ages. You got people like in the neighborhood shannon. Some of the players apparently are like twani. That is unbelievable. unbelievable that happen on. Espn need like a long story about this. How did that happen. thirty thirty. h fascinating to me that this team. How did they pull off that scam. Because they got a lot of money. That's why they did it now. More kentucky sports radio presented by stockton mortgage. Here's joe tight so the sixty six year old thing is called silver sneakers and if you're a member of silver sneakers you can get into any jim free. That's what he needs. One person writes a lot of movie. Theaters will give three dollar tickets for seniors. See there's all kinds of perks. You're hunting and fishing licenses only five dollars. If you're a senior we need more seniors hunting in with guns. Let's see what else most people are. Talking silver sneakers it seems to be a big one. Yeah all national parks are free if you're sixty five boom. I'm sure there's a lot more. The i feel like. I'm not getting enough of these. I know there's gotta be more folks that are our senior listener seven to simpson for five to five point. I know there's gotta be something else. Get your day at the state fair senior citizen day. I don't know what happens there but you get your own day. There's a day that the state fair. There's a senior citizens day. Well that's exciting the img okay. So this back to this thing for bishops sycamore second. The coach got paid ten thousand dollars for the game. That's a heck of a scam. I've been watching this documentary series on. Hbo which is really good. Which is about all these scams called generation hustle and some of them. You sit and watch and go. How did they pull that off this that. This should be an episode. How you got. Espn two book. You against the number one team in america. Kind of their big showcase game with the whole weekend. I m g here is amazing. Absolutely amazing also. Amazing the mets. Have you seen this story yesterday. The mets beat the nationals. And every time they'd get a big hit three of their players would go thumbs down all that thumbs down and when asked why they said the crowd boos when we play bad. So we're booing the fans. When we play good childish is all my good new professional athlete acting like a little leaguer. I first of all. I love this story because wow of all the places to do this new york yeah concrete jungle where dreams are made of. And you're telling me you're going to do that. New york i mean what do you. Their reaction is going to be the next game. They're gonna hate you to the point. We want to pitch or not a belly it. You're better than that. I don't think they're going to do the belly. Probably stops what is havi by is gonna get when he comes up to and he's only been on the team for a few weeks. Those home games are going to be ro games with the fans dude. I can't wait and then the owner comes out and basically says our players are being ridiculous. I'm for the fans. The fans like but now the players are going to turn against the owner yup owner of the falling. Apart for the mets. I mean they were in first place for a good part of the part of the season. Now it's all just falling apart ryan. How dumb do you remember. What my okay. So when i started doing k. Sr i had a rule. We never fight with the players. We had one player that always wanted to fight with us. And i would tell hold serve. We're not going to say a word about him right. Yup can't win fighting with the players and ryan. You can't win fighting with the fans either. No these are the people that come and support you. That's why you have a job because fans come to gains and watch you play your professional your mature adults supposedly act like me grow up. Have you ever heard anything like this with like. Oh no basically. The team turned on their face. Here's the question. Do they do it again to the players due to say they win tonight. Do they do. If i were the manager out. Have a good talking with with the players. Say hey you can't do that. I hope they do do that. Your bench they do it again right. How funny would it be if they did it again. Well it would definitely be. We're talking about it in kentucky. It's it'd be a bigger story is right now. I love the story. And i cannot wait to see what harvey i mean. When can you think of that. A home teams player has been booed out of the park. I remember when it was garry. Templeton with the saint louis cardinals. He flipped the fans off as he's walking back to the dugout worse. Yeah well i first of all look at ryan with his garry templeton altun. I remember garry templeton plate for the padres. He did after the cardinals. Okay or the odds. We'd have garry templeton rallies reference. Well but the at that time the manager why her of and out of the dugout at grab even drugging back in you know so. That's why did the manager. why don't i don't. They knew what was what they were doing. Know what i mean. 'cause like it's not obvious what they're doing there but it was. It was absolutely great five. Oh five seven one tonight. He's speaking of great shannon. How great was ryan and richie. Farmers fight on saturday awesome. Awesome of people. Who don't know i need to give a little backdrop. Can we go inside the business here a little bit. Don't but i'm gonna stop you shannon shannon kit step aside if he didn't want to go inside the bit. Well no i mean. Part of it is obvious because you saw it in the crowd it so shira is wrestling tony gun in the kentucky heavyweight tournament water gun. Tony gun aimed sheera. We don't know how bad yet but he got hurt during the match it was. It was unfortunate and and if you were sitting there were ryan was out there. Because he was sheer as manager. You could tell immediately he got hurt. Something was something wasn't right. And then ritchie came over and started talking a little trash to ryan and next thing you know we get a fight. I it was absolutely glorious. Okay i was in the back with the people. And i was watching it on the camera and you know. Sometimes we've got an inexperienced camera crew and sometimes they don't get a perfect dangle but they got the perfect angle of this got it all ryan in all his glory. Fighting with richie farmer. He takes his shirt off of deep v neck by the way after sheriff shirt shirt that he wore a deep v-neck threw it in the crowd and took his glasses off. Of course by the way how did you get your glasses back One of the referees picked him up. Okay because i thought you just left her glasses out there yeah. They started fighting the camera. Angle of ryan sweaty back as he jumps on. Richie farmer i mean. Do you know how happy it makes me that my radio co host is fighting my childhood hero right in front of me. It was a weird moment but it was. Yeah he was over their mouth. And i'd take up from a guy sheer i'm not gonna let mister clay county mr. Uk covent pick home. My guy well there to win. You didn't are you understand. Ritchie like you're lucky they broke you up. Ritchie would have beaten you up. We clay county every pfizer clay county i just love the willingness ryan has to take your shirt off at any given moment. Yeah i mean it doesn't take much it does it does a search coming off of ryan a fight and a shutout. Brian kinison for a great call. That was a great line. Yes ryan say what he say. Rise about to lose his pants an reaching farmers. Your your pants. Were on like your pants. Were barely hanging on. Did you think they were gonna come off. Oh yeah there's one. More time i thought to myself. What kind of boxer shorts do i have their back out and your pants were so close to coming off And now. When i saw the video i was just glad when jumped on richie's back. My plumber's crack didn't start showing back. I felt like it was. I think it was. I think the camera may have missed that already. Seen enough of you came. We didn't i mean that that's what puts them in the seats right there in in scenario well. I can't stop fighting on my friends. I thought michael bennett. Richie farmer but stivers is. Give me the double barrels finger salute. Come all male. I'm losing all my friends. Yeah well your guy won. the match. Wanted to see to see how his injury is but it was. That was the first time shane. And i've been there when somebody really got hurt. Yeah that was tough. It was sad to watch him. He was in a lot of pain. And you know it's weird scene. Dude that big. I mean. He is big. Yeah that big in pain is just kind of like. It's tough to why it's tough to what it's tough guy. Who's in that kind of pain and is so large because you just think man. He is bigger than life. Yeah and yet. He's in a lot of pain and he was laying out the mat after he won and nobody was helping him. So i ran back out there. And i'm thinking. Oh my how. Michael pick this great moment ryan picture of. He's like huge good manager. He was jimmy. Hart trying to pick up heavy ride proud of you guys gave it for david for the entertainment five. Oh to everyone today. let's go ahead and open up. The phones five. Oh to five seven. One eighty football news and next hour. We're going to pick our final final results on every game. Since we're starting this week we'll be right. Bags are blue lights across the bluegrass county by county. Virtual tour presented by the kentucky off of highway safety after this to talk to jones. And the crew. Called the clark's pump and shop phone line at five zero two five seven one eighty or one eight seven seven nine four eighty ups in kentucky gates on kentucky. Sports radio on talk radio. Kenny quarterback sports radio penalty five seven one today at k. Wise portrayal if you want to give us a shout. One person writes mad. It's funny here ryan. Tell somebody to act like a mature adult same weekend. Pierpoint is a fair point. That is a good. That's okay ryan is doing what he does just protecting my guy for i go to the phones joey. Gatewood is eligible ryan central florida. Are you happy. I am happy for him. I read something where he might even win that job. Like you didn't win the job at auburn. He didn't win the kentucky. It'd be hard to win that. Charlie just got there. Yeah i mean literally only been there a week and a half. It'd be hard so he is eligible this year. That's what yes. They made a ruling this weekend that he is eligible here so be interesting to see we. Now we'll have a quarterback central florida and a quarterback at new mexico. Both of whom ryan could have still been here. The two guys who were fighting for the starting job last year right and are expected to fight for the job again. This an interesting thing to watch over the course of the year. How will love us. Plays in boao because the two guys that are elsewhere both wanted to could have been. Yep yep bs could potentially have been our starter this guy and it'll be interesting to see how it works out mike. What's up mike. Yeah hey matt. Good as listening to The advantages of being a senior citizen. I don't see my call this in I lost connection just a minute ago with your your your show but anyway one thing we get is through the homestead act. We get our property taxes reduced minds reduced probably one dollars year every year. I didn't know that. So now. I you get twenty five cent coffee. I get to go to gyms free. I get movies for three dollars. And now you're telling me. I get a lower property. Tax to mike. Yeah yeah yeah well look at this. That was interesting. But mike appreciate you giving us the info anytime i can save money. I'm all for it. I understand that. What what else our say being retired. I tell the people out there so time being retired is you don't have as much money but you sure have a whole lot more fun. It's good i appreciate i. It's hard for me to imagine being retired. Feel like i would get bored. I don't think you ever will. I think you always have something going on a great now. You've got like five or six things going on at once. Right w this. You're you're teaching. You're writing a book. You having started a second book. Maybe i will one day. I mean you just wrote a book is what i mean. You've always got something going on. I can't ever see you being retired. Either you would be retired ryan. No i already have a couple of dream jobs that i want to get whatever your dream jobs. The greeter at walmart had on the list. You beyond the guy who's the the starter golf course. Who sits there on the first tee box and like make a range that drives around. Hey key speed up a little bit boys. That's my to dream. Jobs will dream big right. Yeah i mean let me just be clear. I think you could get both of those jobs now. Like i don't think it's going to take like if those really are your dream jobs ryan. I feel like i could get you both of them tomorrow. I want to wait until i get retirement age so i got something to look forward to and work towards explained to me i can. I can understand the gulf. Why do you want to be the greeter at walmart. 'cause you can be happy all day long you can just greet people be and give them their little cart when they come in and just interact with people you think. I really think you would be happy all day sitting and talking to people like that. Yeah yeah. I think it would be a good job but what if somebody who's retired. He just wants to get out not be alone. What about what about on black friday when it's crazy and people were stealing. Tv's you gotta go stop them. We got go tackle them in the parking lot. Would you be happy with that. Yeah of sick that day. I said i feel like i feel like we share them. We can make this happen for him. One day we. Should you know what i mean like. Just like giving them a sample day. I don't see why we couldn't do that. We definitely could. Someone is listening out there that manages a walmart. Wouldn't you think yeah. Probably here's the thing. I want you to write me seven after the show because again if it comes during sean might not see seven two cents in four or five to five four. If you could make ryan's dream come true. He gets one day as a walmart greeter. We'll do the show from the walmart and we'll sit right shannon watch while he's doing the greeting but why does he even have to be an employee greeting people now. I i mean. I wanna how the vast fast normal close just just greeting them. Yeah vast and name tag and the little lanyard with something hanging from. It always got something i know. There's somebody out there that can help me with this. Seven seven seven seven four or five to five four or call five zero two five seven hundred eighty hour and we'll come to your town right. Yeah it'd be. It'd be like a better in a small town with him greeting. And i'd like to watch live is fantasy. You gotta get. Every person that comes through ryan. It's a little work. You got to be on your toes falsely. We're going to make this happen. Ryan's dream shannon. Wants to play with. Metallica yeah you know what i mean i'd like to host the nfl the super bowl ryan walmart walmart green. Larry larry. Yeah my question is what is david aka dumbbell door about putting garrett in the game and losing okay. I took me a minute now. What you were talking about. You're talking about the reds right. Yeah which which game the o one the other night. They're already losing. But they bring garrett in and winning. And the i in and hate your stroz and no good. Pitching gets the game over and straps up like a peacock. I don't know. I mean. I am meer garrett's this year. I'm with you man. I appreciate college speaking to that. The reds play the cardinals. Monday tuesday and wednesday is a big series. The reds are game and a half up on the padres. Three and a half up on the cardinals. Ryan your cardinals fan. Would you like to go to one of the games with me. I would like to go to one of the game. Which one tonight tuesday or wednesday. I can't go tonight. i think. I'm going to be with people tuesday night so maybe it has to be wednesday mean my people. You know your your people you know. Go out with and look at a couple of things. Oh okay gotcha. So wednesday night with wednesday not. I could do okay wednesday night. We'll go to there and that could be the rubber game right that could be decides decides to wins. You guys are coming back on us now. Reds lost two straight to the marlins that's bad you can't keep losing mar although you all blew a game yesterday. Did you say that. The perk about to turn around. How so be ready. But did you see that chain in the cardinals. Three one on the pirates in the night loss to the pirate gave a three run homer in the bottom of the night bomb. That's that's a bad loss. Because you all. I was already ready to say you were back there. What three games back from the three and a half but we got three straight games this weekend. So you and i are going wednesday right okay. Wednesday it is. I'll put it in here. Sounds good i. Let's go over the schedule and let's pick our games reading get started here and then go after the break five. Oh five seven tonight. Louisiana monroe when when big win move. Quit missouri shannon. When brian when going win chattanooga when reich went big win win south carolina on the road shannon when ryan win win florida at home shannon loss. Brian loss loss. Lsu at home shannon win win. Yes ryan loss loss. George on the road. Shannon loss ryan loss loss mississippi state on the road shannon loss ryan win loss tennessee at home shannon when ryan when i got win Who's next vandy shannon when ryan when when New mexico state when ryan when when louisville when brian when you to both have nine in three yup i have eight four does that make me ryan to negative. No cause i think that's probably the minimum and what scares me is the at south carolina atmosphere state. Can they win both those on the road. Sec you have us winning at home against lsu losing on the road against mississippi state. Why i just think just because it's a home game i think. Lsu is down. They're not as strong of a team as they have been in the past few years. So i think. That's a very winnable game ryan. You have us losing taylor issue but winning at mississippi state yeah. That's the way the schedule setup. I think it's a rough road to hoe three losses in a row florida. Lsu and then at georgia but then they can win out. I think they're going to be. I think if i'm not mistaking. There's a bye week between georgian mississippi state. Yes see that gives them two weeks to get ready for mississippi state. Which i think that's why it's a win. I have a really weird thing here. Because i've got four wins four losses or four. Wins four wins. Yeah and they're very well could be the way it plays out. I mean that's the way the schedules laid out accent genuinely think. That's so here's my take. I think they'll come very close to winning one of those florida lsu games. I think it'll be like down to the wire but we'll probably lose and then it gets mississippi state. It's just the home team wins. This series. right. I mean that's what it's been. Has that last eight years or something. Yeah i just not a believer yet. And what mike leach is trying to do down there. You know the kind of struggle with his offense last year. That crowd gets into a stupid panels salvos. Yeah it's the day before halloween. So they'll all be dressed up. Maybe if there wasn't a bye week leading up to it. I just think that plays in our favor. Yeah well there's some key like pivot games. The missouri games a pivot game. I think the florida games. If you win that florida game and be five zero ryan all my you know you're cooking with grease as they say but we'll see. Do you agree or disagree. We'll take a break come back. I number two menu interchange through the streets.

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