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Extending X by is just fast. It's Internet that gives you peace of mind security because if it's connected. It's protected. Yeah. Even your robot back you. Can Your Internet. Do that learn more at XFINITY DOT com slash? What if you could learn from one hundred of the world's most inspiring women? Now, you can introducing Senecas one hundred women to hear a new podcast brought to you by Seneca. Women and iheartradio. I'm Kim as a rally in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of American women getting the vote where bring you the voices of a hundred groundbreaking and history-making women listen to Seneca's one hundred women to here on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. Coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter for today the subject picked me. Or Your Momma Okay pick me or your Mama Mama Mama. Mama. Gone. We'll get to that but right now the nephew is here for today's prank phone call. What do you have for us today? Nath. Love excetera. Oh That's that's the that's the that's the ATC. Etc.. I don't use I don't use etc. Lots of when I do I try to expound on Lou C. Period I. Don't know how to spell technically you. Let's go. Hello Hello. I'm trying to reach out Kaelin Kaelin. Of now she's not here right now who speaking Dr elbrick listen I was giving a car you able to leave a message for for me Yeah Okay would you let her know her sessions will be on Wednesdays at seven third sessions with? Session well, actually she signed up for class an eight week class and it's every Wednesday night at seven thirty. Okay. What what what classes are you talking about? What kind of class this is love etc. Have you heard of US know? Okay. Well, let me give you a little briefing here. Kaelin actually came in and filled out to take some classes and We're love. Etc. so we teach different things what is it like a seminar or something? Well, you we teach four play intimacy sensual massages, and things like that and she I was actually here when she came and filled out the paperwork she said, she wanted to screws up a love live with a husband. Are you her husband? Yeah Yeah I'm a husband but when I'm saying Is. It's like a like a joint thing. I'm not supposed to be there and something no no, no no this is actually heard wanting to actually I. I'm a I don't know about it. I'm assuming she wants to surprise you and show you some different things when when she finishes sessions. So when did Wendy. Come in like she came in where you're located first of all. Okay well, she actually came in a couple of weeks ago and who filled out the paperwork in the downtown area. She filled it out. She said, she was very excited. She wanted to do some different things for husband. We just ask that she gets here a little earlier probably fifteen minutes early. So she can shower and put a robot and then we can we can start class. We'll we'll. We'll. We'll shower shower and rolls that was therefore I mean you're not. You're not upset about this. All right now donald probably you know we know I mean, we married couple. You know what? I mean. So you know anything the spice slice of the marriage, but you know as far as me not being involved her going by so and you're talking about taking the Baffin robe and all the other stuff you don't need to be there for no no mess like that man well, no no. So it's nothing like that. It's basically a class what people get in touch with their with their sensitive side and you get to actually you know you learn about four play what what take? Out and you're talking about eight weeks though eight, eight we. Serve An. Even eight weeks not much. It's only one night a week. It's only on Wednesday. So really only eight sessions eight s exactly. Okay. So why why did she had to have a role though I mean watching that while she did not showing up the work with up, you have to bring your road. So everyone showers and then they put their robe on and we actually coached him through his how foreplay goes. Here's the intimacy. Here's sensual massaging no, no, no, no fan you get you get to. Ask You. Is You you you? You really not explaining yourself when though like what are y'all do like I'd. Like a classroom said if I'm in the class, I'm taking a class. There's nobody touching me anal in the cold coming off you know by taking a group showers channel would you got? Would you sound like Oh having? going. Nothing nothing like that at all, but we do come in contact with our sensual side. Now she we'll have a partner in class she'll deal with that one partner. It's not until the fourth session that we really get into some strong physical. About what are you talking about? You're talking about a partner you're talking about another woman teammate us on what you're talking about another do everyone has opposite sex partners. Yeah. You gotta be out your mind. Believe caught. Why are you? Even why are you even calling me with dislike? You have to understand I'm I. I wasn't calling trying to reach Michaela. Care who you trying to reach man you call them in my house talking about my wife also goal this partners they didn't get physical to the fourth session carrying ankle being physical at all. So basically, your wife is trying to surprise you with a good thing. Now hold on hold on. This now real quick hold on wait wait wait. What are you doing I'm gonNA call my why. That's what I'm not. You know what I'm saying she's trying to it's not good for you call. She wants to surprise you why you let me handle my wife I want to handle you hold on. This segment good through you call me back when you get this message, call me back at the house as soon as you. Know. Yeah, I she wants to surprise you. Well, we got surprised already. All right. The first of all she ain't GonNa be coming down the little sessions I. If they got. It again well, love etcetera than the downtown area. How much this thing full the cost anyway well said, she signed up for eight sessions. It's it's one session per week. It's one hundred dollars each sex he's already paid eight hundred dollars Sir. Only pay what? In full to do all eight session man I know. Eight hundred dollars a y'all she's starting this coming Wednesday well there I'm GonNa tell you that right now and I and you got any of that money. You got any money there you better be coming back with it. I'm sorry. I'll tell you y'all downtown I work downtown. So guess what I will be there tomorrow to get my mind you love etcetera is refundable when people sign up he's glass you can't change your mind like that man that's paperwork. They'll tell me about what's not refundable. What's refundable was not refundable if I feel what I'm having my money back. I would make you feel a little bit more comfortable if I was her partner during the sessions you married. So yes, you. Okay. So we have a session with your why do you wipe about my wife? My wife works with other men in the sections that. So not getting wiped off a lot of you know whatever and then we're GonNa see how you got there. Sir I'm not going to go back and forth we go back and forth I'm GONNA come down here game online. And I'm a Golfer with business, and then they'll call this house no more. All, white pick a name off the little ledger, whatever will be no classes player you. were non refundable I keep telling you that. You think you wasting your boy say I'm talking to you. I, keep telling you non-refundable. Is Not refundable. She goes eight sessions yet. Right. Right but we've already partnered her up. We already have a partner for her. Partner Department. Use Your Wife. To, clip bringing my wife. into. Wipe into the problem is you maybe you're not doing what you need to be doing Talking to. moral to come, you. Better have my money is going to be. please. What am I supposed to tell? You know, party is. The Guy We partnered up with nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Yuk. y'All. Place. Name. Tom. Tom This is it isn't that your timing I mean. Man. To Man. We got A. Man. You. GotTa, ask you come on to talk to you. What's the bad is radio show in the lane man Steve All morning so Somebody goes blank you up man. You know more party is. Coming down there. Hey, I'll tell you what Well. What our partner would show about a year knock down for body. See how you like that? Impression even had no male pocket you get your wife to be part. She's already who would department get your wife. Thirty. Eight hundred. Eight hundred, I'll be back you best. Believe you mind? Promise you that partner. Nephew. Yes. Oh Man. Somebody has to somebody has to call these people. KANGA pranks. Thank you nephew coming up next. It's my strawberry letter. The subject is take me. Your Mama okay, we're GONNA get into it right after this you're listening to. Harvey Morning Show. Blood on the tracks new podcast about legendary music producer Phil, Spector in the murder of Lana Clarkson, this podcast hosted by me Jake Brennan Creator and host of the award winning music and true crime podcast disgrace land season one features ten episodes told from the perspective of those who knew Phil Spector best his so called friends just like, Phil. Spector this podcast sounds like nothing you've heard before blood on the tracks contains adult content and explicit language to blood on the tracks the iheartradio APP apple podcasts wherever you get your podcast. My name is Langston Carmen and I'm a black man who loves conspiracy theories. That's why I along with the beautiful oppressors that iheartradio and big money players have a brand new podcast called. Mama told me where each week me in a special guest will explore all the twisted conspiracies that the white man is keeping secret. So listen to my Mama, told me available on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or anywhere else that pods are cast?

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