Talkin' Blades of Khorne w. Mark Wildman


Guys it is the courage champions trying to rebrand. I'm trying to say champions gate champions. It's iowa's cards are hype. You're getting all of the blunt tied. That was a really bad truck. I'm here with mark. While based formerly of bad is You seem around the traps. But most importantly the men nurse he's cohen and i quickly switch out in a market and if he noticed criminally. Let's say the ten by what. I thought we were going very. Eddie we Chef you went nintendo Matching well. I thought i thought it's a play on words because one of my favorite bands is cone bunks. But we're talking blades cone way. I was reading here. Because i want to talk to mock because mock so. I've had a few people you know had pat nevin hat matt campbell. Talk about cohen. And i wanted to another opinion on how you get the most out of cohen and mock has a very good track record. You you went night that bye-bye you've done. Six itself goes jay obviously conscious indicating locked down for some time. Now so It's not like being winning. A whole bunch of jt's in the last twelve months brought a winning wing rock enough. But i want to know how you'll thinking about cohen. I think the meta has changed a lot. And in the last time played back campbell with corn magic. Dominance was starting to come back. You know nick gash was starting to get out the machine gun again. Hallo hot was kind of only up since then since lockdown. we've had checklists. We've had news inch we've had Luminous this sorry much has kind of happened that i feel like It's a really good time for colin but before we get into that mock get i welcome introduce yourself other than being the man. The mouth got howdy ancient. Jesus off at seventy different incarnations of starting off in bad dice which people don't know about any bowl. That's that's just a. Do you know about that but many people. I think that it's herenton scenery. Dice at the moment you get back on the streaming body. I try to try to get into to be one of my guests. But he's opening A super successful businessman. He's electric company now busy for us now as a scheming. Ed's god yeah. I didn't walk up. applying tournaments Before all these yourself through podcasts on youtube we were. we were rightful. The time of many making it is now. I mean we were too early. And you know you see type of tactics. And titans dailies yushi. Earning thousands always. We're just rolling in bank block. One dial do like a. What was that show called. Mtv cribs craves man. In you know it looks like a humble setting he got bart's mansions and this is just like my my small studio that detaches to my massive mansion. Scott such a strange strange Where the scenery change of wolfgang online. An how assistant gets workshop nephew. Seven o'clock presence We the drummer games. Saying you need it. You need a negative things changed but yeah so yes. I think so bored. Thrum were but we did it. Fortnightly like Like about sixty episodes four nine Years it we'll older A children's everything just Before you start but you know. The game has changed size of exchange nowadays. Don't miss it. I miss the the commitment to really polish the show. Release barack make a job out of it. E breathing living it May now as still enjoy playing the game. Passively goats tournaments social side vet as supreme pole the yet but i still like whenever play gains. Always like okay. I i wanna take different list Bit sillier but at the same time. If i take to stabilize billable tables inefficient content joy that area in event. I lots bake competing the talk in hawaii so it was whiteside talking about building New york show is. That's really kate. In the league upside agree important. now it's awesome. It's a teaching because welcomes mock eligible to mock as well because why Man i got tomato flooding glory older. Jeez ago but But you've seen the changes through the gain your fantasy battles fly you've seen the early seek ma is still playing dice. Yukon insane the evolution in how you say peaks and troughs and it's usually through the opportunity to go rhino and his challenged with rossville web. What people are doing with slash book is the grabbing a list that they had previously and trying to force it into a metal or force it into a book update and expecting the same results. Been this way this show is gonna come into play where the guy right Cohen cohen has got some new opportunities. I love flesh hands for example. I think there's a real pechiney. Fistula shouts all goal pilgrims. A of cool things. That are very anti magic. That would work really well and be a real pain. The office for those take. Listen friends and we will talk. Lists and It's great to have you on the on the channel and again Shoutout to poet as well for the shin much appreciated by friend a costs asking who destroy. Curry's what i i mean. I would just walk him from the channel volume the view then a blocking light up before we get into the into the rules in the list. I wanted to own understand. Why cohen of all the chaos gods. What drew you to this particular faction and what have you enjoyed. And what's made you continue playing the army compared to picking up one of the new this song that you've already mentioned him going to go back. Risk fail back. Tokyo seeing games. Through the times. I played rhys a chicken slower than a Remember when he brought cullinan. I had out. I think it was on. It was not exposed. Lights chromebook is another. Before and i he literally had this like msu taipa in Around me ten one in the old these options loads of different threats on the house like this looks really fun. Just meru combat you sit in the back. Shoot somebody but this thought behind it as well so it's not just a. I'm gonna get my big bro moving forward. That was lots of tho- around where he characters where he Counter-punches counts charges score units. Things like that just really enjoyed the cia That at that point i was like i wanna get saami you play against somebody I think on jefferson the army to me. I don't know why the everyone leads to an army. Well done i n. He's down to individual personality but Really explain why. I think i think is the speed of the army. I really enjoy the possibility of speed. And how you can enjoy playing the game on the fold the remake the summit since that. Sometimes you get all the way you sit around your belly the sit around there really move sheet your opponents whereas just reading joint These movie on hit a witness students got only different aspects so that there was in the new book that was the priest the press. So you have you'll magic version of magic so you have that d- lack of issuing. Yes did that man. It's the gains but being people's grilling funds. I think i could take a head. But i call. It would be really if it was a shooting me like if it had like bliss bob arches style of like unless it was super cone. Like that would feel weird to me. I mean they got the sco- callans in the interesting be shoehorned into I get that a company like the idea of some thing announces shoot but actually i prefer. I would prefer with new books coming on. Would more folks of being hitting the harboring combat us just a bit more enjoyable. But when i split accent the night edition i would be really scrappy with them. Is each one event for on me from events. The border that only student on this this I was a bit of a gauge. St with mommy styles colon As soon as i degree like planning list designing had fun doing Big learning of doing match control grout land but applied ethics solidly for eighteen months tournaments. An infant. a that that that staying power was not really wrath me so sad for me to stick with an army solidly crazy out artists. So i thought the white just egypt leads him with me really well dante. I love reds so always a big fan. Although at blood and glory are missing someone with a blew blunt later when those the old mode harvest and they look really cool as well like i see blood lettuce. So don't cry arthur. Was the color scheme locking. I really liked that look really nice. I want black okay. You're probably not say olma my age damon's on unkown demons and i was gonna start negative but it's literally like the inside of the modern is black knee outside yellow lipoic stickney effects black and yellow is complete contrast color so literally my mind mild lamis completing also the. You don't have to get rid like obviously read is is corn But limited here it could be a demon from a upon the realm and it's adapted or whatever it might be but i really lock it. I love plata's. That's that's probably not moment and i'm studying become more timmy. Actually like goggin just bought double of the the the lizard man celestial stan aids And things like that. The idea of having like just blockbusters. The dog goes and things like that. Like you know tarisa blonde Or even i think they deterrence blood The the stocks blood fest ever bit on like i meant to being like the the of destruction. I'm just gonna his full-time they'll hate you on. Foles said but the the that talian condo made it work. Didn't it did. Yeah absolutely absolutely are Dancing around the rules. I wanna get your perspective of how you look at the allegiance right because you are assays veteran very experienced days. I'm picking up for the first time. And i'm looking through my book and i go every time i kill a unit or unit dies on the table. I get something plus time and at one point out during the battle low multiple times during the battle. I can spend those points enter. Thinks cool intellectually get. That's the big thing for corn. Yes you get the look fury. Guess you've got the rest of the advertising and other things you can do but the big. The big thing that called brings to the table. Other than the units in the synergies in the battalions and all that good stuff is blocked tied. Yeah so as a as a as a season veteran for someone who has been on top tables who has has almost one j. taste and things like that had flood tie. How does it impact your list building. Like what are some of the thoughts that come through your mind maybe you tell me as a sparring co employer. I think i would start off with the fact a bit of a swiss army knife. Billy and people look at it. Is i mean me personally are all using more summoning but just allows you to go. Okay this is a situation on. I'm in a really is good examples. It's like a need a calm but just number one off the bat that you spend top. Let's talk what you get. Come on and that could be the difference between winning or losing game in A point but it's just the seventy eight like so many Different options within conquer rome. I think this is issues with In sense of Power creep of new books and other books can do bad things and so is putting that to one side Are just think it allows you to respond to different scenarios. And i think that's probably one of the biggest joys of the book so i need to go nuts rewards table. You've got something so you can get a councilman stuff on youtube. But actually if i want to parliament's again a can again will i want you making a move with some captured objective. Just go all of these different abilities which you got you the back of your head like you could be could be light in. I'm the wrong side of the board but unexperienced twelve inches. That way for now do that. Or i want some stuff some of the united states that so i just think that that is the key point. Is that so flexible to use in sony. If it's scenario is in the game said to pinpoint exactly how you use it rid scenario the moment you're in that particular game the list building though could you right like like you're one hundred percent correct What i haven't got on the table here folks is that there are two blood tie tables. The first one is a set of ability. So you can see here on the on the screen. If i spend one tight i could get myself. A command point been chew blood tie. I can make a a. I can dispel automatically spell. That was cost. So i can start my putter from casting a spell if i spill i if i spent six points until the next phase each time a friendly was slain a pilot in attack move. So there's a whole bunch of abilities that can throw down but then on the other side. There is another table on the on the next page which allows me to split spain. My blood's high points to bring in bodies For two points could bring five blood latest. The fifteen points are bringing six fifteen blood litters for eight points. I could bringing a one of the three blood blisters. There's a whole is most of your demons. If not all of your demons are available for someone you got to tables and i think what mark saying he. The ultimate flexibility is depending on the scenario depending on the battle plan depending on the part depending on the round depending on like. What's on the table. Poli very good. Just play you. Don't have three things that you're gonna do this time. It's always going do three things actually on against the magic me so these are the five things i think might work really well in our flesh hounds on spills against You know not made said like. I think that's a really good swiss army not a if he'd tying shivering on me that just gonna destroy me but hey i you. You've got like okay outgoing to me. Twelve inches all alamein Awesome something within ninety something like that. It's just a swiss army knife ability whether or not it matches in the current meta is is a is a completely separate thing But it's still something view to be able to respond to a dynamic situation. Now i like it. I like any pal crepes in all. I think we're talking about that. we're talking about. How do we get the most out of spoken book and you know what happens. Outside of this book is out of control. All we can do is what we can do this particular book but talk to me about blood tie in your list building. Does it mean that you take multiple small units to kind of increase your chances with backing the day like back when people very first cohen are missing lots and lots of big blocks of thirty blood letters in probably the last two to three years. I haven't seen those speak blocks anymore. It's always been the multiple. Small units of ten mo four units of five dog. Doger's is it. Is it now rewarding to build smaller units to increase the chances of blood tie or dc benefiting taking big blocks of thirty. Say you can met her at your opponent and worry less about your own blood tie. Yeah i guess you. Roy i mean me personally. I'm very Mike When riley this must have i a bunch of small units generating blood side points to control both spice or just again. The why am. I might go to points. But the ident- won't something that is a big hit so generally don't go for like off phobic his not sit or food chaff basset. When i look at this might. I have tried to have just gone. Msi points My thoughts when done that is fun is good but because when you spend Party when you spend your blood taught points Want to spend full a loser late. So restricting factor of it. So i would go to the right bottles that are Generating points like in the regions of that. But then i'm like these big heavy units Who can seek benefit for those points might spirit of charges pure. Msg immature Engaging fun sometimes you need especially in iowa she needs sometimes that unit which just goes just kills the uranium yakuza gas shimon turn or whatever it might bake they need that and sometimes might experiences that actually if you have units which create talk points dense make the rest of your better that's will might do in Especially like misuse in a bit is very much like lots of crap. Units dealing with generate. That's what was then essentially empower. The butler is hockey. All move stuff wilson's by Looking at best how you utilize at puck repugnant. With what you've already got as well 'cause you could generate Points and actually is just to get some of the breath test. If you wanna play. Not how something just i just wanna As many tests in about with a nazi they won't apply. But if you will translate competitively. I think probably knocker work crews too much shifts to get us wrong. It was a very similar conversation. I had with the sledge. Show is like if you fuckers to heavily on depravity. you're gonna lose the objective you know You know if you take a lot of arches in in slash Guys that is as an example if take office in i spent my tax too often just to generate depravity. You're gonna lose on the objective. You're not gonna be able to do enough damage to actually win the game. And then you're parted is going to join you and then summoning or your wants not to help you nothing to the point think about how you generate depravity haganah what you really need it for and it might be an and we're going to go through moxley silicon conduct with these into practice but it might have a couple of small. Msu will multiple It's stop off the depravity. That may be not going olean and just like all of my things just small units. You need hot. Heat has to kill take on your Msu just spoke to they when you the gang who could hold an objective right. Yeah you might summon them on the board for turning and captain objective. But i going to be able to retain it will not Probably ten wins twenty wounds. Most on a summit units are just. Just keep that in mind. I don't go too heavy on it. But one of the other things are gonna get is your Your terrain pace. It's like that It's an interesting one. i obviously. It's free run like it cost me nothing to take like. I feel like it's one of the least in tactful once when i compare it to other terrain paces. Unlike what you're saying is i think i disagree with you. I think the the which by the structure modest from for yes. That's that is. I would say if that wasn't it wouldn't even can just purely because with the way the game works is that we just say all right. Say it may. It may come into play a little bit. But if i'm back games like did i ever use half very rarely Now would hate we on france. Did i use that every game. Yes i did a that. Just yeah i think is really good just with him. Re rose again Boring automobiles dates back to the night. Edition strongest is back then It will be spirit. Dot co dot gals had re rose. Hi also every rose games run on. Radio's just brings that level of secure a bill lists and some of these slow pres- gang gang Game winning incense six jesse jackson's a try Did try around with the warriors can you do. It was twenty eight calm. such match unit saw is quite accurate. Gimme gimme ten seconds. Token is like a On those guys so three upon the save a big block like the tens the gains you get on the unit that size with free upon the is just rubbing hands together to be able to re role that foul. Play on a full plus. It's just like the successive getting off his raising. So i i think in limited size wise. And you've gotta work at unite ferry. Running prices may is amazing really Let me clarify my point. My point was that it's not useful. I'm not saying that. It's it's rubbish and hang when i think about things like the fame run i can summon from the fain when i think about the lunatron. I returned back problems from balloon shrine in are they certain things in these comparatively compare yet. Yeah even like the channel thrown from fleshy codes. I can i can summon without. Pay your ryan again. In the comments from scuola putin can summon from the scuola in in a bit slow traffic identified. Trust myself now set in but either way like well you look at that in the current which bane first off. It's hard enough tickets. Bills off right now. Right but even subtracting one soul for wizards Is a pain in the box. So many reasons they're getting in the middle of the table or trying to get around you. I mean it's not going to affect crow crew sitting at the back of the baltic during you. Have you skit that close to you. That's what that's what. Just i don't think is great at sixteen inches. You a decent by manage it show. I'm lucky if there's a lot of Like combat wizards as well right. We've got soul black coming back. So there's gonna be a whole bunch of empire loads on the may drag. Never rama's those types of creatures who are most to summit wizards as well I think for anyone who's looking at go pilgrims. The the real marshall focused praised heavy. I think people have forgotten how good go programs were at. They were abandoned existence for some time dating. You know and i think to to apartment behoove cooled out in the chat. Press right now. Don't have counterplay if i come up against you as a with all the praise account do anything. Don't take a price myself to on bind you'll prayer. It's like it happens or doesn't happen. Say that they can do their own prey. Unbelievably do the spell. Practice judgments. Yeah yeah yeah so you couldn't you. You know that was a five. Plus on by the ants some fun presley's just unite in a normal guy. You might you might cost it twice but with rerun three maybe four times in the game. So it's interesting how Ability can be so good is you're right you're going to compare it to other things might be may be. It needs a bit more of a somewhere along the lines of if deemed safe at half off the Just leo extra bits like if you some information Until something like that. It feels like needs little more. But i i was stunned by the way rose hundred percent. One hundred percents luckily strong. But if you if you're gonna take pristine. I really thinking about how you might be able to combine this will maybe incentivize you to take appraiser at least deploy you'll priests on or around To to tap into the would've hate. And i need someone could be quite interesting especially Especially in the metal moving towards. But i just want to take on On the terrain case. I think it's always interesting one way. Do i put my terrain pace. How do i make the most. It's always a question people. You kind of learn over time in like every battle every battle yet. One shot at the trump ace down. So how do i feel like were. Actually you deploy it in your heart your territories well yet totally within your territory so lawsuit people's graham cotton. Yes that means. He could be a lot more aggressive with it but then the challenge will be. Is you know if you try to summon from it If you've got to keep away from nine inches whatever. I know a lot know if he's pays particular. Has it just trying to keep it away from your opponent. So he's at that fine balance. Yeah yeah definitely or at least number one. I'm gonna timestamped days. Twenty eight minutes seles number and you're gonna talk you through truth ticu lists And you've you've created a diversity for us. And i know a lot of people in the chat already have been asking about the big bad himself. the ever chosen oxygen is gonna fate and someone. I think someone mentioned is cone. The home of Will find out what your thinking a minute. But in the meantime list number one is focused on the rapists of vengeance. You get yourself all things you get. You devoured the craven. You can get yourself. The may jada command trade. You're gonna get yourself leave non alive compatibility and you get the skull shot mantle artifact off which is given to the first the first hero. So you can't get around this. One are all four of these things useful. Some of these things taxes of these things. Things you build around Or is it. Are you taking a rapist full. Maybe one of and really liked double down. Maximize like y y rapists. I think with repairs. You take all four and you have full with joy every single one of us. The least the least useful insights least useful is the the bill is the dates remodels flay with with Aina also Damion citing months who I'm crossing with knicks becomes That will be least insight that he's still unite each you play against you play. Lots of I'd mess and they won't fleas. Md three on on the unit's gone little things like that so three. That's the worst but something is still used own song so that the united stunned out winners Especially to the two years ago talking about Changes maybe that's not the case with the model gs a trait again in the kurt marable spells. That is scary. Impact lights was just kidding visit. It's exciting one of the things Mentioned that when you plan. Cohen is the exciting elements of of like. When you're all night and you pick it up. Unite is gonna Have delivered of excitement game using the wasn't happen very often. Well well well. Well i play doc. This two years ago with my gets and he threw the heck's gorgeous skulls at me and in one magic phase. I roll to natural and pop basically all of my full wearing here wizard so Eight eight eight happens at title unit. Like it's happened because they do what they act afridi's happening. The of other i think are on an average role of twenty six a seven so It copy. i can't be too far off fifty cents away. But it doesn't ask about facile. I i think that's another one that coincide enables yet Just that it's staff threat. Any additional dispel united that Can put it on the Scope shot mount over again Knows foul. it's not like auditory type of any spell said the fact again strong with pinecone scaping were off press when you just a of lightning Wounding die Gold it just so strong For that one the why is one character. You tempt me. Talk to you about like my Why i put him on the best in the quantity again Fun twenty and you. Just i think for mesa coal. Some of the collected i would make rape is eventually ease with the devout craven. I think one thing as an opponent. When i look at that i think about that. I'm you know you might attack one of my My important units right and normally be quite confident for every ten not get an extra bravery my battle monkeys me. A bravery With some of the ability certain certain units will force me and ray romano battle shock That all of a sudden the risk of losing de three models. Especially if i'm running. Something with multi weren't winds five were mike evans have twelve. Were filers one. Gog and i fail about oh shot. That's an extra twelve ruins wounds running the table a kinda fault that so it might force being suspended. Command point a rayson. I didn't want to spend that as i want to risk it. I don't want to risk. It's a boom. You're drawing of me where i didn't really want to do it again. I say although i say is the worst i still think End so interesting news like is there any tax. Let you look like that. I don't. I wouldn't want that to be a mechanic in the game. Where you get your your your set of whatever it might be hosted so is an as attacks at won't look at all these four days under his tanks That iran like the fact is like a. It's not the thing that i really want like a perfect example is why squeak patel the wolf squeak battalion. The artifact is not nearly as good as the climbing cow will things that are. I really wanna take but this I think that the the anti magic talk of stuff being to really disparate. You need a command point. You've got to be up to you. Know spend one blood tidy for a say and if you need to to double pilot and you have the opportunity you know. You've got those results table. So there's a reason why rape is certainly very valuable again. Swiss army knife again You've got the ability to make mobile scan. When you put on the back foot wall you've got spills annuals about the fighting said essentially doubling down on what you can already do so you know. It's very cool me. Isn't it is so cooling circling skull. Shot nine will just takes me back to the one fantasy battles of the color of colon where he's like other care about magic like unkown. I don't care requests. Sita You little lady with fate on a rocky when i stop throwing things out of am number List one so this is the rapist of vengeance list and fun story guys the other lists that we're gonna go through. Isn't rape venue so we're going to bring in a different set of ideas so we'll talk about revenge because it's like i think people night redesign storms. There's no point cracking the whip. But the reason i brought this into the title is this is why enjoyed the most might tried and tested list. I worked really hard. include a Who i did a lot of loss of testing about really. What would loophole book came out. I really wanted to colon. And we must play ten fifty gains before it got to this point and Change was the rpm. So this is the new. I with the all six points so the document i had more. I think i. This goes heck score. Skulls and jimmy is well and i think i had some mobile trade is i think actually So all kim. This list smaller aukin was cleaning. Much better you need a lot more of the heavy lifting so it just balanced itself founded different people into the podcast or maybe they can't see screen. Just read out what you. What's in the list and then put some of the lease is that we just talked about into practice. Oh we all call reap vengeance. You've got yourself. big bad. Himself occupied the other chosen supported by blood Slowed appraised with the osbournes flesh. You've got your blood starts out with the skull shot mantle which we have to. We have a blood secreta. We've also got a blood test of unfettered fury. Which has the major in command trait and the crimson crown. In addition you've got thirty blood lettuce ten blood raves. Ten blood rivas tin blog. Rivas all three of the blood. Ribas have the Revved up in the dock face battalion coming in nineteen ninety with one seat pay no allies one hundred and ten words told me through because i look at this initially and i go crew. That's a lot of pointing heroes especially with kyun rot. Normally you say occupan maybe with one or two other heroes and in the rest of your points with bodies. Yeah i'll talk me through some of the logic of some of the discussion already. Seeing people going there loving this so yeah people and this is the list. Iran frightens a just because of the Mma think i think he's the synergise thalberg Which really case if we put blowtorches to point down the minute because that's where variable about how use out so without kim kyung may dismiss work so when i was making my corn list when i was developing in of really went for a miss julie with a big heart hitting unit. Just planning skate against skate. Even shooting army's just losing. It didn't have it. Didn't have the speed will the threat that out of one cooling cool to have it didn't have enough votes on the ball just to get this too many threats you today with. It just wasn't working and then went. Thinks clock it with alcon. But what does he bring to the table. Does he bring enough and then they just started building in the pacers came together. And she's like oh you can do this and this in this. Oh i'ma Oculus case this has to be because he's He's off your on me. So he has to do. The heavy lifting without buffs. He gets easy enough. No is the answer. It's the buffs and everything around him in the synergies which make work so little things. Twad scrape imports from a tank. They got in from four tax from taught tax on his sword. Which then just you know. that's just you. Increasing the chances to kill something the blitz type rerun to women's is k. Here so again the synergies of the bloodsucker late point model within are him forward master. What what an imagination. Just like a. I always had issues with the with the boy. Trying to have a crack at blood the blood bloodthirsty move forward lens. Pose a stalemate with his such like it's interesting I really wanted to unpack this energy and thank you for getting to that already because when you look at he such a dense will scroll has so many key words. It's not funny later. Line so many abilities and stony things us like. How do i make the most of these wolf's girl so getting the plus one attack is going to be great and then as you said you can see the slayer of kings and then in addition. You've got your blood tie like we already. Adding plus when attack is sweet. Then you're blood type stuff. Sorry continue in office. He rewrote yes. So so this house. I've mentioned demon so you are to hand. Bank cohen said east gun. Back to re rose severo wounds to heal the plus when attack from sucre rerun williams from the one thing. He is a bit french out. He's got twenty wins in israel however that still isn't enough to go. I'm just gonna throw myself fullwood here. This is where the restless comes in. So you've got the you've got the prescription sites Again can game changing off Fighting whole Iran even on three sides they can start chipping away cheaper i. Ym he will get taken veggie. Soon as he's got to say you know he he's. He's a tank so he's really Down that so then the reason why the stoughton has the skokov manno is is really kate. The economy's not with fog rinse for easy to snipe him out with with you. Anything can really stop long-range polls weather so having a match just makes gerbil and then you can hide him physically hiding so tonkin show. So he's kate. Because wiccan aachen for your wounds. is so important but obviously making you run and challenge is kate. The blood thirst is also k. For this city but anxious work Point out that these don't just what though kim a and that's putting wags into a bossy sounds odd crime but i'm not united blood test komo on the blaze anything. You want more sooner remember Everything so everything. It also bizarre so the blood thirsty the dude essentially create this threat range from ocoee which require charged on us on a in people's eighth get annoyed zinc Voice but Having threat range of what these who fourteen inch move allegation on self without without taking anyone starts office and in the stoke gives the ronin challenge. So you get you get the ability of Point you can go on. He goes six. Obviously get yourself as long as options on the table. He gets a free command point at the start of the every year of started the hero. Face right sir. So you all automatically guarantee yourself guaranteeing yourself a sixty inch run. Yeah ping bank for you. Double pile in other roles and things like that but it's the stoker being go an extra three g run row a That that's what what what the additional synergy that is the blood bloodthirsty fury than going. Okay you comply six inches running essay so you don't take any charging you'll running but when you get into combined gun piling in and you send say fourteen fourteen implicity six plus three so you you minimum is nineteen inch move than with the pollen move. So he's threat rain. She's just like i'm gonna Practically anywhere of one downside base has to manage that. That's one thing to really you case of people can control it's bad in mind but the crimson crown to let the a free kamal on papa around a allows the blood test to he's all demons within sixteen inches. Pauline six inches on sixty. It's it's day is damon Little models that you want to be able to pilot six Daily lloyd free so when you talk about yet you come on point see generation you get your free women from all ccm From from the italian sorry. An quinson crowns. Well i think i can calculate dozen as always occupants on the table you get yourself a command point. Zero waiver benefits Races that that those those these lists images that would get the essentially the down in the welcome condemning. That's fine but then you then you have to consider how you then managed the bold because is fine just having a big beat stick on the board but you know you have no written Point several routes but then it's what about controlling your opponent inside. This is what had four units come into play Before we get into that point one quick coli get drink as well. The cool thing is occupied his vc. knows spells his ability to be able to take no spells endless spells anne heels as well and is going to be a party threat. But before you move on. I just wanna i wanna call at this thing. I've seen this discussion happened a few times. Now and some people struggle to see the value of six inch piling. And it's and it's very. It's not very common right Some of the sluggish things inch pilots Doors kane has the sisters of slaughter who succeeds pilot at the blood of unfit. Fury's command ability allows cohen demons. Hollywood within sixteen to double to piling within six in your opinion. Why is that important. Why is that such a good ability end and like yet. why why. why is that. So i take main points one being dodge Rights and you can run. So you've got the security of knowing that number one which filed the charge like basically. He's done have to file the charge. You don't have spend a command point to re roll the charge. It's gone saying in with the the ability to run stakes gives you a guaranteed threat range and some of the flood on very quick. So the point. You didn't start losing eleven inches men piling them. Another six instantly has gone from moving fly to san eleven. Not daily mess right there. Am i know me. Mathis tonight would stay mass five. Six six was found. Seventeen very Opponent is looking at the battlefield that guy. Oh look as can get their seventeen nights that threat running con- you know you can control you can control board you. You're onto a winner That's why it's so important. The you ever think you'll so controlling when things are fighting so you can go right occupants so if you on your mobile fights Mclaughlin is charging. John charge regions charging Three tax go with something. You'll just get a paul income is so we're gonna do the damaging again doubling down on controlling the combat phase Awning in okay. He kills it kills every does because if he's puffed up the likely hit he's gonna kill in front of him or is going to be in such a such a bad state is not gonna babich fight back then you okay. Your opponents parents tend to him to fight. You've got nothing to fight okay. Mugler's aruna pilot so you you're not getting hit you'll get into fight so it's a bit like a poor man's away starts fest for but it's just a different by mounting mongia. We'll speaking on. If other co-lead i'd make is that you can avoid any of those start of combat abilities right so if someone has i always struck i decided combat all like like deep can is a perfect example round three traditionally. They spend all their command points. Always fight i. If you're not in within three inches you you're not gonna get hit back end. You've really reduced the risk of damaging you get to choose the terms of battle sir I wanted your opinion on because some people that see the benefit over sixteen pilot. But then when you start to do it you know so many opportunities unlocked and you see why the pay you always want to have a say ready. For this rathbun's the reason the crimson crown without without without shadow. It's just like yeah. This is is as k. Again pipette when you look through the book getting on cooler you look through the book. Onery row challenges. Great great if you wanna be doing rerouting. Charges from other fills very corny. Plus one happens running. Also things like that but you won't cohen an extra point. This is the reason why in an struggled secca there is facts. Maybe maybe tickets Well maybe they're. The ones aren't good enough auburn the so k. Thank you for that. Thank you that just just for anyone who needs he. Why six inch piling is great. But you're about to tell me about your thirty blunt letters. And you'll three hundred ten of blood radio Is there about tactic. Checking your access Empty drawing board spice saw i would Linking is controlling the wtam ten not necessarily controlling the doctoral but controlling what happens so essentially Except with this list and it was very rally different New sometimes it. Was anyone who i was playing against if i was probably gets into the really aggressive on me which was good. Example won't put you on the back. Foods have one It will just challenge. I eat bush. Just wants out tim on those kinds of things this here. A essentially creates lions fence. Six point win if being work it while you can. You can double down again. So i would very often have Just in long in a long line in front of me so they were from absolute front and center might might A didn't have the bliss usually in line or big hope behind triggers usually Unanimity when you said. Oh they're going to be too hot to two point six inches away. So if you charged Thing super protective out have them five. She's back because then occupied the test. this commodity so difference but Lets you know. i think it's best done through. The processes said sorry for example. You'll going second cool plan. Your opponents got really fos haute. Hey now me. And they're going fast so if it got shooting a charge in the rivers cape. Then it's more sense would tack Leads and if acidic On twice with them so they can think twice about attacking with the the rivas because they just didn't get Counterpunched on top of that on getting blitar points educated wages so so it's like anyway dot stats purpose. So that thawing protects meiomi on points. So you're not. you're not really talk i need. I like doc. Faced can help wrapping them. A little bit of a boost right like they're gonna go Dying and swinging the same time saturday with the ballot plus kazakh. Face gonna give you plus when attack fo the blood ravens while they within range of the slota priest and it does get. It's gonna low you. Drops united slow to praise. The bloodsucker up. Three to six units of the blonde rave is But it's interesting rob. Because i know even back in the day with my free paypal i would always have a line of men and then then behind that would be handguns and my hand got us which should eat. Iv end within three inches and people would always second guess hitting the god. 'cause they know they're gonna drag in the handgun ability eulogise replacing it with mellow focused of the blood. Light is going dangerous. Cutting sick provide a pretty fragile Winds so you come. That threat is is is a ways there. If you're if you're piloting of as Going to maxed out. they're gonna ask What happens and if is the case if somebody does that then you've got a the the twenty four weeks movement of who can reposition himself sir. If effect happens you then got the potential to be done on the ten Opponents fast a charge in january. But you can with the Without gone you then have central free rein about way he goes folks will he goes insane Chance to get the double if your opponent does exactly the same united Switch if the coon guy. I then not gonna get into combat. I might get scared because oculus got that. Massive long twenty nine people might guy. I much show occupant in unit He cam yet. If you get those buffs off it could be in Before can let that happen now. A very red did that don't anyway but it makes people second guessing inmates people do something might not want a day so he's making the do something that's another aspect of the guy's name if you don't make your opponent do something they'll just do. I want those guess. What than Says he's making them make that decision about going 'cause i might So if you went fast is cool and you then guy right. Okay is just macri pup. Bored like six inches. Eight inches of the road are now in the center of the board with my big block without Who's practically the center of the board as well so that your opponent is still got that decision to go into that river hug to go into the business today have occupied potentially wmu next. So it's using the lies under threat of everything else to control the the the the games the flow of the game with whatever not new books are going to impact on this list design say england. We'd been lockdown As much on t. t s. i struggle with a In whether or not new books is counteract this released by shooting it. A you know. That's where i would. Struggle is already ons. You just through the lockdown Tying with with with luminaries taught society but the tactics their works and and and the method behind days Valid and the game is constantly evolving writing soul blinds coming. You know who knows what's coming the meta changes so often. And i think that's why it's always nice to revisit these types of topics then you as the listener can go right while my metal has a strategy for example i haven't seen the illuminates eighty author. Blocks haven't seen anyone actually run them in real life and i'm going to tournament literally to time. And none of those limited meets not the minimum running eighty arches in omaha it might be super ogm all tribes and i enjoy a naive hitting you in turn one. So thinking about your medicare and thinking about How you adapt to that is always gonna be different Always keep that in mind Evolves one one final question while before we move into the next list which came from the was was that rapists of vengeance laced are designed to put pressure on your opponent. Intern wanted turn to or do you find. It's kind of more of a late game. Sustainability list like what's your. What's your rationale. I think with the spade and the threat of being to unite essentially run unpiloted. You've got the long range threat. So i think but mike speeds is actually win. The game by game just true. At least just as add onto that back to list are used more summoning because is pretty light model count. You're right on the weaknesses. Off-balance full five units right. Let's ignore the characters The three threes and even the blood test any. So i wouldn't i wouldn't even go to the threat of the bethesda talian class. The his significant combi threes there. Okay unites for anything. I would want to rely on so this off us summoning a law because allows you to replace the models scoring points. An so essentially. That's way more ten four five win me the game got beyond I've got. I've got my blood points. Miami is practically among would find that you need to enjoy against the saami this the end most things died are usually killed them. That usually killed me. An i kind of woman through attrition through summoning To people really Fly they wanted to scrap. Do not mean and i played cable a lot who is very notorious for For his corn. And it's an honest game as it reminds me. A lot of enjoy is to saying that no no tricks just fists like it. Just getting their puncher opponent. Things die in not a lot of not a lot of Like ancient antigens although although at times a few people have actually though it's not needs particular list yet anyway Is cool things you can do with this and hey you could always flip by the other boxes well tapping to other things. Like breath of the chosen Should you want to try something different. But thank you for that now. The second list A rottweiler timestamp. Ease a go. Todd list and i haven't seen a lot of time previously so i know what you're thinking behind go. Tidies is just. I dunno everyone went rape is a vengeance like that gene doesn't it just makes now now on the list in So if you're talking about you know if you're making less than you're going stop. Now this is the communist of this is where i would stop. So is this. Chinese troy troy digested note. Is this guy this stein point. And then i would build upon this and the offer in this list. there are ways you can improve it ready with works you just to try. But the based on pipe identity looks firm. Get but it's when you add all those little bits together and how it's twenty each other a to get through will artists and So i'll put this list in Right if we're going to try some different 'cause there's no point just cracking the whip about suspensions. 'cause i'm sure people want. Hey other options than if the other two Tom constrained but when i went on most starting my coolness i did try go tide. Am i tried it with a big block of laboratories focus. That's an interesting interesting take because they do Really really good and they would go tied. the odds commodities How how he makes mayes synergies within the nist. And i'm way oil abs here especially printing machine i you mindset in has to change for this content is going gonna be punching the opponent so in greek dance with this list Think i don't think it will Is stronger amendment nowadays engaged with changing meta especially with aiops three around the corner The likelihood is the smart boards coming soon. slower again benefit from a Cool definitely see those benefits So Autism this is definitely a messy. So you'll then news utilizing back so yeah i kind of like it's interesting about tight on howdy. Mike kohn moles work. And i did. You can make work. I think you do need always babai. Yeah yeah you've got to. You've gotta hit me into one side demons immortals but as you shirt in the previous lowest. You've still got some models in damon build so but you don't wanna you don't wanna go fifty fifty split each probably do wanna have a seventy thirty split baby where you got majority appoints in one keyword to maximize synergy and support. I talk to you. Go go tied so you can get yourself An effect it's gonna make no modifiers by positive and negative roles tex made by these muddle curious to say where he put that in your leisure that. Yeah that went on the. It was a simple choice. Really that went on the the general christmas list. Sorry high twenty one or going to wear is clearly. I know i built the list. I say it Again and again they saw effects is a bit tax. I would say it. But it's a case attacks. How do i make use of it. If you've got something you know. Sometimes you just that current Use it while the my my head is like Anything anything with the three of that would be useful on the just make some. Just you'll you'll save two out of three times If you're modifies yourself vade tyler Grids my threats going You can roll wound roles of one for tech by friendly malay weapons full friendly go tied mortals within twelve objective model. That's an interesting. That's an interesting interaction. you command ability so what's that say. Run rolls when you if you're committed before you make a role for one friendly blood rivers of blood warriors out within sixteen year traded as a six so okay but you can say run johnston. Yes yes oh so. It's still it's still affecting one motorway in sixteen by activating the runnin chargeability. As well which is the sweet muskie because ultimately you know with the new you can wipe Six with the with the quantum. Billy a They've missed libraries. If you wanted gave six but it's the running charge which may also but it's also the extended range of sixteen. normally you'd be restricted to seek twelve. So even just getting an extended a couple of inches for the ron will be helpful. Is there anything in particular that you'll building around out of these four or is it much like rapist way. They're olga Apply sena list. I none of these. None of the jury meets this one was. They believed to run a charge again. Just to have boll control so that could be things like you. Wanna get me jack marker so you need you one of the weaknesses foot So that that would make that would make a site that would be the best one of all the others on ice editions. Re rose to Night rose to wound of a one hour I guess a lot of things wounding on threes in the in the kobuk anyway Nydia like The diminishing return when you stop enrolling ones and twos and And i will say. I haven't said it needs particular episode but i stayed in every episode. This is not the holy list. It's not like the one least rule. The mole seasoned to taste and someone was talking in the chat earlier about scott brand. Scott brain You putting bella koi. There's so many things that you could tweaking modify To your style co tasty. Oh metal up. It's always good to hear how people connecting the rolls into that list building which brings us list turn. Which is the goal tight list. So this is different. You may be three colin's instead of two columns what if you got. You've got the the lord of corn on Haven't seen one of those ages. The judge knows you've got such a cool bottle each is gonna kick kick looking just met a lot. Forget barron got despite. These guys are just absolutely machines. you've got your blood strike. You've got your blood security. You got to slow priests. Then you have gauche. Ted blood warriors with x ten blood a blood warriors with gore actually got three money's go crushes within axes. You've got another unit exact same loaded up the money skull-crushing with the social access to units of flesh hounds Ravens ten blood raven blood rivas five wrath mangas. I haven't seen those guys in such while the red sox at the wrath of never seen the right facs used on the table which is awesome. Wow i've never. I've never seen it but what i have seen in every list. It's a bloody hicks gorgeous skulls. I have not made about thirty freaking things back i. The one thing went acumen employs. Really anything. I wanna things i had to lose in i. The reason been the arguments By the they sometimes did nothing as as in your opponent just didn't have any magic at but again may bring from shutdown homage Anywhere else the forty points as such good value that is such good value eddie. A controls like some people that you'd be like i'm just not gonna cost cities fouls It's forty reporting. Shut down your home. Magic face yes it has a lot like. It's always the risk of of doing the The eight and it's the dice. Roll of eight lucky not forget the modifies modified just a flat role and by the way. It's one hundred and seventy five wounds. Hundred and seventy five wins forgetting the fact you can also summon plucking spokes. That's getting numbers. This is this now. This list is reminiscent of that. Firstly stuff said about rush plying driftwood of stuff lots of different threat. Units that have got different. Solve lioness again. is this most competitive build identify would it need tweaking Ideas in my head literally off About detriot where you have the unit twenty two warriors. We work at that. You cannot play these twenty. Four odds study at he can have What synergies in that cool but make Allies in this Like in this. You've definitely got the lack of a big Somewhere post bold you. Why at that point. You didn't stop to think of control layering units of how you use your something points or you'll laptop points because that's what he's probably gonna win you lose your gains. Your biggest punches are gonna come through the skull. Crushes and the wrath loggers right yet. Yeah i think even that the big one what they want a unisex tried those. The foote's huge. You end up. Just wasting tanks you know. I mean to be fair getting because almost all on scope. Crushes makes Superior to that point you trip saying. I'm not i'm not dreaming. I'm on the scope crushes. Yeah yeah they went down in on. Say when the book change they. They went down in amish safe. That they had lost was at the five up shrunk. There was something that lost Between the book. I'm not just a you know but yeah not Again that just like solid like it. Can you straighten fullwood. graders in Is there just for the points. Control that law stephanie. Little bit more interesting. I think. I think this is an example of probably too much. She ate more issue and have five. Four mass is five. That were so you could. You could even go more embassy. But i'll probably daddy opposite than his slightest undercut at again having big warriors potentially Then you start looking synergies so even the ten voice during twenty good worries. You've got your blood. Stipe said they rerun women's anyway you got Attack then you've got the sole priest. Pretend giving while. I'm in That point that you know just a big block. The wounds there foresee Off that you know it's not hard. It's pretty hard to get. Get rid of is net with threat on site and then they can do what weeds on the balance as well. I mean many still is still something to consider but it also that threat range of putting your on the back foot Stoke witting them So about you'll With fines seventy fourteen and then the charge raw A threat range is really really. That isn't talked with The wrath mongers because they are they could in combat by themselves. I mean they got to attacks Got four tax two range and they portfolio right heating unfolds winning on threes. And when they die that can attack on the way out but the k. To me has always been that crimson highs where you can add plus when attacked to to coin. Units didn't way an anti buff themselves. has affected last. Who who will you see the jaws. Those is at the skull. Crushes is it I mean clearly you wouldn't you wouldn't worry too much about ten blood rave is blood warriors. Which you or what would you are. Eight depend it depends really. You know if you've got if you've got your begin. Blood war is suddenly suddenly adding an extra attack from the banner and the raf mangas Know again it's looking at all. I think i would use the more defensively. A definitely would In in his with cool foot shapes you do you do a forward. And that's probably one of the downsides this list is that a forging taste half but fringe saas. We just have to consider that but the rothman was being not just sitting in the center of euro made a booth Needed that if you've got twenty blood worries with three. The site press to taxi because the balance plus when aside i think unit twenty two black that damage to rent one go hunt taxes that to four tax tax About what you doing. Death by thousand cuts yet an You utilize them again. That's something Can't get back to this list when i made it very much. This is where i would start the us off. Mcgee's would it actually would they get benefiting game when actually tight with maybe not so. Why do making stumbling right. This is unit. I'm not sure this is my question. Mark unit. I think the tactic works. But i'm not sure if he does so then in my back of my head was if he doesn't then transferred unchanged melissa slotting ashok. I'm going to take that worries. Because the hundred four you can get into another unit template warriors and Towards things on june twenty points some actually saving myself points getting more wins on bow food and cranking big blocks may be changing the dynamic. But that's where waste go like. United is gonna work reality or is it just another threat unit utilizing utilizing multiple Wise remembers well folks sees There are some scenarios that have six objectives or five or even eight and many lists on when they see scenario with sewing like six or eight. Often they don't have enough bodies to be able to go fol- for all hold and attack full objectives and certain trade-offs he got enough bodies to leave in the backfield to screen. If there's going to be summoning to lean on home objectives wall force moves forward on your opponents objectives. I think petillo point Have you gone too heavy on the msu obviously you can tweak modify accordingly in bundle the blood warriors into a big block unions and things like that one thing. We didn't really talk about that. I really wanna talk about is an again matt. Campbell was the one who brought back to my attention because he loves it with his cards at blood is flush heads and i think now is a good time for you to reconsider flesh annual list with those colors record What that's why they're like. I wanted to get more so heavy but again if you go heavy with anything in that cool book i think you may sound with stuff. And that's why they Again they're not the worst in combat Bitten shooting attack. But you still got the ten wins. Let's five models They're not they're not that they're not that bad actually Little i think you're always going to have somebody so. I think you can meet some point at minimum. Would site have the manual summoning toolbox. Like you wanna have the minimum. Especially if you see yourself against the summoning army as some magic and what i love about. Him is the fact that they could unbinding spell chen. They can dispel endless billiton. And if it's a unit of ten or more ten or more of them Like to add plus one today unbinding dispelling role so It's annoying little unit and they need to standardize them deal with you. Know making people re-rule this spell oil order dispelling the blood tie and you pay off to a a magic apartment. Yeah definitely. I think. I think cam i think with towns in south they just they just feel rose fuel or like being fought twice with him is isn't it bad as well Love attacks at any just united again. Roth mangas Actually i think the secre earning does more tools nowadays name. I think so. Let's let's let's chat will tell us otherwise yeah again. I'd say you know. Every wolf's grow with every would at every ability not trying to answer full sorry bet like but which cohen. I don't wanna go but yeah i think you have things well with the with the post hit a lot of. There's a lot of thren death by thousand cuts kind of threat. Wed where does this list lag. Is that killer punch. But i think you'd want to and win on scenarios catching objectives controlling bold spunk stuff like that again. Having lands stuff using the readers so zone out your So you've bessie eunice squad. Crushes will stuff you can summon to than counter punch so again when you look at these lists. I think it's really kundu quite well at lying Yeah yeah It's not like you're putting like no tards blonde. People familiar with blood test is and you just running at your opponent and just like punching him in the face this is certainly a lot more bought control objective play a lot more nuance than a Some of the other bills. That i think we already know it's harmful blue blood. Do this is a different style. And i think it will work as well in certain match ups in certain matches and is is it. Is it corn enough fast fast Question isn't it. If you if you if you feeling is. Does it feel cold enough. I think it works really well when you think about the fact that all of your heroes a quite squishy now. It's always a challenge. We typically like Go pilgrims way majority of your power is coming from these six. Seven thousand hearers But don't have the best amish saving the world the when they stopped going down The you know the goal. Pilgrim's really collapses you've gotten into screen off the screen off the strain protecting them. You don't have a lot of screening from things like mortal wounds from range and things like that but ultimately just wakes of bodies that you could keep replenishing through summoning. Now not so. That's why you didn't have to play the egypt again you that you have to do that. And that's why he mindset just has to change if we have a cool head on just gonna kill you to. I'm gonna try and kill you. That's what i'm saying does it. Is it corny enough is it is cornell does in that sense but it's stuff unite united again Stein witnessed anti found. Kids always a good little. Msu a unit bush goes man. Dies ten in looking may be more effective than the judge the omoro fixing the rock. many points anymore similar scott discovery and could could work in like that to have to have that little support. Learning support here are like a. He can be one of those damage dealers that might complement. The the blunt of lyon crushes like to be an extra layer. And he's not that big so can maneuver and manipulate and work around all illegal screens of buddies. I guess that's where i go back to. What is your unique and be and i. I think that's why that valley said if i would the idea i would do would be have msu lots of different things but if you're gonna have a Bay in scott brown is another. Good example of fat potentially in Did require potentially About what would be best scott runs for a slight very quick but so you know that might work. That he might work has engaged. Yuck he doesn't fly that that's the that's the challenge writing swings in manta own Is been burnt off. So he can't use his any forever. Could i ryan is full for thousand years or something from a rural. He caught fly but to what brian says. Well in china and a very very very valid point is We haven't really dipped into estate day. We haven't talked to a slice of office. We haven't really tapped into the epa chosen with kept mostly within blades of corn. Other than obviously we had occupied before that you know when you start to layer in these core idea of goal pilgrims mortal build. You can stop bringing things like the load. On catcher drac you might bring in chaos notch. You could bring in a shrine. All these mobile units that would complement The additional mortals like the blood braves usa. Craig is things like that. So however you wanna move around and kind of make your own I think the great thing about things like like chaos in general cohen is at k. Would signage is is across the board in. Hey you can take the basic house battalion and get yourself some. I don't remember exactly what The base of chaos bought dairies a colin battalion. There as well. So you've got another option. That's that's the up. i've seen people use that one. I think that's quite a some punch to it especially Stephanie got s congo. Some legs often profess to know downside. I don't i don't recall exactly wanting the battalion pitkin. You've got options. If i think the point if made mark issued shown two different lists you've shown from from play styles different ideas and we can build around it strip at x. at in why manipulated seasons to taste of irs. Tomase is what synergies. More tricks leaking on Connect with each other. Not just like a white Does this to that unit. Might it work. Well how does that unit that wealth without one you know how how how we join the dots together throughout the hold on me. And that's that's what i think. I really enjoyed colin because there was lots of different options in their off other books outlet but that other nettlesome That cool todd table enabling you to just to respond to gang. Robin gang of lost the scanning A candidate with a just as putting are really interesting. Zampa home no not getting Against but it was a glory event where russ have a Mostly to bury Uk sage thomas bowl. The the bridge list with the is fighting his play tips. That was hallard hawk. The future started yet. Absolutely every guy news. Once i win one win russ had a on me and it was. It was like it was a really. Hey we. you've summed him somebody. We've we've mentioned these three times. It's like biggie. Small you satan in the mirror. Three times small stands up. Anything must have now. Let's pretend so what happens is rust versus tone moseley. You've got. i think it was hallo hot. it was the first breach. Hallo hot Shenanigans we saw from cities but Rested something really. Like what can they do in any way. I can say this. But the likelihood of wrestling that guy was pretty levin however was like this under the dick and he'll probably tell us the chat But it was trying to get a blitz hard points or tweet auto spouse some and it was to summon the breach. I think he was needed needed. That blood I cut Rusted rested was trying to kill his own unit to get blood Something that major. But it just showed like a k. Versus trying and this point the Switching like the books so far pau But he tried an and that the tougher allowed him to try and compete. Where without a win. Just calling out that. He killed his in ravers. We had judgment too so he could. You know unluckily The order spell because that was often Because that was that was hello hot. Hallo hot allows you for payday. Taika damage to the hurricana or aluminum. Look at could get up to six. In addition to spell costing so. He's he's a funny story. I played a cone opponent. She's super you. Reckon she's a mother of scots brand absolutely loved. My game is tournament and playing. Hello hot and i rolled a sixteen or it was like a sixteen on a spell cost. It doesn't matter what it was. It was like a role dane the and he was. I rolled in eight I in two plus always buffs So she ended up on. Unbinding me. Because i think is around hicks gorgeous. Skull remember what it was exactly but She kept me on us by miami rowing my eight. So you think about is never out of the game on always a toolbox tool both inability and a someone that you can bring into aven applying field or respond to your opponent. Doug going with you know. I'm always gonna summit Moist guy to do this. Do this really look at the table. Girl right which of these abilities. Which of as units would be served my purpose in winning the game scoring objectives retaining killing stuffing my punt during casing lockup bridge. Yeah an unaudited Apply against the south. 'cause she takes sentencing A on tv screen my fight against denied neth in the i think he put his eddie goals out of stock. Young by e pope Plus tax sny males killed him and it was like game a game over but the point just allowed again probably one of my best games. You talk ten year. This was definitely up thatch Remember planet one by losing loss And truth i date a using the whitby dude to then move at hayride New hero literally yellowed hero across the battlefield for platelets to climate objective off. I think it just little things like that without without without without summoning of one punishes dude sing humming and it was that long range of like running running a three Slow priest ran across the board in movement. Five iran seeks. We've got three then some Beaches among was able to get like five models to take the objective of of just. Didn't say that and just gains. That was just like it will be just like you can pay and it's really exciting. There are a lot of fun. I'm going to add one funnel colin story. Kind of bring these hyman. You can add now. I'm thinking about such great games against. I played one particular stephen at tournament and playing with my gates and he puts scott brand into sixty gets and he rolled sixes like they were just like he wasn't just put sixes on the table. Scott brain killed fifty six lens in a single round of combat. It was amazing. But then i use the cps sparring presence had phonetics in that unit souls freaking out ad infinitum come In scarborough and but pretty fair trade. It was a pretty fair trade. Killing like sixty gets With the nets causing moss when the hits such as mortals just coming out just brutal. So i guess the question of for you to kind of bring these time. I was getting lighting the uk and to stop work very shortly. That's like corn. Seems like just such an amazing army and we've already talked a lot about this. It's a token army. You've got a lot of abilities. By within blades cohen within russia the chosen within slaves to doctors and leveraging the keywords so whether you stay within blades all you chunk up a little higher and look at the cone keyboard across all the different books basic coyotes. Another example where you can get the The corn keyword. There's a lot of tools to respond to the mid. I think as an apartment and as a player the amish weekdays datebooks cities of seek mars perfect example chaos saints to keep your rental go because you can respond to the med. I you you can alter your list very easily. Where i enjoy is only so much altering canine. Nine joel's suv. What is it the blood. What are the your enjoyed. Some things that you've kinda picked up over your time that may be haven't already shared about colin to kind of bring us harm. Your flexibility to have one book go has lots of different options here with different play. Styles does like shipping the Not properly to me on the field. We'll have lost something at without Swisscom civility is is so it makes full enjoyable games where you just don't go with this using recipes games example way these but he had an idea and it were what it need was But you just think. I think the the ability to have demons as well as moles combined with into one. So you just you just go there. The a i goes forward to say probably one of the better more balanced books out that internally games of written as that's one thing Bring out. i think he's had three or four different books. He had the first book any at the expansion of a There was there was like emotional expansion and that kind of wrapped up together so this book is still almost. Three is one of the older books as and nineteen so. It's one of the old books yet. Yeah totally but but i think i think ninety self is an example of good internal bounce. Because he's had so many different connections work It hasn't had figures us. I think that's that's the kate here. Is that a look some other books where you're got to look supplements in your faq's this is. This is not very heavily. I cute so it seems like it's in a good spot. I think as If not allows us to play more it would be interesting to see how it responds to the current matter of the current game when you get out book still going on still On student voice. Some time look look look nobel right like all. It's taken with noble one rally. Advertising has been really helpful to them but then also recently in brooklyn rome's checklists By gordon update. Dislocating ball piper. And they got the update to the scrivener and the base of knuckle And slip walker has really changed the way damon models in nergal now moving away from being pure black king focused all the way into now had are tapping to mind boggling styles with the sloppy hot metal. Who knows what's gonna come down the line. Who knows if they one will scroll in evacuate gets them in evacuated. One of the old Oldest gulps what happens if she gets a i. Don't wanna say bella code. Because i think some people were expecting delicate like six hundred like we don't but like all its bellcore is getting paid for thinking. Bill is to be six hundred point model and supercharging but evacuate got an update. Or if you know if scott brain update what would that be in the game changes but yeah totally it doesn't. It doesn't take much sony tweaks to mike to change the elements rahm. Like like if. I were to look tweet tonight for the cool. I think it is bit more rent on a bit more speed. Yeah i was just reading the that matt. That cole is very good. It probably isn base of kyle's in general on very good. Let's be real saying that option is dan. We're saying the option is. We're not saying it's a good option. We're just saying it's an option. Yeah nothing that's came so sometimes. Not sometimes you can do is get Like lists where people can say that come in. I wasn't prepared for people in a sometimes like the With seven choices. If you bring something paper head for the iowa okay. i was expecting. I was expecting an odd netflix I think it is and you this. Coon foot list of meiomi. They can't do with almost for case but just gives you the option. That isn't it. The i like again. with the tools that you have There's a lot of options he can. I think as we've talked a lot. There's a lot of units that could be revisited. A lot of units that should be considered and put fresh eyes on duchess trying to pick up an oldest and try to bring it into cohen. It's like a new. We've got magic dominance we've got Different scenarios depending on what we lost. You picked up yuko nami. I think for some people that haven't picked it up for a number of years. So ray look at the game. Look at the way that we're playing hockey on. Had his new bell coming to play on. No belco hasn't had an faq at the time of this recording that has belco potentially fitting your list. All you know is there ways to tap into as people pointed out. They all the other things from slice of doctors and build more more. Casey false bits k. Points mr wall based sitting next adult with that sites. Doc this is in the united i think for me that is just scratching surface looking at that. That war is this is by What else can you go elsewhere. And well joyce to in nashville sins heavy content to shine out because your podcast is on hiatus in like Floating mercenary days days. Is there any shutouts anyone calliving. I'll go but more we have sold out with. At least i mean nothing to do with the fact that ed Entitled to your ticket selling cakes but we have decided when we were to do it in twenty twenty july At that point we had brought sixty Real that but we're doing our own Coverage forest so that would be my my shell out Wonder if you wanna get on steroids. He's not bigger than i had seen to. Event that you have partially romney part detainment. It's always been great Really enjoyed my experience. I'm sure he's gonna built upon that experience since you must be named hans laurie. Just that was all foundation and one paths shit slams Ornaments get a and if covid permits will be over in the uk In twenty twenty two as well. So i've already committed to doing america full of we'll have off. And i think the wife. And i will come back to england in may be multi so i might see you around him. That same maybe down crossed but mocked this has been an absolute pleasure out. Go to bed. thank you for your time. thank you for ever on his hung out with us on stream. I hope you've enjoyed it. And if you have ideas on how you'll building your kono. Maybe a unit that we haven't spoken about or a synergy that might work. Well with rapists will go title things like that you know the deal pumping commit section but again up. Thank you very much and mock your religion pleasure. Rv discussion valuable if he did give the video the old thumbs up. And if you have a comment or inside leave it in the comments section below. The champions over here are my was coach patriots and youtube members. You guys bloody legends. Thank you for all the support. If you want to know. More about the support programs the league's up like down he in the episode description along with the into the discord server. So we can continue this conversation until next time. Don't forget to ninety characters and have a good one.

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