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The lease. Is that game misconduct podcast with Don. Recco. And welcome to the Wednesday edition of game as conduct. I am down the Greco. Let's get right to it things tightening up as we get into the last few weeks of the regular season. You know, forget the whole everybody makes the playoffs. They're gonna be some good teams that don't make it. And there's gonna be some good teams. They're going to have to play on the road in the first round of the playoffs are going to have some pattern hat shops and have early exits because of some of the losses that they had during the course of the regular season. Islanders fall out of first place. They lose at home to the Bruins five to nothing. Good fight between char and Martin this one give Martin credit getting into a fight with Char's got to be almost impossible writing. In the guys veteran. It's got the biggest reach longest reach in the league, but he hung in there. But that's just the postscript because this island or team had just thirteen shots on goal including getting out Sean the first period fourteen to to they lost fill for the next four weeks. Everley is day to day. Islanders look tired. They looked banged up. And we talked how important it would be more important for the islanders than the capitals to win the metropolitan division. Not that either of them have to do it as long as you finish those top three avoid having to play Tampa until the conference final all that could be accomplished as the second place teams the third place team. You don't wanna fall the third and have home ice disadvantage right away. But if the Allender finishing second place not that big of a deal, not awful. You don't even know who you're gonna play in the first round could be Pittsburgh could be Carolina could be Columbus Hudek knows whatever you get you get but winning the division for the islanders. I think psychologically be good because they've had it for good portion of the second half of the season. It would be such tremendous story had they gotten there more. So than for the capitals could probably make a run, you know, whether the first place team at the second place team early probably would matter, you know. But right now, the Allders just look like they're a little sluggish, and they certainly showed last night mustering just the thirteen shots on goal losing five nothing, and they lose a whole the first place because the caps beat the. Devils final. There was four to one. That's the game. You gotta get the devils are one of those teams that when you play them you should be able to beat them and they did. And they got right out of the box. Quickly score to fifty two into the game. Boura ski gets his twelve of the season. Devils tight late and a goal with one second left in the period by St. no. And that's the last. They were heard from Conley coups. Nets off Wilson all getting goals for the Washington Capitals. And they just continue to move forward here. And now first place in the metropolitan division. Maybe the game in the night to me was the penguins and the hurricanes in Carolina. And this is just been a tremendous tremendous story has we've talked about. But this looks like it wasn't going to be there night. Right. Because they get the early lead give it up fall behind on tangle gorgeous breakaway by Tang. It's great feed from Russ Gansel involved as well. But then Justin Williams scores listed two minutes to play to force overtime. Right. We'll get a point. Maybe they can steal the next. Point which they end up doing in the shootout Dougie Hamilton gets the only goal in the shootout. So they draw a point closer to that third place. Spot, you know, avoid having to to settle for the wild card of Carolina can get in that top three. They'd be in pretty good shape. And also try to distance themselves from the other teams falling out of the playoffs. So right now Carolina as we speak to points back a Pittsburgh for third place with still two games in hand. And they also have a gain a hand on the islanders and their four points back of them. So Carolina's in good shape. Carolina also extends their lead to three points over Columbus. Who lost a Calgary last night for the second? Wildcard thus avoiding having the play Tampa and Montreal who picked up a win in Philadelphia their point out of the playoff spots. But now four point separates Carolina from completely falling out of the playoffs. And again, they have a game in hand on Montreal game in hand on Columbus game in hand on Philadelphia's Carolina's in great shape. So that was a huge win for them specially trailing with tomb. Hits to go in the game to be able to win. And again, what creativity at the end of the game. Sorry, Don cherry, but they're really came up with a good one where they played duck on on the big screen in Raleigh. So and the gloves falling down from from to the ice says the players all through it up there as if ducks are being shot out of the air that just continue to get creative. And you know, what I hope they do it in the playoffs. I hope they make it and listen I was no fan of Carolina going in. I'll be honest with full disclosure if you're listening to games conduct. I thought the treatment of Chuck Aden was disgraceful. But the players had nothing to do with that. Rod Brindamour had nothing to do with that the organization as a whole really didn't have anything to do with that other than their owner who I really bothers me. But you know, what I can't kill the players the coaching staff. They're going out there doing the best that they can and Doug fours. John fours law. Does a great job having to do both radio and television. Although I'm sure he's just as disappointed the Chuck Asians gone too. But getting past all of that. Carolina stories been great. And I hope if they get into the playoffs they continue doing this because they've made it fun. And there's a lot of electrobi- I think of the building. Now people are getting excited about a Carolina team. Now that is not gone to the postseason in ten years. They made that run to the conference file in two thousand nine of course, won the Cup in two thousand six were pretty much pulled up perennial playoff team. And it's been nothing but disappointment since you know, flat out not making the plans for a decade. Really stinks. So fourteen thousand six seventy seven PNC, so they're not selling the building out of there, certainly getting a lot more people to the building than they have before a lot of work to be done there. But just because it may not be working to the point where they're selling the games out. Doesn't mean that it's not worth a try doesn't mean it's not building excitement. You know, you you look at social media look at people talking about the Carolina Hurricanes at the buzz. And I'm sure that building will be filled if they make the playoffs, and I and I suspect that they will other important. Games last night. The blues just destroy the Oilers seventy-two Edmonton is now dead. And we'll see exactly where they go. As far as Gretzky's brothers running the show. There was the general manager on an intern basis. I would I would assume Ken Hitchcock will be gone, but they hung on there for a little bit. But, you know, clearly, it's just not working there and for a team to be still alive and for the blues, even though the blues have been good. But certainly with the blues have been world-beaters over the last couple of weeks to win loss win laws drop touchdown on you his just an awful awful job by the Edmonton Oilers. So they're just playing out the string right now. It'll be a very interesting off season for Evanston as for Saint Louis. They'll third place in the vision Jaden Schwartz, and if he can get hot for the playoffs that could be good for Saint Louis gets a hat trick as the blues role to the victory. You mentioned the Canadians went of the flyers three one much-needed at the killer loss for Philadelphia the Maple Leafs. Look like they're running out of steam here. Maybe just level of acceptance that they're kind of stuck like they guesses. They're going to be the third place team in there. Division. And there's nothing else. They can really do about it. But getting shut out of Nashville is a little bit disturbing three nothing predators with the win avalanche. Get huge win of the wild three to one while Katina's struggle on home ice, which is really disconcerting. Why that is? I have no idea they fill the building. I was there on Saturday. There seems to be some electricity around the team Parisi scores back to back games after going nine games without a goal. But it's the only goal the wild get. So when you take a look at the Western Conference standings as we closed in now towards the end of the season. Minnesota Colorado still on the outside looking in. But Colorado, two points back. Minnesota one point that Colorado, Scott the game in hand on Minnesota, Minnesota fading three four and three in their last ten their only win and home recently has been against the New York Rangers who have also struggled. And this tells the story right Minnesota minus seventeen goal differential Colorado is now up to a plus eight. So I think Colorado will eventually pass Minnesota. It's just a question of whether Chicago. Oh will as well. Arizona's going to be at Florida after a couple of days off playing Tampa. Now having to go play Florida. It's interesting that the Arizona coyotes who play in a warm weather city. Get the extra day off down in south Florida where the cold weather cities, like New York and buffalo and the the islanders, and you know, Boston and Montreal they usually play Tampa Florida back to back and you don't get the extra day off. Meanwhile, Arizona to probably doesn't need the son gets a couple of days off. But then eventually they'll play at Florida gained. They're going to need to have the hold on to that final plow spot and see if they can't catch Dallas for the first wildcard, so Colorado closing in Minnesota fading fast. Although Minnesota still has the edge on Colorado. I sneeze suspicion. Neither team is gonna make it Dallas with a four two win over Florida. And we mentioned the flames four to win over the Columbus. Blue jackets to the blue jackets have to try to hold on for dear life here as their margin for error shrunk to just one single solitary. Point as Montreal is just a point back bowl teams played seventy three games row wins or now three different in favor of Columbus. So that's a nice tiebreaker to have if you're the blue jackets who are under five hundred last ten at four or five and one they'll be an Edmonton as they continue that western Canadian, swaying, maybe Columbus will catch a break when they'll play tomorrow when they will play tomorrow against the Oilers at games tonight in the National Hockey League, some important ones for sure Leafs, and the sabres just for the Leafs to kinda get their bearings here and trying to get things going lightning and the capitals from Washington. These two teams hooked up and tap on Saturday. They'll also play one more game later on as the two teams matched up at the Eastern Conference. Final last year played three games in the final three weeks of the season in very close proximity Saturday and Wednesday. So that should be a real good one NBC sports net that Ashley televised game senators Canucks playing out the string jets and the ducks that game in. Anaheim. And it's important for Winnipeg is to try to hold onto the central division lead. They've got a one point lead on Nashville two games in hand. This will be one of the games at hand. So a chance to beat Anaheim and extend that lead in the division in central. And again, they're pretty good shape. As the row wins are concerned forty one for the jets thirty eight for the Nashville predators. Let's hear from you at down the Graca. Hashtag game is conduct on L says, hey, Don is a hockey movie question. He has occupied a question if you've ever watched any of the three mighty duck movies, which one is your favorite the Mighty Ducks d two of the Mighty Ducks or d three the Mighty Ducks. I gotta tell you. I've said this before and it's probably a a sin a crime. If you will for a hockey guy, a podcast her never seen any of the Mighty Ducks movies. And I'm a hockey movie fan. I've seen young blood. I've seen slapshot I've seen mystery Alaska for whatever reason it just was a little bit too young for me. I was I was an older guy. So I didn't really get into the movie was already like out of college when it came out. And now, I just don't feel like saying it, I just honestly as much as the hockey fan as I am. I look at it. I see the trailer Ford. I see commercials for them. I just I never saw any of them is so attack me if you will just never really felt the urge as a big a hockey guys. I am and I usually defend everything involving hockey. Just have no desire to see any of the Mighty Ducks movies. A so glad that the ducks dropped mighty from their team as well. Chris. Hey, Don last after last night's lost the flyers have almost zero chance to make the ploughs. And it's time to look ahead. Therefore, what's your opinion on Kevin Hayes and could he be a good fit as a second or third line center for the flyers? I certainly think he can seventeen goals this year for sure a little bit of a disappointment. I guess you could say overall for where he started the season. And of course, he got banged up as well this year for the New York Rangers. And of course, he was on a team that wasn't very good. Now, he's playing for the Winnipeg Jets, and there's so many other go-to players on that team. Although I think he did score goal last night. If I remember the night before if I remember looking at it correctly. Yes, I believe he scored a seventeenth goal of the season on Monday as he did seventeenth. I was right about that. I think he would be a nice fit. I to me. Kevin Hayes is a guy if he had to play second line center. I think he can on a really good team third line center. I think he's the perfect fit. So I don't know how much money Philadelphia's willing to pay for something like that that's gonna come into play as well. Because I think Kevin Hayes is gonna wanna get paid. That's why he only had the one year bet on yourself contract with the Rangers. But I think that could be a nice fit for sure. And he's comfortable in the division. We know that for sure I think the Rangers might be interested in bringing him back as well. According to his hi, Donna knows the counties are still hanging onto the last wildcard spot in the west if they can get fully healthy in time and keep the wildcard spot. How far do you think they can go in the playoffs? It would be fun to see them win around. But it would be a beast. Yeah. It's going to be a real beast because as as we speak right now, if the coyotes end up being the last playoff spot in the Western Conference, they would meet the Calgary Flames. I don't think they're beating Calgary now to say the Calgary's, unbeaten. Able is ridiculous. Anybody can be beaten for sure are the only team that feels comfortable the not getting beaten. The first round is Tampa we've seen stranger things before. What I would find interesting though, if they can get that second wildcard. And they're they're four points back of it. So it's probably not going to happen if they were to face Winnipeg the place they used to play in would be kind of cool. But now listen tonight's story. I think we're Rick talk. It is done there as been tremendous considering they look like just a non entity still got a lot of work to do to make the playoffs. And if they make it I think it's great and they'll go in with really no pressure on them whatsoever. But they're not good. They're not as good as Calgary. They're not as good as Winnipeg. They're not as good as San Jose. So they would just be given a punchers chance Courtney. But I think the fact that they just get into the ploughs. I think would be be tremendous NY. Are fanatics says let's say for sake of conversation of the hurricanes make the playoffs this year. Are they the best storyline? Heading into the postseason. Given all the franchise has been through the last ten years and what they're trying to accomplish the. Season as I mentioned before. Yeah. There's some really great stories Calgary if they win that division. The big turnaround for them. Islanders have been a tremendous story. Non-playoff team flirting with first place in the metropolitan division. I thought if Montreal snuck into the ploughs gray Carolina was in a rebuild their goaltending gave them no chance last year. They were committed to play the kids, and they got they stumbled out of the gate a little bit. Remember the got a lot of shots on goal. But then they kind of faded a little bit. And now they're one of the hottest teams in the league. I think they're exceptionally dangerous. I think they're well coached or great spirit. And I think the whole thing that we were talking about after the games that rob a lot of the old traditional, Don. Cherry type guys the wrong way is gonna play very well and Carolina's get play very well in the playoffs. So I think by far they would be the best story in the National Hockey League. Good for them. Jake says Bruins look scary good last night seems like they are going to lock into that second spot and the Atlantic with the Leafs losing also when can we get miss, Michelle? Well, stereo back on the show. I gotta talk to her. I haven't talked to her in a little while to get her back on it's been probably over a year since we've had her on. Of course, he works over at the NHL channel on Sirius XM what show you did with the show that show you did with her last year was one of the best of the area. I'll try to get back off of the playoffs and preview I will reach out to our we're getting a lot of requests for guests. So I think people are sick of me droning on myself. But we gotta Sam Rosen request. We got Dave Maloney requests, we gotta Michelle story. No requests. So I will I will reach out the Michelle maybe today and see if she'd be willing to come on. That'd be great. I'm glad that you appreciate our as far as the Bruins are concerned as I said, that's the one team. I think they could beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. I think it's the one team that's been there done that to Rascasse played while though us hardly tested last night with the thirteen shots on goal. Char's healthy mcevoy's, healthy the pasternack back. I think the Boston Bruins of the second best team in the Eastern Conference to me and a very very dangerous team for Tampa and half to meet in the. I think about that. You got the Tampa Bay Lightning or just going to run away with the presidents trophy. And they're going in the second round of the playoffs out to take the second best team in the conference on in the Boston Bruins. And I think that I would give Boston the best shot to beat the Leafs forever. T? Eight says wench should us Lee fan start worrying about an early exit. Also as of Monday, I became a dad to a beautiful baby girl. I see the picture here. I'm gonna re tweet it. She looks gorgeous. Congratulations. It's the greatest feeling in the world. I wish nothing but the best for you. You've been a big fan of the podcast. And I think it's tremendous a welcome to fatherhood and welcome the baby girl, send out the name. I'd want wanna be able to congratulate her with her name as well. As far as the Leafs. I think you're destined to play Boston. And I think it'd be very heavy lifting to be the Boston Bruins. We talked about the J back on Monday. And you didn't hear it, obviously. Because your baby daughter is being born. But there's a lot of narrative outta Toronto. Now while it's not about this year. It never was about this year. We. Just got locked down our free agents, and it's about next year and the year after and tap is gonna lose some important pieces because they've got to pay Brayden point they gotta pay a lab ski. So the the Boston's getting older the doors open for us in the future. Well, nobody was talking about that early in the season. Look like Toronto is one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. So you're settling in now where I think it's going to be an early exit. I would almost wouldn't guarantee it forever t h but I would I if I'm a fan of the Leafs. I would just be I would say surprised if they made out of the first round at this point they're struggling they're suck and win. They're not scoring goals. They need to get Jake Gardner back. And they're gonna match up with the second best team in the Eastern Conference on the road to start. That's a really really difficult spot for them to be able to get that done. Matt Williams says been somewhat rooting for the islanders on the side this year. But now, I'm genuinely concerned for their playoff run. Thirteen shots on goal in sixty minutes shows they are tired and teams have figured out their offense to pass couple. Of weeks, your thoughts. Well, they're banged up again Philp allow Everley out. They might be a little bit tired for sure I think they're defensive structures going to keep them in games. Matt I wouldn't get overly concerned about it. It's one night. But let's keep an eye on it. Okay. They we we thought they were done when they lost the lead for the division a couple of weeks ago, and they fought back and got back involved in it. So they do have some winnable games on their schedule. Let's see the next game that they play before. I start the freak out. Boston's a really good team. There's no shame losing to them. Thirteen shots on goal is disconcerting. I'm not gonna lie to you. That's obviously a number that that indicates there might be some problems there. You gotta Montreal team in Montreal. They're going to have to play next. That's going to be a team that's going to be desperate for a win. So keep an eye on there. And they got the Philadelphia Flyers who were fading. So very important. Couple of games on the road for the islanders coming up. So I don't think I panic. I don't think I worry. But I think there's enough there to keep an eye on BJ. Davis says I know he won't be the front runner, but shouldn't rod Brindamour get some attention for the Jack Adams with what? He's done as a rookie head coach with hurricanes. They are prime to make their first playoff appearance in a decade. It's a tough year. Right. Because you look at what Peters is done in Calgary with them. And I place best team in the Western Conference by you know, right right there with San Jose. You look at the job that Barry trots is done with the islanders non playoff team have them plotting with first place, but you're right. I mean, rod Brindamour has to be in there in the conversation for sure Rick it in Arizona. There's always a tremendous amount of candidates, but you know, he won't be the front runner. But I think he will be in the conversation. I think you'll be on some ballots at the end of the season. Let's see here. Ronnie L says I Don how do you think the league feels about TV ratings when a smaller market Canadian team makes the finals such as Calgary vs Winnipeg as opposed to Montreal or the Leafs snacks. Well, obviously NBC's not going to be thrilled if Calgary or Winnipeg make it to the Stanley Cup final though if you remember Winnipeg's make their run to the conference final. You know, they embraced it and Roenick was out there Portis in Maine where in the white out and all that. So they'll make it work. I think what you're gonna see a lot of these networks do in the future because you see it happen in the NBA. Right. Cleveland's not a big market, but they make it work when LeBron James plays for them. You know? But I think he accentuate the stars of Calgary makes it you talk about ca- chalk and how his dad played in the league. And you talk about Johnny dro- and how a kid from just outside. Philadelphia's one of the best players in the National Hockey League. You sell that you sell Winnipeg. He sell Patrick line. You sell Blake Wheeler you sell Mark shy fleet sell the stars on the team. And that's what you do. Now. Montreal Toronto as you said original six teams, you probably could sell that a lot easier. But the ABC went through it in two thousand and four when the flames went there and BC went through an Edmonds and went there the biggest problem in this happens in all sports, especially in the NBA and major league baseball in Toronto makes run is because you lose that television market. It. It's going help the CBC for sure it's gonna help hockey night in Canada to be able to have those teams involved. But you know, it's gonna hurt NBC. But if you watch NBC they putting Edmonton onto try to sell Connor mcdavid quite a bit. You've seen a lot of the Leafs on the on NBC sports, not on the Wednesday night rivalries. Because you know, the Leafs have some stars as well. Maybe the league has to kinda marketed stars a little bit. I I don't think it's ever going to be like the NBA because it's a regional sport. But when you get to the playoffs you sell the exciting you sell the story sell the stars. He just lose that market. But if anybody saw Johnny Gdre play Monaghan play choke play. They would see that. These are. These are great guys to follow. These are great guys to watch. And and it's becoming a reality too. I mean, there's a very good chance that either Calgary Winnipeg is going to go to the Stanley Cup final very good possibility of that. So you just going to have to sell the stars. All right. We're back with you again tomorrow. We've got some games to go over for sure at Donald. Greg hashtag game conduct the way to get in touch with me. And I'm going to reach out to Michelle, and I'm gonna see if she's available and if she's available tomorrow, we'll get on if not maybe we'll try to get around Friday. And if not you know what you just gonna have to live without her. I don't know. I haven't talked to her for a while. But but we will get wrong because I know she's she's passionate. She's up there in Toronto. She's got a lot to say. So thank you in any other requests. I do take requests that Don the Greco just make sure you get the hashtag game his conduct in there. All I also didn't mention the Rangers last night because it wasn't meaningless game against the Detroit Red Wings, and when I say meaningless meaningless for the standings. But it is full as far as taking a look at players John Gilmore called up scored twenty goals in Hartford this year. So he got a little bit of a taste last year getting a taste this year. But when you watch a game like last night, and you see Detroit who's got worse than the standings in the Rangers. But this at a theft ac-, you I mean gives you a reasonable leave. If you're a red Redwings fan it really does. I mean, he's got twenty seven goals. He's been great down the stretch here the season. Larkin stays healthy. Mantha tr- continues to grow you, see some talent. There you see some young talent Hiroshima got called up played his first game in the National Hockey League. Last night for the Red Wings got his first NHL point so -gratulations to him played on the same. Icy got hurt on a Madison Square Garden last year. When he was a member of Michigan state. That's what the Rangers have to try to find the band jazz been good for them Kreider admitted he's got a bit of a hamstring injury and struggled. He's been stuck on twenty six goals forever. But you know, Anderson he'll at times he's been good. How at times has been good. But watching that ranger redwing game. Even though the Red Wings are behind the Rangers in the standings. I look at that red wing team. And I see I see Larkin. I see mantha. I see a Thana you. And I say I see some really good talent that if they can make the right moves and continue to draft. Well that they can be close. I'm not sure the Rangers have talent like that. I don't think they have those high end skill guys. And I think that's the difference. The Rangers work as hard as. Anybody in the league? Right now, I think there was coached as well. As anybody in the leg, I really do. But you watch this team against Washington against tap against Calgary. The high end talent shies Chines through and I it's still a league of talent, and you can coach well, and you can scheme well, and you can system. Well, but at the end of the day the team that's got the most talent probably going to be in the best position to win. And with all these games being one goal games. Basically. I'm going to bet on the team. That's got that high end player that's gonna make that individual effort. That's going to help you win by got Johnny Joe on my team. Right. If I've got an a fat guy Nikita kucherov on my team. I I've a feeling that the end of the day if I'm gonna need to go on the third period. Those guys are going to go out and get it. You can muck it and grind it all you want and complain off time that's a way to win. But it's going to be the team. That's got the best players that. And if they play to the level of being their best players has to me the best chance to win. So that's my take on the Rangers and the Red Wings didn't wanna leave those guys out from last night right back with the again tomorrow. This was the Wednesday. Vision of game is conduct. We'll connect game misconduct podcast looking for more dumb record. Hear him. Michael Keijo, weekdays from three to seven pm on ninety eight point seven ESPN in New York and worldwide on the ESPN app. I don't forget to subscribe to the game misconduct podcast on the ESPN app. Google play music apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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