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All right. I'm Jason lot. That's Marcellus Wiley that do Esser other great suit. My man I want to speak for yourself. The most fairly show. It's more coming up. We'll tell you people are seriously underestimating the trailblazers against Golden State. We start today with the NBA draft Zion Williamson wishes he could return to do. So do I if dumbest thing in basketball, the biggest obstacle preventing the NBA from gaining ground on the NFL is the association's failure to figure out a way to keep its youngest talent in college for three or four years. The one done rule is bad business for the NBA and the college game letting kids go straight from high school to the Lee is even worse business no-one dislikes NCW amateurs more than me my desire to see future Zion. Stay in school has nothing to do with keeping amateurism in place, my desire to see the NBA financially reward. It's best prospects to stay in college for multiple years. I want more zion's prospects who arrive in the NBA already ratings driving hope-inspiring TV stars tonight. The whole does most compelling draft lottery since the two thousand and three LeBron James sweepstake, the NBA draft used to be a big deal every year before kids skip school altogether. And now just spend one year in college building the brand Zion is the rare prospect excited enough to generate three years of hype in one season at Duke, and even he'd prefer another year in school. I mean this hundred for sale in our savers. If I could come back for a second year and play I would be and Duke was. It was a dream. Come true. This year my life. This is not reality. We live. The NBA needs to change that reality you grow better players in college. It's a superior training ground than the end of an MBA bench Geely. It's no coincidence that Steph curry Damian, Lillard, CJ McCollum and Klay Thompson all spin at least three years in college. College is where you learn how to compete how to put the teen goals ahead of individual goals. Like NFL players NBA players should be developed in college the guys selected at the top of the NFL draft are expected to come in and help with team win right away. There isn't one rookie plane for the Trail Blazers warriors raptors or bucks, Portland's that Collins is the loan twenty one year old who get any minister in the conference finals there these nineteen and twenty year old babies the NBA allow into their league have absolutely zero to do with winning. It's a waste of money. It would be smarter to give trae young the Atlanta rookie a two million dollar. Check. On this year's draft night for staying in college an extra year you realize before this past season. The only time the missed the playoffs was when he was a teenager learning. The pro game creating more zions should be the NBA goal not being fair to a handful of kids who can score meaningless buckets while finishing puberty. All right. Joined the desk now is NBA champion and non college player. Stephen Jackson and Yahoo sports NBA insider, Chris aides are myself. Would would prospects plane longer in college improve the NBA? For meanness a hundred percent there. Fuck good with. I would say no the year was the coup car because. Nobody forcing your LeBron. He'll want to get them book is to college for free another year. It's amazing that these guys get caught up to the noise, and they listened to to the point where they actually got a sale something to the noise when in reality this is for you Zion. This was your best year ever. You know, why? Because it was your last great year. Guess what? Next year is going to be even better, brother. You're gonna get that check. You'll get that opportunity and you because you're gonna go to a sorry team is gonna get an opportunity to go out there and make it even greater year. So why limit yourself in this capacity? I'm still going to class. But what I went to either. These smart people don't even go to class extra times. I believe Zahn. You don't owe. But get to my point what should the NBA header if the kids stayed longer and call it trying to with them jokes now. Hale. No. Even go the none in dawn's because we know that that list LeBron K, Kevin Garnett Kobe, Tracy McGrady John champs. He was back. This talk about the one and keep it apples to apples Zion. And there's a little full screen here to support this. Now, the Kevin Durant Serik roses carry urban. I picked their first receivers to make match up to what they would have given the collegiate level versus what they gave twenty five twenty twenty twenty one guys hit the ground running. And it's not an anomaly to see a guy hit the ground running those numbers support that and even more. So to my point you can't get the toothpaste back in the to the branding is out in terms of when you see a roster in college and his juniors and seniors first thing you think about is what on ain't good enough to go pro yet. So now, you're going to try to rebrand the upperclassmen it's cleats level. You can't do it. Take you to the pros and get that money. Yeah. I didn't realize coast K was kicked out of school. I'd say shoop on the one hundred before I go any further. What makes you believe that he truly meant what he said, he please. There's no other reason to say why does. No, there's no there's no upside to saying that he truly believes like a lot of guys look man, the lack of responsibility for a lot of people is the key to happiness and having a job is responsibility. Played in college having fun plan thirty thirty five games year. That's that's that's a cake life or guy like Zion. If you plan to do or somebody's major colleges, it can be fun may not be as financially rewarding. But it can be. I think it's all talking points in the recruiting points for. Going there to stay and all that. But please. Nobody's forcing you. Could. You could go back. Go back. Look, I'll say this. We talked about. Yes, it will improve the value of the NBA. It would it would if you're allowing guys to come in stay three years of college two-three because they will be more developed, but look, I'm a firm believer. I know most people would agree with me colleges. If everybody I firmly believe that I believe we ever supreme skill should be allowed to get at boys over there. That's over our we'll get there. But no. But usually go back to the Patrick Ewing days Charles blocking those guys stay I get it. But also what we have to understand their the chances of injury occurring that can I can occur causing you not able to reap your full financial benefits. That is that is that is something they have to weigh considerably. Listen. I I agree with that. I'm for the NBA financially compensating guys because I think it's better than having guys. Trae young put up a bunch of meaningless buckets in Atlanta, this she ain't contributed nobody winning nothing. And none of these young guys really are the game would be better. If the players again, I'm not talking about what's right or wrong. I've seen saying with the game be better if they were trained up in college and sent to the NBA as men where he was saying the same thing about trae as you're saying about Ben Simmons when he wanted I respect, but you're not saying the same thing had set out his rookie year for one. He's still wanted. Brooke a year, and it was meaningless it was so same thing trae. So if you if you going to be on the team play your best, and if you get individual, that's only you but to ask you a question, I feel like I would rather come out in the NBA and go out house going struggle. Then have to sit there and make a hop Poseidon video to bring make the biggest thing like, I enjoy communists. I I would rather just go straight to the NBA. Now like, you said some people may con- it some people's not I'm I wasn't made for college. And I wish I would've went to college to be honest because the cards I signed with end up winning NASA championship my freshman year. And I and I ended up I was strong enough to go to overseas and bounce around to get back to the NBA. Everybody's. Not built like that. So it depends on the person to me stat. Here's what I just wanted to come out of your player mindset. And just pretend you're the owner of an NBA team. You just want the value of your Lee to go up. Would you not admit the game was better served by more experienced players coming into the NBA a lot of these young guys just sucking minutes. They they not really contributing to the overall health of the game until these guys get to be twenty one twenty two twenty three years old. If a scout goes and picks a player, that's not ready. That's on the scout. You can't blame the kid for taking opportunity kids are drafted off potential. Not if they were drafted off who can help us win next year a lot of these other than Zion. A lot of these guys will be going allot lower in the draft. Yeah. But you know, I always go back to the AT. Oh, if you if you can go to war at eighteen he's able to put RAFI family. They. You know, what's weird though, looking at the list of the people that you're using the support your argument when we talk about Steph, and clay Lillard and McCollum only Lillard hit the ground running. And there's a close version to what he is. Now, if you look at Steph, it took them two year for clay year four you talk about CJ McCullough gear three none of those guys, and they stayed in college. And then they came in NBA, and it's a different world. It's a different level. So to stay in college. You still got to make the adjustment. You still gotta get up to the next level. You think about all the people trying to get in the NBA that window a small you get hurt or anything can happen guys. Trying to take his day. Let's move onto this. I believe Zion LIAM's is a can't miss prospect. I think he's in the same boat, not quite LeBron. But in that same boat as LeBron James, do you feel zion's can't miss? Now, LeBron once you say LeBron I'm off like I'm in a different conversation. 'cause LeBron is top five. If you're hater. He's top three. Probably if you really looking at basketball and giving it really his proper value. You can be great. You could be amazing. You can be excellent. You could be Anthony Davis is Anthony Davis top fifty all time. Some would say, no, we'll say maybe Surjit to that place. But the point is a perennial all-star is still not LeBron the Browns another echelon in the future hall of famers. He's in that private room that most can't get into. So to say he's going to be like LeBron so many lead and tells the patient is the same height, then -ticipant, but you talking about in the Bronx where he has finished at when the Brian came into the league everybody was like, oh my God. He's going right. He's gonna take you don't have that saying, I don't I don't even know he's a finesse bully ball player. He doesn't play bully ball. But he has the ability to, but he's a finesse style player. I don't see Roark. I manned polished. He does he's. He's I on as the face of the NBA over the next. No, you still got Katie you got Steph curry, you got a lot of guys about immediately. But I'm talking about when I say Cam media star. But immediately he's going to be a star. But I'm saying you don't think five years from now he's going to be the top player in the league and the face of league. I don't why not I just feel like. His talent is already to the point where he's almost recess peak. He can learn how to shoot and he can lose some weight. But as far as anything else, he's athlete, and I've seen a lot of guys that come in the game that can jump real explosive if they don't add onto their game. They stay the same their whole career. When athlete loses athleticism. He really doesn't have anything to his game. So if you can ask them stuff, maybe, but as of now, I don't see I wouldn't I wouldn't meet personally, I wouldn't call him a can't miss prospect. I will call him a pass over prospect at the number one because I think whoev- whoever passes if they pass all him at number one. Then that owner that GM is going to be ridiculed for life of this guy ends up turning out to be. Yeah. You've gotta draft them just from that. Like, even if you waffling like John Miranda had him on my podcast last week. Even if you're waffling between those two you gotta go with Zion. Just because you know, people like yourself and everybody else believe he's going to be the next libra. I don't know. I don't know to me. I knew the Brown was going to be a star. I did. I don't know. What view I know he has to potential. I knew he has the tools it's something we've never seen before. But I'm not so bad same. I'm not sold. He's going to be a squirrel up and help me out with this in. How did you feel about light? And I know this is years ago when you were just a baby or maybe not even alive when Charles Barkley came into the league, I was three did you not think he was going to be? I wanna say, okay. Maybe the guy won't be LeBron or Jordan. But you telling me you don't feel comfortable. This is going to be as good as Charles Barkley like this is not going to be the number one draft pick. And we're looking at it. And like all the candy. There's not going to be that. We understand you're going to be a star. But we don't know how you gonna go. You know, why I think there's two forces that have happened in. Now, then happened when bark you came out Barclay if you look at roster from number six to nine that played in MBA, Dan, they weren't the same talent level is what you see right now the athleticism. It was a different talented in. So a guy like bark we can come out there and bully his way because it wasn't the most talented guys collectively athletic more now shoot. Okay. He's home. Sad sued them. Yeah. You know bark is amazing all levels, but it was an easier situation to walk into Turgeon athleticism playing that card you play that car. Now, you in a with a lot of people now get because I watched Andrew Wiggins is going around right now with his mix tape from high school and social media pressure with the likes and clicks. And how big you are in that presence has really allow people to start saying people are greater than they are. Lebron even have social media influence when he came out. It was just like. He was on the cover sl right now. If you wanna come on Instagram, look like so he's coming in with a different presence and pressure that I think is kind of hyping them up a little more. Maybe he can live. I just see a body. That's going to get better. I believe the guy's gonna get in better shape. I believe his first step for guy. His size is amazing. I think he puts it on the floor better than people give him credit for. I think he plays with an energy and a ferociousness in a joy and a passion that's going to overwhelm the NBA. I see a better Charles Barkley. But but again, I I may be wrong y'all see something different. We're the only thing that I want to see is in college. He was able to jump over and over Powell everybody, you won't be able to do that every night in the NBA guys. Just as just as strong as he won't be able to do that. Now where he died when guys compete in knocking down you got to see all this stuff as a young guy. We we can say he's gonna lose weight. He's gonna get into all that because he's going to be an NBA system. But. When you get knocked down. He's going to get up the first time, you miss four or five sides is he gonna shoot again, you're gonna be we got to see him grow. I the hype is their hype is there when you compare to LeBron Kevin Durant coming into the hype is there, but that's what I can relate to because I remember LeBron, Katie. But you knew they were going to come in. And you knew that I don't know that like, I don't know that was I don't go on some people look. I look his physical makeup. He's six really six six. I'll say that. Yeah. He really about six six what position? I know. We're we're in a position this game right now. But there's a lot of question marks more with him than we have with Katie LeBron guys who came into the league. That's it. I'm not saying I don't know what he's going to be by just know that there's too much pressure placed on that pick to pass on it number one. We know he's going to be a point God like God. What do you say that Stephen? Oh you around. Jack, Chris aides or back do that. I'm now for. Let's move to the Western Conference finals where the warriors will be without Kevin Durant for game one nine against the blazers. But Las Vegas doesn't seem to care with Steph and company opening at seven and a half point favorites over Portland, obviously, we know what even a short handed warriors team is capable of. But Portland has been a popular darkhorse this season and just pulled off a clutch winning game seven on the road. I think this line is ridiculous. Yeah. And as you insinuated yesterday Marcellus it brought me out of my off my gambling ban Falk. I I had to hop on this line. Yeah. I had to hop on. I'm I'm going to have is too many play. I actually think Portland is gonna win tonight. I think Golden State felt like they won the NBA championship last week when they beat Houston, and they're going to be a little off tonight. I mean, look Golden State has to have a little issue with the way that they won that Houston series without Durant. That's not sustainable. This is real. Who's going to be shocked if if Portland wins tonight, and I guess pulls off the upset Igwe dollar went out there. Hear what five threes, he ain't did essence to down thirteen Shaun Livingston head double digits, and that's his January. They got plenty of lymph in depth in Portland to stars neutralize without K D on both sides. I'm not shocked not surprised at all Portland wins. I don't believe in all that under and over. I was on the AC that'd be the one seat and they had as bad as getting beat four and getting blown out every game. We believed we believe team. So I don't really believe in all that. When you have a guy like Damon CJ they come into play. I know Steph has land sleep and he's waking up Danny town. I know Damon's Whitman cook and the chef they thinking about each other trust me it's going to be a good game. I don't think it's going to be a blow out either way. I think all these guys would come to play the had to say this again Brookefield would be in the Bill showing they will there. There's so much disrespect when it comes to the blazin their chance in this series. I was I was looking at scrolling through the late the late. Great marseils Wylie's, Instagram bakery. This what he pulls. This is a good one though. If Miller goes off against the warriors the same way. He did. It gets. Okay. See while McCollum plays like he did in game seven against Denver and the blazers supporting cast gives it absolute all I can definitely see the warriors winning for. Awesome. That was good. That was this was quite alva-. Tell you right now Dame's ready for this. Yes, sir. Dame is ready for this. Now. I hope everybody else on his team is ready for him. Like, I know Damian I spoke with him. He's locked in. I know CJ's lock their, you know, my my only issue is just collectively. Is there enough right there to get four games in a seven game series against one of best teams ever. I don't know. But look if there's something special to be had there's something special that can be accomplished this year. I wouldn't dismiss them. I wouldn't dismiss Portland. I don't think that Golden State to just tonight a motionlessly after what they accomplished the Houston. And all this celebrate and they've been doing and now sitting here. They're going to miss K D for at least this game. And maybe the first two games. I just don't think that's what they tapped into to beat Houston to make up for Katie. I don't think they can just tap back into it against Portland. And so I think they're actually going to kind of relax and be when Katie that's when we go handle the series. I disagree. They professionals they champions, they know what's at stake. I don't think Steve Kerr and my Bronco these guys come out and their egg this first game. They don't come on be ready play one thing about it. I know Steph, and clay, they know they better we Katie when it feel good going. I hit ninety nine out. They're not gonna really get off. They really thinking that and Stephanos going to be a lot of times where he's going to be matched up on day. So he got to be ready to play this same like last series where they just pick picking pick. And and force you to guard guys you have to go Dame because the way match setup. So it's going to be interesting to me and tell me this Jack's they're two different mindsets. One is we're not gonna have Katie for the rest of the series Houston. Okay. We good now. There's another one. Where is looming? He's coming back. But we don't know when exactly does that mess with your psyche. No. Because like I said these guys professors dating thing about Katie right now, we got a job to do right now. When we come back. That's fine. We didn't want a championship without. And we know how to win why? If he comes back, then that'd be a plus. But let's just take care of business and not worrying about him. No issue with the cameras. No, you can't you can't at this point. Here's my question for for Chris in you Jack about Dame Lillard and Utah his hometown his city. They all going to be in the house. But can't he get too emotionally caught up? Could this be too much intensity focused passion this trying to go back to the bay and win their can they work the other way as well? Well, I think it's going to be different this time because he's had experience in big games and going to stay in the playoffs and the regular season. He asked what he points the last time he played there. I think the way he played in that first series and the way he was able to realize his game and how much energy you used in. The first reason was able to step back and let his his partner win the second series form. I think they're. Focused and I think he's going to lock in. He's going to be a different name the series. I think they play these three or four times a year. If you look out on how to step so me on top of my hair right now. But believe he's averaging close to thirty or thirty plus thirty plan plan against the war is throughout his career. He's all right. He's going to be able to have that like damn Dame is a different dude, man. Like, he's a different cat. Like this guy. Really feels like the way the world is against him. All these is like he's seeing everybody. I trust him. I know he's gonna come to play. I'm not doubt him. I just team to see. Got to see all those guys who knows to disappear we talking about mohawk. Lisa a meter last year. So that when you and you brought up that college one of youngest God got it. Depend on hill. I'm concerned. He does. With lock. And while he joined now by FOX NFL analyst, Mark Larry former Pro Bowl linebacker quell Jackson. Are let's move to Denver. We're John Elway. And the Broncos continue their search for a franchise quarterback in this year's draft taking Missouri's drew lock early in the second round. But the veteran quarterback they traded for earlier in the off season. Joe flacco just made it clear. He's not interested in easing the rookies. Transition to the NFL. Listen, I got so many things to worry about I'm trying to go out there and play good football. I'm trying to go out there and play the best football my life. So as far as time constraint and all that stuff. You know? I'm not worried about developing guys or any of that that is what it is. And like I said, I hope he does develop. But I don't look at that as my job. My job is to go win football games for this football team. Well, flat goals remarks had some people upset including hall of Famer Kurt Warner who tweeted, quote, I don't understand all the quarterback saying their job is to be a mentor to young quarterbacks coming. Into the organization in what part of life, family, business, sports, etc. Do you enter where you say, I'm not here to do everything. I I'm capable of to make us better, including helping the next generation. I happened. I formerly agreed with Kurt Warner. But I'd like to Joe flacco explanation a lot. And I thought he said it is concisely and clearly as possible, and I must say the different way. But hey, John Elway hired me to win games and because van wilder and these guys want to win right now. And so I'm really not here to develop drew lock for the future. Yeah. I made the transition. I was conflicted at first I actually played under the mindset, Kurt Warner. We're talking about then I realized after that experience the hell am I thinking like I'm over here. Helping guys graduate to one day take my job. So once again, another issue curry story when keeping it real gold wrong. Flacco is going here smoke when he's telling you the exact truth about a non-guaranteed climate, which we play in a fill. So the guy is PTO. D? He just let Baltimore and got shipped out of town from quarterback who couldn't even throw like big about that I helped a guy who can't even take my job now McGhee here with somebody who can throw and I'm about the help him to no way. So I'm with Joe flacco on this one hundred percent, unfortunately. That's the hard stance of the NFL. Sometimes you hit these horror stories about guys not wanting to help you. But you know, I look at you. When I signed my contract with the Cleveland Browns and the colts in fine print. I did not find anywhere. Where told me, you know, what I had to be a leader. I had to you know, help other men I had to do all the intangible things to help my team win. But I wanted to in my opinion, it's either in you or not and as a leader, I took it upon myself as a veteran to help these young guys who have overcome how many obstacles that get to this point. Now, they're living out their dream. And if I'm gonna position to help them. That's just what I'm gonna do. And I think ultimately I think Joe flacco was in a dark place right now. Because when I help those younger guys it was because I had the confidence in my ability of how I prepare for the game. How took care of my body how eight and all these great things. I think he's in a dark place right now from from confidence stand point to where he doesn't feel like he can help the guy beside him because he feels like his job is in jeopardy. I look at. I look I off explain to me what. Mentoring is what is your responsibility as a player because I want to help everybody. Absolutely hell I wanna to help my team. I want to do all those things. I have enough confidence to believe I can tell you everything I know about football. You can't beat me because there's nobody tougher than me. And there's nobody from the neck up that's going to be smarter than me when it comes to playing the game. So I look at Joe flacco you didn't sign Josh mccowan. You didn't sign a middle of June quarterback to mentor young guy until the buy week. That's not what you sign him for signing him to be a starter. And this does not mean that Joe flacco isn't going to help the kid if the kid asks him questions, you know, what I believe it's incumbent upon a young player to come in and be mentor d- to wanna be mentor. D- right. I believe it's your responsibility to come in there. And to study what the professionals do. And then ask questions and be prepared clarify your point though, Mark should Joe flacco want to minute has gone up. Joe flacco he doesn't have to come in. It's not his responsibility to grow the kid up. It's the kids responsibility to to be a professional to understand the game. And then to ask the questions that are appropriate. Joe flacco won't withhold information. Heck, I talked to I talked to Lamar Jackson. Joe? Flacco was great. I did a game at the end of the year for Baltimore. He was great. Joe? Flacco was great Lamar Jackson. But you know, what? Joe flacco. Couldn't do. He couldn't talk about running the option. He couldn't say, hey, you know, what you feather that defensive end out a little bit. And then cut up view Joe flacco had no knowledge of that offense. Yeah. You know? It was great to him though. Here's the thing to quail. I wanna push back a little bit because I don't wanna cut out from a position of comfort. I think sometimes appear broadcasters used to play the game we could sound like that you play linebacker. You play old line. They got eight nine linebackers on the squad. They carry nine low quarterbacks they carry in today's in a field to Britain. So we took a whole different dynamic in that position. Right. And then if you look at it mentoring sounds amazing when it comes out of your mouth. But if you notice what you're also saying, you always talk a level down look at you every time, you said mentoring young guys, you ask security you talking about all the new gun not necessarily. I'm mentoring. Doesn't want to be helped. I get that. We can all we can all who's a real threat for you. That's what I'm talking about. Joe flacco look at the puts it that's a position of comfort. Joe flacco has played in. Meaning plenty meaningful football games. He's won a Super Bowl. He's made a ton of money. But yet still he's he's still feels threatened by this guy. I I agree with your point Mark. He's going to as a veteran. You're gonna come in and go to work where your hard hat. It's up to the younger gas to understand. Okay. How do I improve myself when I was a young guy. I had William mcginnis in our locker room, and guess what? Hey, man, how do you? How do you play in a league as long as she did? How do you take care of your body? I ask those questions. So it opened the door for more veterans to come and give me all their knowledge would him coming out and saying it it kind of I had to sit back a bills. You don't have to say it just go out and do it and those things are kind of naturally organically happen. But I've been in this position before too. I walked in lock boost miffed there, I'm a second round or same kind of situation. He's older veteran not threatened. But it. Same time. He's like one I got to see if you good enough to even mentor through to do you want to be mid tour, and what kind of relationship can we establish, but before that Brucie were towing tripping on you? I am not a good thing or bad thing. Like didn't exist into our saw something in you. And then we established to flacco just basically saying I've got a lot on my plate. And it ain't the second round right now. Like if he was just we could deal with that. As mean, his his comments were true to heart is very fair it one hundred percent, and it is you know, what he has got so much on his plate, and he's trying to reestablish himself. As a quarterback, maybe not an elite quarterback whatever that next level of quarterback is he's trying to reestablish his career. So. That's so many things that you're trying to do in alternately. Like, you said, he's got von Miller. He's guys out there. Chris here's junior to get him re-signed these guys out there. Emmanuel sanders. They have got guys that that wanna win that haven't had an opportunity with they're bringing him in there for that opportunity. Like, it's not his job. It's the it's the young players job to me to be worth mentally and to understand. And I say this all the time I say this to my son all the time when he became a professional baseball player. Just because you play a pro sport doesn't make you professional. You've got to learn how to be a professional and it's not Joe flacco 's he's not diaper changing. That's not his job right now. But, you know, this nobody is bitter mentor to my main right here right ankle, Jimmy Darnell. But you noticing level like he always. Wiley, Stephen Jackson, and Mark slur at the back time just anti-social man Dardanelle Smith. I like the way we should hold on. I got some beef Marcellus last segment. What do it's on my own with my level? Today dying. I Joe flacco now me. Wasn't poppet solve an NBA. We're thirty four years ago. The Knicks won the nights eighty five NBA draft lottery. The first of its kind that went on the Dr Patrick human with that pick. And soon after the conspiracy theories begin sent a lottery was rigged with NBA draft tonight and the potential all the time player Ziad being on the board. There's been whispers about this year possibly being fixed. So guys do the NBA draft can be rig. I believe that Patrick Ewing draft is the longtime pace a fan. And I was at that night. I do believe the envelope was frozen. But I don't think I don't believe this year. I don't think actually I believe the envelope was bit. I used to hit. Wayman Tisdale in that draft though. So I was kinda satisfied I'll know if his rig, but if it is rigged, this is the draft to rig to get New York guy on your back Knicks back, so I'm wooded on that. But it's a little suspicious a little weird like technology things have evolved, and we still do like ping pong balls. Like, I don't know it. All right. There's a lot of different ways. No question it's rig. There's no cloud me. You're gonna go to New York or Chicago where LA one of those teams going to get you, right? When you when you have a small market tea. I'm I'm from Denver. You gotta get eastern European Jews. That's what you when you go to. Walking Jaanus, right? He's got to build himself into a player. You'll get the top pick. When you're in one of them small markets. I wouldn't say as rig, but it could be. Definitely could charged. It would. Sticking with the NBA. Joel Embiid has been getting trolled non stop for crying at the end of the season some people alive. You this dean soft players around the league of actually been defending MB? Really, go beer of what's his opinion saying that only losers thing that crying assign a witness and then Richard Jefferson chimed in as well tweeting out playoff wins and losses. If you've never caught you've never truly cared or a committed. Let me go. I this Embiid. All right. The first of all. The guy from Utah was crying because he didn't make defensive team. That's why he would he go bear. Bear. That's totally different in the playoffs. You have a chance to win a championship. You should be hurt. When given everything you've had all you you get to this point where you had a game seven, and you lose by satellite that that rose by the basketball guys and go here, you should be heard not because you didn't make all defensive team next time. More shots be a better defender, and you'll make me that's not a reason to crack. Okay. I told you what my grandma say wants you. Call for tension. You can't hang up, right? William b like to smoke. He remote. Right. Nothing. I have a problem with crop. When I lost my days every time to get it. I know who I cry with and cry around that part right right there. I'm not giving you that not too much. That's no my wife now, I'm not giving you that. Because that's forever. And then that relationship if ever I'm just saying that's what I knew that people were going to clown him. Who is that his girlfriend? Okay, mom. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember young years in the league. When you're out the playoffs. Let's go have it in. Hopefully, she's still there. I I don't know. I just want Super Bowls. Right. Going them. I don't know. Wrong prime. But I guarantee you not teammate next year. I mean, there's going to be Kleenex in his diapers me. I'm going to. I'm a run we on who who in. Yeah. I would have just taken this to the locker room. Did. Thank you share that moment with your teammates. Model Budo she opened his home in his hand with a figure. Do all that. Let's hit the links John day, you'll be using a car in the PGA championship this week because he has an arthritic knee. He's the first player to rod Carter at a major since Casey morning. Nice ninety eight from two thousand to a lot of players are upset with this decision with Tiger Woods comments day. I want on a broken leg in revenue of two thousand eight US open win. Are you guys talking here? Do you have an issue with John Daly using a car? I do. Wasn't the same. Gotta smokes class y. The same guy. Now, you wanna ride in the cart tiger. We can take it from tiger. And this is the champion is one of the best ever if you plan on a broken leg. He has ruined complain. Right. You can't complain that you've been smoking cigarettes. Welcome out, of course in whole year. That's your moment. Tim, I looked. But this to me, this is interesting. They are basically admitting that walking has an impact on your game. Which is you know, everyone who's walked eighteen realizes like data. That's that's the task. Yes, you're not carrying your bag though. So think about it like they're just walking not carrying a bag. But now someone in a court, you really think he has an unfair advantage to me. That's like an interesting. You looked at him. He looks like he's carrying. Today. I mean to me he's got an arthritic. Knee because you didn't take care of your health. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. I got this is a very unfair advantage. John Daly looks week here. Tigers wife or call them. All right. A card. Question of the day. I now take it away the western Carolina finals starts tonight. And with the curry brothers playing against each other. This is the first time that two bras will face off an NBA conference finals Steve Kerr called the Curry's the warriors family of the NBA and the sound it lists like saw you and deal. They're going to flip a coin to see which parent roots were which kit one to ask you guys. Do you guys think parents have a favorite child? Absolutely. Ooh. This stop like everything in this world. We like I like that. I don't like that. Like that's a relative world, you know? So look if first of all if I'm them, the parents I have to root for after because Seth is the underdog Seth hasn't had the same love. So you always root for the underdog kid that said my kids, I have three kids. My I is my first my second is my favorite my third my baby girl. So you have a favorite of all kind of her when I just say, oh, tell them that. I feel like the Curry's parents. This is the first time that they do too much, and they cloud chasing the end of the dance. Because at the end of the day who got us who lose they both going to get hook one goes say, congratulations one of those. They don't worry about a baby you've got next year. The love is going to be the same. It's just one guy losing one guy to win. But they're gonna love him saying, they don't get a hug from daddy. They Bogle get home. Daddy. They Bobo get a hug from, mommy. One. Go second, graduations. What goes they get better their cloud tasting. No because they run with this. Because at the end of the day, we know y'all can make it seem like trying to pick up your room for you room for both of your kids. You're going to be the chairman both when they make shots. Well, don't dis those St. he do parents have favorite kids. Yes. Of course. No question. But they love you the same. I've provided for my family more. My momma might love me. I mean, my SAMA favorite. But she loves all of us the same. She treated all of us the same as real you know, what I mean? But I am the breadwinner. I get treated special. My all my aunts. Not just my mind, my whole family. It's just the truth. Favors depending on which one pisses you off in which we're doesn't. And you think you think you have favorite kids? Wait till you have grandkids. All right like my kids anymore. I love my granddaughters. What? So obvious L have kids, but I've just think about this through my parents is my brother is a better person than me. And that makes him the favourite person in my family. I've done a little bit better than my brother. And you know, mama goes on vacation because of me and lives in a house. But I think my brother is the favorite kid. No, you touching something because laws offsets I had. I've always tell people I look up to my brother, and I was wishing. I'm like, my brother me having kids by different my he has one mother kids mother. He's married work. And he's been doing it the right way. So I might be the breadwinner. Yeah. My my brothers the backbone of that's the my family. My sister, you better person to touch right here. Say she liked your brother. He is the goals to hear my brother. What everybody answered them Whitlam calls 'cause money talks. What did you do? What are you doing? I hate to pass. I was gonna come to you win like that. But. Ways. Core pool is not a bus ways. Core pool is not a taxi ways. Core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways. Core pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool a new app that lets neighbors coworkers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast? Drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders getting affordable commute and help save the planet and core is get to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better and ways core pool is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going your way it connects you with people who you'd actually want to ride with so you can commute smarter with no headaches people if you use ways already, you know, it's built by a community to give you the best traffic pitcher in real time. All the time ways corporate functions with the same high quality standards and efficiency down, though, the ways corP app today to catch a ride or give a ride to work or home. Ride together with ways carpool. Woodlock and Wiley marks Larry dwell Jackson back. Let's move to New York with the giants have made it clear they plan to be patient with Wikki quarterback thing film with general manager. Dave Gettleman recently, saying Jones could sit behind ally manning for as long as three years, but now in J dot com suggests the giants patients could be making a mistake with several recent quarterbacks like Carson Winston Jared Gulf starting rookies in having success early in their careers. The question here is will sitting behind e lie help or hurt Daniel Jones, I think will help tremendously actually if you look at all the hysteria and people in the criticism about him being six overall pick and how he's going to be just a bust. Okay. Disa- give time for that. To just settle down to you're gonna learn for someone who learned micro movements in the pocket because they're not that athletic ally. Manning, so your athletic talent, you have to work going some of your skills and technique. And and some of the mechanics that's alive possesses as his great attribute. So it's little osmosis. Peanut butter and jelly could work going. Why you're sitting there letting this criticism die now and starting to really learn the position in a different way to complement your game. I think it's a great benefit I do too. And look at you mentioned Carson once. Well, really, of course once had that that season where he was tremendous after his rookie season his second year. Then he tours ACL and a game against the the Rams and last year, you know, he had injury issues then again last year, and it was it was Nick foles who won the Super Bowl was Nick foles who got them back into the playoffs. I look at anytime you have an opportunity to sit and learn the your craft from a guy who's done it and done it at a very high level. That's a good thing. The other thing is when you're a young quarterback that has you have a supreme gift of athleticism, your default mechanism is from the neck down when things break down your. Tendency is a young player is to take off and trust the athletes, isn't that's been there your entire life. It's something that's God-given hand to God reached down, touchy and said, you're going to be a great athlete. Right. And so that's always your default mechanism. You have to learn that position your default mechanism needs to be from the neck up. Because if it's not you're not gonna last very long the guys like that. I picked up the ball one time fumble one time. And I thought it was going to score I got three yards, and I'm telling you I got hit by about fourteen people were bringing guys off the sideline to hit me. Those guys are angry, and they and they're fast and out to they'll devastate a young quarterback. Yeah. I just think this question is too early to answer. I think now if you go into training camp you go into preseason game. And this Shire this guy has shown he can command an offense. He can you know, the ball spinning from his arm, and he has his leadership qualities, and you know, what you start hitting that Chatto around the locker room, this guy could actually help us any city. Then, you know, now the question lures, I okay. Should this guy? Be. Playing right away or should should he be sitting? Ideally for a quarterback to play for young quarterback to come in and step in and play right away. He's gotta learn on the fly. But if you can sit back and eat lack in manage this team at least halfway through the season pecan somewhat be a Munich u of molecule of who he we've known him to be when he was great. I think it benefits Daniel Jones. But if he if he liked comes out, and he's has any reminder of what he was last season. I think this kid has a play. Let's be clear here though, about Matt Lombardo's story for J dot com is pretty good the last quarterback selected six or higher to not start a game as a rookie was Philip rivers. So the trend in the NFL is the completely other direction trial by fires how they're teaching quarterbacks. Now, we used to hey, guy sits two or three or four years back in the old days. The Tom Landry days and all the way up to Aaron Rodgers seem to have benefited from. Mm sitting behind Brett Farr. But the nutrient is about putting the guys out there. The Russell Wilson's and these other young guys and let them grow up in the middle of the fire. That's what the giants are going to potentially deny Daniel Jones. So when he does get out there he'll be further behind perhaps Dwayne Hoskins and Calamar. Yeah. And I mean that there is definitely that. There's definitely that part of it. Right. But I've also seen the opposite were a guy is not ready and a team is not very good. And a guy takes a beating. I mean, I will never forget Patrick Ramsey starting for the Washington Redskins. When Spurrier was the coach there. I mean that guy that guy there were like I've said this before, but there are people doing five to ten in the state pen to did less to get there. Then what Spurrier did of that poor kid? It was I mean there was. There was no hot route those. No, I mean that offense was just dropped back. And we're going out athlete. You know, you don't do that in the NFL. So I've seen guys like David Corbett ruined. I've seen guys like Patrick Ramsey. Get ruined by being by playing too early and playing early on a team. That's not very good. Yeah. But maybe I'm just I live in my own little bubble. But I feel like we all bring out the kid kid gloves when it evolves around a quarterback. In any other position if you can play you play with this position. I get it. There's a lot that goes on and you can speak more about it did not could I was tackling people all my career. But but I think if the guy shows he's mature enough to handle the New York media he can handle the locker room, and he can galvanize guys together and guys believe in him. I think he should be the guy. Now, we don't know if he has three years has two years of talent left. But you know, what it's crazy about Eli? He's so Teflon last year you remember a couple of years ago. Gonna try to sit him down. How do you go? So you know, if they say he after years and he showed flashes last year. He went back to twenty fifteen version of himself. But look at these guys you say Philip rivers in the top six who didn't start his first year. That's a great outlier. Patrick, Mahomes wasn't top six but still right at ten. Josh Rosen wish now he could have sat. Wait with that one out. Why you put the kid gloves on quarterbacks? It's this simple. For me. Will we played no one other positions around you on defense was a luxury. Like if I knew what the detect within the linebackers say it helps. But it wasn't in the city you'll get under center. If you don't know what everyone is doing on your side of the ball anticipating what they're doing in disguise of rich. Like learn it in three months when you were seven and seventeen and ACC done it before. Okay. Great. But they're not me. My name is Daniel Jones you sign me. Please. Let me grow don't step on the flower before it could I will tell you one other thing real quick about playing in a position like what you played or what I played or what you played. When things aren't going. Well, for me like I'm having a tough time a tough day. I can turn it into a street fight. I might not great out. Really? Well, I'm not gonna cost my team a game. Like, you can you can turn into ultra-aggressive still gonna make some plays right quarterback. You can't all of a sudden say, we'll let me just bullied these dudes. It doesn't work that way we go. I'd like to say a word or two about the Cleveland Cavaliers hiring a Sixty-six-year-old John beeline as their new coach on the surface. The move is laughable and disconcerting beeline line is the oldest first time non interim NBA coach in history. The last time the NBA went this old the San Antonio, Spurs tap UNLV's sixty one year old Jerry Tarr Canaan. It'd be their head coach. It was a disaster tarp feuded with ownership over the signing of Avery Johnson. As the team's point guard of the future and was fired after twenty games be line has a low bar to clear, I think he'll do it. If you're paying attention. You realize the NBA has adopted be lines to guard three point crazy offensive style. Beeline. Started putting his forwards in the corners scissor cutting and Jackie long range jumpers in the early nineteen eighties. When he was a coaching a small college basketball team the system of. Actually made West Virginia dangerous and the university of Michigan a national powerhouse before. Steph. Curry had won his first NBA title beeline was meant to coach in the modern MBA can an old fart like beeline coexist with the modern NBA player. It depends on if the player values winning above the feeling of being in control too, many of us in the media associated LeBron James as Representative of the modern NBA player. The truth is James represents a handful of super talented outliers. But Brian James, James harden, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving. Russell Westbrook prefer being individual systems Steph curry, Damian Lillard Jaanus, the Greek freak and countless other players, including Kevin Durant don't mind bending to the demands of a system that creates Winnie. It's the subtle difference between chasing, Michael Jordan, or Larry O'Brien MVP's or titles. It's easy to win MVP. Jeez. Pounding the ball in isolation at the top of the key. It's easier to win titles. Moving off the ball. Steph curry style of play continues to sweep the league. That's why John line got the Cavaliers job and the Lakers passed on. Tyron Lou the Cavaliers just doubled down on what they tried to do when they hired David Blatt in two thousand fourteen eighteen months later, the Brian rejected bladders Cleveland's coach. Enforce the Cavs to replace Blat with his top assistant tie. Lou history is repeating itself in Los Angeles. The Lakers hired Frank Vogel, and Jason Kidd in an attempt to keep pace with the modern MBA and satisfy the bronze need for control. The bottom line is clear Steph curry John beeline in the modern MBA a wind. I want him back with locking while. He's Stephen Jackson and Chris Haines back. Let's move to Philadelphia where the seventy Sixers regrouping after their crushing loss onto while Leonard miracle shot in game seven Sunday. Now, some people are saying big changes could become into the team which NBC's Tom Haberstroh reporting a rival MBA executive says Philly may explore trading. Ben Simmons to the Lakers for none other than LeBron James. This is fascinating. And I think this trade if LeBron James primary interest were winning this would make a lot of sense for the Brian James to go to Philadelphia and win you can win in Philadelphia. I don't think he's gonna win here in Los Angeles. And this would make district would make sense for the broad James. It's absurd on his own his face. Think about one you got this talk about logistically, you got to move your whole family go over there. Okay. I hope you can survive. Mr casey. Name. On your own came with doing that. Nobody leave puffy Jay Z on a New York is still here. Everybody hilly are that's one. Here's the thing focused on winning that team's going to different next year. We don't know what's going to happen with free agency. Jimmy, Butler Tobias Harris wherever you may be going to seventy Sixers and Philadelphia, and they got 'em be and his knees and all his issues and LeBron you you're not guaranteed. Anything? We got the same agent. You swept me off a little brother that doesn't feel good to me if I'm the king. So I don't see anywhere. We're just really has any substance. It doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't make sense. But it makes sense if Philly can get LeBron if any kind way what sign and trade I ever they got to make it work. I love it scientifically bullet back. Lebron and be I think that's perfect. I think to give up instuments LeBron even though LeBron is at the end this career. I like it because that gets filling to the finals every year damn near that gives them a chance to be in the Eastern Conference finals every year and. I just like it. I think it's a better situation abroad at his age if he wants to young core here, we forget, he's not going. It's going to be another season. If this is the same team in LA is going to be the same season out of the play offs to talking about willowbrook on Rome coups but bowl is not better. This is the Western Conference in the Brian got a Waco call. This is not the calm, but you can have anybody on team and get to the playoffs you take forty eight as out here because you've got to get at least fifty eight seed. Yes, let's remember this that will LeBron's James is going through his free agency process. This last go around the Philadelphia civic Sixers were one of the few teams who actually got a meeting with his as Rich Paul would that be a sit. Then no way hail. This is happening on is. Not look we we're talking about if this was strictly basketball reason. Yeah. This strictly basketball, of course. But me to myself. I've got I've gotten used to his LA wooded fake, y'all. Call them like win. Here. The Broncos whole family. Go through Space Jam space over there in Philly giving doing that provident hot. Making my point. So the priority isn't winning is not basketball right now. It's Space Jam is the shop is the one thousand version of Muhammad Ali documentary the. The. That was a whitening. Defined anything else in a moment lead duck with that you learned books. Documentaries movies have been done on Muhammad Ali LeBron need to quit it look if this was about. If this who's about basketball, that's. Fair Ron even said when he came here that it was bigger than even said like my family or part of this equation. We came follow man who's like thinking outside of himself selfish. Lease like, I got a lot of things to carry including my family happiness with the wife happiness with the sun, consistency them for your stable like, okay? And with all that he stood had MVP season. Yeah. Nameless numbers to stem, the same twenty eight eight eight doesn't man didn't make the playoffs. Stop him. Heave his team not him. MVP type numbers. Do we with me to take a deeper? Look at these numbers. They don't say what people say, look, look, just let's say you Jeanie Buss listening. He's worried about his family. And I mean my God who's going to oversee the shop. I mean my God. I mean, if I'm Jay, right? That's what it looks like. That's that's my makers. Winning coach. Had on a screen abroad. So now you've got a roster. A Ben Simmons Lonzo ball. The world ain't going to help you in the in the back court part. What what what are what are we doing? No worse live first of all Chris that you don't put Lonzo and Ben Simmons on the same level that destroys over with a little Lonzo hype is over Lonzo. I've talked up talking to already good if he stayed healthy. But I'm talking strictly to shop. I'm talking strictly from that. I get it. But Lonzo can sit on the bench and get traded someplace else if he doesn't like it. Oh, you got a chance to get Ben Simmons and some other pieces because it would take some other pieces to get those numbers right answers to match up. It would give them Lakers. Look, I've said it, and I'm gonna keep seeing the genie was and they're over LeBron. This is just a headache that they're dealing with right now. And they don't is it going to be a headache, we dealing with for months is headache. We doing we're for another year or we're going to survive the last three years at a migraine or a slight headache. It's a migraine migraine's. Oh. If they don't think is curable, but they gotta deal with it. We're gonna fake if Sixers came in here with the right offer, and they could move on from the Bronx and the wind could go win and still be relevant rather than this. Lebron that's out of the play offs. It's better for the league is better for the broad better fairly maker. So I can't do the voice you kill the voice. Toed games. Daddy, Bill Showtime, JD Kobe fifty million what she knew Kobe was going down the hill with no brakes because they put me in the seats like Showtime. You gotta remember the DNA of is frail buys. No come see been not like well. No. I I feel like the way they handled this coast situation. Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something else to LeBron. You know what I'm saying? I wouldn't even winning the because it's a western where they didn't give him what he wanted and the other thing with the gave him what he wanted. They showing they showing you that we're bucking the system against LeBron one. They showing you that I don't even think they're bucking the system stat. I think they are acknowledging what the rest of the Lee has LeBron's model has expired, and it's a city. That's why John beeline got this job, man. The whole league is about system and coaching systems, and and not an individual system and somebody plan ice. Oh off the top of the key. Just no it's not as fashionable as it used to be the league. Has moved on. That's why they brought Vogel there. And if they can unmown abroad, and he can get someplace 'cause I'm it would be not only better for the bottom. It'd be better for the league. Lebron needs to be playing for championships these next year and the year after that. That's what's best for the brand the league and everybody, I if they force my hand, and I'm LeBron James, I'm not playing anymore. Like, I'm not going somewhere else. And you force my hand like one to power struggle. Just that's not what my legacy needs to see in terms of this is how in my career. I got forced out of plan for the Lakers. This is the place you wanted to go. Yeah. Exactly. So now, you're going to go somewhere else like the bras, not having that no trade clause, whatever like he's not going. Let's let's think through though, Marcellus let's say he gets through this off season. And he's looking at damn I got another roster that won't be championship competitive. If what we work now is his wizard. What do you say? Now, I don't think he did. Happy. Can you very happy? The sun is out. It can be happening in the sun is out. There's something going on every day. There's there's there's a point to go to here. There's a moment. Iran today. We'll go to film would. Boiler. I would he when he came over here on he said, there's nothing that I could accomplish in this league that I haven't already unless you know, where he's at. It is something he can come another championship honest, Dan. But might not care about that though. Implore like in terms of how you're going to be it doesn't matter. If gets his fourth. I'm just saying how are they Steph ever going to be tough off all time. If he keeps you all know if he keeps. No, he's not. So the three to four is gonna make a difference three to six if he catches Jordan. He got a conversation. He catches Kobe. Maybe three to four is that really going change it. I'm saying each year when you can add something to get better every year. That's what you playing forget not to just be complacent. 'cause you in LA, we'll tell you know, what I mean to another year like this people like me and Lakers fans. Talking trash on on your tired of being this weathering. Jimmy's here to help us with our approval ratings. You got any thoughts on the show so far? Yeah. I want to get to the big dummy. Today victim your day. Somebody's gonna sit there and talk about LeBron James making the Mohammed Ali documentary who the hell can who they don't want to see the moment. I'll eat documentary. It ain't Gooding junior documentary. Cuban last thirty Mohammed Ali documentary. He is the greatest come on with this real take thirty miles around to. I'm ready for the first one. Here's a highlight from our discussion from earlier about Zion Williamson Zion Williamson wishes he could return to do. So do I mean this one hundred percent. Fuck you with. No the year. Ktar. Nobody forcing your LeBron. We had a discussion about whether Zion was a can't miss prospect. I think he's a can't miss prospect, Jimmy, which rotate. He's a Kate miss. Trae miss our he came. He can't miss a meal. And that's what I'm gonna say about him. You got some of the same problem. Go y'all got to wait Brum. Hey, wait to eat. That boys. Six what's in two hundred and eighty pounds eighteen years old? The perfect science to do your job. I remember as a kid. Well, you couldn't even older Sunday paper without getting a nose bleed. Now, you think this boy go run up and down the court changing NBA players without that baby fat. Now, let me tell you Jim is special. I know about that. And despite contrary belief, they KUA baby fat down in the south. Like, you think they are as a matter of fact in some parts of the southeast embraced. I mean Jimmy is from the south Clack lackey I Don random screech. I tend to knife stubborn church. Cleats. The real gospel. About the religion. I'm gonna have God change water into Kool aid. The thing. I know a little bit about that. Right. There you go down. South Carolina appetizing is down there. Half a pound the fried bacon. Back home. They used to calls I on fast break. But you know, what out figured that out? Then ain't nothing but breakfast field backwards. China's a big big trove Barclay fan. He you know, he he's in. He'll be he hoped. He gets to be as big as Charles Barkley. I him hell. I don't him. Help that Breda. When a glass of water, you just mind. You know, all the all zone. Don't give damn about the NBA man Zion. Just care about that press box up there. For you journalists he joined to be like you and Charles Barkley. That's all he wanna do. He ain't give him damn about all the rest of this y'all talking about me talking. The name Joe walking you've been in the league. Pudding five years trying to get rid of baby fat. He's trying to bring to his role. The NFL got the Wunderlich till? Now, what the NBA better do is get Zay on the hot water, Colin Brad test. I need to ask him. If he how to make hot water cone breed. He know how to make wanna cone Brit. They got a problem. List? Diane is the next DeMarcus Russell. Jamarcus Russell that great big, bulky. Got stuck on their purpose. Uri zion. Gonna do the same thing. He will come down. They get stuck on that angel momma serve. He'll be seeing those like this. We go to. To be looking what blunders? We'll be all sticky. Look, they don't get that boy a multi million dollar contract in a one year of fifty to. No dash. The NBA going to be in for him. I'll just wait a subscription to door. Kate miss came. A meal death. What he can't miss. Let me get him up. John. No, I know. I got him at almost a perfect score all day four job performance. Twenty four all time greatness twenty-five in character. Twenty-three in often to the for a total of ninety seven ninety six Paul baby. Character authenticity ninety close to a goat. But not there that character. You ain't got Krieg who over there awards through new year. But you know, they forced me to go. But they really not force me. Then you're not being authentic. Komo ziya. We bought into your brain. You ain't got a lot of this shoot blew apart. He should've left he stayed lottery. The lottery accurate.

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