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Support for NPR and the following message. Come from the lag anita's brewing company, helping bands reach more ears through beers. Because the perfect soundtrack for music is a log Anita IP PA here. More at laga, nita's dot com. Nobody's Fool is Tyler Perry movie. But maybe more important at the moment. It's a Tiffany haddish movie. Haddish antique Assumpta star in a story of two sisters. How does place Tanya who gets out of prison only to find that? Her sister danika has a new boyfriend, but it's an online relationship and Tanya fears, but danika is being cats inched. I'm Steven Thompson. And I'm Linda Holmes today. We're talking about Nobody's Fool so come right back. Support for this NPR podcast and the following message. 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Tell me what it was about this movie that you guys thought would be interesting to talk about whether a few things and one I just wanna know how excited we were. There were many exclamation points in the Email. But people like to give Tyler Perry. Hard time deserved. You know, if you're looking for an October. I don't know that he qualifies that said his movies are fun. So they're really really fun. They're gonna make you mad at points. You're going to be like I wish you wouldn't have done that. I wish you would actually like thought about this plot. He's also going to give you so many excuses sit there and laugh and just like have a bit of escapist fun. And just be like, oh, this makes no sense. I enjoyed it. How did you feel like Nobody's Fool fit into that expectation? I always say my expectations were a little higher because I think inch Tiffany haddish coming into raises the stakes I was really really excited because I think Tyler Perry. He's he's actually pretty good for writing like punchy jokes. Like, he's going to give you a few things that are going to legitimately just make you laugh and Tiffany haddish like that's hard lane. She's gonna have you falling out of your child laughing. So I was really really excited for this film in particular, also really liked tika Sumpter, Amari Hardwick, all the things would be you know, in in our horrible wig. Horrible horrible wig, but horrible wig, but great role for her. Yes. The trend of Tyler period, not making a great film but making an enjoyable one. I think holds up in this particular case, I enjoyed it a lot I had a lot of issues with it though. How about you Brittany? Would you think I think expectations were also similarly higher because of Tiffany haddish also tika Sumpter who like idar an overall? Okay. It's not my favorite Tyler Perry from I think for me there were a lot of moments that I really really really enjoyed something. I think Tyler Perry does really well is he creates these really ridiculous but easy to get into like situations and just puts his characters in them. And let them have these big scenes where they can play. And like just punch a joke up and just like beat it to death like Whoopie Goldberg, I wish would have been in the movie more. She and Tiffany haddish together. Yeah. There's one scene in particular. What she was talking. It Tiffany haddish through the window. And I was like I wanna love to have like three of these that were six minutes long. I just like I didn't know which plot we were going to go for it was try and get complex momentum. He could be experimenting. We don't know. I did have one note actually, the very first note that I wrote down when I was sitting there watching the movie was everyone in this movie is so pretty. Oh, that's really true. So beautiful. Stephen thompson. What did you think of? Nobody's Fool is such a mess. Okay. So you have all these great ingredients. Right. We've listed all these really likable actors, and we didn't even talk about amber Riley. I think it's great. And who I haven't seen enough since glee Amari Hardwick who mentioned fine. You have these interesting discrete pieces all of which are misused. So so you have the kind of central plot of the story is that the tika Sumpter character is essentially being catfish. And that kind of ends up evolving shockingly into a romance that romance ends up taking up so much oxygen in this movie as the Tiffany haddish subplot just disappears drops out for really long stretch of this movie. And with it all that bonkers energy that Tiffany haddish bring. Yeah. So you have all the energy kind of being sucked out at the same time. Also think it misuses Tiffany haddish in a number of ways by simply turning her loose not with necessarily any kind of character arc. She's just there to be loud. She's just there to be vulgar. She's just there to inject all this energy. But Tyler Perry. Seems to have no idea what to do with this character. The character doesn't evolve in any kind of interesting way, all that the movie ultimately cares about is what becomes of this relationship which itself to me has its things that are not satisfying about it yet. I'm interested because Brittany and Eric have seen more tile payer movies than I have. It sounds like, and I'm interested in I'm interested in whether this is a Tyler Perry thing underneath this comedy. Or what's been promoted as a comedy is this kind of Ernest romantic drama that ultimately is about this successful career. Ladies. Subtly ladies that with this movie. Appreciate a simple good, man. And there's a moment where like he sort of lectures, her about like if you don't appreciate a simple good man, then and she winds up treating him so badly. She's hurting cases. The by the end, I was like don't go back with her. She's like go back with me. I didn't find the romance as uninteresting. Stephen did. I think Amari Hardwick is really really cares. I love him. He's great ingredients being misused. And I think that that story could have been interesting. I don't think they necessarily have a ton of chemistry. I have to say, but that may be partly the writing, but I got bogged down in the her being corrected about how to feel about men. Well, you maybe shouldn't see too many more Tyler Perry. Now that's Rex with the rest of the catalog. His base plotline is often kind of like the the quote, unquote, like shrew archetype kind of falling in love and not realizing that she should be falling in love with the kind of like blue collar, man. Yeah. Like that's been right underneath our noses six packs for hot like a super hot UPS guy. Yeah. How did she not notice the men with ads like I'm kidding on gave me coffee every day? Everyone in my phone would hear about it every single day. But also also like that entire coffee. Shop would be full of women pressed up against. Everybody needs a job everybody. But one thing I will add about that line in this movie. Like, I was kind of ready for that. I'm not even because it's such a consistent part of his movies. Usually has like this is my one moral message. And like I'm gonna go super hard on that. And you're gonna get it by the end the way, he did that in this particular movie, kind of unsettled me a little bit a lot of the ways they talked about kind of diction and. And how you should exist in a relationship with someone who has wrestled with addiction. Really kinda rubbed me the wrong way at parts. It wasn't just a this is a good guy, and you should be with him. It was this is a good guy. You should be with him. He used to be an addict or not he might fall off the wagon. I was so ridiculous weird moment. There's a moment where the Tiffany haddish. Character Tanya who has come to really like the guy he is someone who has had addictions, and the Tiffany haddish character straight out says if you break his heart, it'll send him back to using. And I was like why? I was like you can't put that on her. This affair also that's not necessarily true, and she did enough horrible things in the mall ready at that. To him like, this one additional thing would not have been the thing. I like this is the thing Tyler Perry is omnipresent. I don't really like this word too much. But the definition I think he's a perfect case study of the term problematic problematic Fave writer. The thing is though is that like top here. Also is a lot of cultural cachet. And so when I love when he cashes at in. I was like, yes, you really got maximum eve, you really got catfish in multiple scenes. I was so ready for that to be the whole protracted like crazy adventure caper, you know. And then they ended up obviously doing the love story. And that was oh k-. I mean, there are a lot of hot people involved. That was compelling for me. Yeah. I felt like it was gonna be this sort of like sisters getting together and just sort of like reconnecting found that have been incarcerated for five years. So I was looking forward to them sort of like piecing this mystery together with Mexican Nieve of who danika 's mystery boyfriend, actually was I. I was like prepare Lee. Yes, we're gonna have amber Riley. We're going to have tika Sumpter, Tiffany, haddish and Whoopi Goldberg with Maksim me figuring out the mystery Tyler Perry is going to have peaked. I understand why he's killing off media because I was like he is about to smash. Nobody's fool. I was really psyched when it turned out that the catfish storing was actually going to involve catfish, and my favorite thing about maximum Nieve. And I loved the fact that Maxon nave we're actually in the movie because my favorite thing about them. Is that max is self aware? And Nieves is not so. So when you bring them in like Max's, making fun of himself and making fun of catfish and Neave thinks he's cool because that's how Pat fish is. But like Britney I was really bummed when that part of it kinda petered out they follow that for awhile. And then there's a cameo that. I think we're not supposed to give away. And it was okay. Like, it's an oak casing. I didn't think it was a hilariously amazing scene. But I could talk about it. So what would you say about it without revealing the cameo? What would you say about it? Well, it was just a wasted opportunity. Yeah. As soon as the cameo was revealed, I was psyched I was there. I was present within as it starts actually roll on. It was like man, I wish you guys would have just done a few more takes this. And just kind of let the just just do what you feel and I think it would have probably been ten times better. I had a lot of issues with it. I mean, it is a movie about cat fishing that is built around a fundamental bayton. Switch in the plot. Which is kind of a. Now, it's true. Stephen talked a little bit about Tiffany haddish being misused or underused here, and the thing I agree with him like the Tiffany haddish roles that I've loved the most which of course, I am not a gourmet in this way. Like, I love Tiffany, haddish girls, drip. You know, when I have really loved her the most there is a fierce intelligence and a warmth to her even when she's being extremely silly. And she is one of those people, you know, we talked about big mouth, we talked about my Rudolph, and the fact that she puts just a ton of as Mike sure has said about the good place a ton of mustard on every single thing. She says and Tiffany haddish can be the same way. I think with anybody else in that role. It would seem totally unnecessary. But I think her delivery and her sense of comedy and her ability to kind of throw herself fully at this role makes it seem worthwhile. But to me did that character exist in the original version of this story, or is that a character that kind? Came to life to add an element of silly comedy that otherwise wouldn't be there is that a common Tyler Perry thing for there to be an underlying kind of serious dramatic story. And then a kind of an externally added comedic force. It's weird. This is a different type of Tyler pair just slightly though. Like, I think the issue is kind of going back to I think something Britney was touching on. It seemed like he was trying something new, but not sure which pieces of those movies he still wants to keep in the media films. There's often Medina is kind of the Tiffany haddish care to that comes in and like bits, and is like really the comedic relief in a majority of the story is usually like drama, but his films outside of the Medina franchise. Are usually a lot more straightforward in this film. It seemed like honestly, he just probably ran into Tiffany, haddish backstage and was like they had great chemistry. He's like, you know, I got something. I think you could really be good for. And then there it is. And that he, you know, maybe took another month with the script writer took another. Generous. And then we get Nobody's Fool, and that's really a shame because going back to the plot by Britney described where Tiffany haddish, you know, gets out of jail and her and her sister team up to realize that both a little out of touch, and they can bring themselves together by taking down this man who catfish are great fail. Now. Watch the movie that the trailers promised really really excite. Yeah. I couldn't tell watching this movie weather. I was glad that they had a really light touch with this little thing about whether her name is supposed to be danika. I felt like that was such a character tail and I wanted more the idea is she goes by danika. And her sister keeps telling her mom named you Denisa. Like, there's a whole thing going on there. The issue is that Tyler Perry, especially in this film. He prioritized the romantic relationship in spite of the character development. So tika Sumpter scarier, Tiffany haddish's character, they didn't have whole ARC's. So once the actual romantic plot kinda came to its natural conclusion, you got to wrap up the movie because you already spent almost two hours. So they really bummed me out and going back to that in particular. It was something that they didn't actually really even wrestle with with her care to throughout the earlier parts of the phone. That was like the only thing, you know, was she did she used to be a little more hood. Like, you know, how would is the got her to this point where you know. She is kind of this stuffy at exac where does she goes Tiffany Becker life, make things better? We don't know. We'll never know. I know, and I think that if they had focused on that relationship. It would've been a much. More relatable movie. I think that like a lot of people can identify with class differences within their family. I think a lot of people can identify with remaking who you are making yourself up in a completely different fashion to get a certain place in life and a lot of people can can identify with having a family member who's incarcerated being gone for a while. And then coming back in them sort of like getting back into society on the outside. And then also like their family sort of maybe seeing where they all stand in relation to each other. I think that could have been such a like really relatable relationship to explore dynamic to explore. And I felt like that was kind of missed opportunity. I was interested in the family. And then it just didn't quite get fully played out though. Like, why am I how do you have Whoopi Goldberg tika Sumpter in Tiffany haddish and just not want to sit with them. Yeah. I mean, that's maybe the movie that we all would have loved the most. But you also feel that this movie didn't know what to do with its r rating. Yes. Because it was so yes. First of all gives them a chance to let Tiffany, haddish swear, more swear more. Yeah. Dirtier, but it also. Dropping in this weird awkward sex scene. It was extended. But I went to go see this in a theater, I was I was to bring him before. We started talking to auntie set was out full force. Yeah. And I couldn't hear anything. Night after that seat. So I don't know it wasn't meant for me. But the people who was meant for solid. I think I think that's right. I had the same sense in theater that I was in it wasn't as full. But I had the same sense that there is an audience for that scene to say the least. Well, I am guessing that many of you will wind up seeing. Nobody's Fool or have other thoughts about Tyler Perry. And I would love to hear from you. Come and find us on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash P, C H h or tweet us at PCH that brings us to the end of our show. You can follow Britney loose at the 'em. Loose fell. Eric Eddings at e Eddings, and you can listen to their show the nod, which is by Gimblett media. Thank you so much you guys for being here. This is so much fun. Thank you. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you, Steven. And thanks to all of you guys for listening. We will be back here on Friday. If you have a second, and you're so inclined, please give us a review on apple podcasts. That'll help more folks to find the show, we will see you. All right back here on Friday. More than twenty years. That's how long Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar abused. The girls and women who came to see him for treatment believed a new podcast from Michigan radio and NPR digs into how he got away with it for so long. 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