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Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It replaces email with something faster. Better organized and more secure every conversation has its own channel. That's easy to join search or create and it's all integrated you can attach info from thousands of apps share files make calls everything you need to get your work done. Welcome to your new headquarters. Try it for free at slack dot com slash where work happens exchange folks from renaissance capital virtually ringing that closing bell as we await the latest numbers out of visa stocks finished well off session highs green on the screen update though but interesting without jones industrial average remains lower year to date barely for the year down by point zero one percent right to today's numbers. I'll give you the why in a moment here. The dow up three hundred points higher by one percent today. Bottomline well off session highs. Snp up thirty six by one percent. Nasdaq up sixty six. For the nasdaq composite index by five tenths of one percent nasdaq one hundred index higher today by seven tenths of one percent equities mounted a comeback from their worst loss since october has moved to limit real estate Retail traders speculation in some companies. Open the door for hedge funds to load up on stocks that they have been ditching today. We saw shares of game stopped down forty four percent. Amc entertainment down fifty six percent however some of the airline stocks specifically american airlines up today by nine point three percent. It was an update on wall street today as for market speculation and some of those high flyers now low flyers lizanne. Saunders is chief investments.

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