Jeff Utsch on the AZ Senate getting back to work to help protect small business.


You are listening. To the conservative circus, I am your ringmaster James t Harris. Got Word that the the Senate is meeting today. The question is are they going to take up a the legislators bill that was passed last week. Are they going to go even further to try to to push back against the the decrees that still in place by our Lord Ducie, or are they just going to just shut this whole thing up last week there was. Was The van tastic article of what the legislature should be doing, and it was by our sin Say Jeff, Jeffords instructor at the leadership and Freedom Center in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. He is also my co host on the constitutional conversations and Jeff. That article was very well received in its history. Lesson I want to start out with this We heard the governor and other officials. Say last week that the that the. Governor's. Of the governorship the legislature they're all coal equal branches of government in Arizona. Is that correct? Well I think. The governor needs a lesson in civics and I think the legislature should be stepping up and teaching them that lesson James. Because obviously we've had a legislature that mostly just been floating down the river, leading the current. Take them wherever it may in allowing the governor to do pretty much whatever he deems appropriate without getting involved in what a catastrophe that is I mean. We're seeing right now. Precedent set and people are trying to make an argument over this happened before we did this. Way Back in in a pandemic of nineteen eighteen and again we had other issues and problems while we really have not. There had their new precedents here James T that are increasing the size scope and power of our state government. And if the legislature or the people do not kick back, it is setting bad precedent for the future and what I ask is you know if we were taken off guard, or if I say we? The legislature was taken off guard by this pandemic, and they don't do something about it now. What happens if there is a re flare up in? The governor hasn't been reined in or the hard questions asked about what the role of the legislature should be. What if it comes again in the fall or we okay with this arbitrary ruling from above, and it will be squarely the legislature, problem and fall as as the people for not demanding them to do their jobs there has been. A I. Think a revelation when we look at what's happening out in Washington DC. It's we complain about it all the time. We're wondering how come this party doesn't push back against his leadership. What we've come to understand that really I mean the the loyalties it that are built up the effort to protect the status quo. That's a very real thing because we ask. Are we ask? Ask Our legislative well. Where are you wait a minute? What about the small businesses? How come nobody's addressing this? How come nobody is pushing back and we've pushed back hard against us and witness shown us is really this is people who are just conducting business as usual. There doesn't seem to be any principles when it comes to what their job is supposed to be a constitutionally in the state. Well absolutely well. First of all you know is Washington said. It's a shame that we have to feel before we see, and there were certain people amongst us that are feeling this shutdown. Are Coming under the crunch. You know the small business owners. The workers now. Some of them aren't feeling yet because they're getting unemployment or a paycheck, but I had the opportunity to you over the weekend to talk to a business owner that owns a you know. One of the largest hotel rates in the nation, and they've had to fire eighty percent of their workforce, and he says because this is probably coming back slow. They're fine for the next four months, but there's no way there could be higher those people back, and so when the weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth happens, people are going to realize that we've been led to the slaughter pen. As far as our economy goes, and that we really don't understand what the consequences of. Of this are going to be in the future, and that's why none of are smart enough to really figure this out, and that's why we have to go back to being principal based decision, making constitutional based decision making and when we see holes in the fence gaps in the fence of how the be directed by our laws, we need to get in there and start to fill them, and that's the legislature right now as such a great opportunity to step up and do the right thing in instead they're kind of fiddling. While eight is really burning and I. Don't think they understand to the extent that we're all. Hopefully we'll come back quick change St, but I'm fearful. Jeff, which is an instructor at the leadership and Freedom Center, Gettysburg Pennsylvania he's also my co host on the constitutional conversations which you can listen to. If you download the free iheartradio, APP a lot of There's a lot of happy talk about the economy coming back nationally I I'm Kinda with you. I WANNA be positive but I. we've done so much damage. To ourselves that I don't think. Calculator yet, but the same thing jeff can be said about the state, and that's exactly why the legislature should have been involved in this. We don't know the future but even act like we. We don't even know this the virus or the impact. We been wrong about all of that, but the damage I think that was done. Most of all recite the the the loss. Of Our of our elder population, and the ones that died is the constitution and the state in state of Arizona. We lost a lot of liberty freedoms over the last eight weeks. We have and we know that in this culture of crisis this culture of fear. This culture that the politicians can't be wrong and they double down and and Kathy continue to to kind of feed the beast. We know in this situation. It's very difficult. James T for them to change, and so we need to help them change. Why isn't the legislature and and to be able to change? We need certainty. We can't have a governor ruling arbitrarily. Arbitrarily of what is essential or not, so some of the questions, the legislature needs to be asking, and this will directly help the future of our state by economically by having certainty within the the you know the small businesses you know she should be discussing. Should the governor be able to continue to declare a state of emergency without the consent of the legislature? You know. Can't we better define what the governor considers an emergency? What power specifically do we want? The governor to have during the state of emergency as you brought up the legislative branch in a Republican form of government changed supposed to be the most powerful. They are definitely laying down their doing kind of just ancillary type of work. That's not gonNA make a big difference, and they need to get into the meat and potatoes of this, so we have clarity moving forward especially if it happens again.

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