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The body of Diana Princess of Wales is expected to be flown to Britain later today she died at four office morning Paris time off a car crash in the city the companion duty fired and their driver were also killed in the accident Mercedes the bodies is a two way tunnel with no solid divider between directions of traffic police in Paris put it on the back of a already inhaled I investigated the sudden death of the world's most famous woman mcgann to find critical evidence they missed twenty bed renault a truck with flashing Lights Dodi Al Fayed Dad Princess Diana died at the age of thirty six there is the scene of the wreckage a high-speed Metropolitan Tunnel well let in the in the city of Paris tonight that was a Mercedes Benz Melvin Australia decide that he wants to go to Paris to try and solve this cat's couldn't believe as I watched the footage and you opened the riot again for the morning trophy and that in itself is a single reason that we have all lanes unanswered questions verizon incompetence shown by the Fayette security team charged with protecting Princess Diana Reese Jones should have insisted there and then and how would an errand to do the same again now how does a detective six hundred series sedan the whole area was busier than black Friday sales it was mad to a seventy people inside that tunnel this guy twenty four seven what an absolute miss that the French were making this particular crime scene what was basically the biggest problem hale was nobody treated the death of Lady Diana on that massive collision took three lives and all of the drama at all of the media noise surrounded he's ago I've watched like everybody else shocked at the reports from Paris for them as a cup with twenty s experience into my belt Shuck wasn't just at the death of the princess not only to drive the car tomasa mind the rear exit which is a faithful security move in this episode. We're going to turn your attention to the French as a crime scene that is sort as a light evening accident damn swept up all the rebel broken glass nothing was cordoned off there was no security those people coming in all directions in the TV cameras were in there as well showing the wheel disaster dismiss no one seemed to be in charge but what I was seeing from the crash site of self put us I was doing and flew to Paris to investigate for myself back then and of assembled a team including viscerally journalist Dillon in all consciousness and by professional ability or integrity allow this man to drive that car he couldn't say and he'll out on reported the next thing that happened was startling once the bodies were removed from the Mercedes a low loader truck was in reversed into the tunnel and the whole the one that great things with a crime scene to take charge and therefore get hold of it and get it done and start unfolding your experts you white coach forensic sibits this much to do none of that was being done in front of my TV screen goal sold bicycle in the first three to four hours was he attendance to the the entire surface and walls that tunnel then underwent a massive water sprite and then you had three or four councillors in these bright green gets underway few have yet crossed the full impact to the tragedy and my job is on the line I know but I'm not allowing this man to drive this car you can check if you want obviously but I can today's episode of Diana case sold is brought to you by upstart if you're anything like forty percent of thankfully now there's upstart dot com the revolutionary lending platform the knows your more than just your credit school their reward you based on things and and yellow outfits that swept up everything and this is shown on global media tunnel the accident happened has now been reopened old in saw a little mobile crane coming he count the Mercedes that hadn't even been properly federal grant you hadn't been treated as exhibit yet the bloody businesses on trust pilot and hurry to upstart dot com slash Diana defined it. Hello your upstart right really is checking it you just make life insurance easy they can also help you find the right home auto and disability insurance the truly a jack-of-all-trades this October it's finally full and that means Halloween is on its way well some people are way too concerned about this spooky costume ideas some of you might report ivory every exhibit every pace every autumn should've been pulled a patton analyzed and sent away for all sorts of reports g think doing that right only takes a few minutes aren't perfect your credit that's upstart dot com slash Diana go and then Lo and behold wants to load had got out of the tunnel and was bouncing along the cobblestone streets of Paris into the night the on right now policy genius the easy way to compare and buy life insurance your education and job history in the form of a smarter interest rate it's fast and very easy to check your right in just a few minutes a friend of mine seven he remembers being woken in London that night with news in the pitches arriving almost immediately thing was full of clues and what was the crime this incredibly important major Zubaydah put it on the back of Elida didn't even cover it didn't even type down nixing that happened within minutes was account so truck around was a water tanker and started hosing the entire street dealing with something a little more scary right now shopping for life insurance but don't worry there's nothing to be scared of things to policy genius dot com policy genius is the in the immediate aftermath of the crash the first to arrive on the gene with a frenzied Paparazzi on motorbikes some rushed to help the victims others took the cameras Darren lines and the big pitches photography agency and ninety nine I mean that exhibits should've set for five working days that towns should have been sailed or at time and every expert of I will to the French of Paris anything could afford them or dislodged this major exhibit was just treated like a piece of junk and I'm watching us on anything what the hell you can she might be living with credit card getting into debt is is so easy on are getting out isn't an even harder with a low credit school liberally without Mrs just naive or couldn't imagine that they were doing this deliberately over the issues of how to handle this crime saint nothing like this was toward the westbound lane and saw this carnage the metal of the car is crushed like an cool medicos they're important things need to be put into perspective you've got to seal it off you got to get the exhibit seeing nichole manager as the car leaning into the car taking photos a mile a minute flash bulbs from the cameras going off lots of movement from these -tated we saw the remnants of a car with photographers cake in close up photos of the exterior say that's right the knicks tie it's anyone over three hundred thousand people have used upstart seaway upstairs is ranked number one in the category with over three hundred yeah to flowers have been left as a mark of people sorrow in coming days there will be many questions beyond said about the cause of the accident but as that's investigation guarding the westbound entrance tunnel were a couple of police cars with their emergency lights on a couple of uh-huh take the scariness at a buying life insurance with policy genius gotTA Policy Genius Dot Com get quotes and apply in minutes he can do the whole thing cops talking with each other they were very nonchalant and their approach as far as the police were concerned there was a real lack of urgency gophers I didn't think of them as `Paparazzi understand I thought this is a forensics team chronicling the inside and the outside of a car for at the hands of the French authorities and how they crucial evidence was at first ignored then discounted then suppressed eventually perhaps to prevent the photographers from taking these photos at a mile a minute we will hear in future episodes about the firestone's later treatment hey for them to do anything they were very passive the police were very nonchalant about the entire the police were doing absolutely nothing rasping the seriousness of the situation the police stopped the Paparazzi taking any more pictures confiscated their films and took them away for questioning evidence or forensics purposes Jacqueline Robin also witnessed the work of the first responders and we're not exactly impressed unused upstart to get alone and he filled out the hull application form right from his fine once he was approved he said he'd go these funds the nixed business the the police arrived minutes later in the first ambulance and fire engine soon after American Tourist Jack and Robin Fire unusual traffic was a slowdown and we're trying to peek ahead to see what was coming up but at the same time we saw these flashing lights seen really is survived by its markings scrapes scratches what springs left behind after whatever happened happened media I've seen automobile crashes you know after mats and I've never seen anything like it remains of a car on the was partially what I found then is a Flannigan now is that the physical evidence of previous accident is still visible if you know where and how to look way to shop for Life Insurance Online in a few minutes you can compare quotes from top and cheer is to Hunt Danubius prize once you apply a handle all the paperwork and red tape take off the Lila ruled into the night passed crap and the news services were falling behind was bouncing along the streets the very first thing I saw upon getting out of the taxi and my first arrival the crime scene was the terrain is is what to take these everything and came to Paris to investigate from self on now here again with Dylan how to finally get some definitive answers crimes it's bouncing off of the tile walls from the interior of the tunnel at that point in my own thought I thought that there must be an accident of the head I data over then it hit me too massive black in parallel ski masks to tarmacs civil made a seven adds long messy and though a so bold and so black on you they're going to be there for months so straightaway photograph the many many times somebody the blows would be on each other's faces each other's knuckles each contact list price that's the principal every single crime scene without exception down the road itself as a purchase the tunnel drops away the distance of around about three three and a half meters. I've run into the I I'm caught up in the traffic jam on the other side of the tunnel and watched the Paparazzi descended on the wreckage we enter the tunnel was given always attach a shiny glass with my finger Elena fingerprint behind that's my touch identification also have a fistfight not quite like this I never seen a worse peace arrived at I think and as I walked along this roadway and took on the descent and the dangerous the Great Eddie maximum investigation working forensics that says every contact leaves it's trace every contact lenses trice and what that simply means is welcome to episode seven Oh fatal Voyage Diana case solved I'm your host X. Homicide Detective Column McLaren in the previous episode we heard about the fatal catalogs a hundred and thirty meters it just drops away and scientism these to the left as it goes into this tunnel and on never seen a bad pace arrived I got the trade welder funny my photographs on you I had something special day that a good tune into some forensic evidence that was my you walk into a crime scene very slowly you take it all on you looking left ride vision this crom saying that Scott tens of thousands of people milling the Becky Noni ninety seven hours so uphold at the sloppy handling of the crash seen a drop dead gets off to the accident valley possession was that she down was unconscious by Ercan animal today is no pretty pretty grassy there was any certain of listing truth is the ticket and didn't want to send awed and acting pretty much of this was righted by train gendamerie a was pretty much closed down at some stage strep did not what is the story and I had turned the wheel exclusively that mostly not again it is a dishonest the League was guy on Madama kicks anywhere y you we felt that the on here's all that will you concert he was in a terrible travel so that was when looking to come in they pretty much had little spin it does bond rally was actually processing the Paris Office Association Colin showing me now eight a week after the actual accident took place it's a close up of the scribe hawks his findings just wanted to reiterate some of the stuff that we went through way back in nineteen ninety seven zero to discussing Vincent Messina a former Australian moderating champion and now leading automotive engineer and expert in the IBM systems I'm talking to you now to discuss the six and today twenty two years later we can still see the remnants of that took my photographs of the ski might bother Mercedes and what shows in contrast with the dirty retaining wall is that you know there's fresh ma the incident of the death of letting the Mercedes we had a long discussion on what might have happened Augie was and it's basically looking at what level you most interested in the link of the skid there was a seven meter hello this is retaining wall that appears to take out this of course terrain and and to haul back all soil in the gardens and this Riyadh above the road surface on that capping was this long sky of black tires and the kids were not the only evidence collected however you will say notice what camping Vincent had confirmed that the skid marks belonged to it s to eighty model mercedes-benz no one else in the world made this calculation and what he also discovered was the on on studying the trades on rubber left on the road and came up with an interesting guests engineering report on the bulge of those arrive on repoll had slammed on the brakes after coming into contact with something will someone at the merge line which is about seventy six meters before the tunnel Remember the seven made along scared just I have a seven yards long pair of skids it was at a merge lane and you really went to town into way they will get a ended up in front of me and went straight to the white capping and a meter and a half a major point two or dining will have this wonderful white travertine marble capping going along the top of but inadequate as wide capping else something's heated it something at the merge lines at the sign already get your obligation through the handbook of Mercedes that it was the same trade that Mercedes we're using for the two eighty model remember that the two parallel skeeve Max in straightaway on your the they able a went up to it and I'll just very gently brush my palm along the is to made a rub a sky and I felt always coach marks will fluctuation marks in the rubber traded self to remember about almost telling your story little bristles of rubber and that concerned absolutely that this Raba in the presence of the rubber hadn't been the more than perhaps a few so it wasn't that two-thirds on the skit there was a bolt in this kid mark at a crucial time probably not sears had seen the two in parallel TIMEX H of about seven major seventy long wanted retiring as you go down this sudden decline that drop the Sri Mehta's on the red surface into the June and it was as black as against the war tributary novel my God it's like only days old and I did a full of my proportions so the nothing nice to the cash takeoff given the author the white on the left hand at nine and the fact is actually going into that the internal buddy one hundred ninety degrees otherwise if I was going to go into the tunnel and bang if you looked at the gun barrel if you lined up your gun barrel all national what forced him in looking at this crime scene and all of the evidence that was there on the retaining walls correct distance admission that out glad we're one nominated concerned does tricks with Disney it's also we'll show you photographs of fresh tirade you on the top of the camping which is about one point two yards above the right service or well ever meet her about the right service and I was standing at this capping which is well above the right service look back at the in parallel skimmer are you still happy with him on these numbers at all as a matter of fact but we will probably at Tom Civil Tile probably sign one identifiable buzz at four or five groups who was the guest was the fact that the we would on death the speed of cows frowning at the time was found assist what people at estimated that reaction but what was that's consistent with a big able is not why not not been on it must've been able and at the time had you'd this of Bena murder was still a lot missing who still questions that really needed to be answered because a one or two amazing to me was when I thought and fishes onto justice the ride falls away incredibly quickly this is so think very very negligence or other factors could it have been foul play could mechanical interference speech contribute a whole even criminal interference most of all cool a strike from that point they was the third pillar road in front of me so you could see the vehicle had lift the road skidmarks banged Vincent Messina's expertise established exactly what happened to the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed evidence the French investigators missed in a hurry being the other retaining will the opposite retained will could there be a second vehicle involved mind Vista Gatien's in Israel wake will set these two things are related the rubber tire residual Takaki turnaround. What's mainly behind you in line is French? Police announced Broken Tail Light Lens was found at the scene and forensic tests on the Mercedes discovered white paint on the side of the black car you you establish the hypothesis that the Messiah break shop was everywhere from skid marks and behind able with a ton clean up the scene and reopened the tunnel for the morning rush hour traffic and they'd on October second nineteen ninety seven every month after the crash a new lead ax why what caused them in our sad to think this other skies this other evidence of Mitchell he on Conan's something so he he was the caused gotten up in the first place and from that point of course feet from another in parallel lane that little saw street that wants to go onto the freeway right day was too bold skip it you can see it was Daca to the Rod which meant that the external force accidentally on the council that must've ate something was something

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