Make it Six, With Jeff Capellini


Daddy what are you doing? We're recording a podcast. She's listening. Islander fans are listening where are they? The right here. Welcome to the aisles faithful podcast with your host. Michael Shirley Line. Welcome. Back to the aisles faithful podcast I'm your host as always Michael, sherline, and this is episode number forty, six today is September second twenty twenty and this is a playoff edition of sorts We're in the midst of the second round we're GonNa talk a little bit of playoff hockey i. know I skipped between last episode in this episode the Little Bit of the series Jeff and I might get into that but here I am talking about him before introduce him but joining me this episode is Jeff Kappa leany of CBS New York known as j Cap G. L. J. on twitter jeff what's going on. And Mike, how are you buddy? I'm a I'm doing. All right. I would be besides myself with joy. Had the islanders pulled out the win last night but alas they lost in overtime again. It was That one puts you through a lot. I'll tell you that was that was a rough one. I mean they came back the third period. You had a feeling you know. Something special going on you know I keep saying that but. You GotTa get credit I mean their rent they ratcheted up and they needed to and. You know the they seem to step behind all night long the fact they show such big. Big Hearts in the third period after falling behind three one on the nist and then goal you kind of felt like. All right. It's not their night ready for game six and. You know brock with the laser beam. For. Sartre, who you know had didn't have a great game until that moment being in the right place right time and. You know opportune moment when Calcutta book made play. And you felt good but. Affiliate played desperate all night to their credit they didn't. Hold a bit ten after that they fought harder and it was better team in overtime win the game. Absolutely You know we'll get into that a little bit here as we move forward in the episode But On paper you know I I recorded a bunch of notes this episode and going through all the stats on NHL Dot com I opened up natural stat trick. Briefly and got confused at everything that I was reading. You know everyone else makes it seem so easy when they bring up all these. Join join the. Club. Coursey four courses against and last season. I had a couple of people on to talk about. Corsi and Fenwick and everything. And I still came away confused so I I mean I can understand looking at the heat maps and the shift charts and stuff like that and maybe he expected goals for when players are out there but I don't understand the rest of it anyway. On, paper the islanders blow away the Philadelphia Flyers they should. Serious should have been wrapped up and I digress. But you know we got strong goaltending on the islanders side Greis is second among goalies out of the top ten hero of the remaining teams at six per sixty minutes played with one six goals against granted he only played like a game and a half Varlamov one, point eight five. So he dropped a little bit grace and Varlamov were one and two earlier in the week I posted it on twitter but he sits fifth currently Varlamov does grace also has a nine forty nine save percentage, which is good for second If you look across the Philadelphia Heart is tenth at point nine, two, nine so. Right. there. He is definitely held his ground against the islanders and kept Philadelphia in this to this point you know. We're going to be going into game six and. Hopefully wrapping it up the islanders also have a ton of players I don't know if you've looked. At the top there with scoring, they have two players in the top ten for goals J G Patio Anthony Bavaria Eighth, and tenth respectively but there's a five way tie for seven goals. That's kind of crazy. Well. I'm actually encouraged by what they've gone off passively throughout the entire playoffs I. Really Am I. I didn't th they've been opportunistic they've been. At times at times, they've been sort of dominant. And the opposing in. You know and. and. That's really without getting hell of a lot of actual number production from Brazil even though he's been all over the place he's been. He has been forced out there. If you've been watching him I, mean he he's getting some opportunities and he's making everyone around better. Interest he's not just just not getting the stats themselves and that. I'm not concerned about it. I think if we get him back tomorrow I think. He'll be fine. But you know every single guy. Among their top six is has contributed except for well again in actual goals and assess it, you can look at Everley and be like you know when t gonNA breakthrough but they've taken their turns you'll. Carry them early. And there's Lee has moments. now brock is hot and Feels like it's ever leave turn next get him boards Zell going and they get that first line actually produced as much as the second line. I think Going forward that'd be a good thing. Obviously. It's not cut you off I it's it's funny. You brought up production because if you look up and down the islanders stats sheet on NHL Dot com every single player. Has At least one point Aside from Tom, you know even Tom Kuhn alkyl only played one game Ross Johnston. No points there sociologist shot myself in the foot but. You look up and down the roster in the plus minus and I know a lot of people argue that this is a meaningless stat but every single islander is in the green except for one and that's Casey's ezek is. But if you think about the situations that he's put into, he's out there he's killing penalties. He's out there against the top line. He's out there late and to try to shut people down. That's kind of insane. And again, sorry I, cut you off. No you know. I think that. They're actually producing more offensive standpoint than they did during the regular season, but they are there have to be a team that does. Go One through. Twelve the all as far as the Ford CEO they have to. It's just there's no other way they could. They could survive because everyone's carrying on far anyway. So what you would like to see I would I would hope to make for any. Anything you're not getting from the bottom six. Not Counting Patio but you like to see suspension and getting more into the offensive flow that You know it seems like Philadelphia is getting more offensively the defense than we are now under. So? You know I think we WANNA. We. WanNa see Contributions from the Blue Line as well because It just see it just feels like. No matter how much buzzing? Top Line is doing. It's not quite. There yet so to speak, it's just something's missing and I. I'm not sure they may not need it to get through this series but going forward if they do. You'RE GONNA have to met some fun. Even though the islanders play defensive game, you have to match some firepower you got to try to at least not some firepower against Tampa if you got. So. No. Right now they're still a very good position. Everyone's a little bit down after last night. But I think we were all so little bit down after you know. Sad. You GotTa Win. Win That fourth game is, is the hardest one to win even in the last round TWAS when they lost that game tell me that we're on the fans out there fearing the absolute disaster, the Bockel. Of Washington coming back. But what did they do? They just came out played the best game of the series. In in the game they clinched. They're totally capable of doing again on Thursday. You know it's funny. You bring that up staple had a couple of great points in the athletic this afternoon one of the stories he had written and it seems like in every series, I Florida they of failed in that. Third Game Try to sweep then they wound up losing. Came back closed out the series in four same thing with the capitals could have swept game five or four rather. Wind up losing. So it's three one one winning game five to close a series out. So this is a little different in that they've suffered two losses and they've been exactly the same. From the same exact play almost you know you got a goal. came. From. Deep, they're getting lots of point shots through. It seems that that's their game plan. They're trying to get out to the points and they're they're you know trying to keep a little bit of pandemonium in front try to get sticks on pox in three games? Three goals last night were off deflections a couple of other goals in the series seem like they're off deflections in that dead slot area as they call it. And Brock even headset in the post game last night as much as I was trying to pay attention in my brain was kind of just from I I. Don't know if you so I stood up for the whole third period and from the overtime. So like my legs were shaking, my heart was pounding. Didn't even have a beer last night like it was just it was. It was a crazy way to come down and then try to go to sleep after but. Yeah. That was I was I was. About Twenty minutes after that I was just like. Annoyed. I was annoyed but I mean, it was like an older I tend to recover quicker from these things. To me like five years ago I been beside myself today but. Now whatever. Live another dad planned to play today play tomorrow. They'll be yeah. We've been through a lot with the teams that we root for for sure. The only one that's been Kinda hold true has been the Yankees and We talk about that from time to time. Yes we do. We spoke about defensemen and you know there has been a little bit of the production from the islanders. defenceman The islanders only have one player in the top ten as far as points and Cisco, and it's Ryan Pu lock for his tenth with points at seven, and he's ninth with assists at six. So he's got one goal six assists for seven points But if you go up and down if you go up and down the list devante. Got No goals nope. Sorry. One goal five assists. Sorry my ipads like really bright. Scottie Mayfield for cysts. Andy. Green one goal two assists and how good is Andy Green been the last couple of games. He had the crazy block with his hands over time the on the power play or the penalty kill rather to get the puck out of the zone he seems to always be in the right spot takes hit to make a play just ahead of hockey player a veteran guy that this team has needed especially if they're going to be making a deep run in the postseason. Yeah. He's a consummate professional when they tried it for and I was thrilled. Because, you know at, you know there's people saying, Hey, we're just. GonNa play. He's GonNa play. You didn't make a trade for this guy and and then just you know come the playoffs he's just going to sit there. No, no way and the fact that replace worship. People, but at the same time. he's he's a better playoff defencemen that johnny. Boy. Chuck. Is, and there's because any way around that and I love Johnny. Boy, chuck but at the same time you. I. Think you'd much rather go with the guy who? Has I know trucks WanNa cop I, understand that but at the same time Andy Green was a captain of team. He's a warrior I mean for a franchise that. Back, then that was just Extremely good for a very long time and. He showing you why you know. He's he's revered in a Lotta ways by a lot of people. On top of the fact that he had history with Lula Morello which doesn't exactly hurt. Of course. Did you know that the islanders are the only team left with two losses when scoring I in the only team with a winning record when they don't score I? I don't know that and I wonder how much it really matters. I mean. As far as novel might be one of those anomalies I mean it's hard to tell what it really means they. Do, we expect them to come back last night down to what considering the way they were playing at the time. You know anything's possible. I think it bodes well for them because confidence wise is a team where in the past especially in the postseason, you know the second day faced a little bit of adversity. You know for the most part, it's been the same group over the last decade minus or plus apiece here and there obviously leadership and. Commitment to systems and coaching and all that aside that those are big things don't get me wrong for the most part. This team is pretty much the core of it has been the same. So the fact that they can rally. And come from behind daycare, it doesn't matter if the. Scores I. It doesn't matter if the opposition scores last it doesn't. It doesn't really matter. The islanders are not the same team and night I kind of buy into stuff like that because. That's the type of thing that drives these teams in the postseason. It doesn't matter nothing really seems to get under their skin. Staple had also had something else about penalties and how the Carter heart non call and the delay game last night, which I'm really gonNA. Get into I'm not gonNA cry and whine about it. It is what it is. You know we we've gotten away with a lot of stuff in this series as well but. You know you would have Barzel out there complaining to the rafts or you would have Lee not so much because he's been more of of the leader in that regard but to Vars was known to go bark at the refs and there's been some other players as well. So the fact that they've kind of just turn their cheek and keep playing their game it also speaks volumes for the type of person personality that team is becoming. Well I think they take their cue in that regard from. Trots I mean he didn't make a big deal about it. So you know he's You know he's not making a big deal that you can expect. Most of them aren't GonNa all of them are not going to make a big deal about it either. I. You know I well, not happened. Everything I was reading afterwards was saying that. goalies in the NHL used to getting a warning for something like that. even though the rule does state pretty much it should be a badly. So. I. Think it was more. It was a morning Peron. You see those tweets. Martine Baronne I saw somebody reference Baronne but I wasn't sure if. I was traveling on. I know John Cross was talking to him as well, but I think that was for the overtime challenge. I have to remember I mean I could probably try to you up here and see if Alan Hahn has it basically I don, I no, I don't understand how this is not a penalty and getting on. And all this, and then morning Peron tweeted said the rulebook quote rule calls for penalty but I've never seen this without offering a warning first. And then Han wrote back with Mardi Gras and forty three. So I'm satisfied. truth is the aisles tried to steal again they didn't earn and you know. They that's pretty accurate. I would say when you agree. I would say, so the the way that they played in the first, they have only four shots in the first period or something along those lines like ten four. After the first period you know they were lucky to come away nothing nothing and. You know. Yeah. Yeah. I tweeted also I am said after the first period I'll take zero zero all day Kinda ask the flyers to keep up that intensity for you know however many more periods this goes and they did Except for that loan third but. They were desperate and they played it and the aisles didn't match their intensity and you can. You can make the same case. The let me like we were saying for in game four against what he gets washing. The same thing happened. You know then they regroup. The attitude. I was reading today. Barry Barnes talking and and the players were you know we're putting out various tweets or whatever saying how they feel good about where they're going to be and it seemed like a very relaxed group. It'd be interesting to see how what what their attitude will be Should they lose tomorrow but something tells me they'll keep same public safes. But You know they're they're cool customers. These guys for the most part they're competent themselves and I think they. Have a much greater understanding of what who they are and they've ever had before. How much do you think that the weekend back to backs and the kind of the to daybreak last week prior to that Came into play with only having a day of rest in between before they had to go and you know having a potential elimination game here last night you think maybe. It kind of caught up to their legs a little bit or maybe a little mentally fatigued because I'm sure being in the bubble and all that is is a crazy thing to overcome. I can't imagine being away from my family for as long as these guys have have been away. Some of them have newborns at home too which is an it's another insane thing but. I think. I think the fact that they won the back to backs and then got a day off. You know I don't know if that really plays into it at say, say last night. been had been the back end. Of. The backpacks neighbor going for then I can understand that concern but they had the day off, which was you know? So I don't know if I really. They they. They've shown since the you know since the beginning of this whole crazy thing they've handled the bubble really well and the team bonding. Whole thing. and. So I don't know if I would put too much stock into that. I think if the back to back been set back in and then last night then maybe you could say okay and then. They could be a little shot but. No I don I don't think that that's really a real. I've also noticed I think we spoke about this last night on twitter. It seems that Philly is keying in on some of the more talented offensive guys. Obviously, they're kind of double and triple teaming Barzel. They're putting sticks on his hands on his body. They're putting the body on him shoulder shoulder Katori a wound up getting hurt running into him whether or not it was intentional or not i. don't know Patio same deal every time the guy would touch pock. It seems like they were hacking at him. He got pulled down a couple of times even Zeke's there was a non call at center ice, Ezekiel his feet were pulled out for right underneath him when he was going to. Yeah. and. That's suppliers, but that's the flyers playbook. They've been like that forever. and. The fact that it's in the playoffs. I'm not surprised me. You're desperate team you're gonNA do everything you can I mean you're GonNa, push the envelope as far as you have to push. And as long as they're not. You know the calls aren't going against they're gonNA keep doing what they're doing. Oh yeah absolutely. You know and then you know penalties aside it just seems that Every loose puck the matter what whether it bounces over and islanders stick whether there's an errant pass whether it hits a bump in the ice or hit a stanchion or whatever. For whatever reason last night in the same thing the night the islanders forced overtime. Was At game two. Now, game three. Every single time. Know came came to all right well, every single time the islanders would make a mistake i. it always seemed like it wound up on a flyer stick and you could always tell the pace of a game Who you know who winds up with the puck on their stick off a mistaker or just some misfortune and a lot of times it seems like those bounces go the islanders way. But when they don't man, it just seems like it just adds up and adds up and adds up and you know you had a lady icing that led do the overtime goal. You had a whole bunch of other passes and boneheaded plays. Brisard. I don't exactly remember what what it was from I. Think it was a turnover that led to maybe one of the second goals drew or somebody, but his was stapled to the bench up until you saw him out there with Clutter Buck in wind up scoring huge goal and if you watch the reaction of Trots on the bench, the coaching staff looked at each other like they drew it up like that they were like. I, think the I think that. What we need to look at here also when it comes to this beyond. The island is so far in the qualifying round Florida Washington now feel like they're all offense teams in the islanders are. You know they're going to dictate what they're going to dictate the islanders as I've said a lot. You know though there touted for their defenses which are not the New Jersey devils of the Lamour aloke Warriors, they'll limit teams to twenty shots a game they gave up a Lotta high dangerous stuff and the fact that their goal really good bills them out from time to time but also to. Be as effective as they are. When they are they they need to. Play with an intensity for sixty minutes or as as close as they can to sixty minutes and they got to keep that up all the time and trump knows it. That's why he put the hammer down on them after that game they won I think it was a game four when they didn't play their best and he said it publicly he knows he knows that they have to continue to do this. They're just they're just not built for with much of a margin for error and and so when you have roles and games. And your goal tending. Stand on its head. You know, do they have the firepower necessarily to to come back last night? They did maybe you could also say that. kind of fell asleep a little bit but. I just think that they have to play their style hockey all the time to be successful they can't rely on anything individual they can't rely on an overabundance of offensive power because they don't have. So. I'm sure that's the type of things that trucks constantly have to stick within their within their structure within their game plan all the time, and I guess a team that is. By. No means a juggernaut offensively. And you just have to. Do everything in your power to keep yourself in the game at all times and not. You know. And and just. Not. GET DOWN ON. Yourself. Keep the same mindset and just go from there. Then Hyun is. I think they've exceeded a lot of expectations. I don't know a lot of people expect them to get out. Of once they played Washington nobody I not many. I. Think a lot of people might be Florida but not many people picking not many people. Took The Washington I. Think That's People Picking The Philadelphia and if they get through this round, nobody's GonNa pick to be. TO BE TAMPA Bay. Flat, I think of it all depends on the health of Tampa because right now Kucherov hurt or at least you know they're not releasing whether he's Extremely hurt not taking that nasty stick to the face you know in in their game five or the five and Stamkos training in the bubble but he hasn't been skating. They don't really know they are not releasing the extent of his injuries I. Know He's been hurt since shoot since training camp before. So the only good thing you know so far is that it seems the islanders powerplays coming around. It's at eighteen point, four percent and fortunately for them. Philadelphia Zero for ten on the power play in the series and eight point seven percent in the playoffs in general. So not really not really clicking there islanders haven't really taken a whole heck of a lot of penalties in when they have. They've killed them off the last one in the game last night they didn't even have a shot on goal Philadelphia, so that overtime that overtime kill on Martin's penalty was big. The way they did it the way they the way they did it. It was it was just you could sense the desperation on their part you know in a gave the momentum to because it was pretty much right on the heels of killing that off that taves went in there and almost scored off the one timer. And then they went philly went up the other way and then Nelson had breakaway which he should have converted on as well. So I mean they did get a couple of chances in overtime. That was the biggest play of the game. I think. Well, no Nelson got in I. It just. Man You know if he scores go you forget about how poorly they played in that game. He really do you know in for a guy who has made his living and you know we've called Brock Tober and all these other funny. You know little need for all the months that he shows up in and he has shown up pretty much in every month now. Barry Trots has been his head coach. He's a guy that always shoots high when he's going in alone and it seemed like he was Kinda like almost fooled himself because he had so much time on the breakaway. And shot it right in the Carter hearts legs like he was GonNa go five. Meanwhile you know and you could always Monday morning quarterback this because we watch replays right away and we see the game a little differently we're watching on television I get it. But man, if he would have just made a little bit of a move and gone upstairs boom game over. Yeah that that one that one was I thought hard minute. Nice Save I. Don't know what Brock was trying to do their office. He was trying to go through the five over he was trying to beat them to to hearts right I down low I I don't know what he was trying to do with the one that really got was Everley earlier in the game when he was in a long he've he I think he totally herself he fooled himself on that one because twenty five. He held it for so long and then when he finally shot, it was week week attempt I mean it was it. He'd taken his angled away. He was going away from the goal to the right and then when he finally shot at, he tried to go through legs and he wasn't foreign anybody. I that's why I was just getting back. I just feel like he's the guy he's the guy. Now it's his turn. You know it was leased turn he he he came up big earlier. It was it was brock's turned brock's coming in. Now it's star could really is you know he? He did I have been watching him. A little closer than some of the other guys out there and and he. Seems to always be in the right spot Last night he was victimized by the puck bouncing a couple times. He went to go take a shot and it was like the puck just said no, and just Kinda bounced off his stick and you know the air the play where you referenced. Yeah. He definitely had way more time than he realized as well, and again it was one of those things where he went wide and almost took himself out of the play because Carter heart just kind of slid over and took everything away. Well the thing is also, he's really good in close. He's got great hands. He's really good in cost. You don't see him score much outside most of the stuff in slot you know he's gets a lot of garbage and you know he's it's just it's just surprising to me that he hesitated the way he did. He just totally. Fooled himself I. It was just it was just difficult because it seemed like an enormous moment in the game at the time. I mean they are going to have to find the back of the net a little bit more here especially in game number six if they're going to. Make a series out of it. Get us to the promised land for the first time since Nineteen ninety-three, I mean I know you're a little older than me but I was only thirteen the last time that. made it to the Eastern. Ninety three conference finals I think I went to two games. I was actually is went the last time you owners played. The flyers in the play offs I believe was nineteen, eighty seven. Wants to say. I was Nineteen Sa- and might even been the conference finals. Any was. No No. I'm not sure the year but I went to. The flyers wanted five maybe you can look that up and. You you have. Maybe, I could look it up, but I was at the game at the cost him. They lost four one in La Fontaine scored I remember that that was your Flyers WanNa cop I believe was the last time they WANNA call. My wrong. Now, what was the last year in flyers? WanNa come Again, Ladies and gentlemen you think this would be something that either one of us would have had we would know. Oh you know. But it's seventy, four, seventy, five, it says. The last. Played New last time the flyers Stanley Cup. They got to the finals I. Think it was I'd say. Ninety one. Anyway Point Band they could win one nothing game. The thing is it's yeah. They're going to give up their fair share of of chances during that. And it just seems like it. If they got a two or three nothing lead, I think over I just think it's over. But I. WanNa. See their mindset when they come out they sweep and sticks on their little tight. 'cause you know trump's is gonna he's GonNa have them in a good place. It's just a matter when you get out of that ice and you see what? Changes things a little bit. You know it is a home game tomorrow as well. So they they'll have only one one long change in the second period as opposed to two in the first and the third and I asked Habur metrics or Matrix, or whatever is twitter name is their carry if he had any of the metrics for. How what the islanders do when they have the long chain, but he never got back to me today. So that's something that I've kind of noticed that they've struggled with here over the course of the playoffs maybe because you know they're in a bubble city, there are no fans. There's no real. you know you're not living off the crowd you're not being you know that it really matters all that much obviously because they've been playing fantastic but maybe has a little something to do with it. The long change in you know being a home game. They could wrap this up on home ice. I Dunno it just maybe it's I. You know I I just actually found that game we're talking about he was able to twenty, four, Ninety, seven. Islanders lost four to one Fontaine scored the only goal. And just to tell you how old I am. Mark House scored for the Flyers and Brian Rob scored for the flyers. Kelly Akron scored for the flyers. Tell you some. Crazy Oh my God. Yeah. So I mean I want them to come out and play the game that they've been successful at plan and I don't want them to kind of fall into that lull that Philadelphia wants you to do in. You know they've been kind of forcing them to change up their game plan and I want them to out I want them to have strong for check because the four check at times hasn't been there the last couple of days maybe because they're kind of stretch in the island out a little bit they're. You know kind of playing the islanders game almost a little better than they can at times. Yeah. They have They haven't been to create as many turnovers in the offensive end they'd like. There are counterattacking team. and. When you don't. When when another team matches you with with that kind of style play and they're already a better offense team than you are. Not The greatest recipe. So I think you WanNa come out tomorrow and you just you don't WanNa go six minutes before you're getting your first shot on goal. You know what I mean you you WanNa come out and you want to start applying pressure right from the get go. You know you don't want to give this team any reason to because you in Washington it was just. that. Game five was a thing of beauty i. mean it was it was a close to perfect Amazon could have played it to that point. And they're totally capable of doing against this team and of conservatism doesn't play. That's a huge loss I. I mean I. Think I think is GonNa play. Indications. He's GonNa be fine but no one wants to give anything away. But. You know the couture thing. I mean his situation held a lot worse than. and. Barbasol situation Brazil's scary. But I think the type of injury and look it seems to me like it's gotta hit I. Heard it. And that's not something that you know. That's not superficial. NHL Network Radio Today, I was listening a little bit this afternoon on my drive home and you know the thing that stinks for me a little aside is my I mean it's a positive thing but my commute is twenty minutes now as opposed to an hour so I don't get the listen to podcasts on the way home I don't get the listen. To much. NHL. Network Radio Anyway, regardless they had seemed to think it was a neon knee hit with Barzel I mean granted. Okay. Tori a hit Barzel. But like you like I saw him flexing his leg, I couldn't really tell in the Ice Oh when they when they did go back to see what happened to him when they realize it was there. It was definitely his right leg. I couldn't really tell what and you never really know. Obviously, it wasn't a Charley horse because he didn't come back for the rest of the game or over time, and that was in the second period so. Yeah Barzel definitely scary. I mean Elaine Vigneault was quoted as saying this afternoon that he wrote the elevator with him and he looked okay. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah I don't I'd be very surprised if we don't bars off tomorrow not very surprised. I would love for him to be there You know obviously hopefully, he's well enough that he can get out there. He's definitely. Somebody who is a game changer in the PUCK is on his stick it still mesmerizing the watch no matter what he does. But again, like I said earlier, it even seems like for him he goes he circles around the zone I don't know if the ice is just to the point there's been so many games played in Toronto and it's a little warm up there still but the puck bounces all over the place late in the period. It. Seems guys blow tires out all over the place and the PUCK bounces and skips and You know. So that kind of doesn't really help the style a game that bars wants to play. He wants that puck on his stick all the time. It seems like when he's out there Wurley enduring been doing all the things that he does. He's not in a position. To be a danger as far as the score goes. You know what I mean. He's on, he's on the perimeter and he's behind that and find but he isn't getting very many shots and I don't I don't know how many total shots he's having this in this In this series but. They're sitting there putting so many guys on them. It's just it's unbelievable. Yeah. I feel like he had a lot more opportunity to score against Washington Florida then he has got against the Philly. I'm looking it up right now. Barzel. Say shots on the stupid chart I. Don't think it even says it's. Four goals. Seven assists eleven, points, plus seven eight penalty minutes. Three even strength goals nine even strategy. Shot any shot. Here we go. Thirty, two shots. Total for the playoffs total. Lease Tori. Lee has forty seven Nelson is thirty nine. Bo Villa has forty-nine Bailey has nineteen. HAS TO PATIO has thirty two Pollak has twenty six tapes has ten. presario twenty, four, Pelicans nineteen less fourteen. So yeah I mean. Your top six they're all up there but you know you would think I know bars L. is kind of like a pass first guy most of the time. Moore's L. Last night had one shot on goal. You got hurt. You got hurt. Of course we know Let's see. I mean you look at his numbers He his basically got an appointment. and. At least one point in three four. He's at point seven, nine points per game. So He's played fourteen times. It's it's. Just. Under three quarters of three quarters of a point, a game. Bailey's overpowering game. Here go got here shots. Parcel has a total of. This series started. Seven points on. Wow. Seven shots on goal in five games. But the GAL that kind of that goes yeah. You have to go his goal and three assists in this series, but he has seven shots on goal. In the last year is. Last year he had. Eleven shots. Oh. Sorry ten. And he went to and too. So, I mean, we know he has he got to show. He's a really a big. I mean, he's not is he a big goal scorer? We I don't know fleas ever going to be a goal score I mean we know we can pass. We know he's a good playmaker and hell he's a franchise player we know that. But in the playoffs, you need every last score you can get, and that's why we make such like everyone was having ever lease all. He's getting opportunities he's playing well. But at the end of the day, it's gotta be about production. It's gotta be about you know. Not Almost. Scoring or or buzzing or whatever. It's gotta be about actually putting it in the goal has to be. You know there have been a couple of posts the last couple of games as well but you know obviously, they don't count as a shot. How many posted the flyers hit by the way they overtime before they scored there's too I think they hit too. Yeah. Crossbar off. Yeah. Crossbar and I think they said it was the outside of the posts a lot of the key. Yeah. Yeah. Know. I mean we sound we sound we maybe because we're tired but we sound like we're a little down on this but I'm optimistic about tomorrow I really am I mean I think i. Wasn't very try very anybody other than Donald Trump's coach. But But I just have a feeling about you know he's going to have them ready. I have no doubt. You know the best part. I. Think the reason why maybe I can relax about this is the only game six. So they legitimately have two more shots to close this out. Do I want it to go to a game seven? No does the NHL maybe wanted to go to a game seven. Sure. There hasn't been one game seven the entire playoffs yet. Right hasn't even a game five I don't even think in the play in round there was all game four sweeps pretty much everybody got swept or almost swept. I, believe there could be a game seven. In Colorado Leaves Dallas late second to one. So wouldn't that be that that game is that game five or six? I think it's game six. Yeah, there could be a seven there could be seven there. It's I don't want to get too far. I obviously don't want to get ahead of myself, but the idea, the idea of the islanders potentially playing in the conference finals is just. It just it just speaks to the. To the state of the franchise, I, mean, all the things that we've been waiting for for so long. You know they are in a very good place. You wish the roster maybe was a little younger. But. All in all I mean there's really not a hell of a lot to complain about the way I viewed as they win tomorrow or if they win a game seven. Tampa Bay's the house money series. Totally House, morning series they will have improved. You know. As far as advancing in the playoffs last year. And You know I don't know I. Don't know how the match. However, matches what works for them going forward but. I mean I have a little bit on Tampa here and I don't I don't. You know obviously I didn't want to go too far ahead of ourselves but no, I know I I'm just trying to speak about the just the general general mood I mean I don't WanNa talk about like chances of winning or any of that stuff. But now you WanNa just win tomorrow and get it over with len then we'll deal with the rest later but exactly exactly. They do it. They have scored as many goals as the. With forty six and they've the islanders have allowed the least of any of the remaining teams at twenty six. I think Tampa Bay lightning have lead in a little bit more obviously they've played. A couple of less games but. You know they're right up there in the islanders third if you look at the remaining teams. As far as all the stats in general. So I mean they're right up there with the upper echelon teams in the Vegas Golden Knights and the Tampa Bay lightning so they're up their. Their offense has been impressive. For their by. Their. Standards. I mean. You know they're they used to planes title scoring games but you know they have been very opportunistic and it's they've actually done a really good job when it comes to generating offsets the pressure last game. They had like I mean midway through the third period they had like thirteen shots and then they went off. You know what I mean. 'cause they desperation Senate, the ideas can play with that desperation. You know when the game was tied or when you're ahead. Don't wait till. You're falling behind tap tap to play that way, right? Because you're going need that extra goal you need. Extra goal. That's exact. But I don't know if that's the mindset that Barry Trots has I don't think he wants them to go full out offensive operation there. For long stretches like they're very opportunistic team like you said before. So if they're gonNA get an opportunity to have a little bit offense, try to get it when you can get it capitalize off their mistakes. The problem is. When the problem is when the team doesn't that you're playing doesn't make that many mistakes themselves whereas your offense GonNa come from, you have to now generate those chances yourself. If you're going to. If you're going to say Barry, you know my my want them to hold something back. Then you have no excuse not play extremely sound in your own. True. Would you agree I? Absolutely. You know. But then again, there are defensive minded team and you know it's defense I in it's a team defense into layer defense. It's it's pretty much everything. You could possibly wish for you know just like football defense wins championships you know in hockey as well. Google, goaltending obviously part of the defense which the islanders have gotten great goaltending their team that is flush with the goaltender that you grace you can throw him in there cold you can throw him in there. You know whenever you need him too and he's going to perform and with Varlamov he's been a completely different goaltender in the postseason than he's been in the. The sixty some odd games we saw we saw earlier this year as much as they kind of went one one be back and forth. Yeah. Grace was wonderful. The only right. He was just phenomenal. The mean left him out hang awesome hanging a few times and he he build them out big time. But again, it's what I was saying before it's just in their good offensive team, but they're not a shutdown defensive again. They're not limiting your they're not really limiting so much the the opportunities as they are. oftentimes relying they having the confidence in the goal tender's to have to make saves. Well. What do you think? You know we're going to try to wrap it up here. What do you think? Is the most important thing aside from it I know we talked about this coming out, set the tone early getting a couple of shots on goal. What are some of the keys? Do you do you think? Are Imperative that the islanders accomplish in order to kind of close the series out tomorrow. Well what would you say? You said I. The things that you said that we already understand that have to be. You gotta come out you got to set the tone by getting your shots-on-goal early can't. You can't wait ten to the first. Yeah well. They got I think they should score score first of all. Let's let's not give Philadelphia. Any reason to think this thing is going any further than Thursday. You know what? I mean. Score I tomorrow. Let's see how Philly reacts to that. And you know you want even powerplays been bad. It's still generating opportunities for the most part. Let's stay out of the box. Let's stay out of the box. I think for me to and this is something I said on twitter I'm nervous that drew got his first. I'm nervous that Vm van reunite got his first. Niskanen got his first You know I wanted these guys to stay off the score sheet for them. You know but correa going down enabled vigneault to. kind of shuffle his lines and he kinda puts stuff in a blender and found a couple of things at work granted he that he didn't stick to those lines. He went back to you know what? He's been using all series long. Makes me nervous. You know you gave them confidence by allowing them to win in overtime. Again, you gave them confidence by skipping some of these guys off the Schneide you know and kind of getting past the islanders defense by getting sticks on pox that are shot from the point. So all those things make me nervous in that you know this is going to be more confident team tomorrow going into game six than they were even game five and you always expect the team to come out balls to the wall. When it's an elimination game you know, and this is another elimination game which kind of makes me nervous right? Can they match the intensity of the team? They'RE GONNA play? That's the thing. They haven't had to be desperate. Yeah. Well maybe they ought to treat it as such tomorrow. And I'm sure that's exactly the message that varies sending to the guys you know and. I love watching? These zoom meetings you know on the off days in the postseason you know the post game rather the policies were in the postseason Mike come on. How calm everyone is it's Kinda. Insane. Like these are guys. I know that you know and you know as well as some of the other people out there I've been around hockey players in in situations you know when I you can see they're just. Always kind of calm aside from when I covered the team and they were absolutely terrible and nobody wanted to really talk to you but that's another thing. You know two things you you're asking you're asking for what else do I wanNA see tomorrow. I WANNA. See the aisles. Get. Get, there get forward get people out to the point. Get in the way. Of these defenseman taking shots. I WANNA see Philippe Myers winding up with nobody near him. Just, like the goal scored the other night who took the shot from the point. That one of the game who? To Trust. Selected in. Pro Her up broke rob. Okay. Let's get out there and put pressure on them on the perimeter if possible you know and at the same time, let's clear the form the NEDAL better. Haven't been able to really do that and like you said when you open the show tonight. and. They're causing havoc all kinds of housing in front of are. We. GotTa find a way to. have him be able to see the puck better from a distance? All right. Well, I guess we're GONNA find out soon enough we got less than twenty four hours until game time. and. Win Loser draw going to be a fun night. It's GONNA be exciting. I know I'm going to be stressed out I I will probably break my own rule because I was trying not to have any alcohol this week very unhappy. Very. Unhappy with my weight so I'm trying to Get down to giveaway. Tomorrow's my Friday brother I. I'm all Fridays Saturdays tomorrow night we got about. SMART I. It's the only way. I'M GONNA bill a handle this one because i. and. There are times when I walk I mean I'm sitting here watching his games and. It's just there's nothing like qualifications just so so racking you can't believe it. It's just unbelievable and people people who are. Not, hockey fan to watch casually. They said all the time like my God. You know how do you guys do Yeah. It's like this. This is what it is. It's just the most intense thing you're gonNa Watch. It really is and the only thing I you know in the in the said this before the league is doing such a fantastic job with these bubble cities in the presentation and including fans. Boards with their their cheering the team on by zoom and everything like that really has been fantastic and the way they covered the seats to kind of make it seem a little more enclosed and everything I love being able to hear the players chirp and call out and I know it's on tape delays you're not really going to hear. Some of the lesser positive things that are set on the ice but as a hockey player I know what's being said so it's that's why haven't. I haven't watched any of the NBA. Probably will going forward but I'm not really really my thing for the most part but. I can speak when comparing how the NHL. Conducted this and how baseball has. I watch baseball games and. You can tell. At these teams. They don't perform up to their capabilities because they don't have fancy and stamps you can. You can just sense it. It's. It's very calm. Very it's. It's just not the same whereas hockey. It's the same intensity. Regardless, it is the same these guys are going. BALSA. Walls. And I don't think it's any different than what it would be if there were twenty thousand people screaming. You know I I don't know if I agree with that one hundred percent because. Thanks you've got. You've got. A bunch of the islanders and even buried trots have said it felt like during the playoffs at the fans were right on top of you and he would have to scream and yell and in his post-game he would have no voice because he was yelling so loud. So you know in a situation where maybe like yesterday when the islanders were Kinda struggling early in The period, and if it was a home game man, the fans would have got on them. They would have made them rise up. They would just taken that energy and converted it into something special on the ice in the end. That's like the current amount sports in general is the crowd present. It could be it could be the way it's presented on television to though. The way it seems on TV I often watch these games than I. I don't even realize the fans aren't even there. You know because they've done such a good job with the production values. You know bring in the goal horns bringing in crowd noise is knowing exactly what crowd noise to queue it exactly the right time. It's just I just think the way they've done it. The whole thing is just been exception. It really has I I'm just I'm happy that they're sportsman. We went too long with nothing. So depressing, you know the only positive thing about this whole entire shutdown is at it happened during the change of seasons from winter to spring. That's really the only positive thing. Yeah Yeah. Anyway man predictions. Sure on new predictions, the skull. All right I think the owners are GonNa wrap it up tomorrow night I. Think they're gonNA. Win. I think they're GONNA win three to one. And I think that it's not going to be as. You're racking a game is most people think I think that is going to have them coming out tomorrow and it's GonNa be. They're going to be going to be in it from the beginning. You're not, GONNA, lose track of their game. They might from here from here and there but for the most part I think you're gonNA, see. Similar to what you saw in game posted. For Game, five against Washington. I'm hoping executions. I'm hoping they come out. They do what they did in game. One. And Varlamov Kinda. Shows back up and we got a three nothing shutout. Wow three nothing. All right I'm going all in on pushing all in. Scoring. Every hatrick. Yeah. Short guess we'll. Say. Goals in one day now. Lee. Patio. I'm going to say pool. Lock. On the power play real walk on the power play. All right. I'M GONNA. Go with I think everybody gets one tomorrow. I think Zeke is gets one tomorrow. And A defenseman don't know. You know Pella has looked fantastic. May maybe he's he's He's he's he's he's quickly becoming. It'll be called elite defender. He's not becoming in the legal tender it'd be weird. and. I imagine that. Our Buddy Long Daddy. All right. Me Too me too. I'm going crazy at work. Then you know the schools are trying to open and they got a million things and there's only three maintenance guys. So we're. Stretched thin but I get pulled one hundred different actions but who doesn't at their job, right? Yeah, I mean I it's been ever since March I've been doing nothing but. CORONA VIRUS AND Police reform and You know I mean there's there's very, very few feel good stories out there right now from a local standpoint, the islanders can be one they are have been one and just imagine they pull it off tomorrow. You know I it's exactly what? Any town or any any city needs at this point. We'll New York needs all the help it can get right now but that's a story for another day. Isn't it? You gotTA brother. Jeff I appreciate you coming on as always. We need to do this again here before the end of the play offs whether we do you know. An end of the round or into the next round hopefully into the next round. So we'll keep in touch. Let's figure out a way. Let's figure out a way to get a get a third person in here. I will do my best you. All you knew. Ladies and gentlemen. I had A. Little. Bit of an issue with audio this more of this morning this. This afternoon and it took me over an hour. This might computer. There's going to be this is going to be an ethics editing job but. I don't foresee myself going to bed before midnight because it's It's already what are we? What we just we just moved for forty five minutes for an hour whatever wasn't the show is gonNA. Be. In. Ten. Minutes Law. Nat is fine. I'll even leave us talking over each other because it's just reality. Anyway, he is Jeff Capellini you could follow him on twitter at Jacob G. L. J.. He's A very, very, very, very, very, very good friend of mine. He's also somebody who I look up to in his taught me a lot in this industry and has become a very good friend so Foul him get him to have we trying to get you to ten thousand followers. Followers every single second the because I I don't shut up saw while you're also very You know. You. Have a very funny way of talking about the New York jets and the New York Yankees. Well he he? The Yankee people you know that's just. That's that's not really I I'm just a fan you know whatever. But when it comes to the jets I, mean I gave up I I've given up. So I'm you know I'm done I'm Pr- I've been done for quite a while that's broken my heart more times than. I care to care to talk about. So it's almost like it's not worth wasting all my energy on twitter to talk about that. Because they have, the new. The new girl here that that's GonNa Steal your heart because the islanders are GonNa win tomorrow. So Bright, so Hope and then then we can get together and talk about how they're gonNA. How can take down. Tampa Bay. Right on brother. All right. Well. This has been the islands faithful podcast. Again, it's been episode forty six I'm your host Michael Sherline follow me on twitter at House blogger can follow the show at faithful aisles. We are available wherever you stream your podcasts. Go Subscribe Rate Review go out there. Tell your friends comment on facebook rate us on facebook page as well as his podcast. Tell all your friends, tell your family and most importantly. Let's go.

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