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Mets do the same thing again, this time win Diaz and just a spectacle of a meltdown in Philadelphia. It's so frustrating because it's the Phillies and they were in their own downward spiral. And you're thinking that this whole off season for them, which I thought was great offseason for the Phillies. We're gonna blow up in their face. And that would at least gave us some satisfaction as Mets fans to see them struggle, as well of this season was going to go that way. And now the Mets might have just resurrected their entire season by rolling in there and playing the way that they are so bamboo, whatever it's the Mets that were able to get the Phillies healthy is no doubt about that. And then running around in throwback uniforms and. That home when that score a home. Run went out there and all the Phillies fans just going crazy. It was just. It just. It just makes you sick. I was very disappointed. Jimmy Rollins was not on the test. Do I went and checked for me too? Did you hear that stuff? See low yesterday. I did not know my goodness, Jimmy Rollins. I guess does a select few Phillies games on TV now. Okay. And he has taken the cake for talking over the play by play guy, helping the calls worse than you've ever heard. So I was thinking, that's one of the first things I thought of after my anger went away with Jimmy Rollins was probably screaming all over Tom McCarthy, but he had the day off, just like boomer does. That's why ceelo is here. Jerry's in for him. So we've got a ceelo update happening right now. Good morning. Chris, I brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody everyone though. Of course, beating the Mets these days, especially the Phillies watches deep. The mess. The straight day Gary Cohen as to why there you go Zork and in the bamboo, four-game sweep as this team blows another lead five runs in the ninth off of Edwin de as served up homers to cigar, and Michael Franck. Oh. And here's how the finish sounded right here on the fan. Gora hits shot homerun. Unbelievable. Yeah. Mike was in rare form yesterday. It was it was tremendous, especially the video, if you get a chance to check it out and other total meltdown for the Mets. Bullpen fifth straight game in which they blew a multi run lead. It's the first time that's happened in major league baseball since two thousand eleven on a take a guess who the last team to do. It was. There you go. So we get to the post game with Mickey Calloway, and is just more of the same nonsense. This is blowing four of his last eight save opportunities. How do you assess what you're seeing from him right now? Well, you know last night, it was electric on. John also God Mickey referencing that twelve pitching in a non save situation from Wednesday where the Mets ended up losing any way in this one. They had one hit through eight. It came from Zack Wheeler of all people, they're down one nothing in the ninth. Todd Frazier hits the go ahead. Two run Homer of Hector narrowness insurance run. They got a two run lead the Hannibal the D as you get six seventy do up for the Phillies and he can't get them home as these rallies often. Do it all started with a free pass that hurt us of the walks, you more than anything. The leadoff walk you got to two run lead on. It's tough to walk a guy, you know that away if they hit a solo Homer, you're still ahead and it was a three two slider. No less. Right. I mean you're, you're, you're basically nibbling against a leadoff guy with the two run lead. They're just all in the ninety doesn't make a lot of sense Mets fall. Eight games under five hundred Mickey says it's just not fair been way too close to, to have this many loss. And that's how bad their bullpen. He's right. I mean he is. But he's right. Team. And they had no I'm sorry. Not his bullpen heating construct the bullpen. I'm not saying I'm just. I mean, they're all they all share some responsibility. Think here's your future box score for tonight on the Milonga. Lonzo. All right. So tonight's you've got Jerry decided to come up with a box score for tonight's game that has not happened yet. Of course. So he's got the Mets leading eight nothing going into the ninth. And then the brave score eleven eleven eight. Yeah. That's not, not off the table. That's how about how about the fact that a week ago, we actually sat here and decided to bet the Mets would win and shutout. Right. Jacob degrom, and I would do it again tonight. But unless he's going nine it's the it's not happening, but that was the whole point. I know but he hasn't this year. I think they're all going to have to start I guess their arms pitch seventy five. You want me to see what the, the line would be an eleven eight Braves. Yes. All right. I'll look that we have to we have to do. We have to put another. Hello, leftover. Here's DS through his translator. He says, they got the best of those trying to go the best, which is that I could. But it seemed that they were just like prepared for every pitch. Just a bad day for me. And what's a home runs came around. We lost the game. Now again it's through the translator. So. Right after the trade he did not talk through translator. He was true. Yes, he was on high heat with dog think about that. If you're able to understand him, you stand all sorts of English. Right. So now all of a sudden he's blowing saves against, you know what I think I remember that, and I think it was it was tough. It was tough, gene. Here's an examples GIO or shell came on with Mike no translator yet he'll use one. I think they're in those right after the game when you're answering for things that happened on the field and those immediate moments. I think they wanna make sure there's no confusion and sometimes we're they're shallow like the translators there, if he understands the question of feels comfortable answering in English he will other times, he'll look to the translator and get some assistant. So, you know, it's, it's sort of like a case by case basis. And we know with all the beat reporters and writers, standing there in the tape recorder's going to the TV cameras, going, you don't wanna come across the wrong way. So I get it from that standpoint. But for that answer specifically that I just played it's through the. Slater. You wonder how exact it is when he said I feel like I was making good pitches. Then you go back and you look at the pitch cigar hits. I mean he missed his spot by complete with of the plate. So it's hard. It's hard to say that it was a he made a good pitch because he didn't want to go back. Remember he when he blew the first save I want to say he said at that point, it'll never happen again. We'll have the effort that he wrote, I'm glad to get it out of the way. Remember that? Never happen again. Yeah. Check that out numerous times. So the Phillies were coming into this series, and they of course, rip off four straight after utility, man, Brad Miller, brought that bamboo plant into the clubhouse has a good luck charm, perhaps, the Mets can try something similar when they return to city field tonight. It's off a three and eight road trip. They've got the Braves for three the Yankees for two and then easel the Billy's again. That's right. Voodoo Pedro Serrano guitar get Jabbour in their Joe, boo. Right. Anything or sacrifice alive chicken, like it was at bull Durham. Okay. I think now one, okay. Hi. I cannot get the, the runs eleven eight not available. Non that's not just for this game. Not yet, at least maybe a little bit later day. We did it in the nine o'clock hour. I believe less. Yes. We did. Now he's towards the end of the show. You think the Braves are going to win the game. Do you think that the sun coming up? So you think the Braves are gonna win the game. Now saroka going for you can get them for the home run. I know Alex these because with his parlays he did this, which it's the match. Double, okay. Guy hits a home run for the team in the team wins any guy or you got to pick the guy that you pick the guy. That's dude. Well, that's where you get the better on top. Together. Donaldson hits a home run in the Braves wins it plus six hundred plus six fifty. Yeah. See there you go. That's what we might have to. That was a great bet in the football season. If you picked the quarterback to score a touchdown either the rushing score as a big fan of the rushing score for the love the rushing. Yeah. You must case live dollars. Freddie Freeman homering, FREDDY Freeman and a Braves win is plus six hundred while Dan's be Swanson Dan's v eight plus eight hundred. Yes. I like that. And how about a kunia and Albee's nine fifty for Albee's and six hundred for a kunia. Now, if you feel good about the Mets, you can get great odds on their well because because of the wind fact- that that's probably why they do play while they're into grams pitching, I understand. But the bullpen I'm as pitches. Eastham resort homers in a met wind, plus eleven hundred. Yeah. Thi this is stuff. You have to do to get yourself interested. It's kinda cool. Okay. What about give me one more? How about a. What about Alonzo? See Alana's actually stops at everybody your course plus four billion homerun. You can hope we also tag on a window it. Well, that's what I just said. You gave me the grounds pitching Canoas plus eight fifty. It should be plus eight thousand but it's plus a fifth, by the way, we gotta get to that make a you know, he's swinging the bat. He went over five. You gave him the day off pinch hit and he struck out. I mean come on, man. We're not morons. I mean I understand what you're trying to do. But no one, it's a choice in does. Do you think Brody says you need to say this about this player in the most gaining key saying you need to play Keno plan is one thing, but then talking him opposite? He's turned some sort of corner is embarrassing. It's true. You're not fooling anybody. But I do think that's who who Mickey is though. I think that, that is just he wants to find the best in everything, I guess, man, so degrom sirocco tonight, seven ten coverage on WCBS eight eighty. And by the way, city field address is now officially forty-one Seaver way following Thursday's ceremony, too. Honor, the hall of Famer organization has also commissioned, a Seaver statue finally, which at some point will be displayed in front of the building. You know the happiest guy in New York was yesterday how he rose because they kept him home. That watch that crap yesterday. I just said to Harris I where she would have been in Philadelphia. So I could have heard his call there in the ninth inning. No offense you. Tremendous wasn't it Eddie? Now is Wayne. And I know fence to Wayne just Gary had the bamboozled in this. That's why we'll, we'll here, we'll definitely get to Wayne school. At some point later this morning. Meantime, across the pond Yankees getting acclimated to London life before their two-game set with the Red Sox, beginning Saturday afternoon, as you know, John Carlos Stanton, not on the trip. He's got what Brian Cashman described as a PCL's strain in the right knee. This is amazing. What kind of fraternity timeframe? Are we looking at here, reels up going this way? So I think we'll get a better feel in the coming weeks about timeframe, rather than I put a time frame. They get busted if I get it wrong. So then the follow cane, he was asked to sometime in July might be realistic. I would say it safer to look into August. I wouldn't I, I don't want to say it's unlikely in July, but sweet spot would be August in terms of not getting burned. So he's going to be down for a while. So I don't wanna give it time line because they wouldn't be fair because wherever you're in London and everything. So what about your life won't be July? Probably august. I was really hard to get to the bottom of the plane forty games this year. Basically eight nine already comes back in August. He's got to seize months of who could play fifty or sixty I came. I mean look, not that I'm trying to keep them even came back in September. You give them a whole month to ramp from self up there. Fortunately in a position where they can do that because they have all these other guys contributing, they're not dying without him. Who says he's gonna come back and stay healthy though. Yeah. You gotta remember that first injury. He had turned into the six of the injured that could happen in August who they came back at another injury. A different one. Asli I, I'd be much more concerned about me, judge has done a great job of staying healthy and not mean not. Criticizing him. That's the one I have more concern about obviously Michael Brantley got more votes than he did for the all star game. While judge has he missed such a large chunk. I get that it was Aaron Jamie, edge demise less than one percentage point on the final vote Brantley. Got the final spot. I, I hear you interest. That's fair. Mike talk men brought on the trip. Not Clint Frazier. But Cashman said that was more about positional versatility and defensive ability, more so than anything else that could change. Once they get back to the states, Frazier, by the way since being sent down to AAA four for twenty eight three doubles a home or eight strikeouts. He's not exactly tearing the cover off the ball. You'd have to imagine the motivation, isn't exactly there at the moment. Also at Scranton last night. Yeah. He's the one hundred percent definitely speaking of button. It's not speaking of, but I forgot to mention this did you see what happened with Noah Syndergaard after yesterday's? I did not see. No. Okay. So I, I should have the exact tweet and what it said. But it was something along the lines of, you know, Mickey Callaway must have so much dirt on Bernie van wagon or something along those lines and Noah liked it. And then, of course, after the fact came out and said, I was an accidental like everybody calmed down, but it's Twitter someone else tweeted and he liked the tweet which is about Mickey having dirt on Brody, and that's the. The outright. There you go from fliegelman gave me the line. He must have some great blackmail material on Brodie van wagon and that's why he still has his job essentially like the tweets. And then as again, maybe maybe it was accident. Oh, but we've seen that act before where the athlete to save face after the fact says I was an accident. I didn't realize my bed, right? But of course, it sets specific thing like he couldn't have been, you know, tweet about it. Did knock you tweet about somebody's got think it was done on purpose. And he's just dumb. Probably. I mean. He knows what he's doing. He's a big social media guy. Right. So okay dumb, whatever but yeah. I would agree not by accident. That's a bad. And he's apparently due back from the island this next turn through the rotation. So keep an eye on that house Steinbrenner briefly with the media out in London yesterday, willing to take on salary to improve the Yankee pitching staff in advance of the trade deadline is always going to be we're going to be looking at everything in July, and whatever we're going to consider them. You did say he's more concerned about the level of prospect, they'd have to give up as opposed to going over the third luxury tax level, quote, what am I losing, what is the future? I'm giving up. So sounds like they are willing to open up the checkbook as you would expect coming from the Yankee starters for next month's all-star game announced. The Astros leading all teams with three representatives. Jerry already gave you. Michael Brantley, also got Alex bregman, George Springer. And there are two Yankees in the starting lineup. Gary Sanchez DJ LeMay. Hugh, the Mets, of course, get shut out, because Alonzo didn't make it to that final vote for the first base position. We'll see. The reserves, which I believe, on Sunday, you would think he's right. And what he's, he's gotta be Lonzo. I would certainly is going to be on the roster. Just he's not. He's not going as a starter. Right. There's no ways left that you don't think he's only all star team. I don't know. I don't know good options. So I, I know that I know they have been. I think he's going to be in the home run derby. So he's going to be a part of the festivities. Anyway, I don't know. I don't think it's a lot that even though it's a deep position, the nationally, I, I don't know, for sure. That's facet quickly some notable out of town scores. The dodgers out slugged the Rockies twelve to eight their twelfth straight win over Colorado. Craig kimbrel earned the save in his cubs debut and of course got it against his former team. Cubs beat the Braves nine seven pirates pounded the Astros ten nothing. They outscored Houston twenty four to two across the final two games of that series and the race survived the twins in eighteen innings five to two. They used eight relievers to get it done. They're still six and a half or was that they started with. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. Because eighteen innings if they had an opener eight pitchers across eighteen innings. All right. Top of it. They did was it. Ryan Stanic that's one of their goats that usually does the guy. She went the first two innings. So that's actually not bad. Eighteen innings with an opener and they only use eight guys, right? Bunch of guys went three. That's why the Mets would an opener the if they played a game. Seven six Brooks pounders longest game in history of baseball, which just be going resort. It would be pitching at the end. Yeah, they would get through that, right? Couple NBA joined before we go. So the Lakers unloading these three contracts, quite honestly three guys. I personally never heard of. I'm not the biggest NBA guy, but they opened up thirty two million dollars worth of cap space. Title. I didn't even back because I can literally not heard of them, all of a sudden, I'm not gonna even go there because I don't know. I can't tell you anything about these guys, so the combo of the three contracts, and then Anthony Davis waving. His four million dollar trade bonus gives them another MAC salary slot. Also, the bronze apparently given up his number twenty three to AD switch to number six by the Sixers and yeah. That is true. I didn't think about the personal good. Even the names, j Wagner, Wagner. Heck is mowing mom. You know, remember him from Michigan? Very good players. I don't I don't I don't have a name does not. Jones. Yeah. Okay. But you should you should know fine. Fine. I mean, what's he done in the NBA? Well, nothing. But, I mean yet somehow of these three guys in southern, we've got thirty two worth cap space, which tells me these no names were making multi million dollars. Which is absurd. You remember jimmer for dead. Of course. Yeah. I do. Remember those guys MO Wagner, though, does not on me. That's fine. I'll, I'll wear it blew and co is going to give the raptors the the final meeting. Yeah. Out in LA. They're on the Knicks are still currently work into set setup with Walker. Okay. Stephen a Smith. Basically is continuing to say these two are going to Brooklyn. Yeah. He said it yesterday, I guess, on his show, you'll get up his show and said. Yeah. Basically that, that it's done. So, and then you have others guy. Yahu insider, Kris Haines, who was saying that it was the Knicks. So true. Yeah. He said it's gonna knick's over the net. So I I mean I don't know what the hell the same. Jalen Rose's, the Knicks other people's aids. The nets I, I still think they're saying the clippers. And by the way, people's fascination with Kawhi Leonard vacation and the stuff that he's done post have you seen the latest thing now. It's like it's a picture of him on a on a tube. Getting dragged behind a boat like kind of looking like he's having fun. And now that is for him. That's probably having a blast. Yeah. The kind of looks like he's having time. Smile like almost fun. And now that's all over the place. You know, him sitting at a VIP table at a pool party. That was a me. That's what we have to do. And he does. Well, he's, he's a name, do you expect also Durant? I saw this yesterday that he was sold his home in LA. Yeah. In Malibu thirteen million dollars. Got got a he's got rid of adding fat. And there was a pick with him and Charles Oakley, which is the worst thing for the Knicks. Like you would think that, that would be a good thing, all with the Knicks legend. It's gonna come to the next Charles Oakley said every bad word about that organization. Now order to Kevin Durant while they were talking is my guess. And if I'm Charles locally at probably would've done the same exactly not shouldn't the treated me that one. Right. Exactly. But, but anybody who thought, oh, this is a sign now not no, no. Why at Oakley, Oakley also said if anybody's considering going coming to New York, you need to talk to me, because I'll tell you, everything you need to know. So things own meetings free agents are coming to him. I'll tell you everything you need means trashing. All the dirt there. Real quick women's World Cup. US France today, quarterfinals, three eastern for the soccer fans out. There aren't very good. Thank you. See low.

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