07/30: Everyone is a Bust! Plus Auction Talk and Big News (Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from C._B._S.. Sports snail us at Fantasy Football Ed C._B._S.. I DOT COM. It is time to dominate your fantasy league or some combination of Cheney today on the show. So what's the most fun way to do fantasy draft of course it's an auction and so we're GonNa talk about yesterday's often. Welcome to fantasy football today also a little bit less fun of a topic topic. I'm going to tell you why each of the top fifteen picks and fantasy could be bust this year it is almost August manage July thirtieth welcome to Tuesday's show of fantasy fantasy football today Adam Mazer with Jamey Eisenberg and Jamie. We get a nice little surprise today. Apparently the heat is on. He goes for all of us. Yes it's great. We're very excited. Yes we were not expecting heath. He has graced us with his presence. We are very appreciative of that. I was yelling at Heath as he walked in the building. Get in here. Well thank you for coming hot heath good hi. I'm I'm really happy to be here. I came in a little bit sad because I thought I didn't get to talk to you today for the first day and like seventeen months but I do so I'm happy yeah. I was almost going to call you last night and I said you know what I don't think he wants to hear from me so so this is this'll suffice. How did the auction go yesterday? Actually I really like both of your teams. I liked a lot of the teams will Brinson took a really interesting approach to the auction. He spent seventy seventy eight no sixty eight percent of his budget. Excuse me onto players N._p._R.. League so we're GONNA talk about that but from your perspective how did the auction go really weird weird really really weird auction <hes> partially because of what will did it. It seemed like there were like two copies of every wide receiver in this auction because every team I looked had five wide receivers that were awesome. Now I only with three but the best part of my team <hes> it was it was really weird. Cuyler Murray was like the second most expensive quarterback it. It was really weird. Kylo Murray was the second expect that okay that's why auctions are fun and that's why they're tough to talk about because they're all so so different but we will answer some auction questions and kind of go over some strategies and see how the teams <hes> shaped up later on in the show guys out. What is the most important news item from yesterday or early this morning? I think it's offered more signing with the cowboys. <hes> you know following up with Jerry Jones said about not wanting or needing a a running back to be a super bowl team or or needing a leading rusher to Windsor will have rephrased it. <hes> Morris was one of the guys who helped replace Zeke when he was suspended a couple all seasons ago or six games and so the thought would be as that. They're making their plans in case this is going to linger bringing in somebody who knows their offense knows their you know personnel and they're comfortable with. I don't think this is an indication. That Zeke is going to hold out during the season but it's just you know the cowboys making plans and probably not being one hundred percent comfortable with the guys who are behind Zeke. The thought right now is dairy. Jackson is competing with Mike Weber to be the running downs guy and then Tony Pollard will kind of carve out this role of the past catcher but it's going to be messy. I think if Elliott out for an extended period time he is that also in your mind the most important news item I guess I would say the if if it's not a close second would be Damian Williams missing a second day day with a hamstring injury is he is one of the guys that we had the biggest concern about having never seen him with any sort of workload in the past and we were hoping he in the chiefs gave every indication this is our our feature back and then a week into camp and he's got a hamstring issue now. He's missed two days of practice in a row of this gets to a week. I start downgrading Damien William just when I go oh back so let me go back to the cowboys running back situation here. How are you drafting them right now? Are you drafting Zeke still where you had them and and then are you drafting Alfred Morris Different running back that you drive like who would you handcuff with Zeke. How would you approach it? I wouldn't handcuff him now. You know I think when we get to preseason action first off August sixth day we've been working off of you know if he doesn't show up by August sixth and we know he's going to drag this out because if he doesn't show up by that day he loses the year free free agency that he would be uses the the time that he would become afraid afraid that the wrong way he has to report by August six to earn his year service to become a free agent or for when his contract is over <hes> if he's if he's back by that day he's you know top four overall pick however you WANNA put him in in those first four guys regardless of format but if it get past we get past August six then it's going to be okay what happens in the preseason you know who's the guy that's GonNa get the touches there is Jackson accent isn't Morris as Pollard as a Weber and then I think you just have to act accordingly all right. Here's my nomination for the most important news item of yesterday or early this morning Jordan Howard getting getting a lot of first team reps it shouldn't become as a huge surprise but going back over the last couple of seasons with Doug Peterson and with the Philadelphia Eagles. Did they feature for any running backs. It's easy to look at the stats and say no. They didn't know no running backs had more than one hundred seventy three carries in any season in the last three seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles but Lou gehrig blunt was getting about fifteen carries per game before the J. J. E. Trade in most games. It wasn't entirely consistent J._J.. Then came in and I think six of his last eight games including the postseason he had you know about fourteen to eighteen cares actually four of his last six games and then last year Jay Week one fifteen carries week to has seven carries but gets hurt in the game since week three week four he gets fifteen gene carries then week five eight carries and that was his last game of the season so I think you look at the Garrett Blunt you'll get J._J.. Over the last two seasons forget about Josh Adams who did have two consecutive twenty carry games. I think it's reasonable to think that the lead running back for Philadelphia could get fifteen ish carries a game and if Jordan Howard is getting that should he not not be such an afterthought on draft day guys. What do you think Jordan Howard? I'm looking at the consensus rankings and he's the number forty two running back behind the Shawn McCoy Royce Freeman Kaylynn Balaj Ronald Oh Jones the problem is at least for me and I think when Ben was on Friday. He talked about his strategy of taking running backs not in that dead zone but later in the draft because if something happens they could they have that upside of being you'd think Balaj Jones Freeman those guys don't Deonte Foreman Justin Jackson. Those is all have kind of like a feature workload upside. I think this fifteen touches a game. You're talking about for Jordan. Howard is is upside like if everything goes right he might be able to be there Gary Plummer J._J.? Yeah but then there's nothing with that though right I mean that's a lot I expect they didn't have mile standards their loss two years either yeah yeah right but they've had guys that they seem to like maybe long on par with miles enters. You know I mean you know they like Corey Clement. They like Wendell small. Would you know they've have used those guys in different capacities. I've moved Howard ahead of Sanders. You know it it just it's hard to justify drafting sanders ahead of him given what we know that he's missed time with a hamstring problem that he's not going to be a three down guy because they brought sprawls back and so who's the most likely guy to lead them in scoring scoring the most touchdowns probably Howard Ward who has the best chance to lead them in rushing arts. It's probably Howard and the receiving numbers are going to get chopped up to a point where it just really doesn't matter now that may lead you to say why hi draft any of the Eagles running backs which I'm sure as you're approaching heath. I think you said right and that's certainly a way to go but <hes> once you get past I think the first thirty plus running backs you know if you WANNA show that list again of of the guys that we were just referencing <hes> it's kind of like okay who can get me. Maybe a thousand yards rushing. I don't know if Howard has that type of upside aside but maybe eight hundred six eight hundred and eight. It's a great offense. It could be one of the best offenses and football yeah I mean we. I don't think any of US think Jordan Howard's all that good but he was really good but I agree with you while the top ten running back or top twelve and non P._r.. To strike this this is this is where metrics and spark and all those things and production sort of have to you know not necessarily look at the two. He's not a very talented the player but he ends up with talented production. He was a top ten back with what two hundred ninety touches yeah is a volume guy I mean he's clearly Julia Volume Day. I just don't like the volumes available right but but again going from where he wasn't Chicago to what he could be now. In Philadelphia based on the cat we were taking the second round in Chicago and non purely that was two years <hes> even last year you know his he was a third round. Pick or you know so. You're talking about a guy that you're getting round six around seven or eight depending on format. It's it's not a bad situation you know and and Dave has talked about this quite a bit you know. Give them credit that if you if you just look at it from WHO can get you off to a hot start it could be somebody like Howard because we don't know at what point they make the switch to Mao Sanders to give him not necessarily the quote unquote starting job but a fifty fifty timeshare yeah and so you know Howard is not a bad guy to give you some good Games early in the season again again. Great Offensive Line Right now went to southeast so great quarterback very good weapons good defense. I mean they're one of the better teams in the N._F._C.. They're one of the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl and and they start with Washington at home and then at Atlanta and maybe you go zero rb Jordan Howard Kinda guy you could be looking at all right so <hes> some things to announce yes. I think we just stopped there. One Second Dave said this a lot too. I think we just need clarify. This isn't the first running back you want to take if you go with your yeah it's it's it's part of a group of guys that you take your urban. Yeah okay so if you Jamie mentioned and I mentioned that graphic of the running backs that I would that we were looking at well you can see the this show youtube dot com slash fantasy football today. That's really the best way to go. You don't want to search for anything on Youtube. Just go directly to that U._R._l.. YouTube dot com slash fantasy football today and I don't know if we're GONNA have the whole show up yet that I think is coming eventually but at least clips should be up youtube dot com slash fantasy football today. We have responser today. It is fantastic. I absolutely love Van. Do I truly truly do go to fan dot com slash F F T get a five dollar bonus on your first deposit. If you want to gamble symbol little bit put some wagers down go sportsline sportsline is going to give you some good gambling tips and some fantasy tips as well sportsline dot com. It's ten dollars a month or ninety nine a month with but your first month you can get it for just one dollar. If you go to sportsline dot com and use the Promo Code Huddle and if you were a real fantasy football player you listen to this show you love fantasy hennessy football. You want to be playing on the best website that is C._B._S.. No they don't pay me to say that. I really do think the C._B._S.. Website is the best and if you go to C._B._S.. Sports DOT COM com slash F F T you can sign up and you can let them know that you got there via the podcast C._B._S.. Sports Dot com slash F F T great for Dynasty Leagues you can trade picks up to three three years in advance. The commissioner tools are better. The APP is better. You'RE GONNA love it C._B._S.. Sports DOT COM slash F F T right general question for you guys. Do you find it easier when you're researching players to to find negatives rather than positives no no both I guess what you know what I think it is like with the with the higher end guys at since they're already so high. I think it's easier for me to find negatives and for the later round picks the mid to late round picks then I'm like oh well. Actually you know the standards are lower obviously so I find some more positives but when I'm looking at you know all these all these top picks I can make the bus case for just about all of them. The hardest one is probably Ezekiel Elliott and now all I have to do is say well. He might be holding out so let's go through. Here's our top fifteen unpicks C._B._S.. Sports A._D._p.. Excluding Melvin Gordon who's GonNa keep falling and excluding Patrick Mahomes we will never ever take with a top fifteen picks so I'm going to give you a reason then why each player is a bust and you just tell me if you buy it at all or if you know if I'm stupid and by the way I don't think all of them are busts obviously but heath. This is your chance to call me stupid so so let's start with Saquon Barkley in his last four games without Odell Beckham yeah he had some good Games but he also had two games with forty three or fewer rushing yards yards in two out of four games and he was also on pace for just sixty eight catches without Beckham which would have been seventh most amongst running backs and by the way he's very reliant on the big league play he had the second most carries of two or fewer yards behind Ezekiel Elliott to fewer than Zeke with forty three zero carry so anyway saquon Barkley not quite as good without Beckham Beckham you could say bus potential well and to your point of being reliant on the big play he had six carries last year of fifty yards or more. Nobody else in the N._F._l.. Had more within three I would not expect him to have six again. This year is rushing average is probably going to come down just a little bit. He might fall the way number two. You know it's funny because one of those games without back them he did something according to next Gen stats. That's never been done before since they've been tracking this number <hes> against Washington and this is something. I think a lot of people look out Beckham is that you know he's going to face a lot of stack line scrimmages. He had the most yards against eight plus defenders in the box since they've been doing this twenty sixteen yet but but he is GonNa get a lot aww defenders in the box right but what I'm saying is like he's leasing he had it's just one game <hes> but in that game against Washington person to make a bus case for he's so good at he so I think the one thing would be as if his touchdown stay the same where they were a year ago. Yeah and the receptions come down. I wrote yesterday about <hes> running backs. Who could regress progress one direction or the other? I really don't think it's very likely that the touchdown say the same agreed but he had the same number of carries inside the five and inside the ten last cheers had the two previous years oddly enough he only scored two touchdowns inside the five last year instead of five or seven the two years before so you only I don't have any concern with Ezekiel Elliott until August seven and I guess the only thing would be if they get multiple injuries on the offensive line. Now you could say that about obviously any running back and I don't think he's so relying on the offensive line to make him a great player but when you run behind arguably the best line in football it certainly helps them we saw last year. You know maybe part of the reason why those yards situations weren't as good was because Frederick wasn't in there Yep. That's exactly what I was going to say. It's Travis. Frederick has centreback Okay Alvin Kamara. Why could he be a bus while you have the second most rushing touchdowns in the N._F._l.? With the sixteenth most carries so that's a pretty good rate he averaged fourteen carries per game without Mark Ingram twelve and a half carries as per game with Mark Ingram and and just based on the Games he played with Ingram. I think it was eleven games total he wasn't deserving of. Let's say the number one overall pick if you're considering him there so oh camera. That's his bus potential. I suppose I think he's GonNa be really interesting if they end up signing theoretic because that's one of the places that riddick visited where would he cut into not going to be rushing downs and it'd be receiving downs you know and so excuse me I think you you know you may be a little bit nervous about that. They worked out another running back to. I forget who it was. I saw it yesterday. I think it was <hes> wasn't it. Maybe you're right. Maybe it was Moore's <hes> but <hes> if riddick does end up going to New Orleans I'd be a little bit cautious about Kamera as the number one pick N._p._R.. I would not downgrade him. The top four picks even if accuser all right. Let's go to our next one Christian McCaffrey other than the terrific email we got from Cooper dug a few weeks ago <hes> <hes> explaining that his production was much better before cam like really seriously got hurt by T.. J. Watt he could have a snaps reduced. We heard yesterday no other panthers running back could more than twenty four carries last season so it's just the amount of snaps you play the amount of touches he got really could come down for Christian McCaffrey and you know if Cam Newton is throwing the ball downfield a little bit more. Maybe it hurts. His production can't and I've got. I think the fact that both D._J.. More an Curtis Samuel could have a breakout this season and we like both of them that could maybe only McCaffrey leads the team with twenty percent of the targets instead of twenty five percent of the targets. I we do have the production not being quite ah good when Newton was healthy and I and my projections even now have in projected kind of an a tier below those first three running backs so if there are some guys like Kerryon very on Johnson like Delvin Cook like Leonard Fournette that really make the leap this year McCaffrey might be the guy they make the leap over am I but it's you know I still think you know while while we hear you may not have as many carries. It's hard to expect them to go away from him. And maybe you know we we see a little bit better rushing <unk> production not that five yards precarious is obviously something that can improve dramatically but <hes> I think the offense as a whole has a chance to be better you know certainly for sixteen games you know if he get sixteen games cam based on where he was through the start of the season and other year North Turner System. I think the offensive line will be better. I I'm excited know about McCaffrey three so <hes> you know I mean we don't really talk about him very much. I know Cooper Doug sort of give us an outline of why maybe he can fail but he also could be the number everyone running back and p._B._R.. Absolutely he was last year is basically tied with Saquon Barkley all right so of the top four running backs who has the most bus potential. Oh Jeffrey all right. We're GONNA talk about the Andre Hopkins Devante Davante Adams and the rest of the top fifteen after a very quick break on fantasy football today. We're going to get to your emails a little bit later fantasy football and C._B._S.. Dot Com. We'll be right back. Oh I cannot and not wait to play some fan duel fantasy football this season. I'm already looking at week one. You can pay up Patrick Mahomes at Jacksonville. I think I'll save some money and start. Maybe Lamar Jackson at Miami Miami play the match ups load up on star players. It's really fun. It doesn't take long to set a lineup and you can win money and by the way you don't have to wait for week. One you can play fan duel for preseason this season football games. If you've never played on fan duel that's even better because you can get a five dollar bonus with your first deposit sign up at FANEUIL DOT com slash F F T that's fanned the end will dot com slash F F t look you can get new teams every week and you have to try to find the best values and put together the best lineups without worrying about injuries waiver claims by hi weeks or anything else. There are different ways to win no matter how you like to play. There's a contest for you. It's really fun. I absolutely love fanned. Also come join join US sign up now. Get a five dollar bonus with your first deposit just deposit as little as five dollars to get started and you'll get an extra five bucks insight credit go to dot com slash F._t.. or download the fans will APP and see why fan will is way more than just fantasy sports. That's fan dot com slash F F. F. T. de'andre Hopkins Fifth pick off the board and C._B._S.. Sports Leagues and our average draft position he has had more than thirty one thirty one percent or more of of the targets in three of his last four seasons but when will fuller and Kiki cutesy. We're both healthy. Oh it went all the way down to twenty eight point eight percent of the targets targets and he was only on pace for seventeen hundred yards and twelve touchdowns in those four games but no seriously he didn't get quite as much of the target share when Keith cutesy and fuller. We're both healthy Boston potential for hopkins. Thank you actually drops a passenger yeah. I'd I'm less concerned about Hopkins. I think that I am the four running back. He just went over all right. I just think that if if the other guys produce a little bit better stay healthy we could see a slight light downturn in production devante atoms the bus potential for devante atoms. He averaged seventy one point two five receiving yards per game in in the first four games of the season and that was Geronimo Allison was playing very well seventy one point two five year per game. That's one thousand one hundred forty. That'd be pretty low. Those games were against in Chicago Minnesota Washington in Buffalo Three teams that did very well against wide receivers. You also have a new system in there. Maybe some some growing pains Davante Adams any bus potential dark season with the Vikings and bears end the season with the Vikings and bears. It's not great schedule. We've never seen him do what he did last year in terms of yardage and catches sure there's potential I guess it would be as if the other guys step up and similar to Hopkins you know if you get what you're getting from or <hes> you know potentially getting from fuller and not getting it from Allison and and vow the scaling you know Demi. Graham turns back the clock a little bit run game is better <hes> but but I I just look at what Rogers track record is with US number. One Guy and I'll buy into that all day long all right number seven and A._D._p.. Is David Johnson putting him number seven after he had a good year in terms of where he finished but he didn't really have that much of a fantasy in he didn't have a huge fantasy in back. I'll say David Johnson. We're putting in a lot of stock in a rookie quarterback rookie head coach. We are <hes> for sure <hes> and we know we heard this last year. Old David David Johnson is going to be back to the two thousand sixteen form again and you know it wasn't the case with a new head coach rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback. You know I mean that was essentially the same setup <hes> was Steve Wilkerson and Josh Rosen but I think the hope would be is that the amount of plays that with Kingsbury offense ran in college <hes> if they played that pace and the N._F._l.. Then David Johnson has a chance to get a lot more opportunities and smarter touches than what we saw last year you know not just run up the middle which is not what he suited for. Get him the ball in space you know give him the ball in the passing game. Though I think David Johnson stays healthy he could you know he he he showed us. It could be the number one running back and fantasy yeah enormous enormous upside for Johnson and this entire cardinals defense and a floor that we may not may not even know what it is <hes> yeah we saw it. It was the twenty seventeen could be yeah. I mean this could be just a complete disaster in Arizona and we're just GONNA have to wait and see yeah. I understand what he's just not quite as excited. He scares me at seven overall. You know I obviously Melvin. Gordon used to be ahead of him. I think you know I think in non P._B._R.. Take James Connor ahead of him N._P._R.. I might I might skip them and take <hes> like Julio Jones. I this is just a section like like the second half of the first round where there's about five spots in a row where I just have a hard time not going wide receiver. I I have a hard time taking taking him and P P R over Michael Thomas or Julio Jones or Juju Yeah and when I said Skip David Johnson I don't mean entirely I just meet at seven overall. You know I might be looking at at Julio Jones in early or something all right. Let's go to eight overall Levy mbelle. There are a lot of things we've talked about so much. He was averaging in his last four seasons. His sixteen esteem game pace was four hundred nine touches so that's not going to happen but really guys. I'm concerned about his running style behind that a different offensive it's of line one that probably won't be as good as what he played behind in Pittsburgh and I could see a tough adjustment there with way. Levian bell patiently looks for holes kind of sits there behind behind the line of scrimmage. How much of a concern is that for you? Guys Bell mean. He apologized the fancy owners Adam. There's no possibly that's coming I I I it's a definite concern. You know it's a concern you know chemistry's huge <hes> with with an offensive line and continuity and the ad that with the steelers group we've talked about this a lot you know is is Sam darnold going to elevate his game the way a hall of fame quarterback and Robs Burger did is he going to have the same you know touches. Is he going to have the same freedom you know with defenses respecting the passing game of the steelers compared to how the respect the passing game of the jets that's who may have lost Jamison crowder. We know if I now today after he left practice on Monday with a hamstring problem answering put his foot yeah so you know I think it's it's a lot of reasons why I'm afraid of Levy on bell in the first round and it's so funny like every time I write this. I'm like I don't WanNa Take Levy on bell in the first first round but I'll take him in the second round. You know it's it's splitting hairs with you know where you're GonNa take them and who you're taking him over but it's just it's hard not to see what the what the upside could be if he stays as healthy for sixteen games and even just you know seventy five eighty percent of what he was before the sitting out last year who won they all say with Bell and David David Johnson. I think I actually have these guys pretty close just a half around back from where they're both going. I I think both of them have enormous top four upside and both in the floor scares me. I guess we'll tell you what I'm going to call an audible here. I'm going to save the next eight which would be James Connor Odell Beckham uh-huh Julio Jones Juju Smith Schuster Joe Mixing Michael Thomas Travis Kelsey and then one more at fifteen plan. I'll get I did eight today. I'll do it tomorrow but I WANNA make sure we save some time for auction. Talk so yeah so the top seven where those four running backs De'andre Hopkins Davante Adams David Johnson and then number eight was levy on bell and we talked about them and their bus potential and look at the bottom of. I don't want to scare people off here. Okay these are great players. There's a reason they're going in the first round stupid. I am no it's just it's you feel that you sit there. You take the pick and you're like God. If this guy doesn't produce my team could be wrecked so it's important to talk about the downside and what could go wrong for these players and hopefully we help you out there. Some news and notes Yeah Levy on bell did apologize to fantasy owners. Can we get that tweet it back up on the screen here and again go to YouTube dot com slash fantasy football today. This is long overdue but I wanNA take a moment to apologize to all the fantasy owners who picked me me last year. I'm sorry I couldn't pull through for Y'all but trust me. This year is about to be way different with the four wise on way. I'm bringing the trophy trophy this year sure and then what is that Emoji at the end. That's a Purple Devil Right Purple Devil. What does that mean Purple Devil? I think it means maybe he's not telling us the truth Earth Yeah. I've never used the purple double before about. I'm not very emoji. Game is not very good as you know. Dallas Sign Alfred Morris Damien Williams missed practice actes as you know Cam Newton altered his throwing motion said that playing hurt was not the smartest thing but we're going to do the position previews next week. When a start with quarterbacks that'll I'll be on Monday and there's such a good case to be made for Cam Newton because he under norv Turner last year he really was having a very good? You guys agree with that premise like he was really having a really really good year under North turn out. I think he used yeah. I'm sorry Jamie but heath. I think you said you wouldn't be surprised. He can have his best passing season this year. No he hit a second second-best passing season last year including the time after he got hurt and really before he went down. He was one of the best fantasy quarterbacks I'd expect. He's going to be this year. You Have Olsen send back. You have two guys that could be amazing in yards after catch a three factor in McCaffrey <hes> better offensive line you know and obviously from I'm a fancy perspective if he runs to the level that he usually does or at least boasts do it in. It's it's hard to overlook that you know what his potential can be but talking about Saquon Barkley with Ben Gretch a few weeks ago I think it was during projections weak and he mentioned how Saquon Barkley really helped Eli Manning's passing stats and it's just another way to think about these pass catching Why can't be good for girly? It's another downgrade. I you know if that is exactly what comes to pass but you know I think again you know we're early. Falling the and drafts ended the second beginning of the third. You know just what is touchdown potential has been in this offense will be. I still think that's a fine spot for the problem. Isn't it's kind of like the tight end thing I think he's following their and our drafts but I think the C._B._S.. A._D._p.'s Eighteenth N._F._C. A._D._P.'s fourteenth. He's he's going early to mid second second. I think I think we're actually right like we talked about. Maybe we were drafting tight ends too early. I think we're right on girly. I don't think he needs to go early to mid second all right. <hes> norv Turner back to the Panthers norv Turner said Curtis Samuel is becoming an outstanding route runner. You Curtis Samuel on this show <hes> John Harvey. I said this yesterday I was like the North Yeah Yeah come on. He's obviously I have to keep he's almost in my top thirty. Wow did you is. He ahead head of D._J.. More now yet. I don't know I detail more ceilings. I I WANNA make that clear. I think I've said numerous times came into your top five. I'm close. Oh thanks I'm close to. I'm sorry I haven't seven I have I'm GonNa Move Ahead Matt Ryan I think by the end of the day I can't move ahead of Baker though I've got a Baker Baker Mayfield went for like one or or two dollars in the auction yesterday. Every quarterback did except for Mary John Harbaugh was asked about Lamar. Jackson's carries this season and he said take the over on one hundred thirty nine which really is not a huge news flash because he was over at last year Yeah Yeah Games seven starts. He was on pace for two two hundred and seventy two carries. That would be Lamar Jackson I. I said that he had some carries why he wasn't starting but he had one hundred forty seven carries for the season last year already ready these saints cut Cameron Meredith the dolphins fire their offensive line coach Pat Flaherty a strange time to do it and they replaced him with the guy who was the colts offensive line coach last year and has been a patriots offensive line coach in the past a guy whose name I was trying to find out how to pronounce this morning but every time I saw video clip they just called Alden garage so I'm going to call him. Gooch phonetically. It's Dave did googly Ermo but we're just calling him. Gooch Lear Mo- goudaillier probably right yeah. They call them good she. She usually air boat right so that's probably what it is but he is. You don't know that for a fact heath by the way no not at all but that's the thing you just say it's with confidence no one no one's ever going to hear anyone else pronounce his name. You're fine good point. That's why the heat is on all right other news items here Jamison crowder hurt put his foot or ankle whatever it is he said confidently. What did Jamie's crowder her? Yesterday is foot ankle area Gotcha. John Ross could miss two weeks the hamstring injuries so the bengals wide receivers. They are banged up <hes> Alfred Morris did in fact visit New Orleans which just gives you the impression they've seen Alfred Morris. They've seen Theo riddick they. They might WanNa add to that backfield in New Orleans Tennessee Wide Receiver A._J.. Brown's been out with a hamstring injury and the N._F._l.. was going to emphasize ofensive holding this year you know they emphasized sized defensive penalties last year and led to an amazing year for quarterbacks. Is there any fantasy relevance here with this announcement that at the N._F._l.. is going to be looking more closely offensive holding me. You probably get some runs taken back that are going to piss you off and throws yeah yeah. I don't know if in theory if cliff cliff Kingsbury is system works and he brings us the N._F._l.. That this something like this would be beneficial. I would think to him because he's not not quarterbacks on holding the ball long enough to have a bunch of holding penalties there you go. I like that. He wasn't even supposed to come on today folks. I mean what what a guy a couple of emails here and then we're going to talk auctions fantasy football at C._B._S.. Dot Com this e mail is from Travis Dear Sterling Dax and doc shepherds. Oh Yeah Yeah yeah yeah it must be. When do you consider strength of schedule? Joie like Josh Jacobs for example is being drafted super high and his schedule is brutal. Can you explain how you look at a player schedule and determine how much it will affect them earth three games maybe most it. It's just so hard to say a lot of people get caught up in in the end of season schedule and you can factor that in but so much happens in the course of a season that you know it. It's hard to say that the the same group that you see at the beginning of the year is going to be there at the end of the year just how things unfold in terms terms of looking at defenses that your players may be facing but you know he's talked about it with the the packers guys you know it. It's a little cause for concern facing the bears and Vikings or early and the lions for Aaron Judge me as a guy that has maybe the toughest schedule and I'm sorry Jamie but I am looking at Josh Jacob schedule and his first five five games Denver statistically a good run defense when they have dome atop Paco Kansas City. That's a good matchup at Minnesota at Indianapolis they could have a real sneaky leaky good defense this year and then the mayor's so that's four of his first five games could be tough match ups then week. Six is a by so I think that is really worth looking at for Josh Jacobs <hes> that's a good call by by Travis Travis Shepherd and I just think he's maybe being killing his A._D._p.. Right now it's thirty sixth overall even the people that you would you like him and you don't have that idea. No I've dropped him. You know from where I started which was after the N._F._l.. Draft was like thirteenth fourteenth and then I think he's allow you know depending on format you uh-huh somewhere sixty nine hundred or you know he. He's a fourth round pick. I think that's that's safe. It's just <hes> why wait what's what's wrong with him at thirty six overall what's wrong with. I'm sorry thirty. Three overall overall is A._D._p.. Because I guys like Marlin Mac they're still there yeah but you know heath is the Mecca right exactly. You're not the Mac Guy N._p._R.. N._P._R. Leagues but you gotTa get returned back as a dry no sorry. I don't have that but Josh Jacobs probably going to catch a lot more passes based on reports now look I Jon Gruden says he has to earn earn it. I don't know that he's going to earn you can't at this point looking at the two teams. Take Josh Jacobs over Bramante I can't I can't like in terms of I think Josh Jacobs has a possibility of catching more passes but we've seen nothing to suggest he's a better pass. Catcher and Jalen restored no but they drag him in the first round they wanNA featuring fun put more of the Mac ahead of him. That's only one spot I don't. I don't think thirty six so I think I I think again. It's you know a lot of it is depending on where you draft because if you go receiver receiver you're going into back into the third round. You know that that's a good spot to take Jacob's as as one of your first you guys but it's you know if you're comparing him to some of the receivers in that range like I. I don't want to speak for you but I know you take brandin cooks over him. Oh for sure robber woods over yeah formats. Obviously you know dependent here but you know it just depends on how you want to build your team. It's just a matter of how much you invest in those you know second or third. Wherever you WANNA put career wise you know those running backs <hes> especially somebody like Jacobs whose unproven both at the collegiate level to a certain extent and obviously at the N._F._l.? devante Freeman or Josh Jacobs Freeman Freeman Josh Jacobs Philip Lindsay Dick Jacobs just barely but I think they should both be at the end of the fourth that it was a pretty good heat side. They're not quite clip worthy email the day number two is a fun one is from Jordan. Hey Tie Asante Devon Malcolm. Those are patriots quarterbacks or defensive backs right now. I have to be yes. Yes I had the most insane draft. I'M GONNA ten team half P._R.. League with four point per passing touchdown bla-bla-bla it's a super flex league. He drafted every relevant Jones every relevant Jackson including the Jacksonville D._S._T.. And and he drafted okay Aaron Jones Julio Jones Marvin Jones Kerryon Johnson David Johnson James White James Washington into into Sean Jackson the Mark Jackson Justin Jackson also Ronald Jones to go with Julio Jones and Aaron Jones Marvin Jones and do it's very funny he also drafted A._J.. Brown and John Brown and he ended up with a really good team so if you go with the Jones Jackson Jones what is the the Strategy Johnson James Brown Adam yes. How many emails do you think we get every day this holiday you? It should have been cut not sure this of you who watched fantasy football today on C._B._S.. Sports H._Q.. We will not reading not sure this was the top two of the day okay congratulations on a great team so he's funny on paper <hes> sorry <hes> by by mistake and this is a bad time to be telling you this but one more thing I'd like to ask. Can you please leave us a five five star review. I will never read an email like that. If you read as a five star view in fact I will tell you this if you leave us a five star of you and it's really important for us so I mean it's a competitive field right right now. During this podcast for eleven years really dedicated we want to be the best <hes> your reviews would really help that and if you could tell your friends try to help us grow our show we appreciate it. We I love our listeners. We've great report with our listeners. <hes> so anything you can do could help if you leave us a five star review and you ask us a fantasy question within the review pretty good chance. I'm going to be reading reading it on the show. I got a better for you Adam. Okay I got a better one for you all right here's over here. Here's one podcast league entry. Known Starr stopped getting underway. I give away one. You've given away one already Jamie already given away one who whoever's GonNa win your stinking contests about jinxing their rivals forget about that. This is the contest anymore this this. This won't be either if you if you leave us a five star review and you send it to us the best five star review that we get. It's an entering the podcast. You don't have to send it to us. I will I will see it but then okay now. You probably do have to send it to US otherwise associative of contemptuous yeah so right as a review hi Jamie. I bet on that thank you. That's a great idea. Also I'm potentially getting kicked out of the flex league this week and we'll be right back on fantasy football today to talk about our auction of takeaways and some things that can help you with your auction right after this what's up. Everybody will burn for the pick six PODCAST here C._B._S.. Sports is daily N._F._l.. PODCAST EBB your inbox every morning before you get in that car to go to the gym to go to work whatever it is. You're doing make sure it hang out with us. We have a whole host people lined up for the season. <hes> Jason Lockenfora Brisker Brady Quinn Bryant McFadden as well as N._F._l.. Super French Ryan Wilson Sean Wagon McGovern. John Breeds join me every day. Wherever you get is your podcast toe yeah this bright Campbell with a C._B._S.? Sports State of combat podcast reminded you to get some of this. If you love combat sports we've we've got you covered each week with separate episodes centered upon the latest news in boxing mixed martial arts and pro wrestling each week. It's the biggest recaps previews and interviews as you need to hear that unmistakable dose of performance enhancing audio every week. It's the state of combat podcast with the Brian Cavell subscribe at Download Today Day all right. These are couple of auction emails better than the last email that I read. This one just says it's from listener. He didn't put a name. She didn't put her name. Your auction values I use on the website appear to be based on a one hundred dollar budget. Can you explain what listeners should do for a two hundred dollar budget. Do you just simply double it well before for answer <hes> yes. That's probably the easiest way to go about it so we did. Aren't we start our auction yesterday and <hes> Ben Gretch was unaware of what budget we were working off of so saquon Barkley was nominated and it went from twenty to twenty five to thirty and all of a sudden Ben just dropped a fifty dollar bid. We're like whoa really wants Barclay and we had to explain to him that we're only going one hundred dollars in funding got them for fifty and he was like so pumped and they really act <hes> yeah. I think the easiest ways is a double I would yes maybe even at a little bit more to the top guys because they're still going to be one door players. <hes> was Barkley the most expensive by the way <hes> thirty seven probably yeah I think he was Camerin and McCaffrey went for thirty four right. <hes> Zeke was probably right in that four also all right so so is P._R.. League two running backs two receivers Affleck's tight end Kicker D._S._p.. And One quarterback and twelve team all I can't I can't wait for you to rip the guy usually rip or what he did. At quarterback George notes about <hes> Georgia's see what am I right about. Georgia's Steve Door dripped himself yesterday so okay yeah. Actually I probably Oh George which has an elite quarterback and tight end but he sacrificed that wide receiver to he has Patrick Mahomes Anzac Earth's his wide receivers are brutal but I I like his team. Here's Robert Woods Decay Metcalf Mikio Harry News do tend to linger. Luckily it's July thirtieth but definitely something but this is this started in minicamp our guys so Geez all right so it's something in that second tier of <hes> wide receivers to Evans and Keenan Allen Brandin cooks that range of guys. Tell me about the auction strategies you use. You better have a strategy when you when you do an auction <hes> sorry heath so we're able to stick to your strategies <music>. How did it go easily for me? I I was no very patient. The only thing that that I got ruined was <hes> our our buddy Michael Kaiser <hes> use I used my strategy to an extent against because I I usually will always go kicker and defense. I <hes> just to get those out of the way and I mean I you know the the guys that we were in the room with. They knew what I was was doing. <hes> I nominated the bears and I said anybody wants to spend two dollars on the bears. Go ahead and end up going for what four so four dollars you know somebody in my opinion wasting money on the bears. Now we have the bears I haven't. I haven't for two dollars. You have them for more. I think I have to okay so <hes>. I'm not a problem with you know. If you WANNA get the best defense on paper going in for for two dollars but my opinion that I'm I'm forcing you now wasted dollar that you probably didn't want to and the same thing if you end up doing that a kicker as well so <hes> but I think for me it was was just it was just being patient and when I decided to go in and get somebody I got Yonder Hopkins at Twenty eight dollars <hes> which was cheaper than I think a lot of the first round picks by comparison cheaper than Connor who was twenty nine dollars and he put it in the top four running backs cheaper than Davante Adams Yep. You've been an Adams to <hes> and I think maybe cheaper than Julio. Adams was a dollar less Julio's twenty-seven they're both dollar less though right right right right where he should go I think but <hes> but of difference from the number four pick in the draft basically like McCaffrey's Zeke Chimera to the number five live atoms and Hopkins. That's that's pretty significant. The running backs were valued much higher than than two guys right behind them. Those wide receivers behind them. Yeah and like Beckham went for for twenty six dollars. You know I'll I'll I'll take the dollar difference. Their patients is really important auctions. Jamie's team ended up. I think really good Jameis Winston for a dollar running Baxter Leonard Fournette and Marlin MAC wide receiver to receivers inflex are de'andre Hopkins Keenan Allen and Julian Edelman. That's obviously amazing Delaney Walker occur at tight end Justin Tucker and the rams defense and even stronger at D._S._p.. And Kicker on Your Bench Rashad Penny Daryl Henderson Kaelin Balazs Justice Hill you took a lot of bench bench running backs behind four net and Mac and day Sean Hamilton Kenny stills. I think it's a your team really stood out to me is one of the better ones so do things that that happened to me. <hes> you know uh-huh Jay Howard was <hes> around a little bit longer wasn't a bid <hes> I probably should have gone and maybe a dollar more. I was bidding with <hes> again Michael Kaiser who we had about the same the amount of money at at at that point <hes> I was hoping to get o j Howard <hes> another player that I wanted. I don't know I I know you're in on the MOS Ingram was ingram. Did you end up with him. No <hes> after getting in those two running backs I thought okay that was the one I think it was aiming to have in Coleman. Those are the guys maybe got Coleman Coleman. You know there. There were two guys where I was like okay if I can get this third back. I'll be really happy happy by my team by that point. I had the three receivers <hes>. I lost them Baker. <hes> I didn't WANNA spend two dollars on the quarterback just seeing how the quarterbacks went. I didn't realize at that point that George had already hidden homes. I would have really yelled at him at that point but <hes> I thought I was going to get Baker too. So you know something's missed that I missed out on also wanted to get Emmanuel Sanders instead of Kenny stills thought let me out of play the friendship strategy with with Hamilton and Sanders <hes> we should probably at some point <hes> we got a chance to circle back with P.. PRISCO after his four stops <hes> he he had some really good stuff about <hes> the broncos receivers <hes> which I'll save for tomorrow but <HES> <hes> Hamilton. I think you know you you can say maybe the arrows pointing up a little bit all right so Jamie likes to be patient. He sort of does it for fun I. I don't think you're going to say hey you should sit out like the first thirty thirty ready bids or whatever but Jamie kind of likes the challenge I I'll give you an example like you know I mean i. I think it's pretty clear how much I like Curtis Samuel <hes> it got you know I wouldn't have spent I the thing went for five dollars. Maybe four dollars <hes> it was just a bidding up Jamie thing it was it was it was four dollars <hes> but at that point I had already had had those three receivers and I needed to sort of focus a little bit more on my running backed up though I couldn't spend money on him <hes> I I honestly wasn't expecting. Can you spend as much as I did on on Hopkins I think by the point I jumped in and I think I was the last person to jump in and everybody stopped all right. He's how did you manage your budget. I had Addis pretty actual strategy at them. Nice didn't work the way that I hope and my team's FIS super boring boring. It's the playoff team that's not great <hes> but my plan was I wanted three very good wide receivers. I wanted Travis Kelsey or earth or kittle title. I ended up getting Kelsey for twenty two which is what I have him. <hes> for on my auction values. He is my most expensive player and there is a lot of <hes> a lot of value after I think every other player other than my quarterback who was an into the draft thing with Chris Towers being a jerk is like three or four dollars less than what I haven't four my auction values. My receivers Brandin Cooks Mike Evans and Cooper Cup. My quarterback is Lamar Jackson who I paid more for within <hes> in <hes> Camden I think maybe just because it wasn't and Chris through another dollar on there and I had extra money to play with <hes> but then I've just I got a ton of running back. Depth devante Freeman Kevin Coleman Lamar Miller latavius Murray Justin Jackson Dion Lewis the Foreman Ito Smith. It's funny because I I think our teams are very similar. In certain regards tight end is better right. I would say probably my starting running. Backs are better but yeah we took a very similar approach of we both got three top receivers <hes> and then just you know sort of let's just throw a lot of money at at at the Backfield <hes> on the bench wjr the your your receiver shied. He's interesting because I was in the same boat essentially once I got my three guys I was like I'm not going to really focus on that position. I Miss de because of that it all right <hes> just because like for me like you mentioned that I had Balazs Penny <hes> Blah's penny and <hes> and Henderson I at that I point I said Okay I could probably get those three guys for about ten bucks. I think is what happened <hes> and so I also wanted to try and get Royce Freeman to <hes> he went. Maybe a dollar to more than I was willing to the spend on him but it just was once you lock up those b receivers and I think you know if you WanNa look at Ben Gretchen team. He did a reverse like eleven or is it it just you know I it's an easy position. I think to find guys if you have stars that you feel comfortable with and Heath's case in mind as well. I think we both accomplish that and then it's just you know the backfield's were a little bit not necessarily unsettled because I think you can make a strong case for Freeman and Coleman in my case you know for Mac and for net and this P._r.. So it's a little bit different for those guys but you you WanNa kind of you know lock up a lot of those potential up <hes> guys that have a lot of upside you know I think we both did that yeah and Michael Kaiser who you keep referencing referencing. He seems great his you don't like his team well. I think the running backs rex have allowed a downside I guess but yeah his team's very interesting Carson Wentz. I'll get I'll save the running backs for last has Carson Wentz Michael Thomas Adam Phelan and Amari Cooper. That's awesome and a team on Robinson yeah but that's the thing like I think he didn't need to get Alan Roberts. He didn't spend eight bucks on Allen Robinson and Curtis. Samuel and I don't even whisper in the U._S.. He was just alienist Jamie and I 'cause. He knew he wanted them right. So when you want Michael Thomas Adam Feeling Amari Cooper you don't need to spend five or four on Samuel Three on Robinson and three on Dede Westbrook you could could it be right that money in addition to what you already spent on like Philip Lindsey to get to get Aaron Jones you know so but he could have had amazed him. His running backs are Philip Lindsay and serie recall it could work out great really Chris Carson on the bench and Peyton Bar Clean Barbara Yeah no he he damn good team. I I'm in total agreement with you like the things he it could have changed you know but again if you look at it from what his starting line-up is he could have the starting lineup in this league if Lindsay and Cohen or Carson one one of those three guys or to those guys excuse me are a semblance of what they were a year ago because Thomas Phelan and Cooper as his two receivers and flex and Howard at the tight end spot with once. I mean that's sick. I think this draft. This auction is a little skewed because the quarterback values values were so low so it seems like a lot of teams were able to get three really good receivers and good running backs and a good quarterback. It's just maybe maybe you could. Maybe you can do that but I'm looking at. Jamie always seem Dave's team. I loved. I thought that most team to most really there are a couple of teams that you can see why <hes> several people have a really good team well. Let's talk about a couple teams. That have a lot of not very good players on before you go to will's team. I just want bring up one more so <hes> Casey Karen in one of our hosts here at at C._B._S.. Sports H._Q.. It was his first auction and a lot of people do auctions for the first time you know <hes> <hes> Dave was putting together a draft and a couple of people build at the last minute so he went around don't ask people and they said they'll they'll try and so casey went all in on three guys early thirty four dollars on Zeke's twenty seven dollars on Juju twenty two dollars on Dominic Cooke. Those were his first threes. That's what's fifty six and twenty seven is eighty three dollars yeah. That's his budget so he's he's done at that point and he did it. What within the first right well I mean it's he was the one that ended with cuyler to Owen collared four dollars so <hes> what I say eighty three sets eighty seven dollars on on on his quarterback two running back receiver and then three dollars on Dante Moncrieff who should be a dollar player yeah so you know he <hes> right now? If you just take his lineup as it was filled is starting receivers and flex he better love Ben Rothlisberger is Doodoo Smith Schuster Dante Mockery from James Washington lineup as as it auto filled you know because the way that our system does it but you know again. It's just a matter of how much do you allocate for guys early and then you gotta find a lot of dollar players that you love yeah. I'm pretty interested in this strategy. I think the execution could have been better her book. It's Kinda Murray's great sure but like Jameis Winston for a dollar instead of Murray for four dollars if you're going with three expensive players Zeke Davin uncooked juju Smith Schuster for about what we eighty three percent of your budget then you probably are getting a dollar quarterback in a dollar tight end and I think tight end he did great. He Got Hooper Henry. Yeah you always find there. He Actually Got Philip Rivers for a dollar. I don't know why but probably just see you know he's probably just fed up with watching all all these Blair's go and he says the bid on somebody but you gotta go dollar Kicker Defense dollar tight end dollar quarterback <hes> three studs and then you gotta get at some guys that you really think have sleeper potential to be starters like you know <hes> what'd you get form and four was a dollar two dollars dollar to write. You know got a guy like that a guy like you know Kikuchi Q._T.. Dejean Hamilton you know he's D._D.. For three the Mar- Miller and Devante three Lamar Miller and about Deontay for misuse me both went for two dollars so so I actually do think that you can make this work and the other thing is like Ben talked about this last week. Don't be too obsessed with what out your team looks like on Draft Day. It's GonNa look a lot different throughout the year you anchor your team with three studs that are never coming out your lineup say bye weeks and you're good on waivers. I do think it could work. Will's team was a little bit different. He spent sixty eight percent of his budget onto players and nobody else has more than seven dollars and that was sterling shepard that seems kind of expensive for Sterling Shepherd but Cam Newton's is quarterback is Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey. I mean as a P._R.. League and he may have two hundred catches right there from his running backs. Yes he is Jarvis Landry at wide receiver and Corey Davis is other starting wide receiver Sterling Shepherd Better Than Corey Davis. Yes Oh yes corey davises sterling Shepard ERS wide receiver and his flex. Let's say that also drown them house. Actually I kind of like we'll see am I crazy for like it. We'll see let me read it again. Cam Newton Chimera McCaffrey Jarvis Landry Sterling Shepard Corey Davis or Geronimo Alison at Flex Vance McDonald tight end and then the Shawn Sean McCoy Antonio Calloway the fact that like I guess Y'all know I like Toronto Alison a lot but I think this worked. I think this is a better execution of spending a ton of money on a few players <hes>. I only did it onto it he he did you know different approach. He spent no sixty eight percent of his budget as opposed to eighty three now the the the numbers that you'll see toward the on his bench you know once Dave publishes the results don't Shepherd for seven dollars that was <hes> at the end when he had money to right right right right <hes> because he missed out on some guy's throughout the course he spent five dollars Freeman. If he spends those twelve dollars elsewhere you know like I think for example if he takes those twelve twelve dollars and he gets settlement for ten or twelve I got element for ten put cattleman at the top of that receiving core. They got shepherd. Put them in put in a dollar running back. It's a much better roster all right guys we use the example I think Chris Dave where you can look at bins roster and find like eight different will should have drafted we <hes> we are at a time time. Unfortunately we have to vacate our podcast studio because canal and bell is coming up. That's an awesome podcast. You should be listening to do you have any final ten second thought on what to do in auctions <hes> watch C._B._S. H._Q.. At noon for fantasy football today I would say save your money for the end. You're going to get some great values. Save a portion of your budget. I like to be the bully at the end and take all the sleepers. All the two dollar players be the will bully

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