Mid-Week Mom & Dad Chat: By popular demand I have my hubby Michael Hobby back on!


Payouts Caroline Hobby Self. Karen routine are always important. Whatever you're using to get ready for the Dacian make you feel amazing meet. Billy. They've recreated everyday essentials by delivering premium razors and high-performing bodycare directly to you know pink tax. No visit to the drugstore. No breaking the bank get started by going to my billy dot com slash. Get Real to get the best razor. You'll ever own trust me. I use it best part. The starter kit is just nine dollars. Plus free shipping always go to my billy dot com slash. Get Real Spelled B. I. E. dot com slash get real. Hey guys it's bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and that pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show. We share our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music to wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point. Seven W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP after popular demand. We have my husband Michael Hobby back man. Give me a second. You know your third by cast one hailing Tyler Hubbard. Just me by myself like second one on one. I appreciate the request. We have not had enough time together. I think we should talk more bathing sunny today. And I'm like you sit on the toilet talk to me and I said talking to you all day for weeks but of course I went in there and I'll talk. We had a great town. I mean what are we even talk about? I want to grill. You want a grill freak him back. If you everybody out there is husband or wife cooks to has any tips for the right grill slash smoker. Tell everyone which you've narrowed it down to. I WANNA hear everybody else's opinion. All you do is look up caroline. She loves that. We've discovered over the scoring team. She loves smoked brisket beef brisket so she wants beef brisket during this whole thing. And that's on me. It's my say I'm a dream. Come true for me so might will now. I need the proper thing to smoke British. I would love to smoke some meat. You talk about a brisket smoker every day. At least I try our online conversation. Please you give you the meals. You want. You can turn it on me and said I didn't get you a smoker for your birthday today. I mean threw it out there lot. Figured maybe that would happen. But that's okay. It's not about gifts for birthdays. But I'd love to smoke a BRISKET CATCHES ZOOM. Call with like forty of your closest friend which was great. I thought that would mean something to you. It meant the world was awesome is very thoughtful and I appreciate it but I'd like to smoke you sent me and now you're like man we should go in and we should like we share a cow with somebody we should do a cow the cow share and we need to split some a cow. I think everybody in this quarantine is getting bored and all you can do is cook and I cook and our house I appreciate and so you got to come up with new things to cook things. Do I mean so on a health kick because we got back in Texas? We went to Texas for the first four. Weeks does breakfast lunch and dinner plus a Dr Pepper every day Dr Pepper every day. I'm back on my profile by Sanford kick. I talked to my consultant today. Colleen and for all y'all who haven't been following along with me. I've been on a health journey. Michael's been following along with me where I've been going to profile by Stanford. It's you can do it online. You can have a consultant. You can go in and talk to him since we're in quarantine. I'm talking on the phone. They design meal plans for you. How you get in shape. It's been great. I have to say I fell off the bandwagon more Texas hardcore and I told colleen that today and she said a lot of people have and don't feel bad about it but instead of feeling bad about it try to get to the root of why you were eating junk every day or like what you were doing and I think it was because I just WanNa fuck kid not worry. Dr Pepper made me feel like that. And plus it tastes so good everybody loves eating like a six year old but now back on it and I'm back on profile plan and I have been Peleton twice twice this week. Now you went up on me. I know we're on it together which I appreciate us doing this together but really fast. If you are interested in my health journey go to my highlights on my story it's called profile and you can learn all about it all along with me. Join in check them out. But we're really on a health kick now walk today. Peleton's Today we're just trying to stay active most hired and my back hurts all the time. I'm like my back hurts not corona because I know aching part of it so eight month old and she's crawling now. She is crawling and they go. I mean moms out there note everywhere. You're not supposed to go wherever there's a wire wherever there's a sharp object. We're there's something fall off of Air. She is that's it. I mean you give her all the toys play mats safe places to play in the world. What does she do? She wants to go for the electrical soccer. Though it is funny. What are your on the bed? You're playing what does she do? She dive straight for the edge of tested. The theory to see. Oh Man. I was in the bathroom the other day. And you had sunny on the bed and all the sudden here a squeal and I see her mid fall in the bed Qatar. I know the holter going straight down. It's like well you gotta make. I don't know maybe you make them realize that like danger but maybe that comes later. They don't think about it now. No but you know she was okay. I was watching. I know you're a great dad. You really are great. I've to say you're the sweetest you're the most fun always smile real big hitter. I've done pretty good. No complaints them. Your line know what something I could do. Better and worse. What's the what's how could I improve? What am I doing great? Oh that's a loaded question. I think you're doing great. You do absolutely. I think you're doing great. Yeah we both have our naturally anxieties of a first child. But just for this to be honest because this is a real conversation. I don't want all y'all think that Michael and I haven't fought during this first. Eight months of Sonny's life. I mean every you so if you're thinking like oh they just have it all together and there's perfect we've had some knock down drag outs. Being new parents exhausted down drugs. Well I mean for us. I mean. We're not knocking dragon. No yeah at like four in the morning when you're so tired your baby screaming. You probably aren't gonNA respond perfectly natural. Yeah I like the EU discharge it up to that. You don't take it too personal to serious. I don't either. I learned from me on that. There's such a country boy at heart. You're so black and white would step. Sometimes I like that about you a few questions then. I just have some questions. Bill what do you want us to chart right? He said well they girl. Sore sources shapes sizes colors have one main function. Yeah like opinions. They all stink just got married. Don't have a baby. Does sex change after a baby to sex questions. I will say there a difference between having sex and making love totally. You GotTa do both. Sometimes you're more Anna having sex face because you don't have time to make love but you gotta you gotTa keep the lovemaking in there. I think I think when you have a baby it just the the timeframe of all that is different. When it's just the two so enjoy just the two of you now. Yeah and then when you have a child which we hope you do if you want one between naps in as always baby monitor in the room and sometimes that goes off and what do you do well shit is sometimes you just gotTa work at into Your Day. Some does yes schedule it sometimes. It's like an APP. It's like okay. Let's do this. We have thirteen things to do in this one hour that she's sleeping so sex is one of the things on the list. It's not like you can figure important to keep it on the list. Don't worry about what you're getting booted off the list. No I think that's held every couple. You know know you would say that. We've put your Mica logo. Oh man that really got me shocker. Yeah Oh man just honest with all right. We're just we're just girlfriends talk show. It is important to this. How will say like we? Sometimes we get in little phases where it's like. We're only having sex not making love. And then we make we make a little love and remember why so important to like. Turn the lights down. Get a playlist going relaxed a little bit like take some time okay. That's all I have to say that every day because that's too much work. I mean I'm saying we got nobody got time for that all the time. The board to keep it on the list. What other questions get same order you want to talk about? What's on your. What are you in quarantine. What have you liked okay? Tell me what they're obviously. There's so many terrible things about what's happening in the world right now. We all know them but like that there's also a flipside where there are positive things so what are something. What's what's something that has surprised you that you have enjoyed during this lockdown. I think You know for me. It's like the permission which is weird to thank the permission to enjoy your family. Enjoy your time in like really like there's really nothing else you know you can do. I mean I'm still writing songs and and do a sign or not to radio and be looking for and you know the only difference. Res- is like we're just. We just can't go on tour. Which is a bummer. We miss seeing our friends and our crew and our family and in Rhode Family. And you know that that plus I. This is the first time in my life. I have not been on the road. It's an Rioja it's a readjustment for sure. Like when you first started staying home for awhile in the beginning I was like you got to go on the road. You're messing up my flow at home so very healthy relationship between you and outcomes that but you know so it it's it's been an adjustment to like actually figure out like okay. It's okay just like this is a moment in time. That will never forget this moment in time. That will never probably again. We don't and to really enjoy the people around you and the family and like do things that you've never been able to have time to do what you are doing. House handyman like work. I have never seen you do so many things around the house you have lately. Garages SPIC and span. Do sometimes plus. It's always like put some love into what you what you love. You love to power-wash I mean the whole house is power. Wash which I really appreciate you so I think that's kind of been one of the things that have been positive. It's also you know for me. I'm always like doing stuff and like working and like like doing so it's unnatural to like have a ripple and I think a lot of people feel that way out there like wait a minute. You know but you're also learning and discovering new ways to do things and be more productive to concentrate on important things in other important things as well. I think it's kind of opened up the world to a whole new way of working. You don't have to necessarily go into an office or yeah I mean doing meetings over zoom and write songs every man. Yeah I mean in your regular court whole songs I presume. Yeah we've been yet do it? So it's it's been Kinda cool with like you know. Kinda push yourself outside your comfort zone either first songwriting session of resume and you wrote a great song. We did that. And it's all a little weird weird I mean I think you know. Instead of focusing on what the negative side effects of this situation like the positive things that are coming out of it or just like people are growing in like doing things in in different ways than there used to getting out of their covers on which I think is a pretty cool deal you know. They're wearing a suit on top and sweatpants on the bottom. You had a zoom meeting today and you literally came out with your sweatpants on the bottom and you had on a button up all your necklaces. Hat everything on top of great. You still want great. You Still WanNa make an impression. Yeah but that's only because you can come see legs as the way I feel about you. What have you learned through this whole with this current situation? I'M GONNA interview the interviewer. I feel thankful and grateful that you and I like Carpe Diem. Seize the day and we went to Texas and hung out at the farm for month with my sister. Catherine brother-in-law Willy and East genevieve. Because in my parents they would social distance coming but they were still involved with their life and stuff and doing things like a small level so they just stayed at their house but it was really cool to hit the pause button be in nature. We're very blessed to have that chance to go be a nature and like have a month just to be with them. Which one will we ever do that again? That in like to hike every day and to be outside every day and to have like piece of dislike quietness. I don't know I have never really lived on a farm before lived lived and I know you grew up on a farm but we're farmers but we grew up on. That's right yeah but I just I appreciate that and I tried to say president every day that this was a moment in time that we probably will never ever experience again and like you said. We had permission to to press pause. Because there's nothing to do. Actually there was a whole lot of fear happening. There still is a lot of fear but there is a lot of fear happening in beginning and I don't know that felt really good to me. Just be a nature via family. Absolutely incredible sunny got to be with genevieve which is really cool cousin. I don't know the whole world's weirder and I think like you're saying sort of just It's like opening my mind to the fact that nothing is certain we put in place all of these systems and all of this stuff all these rules and things that we have to happen to make the world run and then we've seen everything to stop on a dime so realize that nothing is certain and what is certain to me. Is The people that you love. And I don't know trying to make an impact around people that you love and that you care about and help where you can and then everything else. I pretty much like so. Many people's careers have just stopped. You know because they can't like somebody careers involving around people serving people servicing people. I would think about the people right now that you're in the medical field and the nurses and everybody out there and like the people like really you know there's a there's there's two sides of it you know you're either super involve saving the world or pause and you know. I think it's important for people to take time. That are on pause to help and appreciate the people that aren't because it really is zero or sixty point And and you Kinda I I find myself feeling guilty. Sometimes that like. I'm not on the sixty side but there's nothing to do if you are not in those occupations like you really need to get out of the way. I think doing your part in staying home in in in following the rules is your contribution to the other side you know and not being reckless and not being and helping where you can small businesses. Where you can. I mean all those things are your contribution to you know. I mean just because we can't work as far as touring doesn't mean that we can't do other things to Kinda staying at home you know. Essentially as is what you're supposed to do that helps the people that are working so I mean you know it's a it's a crazy time and it's it's something that I hope. People stay positive in their situations. I hope people stay motivated and also you know take a deep breath and find things that they love or maybe there's something they wanted to do. They never had time to do like try. You'll give it a go being only upset and sad like try to use this as a chance. Yeah you don't enjoy your family. You know you know some people enjoy your family like I'm away from my family a lot. You guys obviously being on the road and it's it's been a really special time for me actually being home for the first year of our daughter's life in like being able to Be with her and see her grow and see her do her thing because you know once all this goes away everything turns back on. And we're GONNA get you know so you know looking at the at the positive sides of things you know that you know the time that you'll never get back and that's kind of what I'm thinking with this whole. I'm trying to be that way. What do you do to stay present? What are your tricks to stay present? How do you stay in the moment like with sunny? Like say like say you wanted to just like notice a moment. Be In the moment. Be Actually right here at this second in this podcast talking to me like what do you do to make sure that you're not drifting away thinking about something else? Jimmy distracted by something else. Like what does a tip that you do? A tip tip. I think just like subconsciously knowing like there's no guilt of doing this you know. I'm not missing out on anything else or missing. You know what I mean. You're not married that you're not Y- you feel like maybe you had something you're supposed to do because you need to work and like we'll awesome just like sometimes there's just nothing else to do. You know everything seems to be like a slow pace kind of different feel than it has in the past. But I don't know I just like saying this is like makes you realise what's important You know and it's like well this is important. This is what I'm GonNa do and you know whatever fuck off like did that make says but I feel like you and I have grown up together because we met when you were twenty one and I was twenty four and we went from like kids to saying we're like Mitch Yard adults but like we have really evolved together a lot. I feel like even like with our thinking like when we first were young. Both of us. I was a musician in the beginning We both just were like chasing dreams. Working hard hustling all the time going out constantly trying to meet people doing everything we could. And it's like the older. We've gotten the more we realized how what say. Yes to and what say no to you. Do you feel that way? Yeah absolutely I mean. I think what's the saying you know if it's not a hill yet no I love that. Yeah you know. I think that applies to a lot of thinks that applies to life in general. But let's get back to the sex talk. How much thanks to you think? Oh I was just. I was just kidding. You're out I don't know another loaded question. There's this loaded questions. I love this thing as connecting with the one. You love is very important and I think you know you should do that as often as you feel. Whatever whatever your your loins Taylor. Hey Caroline Hobby here. I discovered my new favorite subscription. It's called 'cause box and I have to tell you about it. 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E. B. O. X. dot com slash. Get Real and use the code. Get Real to get your first box for thirty percent off. Free Shipping go to 'cause box right now I can tell you firsthand you're gonNA love it on the flip side of that. What do you want to tell people who are maybe in a hard spot? Maybe they are financially stressed. They're married. They have three kids now screaming at the House. They're having homeschool and they're having to work from home they like. What are you WanNa tell those kind of people who are kind of stress like? What would be some just encouragement about three kids? You know your brother has five G. I know. Yeah well yeah you know I. I'm always a glass half full kind of guy you know. I always look at kind of the positive ways in kind of try to maneuver that way towards what I'm trying to accomplish. I don't let that don't let that beat you down because if it beats you down at keeps you down. Oh that's good and in always look at it as okay. What's next? What can I do and know that that that the cloud will pass? You know. It's some point you know you can't really predict when that is but if you keep keep moving and keep doing it will it will. It will always comeback around this. Just how I believe. That's just how it works. There's highs and lows everything everybody knows that and Yeah if you know if it beats you down don't let it keep you doubt so. Don't pay attention to it. Just Kinda Kinda. Keep your eye on the prize. You know as far as three kids go or that shit. I don't know that. Sounds like craziness being cooped up with everybody for a long time but you also take take your time to take a break. You know. It's okay to say I need to carve out of time to have a little bit of me time to figure out where you can put that in. It's at the end of the night when the kids are asleep or whether it's in the morning before they get up or whether it's just time yes center. I think that's important. And then it's you know important to always take even if it's ten minutes to connect with your spouse your partner and even if you can't like we're joking around about sex and making love even if you don't have that in your timeframe right now like if it works then great but like yeah take a moment to find some time for your spouse or partner. It's always easy though. I mean like navigating life kids families jobs a pandemic like all sorts of other things wife can be rough but I agree. Like you have to figure out what you're going for and try to keep an eye on the prize so if you have hard pass celebrity hall pass he would be mine myself. You have one I do have one. Well I'm only married and committed to one woman so I I don't have what do you came back. And so no. No you like came back and did now do you love her. She's your favorite is great. But you know I don't know that's the one that always pops up for you. I mean she's significantly older than you. Jenner. You know. Oh you're young. You've switched really knew who else will yet. There's some more in there. I mean you're you're Paul has not my mind would be Leonardo DiCaprio. But I think that's because you look like him and he's trying to save the whole world more about personality and exactly adults eat. Have you seen his movies? All of them. So what will he do? We actually met our hall passes. What would you do if you met? Kate Beckons haunt. You like I love you. You're so hot I mean that's just would-be very flattering. You be very flattering situation. So you'd have to lightly decline absolutely. Yeah but I got a great story. That's right and the stories really I live is about stories that is true. You're a great storyteller. I don't know about all that but I don't even want to have this conversation. So what some of the best advice you've ever gotten okay and also let me reframe this. You've met a lot of your heroes like people that you've looked up to. You have gotten to have a conversation with Steven Tyler. You've toward with kid. Rock who I know you loved listening to his music growing up toward Darius Rucker. Who are you love shooting the blowfish like your cousins of the Black Crowes and hopefully I'll get to play your show them in June. Which WOULD BE AWESOME? But like what is it like? You've torture Jason Dean. I know you love his music. So many people like what is it like meeting people that you look up to and knowing them well because a lot of us have people that we put on a pedestal but we just keep them on a pedestal. We never meet them. We never know them. Was it like to know the people that you have admired since you were a child or just admire since you were young adult like. What does that feel like? What have you learned Originality is what I've learned from all these people They're all uniquely them and do what they do and and they stick to the common thread between it all is. They encourage you to be that. They don't want you to be them. They want you to be you and I think that's kind of the best advice to like. Get without even being said throughout the whole thing. Is it meiring in acknowledging that these people are uniquely themselves as artists songwriters you know an singers and players in in their unapologetic? But that's kind of scary to be unapologetic unapologetic. I feel like like you have made her balls unapologetic especially people who are like they look a kid rock. He rocks about all the time. But he's unapologetic about it yourself in genuine. And that's what makes you you and your your own kind of you know. In my opinion you your own brand and you stick to that in. That's what you should be. I mean that's what being an artist is all about is expressing yourself not expressing. Everyone else expressing yourself in guys like that that have had big careers and you know fortunate enough for me to tour with or know other people that we know. I mean. That's just Kinda what it comes down to. It's always be you be different. Why is it so hard to be different though is so hard to be you especially in the entertainment industry? There's all of these factors involved and sometimes it's hard to be yourself? I honestly well. I think there's a lot of factors that play into that of influence. In like what you want and like where you sacrifice and moves you make in the process of like being a successful artists you know in. You're always wanting to be more successful just like any other business you know but it's money there's always money involved. People spend a lot of money to to get out there. There's influence from the industry side. You know everyone has a piece of the Pie because you are brand will but I think what it comes down to just like being true to yourself and true to your brand in like true to what you want be in like navigating ways to to to progress that make it work in like B and. There's always an ebb and flow of of circumstances. That happened in opinion. And things you have to do but like like it's it's better to be the different. Make your own lane pave your own path. Make your own lane. And if that's what works for you that's that's that's what you should do or you know you know you can do other things but everybody's uniquely different and I think it's just that's just one thing that I've admired about the people that you named like they. They have their thing and their thing. Is You know you're replaceable? Is True to them. So sometimes it takes a wireless be fair but sometimes it takes a while and it can be discouraging like you guys are on your third major label deal. That is amazing. But like why a Lotta Times? People want to quit like say you get your first record deal and whatever happens so many things are at play. Nobody's fault nobody's wrong just fell apart. Now you're on your third one. That takes a lot of perseverance. What what are you? Why is perseverance so important because some people it seems like they get instant success or things happen so easy but really when you break it down and look inside of the Crystal Ball? No one really gets those things instant success. So why is perseverance and committing to your dream so important to you you know. I always say you don't take anything. Don't take business personal. There's so many factors involved in what you do and also don't let somebody else's opinion or situation. Stop you from doing what you're dreaming of what you want to accomplish. That's complete if you quit. Because they quit. Then you weren't fucking meant to be there in the first place and that's just one person. Yeah down the ones inside of your dream inside of your head. I mean if you yeah and there's like so many factors involved in that but you just got to see it for what it is and not take it personal in the navigate. You know. That's the way my mind works as far as that. Kinda stuff and like things aren't always gonNA be the way you want them to be so like but that doesn't mean you should sit on your hands and be an asshole. Plus you know you never know where things turn around comeback around and like you know wouldn't always say like when your name comes across. Somebody's desk you want them to have a good feeling you know not a here's Michael Holly Gross or whatever but whatever you just can't take this shit personally you got to see what it is and you got to think about your running. You're you're you're being an artist full-time and they're being whatever. They are a company fulltime. You know they're running a lot of more elements than you are and they're you know it's just it's that's the difference your in your creative mindset all the time and they're on their business mindset all the time and sometimes those two equations don't add up and then thrown egos which everybody has totally GonNa goes. Just the differences is how you use yours. So how'd you like to use your ego? Get Real honest women to use my ego. You're very aware of your ego. Like I feel like you're very intentional by your ego you have an ego for sure. Everybody has one. I have an ego for sure. But you're very intentional about not letting your ego flare up. You don't burn bridges. Something I have learned from. You is don't burn abridge like I. Before the my younger days in my twenties I would be a hot head. I would get upset. I would be dramatic. I would mean no one can believe this seem so. Why isn't profound all the time? But now just kidding ha but I worked on myself a lot. But you've taught me so much because in my younger years when we were dating in the beginning I was a firecracker and not in a good way like I would just get lit so fast get so mad so quickly if I felt like someone I like in my in whatever career working on the music career I would take things so personally I would get so hurt and offended and what I learned from. You always always always always and I don't know how you do this. Is You never ever burn a bridge? No matter somebody screws you. You always stay high. Stay above it other than you do. That I learned from me. I tried to do that now. I think the difference in like someone screws you. That's a very loose term. You know our associated like all my situations in life like no one's deliberately screwed me at Ler fucked me over like you know. People have done the best they could. In certain results didn't add up to their expectations. That doesn't mean they screwed me. You know like like I look at like getting like someone's screwing you being like. Will they fucked me behind my back and still some money or they did whatever they did like. That's like being screwed like would intentions are pure in things. Don't work out. That doesn't mean that someone fucked you over. It doesn't mean I mean maybe the wrong decisions were made. Everyone was trying to what everybody was trying their best. And you can't take that personal and then at the end of the day. Everybody always looks out like looks out at people like it was your fault or it was your fault or is your fault when really always try to look at things going. Okay what did I do wrong? I need to deliver better next time. Because if you deliver great then most things you know work out. But they're all that but it's it's it's a very creative thing because there's a gray area like creativity exactly there's no blueprint so you can say art can say something didn't work will ship. That's because I did X Y and Z and then you could go salsa go y did Z and they didn't make it work and they go fuck. It didn't work because I didn't and then people start getting mad each other and blaming. Don't take it personal be productive. Don't take just move past it. Keep going life and the thing is like you have stayed friends with all of these people that you've had very intense professional relationships with a lot of success with some of them and then some of them not success but like at the core of everything. It's always been successful because everyone always had good intentions and you're all trying to work together and I'm not just talking about record sales. I'm talking about everything in your life. You're just you're in charge of your destiny. You're in charge of your attitude. You're in charge of how you feel when you wake up. You're in charge of what you WANNA do. You're in charge of what you WANNA create and no one's going to do that for you and you can wake up pissed off everyday. Yeah what is that? GonNa do GonNa WanNa be around you and work with you and you you can partner up with people that help facilitate facilitate your dreams and goals and appreciate those people in is always. It's like a relationship you know you know when it's time to just say hey you know what? I want to see other people you know in and sometimes that works and sometimes you come right back. Who who who the fuck knows. There's no rhyme or reason to it. I just think it when it comes to that world you know any world like just. Don't let that discourage you don't let failure discourage you don't let disappointment discouraging happen because it's going to happen and you hope it happens more and more because it makes you greater and greater one. It's like a train track like there's all these different stops on a on a on a railroad. There's always stops and some of them. You stop in its despair. Some of them you stop. And it's anger some of them. You stop and it's feeling lost. Some you stop and it's euphoria and its success is abundance but you gotTA keep rolling down the train track and not every stop is going to be the same like you're gonna hit all the different peaks and valleys but that's life and I don't know why we got it in our heads that life was supposed to just be easy and without hardship like. Where did that thought ever come from? Why did we ever think that it should just be flawless? Because it's not nowhere in the world no recorded history of any great person of any great time if integrate it anything basically look up anything and there's never dismiss. Oh everything was perfect. Everything was great that never existed anywhere. So why do we think that it should? I don't know I've never thought that you never had. Why have you never thought that? Well it's you know it's like a prayer you know for me. It's like I think God for everything that I do have and everything I don't you always say that. Thank you for everything I have and everything else. What makes my journey? And that's something that I live by so I never you know if you wake expecting to be perfect. God bless you. I hope it is for you. But you're GONNA have problems or issues or get sick or do whatever I mean. It's just GonNa fuck and happen. It's just about how you look at it in what you try to do to progress in you. Don't let it beat you down. I mean at the end of the day. It's just we ain't getting out of here alive mass right. So let's roll. What's your what's your in goal like. What is your like. What a success to you when you think about your life say I mean? I'm not trying to say it's a morbid wave. When you get to the end of your life what do you hope you have accomplished not just like career stuff? Like what are you going for? What is your goal for your life like? What do you want your canvas? Your picture your stamp in history to be stamping history to be debuted. I told you I forced you to this. Podcast all the way down to the bottom of the well. How long phone call go to lifelock friend? You know. I mean this is like a question you can always just say that cliche things cliche cliche. Things are cliche for reasons but I think what it really means. Is You know living a happy life. You know like whether you don't want your your your death to be measured by the amount of success. You had I think it should measure about the impact you had but also you know in that shifts change as you grow like now we have a daughter so for me when I always feel happy and great and like that she you know when she looks at thinks about me. She thinks of in a positive way of like he was an incredible father. You know that's a win You know because that keeps spreading right you know you. He was an incredible husband that keeps spreading. You know and if you have another kid or if we had you know you want them to feel that way too and to keep spreading and then your career wise I mean Shit you you just want to have an impact but you also you know you wanna be a good provider for your family so at the end of the day when it comes to your time. I want a lot of people in a positive message you know and then again I just WanNa make sure that people that are close to me are taken care of in you know right now. Sunny goes man. He was an incredible father and friend. That's the win for me. All emotional a little bit. No outcry with you. I'll bet you would love. I love to cry. No like I told you day. Said they stop. I'm only pumping night once a day or once every other day which Michael so sweet. You'll listen to all my breast feeding pumping journey so lovingly supportive. But I told you that day. I'm like weaning up pumping us. I just cry and I don't have any reason why I don't know why and you're like okay. That's bull cool. Let me do you think I know you're so cool about it. Like I appreciate that about you because I thought on an emotional rabbit hole and you're just like cool. Have you didn't do anything wrong? Then like I know it ain't my fault so thank girl. That's the way I feel about it and I know you're going through a lot of emotional hormonal things. I mean you just had a child you know. We're not even a year into this. Like you breastfeed and you got a baby in your hormones and you know I know what the first nine months look like. You know. We're not even on the back nine finished with the back nine yet. So what did you learn about Hormuz unpredictable? I see I feel like I've been super consistent. And that's what people hormone Sakes Eve is a nice to me which I really appreciate new been incredible like I haven't luckily for me. I haven't had wild hormonal experience. I know a lot of people do a lot of our friends have and in dealt with that but I mean you've been an incredible hours crying every single day the first three months before you were pregnant every single day about stuff so. I'm just kind of moving together long time so I think I'm used to but you do an incredible job and you do an incredible job being aware and balancing things in in letting me know things. You're very good at communicating. Obviously which is why you have your podcast and you communicate so well. People have always had that gift and and I'm one of those guys that said you give me the day. She gave me the the things in. If I'm aware I'm good you know. Yeah you're cool with me having an emotional meltdown. If I need to have one if you know that it has nothing to do with you and that's my responsibility to tell you I mean if you look at me and say hey. I need to go cry. Then I'M GONNA go. We'll great I'll take over you. Go cry if that makes you feel better. It's like if I look. I need to just I need to take a walk and you you would go won't thank. You should take a while you know. I think that's what's important to to realize that and don't take it personal. You're not I mean I'm not worried about I mean you you cry and something. I did because I'm like well I know well. I think that's the key thing over the past ten years and we're GONNA wrap up soon because I know like I really appreciate you coming on the Poker Tournament. Poker tournament a really. I mean you know there's a game you look at your phone like you're ready to go. Okay minute okay stores. I was late last week. Okay I need to use a computer to this podcast coach. Okay let's wrap up anyway. I think the something really cool that has happened us after being together like eleven years basically now is we have stopped me. I still try to analyze everything and I always ask you about your feelings when you talk about everything up overall. I feel like we have come to a place where we just accept each other for who we are and we don't try to like me. I don't know for the most part. Don't try to change each other. I'm probably worse at trying to change you. Then you are. You're very accepting. I like all over the place but like we really are good at just being like this is you. This is me. We love each other. We're committed and we're building a life together so let's stop like pinpointing all the stupid little things that don't matter and like let's recognize that we love each other and we're showing up for each other every day and that to me is what marriages the show up for. Someone every day in loved them and choose them. That's a huge deal totally her first kid. Shit Yeah I kids Shit. We Australia kid all the time so we have to notify ourselves of the good things that each person does and then it goes back to another thing. I think but I think we owe it to each other to be honest and communicate like if I'm actually upset with you if you're upset with me you can't do this like beating around the Bush O. Rien ways like you need a straight up. Say I'm mad at you. Hit Me Straight ahead and we can figure it out. I'm not trying to old rag out early to create some weird. Let's talk about it if you got to get heated about it for a second that goes back to just not taking chip personal but deal with it confronted and don't be don't be an asshole and come around sideways and be mad at your partner when they can't read your mind. Tell them what you're feeling be productive. We're good at telling each other what we feel. I know you are the best. I love you things. Your count on ear appreciate you having me. Vote for Michael. He's like Baljit appreciate you. Have me thank you so much last thing you know? I leave every podcast. Leave your light poodle or what? Do you want everyone to know broad? There's no right answer. Some broad question Beats you down on what it keep you down? So what do you do? Said keep pushing men. Don't let it don't let it hang down there. Don't let it win. Whatever that is for you don't let it win because you can beat it makes sense. Oh yeah and also I like to demonstrate sex and make eugenicist. I love you. They pay Caroline Hobby. I've discovered my new favorite subscription. It's called 'cause box. Caused box is a quarterly subscription. Box curated by women for women that is filled with all sorts of amazing products and brands ethical sustainable and have a positive mission to give back. Every 'cause box is a limited edition comes with six to eight full-sized products you can get everything from skin-care to jewelry to homeware accessory. I have a box in some of my favorite things. Are the Bento box the Duffel bag and the jade roller. It feels like Christmas every time the cosby shows up at your door. 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