The Mueller Report - Pt. 8


Thanks to Ziprecruiter for supporting she wrote hiring is challenging but there's one place you can go. Were hiring a simple fast and smart a place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates that place is ziprecruiter dot com slash A._G.. So to be clear Mr trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs with Bill Tutte. That's that's with what do our position is. I'm not aware all any of those activities are have been called a surrogate at the time and that campaign and I didn't have not have communications with the Russians on to get involved with Putin. I have nothing to do with Putin had never spoken to him. I don't know anything about him other than he will respect me Russia. If you're listening I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing so it his political. You're a communist know Mr Green Communism is just a red herring like all members of the oldest profession. I'm a capitalist hello and welcome to muller she wrote. I'm your host A._G.. And with with me today is Jordan Coburn. Lou Jill Lisa Johnson is not feeling well today. So we're going to cover this part eight. <hes> this is our special coverage of the redacted Muller Report and today we're going to cover pages one forty four through one seventy three. It's a big chunk of the report <hes> <hes> and this is section B. of part four entitled post-election and Transition Period Contacts. We've spent the last few episodes covering part a which was all about the contacts with Russians during the campaign so that took what six episodes and so we're going to try to cover all the post election activity in one shot so buckle up you guys and also I just want to let you know we have the window open today so you might hear some nature and birds. We thought it appropriate because you know it's soothing so if you hear some birds in the background that's what's going on <hes> with our with our magical studio for today so almost immediately guys. We're just going to jump in here almost immediately. After trump won the election multiple attempts were made by Russia to establish contacts attacks with the trump administration and the transition team and these attempts were made through Kislyak and other individuals who sought contacts through Americans not formerly tied to the campaign or the transition team and Miller says here that he could not establish that the contacts constituted a tooted coordination between the trump campaign and Russia in its efforts to interfere in the election so subsection one now on that covers immediate post-election activity including outreach from the Russian government and high level encouragement of contacts through alternative channels not like a postmodern M._t._V. alternative chance. Just you know alternative other channels <hes> then sub subsection a which we call underpants so underpants a begins at three A._M.. On election night when hope Hicks gets a phone call on her personal cell from a person who sounded foreign she says but was calling from a D._C.. Area Code and she had a tough time understanding but got the words Putin call and then she told them to send an email Putin call so she pootie attain Yeah Pootie Tang. She got the email the next morning and it was from Sarah Gay <hes>. Let's see Kuzina Tov Kuznetzov <hes>. He's an official at the Russian embassy and I've kind of figure when I saw the D._C.. Area Code mentioned here that it was the Russian embassy in the subject line in the email all said message from Putin in which he offered his congratulations and said he looked forward to working with trump on improving relations with Russia so she forwarded that to Kush and <hes> we call Kushner Kush and asked him to look at it saying she didn't want to get duped you know but she also didn't want to blow off Putin so she didn't want to respond thinking it was Putin and it was not bitter something right or she didn't want somebody like you know like a some sort of troll sending an email saying hey this is Putin congratulations and ah it being like Bob down the street so Cousteau Congress <hes> when he testified that he called symes. That's the guy from the Center for National Interest Dimitri Simes the mayflower hotel guy and he asked the name of the ambassador. He's like hey what's the ambassadors name name <hes> just to double check and then Hicks told <hes> he conveyed the email to transition officials she she said it to them and trump and Putin spoke by phone five days later in the presence of Transition Team members including Flynn and they'll get into the details about how that whole meeting came. I'm about little bit later in the episode in the Miller report and in the episode because it's an episode about the mole report and we are following it linearly and there's a couple of questions that I had in this particular section about why some things were positioned in in certain in ways but I guess it all kind of make sense in the end so keep in mind hope Hicks recently testified to Congress again but refused to answer over one hundred fifty questions from during the transition and her time in the White House claiming something called absolute immunity which is not a thing and the footnotes notes at the bottom of the page <hes> which is on page one forty five here they refer to the three o' twos from Hicks and Flynn statements to Congress from Hicks and Kush and the emails and letters in question so muller had all that and then on depart be this is the a high level encouragement of contacts through alternative channels and this includes outreach from Dmitriev prints nater Kislyak Gorka off oven and divorced vich sounds like a really fucked up law firm yeah. I don't recognize often he yeah I didn't either and we'll get into who he is <hes> he he's a Russian national who heads alpha-bank <hes> and and how he this is this whole First Section is how he tried to explain to muller the flurry of Russian activity during the transition he told Muller that he's one of about fifty super-rich Russian business guys who regularly meet with Putin and these guys are often referred to as oligarchs defined it like remember earlier this year to when Oliveira Pasqua was trying to get sanctions lifted on him and he complained about being called an oligarch. I prefer billionaire so this <hes> pater oven said he met with Putin quarterly and all the oligarchs and he took those meeting seriously probably probably a good idea understanding that any suggestions Putin made were implicit directives and there would be negative consequences for avenue if he didn't follow through that whole meeting Lincoln the nod thing right and so he went to the fourth quarter meeting in two thousand sixteen this is the end of the year <hes> and it was as it was customary that quarterly meeting was preceded by a prepatory meeting with Putin's chief-of-staff Anton Vino okay first time I've heard that name to yes <hes> and so I guess it kind of makes sense that you know if you think about the governance and and the situation they have this quarterly meeting with all the rich dudes and Putin and then before four they have a prep meeting with Putin's chief of staff and <hes> the one on one in in the one on one meeting he had so eventually it gets to this point where Putin and often have a one on one meeting and Putin told to brace himself for Russian sanctions including some against Alpha-bank he also spoke with the difficulty he had getting in touch with the trump transition team and didn't know whom to formerly speak with to get through to them said this yeah <hes> often says that Putin says this an often told Putin he would try to get in touch with the incoming administration ministration to try to protect Russia and Alfa Bank against sanctions. Hey so we almost getting there. We have one outreach so far to try to get to the transition team to stop sanctions. The ones that Obama was going to impose probably for Russian election interference <hes> he ended up doing that <hes> we'll get to that in a bit <hes> the report refers to volume one part four be five and <hes> pity pivots to Camille Dmitriev and keep in mind net eventually Kislyak did speak to Flynn about sanctions twice in Flint told at least and Flint told him to tell Putin not to reciprocate to the sanctions and that you know everything it'd be cool and those conversations were ordered released by the judge in the Flynn case Sullivan but the government told them not to release those and they hadn't really publicly admitted that they even took place and we've been talking about this however they do later in the report they talk about these phone calls so we'll get there and on page one hundred forty seven Miller says Lavigne's description of his interactions with Putin or consistent with the behavior of correal Dmitriev a Russia national who who heads the Russia's sovereign wealth fund known as already I F and he and he's also close to Putin and Dmitriev was the Putin cut out that attended the Seychelles meeting which is covered also later in this section <hes> Dmitriev made several attempts to reach out to the trump team after the election who and one of which was he was contacted well. He contacted his friend from the U._A._e.. George Nader and asked him to introduce him to the trump transition team and trump transition officials and neater eventually arranged the Seychelles meeting between Dimitri of prints and Bannon Bannon and later also introduced me to Rick Garrison. That's the friend to Kushner that guy and they worked on that proposal for reconciliation between U._S. and Russia which Dmitriev said he cleared through Putin and garrison provided that proposal to Kushner before the inauguration and Kush Kush gave copies to Bannon and REX Tillerson we'll get to the details of that seem to <hes> so it seems like when Putin has his meetings with these oligarchs probably every individual meeting. He's telling them. I don't have a direct person again contacted talk about this meaning. Try please right there. It seems like there were multiple ways that and multiple targets that they were trying to infiltrate into not just the campaign which we've finished that section but now the transition team right especially with the impending sanctions coming so yeah so this actually made it to rex tillerson and <hes> Bannon so I guess it's confusing to me that that's okay right that that potentially a is going to shape their actual policy platforms yeah or at least there are back channel or at least their reaction to the sanctions right because they're not these people aren't registered with Fara when they're talking and doing all know and they are current administration either which violates the Logan Act and he never even talks about violations of the Logan Act in this report on that could be counterintelligence stuff. This might have all gone to counterintelligence would they would they need to have formerly registered as a Foreign Oren lobbyists basically for what they did here yeah I would think so. That's what I would think too yeah but maybe if he's not officially president yet or something then it doesn't like yeah but even lobbyists who aren't don't have anything to do with resident half to register. Greg Craig is on trial right now because he was was pushing the Ukraine Timoshenko Whitewashed Report <hes> that Skadden arps something meager and whatever skadden arps Cetera you know guys and vendors want put together with gates and Manafort and a fort and that's why he was part of that whole thing so and he was supposed to have to register as a foreign agent and that's all he did was try to get this report to some folks in the U._S.. So <hes> and he's on trial so it's weird that they're not right right and I'm wondering if this is all hidden and wrapped up in the counterintelligence stuff which we don't know anything about right now but we'll find out hopefully through Congress <hes> they're working on it quote Unquote Congress. So more continuous here about who DMITRIEV is and how if Russian he's Russian Wealth Fund the AF they co invested with the United Arab Emirates sovereign wealth funds <hes> and Dimitri if that's how Dmitri of regularly met with nature and nature is a senior advisor or to N._B._C. in connection with the R._D._F.'s dealings with the U._A._e.. So that's a lot of letters N._B._C. is Mohammed bin Ziyad. He is ahead of the U._A._e.. Right because we know Mohammed Bone saw or Mohammed bin Salman is <music> Saudi Arabia crown prince but this is N._B._C. and <hes> native Dmitriev work together a lot because his Russian Wealth Fund and the United Arab Emirates Russian Wealth Fund invested in a Lotta Shit together so <hes> usual interests he is then <hes> This is interesting nater developed contacts with both presidential campaigns during the two thousand sixteen election and kept Dmitriev apprised of his efforts so right there <hes> he was trying to develop nater was trying to develop contacts with the Clinton Campaign uh-huh and according to NATO Dimitrius Russia's preference was trump and asked her to help him meet members of the trump campaign <hes> so my assumption here because it never really comes up again is that you know nater develop these contacts tax with both campaigns to put his eggs in both baskets until somebody said we don't care about this one and we care about this one yeah so I think that's that's probably why it's even mentioned here. <hes> because Muller has said explicitly that there were no contacts or coordination or collusion or any thing between the Clinton campaign seed suggestion right and the Russian so according to NATO Dmitry of said Russia's preference was trump as I said and he asked Nater to help him and meet members of the trump campaign. This is Dmitri <hes> then there's a redacted sentence for grand jury material and a statement that nature did not introduce Dmitriev to anyone associated with the trump campaign before the election and then there's an entire paragraph redacted for grand jury material again and then the footnote show Nader's throw twos but nothing from Dmitriev which makes me think the grand jury stuff is Dimitrius testimony but I mean I don't know it's it's hard to guess yeah I don't either but I know that his testimony is a big deal. It would be and I don't so if we could have gotten career Dmitriev because you know was he in the United States. Why would he even help? I don't know <hes> motive and talks about Eric Prints. Who as we know was associated with a bunch of trump officials including trump band in junior and Roger Stone and and that's according to princes and Bannon's throw choose per last unredacted footnote and prince has no formal role in the campaign by the way but he issued policy papers on trade and election interference to Bannon policy papers on election interference? I I wish it expanded more on that <hes> to ban and <hes> he frequently visited the transition offices at trump tower mostly to meet with Bannon but sometimes with Flynn and others so that's kind of vague <hes> Princeton bannon discussed who should fill L. key national security positions although prince wasn't formally affiliated with the Transition Nater and redacted received assurances that he was a trusted associate <hes>. I don't know who redacted is N._B._C.. I don't know so now that Muller has explained who Dmitriev is. He goes on to discuss post-election contacts with the incoming trump administration were on page one forty nine but most of this is redacted due to investigative techniques and it sounds like a spy novel so check this out soon after midnight night on election night Dmitri of messaged redacted who was traveling to New York to attend to Twenty Sixteen World Chess Championship redacted Dmitry Peskov the Russian Federation Press Secretary who was also attending the event so guy who Saito was talking to yes he is. He's the guy that Cohen and Seder tried to contact for help with the trump tower Moscow and then there's a few more redacted sentences midnight chess tournament and then approximately two forty A._M.. On November Ninth Two Thousand Sixteen News reports stated that Clinton had called trump to concede at redacted redacted wrote to Dmitry of Putin has one God I know to somebody texted. Dimitrios saying Putin has one now after trump was elected after Clinton conceded now now. You may remember this but N._B._C. reported this past April that trump was invited to attend the chess championship that year and Muller asked him about it in his written questions so it was a of import and trump told me he didn't attend but he was invited and they asked him earlier in two thousand sixteen if he wanted to <unk> host the event at trump tower. Nothing sacred any more now chess is a place where she goes down. I know it makes me sad. <hes> so the president of the event Kearse on Ilya GMS Ilyumzhinov Allusion Off Okay he's as a sanction Russian oligarch probably goes to those parties <hes> and it's been reported that Putin used the World Chess Federation and its president to serve as a covert diplomatic vehicle for the Kremlin so these reductions could indicate that the person who sent sent the Putin has one text may have been a Russian agent under surveillance by the intelligence community because it's for investigative purposes so later that morning after the election Dmitriev contacted Nader and said he wanted to come meet with key people and later that day okay he flew to New York for the chess tournament and Peskov traveled separately and did the same went to the chess tournament Dmitrov asked Nader. If any trump people would be there and also asked him to invite Kushner so he could meet him. <hes> nature did not pass the message along to anyone. Although one World Chess Federation official recalled hearing from an attendee that trump himself it stopped by the tournament but Muller could not establish that trump or anyone from the campaign or transition team attended <hes> so why did muller bring it up probably because he knows somebody was there and he just didn't have of the evidence to say so. That's what I'm guessing otherwise why bring up the whole chest thing in the first place so neither told Miller that Dmitriev continued depress him to set up a meeting with transition officials and focused on Kush and junior and Dmitry of Said <hes> Artemisia said that the meeting would make history yeah sure sure has it's in the Miller report so all this makes you wonder about Eric Prints telling everyone that the Seychelles meeting with Dmitriev was just happenstance right think of all this that they went through to set this shit up up and they didn't even really talk about anything is what <hes> Eric Print said right so they just all happen to be there. Despite all of this setup Erik Prince's totally lying and I'm wondering why he hasn't been charged. There's another redacted sense here for grand jury material royal but was unable to set up any meetings with Dmitry of and the trump folks during that trip to New York but Dmitriev kept poking at Nader and in December <hes> he asked for a meeting in January or February and that evidence came from text messages from Dmitriev to nater according to footnotes and as we know Nader's phones were all confiscated because they eventually found porn on them child pornography and before we get to the Seychelles meetings since since then we have to remember that nature has recently been been arrested for those child pornography charges he he was charged under seal last year shortly after he gave all this information to muller and then skipped country <hes> and he was arrested the minute he set foot back in the United States. <hes> that's what's going on with George Nader. He is is another pedophile that trump this friends with all right onto page one fifty one about Eric Prince Dimitri of in the Seychelles Meeting <hes> that's the one prince said meant nothing yet muller dedicate six pages to it in his report totally happenstance means nothing and and if you've been listening to Muller Muller she wrote you know all about this meeting. We've talked about it at length so nature communicated with prince that Dmitriev wanted to meet with him and sent Prince Dimitrios bio analyst of Nice Things Dmitri upset about trump look really really likes to <hes> Prince opened the file so muller knows Prince opened the file and read them within an hour from trump <hes> within an hour from getting them and he was at trump tower when he opened them and told Muller <hes> he was at trump tower prince told molar where he was out trump tower that day meeting with Kellyanne Conway Wilbur Ross Steve Mnuchin and others while we need to meet with Bannon <hes> Muller says cell site evidence shows Prince remained at trump tower for about three hours that day but prince told Miller he did not recall whether or not he met with Bannon or or that they discussed Dmitriev. I can't imagine he was there for three hours. And if Bannon was there as well he didn't meet yeah or discuss that he was meeting with Dmitriev or who Dmitriev was and then there's a redacted grand jury sentence and that could be bannon's testimony. I don't know but all that shit went down in early. January twenty seventeen and by January seventh prince had booked a ticket to the Seychelles and then the next day Nader wrote Dmitriev saying he had a pleasant surprise for him that he'd arranged for him to meet with Prince and Nater invited Dmitry Mitri of to the Seychelles for January twelfth five days later. Can you imagine how much a ticket to the Seychelles out a five day. Notice would call yeah. I have no idea where to Seychelles are far and beautiful <hes> that's just nuts so the next day dmitry fascinating nater if the meeting would be worthwhile and this seems to happen a lot in this in this section everyone's like is this guy worth your time. Is this guy a piece of shit. WHO's this guy? Is he good or is he stupid and Flynn. Does it with Kislyak too. It's funny so then anyway there's some redacted someone whose name is redacted told Mueller Dmitriev wasn't enthusiastic about meeting with Prince but nater assured him that he wielded influence with the incoming administration <hes> this guy has designated by Bannon to meet you and remember how prince was saying. I wasn't a you know representing the trump campaign yeah well he was designated by Bannon <hes> and and he said I know him well and he's very very well connected trusted by the new team. His sister is now the minister of Education. It is Betsy Devos of course so nater told Muller that Prince had led him to believe that Bannon was aware of the upcoming meeting and Prince acknowledged it was right for nature to think that prince would pass information onto the transition team but man and told me that Prince did not tell him in advance Vance about the Seychelles and that's you know that's why Prince that's why Muller was like Prince was there for three hours said he never met with Bannon and then Bannon told Muller he didn't meet with them and didn't tell them about the Seychelles meeting which means they totally fucking met talked about the Seychelles meeting when he was at trump tower that day like it but he he doesn't acknowledge that it might come up in the Dukla Nations <hes> in section five which will go over next week but onto page one fifty three in the Seychelles meeting. We've heard all about this. Dmitry Garad Dmitriev arrived at the four seasons on January eleventh very nice where Nader and N._b._c. were staying N._B._C.. was there at the hotel but he he I guess just the actual meaning right so prince also arrived on the eleven and Princeton Dmitriev met in Natives Villa Villa for about thirty to forty five minutes and was there for that meeting and then there's a redacted sentence for grand jury stuff followed by quote Prince described the eight years of the Obama Administration in negative terms and stated he was looking forward to a new era of cooperation and conflict resolution so he's that's what <hes> prince told Muller and according to Prince he told Dmitri of the Bannon was effective and prince provided policy papers to Bannon so he's trying to you know say Bannon's got influence right and then there's a redaction sandwich and the unredacted statement in the middle says Prince added he would tell bannon about his meeting with Dimitri of and if there's interest in continuing the discussion abandoned would do so so the. <hes> this sort of kind of be like totally throat throws in the face or you know defies the logic that that ban and prince didn't meet the day or in the days leading up to him flying to meet in the Seychelles. How's it just doesn't make sense especially with bannon coming up at this meeting so often and this is something I hadn't heard yet but when Prince got back to his room after the meeting House Miller no this <hes> he learned that he learned that Russia sent an aircraft carrier to Libya and then and prince coordinator and asked for another meeting with Dmitry of telling him Libya's off the table and at the second meeting prince told Dmitri of the U._S. could not accept any Russian involvement in Libya because it would make the situation worse <hes> then there's a redacted sentence for grand jury stuff and the footnote about out this is partially redacted but the unredacted part says that Prince denied whatever was redacted and said he was making these remarks to Dmitry of not in an official capacity but based on his experience as a formal naval officer so it seems there's some kind of interference? It's <hes> that he was inference that he was speaking on behalf of the incoming administration <hes> in an official capacity even though he told me he was not yeah but it's it's just one of those things where it's like if you were recommended by Bannon and you have a connection to that one hundred percent that's undeniable. Why are you there if you're not speaking on behalf of the station and I think that's kind of what Muller's trying to an easy illustrate totally and he's using words like we're looking forward to changing how we do conflict resolution shannon stuff what like as a private citizen you're personally looking forward to it as a formal naval officer right like I just want to tell you about Libya at from my experience of the Navy we don't want it to escalate does that or to think they wouldn't take it as that assuming the absolute best which is like very hard even go to that place with these people yeah? Unfortunately you need that you know that <hes> smoking gun center Italy so after the second meeting Dmitriev told nature he was disappointed disappointed in the meetings for two reasons first he believed the Russians needed to be communicating with someone who had authority and second he had hoped to have a discussion of greater substance like outlining a roadmap for countries both countries to follow and then there's a weirdly partially redacted sentence which I'll just read you quote Dmitri tree of told Nader that redacted prince's comments redacted redacted were insulting redacted and that's for grand jury material so maybe he was just like I don't like Prince Prince is a deck. I WanNa talk to Bannon yeah or something like that. You know what I mean. Prince Prince talked abandoned. Bannon knows we're here. I want to talk to ban it. Fuck this guys a Dick Yeah. I wonder if it's because he was talking about foreign policy stuff. Maybe saying like yeah like Libya's too messy. We're not going to get involved in Libya or or or just <hes> maybe anti Russian aggression sentiments or something yeah or probably my guess is that Dmitry of and and you know wanted him to stop sanctions from happening and prince was like I know I try my best but you know Blah Blah Blah or something to that effect like I you know I can't convince the president or the incoming president to not put sanctions and I have no oh control over the Obama administration and it would be not correct for me to try to influence <hes> <hes> foreign policy before you know during transition because we're not in office yeah but maybe not because weren't there <hes> some sort of stories about them. Googling the Logan Act that brings it wasn't mcgann Don mcgann and I think it was check themselves. Yeah I think it was after they learned that Flynn lied to the F._B._i.. It was mcgann had googled about lying to the F._B._i.. And about the Logan Act so that's funny that is funny. That's probably what this shit has to do with like all of this policy influence and later. We talk about that <hes> U._N.. Vote that they tried to influence went the trump transition team trying to influence before he was president. It's just weird yeah googling the Logan Act. I'll tell you what's in it buddy. This is that you're not allowed to do yet. Somehow no one was charged with it. It's just weird and I. I'm hoping that when we get to the declamations coronations were Muller says he wasn't charged for what and why I hope he addresses the Logan Act we'll find out we'll find out all right so then within hours of that second meeting where apparently prince was a Dick print sent to texts to Bannon Bannon but of course they're not in communication about this meeting at all <hes> but Muller was unable to obtain the content of those <hes> member our say that key piece of information isn't isn't there so he wasn't able to obtain the content and Muller also did not identify evidence any evidence of communication between Prince and Dmitriev so I'm wondering here if the office saw that there were text messages but the content had been raised or if they couldn't locate the messages at all that was what I was wondering when I read this passage because in previous yes passages in the report muller state specifically with the course he stuff for example that he was unable to find evidence that the messages existed at all of course he said he tweeted he couldn't find any tweets that there was any evidence that they existed but here he says that there were messages but he couldn't get the content and and that's a big difference in the footnote for the statement about print sending texts to ban and <hes> texts to ban and indicates that the source was call records between prints and a name redacted for grand jury material which we know to be abandoned so abandoned must steve testified that he received the messages and Muller must've verified through call records but the content had been raised so this is another one of those pieces of evidence Miller could get because they were encrypted erased or otherwise destroyed then on the middle of page one fifty five regarding princes meeting with Bannon after he returned from the Seychelles according to Prince <hes> and his interview with the F._B._i.. He told Nater he would inform Bannon about his discussions with Dmitriev and that someone within the Russian power structure wanted better relations with the trump team so he basically told bannon according to Prince Interview <hes> he says he told banding about about all the meetings and shit but they seemed upset and prince was a nobody basically so princeton abandoned met abandoned house in mid-january and and he briefed him about the meeting prince told Muller that he explained abandoned that Dmitry was the head of the Russian Wealth Fund and wanted to improve relations between Russia and the U._S. and print showed muller a screen shot of Dimitrios wikipedia page from January sixteenth and said he showed it to Bannon and said that Bannon was not interested but Bannon told Muller he never discussed Dmitrov can never discussed the wealth fund or any meetings with prince at all and sadly millerton determine who is lying because their messages had been erased prince's phone contain no text messages even though his service provider records indicate that he and abandoned texted dozens of times so that's this is exactly what I thought so there's muller saying exactly what we were thinking right. The messages existed but they'd been destroyed so prince deny deleting them and seems surprised that he had no texts on his phone prior to March two thousand seventeen none well. I don't know if this is the case but there's a setting on your iphone where it automatically deletes old things after like a year but that is again assuming the absolute best yeah well. You seem surprised yeah. Maybe got it set to do that or maybe that's the default setting yeah but it's looking <hes> it's looking more so that that's not the case but bannon's device also had no texts and Muller. He told me he didn't know where they were. He didn't know why they weren't there. Bannon told me regularly used his blackberry for work related communications but took no steps to preserve them. It's like dude you don't you don't have to take steps to not delete text messages. You just don't delete them yeah but maybe maybe what happened here. I don't know that's a benefit of the doubt a huge benefit of the doubt they also have never heard of blackberry seeing that no and I think it's just saying you have to like intentionally turn on to <hes> <hes> which is a bad move on your part. I'm positive it's something you have to turn on actually so you have to opt into it yeah default yeah. You have to find it in your settings and intentionally do that interesting because that'd be really dumb to right there like it's fine. I'm just GONNA in my work phone when which I'm discussing crazy things all the time because of the nature of high work. I don't need to save these. Let the phone decide when the communications get deleted. We're only running for president. None of these will come in handy in the future. Yeah that's just stupid. Are you guys. Hey we're going to take a really super short. Quick break be right back. Hey guys this is A._G.. 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We are at the bottom of page one fifty six and this is where we get to the contacts between Dmitriev in Kushner's re garrison so Dmitriev was introduced to Pearson by nature and Gibson runs a hedge fund in New York in told Mueller he had no formal role in the transition and no involvement in the trump campaign other than casual chats with cushy bed so Gerson runs a hedge fund in New York and told Miller he had no formal role in the transition and no involvement in the trump campaign other than in casual chat with Kush about it cat like I just imagined like you know the beginning of the sweater song <hes> <hes> wait. Is it the sweater Song Weezer Yeah we're. They're all just hey man you go into the party tonight yeah Bro. It's going to be great yeah totally beer. This is just what I imagined garrison. Yes <hes> and Kush doing yeah totally that's great. I think that's actually them in the beginning yeah yeah it was very forward thinking of of Weezer that's why everyone loves them very very yes <hes> but but then after the election gears in assisted the transition team by arranging meetings for trump folks with Tony Blair and a U._A._e.. Delegation led by N._B._C. and Tony Blair is the former prime minister of the U._K.. Yes yes <hes> <hes> I grew up on that guy yeah yeah that's right yeah <hes> Dmitri Oven Gerson also that's a huge overstatement. I recognize his name from childhood as we grew up my buddy and me. the driven gear soon i met to discuss business opportunities between the r._d._f. <hes> russian sovereign wealth fund and carson's hedge fund because dimitri of wanna to improve economic cooperation between russia in the u._s. and thought gear send would be a good contact act yeah they all wanna make money <hes> gears and actually told dmitri if he would meet with him but they had to keep secret because of the bad look of holding the trump or the meetings before trump took power so pearson told him he would ask kush in flynn who the key people would be on security and economic matters so he knew he wasn't supposed to meet with russians prior to inauguration yeah right <hes> and so gibson told molar that the transition team asked him not to meet with dmitry of and that he did so as a private citizen for personal sooner reasons such bullshit they told me not to me with them it is and i wonder how much that actually flies if they could i mean i imagine you know if they had those other missing pieces of evidence to actually charge any formal amount of coordination but i feel like the millerton guys are sitting there like yeah <hes> idiots you think we're all done here but they're not they just know that they need a very <hes> so on the same day dmitry of asked nater whether meeting with princess worthwhile dmitriev sent his biodegr- pearson asking asking him to send it to coach he also ask your sin about prints and if he was worthwhile there's a lot of that going around <hes> yeah principles being a mentally insecure guy all these people asking if he's often <hes> so here we just have dmitri of looking for a dozen ways to penetrate the incoming administration <hes> on january sixteenth four days before inauguration to meet your put together a plan for improving russia u._s. relations he and garrison had been working on and it had five main points so i point is fighting terrorism second point is anti weapons of mass destruction efforts third point is win win economic investment initiatives also read as making us rich <hes> number four maintaining attaining an open dialogue number five open my ass that's that's private back channels exactly <hes> and number five being ensuring proper communications using key people from each country which also screams backchannel also screams like don't sign that prince guy again we hate that we had a number five just after these <hes> so then on january eighteenth gears and gave a copy of kush and explain him who dmitriev was kush then gave it to bannon and tillerson but told muller neither of them followed up with him on it on the nineteenth the next day dmitry of sent a copy to nater so pearson told mitri of he gave it to kush and a week later dmitry of told gear seine then putin wanted to know if anyone who given any feedback dmitriev said he didn't want to rush things but that his boss was asking to have key u._s. meetings set up within two weeks dmitriev informed pearson that putin and trump would speak by phone that saturday and that the information was very confidential <hes> so the russians knew about the call well before we did and dmitriev wrote to nato on july to urge january twenty eight to confirm putin could use ideas from the document for the call an apparent reference reference to the trump putin called yeah and also a question like is it cool that putin has seen this then i gave this to putin <hes> because i'm going to be cool ram yeah and then nater said definitely it was submitted to team by rick and me and they took it seriously ashley so after the call gear to dmitriev to say the call went well and dmitriev replied to that <hes> replied that the document they drafted played an important role so then we're onto the part we're onto part three on page one fifty nine now we're talking talking about ambassador kislyak's meeting with jared kushner in flynn in trump tower following the election so now we rewind back to november just after the election when catherine vargas kushner's assistant <hes> i don't remember her name no she's new for me to <hes> <hes> got a message for meeting with kislyak she's ended to kush saying setting up a dime to meet with you time that's my type setting up a day go yeah i was like i feel feel like they would include that they would that would be a misquote witness so setting setting a time to meet with you on twelve one let me know how to proceed kushner responded in relevant part yeah and what i want i want to explain what that means there's a longer email here but what muller is doing is he's picking up part of the email saying kushner responded in relevant part here's the relative right but i wanna know what else is in the email yeah <hes> so could decide what's relevant bob so kushner kushner says i think i do this one confirmed with signs that this is the right guy the right guy <hes> did he not know kislyak was the russian ambassador argus reached out and then reported back that this was indeed the right guy for routine matters and that yeary ushakov was the contact for more substantial matters so meanwhile weird because i i hadn't heard or i had but i hadn't really registered the yuri luzhkov before <hes> but it's it's interesting as the report goes on because he's mentioned a couple more times here and yeah and i i have some feelings about that totally well there's gotta be a bunch of names that were higher up and closer to putin they weren't directly involving in trying because so much of this is just trying to establish a connection you know so there's a whole ring of people that were above honestly all the stuff that was happening you have it they might have at least actually had conversations with erie yeah yeah but we don't know it doesn't come up so but his name is brought up and i again muller doesn't bring shit up unless it's relevant because you remember this report is actually a really tiny tiny summary of millions of documents payments in emails and evidence in grand jury materials and testimonies and and and so if something's in here it's because it's relevant to something so he's bringing up your you shook off for a reason and yeah i just don't know what it is yet probably come back around later <hes> <hes> into meanwhile foresman that bank i had tried to get trump to speak at the economic forum in russia told the office that he told flynn and katie mcfarland that while kislyak was important he didn't have a direct line of putin and russia cough would be the official channel for the national security advisor that's insane yeah i know when i read that i was like dot is why this usua- cough guy is important and and i'll i'll tell you now and you might run into this again later <hes> but remember how sullivan had ordered the dowd voicemail be released and he ordered that the transcripts of the kislyak flynn conversations be released and the government many media sake no no no no no you can't have those and sullivan went okay which i didn't expect him to just roll over on but there's talk about there being other conversations between flynn and and other people and i'm wondering if it's not this issue cough guy yeah but it doesn't come up that is pretty crazy them being like hey this is going to be your fricken backchannel dude yeah this is your direct line i mean i know national security adviser right i know they say official channel but i don't get the sense that they intended that to be through all of the proper protocols that they're supposed to be going through <hes> so foresman told the office that flynn did not ask him to undertake that inquiry in russia but said he felt obligated to report the information back to flynn and he tried to get a face to face meeting with clinton january so he could do so email suggested meeting went forward but flynn has no recollection of it or the earlier december meetings eli is that has to rely them <hes> then in parentheses which i haven't seen yet <hes> muller says says the investigation did not identify evidence of flynn or kush meaning with zhukov after being given his name and that footnotes from kushner's assistance f._b._i. through two right and so that was another thing that tipped me off is that he specifies that ah flynn or kush had didn't have a meeting with zhukov after being given his name like why why would you put that in there can't you just say they didn't have a meeting with chak off yeah it kind of reads like so they didn't do anything nothing wrong there that's kind of how i read it yeah but i don't know i just i've seen it said that like i feel like it would have stated that the investigation did not identify evidence of flint or kush meeting with zhukov period yeah yeah i guess the problem it would establish more you know guilt i guess if they had done it especially after they were giving his name after being told he's a direct line to bannon o. <hes> but even though i thought wasn't the best point person having been told he did not have a direct link to putin he met with kislyak at trump tower on november thirtieth two thousand sixteen and it is conceivable to back to the issue coughing that you know maybe it maybe they did meet after being given his name and they just didn't have any evidence of it destroyed all evidence of about it or it's all under faisal stuff but there's nothing redacted here in the report so that leads me to believe that it's not somehow elsewhere you know so i don't know yeah <hes> so they set up a meeting with kids like trump tower november thirty two thousand sixteen flint also attended abandoned was invited but did not attend so in the thirty minute meeting kush told kislyak one to repair russian relations and ask kislyak to identify the best person to have future discussions with out <hes> because it's not you right because people told him kislyak gained ship yeah i think he was trying to find out totally is decis cough the dude <hes> <hes> yes someone who had contact with putin is what he was looking for and the ability to speak on behalf of him <hes> so they also discussed the u._s. policy towards syria and kislyak proposed having russian generals brief the team using a secure communications haitians line flynn said there was no secure line to the transition team so kush asked if they could use secure facilities at the russian embassy well yeah i remember when that story came out well kislyak quickly rejected that dumb fucking like dude well no no we can't have members of the transition team navy the president-elect's I try to be trying to get us to do that's true <hes> so now we're going to get back to Flynn in a minute because we know that you guys are dying to discuss his record conversations with Kislyak that the government still won't admit exists and we have heard from Judge Sullivan Flynn's lawyer that there could be other conversations which makes us think he spoke to the Ishikawa Fellow but first moolah brings up Kushner's meeting with Sergei Gorkov on the top page of one sixty one so when we last left Kushner he had decided Kislyak when we think of soap opera he had decided Kislyak. He's alone on an island literally do he had decided Kislyak wasn't the guy to me too because he didn't have a line of Putin so in December he turned down a few meetings with him so Kush sent his underling Avi Berkowitz to meet with Kislyak instead and they met on December twelfth at trump tower for for a few minutes in Kislyak had the sad because he wanted to meet with Kush Kislyak told Berkowitz that he wanted Kush to meet with Sergei Gorkov who had a direct line to Putin and was the head of Vinick Conham because God on on Wgn Wait Videsh Conham Bank vnesheconombank v A._U.. The Jesus Christ and once you get it it doesn't it just like a bunch of dudes walking around saying. Are you important. Are you important now. You're not important enough. Are you. Important Jordan are you important. You're not important enough and just like testing each other's importance if they speak for trump and Putin and it just it seems like they're all just kind of vetting each other walking around trying to see who's important enough to set up a back channel with or is this just waste of time because they deal with guys like Carter page of Popadopoulos who are Douchebag fucked bases a can't get them shit yeah yeah. It's like two kids in high school that are interested in each other and all their underlings at WanNa prove themselves and their worth to them or like talk to her for you. It's like suck at this did <hes> so Kush agree to meet with Gorkov next day even though V._d._b.. was under sanctions imposed in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea coach didn't recall any discussion about sanctions against phoebe during the meeting or yeah or any Russian sanctions for that matter. No <hes> Kush told the F._B._i.. That he didn't do any prep for the meeting. Nope nor did he or anyone on the transition team even Google Gorkov but Berkowitz told Miller he did Google. I feel like you could find that information formation but I dunno during the meeting Gorkov gave like I would think muller could yeah yeah during the meeting Gorkov Gate of Kush painting in the back of dirt from Belarus. It's funny when everybody before you knew what it was. <hes> 'cause I think because Belarus's where Kush families from just to just be handed a bag of dirt seriously I wonder if it was like remember Cohen's bag of boxing gloves and whatever I wonder if it was just so a plastic grocery bags from Belarus say it's <hes> it's <hes> irradiated so don't open it yeah so Chris Your family's from there. I guess they thought that was that's that's sweet. That's a nice love language. That Bagai has a painting painting. What is this is? He's been courted for marriage family gifts because you gotTa know like finally these you know Kislyak and prince you know but now you've got Kushner and now you got gourcuff right. GOURCUFF has a direct line to Putin and Kushner has a direct line to trump now. These are big dogs. Definitely here's your bag of dirt for being not Eric Prints I guess yeah and of course when asked about these meetings meetings are this meaning Kushner gourcuff account of the meeting didn't match Kusch said they talked broadly about diplomatic stuff and how Obama sucked at dealing with Russia and Kusch said he most definitely did not mention how he was up to his ears in debt with is six fifth avenue the new building which we call the devil building for obvious reasons <hes> but V._D._b.. Made a public statement suggesting gourcuff met with Kush in his capacity as a C._E._o.. Of Kushner companies to discuss business and DOT Diplomacy v said this meeting was as part of a series of roadshow meanings quote unquote which included negotiations and discussion of the most promising business lines in sectors yeah discussion of that one point four billion dollar debt that <hes> that Kushner on on the Devil Building Mhm <hes> so then foresman had a different take because he met with Gorkov V._D._B.. Deputy Chair Nicolay cimh cons cimh Kaczynski in Moscow before Gorkov went to America to meet with Kush and they told him they were going to meet with Kush to discuss post-election issues with U._S.. Financial issues and that their trip was sanctioned by Putin and they were instructed to report back to him after the meeting Miller says at the top of page one sixty three that he could not resolve the conflict in the three stories but there was no substantial of follow up after the meeting but a few days after the meeting core Crops Assistant Texas Kushner's assistant saying hi please inform your side that the information about the meeting had a very positive response and club there were few other texts but but that was about the end of that communication then onto part five about Petra lavigne's outreach efforts to the transition team in December twenty sixteen a few weeks after his face to face meeting with Putin Petrov even attended a meeting of all the oligarchs and who like all the king's birthday all the king's horses and other and I'm sorry but I have type with my thing auto corrected instead of Petr Aven it's pet raven yeah and now I WANNA call him pet raven from now on Putin's pet raven. That's really cool if we go that Potter vibe too and I like it yes a recall for a pet raven down yeah <hes> so pet raven attended a meeting of all the guards and Putin Putin where the main topic of discussion was the prospect of new sanctions on Russia from the U._S.. <hes> checks out he then tried to reach out to trump transition team trump transition team fuck trump's transition team the triple team. It's awful awful tongue-twister takeout t-bone yeah yeah so the tried to reach out to the team instructing Richard Burt to contact them so Bert worked with oven or Raven <hes> in was also on the board of Alpha-bank where his main job facilitate introductions to business contacts in the U._S. and other Western countries <hes> <hes> while at a work meeting with birds often told burt that people high up in the Russian government wanted to set up a communication channel between the Kremlin and the trump team team and asked him for contact Info Burt said that even though he established a lot of connections for oven this one was unusual and outside the normal realm of his dealings with Ivan. If you're anybody you doing okay you're asking me to do something kind of <hes> back-back generally if you'll remember burr is also a member of the Board of the Center for national interest in approach signs the president of C._N._N.. Because he remembered signs had a relationship with Kush Burke called signs and asked asked if he could set up a meeting with Kush to establish back channel of communication between Putin and the trump team science told mullarkey declined and told Bert it wasn't a good idea in light of media attention. That's one way to put it yeah right. So I'm still muller. He saw their onto a yeah. I'm just calmed down her second time solar. He thought burt was seeking a secret. Channel and science didn't want C._N._i.. To be seen as an intermediary between the Russians and trump oh so he knew it was wrong to yeah okay cool yeah <hes> so bert then sent an email to Ogden that related what signs it said but indicated that they could pick it up again after the New Year but his warning is weird he said quote through a trusted third party. I have reached out to the very very influential person I mentioned and quote Berthold Bullard the very influential person with signs but that the trusted third party he just made up and no such person existed often replied quote. Thank you all clear in quote and often told Muller caller that meant he didn't want the outreach to continue even though Bert spoke to often sometime later about his attempt to make contact with the trump team saying quote the current environment made it impossible and quote followed by redacted bit for grandeur materials does seems teams wrong. <hes> thank you all clear means. This is over no yeah I think it means go ahead yeah. I don't know <hes> <hes> then it says burt did not recall discussing ovens request with signs again nor did he recall speaking to anyone else else about the request that makes seem symes is under the redacted part so we'd put beans on him having testified to the grand jury. We'll see maybe or not <hes> mostly because there are footnotes that signs had an interview with the F._B._i.. But there there are no other signs footnotes just reacted graduate fitness so in the first quarter of twenty seventeen often again with Putin and other Russian officials and Putin asked about offense attempt to set up a back channel and often told him it was a bust walk then redacted sentence then it says Putin continued to inquire about offense efforts to connect him to the trump administration in several subsequent meetings yeah and these are the this is one of those quarterly giant Oligarch Putin parties that they have joint meetings ratings and Putin's like what's going on. It's like failed yeah. Did they probably have bomb food there. Yeah I bet I hate all the guards but I live they dine. Yes really Great Place called Pack Papa Pomegranate on Alcohol and Boulevard Huh have the Best Shush leak in the mole universe yeah anyway yeah <hes> often also told Putin's chief of staff that he had been subpoenaed by the F._B._i.. And that he'd been asked if he worked to create a back channel between Russia and the trump administration often told muller that he you didn't seem to care <hes> so there's a brief section on Carter page is contact with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Arcadi arcade sure how that's pronounce yeah I don't either I'll say arcade arcade arcade divorce Vich and I would just come to me at the top of page one sixty six in December after the election nearly two months after page was fired from the trump campaign patriots in Moscow to pursue business opportunities then there's a reductive sentence for grand jury information but we <hes> kick back in with telling US Kalinic told him that page was blabbing all over Moscow that he still had connections to trump which I imagine you would use if you're trying to get more business connections kind of a it is a good car to play. It seems like a lot of doing in that anyway so to sell their access and knowledge or whatever about trumper to be like you want to do an oil do with me because I know trump <hes> I know they work. Kalinic sent an email to manafort about it saying Carter pages in Moscow today sending messages suggests that he's authorized to talk to Russia on behalf of D._T.. On a range of issues of mutual interest including Ukraine so he got snitched on a nice way to put it yeah yeah it is when you think about it and that's another that's pretty close connection connection between clinic and Manafort right just further establishing their ties <hes> so while Moscow page went to dinner with slow Awebber who we know that Guy <hes> who contacted the deputy prime minister mortgage and invited him to the dinner he showed up and congratulated. Aided page on trump's win and asked page if he could connect him with the transition another one this is just a whole bunch of rushes trying to get access to the transition team through compromise Douche bags basically <hes> then there's an entire redacted paragraph with one sentence in the middle we can read read that says Dorka Vich apparently discussed working together in the future by forming an academic partnership. We'll be school pals and then that's the end of that so page is a stage a target just like Kush in Papa doc among others <hes> page one sixty seven. We you have a brief section on context of Flynn Molar tells us he was the conduit for communications between the trumps and trump transition and Russian ambassador <hes>. I think this is a setup for the sanctions phone calls it says Flint dealt with too you sensitive matters during the transition including a U._n.. Security Council vote in the upcoming U._S. sanctions for Russian interference in the election as <hes> to the sanctions flint spoke by phone with Katie Macfarlane to prep for his call with Kislyak McFarland was with trump trump and other high level officials at mar-a-lago when the call came in molar determined that trump did not ask flynn to speak to Kislyak about Russia's reaction to the sanctions but Flynn did ask Kislyak not to escalate the situation in response response to U._S.. Sanctions imposed December twenty ninth and Kislyak later reported to Flynn that the Russians listened and they did that's what happened. I think it's a note here that Miller does not mention that these were phone calls. <hes> there are no redacted parts here. He only knows that Flynn plead pleaded guilty to making false statements to the F._B._i.. But the calls are themselves are not mentioned but we know there are recordings of the calls or at least transcripts because judge Sullivan who's the judge presiding over Flint's case had had asked for those transcripts to be released to the public so the government objected in Sullivan withdrew that order but we did get the voicemail recording of trump's attorney calling flynn's attorney dangling apart in and threatening him not to spill the beans to molar <hes> so anyhow muller wants to talk about the U._N.. Vo On Israeli settlements first and then starts at the bottom of page one sixty seven so before trump took office but after he won Egypt submitted a resolution to the U. N. Security Council calling on Israel Israel to stop West Bank settlement activity the vote was scheduled for the following day December twenty seconds there is speculation in the media that the Obama Administration would not oppose the resolution flynn told the F._B._i.. That the trump team regarded the vote as a significant issue and wanted to support Israel by opposing the resolution on the day of the vote apparently trump and his gaggle of douches reached out to other countries to find out how they were going to vote and to try to get them to support a delay of the vote until trump was empowered knowing that trump was going to oppose it Kush led the effort on the transition team side and Flynn was responsible for the Russian government and here Muehler says that Morning Flynn called Kislyak and ask that Russia oppose or delay later that day trump himself spoke with El Sisi Egypt's president about the ultimately Egypt postpone the vote on December Twenty Third Malaysia New Zealand Senegal and Venezuela resubmitted the resolution throughout the day members of the trump team kept contacting countries to oppose the vote but when Flint spoke doc to Kislyak Kislyak told him Russia would not oppose the resolution and the resolution passed fourteen zero with the U._S.. Abstaining yeah and this is before trump took office. Yes definitely just WANNA make that like super clear yeah yeah totally well. I mean U._S.. Has always been a huge ally Israel regardless of what people WANNA say. We've been incredibly friendly to them like all the time pretty much with a lot of their dynastic efforts but that's all I'll say about that <hes> <hes> then then we get to the sanctions discussions on page one sixty eight as we know Obama sign the sanctions on December twenty eighth and then expelled thirty five Russians and close to Russian compounds all in response to Russian election interference at the time trump McFarland Farland bannon and priebus were at mar-a-lago in Flynn was on vacation in the Dominican Republic but was in daily contact with McFarland Russia initiated the outreach when Kislyak Texted Flynn December twenty eighth saying call me Bro <hes> Flynn didn't on Yeah Flynn did not respond that evening then someone from the Russian Embassy called Flynn the next morning but they did not talk the sanctions were announced publicly December twenty ninth and that day McFarland emailed multiple transition team members about the impact of the sanctions and the team member named Flaherty Texted Flint a New York Times article about the sanctions these emails we presume are the emails Muller was able to obtain from the G._S._A.. which is news that came out this week <hes> no this was remember a long time ago when <hes> The guy who Guiliani trump installed to be in charge of the G._S._A.? Died and when Muller just went and asked for the transition emails from the G._S._A.. They just handed him over yeah and they were like Whoa yes. They totally forgot their guy who was supposed to protect. Those emails. Just totally died totally. I think that those are those emails and this week with G._S._A.. Oh that's the F._B._I.. Building Hoover building debacle scandal trump doesn't what the F._B._I.. To move out of that building because he's afraid of hotel will take over and it's right across the street and the G._S._A.. Are the ones who that were were. Were in charge of helping that move yeah yeah then nope that happens. There's there's a lot of Comedians I honestly and this I the only reason I know this is because I work in D._C.. So totally okay that makes sense <hes> okay so later that night Bannon told McFarland of the sanctions would hurt trump's ability to repair relations with Russia and McFarland Ireland told Bannon that Kislyak and Flynn. We're going to speak later that night. So Flynn told Muller HE DIDN'T WANNA call Kislyak about the sanctions until he spoke to the team at mar a Lago he spoke with Michael Dean a transition team member he talked to McFarland for about twenty minutes chance to discuss what to communicate Kislyak about the sanctions they talked about how the sanctions could hurt trump's goals and how they did not want Russia to escalate and they both understood that Flynn would relay a message to Kislyak in hopes the situation. We didn't get out of hand. This is all according to Flynn and given the current news with him. <hes> we doubt pretty much anything that he said so meaning like he's just sort of gone from a macro operator to unindicted co-conspirator yeah and he's got this new lawyer who's a fruitcake yeah and he's rolling back his guilty. Plea essentially like Kinda Zhang Qian stuff yeah but even today they're like no he stay in it. They want it. They want it both ways yeah <hes> so anyway. We'll see how it turns out but yes. He's definitely lately not the <hes> ally that the government thought he was <hes> so here Miller says Flynn called and spoke with Kislyak and requested that Russia escalates but only respond in a reciprocal manner <hes> then this starts getting weird McFarland Ellen told a bunch of transition members that Flynn was speaking to Kislyak she had the Congo's of Bannon and priebus and then sent an email to transition members less than an hour after that email she briefed trump bannon pre-bus spicer and other team members and according to McFarland trump asked her if the Russians did it meaning did they interfere in election McFarland told him yes and trump expressed doubt it was the Russians I think that's a load of crap ride and she just said that's like make it seem like trump had no friggin idea that Russia interfered in the election but whatever <hes> that's what I thought too. I was like Oh yeah okay trump said do you think the Russians did it and I said Yeah Yeah uh-huh <hes> MHM <hes> McFarland also said that trump opined that sanctions provided him leverage with Russians and she said they discussed potential Russian responses and that if they were Dick's that would be an indicator of their relationship going forward <hes> after the meeting Flynn and McFarland talked on the phone and he told her about his Kaba Kislyak and their discussions of the sanction <hes> sanctions according to McFarlane Flynn said the Russian response was not going to be escalatory because they wanted to be best friends forever. <hes> then the next day the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said Russia would respond in kind to the sanctions but two hours later Putin released a statement saying Russia would not respond hours later trump tweeted did great move on Layby v Putin shortly after that Flynn sent an email to Kush bannon priebus and others about his call with Kislyak but it did not mention Sanctions Flynn told muller the reason he didn't mention sanctions was because it could be perceived as getting in the way of the Obama Administration's foreign policy again admitting that you can't do this shit <hes> yeah so he knows what the Logan Act is right. <hes> as we know Kislyak called Flynn instead his message was received at the highest levels of the Russian government in Flint told McFarland who told Bannon and the rest and McFarland congratulated Flynn Muller assures us here that there will be more on these sanctions discussed in volume two <hes> so then I'd like to read the closing paragraphs summarizing the Russian contacts on page one seventy three so here it is in some the investigation established multiple links between trump campaign officials and individuals tied to the Russian government those links included Russian offers of assistance to the campaign in some instances. The campaign was receptive to the offer while in other instances the campaign officials shied away ultimately the investigation did not establish the campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election interference activities or there was collusion but not criminal conspiracy right in short yeah <hes> it's that wraps up the Russia contacts with the trump campaign and and <hes> it only took less like ten hours to tell you about the summary of the work that Miller did so yes very cool very very cool very legal in very very very legal very cool but <hes> yeah that's that is all of section B away from part four part five is next. We'll start that next week we might be able to get through all apart five <hes> which are the prosecution and declaration decisions basically all the stuff that he prosecuted and why and all the shit he decided not to two and why not and that's pages one seventy four through one ninety nine and I do hate to tell you this. There's a lottery actions in there. <hes> won't know so. We're not GONNA get all of our questions answered <hes> unfortunately but thank you again for joining us us and listening to the Miller report. It's very important that everybody kind of at least knows what's in it and I hope that we're making it palatable and possible for you to Digest <hes> and we will see you well. If you're a patron. We'll Z.. In like five minutes because we're going to court the deal right after this but otherwise check us out Sunday night and then we'll be in Philly next week so we'll see you then I've been A._G.. I've been Jordan Coburn and this is muller. She wrote Moise wrote is produced and engineered by A._G.. With editing and logo designed by Julia Johnson Our marketing consultant and social media manager is Sara. Lee's diner and our subscriber and communications director is Jordan Coburn.

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