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Fantasy Football Week 1 Trust Issues and Rank 'Em + Antonio Brown the Villain


Ios all over the news john m._d. Racist they want any more questions. I should've stopped last long. Take the memory of about football got. This is my i love you. <music> you are locked to the clock dodges as long wasn't to the clock dodgers podcast. I'm your host neal. Adam is out at a rave or strip club or something like that so me and josh are holding down the fort here. <hes> josh is a little under the weather though man so you know i appreciate you for trying to make this thing work josh yeah i feel great man. My voice just goes. It's time to start school. It'd just always happens well. Hey listen. You're not out of the strip. Club your family man. You're at home so you gotta respect it. Uh-huh get invites to these raves right neither do i neither do i man. This guy is crazy. <hes> the episode was delayed from from our normal app released eight. Dow is cousin me. I wasn't at a show club. I was dealing with hurricane dorian who basically pump fake the hell out of florida at least rahmat and didn't do anything he was expected to do so i basically spent days putting up shutters and gitten running out to the store again water all this kind of stuff and then suck you're just wasting yes in my time man wasting my time and crappy hurricanes doing that here in florida is like it messes up like your life because even though it didn't hit it everybody adjusted on their end like you know missing work or you know you start getting lazy around the house because your guy then hurricanes comey's are putting up shutters. There's all this food is. If something end of the world come in and then like it just throws you off. I don't know if it makes sense that people who aren't dealing with hurricanes. Does it make sense that he can throw you off. I know i mean i don't. I don't think i know what it's like. Are there a lot of people that are in florida preference stocks. There's not there's not really basements basements or anything 'cause we can't have basements because willow sea level. Is he little sucrose yeah so there's no like bonkers really that i know of i mean people probably got sheds and stuff. Put good now. We have tornados out here but it's not like that like you know. Insist you just watch the news. Yes you have to go run to your. You're hiding anything you watch. The news and you know he's closer and closer is getting big is getting bigger. Oh my god you're alright. Is this this thing ever gonna get here. Like what the hell this was like super slow injury four or five days building and never came but man shut out to the uh-huh hamas they are they thomas mann so it seems like a lot of people are doing things that help them out so they can rebuild but massive scary. It got me thinking like what used to happen like before the internet and before t._v.'s and i was kind of like someone like the bahamas would even have no clue this was going to happen right and like people here who didn't speak to them have no clue that they all died right like this guy's a they probably they probably had some kind of sense it like a storm was coming in but they probably would not have known that it was going to be as crazy bad yeah. I think the history of storms would be something cool and look into. I don't know if there's any way to look into that kind of stuff. What kinda history they have on. Those things like it seems like there's some it'd be cool like look back and see how they how they dealt with stuff. I mean come like man. We you deal with. How we deal with it. How did he didn't even know what was coming. Dealt with it. I mean like yeah. Just seems like it'd be an interesting story. I don't know i don't know man. I mean a history like that and maybe i'm just thinking like soon. Armies like all the animals. No it's coming yeah. Maybe maybe they paid attention to that. I don't know maybe they were more in tuned with mother nature. Yeah i don't know but it definitely seems interested think about look into anyone has as suggestions that how can research let me know but yeah other than a hurricane that pushed me back that pushed everything back <hes> but other than that you know everything else have been pretty calm on my end <hes> everyone's back in school all that good stuff so they're keeping me busy but i felt like it was important corean for us to get this out there because obviously we wanted already started as a temporary recording this and it's important you just build up to this and then i do it would make no sense so <hes>. We definitely wanted to get this last minute episode out. Even if adam is out at raves strip clubs and josh is sick and deal with hurricanes fucking here man get some <hes> points for this shit so yeah. Let's let's do this josh and by the way you're sick. Were you dealing with. I'm not getting sick. It's just my voice fine. I'm up screaming at people man. Do i think i just talk like at like seventy percent loudness like all day long. That's because that's what you do. When you teach in yes true as i say if it's just a matter of talking too much adam would have no voice ever because i do to be the matter of just talking too much i this week they said but man hundred words a day over the summer to say a hundred thousand words a day in school year and it goes vocal cords are just tired man well. That's fair yeah yeah. We're gonna not let them rest. We're gonna do this so we're going to keep the warmed up for the class <hes> so so let's do this. Bears packers already played <hes>. I guess to me was kind of a home game. Everybody kind of <hes> pointed out that these guys didn't really play a lot in preseason and we're kind of seeing the effects of that. I don't know how true that is but i'll take their word for it. You know they're professionals former players and stuff that they're saying this stuff sounds believable <hes> but overall. I feel like like a lotta. People were probably disappointed. Nobody came away from this game like elated right. Nobody came back. Super excited me and you are a little happy. We got a little victory lap to do <hes> for our boy cohen because the internet didn't want to believe as man somebody will just wanna believe. Is you know what i mean yeah zero zero care it's been it's okay because you got ten targets has right. That's fine. Also i'll put a slot receiver r._v. Spot yeah. We'll we'll take that out and of course we've you've seen people already knocking that right saying guys come back from injury this and that it's not going to happen and then i feel like well. He's just going to get some kerry then who cares but like yeah i mean it felt good. I know it's just week. Want people say don't get too crazy about it but this may be our only chance <hes> to brag about it. Josh take advantage of this. <hes> already went on twitter twitter. There was one dude for sure. I had a hit up on my heart and the painting against me on this and i just had to make sure i mentioned it. He's like just don't shrug emoji up in the air around. You had so much to say before quietly get in one week but he didn't even job back. He didn't even get really like this. He didn't get angry at all. He just took the feet man just shoulder out like look. David montgomery look good. I'm not saying he's going to be anything but i love. I love to argued for trico happy. That catch for montgomery look good to you. Made a nice catch is like twenty six yards so it wasn't even like inca dump off yeah it. Was there anybody that you were like. Was there any way that you were super disappointed that maybe you expected more from. I mean obviously like nobody really splashed out if he wanted to atoms and stuff can the obvious plays here but like for instance <hes> allen robinson look good but he didn't put the numbers that we wanted for someone for me was alison like i thought for sure alison. We'll be more a part of the game at least especially when it's such a close game they would figure ways to give him the ball but like he did. Nothing and i know he's not like again. He's a more of a role player but these are the kind you guys are like sleeper. Guy is a guy that can get leading draft or trade for and i feel like you know we're going to produce more than the will and he did nothing. He didn't even get one cat had a target target like i don't even know but it was just like not a good game for him or anyone else. I'd like shocked you on that level. I know nobody on the green as i oh i did really well right now. Aaron jones had thirteen carries and he didn't really have a great game. Marquez valdez gambling had a good game yeah he adam <unk> adams still had the most targets but in the s outperformed newman fantasy points so yeah just no nothing spectacular. Would i all man. He was getting murdered today on twitter the other bortles talk. I'm troub- trubisky man. He's still supported allen robinson yeah he did so i mean there. There are some positive takeaways and like i say let's just look at it as weak worn rusts. Obviously nobody should panic at this point. I f for anybody so these guys are all going to come along better. They're going to warm up. They're gonna any get their feet under them and things will better hopefully for everybody as things move forward but i know some people are really concerned that one week but they should be <hes> but it was it was a borne game for the most part i mean. I don't know like this weird like i ha i have this thing where like i don't like to watch blowouts and football but at the same time games like this can can be like super boring to. I don't know i don't know if i need. I need a middle ground somewhere in there 'cause like it was like super born but at the same time. I don't want to blow out there so it's like i need a little middle like you got score twenty one each maybe or something i think that's what everybody was like a good game a competitive game that actually has points happening yeah yeah you think anybody came away concerned with the packers head coach his first game i mean i i think we should probably relax on the after one game. That's what i feel but but i people myself like i. I wanna know why jamal williams still out there. That's not a great sign and i would have liked to see aaron jones. Just run away with it yeah but i mean we'll we'll see like i said week one. I don't want to you know get crazy either either way positive or negative so that there's not much earlier say about that. Nobody jumped off the page. Nobody was super exciting to watch and we just gotta hope. All all these guys you know find some progression here <hes> the other big news that happened within the last couple of days yesterday today. Everyone is already. It was yesterday the day before. I don't know <hes> on but antonio brown my beloved raiders have had some trauma last couple of days. They've been all over the news and <hes> yeah yeah man. This is this is a this is a funk for me to be in for regular fans and get to just watch and enjoy this madness <hes> but for me obviously arena fans get entails a little more jobs for me but just off of like the up and down we've seen here we antonio brown for anyone who doesn't know obviously i mean she need me listen since his episode if you don't have antonio brown but antonio brown basically got fined by the by the raiders for missing practices broadcast it on his instagram because that's what all normal people do <hes> right not really and somehow he was at practice the next day there's varying reports whether he started it whether he did this privately where he did this out in the commotion in front of everybody but somehow someway him and the general manager mike mayock had a conversation conversation about it again a._b._c.'s a._b._c.'s <hes> memories of this are very different from what other people are saying but they had a discussion supposedly the a._p. Flipped out said some things did some things and then all of a sudden the raiders were going to either suspend this guy cut. This guy save save thirty million dollars. You know get a be outta here and then within less than twenty four hours the next morning we wake up like everything's okay. They're working towards fixing. Listen this guy jon. Gruden china say the situation drew. Rosenhaus is trying to fix the situation and now it's a._b. Is going to play monday night. There's no question about live. He's apologized to the team and we're back in this weird circle that we were going around and around in it feels like all off season with a._b. And the raiders which for me me as a raider fan. I feel like it's given the raiders a bad rap like i don't feel like this is not the raiders fault riley. Everyone's saying like oh. This is the guy jon gruden traded cooper hooper amac for it has nothing to do with a._b. Had nothing to do with abe and never did and it still doesn't those traits had nothing to do with it then. They're like oh well now. He's overrunning the g._m. I don't don't believe that either like i feel like everyone's making. The raiders targeted this really a. B. is the one that's causing this craziness but before i go even deeper on miami hi is from someone who's not a raider fan. Who's not emotional about this. How do you feel about the whole situation does well first of all. I think the raiders have handled it. Well like every every time that something has come out about the team. It's been like well. We're going to support a antonio brown right or and then just research just like a few minutes. Let's go. I saw that youtube video about antonio brown so weird. You see that yeah so eared booed. I i buy it. I total. I'm just i'm just a sucker for antonio brown. I love that's just like i i. I totally buy it but what how do you take it. How do you take the video like what what what are you coming away with from it. I think thank you think he's feeling off the field issues or something. I don't know they personal issues. I mean i don't think that they told him <hes> through this whole helmet issue that he was going to be getting fined and i think that he's probably been getting superstar treatment in pittsburgh and maybe he expected expected it in oakland and was surprised when you found out that he wasn't like exempt from all the rules so so you know health. I think that's why he was like. What what is this. You know. I'm getting fine for all this stuff but i totally believe him that he's been working and that he's ready to go and that he's just not sure. Erris is team is ready to have him there. I don't know man yeah. I feel very naive about it but at the same time like let's go a b yeah yeah okay so for for me. It's like i've been defending this dude right like i've been arguing with steeler fans ever since the raiders made the trade and you know even before that i believe i defended him but it's just like. I'm always rooting for the underdogs right like josh gordon. I pull for him a b. I pull from because it seemed like everybody was against them right so whenever whenever like everybody goes against somebody. I can't help if like well. Maybe maybe we're wrong. Maybe we're looking at this wrong right. I wish i'd like to defend the guy i've been defended him this whole time and as soon as this happened opened all steeler fans are i'm a fucking messages like <hes> told you told you sir this come in and i'm like okay. I've been offended guy along but it's it's like this is crazy. Inconsistent like mood swings up and down and i'm like is there like mental health issues here. Is there like c. T. e. issues here and it's because i i watched hard knox i see him on instagram is he loves his kids. Those family loves the game and then leg out of nowhere whoosh he does this crazy thing like up and down every day and it's like my man. Is there something wrong really mentally wrong here or is it just like diva shit. I don't know and like you said maybe he's had started his whole life. You know the raiders are taking a little different approach to it. Then you know sealers probably have and you know it was weird watching the video john gruden's i do you wanna be a raider and he's like yeah. I don't know why you're even asking me that like. Do you guys want me to be his high feel and then he's like john lewis i can we cut the shit out and like play football on my so weird like i don't know man like publicly released that call like it just seemed weird to me like i don't know what that was weird and it was like clearly a produced product yes but but at the same aim time like everything jon gruden said i just loved it yeah like like the like the positive things. He said to him that just even if he's wrong. That's decide you wanna be on right. That's the stuff you say to a player. You know like i just i just loved it yeah and i i after that that video it would not surprise me. If you just goes out tears it up week one. I mean nothing. He does can surprise anyone in any direction now but i love it yeah yeah. No definitely was one of those videos. I think it helps jon gruden. The raiders to is look how much this coach fights for his player. I mean like i know i know a lot of people knock that shit like like oh is. He running the team over may seven. He's clearly knocked 'cause may i sent this letter and 'cause all this but it's like at the same time that it is you know. It's like inspiring motivating the here. You're like yeah. This is getting behind a man like if he's behind in washington be behind them. You know what i mean. Gruden wasn't kissing his ass. No he just said like can we i mean he asked him some tough questions back. Are you gonna play. What's going on with this shit. Why don't you just play football yeah. I thought it was yeah. It is interesting. It's it's weird. It's so raiders man. Everything is so raiders so we'll see how it plays out <hes> i hope it's the end of it but it you know so far has not been the case that hasn't been the pattern and we've been following here but hopefully you know he's in a better place. He's cleared. Whatever insect maybe maybe he was insecure. You know a new team new management's new coaches new players. I mean he was a little insecure when he got the letter i don't. I don't know man but we'll we'll see how it plays out. We'll see if the raiders get burned ultimately emily by doing this because i did hear that like the fourteen million dollar bonus whatever like once monday comes and he's on the team and he plays like it's it's. It's locked in so the raiders you know. The raiders are losing that opportunity to cash that out so you know we'll we'll. We'll see how it plays out. Hopefully it doesn't burn the raiders. Hopefully aby you know does everything we we hope he can do. You would just suck if you know it does turn this way for like good as far as a negative way for him because as i you don't want your legacy to be that like your hall of fame caliber player. You don't want to have like the stain on your name. I mean so hopefully you're very quickly went from like maybe the guy is going to surpass jerry rice. Yes to all of this nuts right and it does seem like he. Did you hear what he said on that video. He's like. I'm a villain on t._v. I kind of feel for or i'm like damn yeah. Everyone is making him the bad guy i mean. They don't even know what like he also said. This is my life his life damn if he wants a certain helmet to go out in play in whatever he wants yeah yeah. He said a lot of interesting stuff so i'll pull a form. You're obviously pulling for him and you know hopefully people come around to and hopefully he doesn't continue this year because i would hate for his his reputation ended up as like this guy was just a decade so we'll see how it plays out but is definitely something to follow. It's been an interest in and we'll see how he finishes up man <hes> let's move over into our regularly scheduled programing <hes> we'll we'll start with trust issues like we always do what we'll do is. I'm just gonna. We're gonna talk about some players. I got four of them. I believe four or five of them <hes> week one. We're just gonna talk week. One trust issues choose whether we trust these guys. Are we have trust issues with them. <hes> the first one is melvyn gordon's replacements do do we have trust issues for these guys or do we trust trust them you know and when i say trust i guess we have to kind of say in what terms i guess. Do we feel like we don't we'll have to say either. One of these guys are going to be moving gordon or or even have those numbers necessarily but do we trust them to put them in our lineups and whether you want to consider it a flex thing. How much do you trust them if you trust them. Is it a flex rb to you where we are with these guys. I'll let you go first so i would trust both of them at a flex level but i think both of them are overvalued because i think that you're we're going into committee ville with boeckler jackson and you you may know what you're getting week to week and you may not so i think both of them could talk doc twenty four bags on the season but i don't think either one of them is is going to be like just this massive payoff rb one type of player right. Yeah i'm with you. I trust them as flex for sure. <hes> i feel like i have more faith healer. I feel like i do have more faith in him. I can see him being more more than affleck's <hes> even starting one the thing i do like about their situation is this wasn't dropped on them like they've been prepared for this so it's not like you know week one on came melvin gordon practice in the entire time now. It's like hey. I'm not gonna play like they've been. They've they've known this was coming for the most part and they prepared for it for the most part so so i feel like i'm not too concerned about it. I i don't think he wants to produce like melvin gordon obviously but i do echo or more but i think if you have them when when you need them you had melvin gordon and you had one of them i have no issue with flexing either one of them <hes> but i do like echo or more i think it's the pass catching and stuff he did last year that i liked so <hes> definitely like you said we both trust him at flex level <hes> hopefully people don't have to depend on them for more than that but if you draft him gordon and you got when these guys at least you kinda backed yourself up a little bit yeah. They're definitely players. I'd like to wake a we weighed week and see what what actually happens. Yeah somebody wanting to have that opportunity though yeah well i i would agree with you. Then that often i would be the one that i would trust more yeah but oth- nickel as like rb to makes me nervous ah come on man. That's what you're supposed to live for those kind of guys. You live for living that three cohen. We'll see we'll see. We'll see what happens. The next one is the guy we were just speaking about antonio brown. We obviously both feel good about the guy <hes>. Do you trust him or not. What you have trust issues week one. The the thing about antonio brown is like we're gonna know right there. I feel like going into games sunday. We're we're gonna know if he's playing or not and if he's playing you started yet i i think it's gonna be antonio brown and i don't buy into like there might maybe some just normal chemistry development type of things that need to happen between him and derek carr but i think that cars more than capable and so is antonio and i would have him in my lineup week one if these plan no problem yeah. You're you're crazy. If you don't trust antonio brown like you said as long as we hear here they start in that he's playing you. Don't take him out your line of anybody. Don't get cute. Don't be one of these guys say. I'm not playing them 'cause. I don't like how he acts in real life. Whatever that's how you're gonna gonna do it just train them. Get rid of them now. Because this guy needs to be in your lineup he's easy antonio brown man like like you said. Even the camera shooting is overblown. If you're concerned about it like he's he's that good. He's just he's just gonna fit anywhere. It doesn't matter so he's that good that he's in a fit car like you said. Is that good that he can make it happen. He's not he's great. You notify the amazing near. You have to feel like big ben. If you don't want to that's fine but either way he is. The raiders is jon gruden. We see how hard they're fighting for antonio brown. They're gonna force feed. Do the ball i don't. I don't care what anyone says. Antonio brown is going to have so many targets at any more funny <hes> and i just i love ellen robinson route route. Maybe more targets than cohen all right the next guy jacoby perset another guy. I got a lot of flack for josh. When i trade a forming dynasty dynasty superfly. Some people say too much but then he got his extension and some people were like all right now. I can kind of rock with what you're doing but still a lot of people you know. We're kind of iffy on them. They're not crazy about them. Obviously if you're in a super flex type the thing then you're more likely to start this guy and and you know try to trust them but you know in a twelve team league. You're not going to start to probably but do you have trust issues. Which kobe in general or do you have trust issues. Do you trust them. Trust issues. I would start him in a super flex if i needed to you know i think he's gonna give you like cuba cuba to you know to somewhere between thirteen and twenty four q._b. To production and i it's gonna be interesting like we're gonna find out exactly how much <hes> circumstances matter because he's gonna pretty good surroundings pretty good weapons pretty good team team. You know offensively i. I think it'll be interesting just to see what he's able to do. Yeah yeah i trust them. He comes from the high. He comes from high school down the blocked from over here dwyer <hes> so i got a little you know personal connection. He's a local guy so i always root for those kind of guys but i do. I do agree. He has a better offense than he had before. If you hear any of the reports from the colts from gm's owners coaches they rave about the dude from a talent standpoint a leader standpoint all that stuff and you know how much i love leaders. Here's a quarterback josh in no. I love leaders in winters at quarterback josh but i have a question for you so i traded for him in a league right and i don't know if if i can't put him on my super flex lineup you tell me what you think you're <hes> so i have derek carr starting overset <hes> my regular quarterback spot and then i have mccaffrey davin cook. I started coen already. <hes> i have marlin mac philip lindsay devante atoms already played chris godwin these more and then my two my two tight ends they have to play are awesome hooper ingram. Do you take any of those guys out. Obviously can't they tight ends out and you can't do the guy's already played but would you take any amount for present as a lotta guys would probably take marlin mac out. Would you have said that when andrew luck with other right him less because of it it marlin mac yeah yeah okay yeah. I like marlon mac last because of andrew lucked being gone. I mean the intel we see jacoby. Percent is going to put the colts in the red zone his often. I don't think we should assume that and you know marlin mac came on toward the end of the season as a pass catcher and was doing more and more which i like but naim minds could still be very real part of that offense and so if moral mac is a more touchdown dependent running back who is now playing on the team koby instead of angela that hurts him gotcha gotcha yeah. That's where i'm having a tough time in a tough time thinking of our she had put in there or not on my damn. I trade a first round. Pick for the do now now. I'm not gonna put my leg. I gotta get in there somewhere so yeah. I mean the mac. One is probably the closest one that i have to think about if cohen didn't play would you have changed coming out firmer. We're now. I probably would have gone percent over cohen. Okay yeah yeah. I mean just because it's a q._b. Versus an r._v. right <hes> something to think about something about his c._v. Listeners thing. I'm crazy for not having him in the lineup yet. We'll see <hes> the last guy trust issues is carlos hyde. They'd have a strong feeling. I know where you're going to go with this because it's where most would go for this but also because there's another running back there that you love more than life itself and i can't imagine that you would trust carlos because of that but trust issues or you trust. Our man carlos is in houston. No trust whatsoever he i. I don't think this guy's going to have any real significance at all like he. I think that carlos high on the season will be like rb fifty. I don't i would not start carlos. I just cannot even imagine and this has nothing to do with the matchup which the saints have a very good run defense. This has nothing to do with now. It has everything to do with what i think is role on that team will be which will be like just the the most boring low-efficient going to get any targets. Maybe maybe he falls into the end zone once or you know he he could have week where it words twice but i just i don't want anything to do with that. Guy blame besides a duke. Johnson is going to get all of the targets i i. I have no interesting karla side on what you hear josh. I don't trust them. We got our boy duke in houston. We do johnson who we're not gonna. Let carlos hyde steelers thunder man. We can't tolerate that we can't we can't allow that. He cannot allow especially when you own him. In every single league josh play at players like carlos hyde who finished i think between rb thirty and rb forty and then change teams went on to finish like look at the best rb fifty five all the way down to rb one hundred nine days it for older players who played a season and we're not great they they do not they don't get this benefit from a new team. Even if it's a better team like it just doesn't happen doesn't matter does not matter. He just moves around everywhere and sucks. Relevant was what in san francisco ch- last relevant san fran right yeah yeah yeah. I mean still nothing since then. He had a good he's. I think he's a perfectly fine running back but i just. I don't think that the texans are gonna the have any need for him. Yeah just doesn't fit what they're doing man. No we'll see they. I don't know what they were thinking acquiring him. I you know obviously you see lamar miller. I guess he was probably the easiest guy to get you know just want <hes> so i don't know we'll see how it goes. I almost would rather just stay with a young guy a rookie or something as you know. Mix them in crockett or hidden would have been more raiders. I think on the practice squad now. I was like i thought he was a little better than that. I thought he was doing well in houston jason but it is what it is <hes>. We'll see how that plays out all right. That's it for trust or trust issues. The next thing we're going to do is rank them. Go rank them. Josh i have three sets of guys this week. Three cents a guys to are all teammates. Two sets of them and the last set is not teammates <hes> so i'm going to list replay give three players. We're going to rank them and see how you feel about them. Obviously those listening to play at home until if you disagree but the first group the first i group is a very very often discussed group and that group is damian. Williams darwin thompson the rookie and a guy who is just into the mix leshan mccoy. How do you rank these three gentlemen. Josh i'd i'd put mccoy at the end at in third place like i mean i think he's better in carlos hyde but he's in that same boat like i think of two thousand seventeen matt forte win. He went to the jets and he had a few games where they just acted like they did not care that matt forte was thirty seven and they just fed him the ball and he was like he had at three or four rb one weeks but on the season he was our before and i think that's what the sean mccoy's going to be. You know oh tha- that's that's fine. I'm looking forward to those big sean mccoy weeks you know i like michelle. Leon that it just doesn't it's very very unlikely in my opinion that he's going to go there and suddenly be better. Yeah i agree with you. It's hard to rank higher than that. I know he came. He's played for this coach so he knows this coach. She's done this system so we can't necessarily say like he has no. What's is going on like he's news the team we can in a sense but like he has a little more than qualified as far as you know familiarity but like you said you feel like we're kind of phasing <music> out the old guard here you feel like he's kinda part of that group and you know everyone knows i'm not crazy about damian williams so he's kind of just been the guy hi who is gifted this team right now like i just feel like if cream hunt was still there. We wouldn't be talking about these guys. Damian williams would be irrelevant and so he was just kind of handed this his team. I'm not crazy about them but i know he does. Some things well <hes>. I'm gonna put samba the end with you also and i can't put the rookie darwin thompson above daime williams at this point. I don't believe but as far as like how a management teams. I definitely have all darwin no damian or less on <hes>. That's how i projected going forward like out but i don't want to just say the rookie right now because obviously it's not realistic carries wise and stuff. I don't feel like he's going to get that chance to do it right now. But <hes> i would agree with you right now. We're talking week one or the beginning season go to say damian for sure one <hes> lasalle mcquaid third. I think that might bothersome people. I feel like some people will definitely feel like he's the rookie but you know i'm gonna go with you and with the rookie ahead of them just because i just like for what man at this point for what phil we weeks one through four probably is a better bet than there but i don't think that he has the upside yeah i don't either i mean he played like fourteen games last season and in fantasy points per game aim he was forty two like in buffalo to be in buffalo successful there i mean the team has changed but his his the entrenched number one like i feel like if he was vintage la shawn mccoy we would have gotten better than that the top twenty four bag right yes fair. That's fair agree on that so we got him third. I'm curious. How most people would rank that. We haven't heard all right the next group of guys some guys that i love here man in some guys i really like <hes> willfuller kenny stills they kikuchi why receivers for the houston texans that are buoyed shawn watson watson will be slanging it to. They're not the only receivers there because deandre hopkins is there but these are the three that i want to see how we rank these guys because i'm curious you know kenny stills being and thrown into the mix certainly mixing things up make things a little more interest in there so i'm curious how we rank them. <hes> i'll say from my point i <hes> i'm obviously and everyone knows a huge will fuller fan <hes> having pretty much every league. I mean that i can get him in <hes> so i'm gonna put willfuller. I believe i'm gonna believe josh that willfuller remains healthy for entire season going to hold the faith open. I'm not somebody might wanna miss a game or something but he's not gonna have any major catastrophic injuries knock on wood if you're with me. I don't think he's having any issues <hes> so i'm gonna put him first and then this may surprise people. I don't know maybe not. I'm pointing kenny stills the second on this list. I'll put them second. I know a lot of people are are punky right now. I know a lot of people love kiki especially when wolf filler gets hurt. Are they feel like there's a big opportunity for their. We kenny stills air for me. That definitely changes things <hes> so. I'm gonna go will kenny kiki. Do you love me josh. How do these i just i agree with you. I think will fuller has a special thing going on in that offense this with john watson in that downfield connection and like the other thing that you have to think about here as you know this is a habitat out that is dominated by de'andre hopkins and you're not gonna get ten targets a game not unless you're andre however so i i as much as i. I like what i've seen from kiki. I just don't think he's a he's going to get it done at slot receiver level efficiency for like like you have to be a willfuller to exist on the field with deandra hopkins right because we know willfuller can make those big plays right. He gets the field so we know he take take one play and and be valuable to us <hes> the question then is whereas kenny fall for you. I know you say you fall second hearing list. But how do you feel like his game translates to to to this team. I i feel like kenny stills is is probably very good football player. That's never had a great opportunity and now he has one and and so if willfuller <hes> you know he's he's inside of twelve months from his injury has so if will fuller is not ready to go or has another problem in the season. I would be interested in kenny stills. I feel like this is this could be a great spot for him to show what he can do yeah have you if you have someone in your league who doesn't believe in kenny stills or they feel like he got traded to a crowded place or any of that kind of stuff. I think you should try to buy right now. <hes> <hes> because it may be too late later especially if willfuller is not where we wanted to be health wise or if he does get hurt <hes> you're going to want all the kenny stills you can get so doc. Now is a chance to buy if you ever intend to. That's how i feel about it and kiki. He's what he is key. We'll see what he does <hes> but yeah it's not good. It's just like to be a good slot receiver. You need volume and you're not gonna get it with hopkins and duke johnson on the field yeah debt if that if they all say healthy that is you know arguably one of the best wide receivers in the n._f._l. I mean i don't know who i mean. There's a lot of obviously good groups but that's pritam group but they say it is. It is in two or three years when they're all like established players. I think we might be talking about them and a different way. Yeah for sure are cool so we ground that one and the last group last group is a little group are mixed up here at what around some players here. I was curious what you think i think i know you're going because i know you so well but i'm not asher so the guys they got listed. Here are kenyan drake of the dolphins peyton barber another florida team the bucks and then your boy matt brita from the forty niners who everyone talked about on the depth chart on twitter world was put number one of the depth chart above tevin coleman and who was a concern for some people now he added. He's a niner. So where do you rank these guys. Just i think i would actually go drake. I because i think he has more ceiling like i think he has the potential to monopolize that backfield and i think that brita could be maybe slightly more productive than coleman on the season but i i expect tevin coleman to continue to have a role where caleb ause josh may not be very good i- caleb laws could go away and then peyton barbara i think is just a low ceiling type of an option. You know he's gonna lamar miller you. You know continue to go out there but it's never gonna be a big week. It's interesting i. I thought you were going to go brita. I you know i like i like brita cost but i think kenyan drake could really have a lot more ceiling yeah. I'm a big drink fans so i'm. I'm definitely putting drake. I and actually gonna go the same way you and i'm gonna go breda and then barbara for me. Barbara that can sern is you know. I don't know if ronald jones is going to be anything and there's also dare not gonna dare try to say his last name but share dare boy dares there and i'm. I'm thinking he might be something so <hes> peyton barbara watch out. If you know i'm big on dare right now man you know just like. Do you like dr <unk> winner or dare i. I'm still gonna go yeah. I had to make this choice and i picked arwen but i what i don't know. There may have an easier route to to to carry. He's like easier easier path to them but i don't know i mean barbara could do you know barbara may be okay and they may not feel the need to you know get the guys mixed in the mix. I don't know but yeah dare man. There is there ear and i will not ignore it man he. Is there <hes> yeah so. I like. They're so yes. I'm gonna quit barbara. Last barbara just is not inspired to man he doesn't. He doesn't get me going so yeah drake breda barbara w wrangham all right man. We've knocked off trust issues. We've knocked al franken. We've talked a little bit of a bears packers as we talk some a._b._c. Drama we're gonna move over to fowler no foul. I don't even feel bad for your voice josh. I'm going to be honest. I like you man. I love you but i don't feel bad. You're just getting worse than worse. I know it you're probably like but i'm gonna say. We're gonna keep dragging this thing out. Just keep keep drinking water man. Stay hydrated say hydrate and my friend for foul uh-huh here drinking right now to see all these mics or no joke buddies all right <hes> sony headphones picking up everything <hes> we're going to go over to fowler no foul which because his week one i figured you know. Usually i mix us up. Sometimes there are sport things or fanciful things but because this week one celebration will do all fantasy football stuff so we're gonna start this off of course ominous. Throw these statements that you josh and we'll let you go first on all of them and then i'll. I'll follow up after you but i'm gonna throw these statements at you. You let me know if you agree agree with the statement. There's no foul or if you disagree as a foul. The first one lamar jackson will be the number one quarterback in scoring this week after he plays against the dolphins fowler novell. Oh no foul no foul. I think it's i think it's pretty hot but i can happen just because he could rush roger yards and then what you know so it could happen. I would not bet money out of that so probably like shawn watson over him going to did. I mean if i have to actually put my money where my mouth is but i <music>. I'm here for lamar jackson season. That's great. I'm excited for lamar. Jackson is exciting player. What are we going to do if he comes out and throws us for three hundred fifty yards. People are going to have nothing to say not. We're gonna go crazy again watson type of guy man. He's just a winner dude. I'm telling you i like it and running that ball banged up yet what i what if what if lamar comes out and is just lighten the world on fire and then gets hurt after likes that would suck yeah did true shawn watson suck but again the way those guys play. It's totally possible totally positive. I dunno no no. He's exciting. I'm with you know foul all right next one cowboys running back tony pollard. We'll be a flex option most weeks fowler novell foul. I think he's done is done done. He's done is that his career has peaked out. You enjoyed your fifteen minutes. Tell tell her i'm sorry i just like the the physique hold out never made any sense to me. Tony pollard allard made the most of the opportunity he got get for him. I hope you just start somewhere but i don't think it's going to be a dallas ruutel having tony prowler advancer in our smashing their iphones because you're saying this <hes> man you look they got him for nothing. It's it's true but i mean he played well right like you said he made the most of his opportunities and zeke hasn't been playing with the team don't you the cowboys are gonna try to reward piloted a little bit like a couple of carries buddy. Maybe i don't think it's going to amount to anything like alright. Alright not flex tony pollard yeah i wouldn't have the balls affleck's only pollard so i'm gonna say foul to just because i ain't got coronas to do it the italian e paul's as i talk about man. I ain't got him for tony pollard so <hes> yeah. I'm gonna go with two but man. I hate the people that drafted wanted him. Thinking zeke wasn't gonna play man this big mistake that he was never like an austin level option yeah yeah i mean i if zeke didn't play. Obviously we have to talk about the guy but you know. I thought zeke was in a place where i never gave him that. I never thought about it that way because i never thought it was really gonna happen. You know what i mean so it is what it is but yeah i seen some people i even was talking to someone earlier that you gotta get him out of your line. What do you do and get out of here. Put someone else in. It's ridiculous. It's not going to happen all right next question or next statement. Devin single terry will get frank gore out of his way by week five and will become the bills unquestioned number one running back fowler novell. He'd made get frank or out of his way but then he gets run over by t._j. That's right baby. I mean as much shit as i talked about. Josh jacobs colleague m. t. j. although i will absolutely cheer for the the actual t._j. Why are you gonna hate josh and then and then and then cheer for t._j. Guy shares your same fucking first name. It's the hype man. It's a hype israel. Everyone gave me shit for love and t._j. Last year now you guys want to flip the script and like all all sudden like he's third string running back 'cause they. Yeah t._j. Is not bad. It's like what the hell is going on man fucking upside down world. There was like one week last year. I it was like week four when t._g._i. Elvis supposed to have that backfield to himself and smash smash. I will never forgive oh man. I'm a believer man. Hopefully both frank gore out the way and they both become a legitimate options here but i want to say no foul. I do you think devon single here with me. I can't stand for this morning. I mean i respect well. Frank gore is done and hasn't been able to continue to do but from our fancy perspective man. I ah slowing things down for his get out the way man not the way. He's opposed lesean mccoy. He's supposed to be your fourteen to seventeen. He's supposed to be your carlos high and he just is keeps fucking going so hopefully break or is it cool guy man. I was super cool guys yeah. I bet like you cannot say anything that this frank gore <music> now. They just chill except get off my fancy team. Get all right all right last one guy. We've spoken about a lot at a guy that media has spoken about a lot the guy twitter instagram the whole world has spoken about a lot antonio brown will score two touchdowns against against the broncos on monday night football filer novell no foul hell yeah baby. I like sick josh. I like this guy might be medicated for something because you know i i love it tokyo. I'd i'd i tell you that video. I hook line and sinker. I i love video was made for the joshes of the world man. He works spoke to me. I see people bashing it on twitter with it works for you yeah and i love that inspiring man those video he said this is my life josh yeah no more games resonated resonated with you man. I can't help it. I just hate that. Adam brown is like a girlfriend. You can't shake man. Thank you break geico. Whatever you love her. You break out whatever you lovers like. Come on man just not with the bullshit man just stop acting like a child and ball out on need. I'm all in good. It's so good. You can't say all your friends. Keep saying mandy guy drop that girl man you like. I can't bro yeah. It's one of those things man. It's one of those things things. I have no experience with that. I'm just saying it's not it's not my wife or anything is totally may believe yeah all right. That's it. That's all a half hour no foul. We're going to close this thing out. We we hit him hard today man. You're sick a frigging adam. Hopefully it's not pass from ecstasy right now somewhere on the radio hydrate themselves <hes> and you definitely hydrated damn throat and hurricane doria didn't hydrate shit out here so we're dry to who every every it's not good man. It's not but we made it happen. We knocked it out of the park. I do want to show intel before we go. I don't know if you came prepare since you're sick. Maybe you want to recommend the medicine that you're taking. You're you're not sick. I keep saying you're sick. You're not sick. You're just your vocal chords. Need a break but listen my show intel for the week. I don't know if you've you've seen it. I don't know if you care to see it but dave chapelle. 's latest standup special sticks and stones is a thing of beauty. It's amazing. It's hilarious it touches on all the social and cultural topics that are sensitive to so many people and that piss people off and bother other people and i'm so glad that he did it and comedy is a space where comedians as people can talk about anything in my opinion and he did just that and it was hilarious areas and i feel like everybody should see everybody should see it so if they ever recommended this is. I'm recommending more than anything. It is an amazing standup. You'll laugh from beginning to end end. You'll also just loved the conversation as he did a masterful job so that's my recommendation. That's my show and tell for the day dave chapelle. You can find that on net flicks if you don't get as if you don't have a scarcity sabean fucking cheap get your subscription netflix day chapelle sticks and stones wash that today josh anything well first of all. I've seemed dave chapelle is fantastic. It's good. He's got like three or four different things on netflix right now there. Some of them are kinda similar but they're all great. That was firemen. That was so i. I don't know if there's anyone better than him and like he is so good at what he does. He's some relatable like he just had such a good job. Sometimes i came to tell but it was like i don't know i don't want to spoil anything but there was a cell phone moment and i might give this planned or is like really random like something that i just can't and tell us oh perfect. I'm like was that just totally random where that really like part of the show so yeah i like it was so good man the topics that he touched on that people are afraid to touch on. I loved it man. I i loved him so i'm glad you liked to josh. I'm glad you enjoyed. It is fantastic so i take this stuff called throw comb in even though i sound like trash my throat does not hurt at all is the best stuff ever throat calling throat. Call okay because pronouncing that all the way there's a lot of different words that calm sounded like and i was like whoa co- call okay okay calm kills that you like hold onto your and they do what they deteriorate. Just dissolve dissolve again you will you will not have a sore throat. You interested interest in this way couple recommendations the last couple of weeks that are very <hes> very you know very applicable to people's lives in a very hands on throat. Com tom for those looking forward at c. L. m. not any other way. You may have heard that are interpreted home and josh recommends as as you can tell your voice is even more southern today because of it more more country twang to it so it's it's gets up. You're mixing it up. We appreciate it. You're now you're trying something new and if this catches on you may stick to it i get it man you can find josh on social media on twitter where josh at j._c. crocker on twitter and on player profiler. I'll be right back no waiver article for player profile this season so who should be fun. Find your all the recommendations of guys at josh loves and you should listen josh. What was the last episode drought the last episode last article. I was fade carla's analyst hi sean mccoy damian williams and duke johnson. We say hey look it up. Definitely go look at it josh yeah he pins it now. It's ask guys guys. You're taking out of your vice and you're and you're doing. Josh don't think that i didn't give you that advice and also see you apply in it. I've seen you a finite your thrown in group chats and stuff now. You wouldn't do it before and you're like okay. Fuck it. I'll just be bossy with this and push it around and that's what you're doing and i appreciate it. That's what people do. That's what you do man. That is what you do you that is very very much so what you do go check out josh's article that player profiler he bangs in things out and that's where three com comes in place for for stuff like that he along ignite worker over there of so definitely take him out and follow him at j. C. crocker you can find me at clock dodgers on twitter instagram all that good stuff subscribe right to the podcast anywhere apple podcasts spotify all those locations or you can visit colorado's dot com and there's links all different apps. Whatever you wanna do man you'll you'll find it somewhere. Lever review tele friend all that good stuff josh. I had nothing else for today. Do you have anything else. Tell these wonderful people. Nothing all right man say hey we don't have. We don't have atom here to spoil stuff. That's always good too so i don't know an episode of adam free. Adam free episode was not bad. More more raves more podcasts on friday nights whatever we need to do t._a. Guy hopped up over there in chicago for everyone else as always be kind be will be what he kind. I don't know that was like at this point. I don't know be kind be great. She got occur.

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