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Hello and welcome to hysteria. I'm Erin Ryan this week. Eliza master Monico joins to answer. An important question is America ready for a male president? Then it's an OG hysteria reunion when Kieran deal, grace par and Meghan gaily. Stop by to talk about what the American dream means for kids. Trying to go to college is mayor Tucker, see real or ally, we tell ourselves then as always the hills will die on. Little housekeeping to get things started. I if you have a hill that you'll die on that. You want to submit to the show recorded thirty second voice memo and send it to hysteria at crooked dot com. Second item. We're definitely working on merch bugai's. And you'll be the first to know when I have an update we're working on it. We promise third if you like what you're hearing. If you listen every week, please rate us and we've comments on itunes. It helps people find the podcast. Let's get started. Hi, eliza. I how are you doing have you landed back where you belong. I feel like I'm singing a song right now. You are. I'm here at my kitchen table, just like on the Twitter machine. That's well kitchen table parts. Good Twitter machine kind of bad. Yeah. What are we going to do today is going to be like rant central and that actually kind of that leads me to the news that I wanted to talk about with you this week? Oh, no question that's been on my mind since it's been on my mind for a little while. But the the question is this is America ready for a male president? Are we ready for the emotional upheaval of the talk of a potential male president? I think that's a that's a related question because Twitter is a place where I've been experiencing a lot of people's reaction to candidates declaring themselves. First of all let me just start by saying like women and specifically women of color. Young women. Unmarried women have been the backbone of the Democratic Party for a very long time. And they were the engine behind the democratic party's twenty eighteen wins, and they're the face of the new Democratic Party. And so when people like Bernie Sanders and Bidault aerobic declare their candidacy, there's a certain part of the party that isn't that excited about it? Right. And the question is is like you don't have to be excited about it. Right. Like, this is what I'm having a real hard time with right now is that this is like the crawling stage. Right. If this was like, if if twenty twenty was a baby we'd barely be crawling right now, definitely not on solid foods. And so while everyone is sitting in reading about people in learning about people if the white bro is not free. You just. At large than just learn about all the other people running and make the affirmative case, right? I find myself trying to gauge when I'm reacting to the candidate themselves when I'm reacting to the coverage of the candidate. And those are two those are two different things. It's M I reacting to Bidault aerobics policies or am I reacting to the fact that bit Rourke has been afforded a little bit more seriousness it by the media than women with similar amounts of experience. And I think that it's the ladder. And I and I hate to have the ladder spill into the way that I react to the former and that's something that I'm seeing happening. It's something that I'm trying to make a conscious decision to separate myself from, but it's really hard because it feels like the media hasn't really learned its lessons agree, and, you know, look, there was a lot of fervor around. Like, I think Beddoes probably the best example of the polaroid. Ising or outsized coverage right now. And it's like look this is a man who ran against one who ran against someone who ran for president against Donald Trump. Right. So more people in America knew who Ted Cruz was than they would have a couple years ago. And of course, then they know more about the man who took on Ted Cruz now to me, it's like, you know, bettas out there there's enthusiasm. There's a lot of backlash like he's just speaking in platitudes, and he's just about enthusiasm and people aren't giving Elizabeth Warren enough credit will end and not paying enough. Attention will then cover her more. You know? I mean like for you. I don't know about you. You are probably more intellectual than I am really gone to on your gun. I'm not going down the rabbit hole. Trying to learn about everything that Warren is talking about in. It's fucking brilliant. She's so smart like. But the thing is is if the coverage isn't going to help break down what she's talking about? So that people who don't spend all day on the Twitter machine can understand what she saying. And they're just showing clips of the man giving the speech because it's rousing. And if you're in the kitchen, and you hear it on the television, you're gonna look because it's interesting. So I don't know I find the whole thing so frustrating. I'm so first rated right. It feels like you're when I'm paying attention to my own reaction to things I feel like I'm watching time myself up in nuts because on hand wrapped around the axle, exactly on one hand. I like this candidate I liked it. He's inspiring on the other hand. I don't like that. He is getting an outside amount of attention on the third hand. Now, I have three hands. He is the fact that he's getting attention might mean that he's our best hope, but on the fourth hand, maybe the person who would have the best outcome, and it just becomes his whole. This little tornado of trepidation. And I and I don't like feeling that way. And I think I don't know how to untangle it. And I don't know how to extract myself from it. I just kind of stand back and watch it happen. And I don't like this. I don't like it. And couldn't agree more. Let's move onto the next news item. I don't want to spend too much time dwelling on this because the more. I think about it the more creeped out. I get yes. We're gonna talk about Scott, Lloyd, who is Donald Trump's appointed head of the office of refugee resettlement or the I've been I have been preaching about him for a year. Yes. He is among the the weird creepy anti-choice zealots that Donald Trump quietly installed in places like a health and human services, and the oh are so Scott Lloyd was removed from his post after an ACL. You lawsuit exposed that. He mishandled reporting abortion requests for migrant teens. So these are not these are not adults these are legal children and they are pregnant and they have requested abortions. And Scott Lloyd has made it his mission to interfere with their right to have an abortion. So he's been removed from his post but in two thousand eighteen eighteen unaccompanied minors. Sued the are while Lloyd was still in charge after being denied abortions, Lloyd argued that they had no legal rights terminate their pregnancies even though some of those pregnancies were because of rape. And last week. Rachel Maddow reported exclusively that Lloyd and the are had been tracking the pregnancies and periods of refugee women ages twelve to seventeen as recently as June twenty eight teen. Holy shit. Yeah. He's a horrible person. He's always been horrible person. He was utterly unqualified for the job. Like, Aaron the the Trump administration went to such lengths is to pick someone to head the office of refugee resettlement who finds refugees repugnant. Yeah. And he also has written in the past that birth control should be legal. The birth control should be legal you should never have sex. If you get raped at your fault and under all circumstances. You should have the baby. So this man was in charge of resettling refugees had no experience and was tracking their periods was tracking their pregnancies the spreadsheet, which was obtained through a freedom of information act. Request contains really really creepy information that could actually be used to identify the women, including their location Justice age when they crossed the border the document this is maybe it's not funny. But it's just one of those things that I have to laugh when I read it the document misspelled the word menstrual mea N S T R A L, which is a perfect encapsulation to me of the Scott Lloyd school of anti-choice thought, he I mean, well, first of all when you think about what the office is supposed to be doing, you know, like resettling. Refugees. Clues job is it to track the periods of these women? I mean need to be honest. I really at forty three have a hard time even tracking my own period. So like who is the aunt Lydia that they hired to handle this part of the operation at the OR. That is a great question. I also have another question we had a difficult time. According to the administration, we had a difficult time tracking children living born children who had been separated from their parents. So why are we capable of tracking periods and pregnancies and not living born children that seems like such disconnect to me, I would say that connection. You just made could win you a Nobel prize. The problem with Scott, Lloyd, and Elissa you brought this up is that people have been pointing out a problem with him for a long time. Why do you think that it took so long for him to be a removed and be for the general public care? The same reason that it takes everything because in the grand scheme right in the grand scheme of everything. This administration is doing this is like, you know, a way below the fold story it's been on the back burner, but in terms of like immediate crises that they create so that they can escalate so that they can de escalate this one has just been like at a low simmer. But for a year. And so now, you know, I think that finally the story has gotten its do. But I mean, I think you and I have been talking about this as an under reported story for almost a year. Right. And when you're a woman who has a pregnancy that you wanted terminate there is nothing more important to you than to be able to control. What happens inside of your own skin? Pin? And I and I hate that stories that relate to women not having a right to what happens inside of their bodies become back Bernard. Because when that's you that is the most important thing in the world, and it sucks that where in a society where we constantly push aside. The immediate bodily needs of women, and what we can say is by bitch to Scott, Lloyd. Yes, that's a hearty by bitch to Scott, Lloyd and opposite of by bitch to you because we're out of time for the news. Right. Love to love the hysteria gang. I'll talk to you next week. All right talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. We have to take a break. But when we come back, more hysteria. This hysteria is brought to you by squarespace. The future is coming make it brighter with squarespace. The future is coming as such a such a sentence ominous. It is so ominous. So you can make it brighter. I guess with squarespace journey cool idea into a new website, showcase your work blogger published. Content mentioned blocking wall. Announcing upcoming event or special project and more squarespace provides. 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And we are going to personal political this week with a panel of OG's, very. Oh, jeez. Yeah. I cured deal actor comedian three-hitter guys how you doing. That's a weird way to start the what that was me. He goes siren. Yeah. I made my own siren that won't move. All right. How are you? How how have you been man? I'm good. It's nice to see your face. Thanks. It's okay to see yours. No, likewise. I was being a bitch. I don't know. I it's not like America's sweetheart. I mean, no, America's soulmates, America's soul mate illicit on it, go. Yeah. That's true. Okay. Next. We have grace par. What's up guys? Hello. How you doing great? I'm so good. My hands are dry. What I don't know. I just I'm feeling like I need lotion at this shit in your bat. I gotta get a into my bag I have on my nightstand. Now, it's I've been getting these gel manicures, and I think that they are making my hands dry. Let's fair if they are not wrong. Meghan lotion on just don't like rub. Your hands into the microphone because that'll AM are not an SM are podcast. This is a regular podcast. No. It can be podcast can grow into be whatever it's going to be just. Karen? Except we have comedian actor funny person rubbing her eyes, Meghan gaily. How you doing Meghan? I'm good. Yeah. What have you been up to? I've been on the road. I was in your home state. I was in Appleton, Wisconsin you? Wanting you said it was flooding and snowing that's the same time. It was beautiful there. True story. I was on face. I never use Facebook anymore except to see what people from my hometown are up to and somebody from my hometown posted a news story from Barron Wisconsin, which is for my neck of the woods in the state. And it was it was local man creates lazy river in own backyard. Do like that had because it was flooding and snow so he had made like rivers around snowbanks, and he was floating on an inner tube around it and like holding a beer like. Yeah. Holding a beer holding. Yeah. We can all get behind that. We can. And the accompanying news story was like winter's what you make. In that sort of demented end of winter mindset that you get into when you live in the midwest. And you're just like it's March, and if won't stop snowing, and it's great and the snow is like dirty at that point. It's like sweatpants. Nature's worn all winter. Yeah. Gross. It holds onto. I was like I need a vegetable. And there we have wings. But then you have cheese curd. Yeah. I understand why you're not eating vegetables. Like you need it layer. Fatty you've been hibernating. Yes. I'll take my LA vegetable wanting ass right on home. Well, let's get into a kind of contentious and interesting and thought provoking topic. I was thinking about this morning when I was taking a shower Elizabeth homes that every who everybody is obsessed with obsessed with her Elizabeth I wanted her to succeed while doing a different voice than the than the low men than the Loman boys blood is hall. We that's her kinda normal voice heard. I have squeaky voice that would have been more of a challenge. Yeah. Like Delors umbrage. Oh, yeah. A lot harder to just carry on for Sino. She she roads sexism into ninety million dollar company, but your voice lower. But I was thinking about Elizabeth homes and how everybody is obsessed with her right now. And I was thinking about that in the context of another story. Everybody's obsessed with which is the college admissions scandal, which is going into its second week. And it's still just as delicious as it was on the. First day, yum. Yummy, the leftovers really keep really to really to corn bread stuffing. Exactly it just keeps keeps getting better or a good curry. It's just the flavors of settling in. They're also clinging to it. Because it's almost fun new story. There's been in a while. Yeah. It's kofi. You know? So we need to keep it going. If am Becky I mean, how great is that like an icon from our childhood just diminish right? And her name is Becky to. Yeah. Her her character. Name was Becky, which is so perfect for a white lady. Who's trying to get honored privileged for her white daughter? Yeah. That's I think at the root of it and the root of what is interesting about the Elizabeth home story and this called mission scandal story, which is it is a story about Justice coming to people who got things that they didn't earn through cheating. And I wanted to talk about as we were talking about this story of the emissions scandal. A lot of people brought up the fact that there are many. Legal ways that rich people kind of cheat their way into college and get a leg up and that's through living in school districts that afford their children better opportunities that's through buying buildings that's through hiring people to write college essays for their kids cetera. And and it sort of brought up the affirmative action conversation again as well like legacy, admissions versus -firmative action, and who gets a leg up, and who should who belongs in college, and who doesn't belong in college, and how generally fucked up the whole process of getting kids into college is and Karen, I know that when we were kind of group texting about this. You had a lot of thoughts on affirmative action in legacy admissions. And as somebody who went to well as one of I guess everybody here went to a really good school. But as I mean, I went to a fine school. Depends on the major when you have to say that not great. Okay. I would love to hear your thoughts on the general state of college, admissions and privilege as it applies to people getting entire education. I am one woman who went to Harvard. I went to Harvard say it's seventy seven more time to try to took you like five episodes before you let that drop again. Air rare. No, I don't think. But I notice that it's a lot of the men that I know he'll drop it. I think it's an identity marker for people. But I'm always of the opinion that if like the biggest thing that you've done is gone to an institution that has a legacy of other people who've done dope shit. What have you done? What did you do when you were seventeen years old? Oh, did you cure cancer? You didn't get the fuck out of my life. That's how I feel about it in like in general. It's like, that's not your accomplishment. That's a a privilege and an education that you were able to weaponize for me, Harvard Harvard is pretty complicated experience because there are a lot of things I really didn't like about it. And then there's some stuff that was really incredible. The reason I can right now is because I got to do a like a creative thesis with Jamaica Kincaid, who's like this incredible novelist, and you got to like work one on one with an incredible novelist for year, which is like a skill that, you can really weaponize an understanding mentor. Ship can play such a big role in your ability to kind of galvanize even your own talent. And that's a big thing to me is like how do you galvanize your own ability? Right. And I went in and I had just worked really hard and went to a public school, and it was like two hundred thousand people in like relatively meritocratic. And then I think getting to Harvard was the first time that I was like oh shit. This is like this is pretty rigged. It's like a about. I was just very surprised. I knew how hard I had worked. And and the naievety I think just the night. I was just naive in that like, you know, that like rich people exist, but this is the first time that you're like going to school with the daughter of the head of Blackstone, and like, you know, or you're in the theater department with like, you know, a kid who's like let's just like put pretend to be puppets in a bell tower. And I'm like, I don't think this means anything, and then turns out that his dad was like one of the lawyers on Apple's like he's never going to have to worry about making stuff. That's like marketable marketable ever. Do. You know, what I mean like understanding how much that privilege affects your perspective. And and that not being disclosed. And then you get there. And it was like it felt like about a third of the place was like was legacy is linked people who go on ski trips and do all of that. And that is that is the case that that Harvard admits disproportionate amount of it's literally every percent or any other of them. It's funny because when you describe your your experience going there, it sounds like you went from like the scene in a musical where the protagonist comes twirling onto the stage carrying suitcases like here. I am to the scene right before the intermission. She's like fuck this. Within ten second wicket and school ties combined. I'm don. I'm Chris where is my alpha? Chino? I'm still looking. I think that the meritocracy question is a really interesting too. Because it seems as though people who attend really fancy schools or or high profile schools a lot of times come in thinking, I deserve this. Because I of who I am versus I deserve this because I worked hard. And I think that's a really interesting divide grace. What was your experience with that? Well, so I had a pretty I was very lucky in terms of my journey to get to Columbia his school that I that I ended up going to. And I think a big reason is because nobody in my family really had heard of Columbia. I grew up in Houston, Texas, which is a big big city. Of course, most people who go to school in Houston wanna stay in Texas for college. There's a lot of like you're gonna go to UT or am. That's the big question. So when I found out about this, cool, you know, awesome highly academic challenging school in New York. I was like I like to go there. And then I played early and got in early. And then it was kind of done. And I think I think for me it was advantages because I wanted to get out of Texas and go to New York, I think for Columbia was like, oh, we have a Mexican American Girl in Texas. That's something of a rarity. 'cause there's a lot of people on the east coast who tend to want to go to schools like Columbia. So it was win win for both for both parties. I definitely remember my family explaining Columbia and to our Latin American, friends, and and friends in Mexico. They're were like Bill. Okay on me, because it's not a safe place, and it's university, and that happened more times than I would care to admit, so yeah, I mean, but I I think I benefited from my parents, not understanding obviously everybody knows Harvard and everybody knows Yale. And I think that in certain circles, people definitely do know Columbia, but my benefit from my parents, not really knowing and for me, not really knowing what that what is world was like because like here, and I didn't have the experience of growing up with a lot of wealthy people who did whatever it would take to get their kids into these schools in my parents, certainly valued education by all means, but they're not the parents that were like they didn't know when SAT happened. I never saw tutor. I never grew up with this. This whole like focus on on on being basically gearing your entire outta leci- towards getting into the best school possible. They wanted me to go to college for sure as my older brothers had done. But I the pressure that I see a lot of these kids in this college admissions scam story. Experiencing the idea of having to basically from the time that you reach, you know, twelve or thirteen everything that you do every move that you make is geared towards getting into this this top school. I didn't experience that at all. So I was free to just do the best that I could do academically and be as interested in things in the world as possible. And then that bread this this amazing experience. But I also know a lot of kids that I met at Columbia who had who felt this pressure for so many years to try to get into these these schools, and then once you're there, it does kind of feel like a relief and care. I don't know if you felt that but my experience at Columbia. There were a lot of lot of students who felt like the hardest part was getting there. And once you're there, then it's like, okay now, I don't necessarily have to go to grad school. So if I only get three point five GPA, that's fine. But once you're there, this is something that I found at Notre Dame that there is sort of some grumbling among white students about diversity, admissions, some moons and like my roommate's at MD. Both of them were. Latina and one of them once had somebody tell her that she was taking somebody's spot. Oh, no. Did you ever experience? It. I mean that was something that I kind of sense just among some white students who got in there. They thought, you know, I did this item this, and then you know, there there are quotas. And this is an right now, I am not in any way expressing my personal opinions is just the way that you hear people who don't like affirmative action talking about it. Did you ever experience people telling you that you were taking somebody's spot? I didn't personally I mean, I would argue that a lot of the a lot because the scandals interesting to me because it's like, it's it's so blatant, and it's kind of like when somebody uses a racial slur. It's so blatant. But like the issue the the bigger issue there's like systems at play that everyone is implicated in. So like, nobody nobody at Harvard ever would say to my face. Oh, you don't belong or you know, anything like that. But but what does? Does exist is like those final clubs exist where it's all. It's like all like, I'm not in the community where somebody would even have that conversation with me June. I mean, like people at Harvard hundred percent people self segregate enough that like you're not going to be in that conversation with the people who are grumbling about like, you know, what the demographics of the school. Like, you just will not be involved in that conversation. Those are private conversations that are happening behind closed doors with certain people who then like might know, you know, what I mean? It's like if those any and we talked about this a little bit with sororities. Do you know what I mean like, how do you? How do you matriculate up an out with an education and turn that into a job or turn that into opportunities? And a lot of that is who you know, I would say ninety percent of that. So, you know, that's the advantage of these schools that like has to be stated and colleges almost sort of like the first really tangible example of what will continue to exist for the rest of your life. You know, we now work in an industry where? I look around all the time. And I'm like, I'm not competing with other like talented people, I'm competing with other talented people whose whose dad was an executive producer on law and order. Yeah. Or like ran Warner Brothers. And so college is probably the one that's like the worst. Because I think college is a sham. I will. I had this conversation with my brother recently. I was like, listen if my kids wanna like go to college specifically to study, something, listen, I'm supporting I'm happy for you. My mom taught about out of occasional high school and every kid she taught went and had a job immediately after and wasn't a financial burden on themselves or their parents like there's a lot of different avenues that you can see I went. I mean, I am an affluent white girl. That's how I grew up. I think my parents would never gonna pay fifteen thousand dollars. For someone to take my SAT's. But I was given every single opportunity that I could I went to a state school. And because of that I pursued a career in creative arts because I did not have the burden of debt that would make me enter a traditional field to start carving into that debt. Yeah. Yeah. I think that that Meghan you bring up a really interesting point about people having opportunities in leveraging them in positive ways versus people having opportunities and just thinking, this is just how things are going to constantly exist. For me. I'm always going to be able to have all these opportunities. The world owes them to me. And as you were talking Meghan. I was thinking about what Kieran said earlier about meritocracy, and I almost feel like the illusion of meritocracy exists. So that people who are super rich can convince themselves that they've earned that they that. I have all of this because I am better than other people. But that's and now my children will have all this because we collectively. I mean, that's I think an element of this whole story. So much of this is not about the children. It's about the perception that getting your kid into a certain school. We'll give you as a parent. So do we believe that America is America Crecy? No, no, no, no, no way at all. And I think sometimes, you know, I've I've been really lucky in my life in different ways than you know, we're all lucky in different ways the ways that I've been lucky as I grew up in a small town. We didn't have any AP classes. No real property tax base. You know, no real advantages when it came to college prep. I was lucky to be able to succeed enough to get into a good school, which I did not use at all after I graduated. I didn't use it. I've never used a Notre Dame connection for anything except sometimes people Email me and be like God. It's cool. You went to Notre Dame. And I'm like, thanks. Connection that I've used entertainment, and I never used it. When I worked in finance. I just feel like one of the things that I wanted to get into as you know, as a as a rural white person who grew up in a middle to low income community. I feel like a lot of times people like me are used as anecdotes for why people y affirmative action shouldn't exist. Why people with different racial and ethnic background shouldn't be given consideration. When being admitted to things because the argument goes, it what happens is people like me people from Frederick, Wisconsin who didn't have any AP classes, get overlooked, and it's poor white kids that end up getting the short end of the stick. And I'm kind of tired of my story being used to allow, you know, suburban the me the mega tired of errands, but they mean, the mega mega, but, but the thing that people people wear the extreme version of something they're not experiencing as reasons that they should have advice. Tages that they didn't earn. And it really really bothers me. Stop it. I do think the tough thing about this is at some point the white people doing this have to become aware that they're doing it. And I just think that's not going to happen. Like howard. How were we going to convince these super well-connected wealthy people that they need to start policing themselves when they have never done that in the past. And I think it's very hard to. Yeah. Like, no one was fighting me to get into. But if someone had come up and been like, oh, okay. But I am I am a low income like black girl. I think I should be going to produce. Instead of you. What parent are students going to be like, you know, what take my spot. That's true. I also think that some of the attitude that people have toward college is like I think a lot of parents think of college as an expensive summer camp that they get to send their kid to they just get to the I went to that summer camp. But don't have to go. Kala you can go in like work for a year. You can youtuber like Livia Jade already like was. And you're rich. That's what's. Razi was crazy. We grew up in an era of like dare don't do drugs. Don't smoke weed. You're gonna go to hell if you do, and you have to go to college you have to like from the first grade on you have to go to college you have to you have to go to college. And you know, I know a lot of people that didn't need fucking go to college with their doing. Now, nothing, you know, who I think is the most interesting. I drops the mic. Radio where she. I want that to sound shitty. But it's like you just can't assume that you need to be wasting one hundred thousand dollars to then do. Nothing. It's like a social club though. People treat it like it's a fun activity to do for four years for their parents. It's four to me the most interesting person in this college admission scandal is not Loy lock Glenn. And it's not even her kids. Not Felicity Huffman. It's this guy men will end Rica's who's Dominican who's the only non white billionaire who's on the list of parents who put his kids through this scam. And to me that's really interesting because he. We did it. He's gaming the system. All these white people have been doing what how can we blame him as much as we blame the white people in this system when he's really just doing what they've been doing. They've set a precedent. And he's an immigrant is like, well, I guess is how it has to be done. So I'm going to do it now to daughter talked actively about how his her father gamed the system in order for her to get into Georgetown. I think it was. I think it's I think it's fascinating that that's now the side effect that we're seeing that that that that ethnic people that minorities are like, well, I guess if I can't beat them. I'm just going to have to join them. So I'm going to have to earn a billion dollars. So that I can get my my kids into college this way because that's how it's done. I also think there was this even that good of a college for that amount of I mean talking about. Yeah. Yeah. Being upset because there's there's classism even within you are able to say that because you went to Harvard, but then there's people being like USC's a safety school. And it's like, but then you're shitting on the school that a lot of people really do. So I'm not I'm not saying I disagree with you. But it it's layered. And an you're able to talked about it because you went to the best school in the country. I. I find myself asking the question like about meritocracy a lot because it's like you on a personal level new to each individual. You have to believe enough in whatever system that you're in that you don't stop trying. Do you know what I mean? Like in a way, my biggest advantage was ignorance, I genuinely believed in America Crecy. So I worked my ass off as fucking hard as I could. And I did my very best. Like, my mom was always just do your best just do your best and wherever you fall that's chill. Like that was kind of like in in my house. That's like how so healthy. Also like it puts a lot of pressure because you're like is like oh that my best is that my dad give it. I mean what I another two hours into this. And you give your best to everything. This is a lie. I mean, if you really think if any individual things about like think about your fucking best if you're running what's your best. You're not doing your best. Every time you go to the gym now doing your best. When you're choosing your even doing our best right now. I haven't even done my best fucking. Our best work. Exactly. Yeah. It's like we are disappointing ourselves actually, injure mother, and my mom is also disappointed. But I'm saying that because it's like, but the result of the ignorance of not knowing about systemic like about this like kind of rigged system is that I did go to Harvard Lilly Singh. I look at somebody like that. I don't think she knew how rig Hollywood was. And it's like an as a result. She's the first late night host who is a woman in a minority ever. Do you know what I mean like, and so it's this weird catch twenty two America does have upward social mobility where things can change. It's also incredibly rigged, but you on a personal level have to kind of believe that your work can shine through or make a difference or be thing. And also aknowledged that his system exists that is going to put you on an incredibly uneven playing field, but not like not necessarily let that affect your everyday actions. A lot of that is your parents and your schools also giving you the freedom to understand that. And learn that journey. On your own rather than dictating from young age. This is the way it's going to be this. These are the steps you have to take the and so to that extent. I completely agree with you. When you say that that ignorance is bliss that you had in many ways, the ignorance to be able to go down that journey yourself. I think what we're seeing with a lot of these. The fact that you can pay one point five million dollars to a college counselor that will step in when you're in eighth grade to walk you through every step of the process to get you into the best school. Imagine the anxiety that puts you through from such an early age arable way too. Herbal. I say. If you could pay Kirin deal three hundred. We gave you the same. I. If a call. I'll we'll fuck Skype. Whatever there is this like to back to the this Dominican man who's my hero. That is part of that is part of the American dream poll yourself up by your bootstraps. But part of the American dream that is have immigrants raise your James. Our you immigrant how other invading is that like people always want to give their children a better life than they had. And you hear all the time that we will probably be the first generation that does not have that like our parents will have nicer houses than we had. And maybe some of that's because we've lived in a place where it's financially. Yeah. Some blood this country. But it's that slipping away of like, you know, the first time our parents went on a plane they were twenty and we went on a plane when we were five or like, those tides are changing, and I do our was eating. Yeah. I think some of these rich people are is Libya Jade gonna make as much money as Massimo. No, baby. You're not. Okay. You're not you're not you're never going to but they feel that slipping away. Because now they're hail Mary pass. It's interesting. How tribal we're seeing people get like, I don't think that we often adhere to familial tribes. But when it comes to college admissions, and when it comes to your own legacy and the legacy of your last name, we are seeing people get fucking vicious, and it's interesting. I don't think that's throughout all societies. I constantly think about that. It's like the tribe is really humanity. We're like all in it. But we don't see it. But we don't see it that way when it comes to like categorical opportunity, the tribe is, but yeah, everybody's in the tribe everyone's on the planet that dying planet. We all go to fucking live with this this water and shit, and that's the tribe, but tribalism has because I was like that's existed. An almost Dr. Yeah. It rivaling dares her. Do you get it? Sociology one. Oh. Tribalism has since tribe. All right. I think Karen, the you bring up an interesting point about like idiot confidence. And I mean by that. I mean, like, you know, baby sweet pea crawling through a construction site. That's the only way to advance American society. You have to not know all the things that are swinging at you and all the ways that you could fall that I documented same thing. I would never have done a documentary. If I knew what a nightmare. It was going to be to make one. Yeah. I didn't know ignorance being of an asset. Yeah. You have it hadn't be an asset. It confidence. You have to just be like, well, I have no idea like I'm just going to go for. Well. What's blitz? The point at which that that idiot confidence is too much the snowplow parents I worked protecting your kid from sauce like in the New York Times article which keep thinking about is his too much. That's too much. Ignorance don't have your kids the like as a fan of Demi gli. I love Demi glace. Oh, yeah. It confidence turns into hubris. A certain point to continue going on from that first win for the second one people who have financial, and that's where having wealthy parents makes a massive makes them Matthew me like such a cool job nine outta ten. They were able to take an unpaid internship led to another low paying job yet that led to a cool job that now lead them to a very cool on that Potiskum is surrounding. And then the I the one thing I do want to say is that like this is why I'm always saying everything's a construct like money. That's why that's really why say it. It's like it's like every it's all made up. None of it is real you don't need a fancy car. You don't need to indicate wealth to other people like you need enough to live. But like it's like really genuinely like it's all construct. It's it's like Harvard is a construct that somebody made up it's all construct, man. I really looking construct man. A lot of my. The place that invented the cons. Yeah. This podcast is a construct concert. But I wanna I wanna go back to something that I that's right. You got it. That was almost Elizabeth home Z, right? That's right. Got it. But going back to Elizabeth homes and going back to the kind of collective glee. We're all getting from these people being exposed makes me wonder why why are we so gleeful? I don't know a single person who's guys here. Livia Jade out. Nobody even people who themselves possibly benefited from something like that. Everybody is trying to other is these people why do you think that we're experiencing so much joy in watching people who have something that they didn't earn being taken from them. Because how rich people are the easiest people to hate. You think I think I think that's I think that's a big, but they're hot rich people that everybody loves like, why do we hate these specific hot rich people? Well, because because how much they know that they are hot. And it's six I mean, I think about that in terms of like athletes getting in trouble a lot athletes now get in trouble. If there's a videotape. And and so like if there's not a videotape people like, I don't know. I didn't see him hit his wife. I don't know if it happened. But then when you see it. So with this. We are seeing the videotape of how these people were able to rig the system, and I think it's an example of of of how we all know that you can you can say it, so many times talker say doesn't quite exist. Even though there's there is upward social mobility more than a lot of countries have America has it. That's why it's considered the land of opportunity, but it's like an example like this one shows you it's like very it's like it's like, oh, we've been told just work hard. Like, there's a there's a m- the American dream is really baked into the narrative of this country. It's it's like, my can even know that it's un-american Crecy. But I don't believe it in my heart. You know, what I mean because it's been so baked in this idea of like anything anything is possible in America isn't the aspirational ISM of this country is one of its biggest exports all around the world in a way. That's really beautiful. This is an example of like people are feeling it in their lives. Right. Like people are feeling it because they're not able to save or they can't buy a house, or you know, they're struggling. God damn I'm working so hard. And I don't have all the things I want I'm going to Costco. And now, I gotta return. You know, got a Costco better than me. Soon as it took a Costco term like this is based on personal. I was just thinking about being in the line of returns, a Costco. I mean, the shelf was forty dollars. It's wild. I. Who who am I Queen return the show, you know, I think that we're getting so much glee from this? Because we can't as individuals necessarily bring legal Justice these people, but in the public sphere, we can shit on these people on Twitter constantly, and we can bring them public Justice. In other words, we can collectively do something to make ourselves feel better about the situation. And that is calling them out and talking about it making jokes about them. So there's no there's no legal what I'm curious about is with the legal recourses. But what I know is already happened is tarnishing of their reputations. And that's something that we've all contributed to. So that's part of why feel so good. It's because it's public shaming, right? And the hard living truth of like this system is rigged. Yeah. Exactly. Living proof of that. And it's so hard to find to find like sympathy, you know. And that's why I think we do have to turn them around ourselves and say like, I don't want this to get to Koumba. But who knew you know, what what's? Let's play off even the. Singing singing it like home peach that at Har, I wonder you didn't get into Juilliard. Yeah. Was getting for singing Aaron this. This is the part of a story where we bullied, but that's. That's. But mostly bully curent. Okay. I see I see how it is. So we're not going to get to buy. But even though we just did even that would just did. I forget what it was going to say it wasn't going to say, oh that like we do have to look at why it is that we are not allowing ourselves to find sympathy for these people. I understand that we all again, we have every reason to feel that these people have to be mocked and and deserve to be ridiculed. And I think it's fine for us to do that. But also at some point do we have to take a look at what led them to this chain of events, and what we can do to prevent that down the road for for everybody. And I don't think the answer is them unwell in Rica's, Meghan Galea's. Which is just like, well, if billionaires are going to do it then the answers for us to become billionaires do it too. But I think the only way that we find a solution, ultimately or number of solutions to figure out what the core of this is to begin with and how we can remedy that. I agree. I also think that the idea of the court of public opinion having a much lower burden of proof than the actual court is something that's very satisfying for us. It was satisfying and in seeking Justice for people who were victims in of sexual harassment. It's more satisfying. When we're seeking people who have victimized us in a world that gives us the illusion of meritocracy, but then actually kind of Lucy with the footballs at away from us when it's actually our chance to experience some of that meritocracy, but at the same time, it is something that rules on a set of events that we helped set into motion at and that we have participated in. So I think that's a good note to end on. And we have to take a break. I'm glad we saw. Loved it. Again. This is like the ten thing we've saw. But when we come back the hills that we will die on. Hysteria is brought to you by calm stress is a worldwide epidemic. Guys. I'm not even going to read the copy right now. I just want to tell you. I've been falling asleep. Tacoma dot adult bedtime stories dot com. Com dot com. I call ashes Steria. Adult adult, but at times stories your bed, really. They're not tied rain. They're not penthouse letters. 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France was Stephen Fry. Okay. My have fallen asleep to that one or explore the moonlit jungles of Africa with Leona Lewis if mislead ONA. Yeah. Well, she's pretty cool. Yeah. There it's really great. And there's the Matthew mcconnahey one called one. I really wanna listen to they say good. It's so I don't know sleep after like three minutes. It works even have soothing music and war right now hysteria listeners, get twenty five percents off a comb premium subscription at com dot com slash hysteria that see AL dot com slash hysteria. Get unlimited access to all of calms content today at combs comes hysteria. Get calm and stop stressing. You to be an adult. And we're back. This is the part of the show where we take really strong stances on things that don't really matter. The hills that will die on first. We have a listener hill. If you want to submit your own listener hill, it's hysteria crooked dot com under the thirty second voice memo. Caroline will listen to it. As she listens to all of them will pick one per episode. Let's get going on this episode's. Highest area. Ladies the hill that I will die on is that top sheets are mandatory if you sleep without a top sheet with just a fitted sheet and some type of blanket or do they on top of you? You are wrong and your bed is gross. There are some people who claim including John Levitt who claim that if you have devait with DEVE cover that you don't need a top sheet because you are a sensibly laundering about day cover periodically. But if you're telling me that you're washing your do they cover weekly or even monthly you are a liar. You're lying. No one. Does that nuts? Why you need a top sheet. If you sleep without atop sheet, you're an animal potentially on American. That's it. I am about to go to battle. Oh hill. I disagree vehemently. Okay. I only sleep with DEVE cover and do bay. That's it. No top sheet top sheets extraneous. I don't eat them in my life. You just raw dog your do vais. Yeah. Absolutely. I also mostly don't sleep with close. So how do you feel about that listening out of hotel? Do you like take the top sheet? Oh, I leave it on been there the night. I'm like, it's fine. But it's not my preference. This a lot at there's a lot of big words in this argument. She said a stencil early usage sheet raw. Dog. I mean, guys, we're all over the map. No, I didn't realize that Jon Lovett, and I feel the same about this. But I do not think you need a top sheet at all. I don't think so. Discussed up. She don't use a top sheet my bed also might be kind of gross. Do you watch that duvet cover? How often do I wash anything? I mean, listen, I have atop she. But I'm not saying I wash. But I do have it and it, but I like a lot of layers on top of me, you know, like ooh, seven layer dip. On the look on bills face right now is just like one of these women out. Sorry. Actually, you know, this is one of three hills will die on this week that have to do with beds. The second one that I want to mention is that we had a book of it with Eliza master Monaco last week and Tommy John fabric. And I did a live thing with her. And they all did hillsdale Diane and Tommy's hill that he was going to die on was that bed shouldn't have more than two pillows. And he said it his wife Hannah was sitting in the front row, and he like looked as he was saying it, and it was so you could tell it was like an intra household issue billows to pillows on and after after the show Josh came up to me. And he was like, you know, what I agree with the other crooked wives. I think there should be more than. Yes. Looking for pillow. Yes. Starting that movie. Exactly. But grace I understand that you have a bed related hill that you'll die. So this is a good segue listener because I have recently, I have recently come to the conclusion that there has got to be a better way than do vase. And this is the hill that I'm gonna die on this week. Because yesterday, I'm over in my bedroom because I had just wash my vague cover, which I do every three weeks minimum usually more than that. And I was trying to put this in the duvet cover, and it was tedious, and it was taxing and it was hard and my arms, which are naturally pretty atrophied. Anyway, we're feeling we're feel it. It was the small person small. Is real big. Thank you so much. And I understand that their ways of sushi rolling your way into I understand that. It's all too complicated. It has to be a better solution the device now I love do vA for sure it keeps me cozy. I liked that seven layer dip analogy, I like that too. But I there's gotta be a better way. And I don't think the comforters solution either. If somebody's got a solution. Please bring it to my attention. Use the top sheet idiot come my solution. Come it's way easier, and you don't have to wash. It's still have to clean the Duva though. Yeah. But if you have a top sheet that just like gives you a little bit of extra time with Meghan. I think that you still you still don't you gonna watch them the same amount of times. Okay. Which minimal which is. I'm like listening to you. I'm like, wow. This is really the difference than having immigrant. Parents. Many many potato famine generates. I'm like, the lone person who washes their sheets. Religiously here I do it once a week. I have. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. But. Because they're disgusting. And I'm never touching you. So here's the hill. I'm going to die in this week on a lot of signs for dental offices. There is a motif, and it is a tooth that has arms and legs in his happy a tooth that has a face on it. This is the most disgusting thing. I can imagine great teeth. Do not have mouths with teeth inside of them. Right. That makes me want to claw my face off the idea of a tooth having a mouth on it and opening there's other teeth inside. It's the most horrifying thing that I've ever seen deep throat every time that way thought about the fun mirror aspect. It's horrible Meiling tooth. There's one there's this one dental office that used to be around the corner from where I lived in Brooklyn that had a massive tooth with a big fucking mouth on it holding a toothbrush like a spear and horrified I had to avert my eyes every time I saw it. There's another one along Melrose here in Los Angeles kind of in Korea town, and I can't look at it. Me so angry dentists stop putting teeth with fucking faces on your signs teeth. Do not have faces and that is the hill that I love it. It's like a heart carrying a defibrillator. This is not natural. It's like an eye with an eye on it. It doesn't know doesn't know. I just like a jolly like non-human. I like I like a share that's like dancing. I love. What about a toothbrush with face? That's fine that okay? I with the faces five anthropomorphic objects that are not single body. Parts are fine. Single body parts with faces that is where I draw the line arm. What about just a smile? That's fine. Smile. Smile is fine. Yeah. But the tooth with fucking face. Oh, I get you. I think this is wonderful Aaron I approve. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Meghan. This was inspired by one of the articles that we were reading the sauce girl. If you're a grownup, you can't be a picky eater. Like once you hit a certain age, you can have three things, you know, like, I don't want all of mushrooms, and then like a floater, but it can't be like three floater. Maybe like, you know, anchovies one day. But like if it's an Caesar dressing shirl, I'm fucking grownup, all all choke it down. But people are like just being like, no, I don't eat whole thing's not based on any sort of health issue. Just saying that they don't like. Meet with bones. I hate when be where like, I don't like chicken with bones grow. The fuck. You don't like the idea of eating meats, and you should stop eating meat. But it is you cannot be a thirty year old. That's just like, no, I just do chicken fingers and tater tots. I'd drive me. Insane getting medium well stakes. I don't wanna go to dinner with you trash. What about what about me? That's fine. They've made a choice that I don't agree with. They will come to a restaurant with you. Anyway. No. I definitely have a lot of vegan friends. I got some pregnant friends. Let's eat with people different than me. Pickiness for the sake of pickiness Illich. She has a long cigarette. I look man do the work. It just drives me and say your taste buds change every seven years. So how have you not evolved? Hold on. I don't know. My mom told me that it's gotta be. It's gotta be MRs gaily pay a nurse. She said, it's. We have our moms say peg love that love that her name's peg. All right. Both have peg we both have got to marry. Like, I don't have. It's not going to blow her mom spot up anymore. Already. Did come on guys. All right. Mom's name is a peg. All right. Karen, you're up. Fuck. Then MO oh, I'm done. I'm done yesterday. Three times people were like, can you know, you can't fucking then. Mommy, give me cash. Write me a check. Then MO is a third party app. That is not FDIC insured. I think it is insane that you expect me to give them my my credit card information, or my or my or my any sort of Bank account information. I don't trust them. I don't know them. I don't know who they fucking are. I don't want more information out about know. So that you can pay me eight dollars. I went on a date yesterday. It was shut up on a coffee date with asp Faulk. Who was like literally said at the end of it. He was like he was like, oh, no, no. You don't need to put in for the seven dollar Earl grey tea. You can just then MO me through my entire purse in his face. I was like first of all what? Why pay for the tea? That's the first thing. Second of all I'm not fucking Venema money. Karen booking? Earl grey tea. I can't shit. Yeah. It was wild. I can't. I just can't with McKimmie cash. I don't want your fucking van mo-. I don't want to split it with you one ven mo-. I don't wanna talk about ven. Mo if you say the word van Motoo to me, I want to smack you in the mouth. I think the real hill. Here is no more dates with people who aren't gonna pay for a Cup of tea, and then ask you to pay with Venema. That's just was why would say go out for drinks like a grown up. I just didn't. I haven't had time. Okay. I haven't had. Offi? I'm like, you know, normally normally I yeah. But the night stand up, it's hard hard Martin Joan invite them to shows. That's that all the time. This Tinder day here. It's like, what's really? A worse. The other thing I love about coffee dates so back when I was dating was that they haven't expiration time. Because when I have to be like what the dates over. There's a I can laugh about ninety minutes. Gotta p well we can wait for me or I like putting a hard out on things if it's a stranger don't vend Melham don't send him to that. Don't do. It. Don't send me have event. Mo- Meghan van Mohit. And I didn't I should have just been like. Yeah. Yeah. Alvin you and the never contacted me. But I put on a card. I was like I was like I was like, I know all fucking pay for it here. Fuck you in my mind, in my mind at that moment. I was like I will never see Lisa. I would buy an enemy a Cup of tea. Yeah. I don't even have to like you still fucking pick up the tab on a couple of God damn team understands like a good. I mean, you're yeah. But she was like one is this. Why are we here? This was a great hill to end on the died. We're all here with you dying on this chilling at first I was like, I don't know us all the time. But now, I'm like in this circumstance. Yes, abso percent will die on this. That's all the time. We have here in grace, Meghan. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for hanging out. Then also a big thanks to master Monico for calling in and talking about the news. They'll be more hysteria next. With. Bandied gets her gun. Shut down.

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