GAA Postcast: Hurling & Football Tipping | Wexford v Kilkenny | Dublin v Galway | Connacht SFC Final


Here at paddy power. We're the home of the money back special with some incredible offers every single week. Check out the website or app today. Terms and conditions apply. Eighteen plus begun dot org. Well, the belongs to the post cast in associated with potty power. I'm David Cheddington. The racing post, I want regular hurling pundit Aidan Fogarty on holidays and delighted to save that our very own racing post, hurling expert, Michael mullahs, who is stepping into the breach and regular racing post readers will know and they would be truth, that he's on the post custody because they will know and they will see it in their wallet that he tipped Limerick to win last year's Orland hurling championship at fourteen to one and also tip key Lynch for hurler of the year. So no pressure. Mike for racing post Debbie, we're also joined by Damian FitzGerald from our sponsors potty, para. So we've got four cracking hurling tell us to preview, but before that, we're going to have a regular slot, which is our quick, fire questions on the first tree for you. Mike emotive if I'm giving you a free tenor right now, who does it go on to lift Liam? I suppose it's probably probably only really till I should start with a slightly, Boyce snacks. And I think the value at the moment has we Limerick, if we look at last week's performances Galway and cork close in the bedding to them. And I think definitely to stand out last week. They just looked a locally argue look poor but limited, just blew them away, completely, and Tipperary, anoint, four to moment. I think are small Baotou shores, considering Limor can tape over last couple years. There's never been monitoring them. So letting value has to be Limerick. So this is the head and the heart saying the same thing. I think so. Yeah, I think from value respect of their. Poile Galway and cork Royd up there, just think Limacher Silla, San note under finalists was just unbelievable lasts. Again, lovely stuff net. We said already that you tip keen Lynch to get hurt at the details in the nation. But will we quote, we want to know now is, who is going to be hurler of the year into the nineteen? This is a close, call between two of their voting Mataafa whatnot, not eat, or talk to think TJ Reid is definitely the best earlier in Ireland. Right. And both don't know if he's gonna make an all airline flying, and it's very, very rare. You got hurt here without making learn. Sort of finger dropped on Aaron gallon at the moment for Limerick. Tell you between him and causing mine, and mining was brilliant and the far south last week books when Joel cannon comes in. It's gonna take the spotlight off. And again, I think Dilan he looks on software. You can give them, bald. Whatever way, whatever you want he just wins. He wins a lot of freeze, which probably doesn't get get seen as much and obviously his goalscoring -bility is, is unbelievable, as you can get eight to one is probably the best bet lovely stuff, arrogant, hurler, ear, eight to one from Moldova who's going for two in a row on your part of final quick question, what province will dish years, our winters. Husky monster tip limousine car Earl genuine contenders. I think already only only millennia with a chance. Silia has to be, sir. Okay. So it's monster presumed that's a short of price damning for chair lizard. Yeah. It's to fight Munster seven floor-length starts on site there for while that is to fight months. But I think Michael is right? Okay. Daime fit share your tree quickfire questions. How was last weekend from Patty para perspective on the hurling front and was your worst result? It was a disaster to be honest on hardened site. Limerick was very poor result to be clear. We laid Mon weakened undermatched for the handicapped. So I think that was probably our worst resulted year. Saw fair with Limerick winning Solan. We laid them obviously, and running as well. When they looked beginning on top of ourselves, just really poor result. Biggest bet we took was a K on Nimrik volleyed. What we took a view decent size bets on demand. Price and to to capture him two weeks. It was a very poor result for us. L taught lovely. So that was my second question. What was your biggest bet? Did you say there? It came on Limerick, tude five. We took a few bets over fight can Limerick like they were very, very popular last week and the max proved all the customers. Right. So yeah Limerick. Very, very, very poor result s excellent guitar, and final question are finding Ryan of rain Robin fixtures in the in the provincial championships dangerous from Patty parak- perspective, given that some teams have Milton to play for. Era bid I suppose, I'm not too bad. They cereals Tipperary the only team that a very to play for. And in that hit Limerick match with probably would probably be a little bit more careful laying air laying bets earlier in the week until we see the team's probably tonight. So you just have to be a bit more care for what it up just. 'cause we don't know how teams are going to be out. But most of the games thankfully, this weekend are stood fairly competitive, hopefully it works out that way, and we'd have some crack in action on Saturday nights in that moves us on to Saturday, the first game we're going to preview this week is at innovate. Wexford packed seven pm skysports. It's Wexford v. Kilkenny. Can we get some prices on handicaps plays? Damian. Ca Kenya thirteen eight to one to draw and seven to four expert Wexford, plus two is ten to eleven ten to one hundred to capture. Aw. And Kenny minus two is even now Daming Fisher people listening to this post, and they'd be saying to themselves hell on our given go Kenney of being so far this year. How on Earth Day not short or in America against Wexford site that if yet to prove their anywhere near Orland contenders was this a tough game to price. Ope was pretty tough games price of like Wexford do have home advantage and you say, can you have been impressive this year? But I'm not sure they have been done impressive, like TJ read has been doing basically everything firm. He hasn't been getting what support really. So I think quick sort at home and, and kinda Kenny, I'm not as convinced by them motor people. Unequipped should have a good chance like Kenney. One by pint last year Wexford bit than deer before sorta hasn't been much between the teams. And I think it would home advantage. You'd have to get away decent chance here. Mike. Motive are Wexford past ourselves by days on their debut FitzGerald house. He comes to the end of the road with this team. Yes. I think so I think there's definitely a lot cylinders Wexford team. But as we've seen over the last couple of years with various Saudis under Davy Tertre forties, and they tend to tend to fall off and it's probably because of his players and he read Herlin is he takes all the stories you hear it seems like he really really drills players, and you can only go to the well, so many times, I don't think that's going to be the case again on Saturday evening. Look, they've looked pretty good this year and true direct form lines if you would goal in Dublin the really well matched because there wasn't much between Kenyan Dolin, Ozzy Wexford and Dolan drew, same goal drew at Wexford and. Galway wannabe Kenny boy point last week. So does it very little in them on a between Amman form? But we saw last year in the quarterfinal against Clare like they were really, really poor against and I think they're just missing tree or four pair players, really bring him on to the next level. And I think that's, that's going to catch them on Saturday. Even as multiple expected, put up a huge follies adulting. Declares players that are I think we're going to have a clash between our two pundits here because I think I think we're going to see different sites here. Michael, we let you make your pitch. I who wins employees. Kenny, Kenny definitely win this. I don't think they're genuine all Ireland contenders yet because there were loyal TJ too much now. He's not he's not a bad to rely on. What do you think Walter walls Koby back this weekend? And it looks like macho Harlem would them take him which is going to leave TJ in a bit more space goes Highland is a brilliant, man marker. And so I'm not sure Wexford lately in kick anyone knowing points last show in the Trump people fail overflowing than on natural Wakeford Pyrke. Is that much of a fortress anymore? It's I think he can each have their number excellent Daming for sheriff Joe boy, what you're saying, just a little bit earlier. I'm sensing a might be an upset on the carrots air. I'd probably just go for expert at the prices. Seven two four. I didn't get home. And I haven't been that impressed by Kenny, so far this year are going to be very, very tight match. I don't think there'd be much between them. I think Kobe pretty low scoring as well, just because there is so much at stake with, like, there's a big danger whoever loses this match Goto championship. So I think very tight match so couple of prices. The Kashmir Nogal score is fourteen and under one and a half chords. The street one and I could see voted him commentary leading to just be really tight matching maybe Wexford get get up by a point or two just with home advantage at the end accent. So to pass bat on the potty paramedics coupon for your Damion is under one and a half goals, a trait more. Okay. I like to send it out. Mike motivated. What's the best? Bet on the coupon. Wexford Vico, Kenny, I'm gonna go kick anymore in a su- expect onto win boy, three or four points, lovely stuff today. Go there, the lads tall. It's on Wexford Kilkenny at seven o'clock. Innovate Wexford park live on Sky Sports on Saturday night. So moving onto the odor game inland, stir, it is still blimpy Goldway ultimate seven o'clock paranoid park, live and skysports Daming, can I get some prices were bested exact same price and dispatches last bad. So we're seven two four eight hundred zero eight thirteen go away. It's ten to eleven Dobelin, plus two ten two hundred handicap tro, and even scholar minus two, Michael disc. All we saw it whom we saw them in seventeen I think a lot of us thought that, that might be to tree four orlands in the next couple of years, and they just happen progress from that allow success are anywhere near as good as they wear when the when the airland this current team what? What was interesting? A look through their two thousand seventeen winning team last night. And it hasn't really changed much over the last few years. I think the problem is a goal to haven't changed, but Harling has duck. Brenda hurling that won the all Ireland is I was in seventeen was the really physical brand of hurling a really lower teams since then you see Limerick last year. They showed they got big quake on Tipperary and jumps to disappear. They're big and quick. I'm when you can complain combine that with the with the hurling these top teams have really, really sets them apart from Galler, which heard they're just lacking, the speed around, feeling they've some big, big men, and we saw impression, Johnny Glynn made last week when he came back in and of c-, Joel silicon in both. I think the game is getting much faster. I think the goal third offence in particular is just a little bit too slow at the moment. And that's why Mike and is one of the best Harland tipsters airland would analysis dot Damian Fitzgerald's have Doberman, been lucky this year, you kind of look through their games, and Trittin d- a big performance. But it just happened really at the start of the year. We were kind of saying they probably would go to lend star given the fixtures, have they've been a little bit of not not to be in a better position than there in there. Suppose you could say look, you're not caused that gaming and spikes, which is the key game. They did look like they were getting on top about halfway through the second half and at the rear going to that. We're going to get on top and going to get the win. What at the same time they needed a free in last minute to get a drought at match in without. That's there'd been trouble. So, yeah, I think you could see, like they've performed well enough. Maybe they are been unlucky, but like they're going to have to form better on Saturday, and a really going to have to put in our performance, if they want to keep going for your 'cause during a lot of trouble. What you found seats at Wexford to cause an upset in the first match lend sir is there going to be literal upset on the carrots here. Daming. I think so I'd give opened a pretty good chance at seven floor. Like I think the thing is it's a lot bigger game for Dublin like dominant half to win this game Galway possibly would probably get through anyway. So I think we have to Troy McCain at this game and Galway last week put in a big went down to Kenyan put in a big performed. So I think maybe there's a chance that could be a little bit flat here. And like the last thing is home advantage parallel packs, big big advantage to Dublin hurler. So in Perrineau pair of I think I would give him an I give them a pretty good chance. I think seventh floors decent. I Michael is seven four. Good value. Absolutely. As I think, when you have doled on located here, I think they haven't been on located just having take their chances both probably unlucky withdrawal that they have to face call in the last round. And I think there are better sullied in Wexford Wexford have a better chance of beaten to Kenny, but I think Dolan at home. We saw last year to nearly turn over Kenny. They're just slacking that small bit put at home on a Saturday. Parnell prior to be settled, I think, in front of a home crowd. I think seventy four is good value. And to know what it's three votes for Dublin because I also fancied Dublin that seven to four. Today you go you can't say that I'm the best band on the potty para coupon. Lots mike. Doc Dolan, seven to four. Yeah, I totally agree Damian. Yeah. Yeah. Like to seven for just had a bigger price setting gave him and didn't fifteen to scold scorers, decent prices will. Yeah, I think he's a crack in hearner stay go. We are fancying noble into college and upset against Galway in the second of the Lindstrom matches on Saturday evening. So moving onto Sunday's action, it's Dan to monster eight as possibly to the most impressive sites. We've seen so far this year. Watt a Tulsa we have in store at Semple stadium, two o'clock live and RT. It is Tipperary Limerick on, I'm sure this is very tighten. The bet. And they mean. It's very tight as you'd expect taper evens eight one to draw an eleven to ten Nimri tip, minus one is five to four. Hennion capture all ten to one Limerick. Plus, on is. Right. Michael wanna Limerick hurling biggest fans but you down to this honestly. Have you been more impressed with Tipperary or Limerick in the last few weeks? Def definitely one of the biggest funds rainbow. Trout three or four weeks for this game. Escape for Sunday morning. But I think for the fact that we didn't expect some temporary this year. Dave impressed me more looking at twenty eighteen and the league this year we knew what to expect from Limerick there. They've proven time and time again our top sullied all albeit at a desire to the championship against core. I don't think anyone really solve this come on from from Tipperary on their league form this year. And how poor day where last year Sheedy has completely turned things around seven Seventy-nine intrigue aims, it's unbelievable score. And yeah, I've been really, really impressed nobly an honest answer. That's what we want 'em Damian. What is Tipperary biggest weakness. So we've seen them in the last couple of weeks been absolutely breathtaking. They've been hitting big scores. Looked flawless. But surely, there's a weakness in there somewhere. Yeah. I think if it was looking for weakness on the tip team. I think I they're they're very good individual herders, but I think they do a little bit pace in the backs. And I think maybe last couple of games have suited tip because they've been able to play sweeper, and I think, really helps tip when they can play sweeper and have a Freeman back there. I wonder backs all America player. I think that can be to be enrolled out and just a bit more pace in against other teams. So, yeah, I, I think when tip play sweeper dig at a chance to look up, and if they don't die, sweeper entertain us suppose time you'd go to DOJ, you'd have to have a bit with tip is they are getting on a bit, and their standard really, really well, but will they be able to keep this level of form of until the end of August with allow the players indoor Tartus now? So that would be another small doubt Utah. What do you think Daming this pecan business as we call it, you know, teams to peak, you know, you hear of Dublin they're trying to peek in August and September. Is it omit? Or is it something that managers do focus on? Train in while. He's building up train, and then easing off when it gets latter sage championship. Is it a myth, or, or is there something true abusers are? I think there's like maybe it is way too much. But I think there is some truth to it. Especially for team like tape that do have an audible under nags like like maybe with Limerick. You can say Limerick were harder and league, maybe taping with younger, lads and a bit more competition for places. You can see how that would work for them, but with a team like tape I think you can say that they didn't really care about league just kind of use as match practice. Really? And now they've obviously game to be ready for the monster championship, and it's just a matter if they have been carried out true, and maybe they can like it's not as if they're very damore majority big players like around Turkey, Mark. So it's dot they're not retiring or anything but yeah, to be interesting, whether they can keep it up. I yeah, I think that probably can. But it's just it would be a small doubt you'd have in your head about a team. Okay. I'm looking forward to this near lots. We've come to you. I Mike who wins employees. I think liberty chills about shea this for don't think it's going to be a shootout that we've seen over the last couple of weeks as we've seen limit after half back on into into the middle. Turn on a really makes a massive ground into the middle of field. And if there's one thing limit of children that are over the last year. It's winning thirty bowl around there out of temporary. Get self into that space when Limerick win the ball on the vote was they don't just panic and hammer of all of the field. Now, they can if they need to the odd time because of the options insoluble, we see they're all go to work in the ball around to the halfback low, and you see Hannah burns dropping off and getting the ball them. And then they launch tax from there sorting. If limited can win that middle hurt, I think the inside line should have the beating temporary from there. I think that Tipperary full-back learner is quite vulnerable to quick. Full forward line Limerick have, and I think we'll just about see Limerick edge don't it's going to be a massive shoot. Okay. So it's going to be the yard and champions culminate on top narrowly from like. The Daming FitzGerald you agree. No. When I like to see the teams I obviously with, with the Kobe culture changes on either side. I think put full teams. I'd fancy tape at home. I think I've been playing so well, just offered Eze are Niger stink. The maybe a little bit of extra scoring power to Nimrik, and like the tape at the moment is like there's so many different forwards that can get you like bubbles. John McGrath, ams kind Lynn Jessop Willard, and, like one you're not going to hold on for him. So I think just fancy Cape. If, if, if there's a phone team, okay? So one edging slightly for Limerick. I'm on edging slightly far Tipperary so without Himalayan. Lads Michael, what's the best best on the potty power coupon? I think the owners on the point sets fifty one point fully of at the moment. I think does the forecast for the weekend isn't grays on, I think it's going to be a real proper battle. So I don't think eaters eater. So it'll be shooting the lights out on the two weather forecast. I think you put up mighty, they're shocked for Sunday. So I think conditions could play a big partyer at Damien your best bet on the coupon. You're going to go slightly against that even though with the weather I can see your point with Twitter. I'm going to go over Trina half golds at sixty five just think wit ball teams likely play each again this year. I think might be pretty loose game. I don't think either team. We want to show the under their full tactics. So I think might be kind of a loose enough game. So over three and a half to six even I think that might be excellent and moving onto our final game this weekend. It is at Cusack park, two o'clock on Sunday and you're going to get a glimpse of the two thousand nine hundred and champions, because Kark are making their way to Claire. Damian can we get some prices on this? Or what price Calveley back. This year is alerted winners out in Cusack park yet are pretty sharp price this week. It's tree to ten Kark ends to draw and tend to treat Claire evens complex is five eleven two hundred handicap draw and, and, and ten to eleven crossfire on over that car, minus five at Damien. First of all, why, if Claire being so poor this year, like they re? Really have been poor even in the opening game. They really really haven't hit the ground running talent in the nineteen. Yes. Suppose I suppose that just look bit stale. And maybe I'm maybe they're a bit over. Eight coming into this. I think the big problem that they have is their big players. I think have always relied a lot under big players care lice, Tony tack, candy, and John condoms. And they've been very poor this year so that when they're not playing with it. Don't really have the players Auburn that step up. So I think I think if they can't get the if they can't get their big players playing and you can stop their big players. And I think Tony Kelly has been well man marathon last couple of games. And I think if he he's not playing wedge hair playing well. So I think that's where the problem starts now Michael, we sat all along the to tip Limerick to any all Ireland last year in an initiate supplement. You also tip Limerick to lift at lea- McCarty. Butcher. Second tip for the allowance is going to prove a win them one because you're tip Kark. So what to caulk need to bring them to the next level, to get over line for this current car team to finally win the airland. What do you think they need to? As well as quite obvious would last year in the seventy downfall. Was there Pinal under seemed solace mcdade Kingston van no money coming off the bench last week. So do Christopher Joyce. So they do have good players on the bench. No. But I was a big. I don't wanna read too much into the for game because Waterford, Evan sole port is here. But a big worry has to be how much they conceded to water for Waterford last week. Like, two seventeen is Fred full to concede to that, though it was a challenge, but still is he won Tipperary unlimited Waterford earlier in year like literally did not concede it all. And really trove audience flawed for core court didn't do that for the second goal. Remember which one would have scored the fullback lend. Just went missing. Any he ended up until he to box on his own getting the ball. So I think that's definitely a worry for cork is, is how much second-seeded against poor soil, like Waterford. So when they go up against the big teams, I'm not sure if the defenses yourself to it so when you're sitting down to your preview back in may. Tip Cox windy, Ireland. Are you more lukewarm about that? No. Definitely not. Tipperary. I didn't find it very at all. And Dave really show on the ten peaked too early to early. We spoke earlier to peak too early. No on not to complement Clark. Let's say not never had a good record Tiffin Clark over the last couple of years. So they seem to be my bogies that's going to change in nineteen Damien for Sharon tell everybody had much cocker we're gonna win this game. Yeah. I think that when I take it, you can't really fancy Claire. After the last couple of games for point handicapped. No, I wouldn't really have the strong opinion either way on two handicap I think maybe it's a game where if you see to I ten minutes, you kind of say, which game way it's going to go. So might be one more for in running betting. I didn't win, but it might be not really have a strong opinion under handicap Floyd points. They're going to be a strong opinion. Yeah. I think I think core covert heightened me, half a Clare were so poor and unchargeable of some sort of fully put it just don't think the players at air and cork looking for Trina role months. So I think they'll want to get better another final yet. I think so on with that million. What's the best bet on the potty power coupon gone for no clear goals, twelve to five? They've only scored one goal jumpsuit this year. And in the last two games they've shown absolutely no goal trash John Cornyn. Enchanted on Zoe have been really disappointing. So I think yeah, don't clean account. Contradicts my point about the car defense. I don't see a clear clear getting a goal okeydoke Dame in your best best in care. We Kark Yemen. Little bit against that. A win would over twenty one and a half care planes at four to five as Mike was saying did just concede scores to anyone conceded to seventeen twelve for last week. And so, I think Claire will get over twenty one and a half points know how much car scorers different better yard just on the carbs defense. No doubt about him. I think over twenty one and a half care points. Pretty decent okeydoke said, obviously, I'm going to be on for cock, minus five. So all this left to do REVEAL OUR best bets weekend. Will be to Mike and Moldova hell after sterling podcast debut, where going to give you the honor of going I in selecting you're not for the weekend. It's under fifty one point four points in Limerick Tipperary. Damian FitzGerald urine up the weekend. Go for under one hat goals in western Kenya. Trees, lovely stuff on. I will go for cork minus five against Clare at even money with potty parent. Don't forget, if you go to potty, parasite, you will see the race the racing post Casta treble it will be enhanced, and it will be serious value. So keep it all year for that on the potty power website to travel. We'll be up there. My sincere thanks to Michael Melvin for brilliant debut on the post Jamie FitzGerald from our sponsors, Patty, para who'd be back in power to with potty Iraq to preview this weekend's conic final friends, or maybe more twenty create free bed for every friend who refer to Patty power. Thanks to our friends with benefits program. Log into your party power account and share your referral link to get started terms and conditions apply. Plus dot org. Welcome back to the post cast in association with potty. David Jiang's the race in post, we are once again, joined by Damion FitzGerald from our sponsors, Patty power on. We've got our hotshot football pundit. Patio Rourke to help us preview the Connacht final on Sunday up here stadium. But before we go in to preview the final, we're going to have our tree quickfire questions on the first treat for you. Rock on your first one is give me America ten for the performance against leaks last Sunday. Give them a seven. That's quite low. I was expecting to Nate there. We there yet. And I just talked to did did monitor which. Yes, the did they won by the entry thirteen to two nine points at atr like it's it looks flattering. Look, more flattering than actually what it actually was. Thinkin may go to goals for halftime then just after half-time leash had plenty of possession plenty of chances to get back into the game. And then Brian Manton gusts his second goal on kind of put the game bay the under was it lacked, a bit of atmosphere. Dan for lasts ten or fifteen minutes. I wouldn't say that to me will be too happy with their plans to improve on, which is a good team going in that they want to be absolutely Pekan for for Sunday week. So I think a seven ten, we'll be fair assessment, folk it oaks question number two, and I don't take me are going to be the answer to this question question, number two is who are the second best team in Ireland right now? Sposato have to go with your, your heart fancies for the other ad in DC. You're doing go of Tyrone. I think like a lot of people, another neutrals around the country. We were all little bit disappointed with the effort that the Tyrone, but in both maybe it's a sign of just head dominant. Donegal were on, on her when they had their homework done. Yeah. I totally agree with that. I think Donegal a proven themselves to be the second best team in Ireland at the moment on question. Number three, if I give you a free ten or to have a bash on the footballer of the year. Who would you have it on at this stage? And air you're on in on the podcast. Yaas me, this is why I said, James, McCarty your tickets. It's going to be someone from a different team. Who's gonna be there right up until alarm finding day and Dovan season hasn't really role in Yash? They haven't been tested properly yet on Monday. Do get tested be the old dog for the hard road to be someone like a Jack McCaffrey Fanton, James McCarrick disclosed to stand up and became to them big game. So I think yards whole tenor on on McCarty. Okay. So it's James McCarthy for patio footballer of the year. Okay. Damian for your tree quickfire questions. Number one, I was last again, from Patty payer perspective on the football front about with your worst result. Less weekend was a bit of a disaster for the on front furrows really like wasn't any individual result. Really? That was the problem. It was done all to favorites won't and onto quantum Peres, enter Maroney team. Run into famous twin and like the vast majority bet the handicap as well. So just like on Hume's and stuff like that running pointing on onto favorites it was a very, very poor result for a week for us. Results plays into qualifiers at Mead, where probably our worst individually result, we took a decent size, bed Sunday and under maximum handicaps. Oh, yeah. Very poor result weekend from stuff on what was the biggest bet stroka Patty power on the football front. And who is it on? The biggest bet we took the play of KEDO Bill on Mead and Longford 'em meet at wanted to dump for dates tortilla. And so wasn't ready really much worry about that cut it up. Pendolino of rose. That was a poor as what are you going to do with the money, Patty? Roll this began to Russ common. Okay. On before we go into that game at number three for you Damien as our mayo still, they couldn't possibly be. Are they still your worst result in the island outright market, their worst result by an absolute Moyle days? Tell us how God, it's, it's like about it's gone up towards about four hundred five hundred brands so sit up. It's very, very like we've only one to carry our own two other loser in the book. So yeah, it's basically male against everyone. So we'll be would be hoping that they don't. They can't start them. Search out in so your Christmas bonus relies on Omni Cantey Bush mayo winning the island while I would love to be in that position. Yeah, there's, there's calling for not to change a little bit, but definitely on your Bill will be our worst results. So as we can get eaten. It won't be too. We often wonder why potty powershares are so good. Maybe it's because may oh, are the worst results in their other nitrite markets today. We go move. It it's a very, very quiet weekend. The football front. We can take a breeder. We can relax Bush. We have to get back up for four o'clock appear stadium on Sunday. It's Galway VS common in the conic senior football championship final on Daming for sheriff. Can we get some prices on handicaps on, I think listeners would be quite surprised with the prices for this match? We're forced nine fifteen to draw and fight to us, common Galway ministry is sixty five eight hundred handicap drawl and rest common plus trees for six at patio. Raw Galway of often post and spluttered and thin pad against bad teams and stoned overlying been inconsistent in the league. And don't look as good as they wear instead amazing. So for that reason our Goldway too short on their two thousand nineteen four. Attained? So I can't believe that they're there to, to know him on Roscommon our faith to like this might sorry, four tonight for tonight's Saturday. Jan force nine unflapped to sorry to somebody was I, I would have seen more of a six four, four to six on America. It's, it's incredible. I have you been like, I haven't been impressed with all the way to all of you being in a in a seminar, both. Yeah. Get the game against London. Dave. Let's be honest. They were kind of looking to there were lucky to, to get ROY slips like him at his highlights of that match unknown than mystic gilded age goal chances. Well on kind of were picking off scores at the res that day procedures detained this name. They're still couple of the big names, Mesa a team that would really strike fear into me. If I close amid player going to play in a just can't see Heather, they're so dumb. In america. Yeah. No. It's incredible. Daming have have kind of we being the most popular with punters going into the game, yet, it's been pretty even overtaking a bit more money on Galway. So, yeah. Yeah. I, I can I can see where that argument is coming from Galway agitate short in the game on anything I've done this year. Really, it's more on last year's farmers and Damian stick sticking with you. What do we make of this current trust common team? I think we presumed it will be back to traditional codifying, what mayo against Galway and then rest, common just wouldn't lie down. I know mayo had opportunities to win that game when Kevin McLaughlin, that late free to draw put they chose kept plugging emplo gone away and Kana Cox played very well scored five points and maybe they're just a better. Saw you on a very well organized under Anthony Cunningham than we were given credit for going into the championship. Vegetarian. I didn't like the Tango Roscommon is they do they do have a lot of very good players. Like, like Connor Cox has been added this year and dismay to be back starting to weekend Connor Advani and be certain as while they do have a lot of go players and they have been very good at underage for longtime. So they pretty good bass players. And as you said, they're pretty organized, like I don't think how to go Johnson that match and yet, so they, they do have their chances common at one bore, you would probably have about them is at midfield and under on K Coutts, like mayo killed them under cake, outs and mayo rack able to get a lot of possession because of that and gone way look pretty good at midfield as well. So I think they're on takeouts is probably where you would have a bit of a question about them. But like they have peace and tears and different that can school were going forward and look fairly. Well organized that vaccine, they're never going to be that far away. No, I think I think that's fair point stare at patio rock, who insist game. And why? Offer us column. I think advice to in a two horse race. That's a mad price IB haven't that anyway on? It's not it's not a case of, of obviously. We see two-horse raise doubling against layer. Doubling ends meet this is two teams that are arguably in recent years. And in the last three years quite evenly matched. So it is surprising that there's so much between them in the market. Yes. And a take last year. Galway run out easy, victors undone the year before Ross common in Konic fine in deform is flipped on a Tate year on year. Like there's, there's nothing between any the teams them in commented. It's, it's just if I can get it the right side of drawing bit Mendham so negative Noten destroy fear into Russ common on on that day go attained in only chartering siphon with the loss, Daming Comber. They seem to be Nickless attained the of, of a Brown up front. So I think with their with their toll furnace in defense that Antony owning his bras. I, I can see us common. Hold him going scoreless. Our goal is on this thing to give away a penalty or something like that. Yet, when when you look at Sam Goldway Damian like they don't know their best starting fifteen at the moment because of all the injuries and because of carbon players culminating later in the league. So there's not that much ability, but the guy with team at the minute is there? Fairness, they do have a system and Kevin much has been dare long enough that they do have a pretty good solid system in terms of the individual pairs calmer, is obviously a massive last. He just gives them something different is different. Probably every other player in the country, like this very few Daming, commerce around, so that is big loss for them. Am y'all? I think I think it'll be very, very tight match. I I'm not gonna sit in defense, maybe little bit. I think to draw at fifteen to might be worked bet it drew couple of years ago in two thousand sixteen and I didn't get be very very much. I don't really see much between them. So I can see where you're come from Roscommon of five to do might local big adding the draw at fifteen to outs looks at big me. Okay. So we've got two votes for us common at fight to two and one vote for a draw at fifteen to two. So there's no Galway here. Patio rock. You've been doing incredibly well with these this year. What is your best bet on the Patty, Paramount's coupon for Galway Veras common? And do do do here we go on going to go all the way out there. I'm gonna say Ross common win. Imagine one the tree points on that's at nine to two lovely was common twin by one. I liked that tank in because Galway or not sorry that you're going to hammer so common art going to win. It's going to be like that bat Galway twin by one to arrest common to him by won't two or three points at ninety two would potty Peradeniya Fisher your best bet on the much coupon consumer Roscommon to be the only team score a goal at tend to Trie whoa. That's big. That's big. I like that. So it is one hundred thirty Roscommon to be the only team to score a goal obviously, we've only got the one game this weekend loud. So for listeners, those are your tree naps this weekend, my tanks to patio for his input into Gaul v. Russ common today. Memphis, FitzGerald from first, hurling, and football, input and to Michael Mulvihill, who told us all about this weekend's hurting action. I've been David Jennings from the racing post tank for listening. And don't forget to join us next week. Checkout putt his rewards tub simply place, five bets have ten pounds or more across any sport in a week. And you'll get a free ten pound bet then next week teams. He's a h plus begun to let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You proudly mold along and skip anybody noticed. You mowed the lawn till people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again. 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