Oscar Valdez: Miguel Berchelt Is A Tougher Fighter Than Shakur Stevenson


Acids intended for mature audiences, the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners, sponsors or fillets enjoy. Hard! This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready. For boxing voice. WAS DOT com. Slash! Song. This here. You take power. MESQUITE Dot Com. Alright Alright Alright Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the Second Doses T. V. in the morning. Rocket with GTO you already know. Follow me on all forms of social media with back with another one. We're GONNA have, world renowned trainer. Jaffa Mayweather. On today's show and we're going to be talking about Chicago Stevenson Valdez Miguel Burke Shell. It is Oscar. Viale desert is opinion that Miguel broke. Chat is a tougher fighter. Then Chicago Stevenson and he has his sights set on facing burchill, so we'll debate it. See. What you guys think plus interview. Jeff Mayweather should be jumping on about two minutes, Mario. What do. Can Need Mattio. A do fine. It do as fine as it was doing twenty minutes ago when we last left y'all, but what up Yo This is a topic that I'm really glad that we got in. you know it wasn't the only reason I wanted to do a second show, but it definitely is part of the the better it works out better for us. It's really tough. Thing to to say you know who's a tougher fight you know styles make fights, but in this case I think it's easy to say yeah, it's true like you know I. I think that if we were saying who's it, he said I think that is the tougher fight to win. then I might have problems with it. And he said that I think Bert check a beach core Stevenson, or has a higher ceiling or something then I'd have a problem with it, but to say that it's a tougher fight or a harder fight. He's right. Because we should core you know it might not turn out the same way Burchett. You know what you're going to get you know and so even if he's a simpler fighter as advanced as Shukor. The things he does use make it very tough on a fighter and Yeah, that's where I'm going to be heading with this discussion. I mean I think it's. Fair and safe to say. if you're Oscar Valdez. Burt Shell is the tougher fight in. I mean there's there could be arguments may, but we're going resume. which is what I like. Has Been In. With the opposition Birchall has face Francisco Vargas twice which Vargas is a tough fight. It look he's not the most skilled fighter. He's not going to be the sharpest tool in a tool box, but he's going to bring that Mexican pressure and you gotta deal with it. You know some, say they. May Not have the power that others believe he has so. This is a way to you know. Kind of demonstrate that right like. Beating a guy like Francisco Vargas as the does have knock out power that can, for Annella Vargas is far removed, but he fought Vargas twice Rochelle did. Takashi Muira Miguel Mickey Moran which is Roman. You know he's he's. He's been around the block, but he's a vet. You know body you'll see. Four Jonathan body was Jason Sosa and I I really. That's all the names I could come up with. Resume, but that's a lot. That's experienced, Mario. Yeah! It's definitely experience, and that's the thing is when you look back at those fights. Those were all tough fights, and there were fights for those guys, so you know I. It's a very simple thing to say you're right. It's not controversial or shouldn't be where it begins to get controversial where people wanna dissect it to mean something different like Chicago's. Not The guy or Chicago is not a you know a better fighter, or is it more winnable? Fight like those. Those are all separate issues, and here's the thing like right now. I don't know who would win between you know. Stevenson, an amber chat, pound for pound on. Who's better, right now, but I can tell you that my money's on core being one of if not the best in boxing. At some point you know I. It's to me Shukor. It's has the bigger silly, so if we're talking about all those things that obviously goes into course favor, but right now. Let's go make you pay. He's GonNa. Make you earn every single aspect of that fight. You know it's not this like it's this very calculated violence, and he's very brilliant the way that he uses it because it's not all just hard, nosed straightforward punches in bunches. He makes his angles. He throws them from different directions. You know he he goes low. He comes back up lottery. Really Technical Things Mario. So are you not looking magic cameron seeing the hall of fame? Jeff Mayweather they I'm like. Very A. When is he going to cut that one short? Not Notice you jumped on. Good, morning, first and foremost WanNa, thank you obviously for coming on the program and talking a little bit of boxing with us. I did get an opportunity to interview. For the Mayweather McGregor, build At the gym but I. Don't think we've ever done this You know here on the show, but we do appreciate you taking the time and come on. Let's get into any fighters. You might be dealing with first before we take you down. Memory Lane or into any of the current events. Anybody you working with? It's going to be getting an action right now. We see top rank during a lot of fights at the bubble. Well actually right now. I mean I have Doll Riley He's still young earlier. This but I think that he has a very very promising career as a cruiserweight and And I mean he. He confided he could flat out fight. and I think that. Technically he's probably one of the best fighters between. Now for those that don't over del Riley is a UK fighter. He was four, no with mayweather promotions, scientists most notably known for being the trainer of Logan Paul. What was it? Excuse me. KFI You're right. He trained Kassai. Who Actually got the win? But what was it that you see in him? That made? You say I'm going to take them serious as a fighter when we kind of were introduced to him, being chaos is trainer. Right, well, actually, he came to the June For some reason I wanted to come to Vegas in and of course inveigle in Vegas. He went to the gym and Oleg came to the German and he was trying to a little bit in a basically. Came in there, and he was kind of like he was. He was fearless of Adolfo kind of fearless he. He wanted to spy on the time he was there. He wanted to actually do something in find out. You know you know if it's any different here than it is down in UK, whatever but. So. Basically he responsible one guy. And the unleashed on them and I mean. He dropped the guy. And From, there is Kinda like. I kind of like. You know I was watching. But Then we start talking in once. We started talking. It was like. You know even though he's like twenty two years old, I mean he. He speaks like a guy that's in his fifties. You know in any as that kind of wisdom in I mean and we became instantly became. You know connected. And in happening after that was, he said will I WANNA I WANNA file with Andrew to beat you know the beasts. Like I'm thinking to myself with my own, do you want? I don't know if you want to do that. You know but. He did. He. Held, his own, and you know, and even even Andrew you know applauded him. For getting with him in his own so I mean. That just showed me that you know. I mean not only, is he? Good fire, but you know he's confident in his ability as well. Absolutely definitely now. Let me ask you during this time you know got covert and and fight. You're starting to come back What do you think it is worth to a fighter? Exertion of specifically, but now I'm GONNA use an example like you got Crawford out here. Saying that he doesn't WanNa take you know fights with a pay cuts, but aside from that from the training aspect. Do you think it smarter for guys to wait until things are fully cleared before they step in the ring, you know with with fury, wild type fights. Crawford Spence type or Spence Garcia tie fights are those better way or you think we can get things rolling with the access we have now. I think that. Is I mean with this. With this in a with this, going on I don't think that. We can afford to wait because we don't know what has no idea when this is gonNA stop or it's ever GonNa South. So. We gotta live life as you know as normal as normal as we can in so for for things to actually take place for things to. You know to get back to what it was I. Mean of course I mean. You've gotTA follow the roost. I mean. It doesn't make if I mean if you're getting paid. To do what you do for a living. I mean whether the fans did not going to be long. I mean of course I'm big on fans being there as If, that's not possible. And I mean you still making a living was the point. I mean that's why you're doing it. You sign up, not necessarily for the audience. I mean you can't. You can't stop your courageous because there's nobody there June for you. I mean because basically at the end of the day this sport is. Probably about you about you in your own cheats. Jeff, man, Obviously there's been some sparring that was released on. The Internet pertain into one of the mayweather promoted fighters. Hours was Devante Davis. Would I've read? Catch took place in. Buddy mcgirt JIM IN LA. Did you happen to see that? I seen it on Youtube. Chance to see it, but I'm sure you're familiar with tanks barn and how he spars. You've seen that I'm sure on countless times. Yeah Yeah I mean the few times that he he'd been to to the gym. Yeah, he released. I. E He breaks it. So what we seem, we're records. That's normal for tank like going. Because like, it was pretty hard. I mean it was I think that. Don't get me wrong. Also think that he kinda pissed them off a little bit because he was talking as they was fired and things like that, but I mean no, but that's how that's. How A DEVANTE! That's how he doesn't you know when he gets there, he wants. Let you know that he's the boss so as a trainer. We've been accent. We had buddy on Alex Rivera we just got off with Lenny Wilson your who trains one a your guys as a fighter promoters Richardson Hitchens. And we're just accent like. When is it working? When is it like you just abusing? My fight was Ivan did Ivan get a chance to learn anything because it looked more like a beat beatdown. yes. But like I, said I mean it. It appeared as though. He was. Talking and kind like talking trash whatever so. Maybe sometime, that's what that's. What happens, you know I mean when you're doing there with a guy that has the kind of experience that Devante has in the kind of power that he has i. mean you might not WanNa Piss Mall. so then who's responsibility at that point is I mean, doesn't it fall on the trainer to say like Yo? I think that's enough like my guy didn't sign up for this, or this is going beyond. What we what? We thought it was. The least watched them Shah's behind the hey felt like he was in red cards behind ahead. I'm like damn with a train out. I'm watching Jack in, but I have buddy buddy why he started like that. Ain't my fight. I'm like that's your gym. Did you freeze up on us? Yeah, but I mean. That falls on the you know that father down if it falls in the hands of the trainer, because that's your fighter, that's your fighter and issue job to protect you. So I. Mean if you're you're you're fighters? Get dominated or it gets to a point where it's not actually Actually you know almost like a fight with gloves on. Its job to stop it, you know and to to move on you know, and and and probably not let you you'll guy ever fight. again in they fight what it does is it gives him a chance if the same class to get a huge Bailey foot. Small. When do you think because we had lenny? Wilson just aren't around nine thirty, really ten o'clock, and and he's the trainer Richardson Hitching was promoted by a t m T., but he said sometimes some dogs sparring is needed to know what you find a has, and for your fighter to know what he has that. There is kind of like guess. A good thing to come out of some dog spars not always bad. Do you feel that way like maybe your fight? A needs to be gut. Check before getting in the ring. I think I think that You know I think that it just depends on. The trended mentality we must though I don't believe in along my fighter to get his ass. Because to me, that's not that's not building anything you know. If anything that's is. Will you don't even let him know that? He's not as good as he thought he was. You know so I mean. But you know I mean every every. Job. You know I mean sometimes sometimes it is sometimes it is good to. You might have a guy that you might have a fire that you have. That may be filling themselves in. He might need an ASS whooping. Be Humbled. So I mean I think it's good in both ways, but it just that when it gets to the point of would got to with those two I think that it would be best just to. You know just fine. So We see history tells us you you got, or you were enforced corner. Obviously for his first world title and Chicago Stevenson has been in the media and I want you to know like this is not him say in this. This is more people asked specific questions about comparisons to him in fluid and. He came out and said that he doesn't want to be fully wants to be better than floyd in there. He's kind of proving that by. Capturing the world title in thirteen or Fourteen fights. But you being in Mayweather's corner for that world title shot. Is it the same? For you or how much? Greater or how good was Hernandez at the time? When floyd face them in comparison, I guess to. A call who face, Jill? Gonzalez. Well, I think that. At that time of course was the best. He was the best. Fighter in weight, class and is funny because. I was actually I went to. Mexico had to play down there in It was HBO broadcast. And them. Learn merchant. bump into each other on a elevator. And so I was going up and he is, so he starts in. That's around. That time was when the fight was signed food fight A. Genero and he was like he's really like going off on me, and I'm like. What are you talking about like you gotta? Just you got. You must be just trying to make some money, because this kid is not ready for junior on, and I said that's what you think. I said they'll have it. May I say it makes no difference what you think I said is what we think and I think that I think that he's ready for. Anybody else. And so basically of course. I mean now history you know I mean. He dominated genucel and went on to be. You know one of the greatest fighters in sport books. Do you think that that could ever duplicate it. When I mean, I'll go ahead. I'm sorry I. Just want to say and I ain't trying to ruin the move, but I do feel like. We were slightly disrespectful by not at least paying, our condolences are noted. Roger passed away not too long ago, so we do one at least com. And not just ignore it but Mara. Yeah absolutely you know. I grew up with Roger on twenty four seven is some of the most memorable boxer moments, so he definitely. Ours By bikes and his infamous. because. You know a real quick. I just want to ask you ever think it would be duplicated. Career because. Nowadays, it seems like he put that blueprint now and it's like. I don't know I. Just feel like nobody's going to be able to ever really touch them like that. You know with the domination in the ring. With? The pay per view buys just the way. He was able to polarize everyone like now. When people do it seem suspect to me. It's like now you're just. You're just trolling, but were you just trying to do that to get popular? You know what I'm saying. This. Before you answer that Jeff. Put this out there like the people say that about Tyson like no one was going to be able to Tyson did and then along came. Floyd anyway didn't. Come yet don't get me wrong. I mean the one thing is. Is it almost like? Every ten twenty years. There's someone that comes along. That changes the game and take box to hold different level that we thought that we will never see. Of course I mean that that probably is going to happen within the next ten years again again. You know it's going to be someone someone. On you know that that does you know probably does better than floyd and or. Do you see. Do you see anyone CNN right now that you think could be that guy. Generational talent as mayweather would say. Long I mean. I think should. Stevenson is on on the right track. I think He has a lot of talent i. mean as a right now. I don't think he is nowhere near as good as fully was. His. H I don't see that you know, but I do see him. At one of the guys is going to be a future of future star in boxes. You know in and I think that he has and I liked the one thing lack. Of. Them is the fact that he's not trying to beat next fully. He's trying to be the first Chicago. Stevenson not like that about him. I mean it's just like I have people all the time that we to me on on Instagram facebook and they want to. They want me to train them and they think that they gotta tell me some bullshit. That really goes to make sense. I'm the next Roy. And I tell them I said you next Flight S. it will change I said you should want to be the next. You I mean you should want to be better than floyd I said so don't I mean. Don't actually degrade yourself by trying to be someone that you let you just look up to be better than. While says we're on the Chicago topic. The topic of conversation. Is a statement from Oscar Valdez, he was the former hundred and twenty six pound wbz vacated to move up to one thirty, chicago turned around and fought for that vacant title, because he was the mandatory to vow. Desert Ford Joanna Gonzalez to win it now. Chicago vacated that title. Both of these guys around one thirty, but Oscar has his eyes set on Miguel burchill. Burchill, who is the WBZ hundred and thirty pound champ, and who Oscar Valdez believes is a tougher fight in Chicago Stevenson so as a trainer and a boxing fan. Do you think burchell shell who I would say is the best in the division right? He's defended his title more. He's the most recognized. The champion is Jamal herring by the way at the IBF. But yeah. Do you think there? is a tougher fight then Chicago Stevenson for Oscar Valdez. Well! The one thing is the one thing in boxing. At if you're a good manager, you good training. Those are things that you supposed to say. That's how you get away from avoiding the best fighter out there by saying that this guy is better than this and so in, but everybody accepts because if I knew that. You Know I. Mean You made it? You put it out there in a way. WHERE OKAY WELL WE'LL! We don't WanNA fight core because because we. Will fight to other guy. That's way better. You want to say that he's better. But you know the the boxing. Public doesn't think that he's better. So do don't think Bersell is better than Chicago. Or is it like I mean? Yeah, how Ucla you? You sound like you don't see him better. I'm just saying that it's a clear words I think. In in, but basically I mean because it's a play on words, but at the same time the waste done is almost like is not offensive in his not. Is Not making you look like you're trying to avoid. Guy That everybody wants you really flake. But that business talk in s Endesa how it should be done because never. Should you quit you fighter? Never, should you award money mouse in? Ma fighter I don't think my father can be this fired or I don't think or this guy is better than fighter. So that's how you that's. That's the play on words. It makes sense. Okay, You know all go ahead. I'm sorry. I just wanted to know if COACHMAN. It's Alex here a little late to the party. Man How you how you doing how you've been. Blessed blessed I. Just did you hear about the new signing of FAA? Jack Bay heavyweight to A. To J prints What are your thoughts on on that and Have you had any experiences? Which Princeton the boxing game? no, not really I mean I've met him. I. Mean we've always spoke I mean he's very nice, got me. Up that. The really really big heavyweight African. Anyway your journey where Ron Shoot, yeah I mean. Don't get me wrong. I think that you know I mean. I think that the. I mean he's. I don't know if he's any good. I. Think that you know he's one of those he's almost like. You can create something out of nothing just because of his size. Because, of the you know the way that he looks at least from Africa, so you can create it. You can create a monster out of nothing you know because. Honest talent wise I. don't really see him. He's big. The Guy Walked out of the League scared of him. You know. That that that seems threatening online. Who was the guy that walked out? Read because? The. Did when I got a chance to see him fire somebody that was willing to fight back. He didn't look good at all. Wow, impress it all FA, okay, but let me ask you this. Though with those abilities I understand what you're saying, I I. Don't fully agree, but I fully understand what you're saying. It's like he's got all the components, but that don't mean that he's going to actually be able to accomplish anything real in the boxing ring. 'cause high reach athleticism. None of that translates I. Get, or it doesn't have to translate, but let me ask you if you had a canvas like that. With the right hand which I think, Ronnie Shields is. Can't you show somebody in? That we hold on with that. Yeah Tournament! Is something perfect? Thank you know. Don't get me wrong I. Mean I'm not I'm not really I'm not really like. I'm speaking of what I, see right now. I'm not speaking of was his potential things like that because I mean. The big huge guy. He can't punch. You know, but I mean right now. He's basically he's like a novelty. That's what he is right now. He's not he's not A. He's not approving commodity. That did anything for anybody to say that okay ego beat while he's going to beat fury. He's GonNa be Joshua I. Mean so I mean when he hasn't done anything to that level to that. Manitou for people for the fans to say, Oh do this. I mean what is his background? What has he done? We're speaking about that earlier coach. with the guys here and You Know Jay Princeton. Fa Hits harder than wilder and the. We were talking about what what's his next step? WHO's the next guy that we're going to? You know he's GonNa step up to is GonNa make us believers. And I mean. Do you have any anybody in mind that you'd like to see him? come up against at this point to make you a believer in the heavyweight division. Well I mean. I mean the thing is that there's other guys that are. Lower Than Capri guys I mean you have dylan white you have. A. Guy. He ain't ready for no daily and white. With that, but that's what I'm saying. I mean now. That's coming out of your mouth. So that means that you don't think he's as good as everybody that as. Well! This, just levels, and he's only like thirteen, and no, he ain't ready for Dylan I. We were talking about this earlier I think. Dominic Brazil's dangerous for him. He and. A world title Challenger like that like. Dominic Brazil Knocked out in both title shots like he still was gained. You know he got. He got dog in them I. Don't know I. Don't know but Yeah. We definitely got a bunch of questions from the public. We let them know you were going to be on the show, but these aren't just random. These all our most loyal listeners, so that won't be nothing crazy We guys first ones from. From James Vow Dez coaching he says first of all. Thanks for coming on the show. My question is what are your thoughts on Marie? Sleaze statements saying he has signed the contract to fight Earl Spencer. The Raiders Stadium in Las, Vegas and what's going on with them at this time as he posted on his I g that he was stabbed nineteen eleven times and was in an induced coma. I I'm. I don't know nothing about it but I know. For a fact that he's not ready for or anything like that, but you know when I mean. Maybe he's creating his own stories because I mean. I mean I don't I? Don't think earl, even know the ball fighting him. You know, and so it's. It's something that just been put out there I. Think you know these behind it. He's manifesting in man. He's trying to speak that into existence speaking, is it? Co Cheeky, he came on the box in boys, and said this live on air, and that's where it all started. The show was lightweight so. We paid ten. Url tweeted about. It was crazy. Happened on the show. For. The next one's coming from bicker wailers. He says in your opinion. What is the boxing game missing these days? In my opinion, it's good teachers trainers in parentheses. I. Mean I think that that's part of it, but? I. Don't know, I. Mean it's just a boxing has changed so much in. The one thing is this is that I think that. You know if you're up and coming boxer. You have to pick. You have to pay. What. You WanNa be do you WANNA be a good guide. You WanNa. Be a villain, you WANNA. Be You know the people's champion I mean. Especially when you have good fighter. You, know you can choose to be. You know the oil you can choose to be. Agent. You can choose to be in and being in. The. Old Things actually are part of you know in in not only a part of boxes part of marketing in part of your payday. You need to know your market. You know in. If if you're going to be a bad guy, you gotta be able to fight your ass off, or you got to be one. That can't shut up in like age of. Continue to talk shit win. Lose draw because basically people. Adrian is still relevant in will remain. Whether Song could've is not because of his ability in the thing is. Is that because the box in public? Won't be done with Adrian. Bonner, unless he's counted out, he has to not get off the canvas because if he doesn't if if if if continues because he. The Guy can't fight in guys tough durable in in if that doesn't happen. He's still gonNA. Be Loving because people are gonNA continue to pay their money Oh. In see him get. And that's the same thing I made of mobile eight you may. He didn't make money off. People Funding Woodham y'all. kind of like white now of course, Steve's it he kinda at. Easing bracket now where I mean he's been, he's been as. Somewhat of a bad boy, but at the same time you seem like he's trying to clean up his image, so he's got pick where he wants to be. Because the one thing about it is this. If you're a bad boy, you gotta be able to fight. You gotta be back Shit up if you WANNA be a good guy. You gotta be also willing to. You know you gotta be willing to stay in that mode almost fucking twenty four seven Ikea. Andre War. Yeah I mean Andrea. Andrea is a great candidate for that because he's a guy who has no baggage. You know I mean basically he's. He's a you know, but I think I think with what was that city? Even though he's the perfect guy. But. He didn't. He didn't show his charisma. You know I mean he's a good looking guy. Can Fight I mean humble, gracious every every every everything that you looking for in a fighter. Andre was that but the one thing that he didn't have? In, maybe that was his own fought was the fact that? He didn't call out anyone. In the division two that was considered a elected. You know in basically in that. How? That's how you get paid as when you say you at least got to say. On, the best in his division or I WANNA, fight this guy, I wanNA. Fight this guy, because now all of a sudden. Even, though you a good guy, you're still giving you the fence something you give me a fan something that says. I'M GONNA. Prove that I'm the best style. So the CAN. Can we hear your thoughts on on Crawford? Because, you know. I think that obviously fights with browner or winnable for Crawford, but I feel like that's what he needs in terms of marketability popularity. Aggravate Crawford I mean is. Tremendous fighter I mean also. You know I don't think he even found out I. Don't think he knows we're here. He should be in terms of good guy. Bad Guy Whatever but I mean. He can fly and but like you said it. Is Sad, but is true. He need aging bar. He needed a fighter. that. You know that has a big name digital him. And he needs to defeat them. You know and I mean because the one thing is, this is that you know like I said I, mean even though. In My. In my beat runner. The thing exists still. Gone is not to be glowing with one of before going to be there for the next guy, because even if he gets beat going to talk shit. Now, bronner's never been stopped. You think you think CA- stop them because when the going gets tough, Brown gets tougher. He dropped porter twelve. You know. He broke down jaw where people people criticize them for them Donna fight, but I think that was one of the toughest. Adrian Brodie Feis I've ever seen, and then even in their manual terrified like Emmanuel Ame, no world-beater, but again he dug deep, got a late round style knock down, I think it was like maybe nine for ten th now around. Maybe knock them down in Cincinnati, but. Can, Crawford Stop, Boehner, you think. I mean that would be. That would be a huge use stamp of approval for him to go to the next level, but it's Kinda like you, said I. Mean Boehner is extremely extremely tough I. mean the only mark on him now is more so is that when you get in with elite fighters? He don't let his hands go like like like he should. But coaches. Is that mental like. Have you dealt with that in the past? Like why is it got at talented amateur fights? Four time world champion spaw the best them, but on fight night. He owned defense he blocking. Well! I mean we'll some I mean some fighters just our way I. Mean you have some fighters in the gym that are spectacular in on fight night in the ring. The average you know, but the one thing with with like I said is. He's the type that he's always entertaining. Win The draw you know Kinda like when he lost the wooder. He was you know it was like he won? Because he's doing all the talking and he's talking about his dad talking about everything else you know and In in so basically it's almost like even though Sean. One to fight you know Bondsteel. Walk the away you know. With the Sunday, you know I mean so I mean in that works for them. A got the next question coming from George. Foster, who do you think has been the most dominant fighters since Floyd Mayweather? Most dominant yeah since Floyd Mayweather. Lido can lead the you know Mareo are Mexican brethren mentioning. It might be some small guy somewhere China or in. Some. No. I'm just saying because Oh. No, you on it. There's a lot of good good small fires I fight or They. Don't get the attention they deserve. Now. You're right. I was watching a Honcho a boxing Honcho and they were talking about that guy. I forgot how to pronounce his name that beat Mayweather record retired. With fifty four, I mean listening Straw. They'll listen, but that's the way he saying. Though it's somebody that we don't even we can't even really gauged. Out to that guy above fighters. On out of things. Of Say Calendar Point, but not Jeff I want to get your thoughts. There's GonNa. Be along with me because I got to pick your brain. Obviously, you've seen floyd. Do what he'd done the canal also. Tell. You never think like money. Wise mean I guess just competitive competition. You Ain't never want that rematch. We can mellow No one thing one thing in boxing. I was talking about this last night. The one thing about boxing is this. You don't have to leave match anyone. because. That night. You knew who was gonNA fight you. into. Did match here, but. Like trying to like is I'll be not know. About. How many times on just you or me as a person, okay, have a chance. The? Only Like wanting to. Wanting to build nine, that should happen so when that moment happens in you, don't you? Don't catch it that show fucking for not sure. That one. They don't want to give you a rematch. They don't have to I agree, but what I'm saying is. We've seen the evolution of Nilo since then like people literally right articles or start conversations like since mayweather. He's a different fighter. Since he launched a mayweather, he's learned a lot since he lost a mayweather. He even moves like for like that's all. That's mainly for a minute. Agreement with that, but that's still has nothing to do. With vice man okay. Better to the. One thing is this is that is Connecticut Time Now? Just like when foibe? that's all it is. Time right now so I mean you got to actually. Take your head off to guy that you know that. They got cooking school in and learn from it. And how? The planet to his own is to his own fight game. Before I go real quick back to the of. I just got to ask you ask the lower right and. And I just wanted to know where you part like intricate part of that can't win. Floyd Mayweather went against asking. no. Funny I. Is Funny because right before fought Oscar I actually spy with asking about like about two three months before the fight was made Dan. Fight with mate solely because I had no pudgy pulp. South some new for saying that that's crazy. I've never heard my is you say that so shot out? See You. Will. I know that and they knew that I couldn't hurt them. So there was no chance of winning because I had no chance to knock him out, and so that's why I've got big. I was just like man. Boxing is You know what I'm saying. He had inside on the lower. Right so. This is what it is. You get in there with them for night, isn't it? Isn't go to the next morning because he's from grand rapids I. Write this John. Feliciano says what's your favorite place to eat or bar to go in and grand rapids? How many is? No No. I. Last time I was, there was when my mom passed. But. Realistically. Being away from wherever I've been away from grand rapids. For. been living here lower than I lived in grand rapids. Dishes more my home. This. Mom than. At the time there was like some Mexican restaurant. That I used to love to go to, but I can't even remember the name of it was like thirty years ago. Man. All right well, the next was coming from. The accurate, the ACA that Koto Photo. We was murderer man's name. Shut up to you. Well, he says good day coach with the recent news of Miller positive PD test. He's talking about Durell Big Baby Miller. How transparent are fighters in regards to nutrition and supplements with you. It seems that in recent years whenever a fighter get caught with PD's the trainer say I had no clue this was going on. Be well. Well I'm being the world. I mean sometimes. That very well could be true. Because one thing you gotta realize that this. Boxing has changed I. Mean Back in back in the days of homily. You know fighters. Before that in a little bit after that they never had the focused strength training. You know in those are usually the one that you know are ones that give of given those fires supplements in things like that because I mean a trend of. You know most trainers do not even believe in taking supplements because it's almost like your. Your mom product you my product when that when you go out, there, display your talent. Your product, your my work and so basically I. Don't want my work. By some book. You did. I, Jeff is there any way you can move and make sure that you connect to your Wifi because you go in and out sometimes I mean we're hearing you, but we are having some distortion here in l.. Freeze freezing every now and again, but yet doing me go to the next one. Okay coach next one's coming from BC he says in your opinion. Who Do you see dominating the welterweight division with an undefeated record at the end of their career? I mean course I mean you have proffered in Spence? WHO DO BELIEVE I've to? In the division. In lieu is kind of. Is kind of like whoever wins might be that guy, but at the same time maybe not because you know Like a he like you said I mean maybe there will be reimagined in May end up being a trilogy I. Don't know, but I mean right now. Of course, folks on on that division I mean it. It would have to be the one to. Next was coming from Kelley to the UK says what's Good Jeff. Thank you for coming on the box. Invoice I'm a big fan of your youtube channel. Can you discuss with us? The problems you have encountered putting content on Youtube because the box voice have faced similar issues in the past respect Chan. Well, basically Not necessarily problem with content. Our problem is that. We've been dubbed as a a PG channel, and so at some point we had you know that A. Of things like that. Used to. The younger kids who actually deserve to be promoted on my. A kid in the gym. That's like a thirteen nine. He's only like. Forty years old. You know so basically we try to try out best to you know to to actually outlet. Let the boxing. The boxing will know who who he is or what. Ends up happening. With the Me Now. Yeah, you're good. Okay okay is basically. No, but that's what happened to our channel that they ended up taking away our comments and I. think that people think that we've we've done that. We've been trying to get comments back. With the last two years also so disabled your comments because they don't want. Other troll! Weird commenting right sense once every. Say was pedophile actually making comments about the kids that we put on our channel. So, disgusting role that's crazy year, but again, but at the same time to. y'All accountable fully for that. That's not and those their trip in Bro. Question as the account giant we. Let you? Do you feel that? Do you feel that that's affected? Your Algorithm meaning like it's harder for your video to get views. Are they withholding your channel from certain people? Do you feel that there's been a change in viewership or subscriber because you've actually blown up man like you got over two hundred thousand now. I think that I think that. I think it hurt our channel. I mean it definitely hurt our channel because a lot of people. That actually. Post on post on our Youtube Channel COURSE THEY WANNA. See their own comments. You know they don't and I mean of course in, and maybe they. Want to go back and forth with someone else that. Don't agree with them. You know so I mean without having our communist of course Lot you know and I mean at one point I mean. Our channel was really really skyrocketing in I. Mean I think that a lot of that was because of the you know the contact content of feedback that rule getting. In so now, of course, everything is slow down even more so with the pandemic his wealth. So. You know I mean it's not our fought in. That's why we created a new channel just the weather channel and and we also have the judgment with this chill podcast. So we're trying to. Do you know open the doors? To new new subscribers, you know for those channels. Yeah, you know your videos pop up my feet, but I'm not who you want because I mean, it's not that I'm not who you want like a been subscribed like a been on youtube watching by. You know what I mean like, so they know that's GonNa go, but it's those people that are for the first time discovering youtube burden the last year, and you know what I mean like haven't been on up to the game for Awhile That's been going on on twitter to to be honest with you, but Yemen. That's tough. Bro, that that that's so tough because Yeah, you provide some great insights I've been watching for years, so yeah, not comments are. An integral part of Hugh. You know that's where that's where you get everybody debating and talk. Engagement not only that now they've added the ability to like I think it's called the plot where you pay for comment on a video that's already uploaded, so it's also taken a means of revenue because on a live stream you could get super chats, which is also part of commenting, so it definitely sucks men, and hopefully you know being as though years because you are, you could get a hold of someone in. In Youtube Dick Address that, but we x one David Maldonado, says what's up, Jeff I met you once at the Barclay, and took a pic with you and you was very cool down to earth anyway. I have a fantasy question for you without being biased. How would these fights look like and how your nephew floyd junior do against these guys whom I believe style wise would have given floyd his toughest fights. Roberto Duran at one thirty five sugar Ray Leonard at one forty seven Thomas, hearns at one, forty, seven and Paul Williams at one forty seven. Think that. Probably ran been. The trump is fight. Auto Auto Guys I. think that The Ram would have been tough. Duran ran. To. Look I'm not a history guy, but I went back. Watch some stuff and. They of make a seemed like durant was the undisciplined one, so would employ. Just catch a guy that really doesn't take it seriously. Or is that a misconception about durant? Not Be. A misconception about doing I mean I think that. Is like this I. think that put it this way. I think that. The ran was a guy who worked extremely hard, but also you know still may have played hard. That, way himself, you know I. Mean You know Floyd Getting Ready for fight? He's eating bugsy. One hundred percent discipline on me. He worked extremely extremely hard for for those days where he may have had those cravings, so he was able to do it and able to. You know to get away with. Okay, I'm taking over right now. I'm sorry I I. CAn't. I can't let you say that. 'cause I've seen I've seen floyd do that, right? Listen. Let me let me just ask you. You can break the news to me if you want. I'll be heartbroken, but just let let me ask you. Is that something only afford? Mayweather could do because I used to have that mentality I kill myself in the gym. People want to laugh, but I would powerlift I would nothing less than two and a half hours every. Every time I was there I. Never Lost No weight and I knew because I was putting on weight, but even when I was cutting I couldn't just eat whatever, but is era like? Could I do that like if I woke up at night ran, woke up in the morning ran like kill myself. Could I just eat Burger King? Like could I do that forever? I will only if knowing. I. Know when I'm saying that I'm saying that when you get that urge, it's almost like when you see Roy. Do something like that. It's Kinda like you doing what you're doing, but you you having a cheat day. May. You've been training so hard. You've been working so hard in the things that you. Normally eat when you're not training, you know sometimes you just, don't you? Sometimes, you just can't give them up one hundred percent. In basically, if you're gonNA, just do it one time throughout your training camp. That's funny. Okay. I had Tim Tim store about Holyfield one time telling them like There was a cookie on the table and he told them that. That's that's a that's a two mile cookie and says it says like I could imagine you know how many calories you gotTa for, and then you gotta go run. Burn those calories off so anything you put in your system you. Got Got. Back on. But we'll take it to the next one, Jeff. We appreciate your time and. This was coming out from Steve says thanks for coming on the show. Do you believe that boxing can put on the elite fights during the current pandemic? On I think the the League fight could be put on, but just. They're going to have to. You know. come up with some. Type of system. Where the spacing you know only so many people so many seats in so many areas I mean. Of course it's going to hurt the business the business side of it, but it's still keep the business alive. You know and I. Mean That's basically that's basically where we're at with. Anybody that's involved in boxing. This is the only way that we're going to be able to you know be able to. Watch these up and coming fighters in you know the fighters the future you know. The world champions and things like that is. We're going to have to. You as a whole, you know. I'm a order for everything to get back to normal as close as to normal as could be, I'm going to have to be rules and regulations that. At Our. That's going to have to be accommodated. You know in these in these. next does come in from sway, says thanks for coming on the show. Who are your top three path? A pound fight is at the moment. Let me, see. CAMELLO Crawford. In. I don't know I'm having a hard time with the third one I, don't. Know I mean I would say I would suspect but I. don't really want because. Is Activity He. When he comes back, you know what he has until it actually happens. You know I mean us one of my favorite fighters. He was hired on my You know on my on my list, but I mean with this happening I mean I just can't really put him back in there until he's proven that. He! He still can. Deliver. All Right! take. We are GONNA. Have a interjection question. Do you think Tyson fury is? One of the most talented hey weights you've ever seen. Do you think wilder has any chance in a rematch? And Eric. Is Yeah. He's he's extremely talented. I think that he's probably one of the most elusive. Got For his size I won't say as a heavyweight, but just. For his own size I mean he's you know he's phenomenal in far as the rematch with water I think that water needs. tween. Think. He needs a I. Think you need a confidence. Boost in to keep to go back. Fight in final fight. You know where you actually almost nothing. In the fight I mean it's almost like. You have to get your provider back in. Only you'll get your bottle back is get back out there and knocking. Somebody out, because that's what he does what he does. You know I can't see him going. Into this fight, a third fight without fighting between in thinking, it'll be successful. I can't see. All right next, one's coming from. Jab Left Hook says three key tips for heavyweights and training God. Bless own Jeff. Heavyweight specifically they'll right. Heavyweight straining. Robbie I think the one thing the most important thing. Is knowing because. As a heavyweight. You don't you don't really have a weight limit? And so you have to know what. You know what is the best wait? For you in going to get view. You know what's GonNa give you. The best performance is is I. think that's the most important And what was the other part of the question? was just three. Three EBISU TIPS I guess. Three key tips that you got for heavyweights and train. That's all. Weightlifting nowadays right like you gotta put weight lifted in there, because the. How does that he you know? Here's a powerlifter, so he's big elite weightlift. Earlier but for heavyweights I'm saying the I don't believe in what period. Wow. At. All, because one thing about. Me To lot. Of Ways. No no no I'm not saying that you can't gain power. But. When you live what? You sacrifice you. Get the power. But you get fucking bit tired so fast. WORTH IT! because. Your arms turns into weights. It's almost like. Nine. Nine. Hundred pounds so what? Don't don't let early. You I mean you. You get box because if you got somebody that good enough decent to stay away from you. Just, probably one or two rounds? That's all it takes. You know me because I mean weightlifting I mean the one thing I think that when it comes to the other thing I'm GonNa. Get to the second thing. The second thing is basically. Actually you still have to have the mentality of being a small man. You have to get out there. Work you know in in those type of things because that's important. You know that's very important meaning, so that's I think that's the second most important thing. And Let me, see in end. Just been dedicated to crap is the third thing. Is that in s in s pretty much it but like I said I mean. You know. the way the way thing is seems great because waste. Make you fast weights. Make you have power waste actually drained the fuck out of you. That Roma my legs. Let me tell you right now. I have monster lake monster legs so his squad over five hundred pounds, so he says they're worth nothing. Do Three rounds of shot of a target on. My legs aren't were nothing. After that nothing I've done for the day. Your. Free! Next one's coming from Newark New Jersey King. I mean of Essex says. Peace Champ and my condolences to you and your family for the loss of a boxing legend me being from New Jersey I've heard floyd talk about a time in his life that he spent in New Brunswick New Jersey are Abe. Are you able to talk about that? Are you familiar with that time of his life? I mean. I can't really say unfamiliar with it. because. I mean he was in New Brunswick in. That's that's basically. That's his mother's side of the family, and so in. Basically, he was living there in. At that time I mean I, don't I don't really know too much about what was going on down there, so I can't really speak on. Night coming from Ryan or Rourke. actually read actually asked that question We're going to go to Jane's vow Dez says aerobics. We're going to go to the next one big casual if wilder were to win the third fight. Do you think the fourth fight can be? The biggest fight in heavyweight history can't remember heavyweights of this caliber. Fighting four times has to time. Will I think. Yeah, I think I don't know for the be still I still wouldn't think that will be the biggest fight history I do think that it. You know I don't even think. Heavyweight heavyweight history heavyweight history because he said the hasn't been four four. rematches of this. On That, but what I'm saying is that you know still I don't know. It'll be I. mean put it this way. It will be a major major part of history and And of course they would have to be for fight. Right next is coming from Boston Jared says. What do you think team can? That'll has struggled to get big fights made. Why do you think team can never have struggled to get big fights made? Do you think on that was considered a great fighter by his peers or just a great payday? Well, I'm I. mean the ones that he this that. whoever just said what what they said is not true. Casinos the money, so nulla can fight any fucking. Buddy wants to end. There's not one person in boxing that turnover down. So that's not that's not true. That can get no fight. You know I mean guilty. No. TURNED THEM DOWN Jeff. Thank. To live probably as Million people wanted. But Second Part. Only. You only get one part though the next one is from Oh in Connecticut says what's up? Chan, we appreciate you coming on the show. My question is why do you think tank never accepted the offer to make the full time move and trained in Vegas at Mayweather Jim. I mean that's personal I. Don't I. Don't know I mean. He has his trainers that living living walked Maurice Foam. He probably just didn't want to leave. ME. Like me as as as a trainer, I mean even though. As. I, mean they might not want to change their life impact in moved to Vegas because they got families day and I mean he's not fighting not fighting every week. I mean they have families that they live with in their in their own state. which attract what you think about? Devante sanded Deborah Haney Floyd both the ops when he seeing Devon and floyd training, he kinda got a little jealous. Mean don't get me wrong I mean that's understandable to a degree. But at the same time I mean floyd. No, you'll have known devon long before he known Devante. In basically is kind of one of those things that you know at the time. You're doing it, not even thinking business you're just you're just doing the net. Is a kid that I know growing up, so you know I'm helping a little bit. So I, think that what it was more than anything and in as a as a looking at a scene something on Youtube where basically? Troy Kinda addressed it. He basically said that. These guys never gonNA, fight, Anyway On. that's bad news. We wanted that Fi. Yeah Joyce George from Dallas. Fort Worth says if Manny Pacquiao beats triple G. does that cement his legacy legacy as a top three all-time pound for pound. Cop Three, she number one I mean. How can a guy go? NBC fucking dime way. Class champion and not. There's no one that. Even can focus something like that. You know I mean so I mean. I mean it is what it is I mean I think that. You know him trying even just trying it is. That's the reason why he's doing it. He's doing that. Solely because His legacy it. It has nothing to do with because i. mean he could fight. If, I this. He can fight Crawford. He can fight too much else if he wanted to. Just be a world champion continue to be a world champion. But. He walks away from the sport. He wants to be able to do something that. It's going to be so far. It's going to. Last forever. I the next. And it's more left Jeff only two more apologies. Okay. Hey, don't forget. All, my classes absolutely. Louis Chant we. But but this next one is from Dennis in Tampa Florida. He says thanks for joining us. Enjoy your boxing channel my questions. Do you have any Hector Camacho stories, thanks. That really I mean the only only a story hector is kind of like I remember when him and Roger was actually in the same way class and they were supposed to. I, mean will ryder wanted to fight him, but hector did one way to. fire watcher in Seoul. They were in in Texas. that's back when Josephine, Abercrombie at you know the big ranch. And they were both there in in a spar in Rogers got the best of of of of actor in of course. To. Play. Better adjusted. You know and that basically. I've met Hector. I didn't get a chance to talk too much. I mean I. Know a son hold out, but you know but Great Guy from from what I know I mean he you know. Eating's always use always happy and friendly. You know so I mean those mom, my memories of it. This. Next does come from Joseph Rodriguez from Texas, he says. Do you feel? Floyd is under appreciated everyone. These days is obsessed with the undefeated record and I feel like fans. Don't see the value in how hard that was to accomplish. Well. I'll take that. The one thing with this situation I think that floyd is not going to be. What would what would you say? appreciate it to? He's probably about. Ten you, move from work. Because the did a be someone sitting at say in the Little Kid wants to learn how to box. He's GonNa bring out of fucking tape a what. He's going to. Watch. This guy in this is the guy that you should be trying to emulate or imitate in it until I? Mean that's what he's going to be appreciated when when he long removed from the sport because right now. He's not been appreciated because. Don't like image in his image has nothing to do with his ability to box. You have to separate the two you know. I mean if you don't like the person just because they spend money, look for they WANNA buy. And they did. It was who. took the risk to get the money as I. Mean it's Asinine, but that's that's why that's why people don't like for is not because of his boxing. Nothing to do with boxing at all. You know is just the fact that he's flashy and he lives a high profile style. To the last one coach come from G trae. He says. Who would you pick a fight tank corps? In Saturday happening. No I seven devastated. Coming on me, I guess I gotTA. Kinda wait a little bit before would even you know because I mean. I mean. She has to go up. Improve you know I mean that he could take those punches at that heavier weight in that it's not. Affected him. Because I mean once you get hit by tanks. You know when you get hit clean. You know that could be the end of the fight. So. I wouldn't want. I wouldn't want to be too fast to to judge a fight like that when both guys are not in the same class. I am. So obviously Jeff. We know that you're doing. Your. You've taken your your world class training virtual and I'm very excited to talk about this because I feel like. People should have been taken advantage of the you know. Internet and I'm happy to see a world renowned trainer like yourself take advantage, and you started your own virtual online boxing classes. I'm assuming it's got to be going well for you with with a big, you know successful youtube channel the name mayweather classes have to be hard to get into or do you have available spots for people? yeah, I mean it's GonNa be available spots. actually I don't have the link, but on my I'll put it in the live chat right now. Yeah so. Basically yes, I mean this is for everyone i. mean is for you. Know is not necessarily so much for. Top echelon boxes. Guys in also guys anyone that wants to you. Putting. Shady in pretty much actually. WanNa learn a craft. You know so. It's not no one's off limits. You know is is the fact that I don't see. Unless, there's just some fighter out there. That just loves the. Train. But. They they could get in touch with come to Vegas and work with me, but for someone that can't you know that especially with the stuff going on now in you don't have access to gym you don't have you know access to being able to travel to Vegas, or something like that, so I think that this. Is is is necessary. It's necessary. For me in necessary for. Anyone that actually also. He didn't get in shape I. Think is more I think. It's more about getting shape. As opposed to everyone that that gets on is not Ashley. Try to be a fighter. Yeah that'd be perfect for me right now. I'll. I would love to do something like that for sure. That's Jim. Get that link going. Real quick. We got one from our UK co-hosts. He's obviously at work right now. Route to something were actually four something. Coach, Midi Says X. Jeff about George hit hard Hillard still training together, UK, stand up! Well actually he, why of course with pandemic? Going on I, mean he had to go back to to UK so I mean until anything in not into things, open up. Will we be working together Hopefully soon we'll be working together again. All right, so you're saying. The online classes are for all levels. There's no you don't have to be afraid that you never box. It will sign up in betraying virtually by you now. Is it live or prerecorded training sessions? No the lie. I'M GONNA. Be Interactive in actually after every session. Is, kind of going to be like what I'm doing with. You guys right now. Don't get culinary session. You can ask me anything You can actually even give me some ideas of what I should maybe add to the cloud acids to enhance to make better in or what? Know. What's what's most important that? Do you WANNA learn? Somebody's. Not I. DIDN'T WANNA interrupt grant finished finished with? A number. Or Base I just wanted to be a class, whereas whereas more interactive is not just much about me i. want everyone's input so I can. Hopefully accommodate everyone in every way absolutely and I was leading to that question how many slots or how many people can join per class when when they join up for like a say a Tuesday class or whatever schedule Haufer? Well I. Don't necessarily think that there's a limitation because there's going to be done to zoom in saw. Zoom. You have access to me. Need so zoom doesn't have a limit on how many participants are two hundred or fifty or something like that? Is Up to really high number. Yeah, I just got a note. Yeah has gotta be one hundred hundred. Hundred Limited no and the reason I, ask coach. Demeanor active. Yeah, you're going to be interacted with a lot of link in the live chat because I'm sure those spots are going to be filling up rapidly, not now. Have you done any classes or is this about the launch? This is about the launch Susan get off here. GotTa session already started. Get started today. They will be away for day. I 'cause I was GONNA. You know. Like since you're getting people from around the world, have you run across any talent? I guess that hasn't happened yet. Book you never know you never know who's going to be willing to do a virtual class because what you could be. A fighter from another country happens good. Definitely and I mean I'll be doing classes. You know three times a week lender fighting so I mean. and. Hopefully, People that are out there on the fence. Right now is is something that's affordable for every guy wh-which. Do you have different price points? of course I, mean you have, of course you always have where you have You know personal. You know I mean of course at at a cost you the more. Where is just you in not? You're not involved with everybody else. and New specifically being taught exactly what you can ask me anything that you want in our. Will you know do my best to deliver what it is you're trying to? You what you want done. Mean I think it's I. Think it's. Pretty affordable I mean it's it's hundred and fifty dollars. You know so I think that you know it's affordable for though. Is that really want or per class per week? How how's that work one fifty five? Per Class. And forty minute classes. Yes. Forty minutes, maybe a little more, but like I said you know. Yeah I I definitely want to do the community because I. Want to actually become more personable with everyone. That, that is involved. You know I wanna be able to you know. Reach out to somebody people maybe meet some. One day. No definitely. I I believe you might run across a lot of talent. I think it's a fantastic idea. During this time, there's people that can't get to the gym and you just never know who you can find man that could be another way of scouting talent man who knows I. Mean You know? Obviously you'll probably get your people that just want to be in shape, but I'm I'm I'm sure there's going to be dozens that want to be trained by Jeff? Mayweather even if it's virtually, so I've seen other people kind of doing virtual training. Will you be holding the pads and I gotTa fake like I'm here no more or doing something different. No. Actually I have I have a fighter, a young fighter that. I actually do train in actually I'm going to be doing this while his own. He because he converted his his garage into a boxing gym. And so. So, it's going to be very intimate in is going basically just GonNa be him you know, and so I'M GONNA! Be Trying to teach everyone. The basics hopefully who who the? Yield is going to actually do this hopefully a pair with someone. You know that can actually you know? Give them a chance to actually do exactly what I'm doing in exactly what I'm showing them by maybe having someone holding amidst for them or something like that because I don't know how I don't know how much would, you will be able to download from just watching me. Doing something with someone else, but not. You're not doing with anyone. Gem another little business idea that you can just add onto your schedule him, and you should only not only think of the fighters, but trainers right like for instance a up and coming trainers trainers that are aspiring. Maybe they're just still in the amateurs. Maybe you should do some online boxing training courses for trainers. They want to up their game. You know even if it's business side of this. You know like you said you said something on his interview. That people goes over them. You know the the popularity you know being able to talk. It's not just fighting. Some changes may not know that, so that's just another little thing that you can do maybe a little course that some of these trainers. You know click on a link and and learn some of these inside tips that none. I'll not only are the squared circle, but once again. Can you let anyone know where to get? you know your boxing classes Is there a specific you know? Landing pages like Jeff Mayweather Dot Com I. Mean what I have sent here from. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND IS A. Calender calendar calendar, Lee Dot. Com Jeff Mayweather Boxing July twentieth. so that's one url. That's what I've been sharing but I don't know if you have like a dot, com or social media. You want to give out for anyone that wants more info. If you want anymore full I, mean you can go to my either either my facebook page or my. Instagram page in our respond. And so I mean 'cause I love interacting anyway, but disagree a chance to actually have a reason for me to be interacting with you because it's business. Well Jeff. Man I wanNA. Thank you obviously for your time. It's it's been a pleasure and once again I want to congratulate you on the on the growth of your Youtube, channel and obviously launching your your virtual online box classes. We looked at get you back on and hope that the classes are successful and that you know we see you back again and same thing for Vidal Riley. Shot out to him and hopefully things shaking for him as well. All Right Ladies and Gentlemen World Renowned Trainer Jeff Mayweather and JEB. You don't WanNa, give out any social media. A basically. Jeff Mayweather just use one I. Just use my end. On My facebook. and. Jessica! Whether you, have it ladies and gents catch them on Jeff, mayweather on all forms of social media guide and sign up to those classes. Make sure you drop them comment. Let them know that you listen to the interview here on the box and voice. Jeff enjoy the rest of your day there you have it guys Jeff Mayweather. We're GONNA open up these phone lines and get out to the people. Let's go on out the number to call in one four to five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty, one one one time voice your opinion on the Voice of the people. Outline remember Uh. Five stars on Itunes. These calls are brought to you by L. Camino. Services experts in electric vehicle, charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com subscribe to Youtube, dot com slash boxing voice for the latest and greatest interviews with favorite fighters so guys before we open it up I mean. CHICAGO TOUGHER FIGHT FOR Valdez over Shell oers Valdez, keeping real. Well. You know what the thing is with. That ness is that when you say tougher Fi? You gotTa tell me what tougher means right 'cause. It's kind of tough that we're looking at here. Both fights are tough. You know you gotTA. Miguel chose GONNA. Make it a tough pressure fight. Then you've got Chicago. WHO's GonNa? Make it a sniper precision fight, and you just gotTa Watch that, so you know it's going to be a tough five for him regardless. I. Think is Medicare. Just you know represents a more high, paced, high pace, fight, and and a more rugged fight because of the styles. What about say like this, okay? Maybe, I'm wrong. I'm just throwing this out because that sounds really cool to me. Chak or hurts your okay. Burchett Body Shukor hurts your pride in that fight, so if you talking about tougher, it's like yeah, it's tougher for me to go in and get out class. You, know. Sukur and fill like some type of way like Whoa like I'm not on that level I never was. But at the same time you can look at Birch and say well. That's going to be tougher on the body because he's going to be coming forward. It's going to suck you into these fights that you don't WanNa fight so from that perspective yet is the tougher fights, the harder night's work. You know what I'm saying like. If you a cab driver, you know, it's like you know the night law I don't. Don't know that's probably a bad metaphor I can't think of a good metaphor right now, but I'm trying to say it's like you you you go into work you going have one type of bad day versus the other amber chat represents the bed day where you all bruised up and bloody in in in. It's just a tougher work in that sense of it, but you're absolutely right. It could be said in different ways. All right well, let me I'll going out to the callers and get this thing started trae in Bay what do. T! Train a bag online once going twice, J. T.. New, Orleans. To make covers really chiefly ship a climate. Deal with coupon. Does I'm talking to you the way I wanNA talk to you. Turn station. Was A was. A good interview. With Jeff Mayweather. I. I know you big on that Bring up their bank because you'd be talking about a lot on the show, but he personally I don't i. don't think that fight us nothing for. 'cause when he beat them, they'll go. Yeah, he was supposed to be grown so popularity. It won't really bring popularity because. Is Really. He's Coppola, but he is like he bought one. Really get nothing out there fight. Call on broader will get his another has. Talk. He Shit running out. But that's all yeah gift from that will beside the good interview and good questions are ex-. That's all. I. We Got Kim in Florida me. Double check, let me see who's just listening by just listening. Please put that in a chat, so we know what's going on. The. Team in Florida. What up doe there I opened the door for audiences in all of sports to go back to the way, it wasn't the same. Fights making ten million dollars. I'm not really worried about what He. believed. Took Ten. I guess he just listening well. We always liked that intros worth the intro. Yeah, that's say. Hey. got. Info with the phone loose. WE'RE GONNA AND Fellow. And he comes from. India. ooh! SAT OUT AIR, body? Further my audio sound. Ain't nobody jump in I must be. Good. I shot out the. Saying. Cut Out two seconds. Where we say. You. got. More at nine hundred. Ninety three. That's that's. Now, and then you take too big of a Pu. tickle tickle the throat man. Vive. Clough Yeah man shot outside out of me. What some good insight and shot out the other strain of Wilson. With damaging at least they're working with Dan. Pigs I kinda miss. He was the second his his. His main fighter is hit. You're rich. Richardson's I mean written. Richardson Hitching Richard Hitchens. Richardson is Richardson hit Trajan. Yeah. It was up Mabbutt all that. Guy Man interview. You'll mash out everybody I'm up I chan. We've got some super chats. Can Stone said? Why does Chicago stay at one twenty six and finding out about it now, but it is just moving up because he can't make one twenty two Chicago's moving because he can make one thirty like he was walking around for the fight with warrants, Warrenton went to match them, and then things is what it is. We answered and acts coach. MITZI DUBS IF FLOYD NEW DEVON I but to me. Should not train him since there is a possible tank. Since there is a possible tank, could devon a tank versus Devon also Devon didn't sign with Floyd. Yeah, but I mean the deal wasn't should've, but he didn't. Yeah, had deal wasn't right. He went where he got the more bread. I just meant like in terms of like helping amount training. You got tank on one side, and then Devon as a possible fight. You know that's all I mean like. Aerobic wish we gotTA. We gotta get He's he's super chats. Says we gotta get more easily brother on the show. So. We'll see. Could we get that man? But the problem is you know like I don't want to interview a guy based off. You know his brother's issues in what shortcomings in mean real quick. Mario is that vow over there? We're going to let me see. I think Steve and Chicago. That's that's E- from Philly Steve You just listening. Philly next. Steve is is listen. We're going to stone, boombox and so Jimmy. What would I would ask? there. There's been some in the last. Year and a half there's been two situations that a fight has happened, and then the right after the fighter was in a ring with opportunity to make A. In a Kinda like gun star stuttering and that was manny. Well, he got an ear to. The pulse of him Mikey I'm earl and Mikey. Manny stood there, liking know what the Hill Earl was saying. BURCHILL got into ring out to him fight. He acted like he didn't even know. Held hand was fight. You just watch. And that's what be an spy. Burchill do not want that fight so. He Beats Valdez. Korbi's both of core. Look at them as good fighters, but he'd beat dues like that up in a gym all the time. When you are great box that you, you look forward to find a no, no disrespect to Mexico against, but you look forward to. An aggressive Mexican style fighter because he's got though punches that you can lean comic even if it's. A variety you know you gotta slip and move and I. Some core is great at and I don't think either. One of those are elite level like Battelle got elite motor, but when I'm watching fight, it's not it's not top notch power. He was in everything with Jamila. He looked like a little midget standing beside Djamil so I say she court beat them easily. Our favorite to beat vowed as a decent fighter always get hurt her hand her jaws every time he fight. He's art, so Sikora beat him easy. That's why I ran from one twenty six, because didn't WanNa Pfizer court so good interview mayweather. He always has radius like funny do. You say fa trash but Dow Riley. GonNa be a Youtube Champ. I catch later y'all. Funny. That was the reason Oscar said what he say he like Yo you know. He's taken up an issue with boxing fans who thinks that he vacated his title do a Voice of Course Iverson, and that that's kind of why said to stay me. He's like Brahma. Varnish Corwin, when Birchall is the more seasoned respected chant, but it's like it's like. Jeff Mayweather said. That's a play on words because the streets want you to face a core, we go on in Philly what A. GotTa hit you with an old quote. Man Camale does sound trump you good as long as we don't. Ask The question we thought was more dominant nephew that Friday. I'm thinking. What's the definition dominant because? I would say the onset. Everybody out he is the one man, and that's a mandate to. This this this my criteria and I've been asking you necessarily be calling. Why should criteria for? A new fight, good this. My three thing my box checkoff. Amateur. Street and competition you face, and what's your peers and coaches? Set out you an amateur? You know what I'm saying. That's why guys me don't know. Sometimes never heard they may. Surprised and be dangerous to sometimes to eat. or a fight is because we don't know. and. As far as we devon. Jamal. Nobody can blame them. They wanted to fight a chance and for whatever reason. He came franchise whatever that is I know. We argue that back on off, but they didn't want to fight them to do. So they prove themselves to meet. You should do know Chris. If you hire so reward, demis, that you hey grow, because if you what I would have just not too little money, and then wait for big money fight, but I know you dangerous communicable pay a lot of month. Super Chat from Ken. Soun-, that says what called when a vacant title it of Vacant Bell then move up because weight, and he's using quotation marks. His team are protecting him. He'll move up for vacant belts till he runs out of room. Dan already they my man. Yeah, man, I don't know. Let's see sucked issue for. This. Whole word say it's funny. Even go ahead. Vacant would like quotes like making it scene like issue. 'cause for vowed. Dad's moved up. Just like just like it's not about at this. Disaccord moved up. Come on, guys come on. Yes CALICO. He did when they can overseas Joa Gonzales because Valdez moved up. But. That's everybody except for Info Joe. What are you know? Chain. Portion of, do we? Vile? Joe Joe's demand right now. This is not regular Info Joe, this bear. That's right. That's right. Tell them the truth, Alex, true y'all. y'All if the guy you want to be within the Bush. This guy knows how he's hit catch. A city do man put me any environment I'm on death, right? A great interviews this morning. Man, great interview with Jeff. And what's the Guy Lenny Williams We'll job man Wilson my bad my bad? Forest Fda Java Man. I would say throw him in there with Chris Areola man, and I think that's a good. Let Him Let. We'll see where you have more experienced Guy Chris. AREOLA are Brian Jennings. Tom McCain his name right. Take Him. Tack Them Yeah Yeah. I think those would be good advice for him and. Sukur. He will be Chicago. We'll be his stuff. You Spike no doubt hands down. Joost shut out to my man King born New York. City spine is. Champ. Stay safe driving. You'll miss i. pay the fifteen dollars Tier, but I can't open up. The questions for the Patriots. I get my questions double. Double check your car to. Put the Lincoln in the skype see if you could get into it because if you can't then you gotTa Check Your Car Not automatically take fifteen dollars out of my car out of medically so I'm paid up and everything but I. don't know what it says opened up fifteen dollars here when I opened it up. It Ain't no logging and ask you to pay another fifteen dollars. Are you doing it on the on the APP on the Patriot? I don't know going in my email i. don't know I check it out all. I have somebody walk? You were mentioning you definitely. Official Tissue You definitely paid up so you should be able to see us a matter. Maybe log out and log back in like come here. That's what happened to me. That's why I asked you can stop check and you definitely up today, so just log all the way out and log back in or or use the APP. Download the add. Okay I'll try that A. Download that anyway. Yeah got the IPHONE and everybody has a blessed. Day Mass shout out to the boxing guy shot out to everybody listening everybody in the chat TB is whereas at hit those thumbs up piece gentleman. To. Shut up! Shut Out! The dentist says well. Who Join team iphone. He hit me up on. Agios said influenced him. Ryan pound for pound says Nesta. Creates posts patriot. Hey, what happened? Like meaning I make it never find out. You. What I don't know, listen, I would just recommend to Info Joe a know jt and J MAC had issues. Just check every day for like I'm literally posted every day. Multiple Times Day. Scheduling interviews real quick. You should be looking out for post. That are four tomorrow's guests vehic. Your Junior, not senior. Wednesday Jessica mccaskill unified champ. She's going to be final mattress car pro las cliff. Cliff Chris love joy the heavyweight from Long Beach, so so J.. J. P. in Long Beach Info. Joe I WANNA see I. Have Man Chris Love Joy. He got a fight I let him. I'M GONNA. Let him break. The News is undefeated America heavyweight, so somebody's got to go, and then Thursday. I just scheduled George Gobble de you. WHO's the cousin of heavier and heavier couple thi? You but Georgia's the one I believe or Jorges should I say is the one that that I believe the cut for fury and works to bubble for top rank. Friday. Wing I know by, but we we. We are going to get some micheals. People been hitting me up and back I'm still weighing on Oboe Violin. Matter of fact, that's crazy. Why not see Travis Kauffman? Where's that a GIG Kaufman? Tuesday I got put that in so so he's at ten thirty, which is strange. I thought I did this already man. Ten. Metro. I'm put it on the wrong day. Travis Kauffman Interview Lots! Twenty, eighth! That's what. I did I did the wrong date is not twenty eighth four. This Tuesday. What was was today's the twentieth. Is The twentieth. Tomorrow is the Tomorrow he's on tomorrow I fly. You know. Team right. Twenty first twenty first. Malls, Tuesday. He's on at ten thirty. Right, the twenty first. That with with Travis. Double check this. But that should be good. Looks like we go with lovejoy. Day At ten at Wednesday to Wednesday Wednesday at ten thirty I said that he's on Jessica. And Travis Who else is up French cruisers at me? Fan House she done later next week. Next, week is perfect because I'm pretty filled now she's in. She's working. That's why I wanted to schedule A. Test. What's next? What's next? She data. Whatever yeah, you know what there hasn't even been much more news about the Jimenez thing? That's it right once. Suspension over with Jimenez. MARIUCCI's not. Mario Skis in the water. I just. I. Just gotTa Sideways Conspiracy Tax. On the last show. There was like about the James Prince Efi. Here this for me but I. Just WanNa see that Allen. Prints have known each other for minute. The chief of Al Hayman Security, big, wes and Jay Prince used to both work in Dick jefferies office, big West used to manage advised and fighters, but he passed away now is given prince. So who said that to you? It, you don't want to say it on air some of his old role. Let me tell you first of all on look. I should have listened to me I said this two weeks ago when this broke or a week ago, y'all out. It was October when I heard that they were signing together or November. Maybe but it was a while back that I heard that they were signing and I thought it was already going to be done when it didn't happen. I thought Oh you know the person that told me. Was You know they were full of it like I? Get that all the time I've heard many rumors. That weren't true at all. so I seen it on the writing on the wall. I was happy, but whoever told you that I'm pretty sure the same ones that told me. well that is it ladies and gents. Done, but we're back on patriotic tonight for untitled. One of our most popular shows on Patriot gets the most views. You know or one of it I mean because overtime is quickly become in that as well, but check out seven PM eastern time. That is four. Our five dollar members end up. You can join us. We are out ness, GTO instagram and twitter catches on the next one base. and Morgan twitter peruse. It was pretty fast I. Don't think I can go faster than that Mary. Gets you. On Id Alex do underscore Elliott and the same tandel tick. Tock Alex is TV one on twitter and don't forget that vacation bell like ness mentioned. Tonight's our untitled episode very very popular amongst everyone. Get the Kit with us, you know Papajohns also get the put up their their questions and Patriot is well. You should go check us out. You know there's tons of stuff over there that available. That's not a privy to the US community Even though the youtube community will have something coming in the next. Few weeks, but go to patriotic man. Fifteen dollars tier buys the Pizza Pie. Get you all the content. We're talking about untitled. We're talking about the morning. You know the double morning show. The flagship show got boxing bars on. Saturdays is been getting so good on boxing bars. Real smooth shows turning out to be a hit, and we know where a lot of people can come in and display. Display their their their. You know their lyrical skill, and it's become a lot of fun and within the whole sport of boxing, so you know it's not your regular battles in. We do have rules just like in the sport of boxing. So if you're interested in that, come check us out and Yeah, man, we'll see you. Guys untitled. If you WANNA come over and check us out on patriotic. And hit the subscribe button. We're almost at one hundred fifteen thousand help us to get to the next five, thousand, one, hundred and twenty steady, she goes. Will be climbing like the rollercoaster. You know what I'm saying. Hopefully we hit that you know sh and make it big. Let's see how many away we are from one hundred fifteen, so we can finally goes twenty earlier. I was like what we're actually at nine away from that, Hartman. Checking we're, we're six thumbs up so way from one hundred due to solid champions. Entertain you at all shows at least those six thumbs up, so I so I go make breakfast that I've been long overdue for hours already assumed. Three different profiles and I make three different profiles. We could probably get him up to one hundred and I. Feel good about missing breakfasts and everything else it'd be three. No just kidding. We love you. Do for a living. We love it and We appreciate the support for sure that I say Chris Lovejoy was Wednesday. Raise Wednesday. Yeah Wednesday and crawl Kaufman is Tuesday. You mentioned so many days you had me doing like Algebra in my head. Imagine. My head I got schedule. I got schedule them. Then go make post like I'm doing right now. For our Patriots members actually making the Post right now for Travis Kauffman so next, travis a question try not to wait last minute. Guys getting into the last minute I get it. Everyone's busy, but Yemen, the sooner the better you know, let us know where you're from, so we can let the fighter. No, because do me does a poor job of saying you know George. Foster new UK and etc, etc, but yeah, we like to let the fight or no or the guests know that these questions are coming from all over the place. Remember only one question per patriot, not these eight part questions. Oh, what do you think fear is the best heavyweight? And would he be Joshua and would he do this and chill chill chizzy like Komo one. We had one hundred thumbs up, and then, and then we're to ninety nine, and then in the winter two hundred, and so there's a lot of people that got love for us out there regardless of the thumbs down that begin at the show for no reason I think those are just the botts. Box is coming, but I planned for you box and troy on these coins. Though we. Truly. In a heck of a pickle now we outmanned catches tonight seven campus.

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