Greedy Cell phones compaines and the Global Antichrist


Morning this is as tomorrow chaos known as DNA League in Wolfson. Or Angelina de Morte. I this morning's podcast is about telephone companies and the Anti Christ. Gary Cody Jones in his desire to keep. His. Followers his girlfriend. In a phone, use my name and keeps me from being identified, which I would like to lobby against a phone being a divisive identity. Verizon. Wireless was paid over seventy five dollars on a prepaid account today with a auto enroll. And I wake up at midnight, and my phone is all in my money's taken off my card. And they're wanting more money. The corporate greed. In phone companies is bizarre. They think that the Anna which is the root of the Internet is reason they're still in Monday, which I could care less about it does not mean anything to me other than just being a root server. Open, Internet free access on. Do not. I am not allowed. Cody takes my wife. I off my phone my FM signal and claims Morrison and Linda and Melissa are the FM towers. Alien. They can't even communicate with selectively is fucking insane. But back to variety I spent an hour on on hold telling them about the post paid account. My phone is also somehow reg tape because cody's clone in him. Well, I spent an hour and thirty minutes on the phone in. Gist. When she picked up, we can't help you. We have to change you to another number to another representative in their department. So that. Frustrated me in hung up only to get up this morning and my phone disconnected. These fucking people or the epitome of children. All they do is spoke with phones in passwords. That's all they can do i. q is so low including cody Jones's that they spend all their time. Claiming that they have the life that I've always wanted no, they don't nobody wants to be a parish that nobody wants not mean anyway. I've got the LAV I wanted spiritually I might not have lot physically right now. But. I'm not being abused behind closed doors I'm only being abused by Cody Jones threatening May and Cody Jones breaking in and cody. Jones. Stock in May and all his little fucking nigger horrors. Claiming to be me I got a police report yesterday because of the pills they still. And my idea that they stole any head three DNA. Lay Hands on it. One. In, Monroe. All the same spelling. All the same birthday and one them actually has the balls to be living the parliament in my former subsidize Hud. Voucher. Am Not on welfare eating more but they're still in Aden apartment with the help of Bobby Thomas von. Donate anybody rent from the Bond House bashed to police the NFL shady's motherfuckers you can ever and possibly imagine. They leased me an apartment with my identity and my idea to pitcher but they got someone name Larussa Lane living there and Department one eleven. That's Nationale or ethnicity is labeled as IAN which means Negro. US. former Texas driver's licenses been expired and deleted from the database. If you want to look that up on public data, it's one, four, two, six, four, nine, seven, nine. It was expired in two thousand thirteen. The Cody Jones is such asshole about making fake ID's all the time. It's why his song fake ID's John Rich, he just thinks is the number one hit. Anybody has to use someone else's name or losers. They're not happy with the skin there, and they're not happy with their own life and they wanted bring others down. By fucking with phones all the time. BRIAN AT and T. boost mobile sprint all the same fucking company and Cody Jones clones every site. Steals y'all's money. And then they're left want where's our customers? He when he gets a credit card information on strop anywhere else he steals it and he deletes funds from accounts. He's a thief. Buchan Satan is his name. Yeah. Cody Jones is the real Satan also known as John Rich, the murder of Danika Rainn Wilson and goes around practicing believes in black. Magic. But don't believe in Christianity or the fact is someone hung on a crossing died. Burr. Creating Sin. He loves since Oh, God damn much giddy fell from grace. And yet, he is a fallen angel, but he's got all his little monkey horrors going around claiming there angels. They don't even have the image of God which is full image. From head to toe. I found letter online from my grandfather he angry Williams Talking about who the Anti Christ is and cellphones in the future which was dated back in the nineteen hundred early nineteen hundreds. and. Initials D. C.. Gary Cody. The antichrist's. The time is the apocalypse I'm living in apocalypse parishes nicknamed it. And believe me between two Tonia and assholes and no ball and a the sits there and pushed three different addresses of DNA Leeann Wilson with three same birthdays. And don't do anything about it. It's time to call the FBI is to call the time to call someone other than this place. In Louisiana, they had no law. They're all behind the Linda Lane Jumping Jack flee claims. She's a soul swap over. Yet. She's about the size of fleets she thinks she's the baddest motherfucker in the world. Sees the one had to do something with my phone is more evidently. and. I pray that she don't have one at all. And upgraded she can't even fucking jump anymore and her jumping jack flee image. I hope her legs bouncer breaks. For me having to walk to get that phone the other day among woke up paralysed for two hours because my hit. Yes I'm having health problems with my hit. My sacral joint is spreading and I can't if that's what holds must bind in this place. I get up and go each day. How much Roofer I'm a warrior. I declared extraterritorial pro a law eight hundred old role tradition when there's been no law, it's about the. That it can start. Hi Do. And they're trying to claim their that. So I'm German Russian to the core and I would love to be there instead of Ignace place this unholy place called. Bastard. I think declaring extra satour aerial that There's no law here. and. I'm Austrian. It's Australian. Land. German. Land that's my heritage. Schleswig-holstein. From. Diana is. It's a tribe. Of Angels. Read about it on Kapadia. This is Angelina Damore Tayo also known as Edgewood Morte Indiana late and Wilson. sign off had had a good night and thanks for listening to my podcast.

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