Hour 1: SEC Women's Basketball Media Day


I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel, so I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try, get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor switch to Joel check, OJ dot com. Slash sports. If you don't smoke, Vate, don't start warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Cried passion and pageantry of college. Football leaves. Keer is the Paul finebaum show our one pint cast. Very busy day around the SEC welcome into the Paul finebaum show Peter burns sitting here in Birmingham, Alabama, beautiful chamber of commerce today here as we are at SEC women's basketball media day. In fact, as we are live in this room right here on Staley, I'm trying to do the camera right there. She she's over on that side. Taking a look in talking to the media, we'll be joined by a bunch of different of the head coaches. We'll also have no Fortner in Andy Landers up here to talk a little women's hoops is, you know, you're coming off of his season in women's hoops. We had seven teams make the tournament Cammisa sippy state rebuil- South Carolina do it as well. We'll have Holly Warlick to talk about her Tennessee volunteers as well. But as always we'll take your phone calls about anything in anything. SEC related eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul is number that's eight, five, five, two, four, two, Paul, and you can hit me up on Twitter at Peter burns ESPN let's get into some of the headlines as we look into this week. Eight of college football and are there Nick Sabin sans? Devante Smith hasn't practiced this week. Due to the Hammy. Now, of course, the this is the third weekend in October, and you know what that means. That means it's Tennessee in Alabama week. Now that game looks a little bit different with the way the Tennessee played last week in getting that w over the Auburn Tigers. And so now the question is going forward with the big game looming down in Baton Rouge in two weeks. What is dick saving do with guys that are a little bit NICD up now for devante Smith. This is not a situation where it's like, hey, you only have Calvin Ridley, right? I mean, you've got rugs, you've got Jerry Judy. You have enough playmakers that you should be okay against Tennessee, but then guess what Jerry pro. It probably doesn't think that's going to be the case. The other big thing too is we'll talk about to what should Nick Sabin do with two. Now, I know what Chad Moore's wants to do with his quarterback. He wants ties story to play and he is indeed on track to play against toll. So the Arkansas quarterback cleared for practice this week, and this team has looked a lot different in the last. Couple of weeks. I think when they were trying to figure out what was going to happen with coal, Kelly or Thais story, they didn't really know what direction Moore's was going to go in once tie became the starting quarterback. Stolley started seeing what we were thinking. We were going to get to see from Arkansas football and that was a little bit more success, especially offensively. In fact, if you look at what type story was able to do in the last two weeks when he was healthy before you got injured against ole miss it in the Bama game, he was completing sixty nine percent of his passes. So that's one of the guys that there hope in the Chad Moore's can get that w. against Tulsa, and he's hoping more importantly that they can use this as a catalyst going forward good recruiting class for him, and they are hoping that this year listen, it's years zero situation for probably him in Tennessee, right for Jeremy Pruitt. They're hoping that they can take a little bit one step further this year in build upon it for Arkansas. I think the bowl opportunities are or not going to be in the cars and not going to happen this year. But for. Tennessee, even if they lose to Alabama this weekend, they're still an opportunity with their schedule to run the table and we'll get into that a little bit later. Eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul is the phone number. Let's go out to Miami Brian. They should join a Peterborough Sando. Paul finebaum show what's up. App Nemeth to burn fat. How doing? Well, man? Hey, listen basketball season. Roland we've got, you know, women's hoops we've got in week of college football. So we're in a good spot right now. My man. I just want to say, you know, auburn's football team this year, particularly. I've seen third grade fire drills more coordinated than particularly the offense. And my question is, I know Jordan Rogers that tweeted out about it, you know about the predictability of their personnel, and I saw a tape the other day where coach crew on the sideline on auburn's last offensive drive, and he was calling right where it was going, why do they not make adjustments then how do they overcome this? Especially since they paints a coordinator to my knowledge, it's demographic believe that old miss, hey, worked with miles on. So you know he's gotta be expecting it right up straight. Yeah, Ryan. That's interesting because whenever he was asked a Jordan Rogers did tweet Saint, hey, listen, whenever there's a tight end on the field, you pretty much know exactly what they're going to do. And if Jordan Rogers who grinds and looks at a bunch of films, he's able to figure out what or defensive coordinator who are paid millions of dollars or hundreds of thousand dollars to do and get it together. I think that kinda shifts something lose for us. I mean, I think Gus in that press conference said it and Gus has taken full responsibility for this. And I don't know if he goes in and have the conversation with chip Lenzi and say, hey water, our tendencies. Let's drill down because I think last year people knew what Auburn football was wanting to do right. They said, hey, we're going to. We're going to have play action pass, and we're going to be able to run the ball really well with between kerryon Johnson in camp up way when he was healthy. Now, the difference is is he could just out muscle teams last year. He can't do it with this offense of line. And again, a lot of a lot of people have talked about it to Brian with with with Jared students struggling this year. I think the big deal is. Any quarterback, including to a tug of lower would struggle if he had a bad offense of line. So a major, a monster game because listen ole miss or playing with house money right now, this offense is humming. But then again, if there was ever a week for Auburn to get their offense together, it's this week against ole miss given up almost five hundred yards of total offense every single game. Let's go into another phone call mobile and Oxford. They a Peter burns here on the Paul finebaum show up mumbling. I'm doing good man. How you doing. Good man. You remember talking will ever month ago. I predicted that automobile have five losses. You told me that I was crazy. Yeah. Well, they don't have five losses yet Mobely, but yes, you are looking a lot smarter than I dismissed it earlier. What do you think about this weekend? Yeah, I think the Rams offense, his role and just like you said, and the only thing that worries us eleven o'clock stars tucked stuff together by going at eleven AM. Yeah, but I think that whenever you have a game like ole miss or when Auburn rolls into the grove, I think there's a certain amount of you're not gonna hear some. There's some excitement for there's excitement, because here's a couple of things here in the SEC in so different than any college football league. Right? Is that whenever you feel like one of the powers and I consider all to be a power in the SEC. I mean, this is not been a bottom dweller this team that won the dang west last year right there. Talented for me, anytime somebody comes in and they look a little wounded guess what Tennessee was excited about that. And they took advantage of that last week. I'm just disappointed that we're not going to be able to see decay Metcalf going forward of the rest of this year. That injury, I think is if there's a wide receiver crew outside of Alabama that can can deal with that, it's ole miss. But I. Then there's no doubt that there is nothing on the line for ole miss and this game they can just let it fly and they've been doing it so far. Yeah, I I think that will let it fly gusts coaching for his job this weekend and hopefully he doesn't have job out this weekend. Appreciate taking my call Peter. Thanks, thanks for the phone call. I wanted. I wanted to dress before we get to Matt San Antonio, and we'll continue with your calls eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul is the idea that gusts is coaching for this job. I've seen in Brennan Marcello who's a friend of the program. He's come in and talked about it, and I just can't imagine that being the case. And the reason why I say that is that do who do you pick? I mean, who do you want? Auburn fans? I is Nick Sabin gonna come coach your your school. I don't see that happening. Who else? Right there is a quote, unquote, no brainer. Does Gus have some issues to work through yet? Does the offense need to get a little bit better? Absolutely. But if you mean to tell me that you think you're going to spend sixty million dollars and make a change all because a guy who was basically one game away playing the SEC championship game last year, they win that game during the college football playoff it because he has one bad season when. On the cost of having four of his five offense of lying gone. You want to run them out of town. I think it's, it's a joke. Can you be critical? Can you want this offense a look different? Absolutely. Do you call for your job? No, your role? Your role is not to run. Gus. Malzahn outta town eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul is the phone number Matt in San Antonio, what's happening? My man. They've earned him as for that option b. but I wanna ask you a question real quick break out of my ticket saying him. I read an article had to deal with it. Said, aim sexy, coupons play children, a bowl game. You think that's going to happen issue, man, I would love it. Right? I mean, listen that that's one thing we've talked to JIMBO Fisher about one thing that we've talked. You know, Tom Herman's monas- about Wendy. You get some of these great rivalry games in Texas in AM listening. Getting wrong. They said he might. Nude in twenty twenty three and twenty three to twenty eight DMC about that. Yeah, I but I would love to see it in. Here's the deal bowl directors absolutely wanna dial in and get that because they want to have intriguing match-ups. I mean, that's that's how people will tune into these games in especially at the end of the year, you wanna have something to where there's something on the line, like Auburn ole miss has a lot on the line for a bevy different reasons, but Texas and that's a recruiting battle right now in both of those coaches are taking their programs back to what we think is what they're capable, right? Like JIMBO Fisher. Thank you. What did you think about that? Amen. South Carolina game, I think that I, I thought being in getting better under JIMBO Fisher. We haven't been too in five at five and funeral long time under Kevin, semi eight and four last year or seven and five yet Matt differences. Any differences in thank you for the phone call eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul is the phone number. The difference with. AM this year. And I think every single Aggie fan can say that is that late into a game in the second half of the season, it feels like they can stop the run and they can run the ball, right. And those are things. I don't think that we could say late into the season lease past the midway part of the last couple of years. I think the South Carolina and the Kentucky game or two games that Texas them in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen twenty seven thousand five. I'll just don't win. I don't think they win that game. Now they do JIMBO Fisher. That's because of the job that Mike Elko has done coming in from Notre Dame and getting that run defense to play a lot better. And I think that is the physical nature of the physical nature of what they have done there in college station. So if I'm if I'm an Aggie fan right now, I'm not sure if this season could be drawn up any better because we knew that it was going to be a two into start after facing Clemson in Alabama. In the way they're playing right now. They need to keep it rolling intriguing on Williams man. I'm tell you what he won't. Get the Heisman love, but he's a guy that has been slept on urine year. Routing deserves it that national credit. Let's continue with your phone calls eight, five, five, two, four, two, Paul. You can hit me up on Twitter at Peter burns ESPN Harry's in New Orleans was happening. Welcome to the Paul finebaum show. How you to go, hey, man, I'm good. I got Donald Staley right behind us talking a little women's hoops. One of the legends we're going to have Holly Warlick and a bunch of the coaches on here little bit later. So life is good man. I wanted to get your opinion on the Heisman since everybody seems to be talking about that and read a lot about it, and I was interested in knowing that your, what's your take on what constitutes Heisman moment. And Secondly, plus, you know, success on the road to the Heisman because I'm afraid and I don't know how you feel about it. I'm afraid to and plan the Dominican is chances. I'll hang up and listen to you. Well, I, I think the thing to Harry, Greg, Greg, great phone call. I think there's four people that are involved in the Heisman, Trophy race right now, right? To sits there in the cat bird seed, you have Dwayne Haskins a quarterback over at Ohio State. I don't think there's a doubt still Cuyler Murray. I'm not. I'm not counting him out because if they run the table and re in face, Texas, again in the big twelve championship, he's going to be able to put up some numbers as well. And also the kid that Memphis. Is going to play this week, Darrow Henderson the running back. He's not going to get a lot of love nationally, but this kid leads FBI in rushing right now averages like eleven yards a carry. I Darryl Henderson in there as well to your question about too. That's why I think it's intriguing of how Nick handles to this week against Tennessee. I frankly, I'd call the Vatican and get the pope mobile and put two in the pope mobile for the rest of the ranger the season, right. I mean that good. I think the only way that any team really kind of gives them a run for their money as far as national championship level is too is not one hundred percent, correct. I wouldn't play to a personally now a lot of people this week against Tennessee. Now a lot of people are saying, well, now you're talking about three weeks what he wouldn't play or tickets nap until the LSU game because he was off this week. They play in the know have a buy week before they go down to Baton Rouge. And of the third. If you do play too, I likened it to win you play Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton. In the second game of a preseason game, you're running max, protect your a little bit short. Her pop passes and you're not getting him out to where he's running the ball a lot. Will it hurt him playing in the fourth, not play in the fourth quarter hail? No, you know the why the reason why is because the numbers that he's putting up, if they continue to be that good, they'll be Heisman, Trophy award, winning numbers. So to again, still in the catbird seat and that moment could be down there on November. Third against LSU, you put a big win against the top five team in the country with that defensive, Dave Aranda. Welcome to one of the Heisman to more your phone calls and we'll have a lot more of interviews coming up. You can hit me up on Twitter at Peter burns ESP in. That's the tweets sitting in for the Paul finebaum show. We are here at SEC women's media's day. We'll have coach Joe vol, miss joining us here in a little bit Nell. Fortner and anti Landers join us as well. Your phone calls and tweets coming up. Next Cepal finebaum show listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast that's SEC women's basketball tip off of the grand bohemian. It's time for being the radius with Holiday Inn express coach, you'll that McPhee McEwen Chandrika session joining us here, coach, yo, yeah, yo what's up. It's so funny we walk into this room and it's a great time of the right people are fans are talking about college football. We had men's basketball and then, but when you come into this room, people lied up. What is it about the energy over there? Having fun. You haven't had a good time so far very time. A lot of people get jobs and they hit the ground running and I've hit the ground sprinting. There's been a lot of fun. It's been a track meet for you, but you got a lot of ground to make up in the recruiting area. Talk to a little bit about the inroads you've been able to to make their at old miss. Yeah. Well, you know, almost as national brand, so I've been able to get indoors. I hadn't been able to get into for five years now. 'cause I was at Jacksonville and everyone's been super supportive and wanted to know about what university of Mississippi has offer. And it's been an easy sell because he get him on campus. It's beautiful facilities top notch. And so. That's that's just been the job. The more importantly, not even giving all on campus is finding the right piece that will fit what we're going to try to do so that we can be competitive in the in the future. When you when you evaluate. And I would think when you took the old miss job, you've got they're evaluating situation valuating situation. What was the first thing that you hit on that you said we need to change this this, this we're needs to be? Yeah. I mean, I think I just needed to change it energy right away. There was a defeat type feeling, you know, understandably, when you look at the record that the players had last year and so you correct? I wanted to assess the situation and so that is why I didn't hire staff right away went in and I listened to the players and wanted to see what they wanted and what they expected and what they wanted the experience to be like, and and so the energy and then just the pride for the program, just getting it back and usually you, that's an easy sell when it's a new captain in on the ship are Shagari. Good. Your bag. You're you're back? Yes, you got to play a little bit. Then you blew your knee out early in that season, but you got the full redshirt. So we're so happy about that. Now, how are you feeling? How's that recovery? Come. And how are you feeling right now? I mean, it was a long process, but I don't really fitting great. I started Fogo last Wednesday and just working my way back in and just got a game. I companies back just do what I normally do. If I get a hangnail on done for like a win ACL. You talked about the confidence, how, how hard is it to go back one hundred percent in practice after something like that. How long did it take into you felt really comfortable alone time because I had feared that I would injure myself again. Ale is alone, but you feel great coming. I feel that ready. She's smiling because I don't have to practice today. You have to tell them. I'm looking at your schedule. I see y'all to the US Virgin Islands. Did you schedule -solutely. I was not even aware of it until Gino told me when we robbery or anything. And he said, you know, he said, we're playing you guys. I said, no, you're not. So we are said, no, you know, we went back and forth for Banjul. Gino was right. So he made it clear that we were playing and I said, well, here's the thing coach as a you. You're not gonna put. You're not gonna put ninety three points on us in the first half, they don't care. The foul Mojo team. Get a million elation, but stalling the ball. Again, those many points we chuckled. So it was great. Yeah, a lot of transfers. Yeah. So you have a team that that isn't all that familiar with each other. You're basically starting over number one objective that you have for this team as you get ready to start this season. Oh, he's just talk about getting one percent better every day. You know, we've got challenged them to grow and grow quickly. You know, we really don't. If they want to achieve the goals that they want to cheat. We don't have time to usually as a coach, you'll say, oh, by January, we'll get this. So you know, by conference, but I need the freshman to grow up. I need the the new comers. I need everybody to just really lock him by and be all in now so that we can make the best out of the season. And that's just that's just what it is. That's the nature of the beast and Shinji Rica. Let me ask you this, how, how cool is it? I want to have this use that word that you've got are many price there. As one of your assistant coach is one of the all time greats from miss. I mean, and she sets a fantastic. Human being this love her. But here she is. Now you get to work with her on a daily basis. The ad let you know growing up. She was my role model. Yeah, like now have on the sideline coach Amee at the at the whole resume, but as such a great fit and I'm going to learn from this, has she talked to you any of her? Her good moves and her. Incident. Tissot patient on the backside zone defense was, I mean, come on. A long time. She's got a lot of. Now. Exactly. To be able to help you sell ole miss because she's such a great Representative of that school. No, just because I wanted to build on that when selling it, we saw the success Jacksonville, the twenty one seasons for those who are unfamiliar with your style of play. I mean, for SEC fans that are tune in right now, what is old miss women's hoops in twenty teen under coach. Oh, well, I thought about that because I, I've been paying attention to the questions. I said they're gonna ask me our style of play, and our style of play this year will be different from what it looked like in the future. But this year will be fun. That will be consistent, but we're going to be chameleons we're going to, we're going to prepare depending on who we're playing, that is how we're going to play. So it's gonna be scout specific. I think that I would be tricky myself to try to say this is how ole miss women's basketball ball is going to be. It might tenure in my air. You get saying, like right now, just focusing on trying to put these young ladies in the best position to be successful on the court day in and day out. And so that's playing zone versus one team will do it. Man, triangle into oxen, one, whatever, coach Landers jacket. Call somebody for for me when you when you take a job. I think you have ideas about the way you think it's going to how were those things. Right. What's been the pleasant surprise and what has been the thing that you've walked into it? Oh, MRs at Ono I didn't know this. Yeah. Well, I didn't know that eight place. We're gonna try. Expected some to transfer this. There may be. That's what I've been saying. The people people have been asking me a lot. You don't have you been paying attention? It hadn't been coaching changes and people have been transfer. I okay. So that is the norm, but I didn't expect eight to leaf. Okay, so that that was something that I was okay, I need to adjust. But what I've been pleasantly surprised with the conference I knew about the SEC I've been in the regional biggies and the ACC, but this is my first time and I played against SEC teams, but to be in this conference, it really just means more and I did not know how beautiful almost was. There you have a favorite spot on campus yet to say. Retain. This where you can eat? No, I had to pull myself back because I started to get out of hand. I got there with all this Fisher visits. We had always good in royalties. A really good women's hoops coming forward cannot wait to see back on the court. Congratulations on your rehab. We look for that season coach yo keep keep that energy. Absolutely. We got more coming up here from the women's hoops media days here in Birmingham, Alabama. We return here on the Paul finebaum show. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. I welcome everybody back into the whole finebaum show. Peter burns along with at least one of my really good friends. Foreigner handy leaders is here as well. We don't have any fun on this show. We're going to get back to your phone calls a little bit eight, five, five, four, two, Paul. You can hit us up on Twitter as well to we'll break bacon down a little bit of week, eight in college football, but I wanna break down. We just saw the infectious behavior in attitude of coach yo in this conference right now for those who don't know it sell me on it. You know, we got a lot of listeners that they're all tuned into football, right? This is what they do. They don't understand how good this product is women hoops. What are you selling them on a reason why this thing, especially this conference has been good for a long time Peter and you know that as a sports fan, but to me what really makes this exciting every year year in and year out new stars are born and you. You know this, Andy, we see a great Asia Wilson. She's gone. Now we see Mercedes Russell and Jamie NAR from Tennessee. They're gone. There's players from Mississippi State four, senior starters that shot three of them shot forty percent behind the art. They're gone well, you know what? It's time for new players. Step utter, their new stars will be born this year in a big way because this conference year in and year out plays some of the best women's basketball in the country, if not the best, and we're going to see new players step forward and it's going to be fun to watch. That's shortage. The would add to that and we probably have the best player in the country. At Mississippi State germ account. You're talking about a double double machine who has an excellent chance of being named national player of the year, but I would take it somewhere a little different. You know, this is a conference that has. Led the charge in terms of the development of women's basketball. This league was big when women's basketball wasn't cool. That goes back to when I was coaching, but there's been thirty seven NC double a. tournaments. And I think the SEC is had someone in the finals, twenty seven or twenty eight times that gives you an Adia. I mean, teams have been from this conference have been to multiple final fours. We've seen what South Carolina has done recently. Three final fours national championship game Mississippi State to to Georgia to five Auburn to four back in the day, you know, Tennessee to sweet. Holly world care about ten minutes, so it it it. It is a league that is tuned to the top. You know, has the ability year in and year out just as we do in football to have a team play for the national championship exciting. And the other thing I go, I'm gonna go back to the players. Was that your short answer because his check. But let's talk about another great player in this league. And that's Kennedy Carter at Texas AM. This is a freshman point guard national freshman of the year. Absolutely. Phenomenal season average leads the scoring last year twenty two point two game in the tournament thirty one point to another level twenty something she averaged thirty one in the turnament. So she took it to another level after the after SEC play. But what's so phenomenal about her is when you put the ball in her hand, I don't care if you're a men's basketball fan or a women's basketball. You wanna watch this kid play because she plays at an offensive level that has really nobody else can match that in this. Well, too. One of the people that I that I respect as much as anyone in women's basketball is Doug Bruno depaul. Great coach, just incredible success. That's who she went off on. They were prepared and couldn't stop her right and couldn't do anything about it. All in her hand, she's two points, three points, white news newses. We'll see her attitude coach Blair's always real crazy. Not gets right. Yeah. We'll talk a little bit later as well to Warlick's going to join us coming up here on this. I do really like coach Landers I promise don't tell him that. Listen there. Everybody's saying hydrated here. We'll join you. Join you nail. Here SEC women's basketball media day here at Birmingham, Alabama, Graham, bohemian listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom. My first experience with jewel. I do remember being like this, it's good. It's it's, it's like a cigarette, but not. I don't miss smoking at all. Like I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette Asher lingering odor make the switch and j. dot com. Slash sports warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical Debbie, which is talking about it with me Jackson, and I see that smile on your face and it's it's a beautiful smile for joining us here in Rhode Island. I was gonna say, coach last year was the braces. So she complained about the issue or what? Not every day. Everyone. Hey, what do you do you not wanting it about much on this team as far as when you look at what me run I can do. What is it about this team that makes you think this is back to where you want to be in this program? We're, we're energized. We play with so much energy so much passion. We have a togetherness that we haven't had a while and it's on the court off the court. And these young ladies have made a commitment, so it's fine. I'm, I'm loving it. I'm joined what I'm doing. That's that's good because you got to have fun at the game, but let me ask you this, you lost six, six, Mercedes Russell, you lose Jamie NAR. These are two players that were significant in your program for their four years of eligibility. Have you make up? How do you replace those two specific players and their specific positions inside and on the perimeter. Now you go get your team that's there and they get into Jim on their own. So they, they've developed their game, they'd gotten better, and then you go out and sign a great freshman class and kids that will come in that are hungry, talented, but really eager to play an eager to please. So you replace those two Davis has done a heck of a job getting better committee. She's just been so determined to make sure this. Basketball team heads in great direction, hotly here you. But specifically, I was a Mercedes Russell fan thought she'd great footwork. I thought she'd just really good player and a great Representative of the university of Tennessee who plays back to the basket. Cast can't see to to. She does our caller Cassie, right. Done such a good job of. She's toned her body. She's gotten more physical. She was there all summer. I would say Cassie right now shared in green Mamie. Collins who comes in as a freshman. So we're going to do a little bit of back committee, but to get that Mercedes look that back to the basket primarily it would be cast from the great recruiting class. You mentioned it a moment ago for people that aren't familiar, how many players there and what positions and how they help this team this year. Great question jasmine mass and Gail point guard facility facilitator. She's from Tennessee. Zeh green a penetrator, very aggressive super-quick will help us on the perimeter. Lou Brown, who's a red shirt, senior coming from Washington state, got a maturity about her. Mimi Jack's Mamie Collins who is a physical can stem face the basket and who right Baril who was a loop sleeper for us. Right is right is just a energizer is is a great shooter consistent shooter and she just puts herself out there and I love how she competes. What about. Since we have sitting here, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. You are the leading returning point score and rebounder after you, you lost Mercedes and Jamie Nord. What kind of responsibility laws on your shoulders this year you're preseason Alessi pig. What kind of not just pride you taking that, but the responsibility that goes with that and to contribute on the floor. What is definitely a great responsibility with. I mean, I know artifice to win a lot of these games. I'm definitely you'll have to score the ball. Of course, go have to continue to rebound and just play hard from our team. Keep getting my teammates involve and doing stuff like that. Rookie was a fourth best recruiting class. Right. I mean, listed a bevy different players coming in. You were in that those shoes last year. What's the one piece of advice that an idea as saying like, this is what you need to know. This is what lady vol's basketball's about the one piece of advice. You mean like I'm giving to the freshman, absolutely. Where to park on campus. Coaches and wherever I don't have a car. So I don't know. But as far as being a first, but it doesn't last long like you technically freshman all year. But by the time you reach SEC play, you can't can't use the excuse of being a freshman anymore. Just play by how have you grown your game in the off season? What did you add to your game? Well, I worked in post solemness year actually, which originally didn't want to do. I realized that it will just take my game to the next level being able to post up smaller guards or whoever may be army at the time being more aggressive attack Nebraska again to get into the paint a lot this year. So we'll see how that goes. No sweat, no Sweet. Sixteen laster. What did you hear and how did it affect you? Did it motivate you when you fail to get there for the first time? What was definitely tough for me. It was my first years. My first go round NCAA tournament, so I don't really know what to expect, but I knew that second round this not not says ninety cents. So for us, we all just got an Jim. We took it very, very tough on the loss in the second round. It was just embarrassing. This lease. I think this this off season, we've been in a gym a lot more. We've taken practice a lot more serious. We've been high energy everyday in practice in everybody's coming ready to work every day. So preseason your pick third in this league, the team looked down upon that or y'all say, it doesn't matter. We're just gonna go out here and play. We're better than that. The though he's going to be preseason a little bit lower on if she out. I mean, everybody has their own opinion. I don't. I'm not really into the rankings and preseason stuff. We'll just see how those that sounds like a coach answer right there. Getting the right gates came out some, that's she knew. You got thirty seconds here. What are you looking forward? You've seen in the rest of the league. The saying, just physical athletic fast plays hard goes inside, have guards at create outside. Great, three point shooters just everything you got to be prepared for every every single year, right? It's led vol. Basketball has been setting the bar very high for many years. I can't wait to see you. I have some fun coach. Enjoy the smile with braces. I know you're. Let vol's going to have a big year SEC women's hose. We'll talk a little mintues and football. When we return back here, the Paul finebaum show.

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