The 'Wrestling on a Corner with Pat McAfee, a Brolic Bruiserweight and Two Other Dudes' Episode


Pay leaned in and said something to freddie. Keep working on. What makes you different. And what makes you special. It was a great advice but it caused me some problems. What could change freddy adu. Soccer is going to explode. And it's going to be around this kid. The beatles everywhere we went it was the freddie show and with that came the expectation and with that came the pressure new episodes of american prodigy. Drop tuesday's from blue wire podcast. What up everybody. Welcome to another episode of the corner. Podcast killed be here with the old man. Andre is hail and this show the entire show is all about an x t takeover war games because we just finished watching it so nothing better than having an immediate reaction to that show if you guys tune in for the hip hop talk and all the craziness we usually talk about. We apologize this all wrastling tonight. I'd say check. Around tuesday or wednesday on our boxing show dive right back into it. Talk music talk. Boxing mayweather announced a fight. We're going to talk about aerospace fight and the fights coming up later in the week. So make sure you guys take out that show. But like i said this about annex t takeover and what ryan mckendall deemed the best takeover. He seemed in recent memory. So got the big mac co-signed where giving it. Its own show so dray first and foremost overall rating for the show before we break it down little by little what is your overall takeaway on hot seat right now. Immediate reaction which a great The eap plus that plus. I mean it was a good. Show eight minus. Yeah it would be. It was a notch below it because some weird like storytime decisions but overall was it was a good show any doesn't have bad takeovers. Just doesn't happen but the days of a every show having at least like one four and a half to five star match. Those are behind us for the time being but this was still very good. Agreed so i'll give it an a minus. I think that's where. I left off on the last show as well going back. I still remember. The lascaux is being a little bit better but a settle on this one. For an eight minus. Only one match really dropped a letter grade formed from an eight and a minus will get into that but again like you said takeovers deliver. What they do they don't miss on these takeover paper views everything in between to have to start showing up but i feel like they left enough cliffhangers in this takeover to be interested to see where we're going forward any you saw cliffhangers. There's a lot of stuff in play after takeover not cliffhanger but you know like we kind of we got to see how it turns out because there's a lot of pieces where we thought it was going this way but now it looks like it's going that way. Are they going to do this. Immediate is going to be long term booking for some of the people. We got to see how everyone fits in after this takeover. So there's enough there wasn't even involved today. Where does he see. That's not a finger. This is this is an omission. No that's an omission there. There's there stuff that are that is intriguing. A cliffhanger wasn't involved but there's stuff intriguing going forward like is he. The guy for finn ballard going forward is that's why he wasn't on this because in baylor's just coming back from the broken jaw. We find that out on wednesday. Because ballard cut the promo to nate wednesday to see the princess back. Maybe kushida comes out with fox them up. That is a cliffhanger. So there's there's these little things we really get answered going forward and there was a lot of that in this paper view so much like the w show. The winter is coming show. I thought they left enough intrigue to be like shit. Okay cool. I gotta turning tune in next week and make me want a little bit more so i think that was well done in. Today's show but We can match by match to go through and give our thoughts on all of this first match. Women's wargames match candice laret captain of her team dakota kyw raquel gonzalez and told me. Storm versus team shotsie chassis blackheart amber moon. Rhea ripley an eeo shirai. It's isn't savings. These are the best. Eight women in annexed t right now so. They showed their best their top eight into one match. That's always smart. And i think everyone showed out when we go to match. I like the the placement of dakota kyw going in. I moon went in i. She got her start off. Their opening sequence was great athletic. Moves ember moon did like some crazy handspring front flip into an elbow. There were really showing athleticism bringing their story To the pay per view. Which i thought was one that was built up a lot lately and then as everyone's getting their numbers called thought it really made sense how everyone entered and it was entertaining route. I didn't think there's naturally had too many lol you'll this was born so see. I'm an absolute in special. It wasn't a bad match like these women. Work their ass off. My problem was how we got here and the structure of the match. Like i can't fault any of the eight women that were in this match because they all work their ass off the bill tours. This war games was stupid. Having eeo come in at the last minute was dumb and i. I didn't understand that the other thing that bothered me about this match was the baby faces having the advantage instill losing clean his sheep and the commentary just cling wrap their head around the advantage. Like they between beth vic in wait they just way they handled. This wasn't very smart and it. It doesn't make sense like when when women when the baby faces Have the advantage of makes for a really strange dynamic and they tried offset it with e o coming in last in raquel gonzalez and tony storm trying to keep her out but it just felt really goofy to do that. The could flipped it. I'm not saying you should do it all the time. But i'm just saying like sometimes when the when the he'll have the advantage it feels like the are working from under the baby faces and it makes more sense. This was really poor like that part was strange to me. And then all of this to get to the finish will raquel. Gonzalez pins clean. I didn't feel like we need a war games to get there. That being said these women worked their asses off. It's like they were given a max that i didn't think anybody necessarily need. It was being shoehorned into a war. Games themed pay per view and they worked with what they had and they busted their ass. But i just the story hurt for me. 'cause like this is kinda dumb how we're getting here but i can't like amber moon the eclipse on the chair. Like she's just she's impressive. She's like really really good Dakota kyw opening showed up there. A couple of weird spots in this means there was a spot towards the end where they were trying to set up to break up a pinfall in. Everybody was trying to figure out where they needed to be. And you could tell that. Rhea ripley had no idea where she needed to be. She was like looking around to find where she needs to stand to make sure. Tony storm pushed her to break up the pin and it was a weird spot but overall was good match. The strange thing to me also is rhea ripley almost felt like the weak spot in this match not like she was bad which you felt like an afterthought it felt like a lot of the senate around dakota amber candace being the master. My being amazing every time she gets in the ring. It's something special. Tony also kind of felt. I felt like she got lost in the shah bit. But i mean tony took the clips. That was just great. Yeah i mean you eating it. That's one thing. But i'm saying in terms of like dakota like i thought look dakota ambra had a great opening segment but i felt like it should've been ember in tony because what just happened. Yes that's why. I said like the structure. This match was strange. But i mean all in all was a good match. I just hated like there's this small things that just annoyed me about how we got here. and then i'll say like rick gonzales. Getting the pin on kinda came out of nowhere. But then when you think about it heals beating basically everybody in that ring so she needs a new contender which also makes me wonder. Seems like we're about to get this belt off at yale soon. 'cause she's run out of opponents. I don't think racquel gonzales has the one to take it offer though if she does. That's the ultimate like diesel. Getting the belt move granted guy is pulling the trigger in the click. So don't put it past them. But it feels like. She's diesel to dakota kyw shawn michaels. Not that dakota koci is that you know level athlete but in terms of if one of them had to grab the belt. You'd think you'd be dakota but somehow you put it on the giant i. It makes no sense to me. I don't think she's that. Big of a threat. I think she's the next person the challenge. And then you get whoever takes the belts off. Eeo if asked to come off. Many weekend well see this alaska. There's a think what an expertise realizing is. That shotsie is much better than they initially thought. They brought her in and they were like i. Cool the game with little tank. Then she's she's done so many great things since then. You talk about the maximum. Had ito which was excellent. You talk about the her hosting halloween havoc what she did in this particular match and now i feel like the way. They're planning her entrance tonight with a new tank. I feel like they're looking at this. How do we get this title on. Shotty you gotta get it off. eeo i. it's the only way to do it. I'm not necessarily saying rebel. Gonzales gets offer but it's very possible because if it's not rico gonzales. Then who's left tony storm. Yeah tony storm is the next natural. He'll to get it. And which if you play that into royal rumble weekend. You can make the switch to tony storm as a hugh. But i still think you build tony. Maybe she has to go over on ember to end that. And then you build tony to face. You'll share i to me. That gives you the best matches. Well that gives you a chance for a four star match at takeover mania weekend because tony storm co-worker astle. I don't know. I don't know i feel like a feel like not do you. Do you go into triple threat with tony. Shots like i dunno. It's this is really where it's all because to me. The mistake that team made was making. Eos total baby face. I feel like it would have been much better. She was everybody chased her and she wasn't involved in this war games match because ember should be chasing her Tony should be chasing her. Shotsie should be chasing her. But now she's like super baby face kinda takes like she's so good at being a heel that he turned obey face. it was the same thing with oscar. she was so good being heel. They had to flip it the baby face but then limit your options in her being in this war games match. I still didn't like. Even though i love like the trash can spot because i thought it was goofy and then i love and then to coda. Stop on the trash can. I felt like e was stuck in that damn thing that was crazy filling necessary bump but he last year we are but i feel like i could have done a better job with e oh as this neutral like fuck all you taking on all comers and then the options would open dough. Because we're kelly gonzales getting shot. I don't know if she takes title offer but they've been heating rope if you've paid attention over the past three to four weeks. They've been heating up strangely enough as much. They've been heating up. I'd never felt like. They closed the chapter on her. And rhea ripley and it didn't close in this wargames. It's not like she had a big spot against real like it was weird. They stared each other down and then they had like some fists in the in the middle of the in between the two rings. Rea- beat her hollowing. Having i guess right yeah. That's what makes this feel weird. Like ria beater but rebels getting the next title shot. But i felt like there's unfinished business know this war games. Does the noise me. Because i watched war games. This two things about games of the noisy one is. There's a spot that always happens right around. The third person getting in the ring ragged board. It always happens. Feels like they're just try the just kind of we gotta wait because nothing can happen. It's almost like the The iron man match where in be inbetween minutes like twenty and forty. It's just like all right. what are we doing. It's just would just doing things to kill time until we get everybody in the ring. Then the match begins and then they had a great finish but in between there. I couldn't i can't remember anything from wherever entered in third or fourth until e finally got it. I can't remember anything i mean. It's a bunch of just okay us to beat up on this one and then the other one comes in for a second and then us three beat up on these two. So i mean in the middle of that dakota kyw really had her run and Tony storm locked the gate and they're really beaten the hell out of babies. They killed time doing that. They killed a little asking is killing time though yet. But that's it's weird when you do that. Because i don't mind it if what again. This is like a short war games. Wwe is they just have this problem with like taking matches culminating end fuse sticking him in to try to build things out of it. In war games is a match where back in eighty nine. Wcw eighty-eight the first war ganz with horsemen against dusty in them that was like a blood feud and had end in a war games match because it was just everybody had to deal with the horsemen. It does he get his crew together to fuck them up. There was blood and it was brutal and it felt right. This didn't feel like it needed to be a war games match. This is felt like a match like when they're when back then and i'll even go back to win. I think it was a horseman against the the horseman. James j billings. i remember. Hawked is cranked his neck. Some serious and they separated shoulder in that match and whenever there was an advantage there was a lot of heat. Because you knew what that few was all about like these factions were beefing. Everybody hated the horsemen. This wasn't faxon's this was just a bunch of women thrown into a match. So i felt like those middle spots. They were dry because there was no real heat. They weren't really working angles on the story again. That being said this is not the women's fault because they busted there s in this match. So it's a good match. It was good. Open a really good okay. People loved it. I get it. It's just a small like story elements that bothered me it. That's fair but they were clunky to start out with so we couldn't assume it's going to change right. They did the best they could with the cards given to them. And i don't know why they waited so long to build. This have been going on for almost two months. You know you got wargames. Yeah we two weeks before. We had a podcast a month ago. Where i was like yo. There's like five women's fueled right now. It's probably setting up war games. Your man i hope not. I hope it's just a singles match. Send to war games. Then they didn't do it and that was like oh shit. I guess i was wrong and then a week before war games like by the way like you did this a month ago right it makes no sense but yet they did the best with what they could a lot of fun. It was a fun match. And we'll see what racquel gonzales has. 'cause now it's it's weird position. Where exte- does this ally and i'm sure i like it. But they pushed their monster heels into this situation and they give him time unlike the main roster but when they get there. I feel like they're still not ready. The date with corbin. And then you get stuck in limbo. They did it with nyah. Jacks twice lost both. Get stuck in limbo. Large sullivan got that. Push for a second stuck in limbo. I can't remember monster. Hugh wear worked and they got the title right and did anything meaningful right like you go. They build you up your great you lose in your stock until the main roster calls you up because vince love size and then listen figure out. What the fuck you got up there. Lawrence sullivan crashed and burned. Corbin has been an upper mid card guy for four years so once you get up there figuring out. Niger acts like yes. She's attacking champion. She puts you know monitor the table every week. She kind of figuring it out like an exterior. Just like thanks for building champion. They can actually russell l. out here. Yeah so we that's one of the things and exceed does not do well. They do not build monster heels. The best thing for braun strowman is that he never stayed in annex and exte- might have ruined him because they they don't do it. Well they they don't they a is weird. But i feel like triple h love the shawn michaels of the world. Right he can take are gonna make him an star. He can boost and colds of the world. he could make finn. Ballard fit and work. He doesn't know how to make the big guys work. They don't they don't latch on he can't do that. And that's his shortcoming he needs to find someone who can punish martinez close. But i feel like punishment law. We'll we'll talk about but punishment could be the next guy to get lost in that shuffle. Donovan jack lost in the shuffle for keith. Lee is not even like masahito whippy shit. Yeah the only team like they they tried it with baron corbin baron would have those matches and be like ten seconds right they try to baron and then they realized well not really that great worker and then all of a sudden he's become a much better worker and then they just kind of overexposed exposed Then they tried to our sullivan and yeah just with fuck is law sovan anyway. I don't know they've tried pushing him in a different character like three weeks ago on smackdown and they were like nah this guy. Forget it sucks trying right like so any st is just. They have had this issue with the monsters. And now we're keller. Gonzales is being pushed as a monster heel. I don't know like. I don't know we'll see we'll see anyway. Let's move on but there. You go a criticism of annex t. I just want to point that out by the way that i can be objective in my criticisms towards a dummy near you next match to muscle ciampa versus timothy thatcher. I didn't dislike this match right hard hitting who stiff. It's what we thought. Were getting from them. I don't think i needed sixteen minutes and forty five seconds of this match. It reached a point where i was like. Either you hit the second and third year or you get the hell out of here and around the eight minute mark and let me give us another eight minutes of first gear and i was just like okay. There's a little blood on the ear. There's still like it. Never hit that second gear and he didn't need to be seventeen minutes. Might my yeah. Jumper goes over Yeah this this one. I saw a lot of people. Give praise and you guys know. Like i like my heart matches but i felt like it was like a very grapple heavy match with which i don't necessarily mind cause i love house actually junior. Does i love that. She used to do like volve something about this. Didn't click for me because early on. I was just fucking bored and then by the final stretch. I was like all right. It's like we're getting somewhere and then it kinda ended. And i was like it made me think i thought about this. A lot chop knees gargano. Gargano doesn't new chopper. Chop on his own isn't nearly as good. He was hot off injuries. The infancy was always evolve. Gargano yet that'll match was good though. How much do you give credit cold because coke and clearly wrestle anybody versus shop but champions goldies coming home all they should. I like that. You know what fuck chump when they put the music on them so that did hurt. But i'm i'm talking about in ring like his in ring has been tied so closely to guy to gargano always like gargano on the other hand can just russell anybody i mean they call the fucking guy. Johnny wrestling guard. If you put gargano in this match with thatcher ship probably would have toured now other problem which is is going to be an ongoing theme that. I'm gonna continue to talk about this. Show commentary intel this match. No that that hurt it. Most because i think a match between two heavy hitters and also grappling base no one called out the grappling maneuvers. It made it feel big immediate. Feel important moreo. What a crush this match. Yeah you you look at that and it's just like you didn't add anything to the match. The annex t u k crew would across this match with this the worst part about tonight's takeover was the commentary. You could drop into a whole grade office straight commentary. It's the common like we can talk about now. The commentary team has no chemistry. Like between beth phoenix. Trying to double ditch away. Just say something and wade barrett just kind of heavy handed with his analysis but it just doesn't seem like him vic have any chemistry and vic joseph is good. But it's like it's the wrong. It's just wrong combination of people especially the tell. Some of these stories is like i said in the women's wargame way bear was just like confused. All the advantages. Aw vantage embezzled like. Oh my god. I'm like yo like you guys are not really selling this match for me. This particular match. I would love to hear. Moral in nasal mcginnis like call this match. It would give a sense of urgency and it wasn't there you know beth All right we'll have a little bit with this singers. We have those singers who sing the national anthem. And they like put rifts in shit that don't need to have riffs. That's like beth phoenix commentary. She gets really excited at spots. I'm like that they need it. They're like why are you doing that. I'll make its arrest whole like bethsheba out is not that fucking fun and because of that. It's it feels like somebody's in her head says a bath. You've got gotta say something because there are times either. I said this in the group chat. Either i completely tune her out or she says nothing of consequence and then when she says something like that came out of nowhere and it doesn't nothing that these three do together helped any match tonight. None of these matches felt heightened by the commentary. And i know moral can be over the top but he sells it. Nigel is excellent. I mean shit man get some. Oh joe corey anybody. The past two weeks on television have been great. 'cause you put kevin owens in the booth with vic and that was good and then they had another guest commentator last week so you do this and it's like whole. That's the weird thing about wade. Barrett need wade barrett on commentary. I mean bad news barrett on commentary. He plays like a like a straight straight guy. Like he's going there. No charisma no attitude. No nothing like. We don't need that. Wait we need you to be that asshole. He'll that you were as a wrestling character. Be that same guy just on commentary and then you have a personality. 'cause vic is cut and dry as it is you don't have to be the straight man he he's the straight man feeding you lines you call him a clown you tell me he doesn't know about the business you tell him that your hair you've got to be that asshole snarky guy roux for the heels right now. He's rooting for no one. He should be e- needs to look at corey graves recently. Bobby heenan back in the day. Yes to look at shit jerry. The king lawler lowered heenan. Were the were great at this. Because they took their in ring personas into what they were doing. Commentators macho man do the same jesse. The body inventory did the same. They didn't come in and say i'm just straight laced now on my real person. They took their in ring character to the booth. And that's why it worked and he hasn't done that you know. I agree with that because when you think about berry you think a bad news barrett and that's the care that you want in the booth and even when you look at somebody like some. Oh joe right. who's great on commentary. But there are times when samoa does color and he sides with the heel or he sides with whoever's the aggressor like joe his commentary always sides with the person who was more aggressive because he doesn't give a shit. How you get there is how you get the advantage and you need to have that kind of personality. You can't have two guys. Call him the straight. That's why you have a play by play and color and then beth. I don't know what the fuck beth is. Beth is the energy sector. I have no idea. I feel bad for beth. 'cause i feel like beth is like a wonderful person. She just never fits like her more notion like dogs. He was like sugar. Ray leonard in the compensate for tyson jones because you moral killing it and then we just say some shit and it will get quiet because you think sugary is going to say something that makes sense and then he just kinda doesn't and that's what beth does. It hurt this match back to this match. This match people liked it. I did not care for this match. And i don't blame data i i don't know man i don't know what was going to do. He just hasn't horrible. It was horrible. No i just it wasn't it wasn't good it with me. It's what takes the pay per view downtown minus for me this match particularly this match. I can't defend and they didn't the commentary team all these papers you know you've got that one match where you really gotta talk up like that's why you have a commentary team like you've gotta you've really gotta pull up one of the matches because not every mad could be a banger. Nine every match could be a five star four star match. And they didn't do so yeah. I mean they got to fix that. You know what now. I'm on it all away barry. The other two aren't going to change it all away. Barry like he's part of this all right before we go to makes match. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back. And we'll talk about dexter. 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Two three kid aka x park east said this was the best strap match. He's seen and it was innovative right. It did some new shape which is hard to do. twenty twenty. but to me definitely wasn't the best shallow to twitter's immediately started calling out stink versus vader as soon restrict match ever come then even royal rumble. This past year. The and dan o'brien crust exit. It was the best mashed phoenix at in that character. Credit to dan. O'brien who's just fucking amazing. But i think this match brought something different and even though crammer and grimes ends up losing to me. He's the star this match. Knock dexter loomis. Oh of course One surprise camera grams lost. You picked you picked lewis to win. But i felt like give them a bowman. But i guess whatever but yeah to the bump on the chair towards the end was ridiculous. There was some nasty bumps in this pay per view. Well network special again. I don't know what the fuck would call these things. I'm pay per views. You guys just going to deal with But grimes like his cowardly. He'll act works. Oh damn good. And he finds his spots to get his offense in. And it's good any bumps well and like i know some people roll their eyes. It's time for to give cameron gowns to push like i want to see him with north american title. I feel like this is a perfect him. Dexter loomis although cool. But i feel like he's a better version of the boogeyman remember the boogeyman. Yeah this only so far you can get with that character and which is fine. Everybody has a place. Lewis has a place. I love the pictures. I think he's got a great place but i think there's so much more yeah camera. Grimes are so much more to lay your character and again i still hate the top hat but it just makes a shit work so i strap. This was really good. When i think straight matches the for whatever reason yes sting evader duke does come to mind and you talk about brian fiend. But i always think about savvy gins stone cold steve austin when they had their beef. That's strap match always like strap match the four corners. We had touch all four corners to win accordance that was always the best one sina had a good one was. Was that scene rousseff. I don't remember. I fall remembers rusev. All all remember seeing not putting rusev over wrestlemainia farms going to blow zine also won the strap match the fourth quarter strapping. He wants everything else. But rusev did accolade fucking Crazy but a good match. This match was better than had any business being. And that's all because a camera drives and it was. It was fun because of what the things that camera grimes does and they gotta keep utilizing this man. Because he's fucking good. Yeah i think he's a guy that no matter how much he loses he can be just an asshole and talk himself right back into the picture. Yeah so he. He's always going to make the other guy looked like a million bucks and sooner or later he's going to look like a million bucks and i agree. I think he should have a run with the north american idol. Kind of johnny gargano is now like he'll johnny. Gargano is being healed. An asshole ish with north american title in the works. I think ken. Grimes could be in that. Same mold going forward. And he's a guy who will work well on a main roster. I don't think they really cut him. I think he's similar to elias. Where he gives you a twenty six minute segment or backstage interviewer on rivalry week and then you're just like okay. That's what he's air for. Cool like that's what he does. I don't know if you've ever hold the title. But he gets a check that's all that matters next match johnny gargano of versus damian priest versus the champ. Leon rush lear. Here right leon. Rough let me not mess up his name dam and then triple threat. Match for an exte- north american championship. I this was a very good built into this match. It funny let wheels hate johnny gargano. He thought leon rough was going to be easy. Go at it. And then every time damian prese ends up helping. Leon rough either win the title or maintain the title. I thought it was a good way to play in. Extend the feud between gargano damian. Prese do most concerned about. Because i was like well. How are we going to make this work with leeann rough as obviously those who haven't watched johnny organic gets the. Nfc title gets a little help from who. I thought it was like. Oh shit retribution. No it wasn't. It was awesome theory and probably the latkes that retribution didn't bring with them to raw to help me get finished. Pins name your prese. No piddly leon rough right. Yeah get regained the title. I was concerned because i was like well. How are they gonna do this match. Make rough feel like a force rather than a guy who kind of sneaks spots in and they did a really good job because the story between priests in rough was played extremely well. There was so many spots where the priests would like. Dude go away like let me handle this rough was like i know bitch. I'm gonna try to get this offense in and then you're gonna fuck me up and that's what continued to happen throughout the match gargano again. I can't say enough good things about how well this has turned into a. He'll i was so concerned that it wouldn't work originally but his work in this match he would like there was a spot where he was gonna lawn dart leeann rough into the opposite corner and then he looked and he saw pre sitting there and he was like this makes sense. Any lawn darted rough into priest and he had like this wicked smile face and i was like that's how you play. He'll everything gargano did worked in this match. Everything rough did worked in this match. The spot where he got demolished by priests and then came back in springboard back into the ring was incredible. Like this manage. I enjoyed the hell out of this mass because it they found a way to make the story work without rough looking like a weak link. Telling another story would priest and rough and then gargano overcoming all the bullshit because certain point. I said on twitter as a rough is gonna pin priest. Isn't he the way this is playing out. This is what. I started to think but no gargano gets the title. I hope this is not the end for rough. I have no idea how you continue this with him because him stealing winds can only get them so far but he's a fun character. He's good underdog a lot of things that work here garganas. Great we find out this awesome theory. We knew he was gonna come back at some point guy the kitten kid. He's twenty one. It's got a ton of potential twenty one. Yeah he's got amazing potential. I don't know who the rest of the goes face guys are. I guess we'll figure that out some point it makes you wonder as hired hands. Like so isn't is it like obviously. The news broke that. Kenneth ray seems like she may have brokaw which really sucks But that means she can work in the heart wills corner right so it makes you wonder. Is this canvas indy. India gargano in theory. They like a faction. Now i think for like a hot second. And then we see austin theory sour on gargano. I think that's that's the next play we get is feary probably versus priest but gargano helping him against priest and help them get over and austin theory eventually sours on gone. So i'm in. no hurry. Turn gargano baby face and think no as long as in theory is a he'll through and through he is a key is the future of xt so they they are going to slow. Play this probably for the next three years. I mean the kids twenty one. But i mean in the next two years he is going to be champion he is going to rain over and exceed and i think he pairing him with gargano to learn robes and then eventually turn gargano will be a very smart play. So i i like what they're doing with us in theory especially a reset after the fucking main roster fiasco yeah. The theory has a ton of promise. I don't know what's going on outside of the ring with them. That's what kind of had them disappear for a little while us through when i interviewed him. Yeah said it so. I don't know if that will eventually hold him back but he's got a ton of potential. Got a great look. You can wrestle. He can he can work and being paired with. Gargano is a good thing. He needs to get back on a winning streak. He fell off losing streak. Smart is as well play but all in all this match was well done An gargano is. I don't discard ghetto. Miss gargano have a bad match. Ever know ever know so. Is he like daniel brand. Oh easily easily. You can put him anywhere and he's pulling the best out of everyone. I'm not sure word. If gargano ever goes to the main roster you wanna talk about lifers. I think he becomes the first annex. T lifer where he doesn't leave. You should need to the show. I mean people would argue that he needs wrestlemainia moment. The only reason you goten main roster is immediately immediately filling the daniel bryan void and going into like a tidal program getting pushed and you know each spent ten years in annex t and then you go and be like yield. This guy has to win the belt. He's on the big stage and you play the super underdog role you know. He now like he's found a way to reinvent himself. He can always stay fresh. You can do. Diy again in a year. You want to cause the tag team. Division is thin outside of ever rise. So yeah there is so much. Promise there that. I can't wait can't wait to see what's next gargano. But every match is fucking good him and also there if they had a match putting the belt on him who ever you wanna put in front of him next. He's gonna crush it. And i look forward for his next like real singles match. It's been a while since they gave him an opponent debate. Yoko have bangor. I look i look forward to that. Maybe don't they are waiting for crowds or whatever but like you said. We haven't seen that four and a half five star match in the second. And i feel like they have a couple in their hands and for some reason. They're just holding. Was they got the gun to the strange spot. Like they from coal delivering all the time and then they had league over coal and they're for whatever reason. The league crossfire match. Just wasn't good. The cross guy hurt and now so it was like we haven't had the corner piece of every banger has been pretty much gargano and or coal. They they got to figure out a way to get back to that. Because that's where the banger sauce. I feel like every. I mean the women paddock couple. They're just fucking. Yeah but i mean the yield shirai. One consistency is like gargano. Is organic coal gargano. Ciampa like gargano and dre like if you run down the list a matches every five star madge like gargano gargano like he is an x t. I know that we talked about in balance like i know scarred. Kano johnny gargano is an adam. Cole has been great. Yeah no i mean. Sammy's aim before them. The heart of annex t right like samuel great. There's been no one like china are gone. He user he's the. He's the most underrated wrestler in the world. And i say that with every five star match. He's earned every four and a half star match his. He is still the most underrated wrestler world to not be number one twice three times by. Now it's a shame he's healthy the he's up he's just never the guy i feel like one years he can definitely push through you. Get the main title back again to like. He's one of those guys. Where if you're in flux which. I'm surprised they haven't done it now. But they put the north american title. But if you're in flocks in like people keep getting just put it on johnny gargano. It's going to be a great title rain so i think the most consistent. Let's take a break before we get into this main event though when we come back we're talking the main event of wargames undisputed era versus team pat mcafee and seeing where that goes you guys. Stay take stay tuned. We'll be right back. We'll get right back to the show in a second but first the wait is finally over. Football is back. You might not be able to be at a game this year but you can still be in on the action at bet. Online bed online is going to extra mile to make sure you can get in on every possible chance to win. The season from game spreads to totals two teams player and coaching props. Bet online gives you more options to wager than anywhere else you can get in on their season opening bonuses today and start off wagering a wins divisions and championship futures all day every day head a bit online today and take advantage of all the great sign on bonuses. Don't forget to use code blue wire bet online dot. Ag that's blue wire all one word bit online. Your online sportsbook experts all right. We are back from that break. And it's time to talk about the main event. Undisputed era adam cole. Kylo riley roger strong bobby fish versus pat. Mcafee done danny burch and laureate. Dan pete dumb looks great. I talked about this. The last segment. They have these five star matches in their hands that they're just working holding onto him versus kylo. Riley is that five-star match is waiting to be just unleashed into the world and they worked their asses off with each other in this mac. And that there's some still there right like they teased it. I feel like this isn't between those two now man year first of all i keep talking about this every week. Pete dunne's at tires gonna need. The change is the only will look on them anymore because he's so ripped a the man looks gear. Do this his cova diet like is been unbelievable that body transformation is nuts. Like that one's he's wearing now man. You don't need that anymore. He's looks weird now. Shirtless roman reigns. He's ripped like the dude is ripped. He's he's felt he's he's theater clearly cut. He doesn't need the onesie anymore. You don't need best to onesie. Go full jason jordan and just start letting the straps down when you wile out there. He looks incredible but clearly as soon as they started this match him in a rally. I was like all right. This is banger so again. This is another matt. Had a fantastic finish but as watching this match. I'm going on paper. This should be a fucking blowout. This with the exception of done. Dave logan and this man sorry as much as we the tag team titles next week they have to. They just don't like there. Were a prop in this match. And they're not even bad wrestlers. It just came out of nowhere and it was like ride their heels and they don't really do anything like i do. They could've done gotten like the grizzled young veterans like cool. Okay that makes sense right. Like i could a saw that and i was like cool but they didn't. They even went when mustache mountain out. Have been like all right. But i logging this. They're not heels. They don't they don't work as heels. They never worked heels until this angle. They've always been underdogs. They couldn't get the belt. And then you would think that would lead to okay. They finally cheated to get the belts and they should be heels. They still feel like heels. Mohawk is not a hugh abusive against was at some point but not in like an t like he's always the hard working guy who's just going to bust pass and you want him to succeed. You finally get the title buddies like. Yeah you guys will do. He'll shit at all doesn't work doesn't work so the match yourself like the final match was incredible. There was some gray spots. But we gotta talk about pat mcafee. This motherfucker spent the entire match like selling his ass off and just swan moon. Salt like his moon saw. We give kurt. Angle's moon salt fits the former atlantic. Yo yo this was a punter. That's that's how crazy it is though right like you look at the nfl. Y'all putters and kickers. These are still like top one. Percents athletes to be punters and kickers. The flexibility it takes to be a punter is insane but these these you think about on the daily so when mcafee. I was the elite athletic punter. That there is like you'll watch this. This is how the form supposed to look like on a swan dive. He watches like three three. Four minutes of jeff hardy swan dive cliffs. He's got it and he went tonight. Did the full who can lay out like hands out guns out. Swan dive from the top of the key. Didn't even catch him from the top of the cage took a perfect bat bump. They were like he knows how to take back. Mom everybody moves. It was incredible if you wanted to wrestle. There's no reason he. He has to wrestle right like none show is wildly successful. He talks about all sports like on or not like he's found his lane like i don't like rome as a show i. I don't like that real like asshole. Ish heel persona on radio but i feel like that's what pat mcafee is. It works so his following is crazy doesn't have to be a pro wrestler but in terms of like. I was very skeptical of like. Why do you need magazine stuff. He's been great on. The mike with shouldn't be surprising. Talks for a living and then in ring. It's like yeah. This guy is good and he cares to be good. Yeah this match was great. I wanted to see him hit the panama sunrise spot. 'cause you think he can do this the he can do it except he tried it for thirty yards and he got super kate like come on. I was like so stupid. So the though i thought he can make the jump up there i was like. Oh he's mad far. But i think he could get there. I would like to see him. I would love to see him. Dedicate themselves to this He's a good news. That i don't want him on my tv but i want them on. Tv like i watch him. I think he's a good he's a good. He'll i'm curious as to how well he could actually work because most of his work is jumping off of shit in taking bumps right. That's shirley man made a career out of this. Shane mcmahon has a full career in indeed and shane like before the takeover started for whatever reason i felt like watching the untold between shane. Mcmahon kurt angle. When kurt tried to kill shane. In the king of the ring match. We kept trying to throw him through the glass. Shane kept landed on his fucking headed. That's what i think of pat mcafee. I was like he'd probably do the same shit. Just keep landing on his head and just throw me again but this match was fine for that. There's a few things in the match where i was just like. Oh yeah pete. Done is the guy like every time i sat there and why so i was like yeah i mean all the but pedone and adam cole have a banger impede done in colorado have sorry roger and sorry bobby fish. You're left out of this one. Those these are the matches to make and one of them has to be on new year's evil has to. I don't know which one would have to. So the question is undisputed era when an excellent sequence down the final stretch got pinned lower kinna birch. They protect the mcafee. No it was a birch got pinned. Okay after eating the needs to the face tyrod. Yeah we they fucked him up air wings. Spot was incredible by the way like the way they changed. That chained everything together. It was so fast. It's so clean. I was like fuck this is. This is a good tactic. So air wins the closest show. No swerve no post credit. None of that shit just win. Where do we go from here. Now that we've wrapped this matchup. One of those was really good. I saw people call and five star. I don't think it was. I thought it was really good. Good five star war games match. Yeah there's just too much is too much time to fill. No it's like having a five star royal rumble badge. You know you know it could be good but no right so now. Where do we go from here. I don't where pat mcafee goes from. Here he goes back to his day job but they do pat mcafee and maybe in a year or maybe in a couple of months we call for the main roster new you make wrestlemainia appearance very possible. So if that's what happens in mcafee is gone. That means birch larkin are on their own. Which means like you said. Drop the titles. Yup done obviously needs to be an angle with either colour o'reilly immediately suge for this now. We also know they did a spot where carrying across his clearly coming back on wednesday f- fully expect them to attack finn bala and that means the title is back into place. It's been strange two months where we have had no honestly. We haven't really had any inexpensive title action for almost like four months between easily bouncing august. Since that he laws carrying hurt ballard. It hasn't really been like a real champion to do anything in a while. So now. We're gonna have. Ballard involved in cross has to come after ballot. It can't go any other way but what happens to the undisputed era in general. Some people were like well. This is their sign off. And i was like no. They think that they are also to me. Annex t lifers not call You can't separate coflin undisputed area and expected to work on raw smackdown. Visibly like he's tomatoes. By i think cold goes by himself and kyle o'reilly becomes the top of undisputed. No no no no. no no. You can't do that. I mean i'm just telling you out or they don't move up. But i mean i think eventually coal is going to the main roster whether it's good or not Sink or swim. I think coal is the guy making the jump. I would love to see boko. But i have no faith that tag team wrestling so i don't know dice all or nothing. There's no way that you pull coal out of that group. To just take him to their main roster he just goes basically die because it doesn't make any sense like i could see undisputed era eventually getting called up if the may ross will ron smack. We're able to figure out the bulls that they have going on now. 'cause they put all the energy into retribution. Actually it went nowhere. I hate to see the undisputed era get caught in that bullshit. Which is why. I would like for them to stay on an xt. If you separate coal this this. So many guys on that roster. I just don't know where they immediately film in. So i thought i hope this i kind of hope that still happens because i know like knowing how the w works when things are good for too long they're gonna eventually separated. The baby's face turn was refreshing undisputed era. They felt like the he'll was getting stale. I disagree but that's what they feel and they turn them baby face. The next step in this is the step that i thought about before. Kyle has two separate from that group. It ain't coal is kyle. 'cause he i don't want to say he's being held back because cold such a big star and he looks like the guy the undisputed era. But he's got so much more to give as a singles competitor. And i don't know it'd be full. He picked up tonight. Picked up the win. And i think they've been pushing him as his own guy. Get like i feel like it. Just it's weird now. Because like i said before i thought they would have gotten kyle with a beefed with undisputed era as heels but now they're baby faces. I can't see separate them. I don't know i don't know man. I don't know where this all let them chase. I would love to see callo riley vs johnny gargano is the there is not a pro for a lot of people. Didn't watch carl on the indie scene. There's nothing that kyle can't do. He is truthfully one of the best singles wrestlers with a unique style. This kind of caught in between zack. Sabre junior bachelor. But then he can bang like like a lot of the other guys as well. He can do everything really well but either he was tied the red dragon or for here. He's betide undisputed area. We hasn't really had an opportunity so a singles shops in these to happen. He's too good not to anybody. Seen him as a single star he knows. He's an excellent wrestler. I don't know how to solve the personality. Is there now to. It's always been there. They just haven't showcase funny. Yeah he's honestly and he's still young in wrestling years but he is what they signed kenta to be like style wise. He's kenta everything you wanted from him. He's the technician. He can bang eat smaller but he bang with the best of them he. He has all those attributes but he has the personality that can really never absorbed. It was never able to bring out. So i think you can push kyle as far as you wanna push them without. Really taking away from adam cole. Adam cole doesn't need anything right. Colds golden whatever feud. You'd put him in. He's great they hadn't before you pat mcafee and when it comes to putting butts in the seats if your top guys job is to put butts in the seats. I'm still the top guy in an extinct. So even though he had title to be the top guy near promotion. He's still put butts in the seats. And this was proof of that. So i mean i don't know where they go with it. Maybe they move up. They have one elva. Run in annexed. If there's no shame in trying your hand at the main roster goes a eighty eighty percent fail but if you could be the twenty percents does it fucking take your try. You know what is like a flame out after three years. You hit the indies again. You're fucking kings your main menu making crazy amounts of money or they move back to annex t a firm believer in flaming out on the main roster doesn't hurt your career. It's it's wasted time. Maybe think you should have been better. They don't usual which is all true. But whatever you do after that you're still a made man. Mike it doesn't you don't take a step back. Just you go somewhere else after the main ross where the good brothers went to impact and became champions and three days there hosting talking-shop mania. They're making money. What what did it cost them to go from new japan for five years to the main roster never you. Don't get a couple of title rains. All but never really be the guys that they could have been or should have been. They got in better shape. It's still didn't help them. Get the push and then they went right back if they never went to. They would've still been in new japan so it's not like they've lost their spark new japan when they when the ronas gone and they get to go back. They'll probably win. Those titles to impact champions like inning cost them anything it's costing tied money the cost of cost but then we're back cute contracts and they went to the wwe had huge contracts. So what they. They never went to annex. T doesn't matter steep but they went to the okay. Let's say someone who goes up through an exceed and then gets released Let me go ahead ricky. Moxley is he hasn't been released. Let's just say hit the indians. He's right back in japan as huge is huge. Yes i'll give you this. Pack park went straight through to the main roster. That didn't work. They put him into a five live left. Went to an extent was huge. Or excuse me went to. Aws huge huge. He's a top card guy for them. Yes here's what i'm saying dole. Here's cost him anything. It costs you time and time is important. Listen i get it some of these guys that go from like when you leave the wwe. You're hot commodity. Here's the part that you missing hot commodity when awa was brand new way. Aws brand new was putting bodies in there. You're hot commodity. Three years from now. Alatha w chasing everything. The ww doesn't have anymore because it's every right now eight. He's not chasing everybody that gets released from wwe. So if guys like coal kyw speed arrogant called up and just flame out like think about it. Dumbest dijakovic isn't a tough spot right now because as in arguably the worst spot possible but this is this is what's going to start happening because nobody's just gonna be like. Oh you worked. Ww come to aid. W because that's the number one competitor come to impact. It's not going to be like anymore. Everybody's not going to be throwing money like this anymore. The boom is going to slow down. And if you get caught up like some guys get a bump from an exceeded the may rosser and don't make a ton of money. The nothing really changes especially now. Because you're you're not on the road. You're wherever you're at is where you're at right. If you do an annex t weekly traveling thunderdome traveling doing those shows the thunderdome so but if you were to lose three years your career doing basically nothing on the main roster and then you hit the indie scene. there's no guarantee that you're a big star. You just wasted you know if you were good before you left. You're not gonna come back to a lesser position. Understand if you're like a guy and he really haven't major mark young country teeth and then you go and you fail then. Yeah okay. I get it but if you were somebody before you left it in these and you are big time signing and then you go back you're fine like ec three and then go back to a lesser position or lesser money than he left. No what you said to said trying your hand. You don't lose anything but you lose momentum like ask people were hype is fuck for ec three. Go back wherever he signed. Do what momentum did he lose the dude. How many years did he do nothing. That's fair but you if you stay in your promotion you'll only be champion so long you're going up you're going down you're going up you're going down okay. But you say maybe an upper mid card guy main event style guy for those three years. You get paid whatever you get paid. Maybe a little bit more every year going to the wwe you got paid more arguably the same digit thing flamed out. You went back to the company you were at. They gotta pay you more now do they. And then are you sure about so his examples example. Leo rush you think. He's getting paid a lot more. Ach think he's getting paid a lot. More i'd say paint around the same circumstances so no brian myers. I mean there's there's no guarantee here's again. Brian myers was he a big indie guy. Nola that's all. I'm saying saying if you leave there with a name you can go back to the name. You had doesn't saying you're not you're never going to take a step back by flaming out in the wb and then going back. If you are prime time guy. Samoa joe kelley tomorrow and go back and be fine. Well i just don't find me what i like. What i'm saying. Is you go to the main roster you lose three years year career right. You get older. You may not be able to do the same things that you could every wrestler especially when you talk to wrestlers. Lewis are the lean heavily on their visibility in their ability to work. The the market is hot. Because of a w right now but you can't guarantee it's going to be there three years from now because there's a lot of you know not everybody's gonna be guaranteed a spot just based off their time with. Wwe they be better off. Depending on how the money is working the indy circuit or in the case undisputed era to stay in an t. There are. I know this for a fact there are guys who don't wanna leave inequity because we know what the what's about to happen. They have no interest in doing that. No yeah i mean. That's that's very true. I could see that. But there's not saying that everyone should but it's okay to make a calculated risk. And say i think i can survive. I can be. It's not their decision at the end of the day. None of those guys get to say. Hey i want to get called. don't work like that. No but i mean if like say you get called up right. It's okay to be like you know what i can buck. The trend like we can all stay in our cushy jobs now but if someone comes to knock and it's like okay. Do i want to stay here doing this or do i want to take the chance in jumping. Be great knowing that. yeah five. Flame out at this fucking jobless but being at a lower not a lower level being wearing. It'd be comfortable offers me security every now and then security what it's cracked up to she. I think i think adam cole can take the jump is not. It's not like listen. Securities great and. Nfc is great and all this shit and understand my going up and flaming out fucking sucks. But if you can go up. And you could become seth rollins. You're pretty much all right like you're that's that's well worth the gamble. I don't think seven dollars for anything. I mean the right up and be exactly. I'm not saying that happens to everyone. But if you take the shot. I'm going to try to several. Going to try to be roman reigns at this where i'm gonna be drew mcintyre who went up and i was like you know what you kind of figured out but for everyone of those there's a ton more apollo crews in untried acn alma who should have been a fucking star but isn't nakimora. Who's been tom car but really at his potential. Sammy zane. kevin owens like. These guys should be mega stars. And they're not not. This is pretty damn good. You know what it boils down to is what we upset about the show years on the show years ago. They ain't enough spots. You can only have so many first baseman. Now you you pack the yankees would like if you guys going sign up. Ray you in You know you go sign everybody you get everybody. Goldschmidt going play. So many guys at first base. The seth rollins ain't nobody take around spot right now. That's a lot of people don't realize is like the main the mai- rosser has slacks for guys certain spots and you bring people from annex. They can't fit in those spots because they don't exist. Which is crazy when you think you have a three hour show on monday and a two hour show on friday. He's still don't have enough room but yet rushing. Randy orton still has a spot. That's that slot has been filled for eighteen. Years is never going to go away. He's legend so interns adam cole. Trying to be seth rollins. The first thing. Vince is going say he's too short. That's the first thing he's going to say. And then he's gonna say already. Got daniel bryan. Because you saw gargano in chopper came to the mayor roster for like what a week nothing therefore i'm out of here. They sent him back. It wasn't their decision. They got sent back and they were lucky to be sent back. Andrade was gathered. Paul heyman love. As soon as paul heyman was moved off raw. It was over. Yup me shit. You can end up short g tomorrow. Hey michigan alpha hottest tag team the next team wrap. Yeah i mean that's of control but yet still jag gables getting wasted definitely. So it's like. I guys wanna work. Nobody wants to sit there and do nothing. That's all i'm saying is like these guys. Don't want to get called up and be hot for a month and then be bench for two years. Retribution is over. So we haven't even talked about the main rawson too because nothing has happened but retribution continues to eat pins. Medium lost dana brooke. Are you kidding me. it's over it's over it's over. You lose the data over. It's a ran on to co world co world out there we'll see. Hopefully we get plenty. More undisputed era in annexed t. And we don't gotta worry about that for some time but yet you know when people get called up you just cross your fingers and pray for the best closure is and this is gonna be like that until vince is no longer in charge and then you get drastically worse. Okay get a little bit better. That's those are the two options get drastically wars or a tad bit. Better not gonna get drastically better. The machine is the machine right. So we'll see how it goes. We'll see how everything shakes out. That's our recap for takeover war games though. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it media recap like. I said earlier later on this week. Round tuesday or wednesday. We'll be putting out our boxing show which will have talked music. Talk to start out. We'll talk floyd mayweather coming back for an exhibition talk arrow spent and will preview to anthony joshua. Fight this coming up this weekend. We appreciate you guys for listening is always. Hopefully you guys are staying safe. Stay rona free. That shit everywhere. Make sure you guys take care of yourself please. In the meantime follow us on social media at corner. Podcast underscore at corner club for life on instagram. Follow me ac caldeans be him out andres jail all platforms. Shout out to the network blue wire shoutout to the sponsors. You guys keep the lights on. We appreciate you until next week. Say we're out piece.

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