Joel Embiid and Josh Richardson


And now the low has welcome to the low post podcasts live from Camden New Jersey at sixers practice acidity where I am joined thrilled to be joined honestly by the one and only one of the only players in the league who could declare that they wanna be MVP and defensive player of the year in the same mm season and it's ridiculous Philadelphia Star Joel embiid how are you. I'm good. Thank you how you doing. That's good. That's a good goal. That's why not this year. It is a great goal. A man man of the team sucks matters more but I know that you do accomplish when everything it comes to the team and that's by many winning sixty and over gains bid animal wants it and you know would do what I do. Best offer have pretty pretty good chance of winning both awards and only two guys. I think I've ever done it before. I came. I saw one of the last yeah why not the last time we saw you was after the shot crying being good sold by market soul obviously like that's. It's a once in a lifetime moment either way good or bad for Toronto for you guys what are no is you get back to the locker room. What are your memories of the locker room after that shot? Is Anyone speak speak do you do you seek out anyone to talk to just like who's your friend on the team. You go to a moments like that. Like what are your. What are you always going to remember Flash Bulb memories from from that Locker Room nothing really always use stand on nothing in that situation I wanted because so but it was my girlfriend and she was there for me so a lot I guess and now we're talking to Jimmy stock the low bid? I shot a make me feel better but Dhamma Menu. There's nothing to think about not really thinking about anything just like any also he's also because I'm so competitive I are really wanted it and our fellow fella. We had a really really good shares to make you happen. saw enough also fell like I wasn't on my best. I I was wide and I was sick so offer like let everybody down. How are you right now physically? I'm I'm great. Everything's ready to go about the aftermath of that game when you were crying on the floor I remember thinking this happened to Chris Bosh when they lost I finals he gets photograph videotape cry and everyone kind of so he's weak. He's a WIMP. This has no place in sports and I was actually Kinda. Surprised by the response to you is the opposite. It was like this is kind of cool to see how much this guy cares where you were you ever worried about like. I wonder what like this is a very vulnerable moment for me. I wonder what the reaction he's GonNa be where it was like very positive. I felt a man message Russian. You don't really think about a man if you if by knows me. I don't care what people say do. Oh whatever I'm GONNA do whatever I want and I'm GonNa say whatever I want so in essence you she not. You're not really thinking Bali. Oh what's going to happen. People GonNA sit. Oh I'm weak and this and that like you just go by winning and you just lost lost a big chance of accomplishing it and especially the shot the way when he was a great shot the way happen is a lot of emotions of shadow reaction was mixed. I didn't pay attention to it. album would it be haven't haven't been on social media but I'm show was mixed but when I got back home you know the hardest people were like you can't cry like re African we we. We're tough especially my family I as a but everybody's tough so they all tell me can we on national TV. This is not a lot of my guys but I just the way it is. I just the way I grew up but you know I mean numb nod Komo but the nine nostrils that you can't control it but then again like I said if I could guess what happened in uh situation Russian it was the shot and what Endo for Mazzi mates. I wasn't Huffy and I was sick a menace harder control for sickness and you can you can really control but in a really dilemma T MR so I have already gone on record. I'm picking the six to make the finals this year. There are a number of things make me nervous about that thick. I'm old nervous okay. One of them is when I read stories about a laundry shamet saying he brings four milkshakes nearly for Joel. I'm like I want you. Well like a machine. It May June. I want the Diet. Most of first of wall is not a real is it is a real story too did but I never ate none of that really but because as you gotta make them work so nobody nobody else on the team ever wanted to have him do stuff and not as sometimes sometimes. I do what happened in boone stuff but I was. I gotTa make them work. Okay by you. Try to find ways to get into do more than the shoot and do stop stuff. I don't remember shakes. I what I can tell is the diet the diet the Diet is great. Is it anything at the limits of but I lost twenty pounds okay yeah. Is there a food that they wanted you to eliminate or drink anything now. We're just about like Indivi- way you know making sure I do the right things and you. We're good. We're good. We're good okay well. It's it's actually I don't even need to make light of it because you think what I was told by. Someone who knows you is that you've you've taken. You feel like I know my body. I've studied body. My Body like I want my opinions taken seriously. It's not it people make these funny jokes about the Shirley temples and this and that but like you've done a lot of work you've done a lot of research like you want want to be heard within the game right. I'm in that's the whole goal of it. WE DOB ship is needed. you know do understand why the lights light and we gotta find ways light make you healthier and we got instead of like. I'm in his heart like I man I'm sure over the years. I'm GONNA eliminate stuff which done but you can't just go from light liking. Something just live okay. I'm going to stop eating. That's not that's huffing. Especially mentally you just gotTa go slowly and I'm show over the years. He's GonNa be better than but he's only better offer has any player you are. You are the best trash talker in the league but on social media and maybe on the floor like what you've done to Andre Drummond I I almost feel so sad for Andre Drummond vicariously. has there ever been a player who has asked you either privately or during a game hey man can you can you. Can you please we stop. You're getting my you're like just start hurt. My feelings what that all need to sit on. You can't see that on the faces like guys a man. I'm not talking trash ever allegedly. Maybe a but you have decided I'm done would dodge play basketball. What what that's what I'm saying BUT WE'RE GONNA see if I can hold up but you don't have to say that but she can see you can ensue interfaces like talking to them? They won't even look at you like you know sometimes people my look that allowed. I don't care if if you own what you're saying I hear everything you say but I won't even look at you because they're scared. They know they won't even try to act like that on pay attention but dead dude you know that do and won't look at you that won't say anything and then I and the best way to talk trash is also dominate dominate them talk somewhat to them and then after the game you go social media and talk some more like that's really hurtful. Sometimes I feel bad for them to stop. I tell you this you talk to people within Minnesota. They're like the day after Joel when it Carl towns defense on Instagram Ram. He started trying a lot harder. Thank you Joel embiid. That's that's the whole goal. I'm trying to hook them. I'm trying to hold them if I call defense or if I see what you can Dan do this like you WanNa. Take it to you heard and be like okay. I gotta get better. Someone called me. I will rely someone to do that for me now. When it's a really I no want no one really but alive when people are fans are like you can't do this because because I'm like okay now I gotta work on? GotTa get better like you average twenty seven point nine. I gotTa go twenty seven points. You can't average thirty the Y. Management Device Ernest restarting his there flipside. has there been a player. You've tried talk trash to who actually like you couldn't get in their head like someone who just wouldn't take the bait at the guy that comes to mind like I could see Yokich just just being like I can't. I don't talk trash. What's your cash Nah bligh? Oh I just there's some there's some guys you can talk trash and some other guys you've got a dominant arm Nigam as a way to talk trash and see some stuff sometimes but but then again if you look I did the only people that talked trash to if I think about it always say start it. They have to do something something for me to go back at them and you know you Mash Yorkie. She's never done anything to me. We just come just play basketball. We just do we have to get get to win and now we move on and he's a good dude. He's a great guy too so a man. If I talk trash somebody amazed I'd have you've gotta say something to me. Okay so you're you're just defending. Retaliate Judges Retali- started people. Do you ever feel like ticketing websites. Make getting the event difficult on purpose. 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The right dunker spot nope read says he's GonNa move him out of there and all that but but so from your perspective and and there's always interest how to bend enjoy all get along. How's the fit? How do you think you fit on the floor man when you look at it win a situation where where within matters the most is the players and the game slows down in the player? She can't just you know Brian Roy and on-farm playing now we're playing because he just as more pushes and MOESHA's goes on everybody. Everybody's happy you instead of talking La WanNa Ball. I wanted out then that's why but you know the game slows down the player she got the foundations. Call is basically half court game so I don't like I've shown feel like are showing that I would do what it takes away way like I don't realize shooting threes but if I got a hub Ben I gotta give him some space and create some space home. Salaam just attack our do if I have to take four or five three's again just to make sure that you know everybody else on the team Gasol space instead of just staying on the low block Angie slide the mandible all the time I want to make sure doc everybody's happy because at the end of the team chemistry is more important than anything else so that's all I obviously you you know the crunch time offense in Toronto series a lot of Jimmy. Jimmy's Gone Brett at media luncheon. The other day said you know the number one answer to that question. This year is going to be Joel. Joel is GonNa be our number one option and crunch time period and so that's you know this is the days of the lodge awan dominating crunch time the rules are totally different defense can do in the post host against the post are totally different. Can you dominate consistently in crunch time as a big man on the block in two thousand nineteen. Is that still a thing that can happen. I believe so but it's harder and US why Disarma- was focused a lot on you know my handles am am. I shot off the dribble men in that you know losing Jimi losing. Jj Guess tied especially with Jj Losing Jj the space tighter and you know defenses. I GONNA W mall are. They going to be digging a lot because because you don't have by I mean we got some great shooters but you'll have like a player like jj like you can't. There's no way team name can go into the Game L. E. J. Joel that year and give them this this you you don't have that light. We've got great shooters but negle- NEGGA may should they're focused on me first and then they go make everybody should the ball so this almost focused a lot on you know just my handle and attacking off the dribble so now like I said it's harder when you when you think about just send someone up and just have him go get a bucket back to back back back to the basket is is hard. Nowadays caused defenses car. You know double teams and all that stuff is harder to double team but does the dribble is hardy Audie doublets him off the dribble so we walked a lot in excited I got I got a lot better so something like Al Horford becomes possible for the team. That's a guy guy was guarded you in the playoffs. Two guys played mostly center in the last couple of years. which is your your position? Do they come to you beforehand. Is Elton or whoever come to you beforehand. It's a hey hey this. This is something that's on the table for us it. It's an interesting fit. What do you think of course That's the do tonight is he's. I'm Greg Guy. He's been is been amazing CCC took over for what was the buyer Colangelo. I think yes he was. He's been doing a great job at Donald before so you know sometimes if the name opinion a and that will come up to me. Obviously I just want to play basketball but if I bake something he's right I give my opinion but I don't have to go off on what I think. I always start them. I'm like don't like you guys know better than me especially when he comes to the business side but this don I was actually away from the Konczal was in days. No pneumonia action no con- showers away I was I it was either free agency so but it was hard for them to get in touch with me by that that try so but I was. I didn't have any connections awed obviously when Boston played Milwaukee is jobless guardian us when you guys played Milwaukee. Sometimes you got the honest assignment so so if you had beaten Toronto would you have guarded Jaanus in the next series and and how do you feel in that matchup in terms like comfort level Macho Oh for men. You'RE GONNA guard him. Yes I was going to go to the whole series and he said it before I say when I'm on them is harder. Harder is way harder form and but when he has been how they say Jimmy or whatever that is I guess easier form so all are present something different from light. Does Allah two guys especially when it comes down. This is pretty strong especially when he comes last track and Eh you know all I have to do is basically but he's a great player. You respect them and I'm sure you got a lot better like I said I'm not talking trash. I'm MM Chana Joel not mature. I just I don't like this. We let Charlie citywide thinks he's a great player. Can we play my game but now we have like Agai. La that has done a great job of you know God him yeah this is going to be honest she was it was the MVP this past season so sometimes dominate sometimes. You're going to be able to stop him. anybody's data so I'm excited about a match is it hard not to look ahead to that. Match up in the East is so stacked at the top with you then a bunch of question marks. Is it hard like already kind of itching for like Milwaukee Philly conference finals man. You got to game by game like I said I want. The I see last year they won over the six games and he's GonNa take that is GonNa take us winning over sixty games so all home court advantages. I never understood that until last year. I mean when you think about the way we played our home compared I too want award. It was two different teams like it di- game seven would have been a filler. It would have been a different story. I think but Dr Homecourt advantage is so important I conned understood that this summer after the loss so we needed we play great basketball in front of our face so but a match up a man if that's what you think he's going to happen. which does a great chassis happens He's GonNa be going home games. In that series. I said game three in that that series was I think the best game you guys played a whole season. That was just an I watched that game and I was like Oh my God they figured out kind of what they are is. Even uh even even game four been watching all these games. in the summer even gave four. We missed a lot of shot but we stir our defense was was it was great but we didn't miss a lot of shod. I gave last one. All my friends demanded that I ask you about this. A No US cover you do go pack go was I got. I don't follow football much anymore. Are you a packers fan. Are you just trying to like play with the Philly. I don't know what happened. I am Pakistan. you know have a good relationship with our lodgers and good games by the way in the playoffs came to Kansas came to one of our practices and then I got to talk to and then Greg Gases than follow all new and then as I got to before I got to a fairly I was I was already found him because he was such a great guy to talk to and a NASA became a Pakistan because of solve always supported them and one thing is if the eagles play any teams teams in the League of course support the Eagles because of embraced the city and our fall in love with the city and that's what I'm going to do because I I like the eagles but when it comes to the packers a man before fairly I don't know you got to you got to get sick to your teams like by for example is like okay I I'm a big soccer. Fan of football football football. Yes and name is live mark favorite him as always been Real Madrid is like you accidentally life com support a union fairly because in San Change it instead of supporting merge one of the Best Season Award or Pablo most famous theme instead of Supporting Dad. I got up support the the Union Komo ridiculous but Danny Hillis it is that's really ridiculous but then again if the eagles play anybody else of course egos nation but when he comes to the packers do you know the worst fly eagles fly. You know the worst it on the world to be till we eagles La Jolla does now one onto their you go watch eagles la La your goals or Edgy America on that note. You've got to go to other media things you've been very generous for your time and I can't even remember the NBA without you. It's been so much fun watching you and I just as is as a as a neutral all the best teams in the best players to be healthy. My only wishes please fall over less every time you fall over. I get very very scared aired. I can't imagine what the sixers please either work on your falling over technique or fall less. That's my only wish while I'm working to be an actor so you you gotTa stop walking onto seines and all that stuff but I I would try but then again I I'm so like I'm so competitive playing hard I get it. I guess local imperative lie. There's some stuff you can't control issues. I world try but I can't control it. It's just it's my nature. If I've got to save a ball you know every play matters. I don't care if he's the regular season the play-offs I every play matters specially because oh you have tim you have personal goals. I don't know like what if I jump in stairs in the second quarter and then at the end of the game the possession matters everyday man is it doesn't matter so you gotta look at the big picture know that but I will try my best. I other Joel. Thanks for your time. Pusher stole are found in the advocates curtis now. It is are just very good advice. Why couldn't head keeps spinning scary really scary? Mixing GEICO's easy to use ignoble at you can manage your vaco policy. Why never look we can just bury a deep in the ground GYCO? Go we download the industry-leading GEICO APP today live from Media Day with the Philadelphia Seventy sixers my pick to make the finals in the East a little oh frightened by that. I'm thrilled to be joined by one of my favorite under the radar players in the League a guy that I called the best player on the heat two seasons ago where people are finally starting to smarten enough about it. Josh Richardson how you doing Sir I was around the heat enough to know that you guys particularly the guys who are on that team that went from eleven to thirty eleven thirty two almost five hundred or whatever finish that you guys have a special bond and you've talked about it since you got traded so what I wondering is. How did you learn you had had gotten traded? Who called you and what was your reaction to it? If I yeah I mean I was kind of like this is crazy. No like well. It's going to happen like Bam was like why is crazy but was. I started looking at like the roster that we were GONNA have gone into this year. I kinda got excited and I kind of started like talking. Master asked Obama already. Well you face you face them. You face the sixers in the playoffs with the heat so so you live the other side of it during that series. Did you'll ever get you any trash. Talk Me. He might be the best trash talker in the league. Are there any Joel embiid trash-talking you memories from that series Nah Nah Nah we I was really going going at it with Jay Jay talking to him and and bin but not really hear anything from jaw. Jj Aj always kinda like barked back and forth a little bit does he swear keep it. Does he keep it. PG Thirteen Nike's have pretty beat thirty his a super smart guy so more his talk just like at the ramp like you know look what he's doing and stuff like that and I'm like we'd be into your into physical Loyd and tell him to stop doing whatever who's your first call from the sixers who calls you first device. Here's really yeah just saying welcome aboard yeah he facetime. Oh are we go in and Brett Brown facetime me right after it. What did he say just how excited he was to have me and you know he'd been watching me last few years and was excited about my growth stuff like that I've said before I think think Brett Brown motivate me to rob a bank? He's he's like when he talks when he when he like it leaves he started planning it. I'd be like I'm in such a motivational Guy what made the Brotherhood like that in Miami what made it a place where you one of the things I read after he got traded very touching. You said I'm going to be a fan of the heat. I'm going to be a fan of the clippers or other guys get traded off the team that that's you. Don't hear that level of like these are guys. I'M GONNA follow the rest of my life kind of talk. What what made it so special? There man is just you know a lot of adversity with through. I think that one year missing the playoffs by one game like really brought us real close together we were in the locker for like an hour after that game and from there like every season after that was like we just got closer and closer and as guys started getting moved girl calling each other like I think Tyler Johnson was one of the first ones and yeah from from narrow we resolved. We're GONNA keep but each other. We're still going to support each other guys who came from G. League or came from nothing to John Go right after we call it and so that that was kind of a thing that we all had in common by the way. Did you guys know when you're eleven thirty how close the team came to maybe taking this season like they were. There was a moment where they've talked about it did they were they were like we might have to have a meeting and figure out you know how like if we gotta go the other way I did not know that but I mean it makes sense sunset. His players Arizona's like maybe some something's GonNa come here if we're going down this road year so you are remarkably the smallest player in the biggest starting five in the NBA. How do you look at your fifth year on offense? What what do you envision 'cause in Miami? It was interesting you started off three and d then started a little more on ball than a lot of on ball. Pick and roll all stuff. What do you think you're going to be doing here? It'd be a shotmaker you know stress corporate for Ben to begin the pain duty. Does I mean he's a guy guy that people have difficulty matching up with just MS athlticism get out and been the ball and just be able to be a viable auction. You know going down the stretch. Being able to handle in guys aren't in and being a quiet leader for another thing. Is You know last year. Jj was the guy that a lot of times the other team will put the smallest defender. That's going to be you now and I think one of the things I've talked about with some people on the team as we we can do a lot with that like we can have josh screen for people and get switches. We can have josh handle the ball and get switches. Have you thought about that and if you thought about like if those switches happen and and I got a four or five on me I gotta go to work a little bit right either way to you know if I get a big guy on me I can you know create getting lame. Draw some help you finish mega shot or pass and then you know if the smallest guys on our on on Tobias throat and yeah so it'll be the interesting to see how people match sometimes for inspiration just have to look up my wife and our just in Europe and I said the most underrated thing that you can do is look up when there's all sorts of cool stuff up for more than sixty years the goodyear blimp blimps are cool has fueled greatness on the Gridiron by providing aerial coverage of some of the most legendary moments in college football all history when the goodyear blimp rises above stadium it inspires players to reach higher and rise to the challenge the game's biggest moments now. It's your turn to go further with goodyear discover retires made to rise above the rest learn more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven goals. Do you think about like I wanNA shoot forty percent from three. Do you have have benchmarks do display. I usually play 'cause my rookie. I was about to break the record for the three-point three-point percentage in a month and I remember we were going to play the Lakers are last game in the month and I went over five and I was really thinking about it and I missed it. Bellyache too hundredth of a percent see that's when you just gotta not shoot remember mode. There was a couple years ago a famous story Mo- heartless yeah had a bonus in his contract for thirty I five percent. He was like thirty five point two. I'm not shooting the rest of the season. I got my bonus. That's what you should have done. I can't play like that so someone with the Hitomi this 'cause I ask people like. When did you guys realize Josh was going to be better than anyone thought he was going to be when he was the fortieth pick and X Y Z and you talked about your shooting? He said I remember one shoot around SPO- put Josh through shooting drill where I don't know what the exact drill was. You had to make a certain number of shots and like it was you are not not leaving until this is done and Joschka little angry but he did it. So what's this. What's the story it was an off day? Shoot around okay and I winning the shoot and shoot new with coach. Queen and Spoil came up and actually. I don't think I think she went to intern. He was rebuttal. Forms spoke came up was watching for a minute and he gonNA corresponder rebound and it was like you have to make seventy out of one hundred before you leave and I was like okay whatever and the first time I made sixty four and then he made me run ten downing backs after that cutting baseline to baseline yeah and I was like man. I can't believe that Esau went again and I made sixty sixty seven dollars com home on. I had to run ten more and I want again and I was getting tired. I made sixty nine. I missed the second to last one the put me under and I was like I was freaking out like I was saying some stuff. I can't repeat I was I was upset and I had to run again and the fourth time and I finally got got it and so that was just like a fight. That was one of the big tournaments for me. That's very heat thing. The heat are not for everybody right now. There's some guys who couldn't hack it there. No no no no no if you have any of soft and you're not gonNa make it over there. Were there ever any fights in practice because you guys put like it'll say on the whiteboard pads today or bring all the pads today because that means that means we're going hard. I can't tell you information cannot be disclosed. Have you have you one of the things I'm curious curious about. Jj had an element to this offense just the movement and particularly his two man game with Joel where he would screen for Joel sometimes have you and I thought thought you know you did a lot more coming off screens in various ways in Miami last season have you watched film of Jj or thought about ways where like I bring a little bit of that to the team guarded so oh yeah seeing how point and yeah I've seen I've seen a few of the things you can do like the catch and shoot player that he is you know he's probably the best in the League just movement in finding a shots off off of screens but there's definitely a lot of different ways. I can affect offense that he is. Is it true that you were not invited to the Chicago draft combine. Yes that's insane out towels hot. I was not happy. I'll tell you this in in retrospect. The heat are like it was probably I wasn't invited because I think he would have blown up there and we wouldn't have been able to get him might be true honestly probably would is there anything anything to do. In Sioux falls where the heat's G. League team is not a thing. I think they like it that way. I that's the most heat thing you probably I put you in the middle of nowhere in basketball really honestly it's far away. It's really far. I've never been there but they they could move it it to Miami. Did you keep a place in my at least Miami saw you kept the house there is it true that you like pineapple on pizzas is very true. This is a controversial. It's just become become a controversial topic here. I think it's disgusting so me on Pineapple on the I think it's gross. Ok so like I'm a big fan of sweet and savory at the the same time like I like chips in like candy like popcorn chocolate covered raisins and movies so like Pineapple on pizza. I have roasted D- cooked pineapple is great too and when you put it on pizza with the right toppings is like the perfect amount of a little sweetness with like the savory goodness of pizza. Maybe I'll give it another shot. I think you should try to the kind that okay okay toughest guy to guard in the NBA talking okay. That's that's that's his. He got new before have you. You haven't fallen over right. If you've fallen over Naga. I've never fallen server from being I crossed nothing but his offense is great. He's superstar. He's talking to people give him credit for his foot work is great. You make any shot on the court and he's always is very aggressive. I was GONNA ask. How do you think he's GonNa fit with Russ but I'm more curious you guys have a very unconventional team are very a big team? How do you think if you you probably haven't gotten out on the floor with Alan Joel and everybody else? How do you think in a small league? You guys are kind of going the other way. How do you think is GONNA fit? Hopefully Great I mean it's not a big guys. I can't move so I mean we have big athletic. Let guys off like that's a little different than having like big slots out there yeah so I mean I think it'll go. I think so too. I like I said pitching estimate the finals. I'm a little bit frightened by that because it is an unconventional team always frightening making finals picks though it is a little bit because you could be really wrong but I I'm. I'm confident and you've never made all defense right. No never it's a goal yes. I think you guys should have the best defense in the league so that that could be a goal this year right yeah. Definitely I think off top or on paper. I think we should have a top three. At least you guys have a chance to get three guys on the all out of the ten. I think you guys can get three on defense team. I don't know if that's ever done been done before. Joel will make it in between You ben and how that starting five is a monster true all right well Josh Richardson. You GotTa go do about fourteen hundred things media day. Thank you for taking a little time and enjoy the rest of the parade of questions. You have to answer but good luck to mess but

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