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Hey as Jolly Dumez of e o fire and it's the entrepreneurial you the chauffeur dedicated and passionate care be an entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by Author Speaker Award Winning Entrepreneur Hanukkah watkiss reporter. You must be prepared to ignite wherever you are right now. Like whoever whether you think you have or you? Don't you do at this moment? The greatest in that. You can acknowledge that you're enough and for me when I say that you're enough you're not to get to the next step when I saved. Forget the future version of you. It's not just because the feature version of you doesn't matter but it's like sometimes we get so overwhelmed thinking about the thirty five steps really and truly we just need to focus on one that lands tomorrow one step at a time and if we do enough steps just one step at a time at the end we get to the destination but trying to lead the greatest part of the equation behind. Which is you your experiences your stories. It's not gonNa work because your experience is the one thing that we can't buy in a store. Hi this is Hannibal. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by today in Jamaican parlance wog one. Mcglade say this episode is sponsored by any sport dot Com as well as the Jamaica Stock Exchange now on handcock exported dot com. You can visit us to blogs resources books online podcast courses podcast and more. If you are new to the entrepreneur new podcast be sure to check out past episodes with guests. Such as Johnny Zuma's but trees Washington Seth Gordon Richard Branson Amy Porta field and a host of other game changes. We needed to risk capital but our experience with local financial institutions was that they were cautious and slow to act an interest rates for far too high. We had real concerns about financing our business through outside equity investors on the possibility of interference. Could we get a fair valuation for our business? We had our own ideas about the business and its value. Should I go the traditional route of bank financing or should I try Jamaica Stock Exchange? So we made a call an experience. Transformation of our business through conversations John Food Seal of Jamaica teas and we are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Give us a call today at eight. Seven six nine six seven three two one to begin your transmission through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and now Harris. Today's episode. Sometimes you can see yourself clearly on yourself through the eyes of Others Ellen Degeneres. Hello and welcome my people for my trust. Not your indeed doing great today. In spite of all the circumstances that are happening around us. Just that you're doing grades and you'll be great even if you're not doing so great right now. I want to welcome you to episode one hundred and Sixty Two of the entrepreneur. Podcast I'm your host Hennigan. What Kiss Porto? Today's episode is with Tiffany Langi. And here's what I have to say about tiffany. No so there's was no magic bullets for coast to coast business and sales strategies for this par- civil woman. She went from being a single mom to building three six. Viggo businesses and onto a seven figure business by the age of thirty two finally began with no capital but share hard work and determination to D- She helps people create the income influence and impact daydream. Off She is the creator of onwards to freedom goop that offers business training and support to idea driven entrepreneur. He's he speaks around the world on Sales Strategy Entrepreneurship and prophets building and has dedicated her life to end small thinking worldwide. That's why I love her and want her to show our topic today as rise up and adjust due to them thing. Welcome tiffany a he do. I am great. I'm great I'm great. I'm so happy to have you on the show. I'm glad to be here super go to be absolutely and Before we came on live. You're telling me that you have some Jamaican route so you know that inspires my next question. Which is what is the most Fascinating thing that you share with others about boat Jamaica. I knew that you were not born here. Based on what you told me but you have your parents and somebody you see balloons were so what's most fascinating thing in your mind. Jimmy Nicholl L- you know I it. That's a tough thing fascinating thing. I mean everything fascinates me about Jamaica. That's first but second. I'm going to say it's the willingness of people to just love one another just because at one of my favorite parts of the country. One of my favorite parts of being a Jamaican or Jamaican descent is we are many people. And it's so true every time I'm in the US or another country. I I go back and I watched the division whether young color or economics or whatever might be no no joke. It's like yes. Of course we have economics going on Jamaica choristers colored but everybody is everybody and there is something just beautiful and human about it and the number one thing the number one thing that I love the most about that country you know. It's a fascinating to me. Tiffany that every time I ask that question like and normally ask some of my guests. We're not dominicans. Or don't have any Jamaica inherited you know something about Jamaica that if visited what they like the most and stuff and so many times their response is the people and that goes to show. How much of a with the nation we are because any country's greatest asset? It's people and if others are recognizing that you know we are you know we. We're we're we're we're awesome. Sometimes we're not even recognize ourselves and it comes with A I think it has a lot to do with their own mindset and Believe fan all of that stuff so I think that points is great enough for us to have that be a launch pad into our conversation mindset. Let's talk about mindset tiffany and how it factors in your own life as you it. It'd be obvious story somewhat of a rags-to-riches story as it. Were you know really? It's not so much as much mindset as it is just what you believe about you because sometimes you know like we can say. I'M GONNA just make up my mind and ongoing to decide ex but the truth of the matter is that I just made a decision to on my value. I mean I was actually born in Miami Florida My parents were both born in Jamaica. My sisters and brothers. My cousins aunts uncles. Everybody's born in Jamaica. I was born in Miami and growing up was one thing but I found myself really really early on. I found myself a single mom. My two daughters eighteen months apart and the truth of the matter is that I was putting them to bed hungry and I felt like the worst person on the planet I mean I felt like I could never get it together. I mean I couldn't make enough money. I could make enough money to put them in school. I couldn't make enough money to pay the rank consistently And I I felt like a you know there are so many days I just didn't even WanNa live once. I made a gentle own my own value because what was happening at that time. Which is what happens to so many of us we get other people who say try to give us their ideas a who we should be what we should how we should operate how we should make money how we should raise. Our children could actually doesn't matter. We just get so many people who have their own ideas in thoughts and emotions about how we should function and the truth of the matter. Is that you walk around. A you believe what other people believe about you instead of asking yourself. What do you believe about you? So if a new talkable your value in owning your value and stuff but before I even explore whether that means when I asked about mindset you did say it's really about what people believe in of themselves so isn't one What the One. Believable themselves dependent on the type of mindset that they have it does it does but mindset. It's it's more of their value system so our mindset who sometimes our minds can be influenced but it's really what's inside of our heart that actually influences our minds you had no because it's just our value system kind of what we believe about us without anybody else's boxer ideas involve Arizona accent absolutely. I think we're coming back to the To the same belief so we won't Belabor that but I wanted to explore a little bit about owning your value and one that had to mean for you in practical terms i. It wasn't just something that you thought about it and say hey I'm going to own my value but for somebody who is going through a rough time. Perhaps some of those same experiences that you had you know putting your kids to bed. Hungry and and stuff like that What does owning your value means in their contexts. So so much it's I. We have three parts to us. We have the good parts of our story. We have the bad parts of our story and then we have the ugly parts of our stories so a lot of time were willing to share the good in the bat of our story but it's the ugly parts of our stories that have the lessons and what's real about that. Is that the ugly parts of our stories. They also hold the shame they hold the rejection. They hold our fears they hold our insecurities. I mean they hold just about everything. So what happens there? It's like the more that we run from the things that were ashamed up the more we run from the things that make secure the more that we run from the things that we're afraid of the world to find or to know about us is the more rerun from ourselves and the more we run our own value because the core who we are is in the ugly parts of our story and so what is one ugly parts of your own story. Would you say that you know you wanNA share with us so that you can inspire and and Ho? Did you use parts of your story to infants and motivate? The person you are. Today I used to sit and believe in the ideals of what other people thought that my life should be and once I started to own my own value and be proud of the things that I was once ashamed up that came from me being willing to share my story so I started talking about the ugly parts of my story instead of keeping them in the underneath the bottom or behind. I made point to put them in front. I made a point to put them on in in front of everything. I did everything I said. Every person I connected with every person that I hired and it it became not necessarily this thing that I was most proud of but it became part of my truth because real connection and real growth comes from US owning the truth. Not Hiding from it. Right on the sensitively. So and so one example of that ugly part of you story that you've actually you know used an insured. What would that be so that you can also be something to to Mozambique because we won? I don't want is for you know to have a A generalized conversation but if we can pinpoint that for example not just a good on. The bad are the bad but one of those examples what you would consider to be ugly. I wanted to die all the time. A majority of every week lie hated so much. I hated lifestyle much. I hated everything about it but I loved my children and I just couldn't figure out what would happen to them if I went. I couldn't figure out what would happen to them because I was like it. Would they end up in foster care? There's no one to take care of them. So I could tell people I could make it sound different. I could say I was depressed. I was unhappy very sad. But that's not the truth that would be me scratching the surface and that's because I know some somewhere some you know where somebody's going to be listening to this conversation and somebody is going to be able to see. I can relates even as I sit behind this. Microphone Talking With You. I can say I can relate and so you know it is very important as you've said that we own those ugly parts of us on the part that it's not It's not you know it's not pretty. You know nobody necessarily wants to go and ensure that but I also know that disturbs that we go through there. Never for us a loon. They're meant to enable others to recognize that there is in fact a light of the end of the tunnel and so that light of the end of the tunnel for you. What was it what was it? How did you get to that lights? It's like if I get to light number one and then you get to light number two so my first. My first light was on being able to own my value enough to start a business. Starting a business was my only way out of my solution. My problem and it was the solution because there is no way a job was not going to give me enough money. I may ten dollars in twenty two cents an hour and ten dollars. Twenty two cents. An hour was sixteen hundred dollars a month. But it's a thousand dollars per kid to put them in preschool in that that you know I'm not even talking about rent or food or medicine or any of that stuff. So my light at the end of the tunnel was my willingness to own my own value enough to go and just start talking to people and ask them to buy a product or service for me and we all know. Entrepreneurship is not an easy. Road is not a better rule. So you've decided that you know what I'm going to start a business. What were some of the challenges that you had at that initial stage? Because I'll I want to make the assumption or maybe I should make the assumption whether or not you had experience doing business at some point there another. Did you have experience running a business at any point all the way I learned how to start a business in the way I decided the very first business I should start is I went to the bookstore and the bookstore had one of those businesses. I mean had one of those books that had a best businesses top fifty businesses to start for under a hundred dollars And then another section that said Under five hundred under a thousand in. I just looked at every opportunity that they talked about under a hundred and I honestly just chose one of those and my very first business was in making gift baskets and I borrowed. The money borrowed the twenty dollars from one person fifty from another until. I got to one hundred and I bought a re thing that was on that list every single thing on that list and I started a basket business in the worst part about it is that I'm not even creative. I on Maura. Black can't tie a ball. I couldn't tie. The wrapping. Paper was horrible at that stuff but it said that I could make fifty thousand dollars a year in that fifty thousand was way better than what I was looking at my ten dollars. Twenty two cents an hour and so obviously you wanted to do something you found a way. I mean if you need from own experience if you need something badly of you will find a way and so you've fallen away. And that was your first business you know creating making baskets and stuff What were some of the the the the things that you had to implement you talk about the processes of marketing and and getting other people involved. And how did you do it initially and all of that? Because I don't want to get the sense of the journey that you have been on. Yeah so every single business of to getting fifty thousand getting to six figures and getting multiple Figures all three things. The same principle apply so if money doesn't come to you you absolutely have to go to it and when I went in started a I've made a few baskets and then I thought to myself will now. What because I wasn't gonNA build a website. I didn't have a clue about how to build a website back then. I didn't know anybody who knew how to build a website. So there's no way I could sell on the internet which means that I had to go and sell myself so I took the basket and I went. I went door to door with the basket to apartment complexes and two new homes that were being built in Florida and I got somebody to be willing to drive me around. Because I didn't have a car so I got someone to be willing to drive me around. Why put my two kids in the backseat? And I went and I knocked on doors and since then you have started more than one business. You started three businesses right. What are what are the other businesses that you've created so the eye your we're going. We're starting from sixteen years ago so by very first business that got me to around. Forty thousand wasn't gift baskets and then I left that and I started an event planning business and that's a story on itself but I had a retail store in Miami Florida and we did events. We decided weddings. We had tons of wedding dresses that we rented out in ton of Tuxedo. Dresses Dresses Tuxedos and And I that was my very first six figures My second business was injust hardware hardware for offices just regular offices in Florida and then I left and I got into the hardware and software industry where my business partners were Xerox Corporation and Hewlett Packer. Anything that related to hardware and software and I built that business with no money. We started I started by knocking on doors. I mean I went to back to the basics and sometimes in business when you're starting over when you're trying something new you go back to the basis and the difference for me was up until that point. I had built a handful of six-figure businesses and I made a lot of cash. The truth is that there comes a point where you have to understand that. There's a big difference between making cash making money and from me. I was like man one day. My Middle Child. She got really sick. She had pneumonia in the hospital for about thirty days. Now I'm sitting with her in the hospital when I get out of the hospital with her and I have this crazy moment because I'm like wait. What what are all these bills doing here in my mind? I made a lot of money but the truth of the matter is that my money was only tied to me getting up and going back out knocking on doors so I really even yes I I made six figures I really had just created a well paying job after that point I was like I got to figure out how do these other people that I read about in magazines. How do they take off a month of work? How do they travel in still run their business in have their company make money so two thousand in ten or two thousand nine really? I started thinking about it but in two thousand ten. I left the state of Florida. I went to North Carolina because I heard there was low market share in this industry and I started all over again with zero dollars and I went back to the basics. I literally went and started knocking on doors all over again that year. We hit a little over a million dollars in. It was the difference of me Lee abandoning the concept of just making cash and being well paid for a long period of time to building a business in having an asset out of what I was doing. No you're going your group on woods to freedom About yeah so in two thousand fifteen I just got honestly. We were doing a couple million dollars. We had fifteen employees in three offices in. I just started hearing about this whole coaching industry. And I have never really heard of it Because we didn't hire anybody in. I really didn't read books or go to webinars or seminars or any of that stuff because I was really off the Internet and we had old school tactics and two thousand fifteen. I made a decision to sell my company out of nowhere because I got tired of hearing the industry teach one or two things. We were teaching a person to go and build a business but the coach who was teaching had never really built a business before. And if it were like it. If it wasn't that it was I found someone teaching another person how to make one hundred fifty thousand but they hadn't mastered how to make thirty thousand dollars yet and I was like what is happening out there and for me you know all I could think about honestly all the great people who were out there who were fighting for their own dreams like I was like. I just wanted to stop putting start putting blood in my kids the table like I just wanted to stop going to bed hungry. That's why I started a business so no. It wasn't about the four hour workweek. It wasn't about buying certain car. Having a certain lifestyle was honestly just about getting out of being broke inside to sell my company in two thousand fifteen and teach full time now. I had zero clue that I would be in the midst of statement. Call do the damn thing but I I started telling my story back then. On stage in one stage turned into five stage turned into ten stages turned into fifty turned into a hundred stages and we now have a worldwide movement called. Do the damn thing and where do the damn thing nation just about everywhere And it's kind of crazy because I look back and I think to myself man. How did we do that? And it's one hundred percent by me just being willing to tell all of my story the good the bad and the ugly thing. Yeah it's it's it's. I'm still baffled so so person look at you know and perhaps you know they don't have the back story that would have brought you to this point. What would you would? You encourage someone to rise above the challenges that they're faced with and just as your community is all about. Just do the damn thing. Would you encourage that? You know to navigate the twists and turns to to get to. Where want to get to you know for me. I might my one simple statement in thought for that person is forget who you might be in the future embrace who you are right now. That's it forget who the future just embrace who you are right now because that is amazing you know. I mean Tiffany. It sounds very simplistic and simple. What you said but even as I listened and this is why I love podcasting so much. Because you're you know even as a host you get your guests and they're right in your ear and vice versa. Right and you've said it and it's just so powerful because we're living in an age where we are not being present right and I think even the Curl Navarro's is gonNA teach us a lot about being present. Were living in an age where we're not really being present. We want to get to the next fees and so we're not honoring out the steps to take to get there but we're also not honoring. We're where we are in the process. We're always in a hurry to get to the next phase and we don't recognize the face that we are right now is the fees we want sprayed to be at in many instances. Yeah so that's true. That is so true. That's exactly right. We prayed for it. And we're here and we're not even acknowledging it absolutely. I'm going to give you an opportunity at this point because we're about to wrap up so no fee to share your final thoughts. Perhaps I neglected to ask your particular question. There's something on your heart you wanted to share some. GonNa ask you at this point. Just wrap up with your final thoughts. Hope to rise up and just do the damn thing and just You know when I say the damage very American but Jimmy do the damn team. Yeah different thing or or accident or intonation is different so rapid with that as well as Sharhor Committee may reach out to you. Absolutely I love you for that so much. I want you to know like my hand on my heart. I love you so much for that so wherever you are right now like whoever whether you Thank you have or you. Don't you do at this moment? The greatest in the knowledge that you're enough and for me when I say that you're enough your enough to get to the next step in when I saved. Forget the future version of you. It's not just because the feature version of you doesn't matter but it's like sometimes we get so overwhelmed thinking about the thirty five steps really and truly we just need to focus on the one that lands tomorrow one step at a time and if we do enough steps just one step at a time at the end we get to the destination but trying to lead the greatest part of the equation behind. Which is you your experiences your stories. It's it's just it's not gonNa work because your experience is the one thing that we can't buy in a store. Your experience literally is the fact that exist in the world in the history of this planet there has never been another tiffany argue and there will never be another tiffany Larquie which means if I'm going to really distinguish myself in the market. I got to start with my story. Got To start with me. There will never be another you and because of thing because of that fat you are truly the greatest asset truly the greatest asset that you have in any equation that you're trying to build the I one hundred percent start with you. I just as you are interesting. And you know Before you share your contact details also will be sharing with us That that seventeen days of building a store because we all have a story and truth is we don't always know how to present that story and knowing that it perhaps one of our greatest asset so you can share where we may contact contact. You get that That option that you have as well as we need generally contact you absolutely so I'm going to give you three number one. Come hang out with us on facebook. We are do the damn thing. Nation the super easy to find us. Ed just about anywhere or connect with me. At as Tiffany Margie. Now I have a theory that not only. Do we have the ability to Biller story? But we have the ability to frame it. Because if you don't tell your story someone else will. Which is why I'm giving you the seventeen days of building your story foundational journey and you'll get it by opting in or signing up at dreamers wanted here dot com. It's GonNa take you down the path where you get to watch and think through and then work on not just your story but you're beginning your middle and your end to the point where you are right now and I promise you. If you type in you'll be able to figure out. How do I take my story and then go find the best person for me to walk through? How do I take my story and build the perfect products and offers four my community? Have I take my story and build a movement? Oh my gosh. Par packed information of just how to rise up. And just do. The dancing are the whereas get to downtown. Yeah Jimmy on an Haaretz. That that's the core of right. It is well. It's part of my story. Komo NO YEAH. Oh my my son. We had thank you so much. Different argue thank you. No thank you and my people form it. Thank you. Thank you for tuning in this episode with Tiffany. Shula look forward with the next week in the meantime. Benin time fees. I WanNa hear from you. Go to walk escorted com as you know. There's a what's up. I Con Rights on that page on the bottom of the bottom of the home page. You can't send me a message. And he comes directly to my phone. I really really want to hear from you. You mean a lot to me that you spend time anytime at all of this episode to myself. My guess what we have to share. It means a lot. You're not picking transit. You are valuable. I appreciate it so thank you so much onto next week. Remember you were born to win but to be a winner you must Panta win preparing to win and expect to win what good.

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