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Hey, guys. The following podcast is a lady gang network in podcast one production, which means it's gonna be awesome. Hello everyone. It's wednesday. And you're getting a show because it's our new book podcast. That's right. Introducing the stacks as the official book club of the lady gang. So Cal the guests today and make sure you go subscribe to the stacks. And for all book info, you can visit the stacks podcast dot com. Enjoy. Welcome to the stacks. I'm your host, Tracy Thomas and today, our guest is co host of the lady, gang and entertainment tonight. Correspondent Kelsey night. It really is only fitting that we have Kelty on today to launch the stacks. As part of the lady gang network on podcast one. If you're an old fan of the sax don't worry nothing really changing around here. And if you're new to the show, welcome this is what you should know. The stacks is your literary best friend, your virtual book club, and your one stop shop everything books and toasted by me, Tracy Thomas, the two part chats are new everyone's day part. One features a conversation with our guests about their reading habits books. They've loved or books. They've hated books. They're embarrassed that they still haven't read and a lot more in week two's episode, my guest, and I will discuss the stacks book club pick with titles ranging from hot new releases to forgotten treasures. You can always find out our book club picks in advance on our social media accounts on the website. I've left blinks to both in. The show notes if they're going to be spoilers. Don't worry. I will always let you know an advance. Plus every other Monday, we have many episodes called the short stacks. Their interviews with authors about their process and their books. And now that we're on the leading network, which is part of podcast one. You can find the show on podcast one apple podcasts or whatever else. You. Listen wanna be a part of the show great 'cause our segment asked the stacks is all about giving you book recommendations on air. You Email us at asking the stacks at G L dot com with your name what you're looking for. And maybe a few books that you've liked or not like so much then tune in to hear our suggestions on what you should read Email us at asking the sax at gmaiLcom want more of the stocks head over to patriot dot com slash the stocks to be part of our virtual book club. Get the inside scoop and more shot out to our newest member of the sax pack, Katie holes. Nagel audible is an awesome resource for those of you who like an audio book if you wanna free. Thirty day trial and a free audiobook, download go to audible trial dot com slash the stacks. Okay. Let's get to my conversation with Kelty night. All right, y'all. We are here today with Kelty night Kelty is one third of the lady gang. She is a TV host entertainment tonight, and she's a bad ass girl. Boss, Kelty, welcome to the stacks. We're so excited. I'm so excited. Be here. I'm so excited to be here. I guess now that this episode is out in the world. People know people is the Sachs's part of the league network. It has been my dream. I think since like the first month of lady gang to have like an official book club for the lady gang readers because we have so many people reading, and we have a couple little like kind of secular groups. But when you came to be on our podcast, we were like, I was like wait, I love her her. And then I went down a deep dive. And I was like oh my God. This is exactly wants to basically just stole you you already had your own thing. But we're like come to hang out with us and be part of our gang. And so we're just worth so thrilled. I'm super excited to be here. I mean, I'm exactly where I was. But I'm excited to be with you. Because normally you guys launch new shows. So I'm your I kinda like pickup. Yes. So you're a sensually like an indie artist at Coachella who know everyone knows about. But like needed a major label record labels to like get you in the mix. So I definitely have a flower crown. Thank you. Yeah. This is the first time that we like from conception haven't really what you do is perfect. So we're just kind of like putting Internetwork network of shows promoting you showing you to Our Lady gang audience who we have like so many book lovers. We're just hoping to help you grow and mostly just use you for your book recommendations, so very one-sided. It's okay. No. I think I'm going to I'm going to be happier. I think it should we should just say for those of you who are new here. Welcome. And for those of you who been listening for the last year pretty much. Nothing's changing. Yes. You might meet new people that maybe we wouldn't have had on the show before because like I didn't know healthy before. But. For the most part the show will stay the same. The first episode will be about books recommendations and talking our guest the second up. So it will be a book club where we talk about the book. And if there are spoilers on that I will let you know in the show notes I will link to everything we talk about in the show notes. Also, be linking to our Facebook groups. There's two Facebook groups one is like a book club and the other is a book exchange. So if you're hoping to get a book or send a book, that's what you'll find an everything we talked about is always linked in the show notes. So if your new welcome if you're old still love you love you long time. Okay. Let's talk about Kelsey now because that was like too much housekeeping just tell us a little bit about yourself Kelty. So I I'm just like so excited on a book podcast because I am like a self Icee nerd, but then people like don't say nerd because it's not nerdy to love the things you love. So for me, I'm a bullet journal enthusiasts. I love to journal. I love to scrapbook. I have been. A reader my entire life mostly because I'm like an introverted extrovert. So I'd go on TV or late again. And I'm like, I'm wild. And I'm crazy. And then the way that I find new energy like hide in my bedroom with like a candle on read for six hours or on a Saturday, which I just did this weekend like Sunday head off. I read an entire book all day just in my dream. I read work party by Jacqueline Johnson. She's like a she created Creighton, cultivate, a she's a twenty four year old entrepreneur, and she hit some real bad ass business advice for girls, ladies that are like how do you fire someone and I was like, oh, I mean, I'm not trying to you. But I'm just saying if you need to the sack. Yeah, it was really good. So, but I'm I'm not personally, I'm married. I've been married. Six years. I have a house here in Los Angeles. I have four jobs in I just have a lot going on. But I'm very passionate about being an entrepreneur. And I've lived my whole life and show business waiting for people to call me and say, yes. To me and meow addition. And then be like we want you at this series in my life. Which is why I can't contain my excitement that you're here. And I'm on your show is that like going out and making my life. Look the way that I want it to look like engineering. Oh, we'll at some point. I would like to just podcast all day because I find this form of show so intimate and so powerful. And so I'm just really excited. I love that. I want you to talk a little bit about being an extroverted introvert haven't read the book, quiet. No, okay. I'm gonna send it to you. Okay. It's about introverts, and like how they recharge and how they work in settings and how they engage with the world because it's different like, if you're an extrovert extrovert you recharge by being around people and talking and in group settings, you know, you are able to get that vibe from people, but introverts there's like a lot of stigma around it. So the book is kind of about like the power of quietness and like thriving. Yes, it's going to be perfect for you. My husband calls it a putz what? What are you doing this weekend? I was like he's just having a putz. And it's just like I just need time where I'm in my house alone or like with him in another room. I kill reading or watching TV on his computer, and I'm just like cleaning drawer, and like you said, why are you always putting and I'm like that's my form of like right recharge. What's your sign? I'm an Aquarius, and I'm a three on the ground. Have you done that? I've not I have not done that. I'm I'm not really that into it. But I feel I feel like water signs are like 'cause I'm I'm my whole thing is backed up. So I was born July twenty second very late at night, which is the last day of cancer. So my whole life. I thought it was a cancer, and then I moved ally. And somebody read my chart, and my son was in Aquarius. So I'm not my son was in Leo. So I'm actually Leo, but I had all the jewelry that's had cancer. And so I'm really got dammit. That's exactly right. But both of my rising and mooner Aquarius. So I do have that water in me. But I feel like water people like to putz little we like to around. So what kind of advice, do you have for women who want to start taking charge of their own lives like in creating things at the fill them. And you know, following what you're talking about. Yeah. I think one of the things like you're such an inspiration. And the reason why instantly was drawn to you. Because you were like this is something I love, and I love I love reading. I love books. I'm gonna start my own book club. And it's going to be sassy and cool and awesome. Like, I just love when someone's like that. And whether or not I think my advice is to just start. You don't really I mean, everyone's like, oh, you need your your business plan. And like, how are you going to aren't live on this seamer or whatever? But I I'm not from that. I mike. Let's just start just start it. If it starts as a hobby. Don't quit your day job. Right. You know? But if it starts a hobby or starts as something you just really really, really. Passionate about and then you go from there when we started lady gang. It was just Becca Tobin. And being like, we want to create something that we can't get fired. We want to be the boss like so that no matter what if she acting career goes up or down or my hosting Kruger's upper now, we can always have this as like a backbone will never have to be worried or desperate that sense of like oh have to have this. And so that's when we started we had no idea that like, then we would launch a network in a tour in a book, and like all these different things. So we just started. We just were like every Tuesday, We're going to put out an hour show. And you just start where you are. And I think my advice for women is don't apologize about liking what you like or staying in your space. I see so many people come to me like, well, I just wanted to. I just wanted to check in just I just wanted to see if you would be interested like if you believe in what you're doing like, hi, I'm Kelly from lady gang. Here's my project. Take a look, right. You don't be scared of the no don't be scared of the no. And don't apologize for this thing like before? Yes. Yes. It's like, the that's, you know, first impressions are important. And if your first impression is I'm terrible. And you're doing me a favor. Yes, not ideal. Well, and I think that you I mean, not like always turn my question. Your question about me back to you. But I think that like one of the things that I really love about you is that you like treat the stacks. Like, this is frigging book club. Will it is? Well, I know obviously. But you know, what? I mean, you you it's so important that everything's right? And it's so it's so you that it's like your precious about it. And I love that you stand in there. And you're like, no, this is the book club. This is the stacks. This is what we're all about. This is the show and like Domus with me. And I love that. Because it's like you're not like like, you have a backbone, and I love that. Like, I think women need to if you know what you're doing is great said in it. Right. Totally. I couldn't agree more. What what besides like kind of nervous energy that apology pre apology. What stuff do you feel like you've seen that is like harmful for women when they're starting out creating their own stuff? I think that someone's path for them is not always the path for you. So I had an era of my life where a lot of my girlfriends were starting to have kids, and they were losing themselves a little bit and everyone got into the MLM's Ling. You know, like the Avon. I don't like all the different. I can sell this from home. We listened to that podcast. No. There's a podcast camera. But it's investigating them. Right. Yes. And it's so good. I wanna love it. You'll love the host. She's like funny and like great, okay continue. So I had a section of my life where a bunch of my friends like a lot of them were all kind of going somewhere selling spices and some are selling oils and some were selling this. And I had a couple of friends that absolutely have Slade at this. Because it was so on board with like who they are as human beings. And then there was a lot of women that I knew that was like you're not a salesperson. Like, your your your mind, girl, like you're not. And then they would be like do you want? And you're like, you're just not everyone's path. Like when you see it on Instagram. You see it in the world is the right path for you. Like, I think women make this mistake of being like, this is my one secular life, and this is what it should look like and these are the Instagram filters. And the steps I have to take to happiness and everyone has like a one-size-fits-all life. And I think that. All those people quit those jobs since then and have gone off and done other things that have been like more them and they've had great success. So it's like, I think sometimes wanting look women that look at us, and they're like, oh, I wanna podcast I wanna start my own lady gang. And like that is awesome. Should you? Start your own lady. Like because we had Becca Tobin who just come off glee who had a fame and a large following absolutely helped us we had Jack van who was an in house graphic designer. So we never had to invest in. You know, like we wanted to do it. And then we looked around like, oh, this is something that will be. We'll be able to do in our we I'm really like rambling. But how do I say that let concisely just? Just because pink hair is the trend. Doesn't mean you should have been care. Right. Right for everybody. Right. Will. So next week. We're talking about tiny beautiful things by Cheryl straight, and I feel like one of the not to get into. But one of the big themes in the book was like trust yourself. And I think that that kind of goes along with it that it's like you can want to be successful. But you don't have to do it. The other person's way like find your own way. 'cause like if I could try to start a lady gang by myself a little beginning. But like, I don't really have that much to say about a lot of other things. Like, I have a lot to say about right? So it was like, well, this is the one place. I feel like I could really dive in exactly you have to really be sure that it's like, you're Steve. And not one of the things that we now a lot of people come to us, obviously. And they're like I want to start a podcast with you. So they come. And then what we do is. We give them like this four page questionnaire. And it's like it's like an SAT. Right. It's like who are you? What do you do? What do you want to do? What are your first twenty? Shows. Like, right. We'll be your guess, what will be the topics and the thing is everyone has a good idea for our res-. What I always say because you're at dinner with your friends, I should start up like, you know, she do start a clothing like I should start a blog, and you have ideas for like one hour or posts after that. You're like, so we make people like do these crazy long plans because it's like to plan out a launch of something. It's like it's more than just your one hour, right? Totally actually hilarious. We didn't make that your show. I wonder what I would have said if I was like, oh, what am I I don't know. I listen to this podcast that used to be radio show. It's about sports. It's called the Tony Kornheiser show. He's like a sports guy. Love it. It's an hour and a half a day five days a week Houston to it every day. I do I haven't listened to it yet today. But I do and he used to be like on radio. And he always says everyone thinks they can do my job be a radio person. And you probably could on Monday after football season, you probably maybe could on Tuesday. But what's your Thursday show when there's no sports or like, maybe there's been one game. And there's no news drop and nothing happened over the weekend. And he's always like some these will come on home to like today is a real Thursday show, and he'll he'll shoot the shit about anything. But like it's kind of out same thing. It's like you have this great idea. But how do you fill it out? And that's not to say that you can't. It's just like you have to think about these things at some point. No, it's true. And I I even get that like a little bit with my job on entertainment tonight. I think that like after the Oscars is real easy to be TV host gum Kidman Strath. God. Leo. But like on a Thursday. When the lead story is Jennifer Lopez, wore pants, and nothing is happening. And we still have to go onto five million people or on a day when you know, Michael Jackson dies, and it's this horrible news. That's not a fun day fun to be like prince is gone. And so that it's exactly the same thing. It's like it's easy to be like. And again, they're engaged. That's easy. The hard stuff is like when there's nothing and you're like, we do with lady gang TV too. Sometimes in our allegedly what's happening like our little hot, topics. They'll be great weeks, and they'll be weeks like the stories we make anything funny, right. That's right. Well, that's what works about you guys. Okay. Talking about your job AT. What celebrity have you bet where you actually like Kelty in your heart fan girled? It's really nerdy. The ones that get me. Our Paula Abdul every time, and it's it's almost to a point where I think she's going to get a restraining on her polyp does my life is the first compact disc, I own shut up and dance like by and growing up in the early nineties like you had a disc men or a CD player and I had a tape player to kind of. But like, that's it. There wasn't a spa. Defy where you could like Allison to a million songs. You had your one disc and you played it over and over for two years straight. Yes. That was polyp dual love Paul using my brother performed like the rap rabbit on the opposites attract DJ, Scott cat. Yeah. I obviously Paula. There's a lot of choreography straight up was also really egg number and my how big number. Yeah. So I like loved Paula. And when I see her I just kind of blows my mind that I'm sitting next in the spaces her. Yeah. Because I grew up in Canada, and like I was into celebrity. I was more into like New York Broadway than I was into like us weekly. So for me, I was like, oh, it's whoever actor whatever number five. I don't really care. But like Paula Abdul, really. And then I know is like so cliche. But the first time I interviewed Oprah. I was like I get it. I understand your orbit. I understand like you. When Oprah's looking at you. She really makes you feel like you're the only person in the world that matters. And I was like, oh my county on this TV show. Like, I'm not you're not vitamin a harvest like nobody, you know. And she just has this God, I wish I had that power to be that same kind of human. I just don't have too many things on my mind. I wanna be that person again day. But we'll see. Okay. What about something? That's. Super glamorous about your job. And then what something that's like kind of garbage that maybe people wouldn't think is kind of garbage. If you have one of those. Yes. So the most glamorous stuff, and this is perfect timing because the met gala is a couple of days away from when this is going to air and getting the planning of like finding address getting fitted picking up my excess res like the glam of having like a professional hair and makeup team common. Do you and make you so beautiful, and you take the photos, and you're like zome as ING that is the most glamorous thing. I love a red carpet. I really love look like, I know I'm not a star. And I know that I go away over and people like why she trying so hard. I'm not trying hard. I'm fulfiling my soul of showgirl. And I just love a fucking costume. Sorry. I love a costume so much swear here. Don't okay, I love a costume. So I. That is the most glamorous, I think the thing that people don't realize is that up until I changed jobs like two years ago. My call time was three forty five every morning says working from three forty five until like nine thirty at night. And when I say like I was working like I didn't have time to eat lunch. Like, I went I got in the makeup chair three forty five. And then I was on a red carpet at night. And I think that people don't really necessarily see the hours for the last month. I had the entire month two days where I didn't have to work in some way to days where I didn't have to have an eyelash glued hairdo outfit working. Because when you're in these positions where you maybe have the job that everyone wants, you can't really say, no. So when they're like, oh, you're gonna fly to New York and do this interview on a Sunday. And you're like, okay. And they're like, and then you're gonna turn around and take the Red Eye, and then you're gonna go suffered just go. And then you're gonna you know, it's just that the hours in that sounds. I always have trouble complaining about it. Because then I'm like, well, what about the moms their jobs, never stop? So like who am I to think like a day where people bothering me, right? It'd be a mother, but it is hard because there's a lot of small talk. And I am an introvert which about so it's like I have to go on set. And then if the stars there have like small talk with all the people around me flicked, two hours that is like exhausting for me. Like, I just want to sit in the corner. And be like, okay, I'm gonna charge up before Jennifer comes in here. But is just a lot of like detail. And there's a lot of studying like before the Grammys we did the Grammy red carpet this year. I mean, I'm full on SAT mode. I have a little card with every stars name. There's like four. Hundred of them in like, they're married to when their birthday was when's the last record how many Grammy's that they've been nominated for how many they want, and I memorize it all so like anyone can walk up to me on the carpenter instantly. No, I don't need to fumble with a card like rate and are have to do that. But that's like how I run your personnel business. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, we're going to slightly transition to books now. Okay. So the first thing that we started this new thing it's called asking the stocks actually called ask the stocks. But the Email to get your recommendation is asking the stacks at gmaiLcom people send in an Email saying who they are what they're interested in. And then we give them a book recommendation. Okay. So today for us stocks are percents. Bree her Instagram is at Bree Esquire reads hybrid hybrid. Here's what she says. I have a wide range of reading tastes. I like adult y middle grade. So feel free to recommend any age level. I have three goals this year have less than fifty percent of my reads be by white authors. Read at least twenty five non. In fiction books and read twelve books that will relate to my work as a public defender. Wow. So we can kind of top any of those goals. And then she says she loves to kill a Mockingbird. The hate you give just mercy. Good mad the bluest eye, and she didn't love if Beale street could talk or I'm thinking of ending things. So that's our goal. Although I you have a second to okay, my recommendations for you are the sun does shine which was by Anthony Ray Hinton. It's about a guy who was wrongfully convicted and hot is and put on death row and his conviction overturned Oprah loves it. So obviously, I love to have it ready yet. But I know I love it. And then the new Jim crow by Michelle Alexander. Both of these authors are black. So that covers all three of your goals. The new Jim crow is about mass incarceration, and it's amazing. And then the other which haven't read, but I've heard really good things. It's called the fact of a body by Alexandria, Marzano less Lesin of it, and they are a gender queer person. Who wrote a memoir of? About a true crime. So it kind of combines both things it's memoir Andrew crime together and their story about themselves in this crime and the crime itself. So those are my Rex for you. Bree kelty. Okay. Hold on. I'm unlike my deep Google. Well, all right. So I'm not anywhere near Tracy level on books. So my recommendations are going to be pretty bad. But I wanna tell you. I don't know if this is gonna count she she wants nonfiction books, but she also likes other. She gave us some things. Don't wait. Can I recommend the crowd Ed book? Yeah. Where the crowd saying? Yeah. Deal Delio Owens. Have you read it? No, not yet. But you read it and you loved it yet. Okay. So because you're like public defender, what's really cool about this story is that it's basically the rights and wrongs of humanity. It's like this this girl, she has this horrible life growing up. She's like thrown to the wolves kind of. And then she finds this land on this marshland, essentially, and and builds her whole life where she doesn't need to go into this town that sort of ostracized her in a way, and then like who does that land belong to like she's been living in this March for fifty years, and I don't know. Just like all this righteousness about the rules of life, and how you treat people. And like what is right, and what is wrong. And so I think you might enjoy that because it's like a very twisted, and Reese Witherspoon, it's an RA club, and she's making movie of it. And it was one of those books this character Kaya is this is she's just like the most fabulous character. Like, I just okay, I'm doing a horrible job. That's aid. My other book that I think everyone should read ever ever Isham Terim. Right. Is that too old? No, no. Okay. There's no there's no, right. Okay. I spent most of last year I had this goal same as I wanna read this many books on this. I want fifty bucks last year. And I really got stuck in Sean Theron for like, two months. And then I read the other one the morning glow. Whatever it's he has a follow up. That's another twelve hundred pages. So took me like six months to read both of these books, but it was like the best story ever read. And that's all I'm going to say to you. So perfect breathe. Those erects let us know if you read any of them, let us know how they go. We want. We want to hear back from so basic, I'm gonna up my game. Now this tax zone, lady gang. I am going to go and be like, so obscure and be like, oh have you read, bro? Bro that wave. That's the thing about books every book is obscure to you. If you don't know it do, you know what I mean like people I read a ton. And I'm like very interested in books, and people will tell me about and I have no I've never heard of that. You'll be you haven't it's a New York Times bestseller. I'm like, yeah. But I feel like things are obscure just because you don't know them like it's just not in your wheelhouse. Can I ask you something, and you can cut this out if it's not if it doesn't work I want to ask you because I didn't even think about this to you sat down and chess. This question is the same struggle. That's going in in Hollywood with with black artists happening in books is it harder to get published. Yes. Totally totally. So let's actually there's a big debate going on book Instagram. It's called bookstore Graham about not only getting the books published but also getting the books reviewed by what it's called own voices reviewers, which are basically the people who review the book are like the characters in. In the book. So right now publishing is like extremely white. Unlike most industries, it's also very women heavy it's like something like seventy or eighty percent women. Yes. And just kind of call which is cool. However, it still like means that it's very homogenous. So the books that are getting published are being green lit by a certain kind of person and because publishing is really hard to get into. And a lot of the jobs require internships of certain you have to be from a certain class to be able to do entry level work. You gotta go to this school and you have to afford to be working fulltime for free, essentially. And so there's there is a movement towards publishing more diverse books. And there are some publishers that do a really good job in some that have a lot of work to do. But also then to get books to be able to be reviewed, and that's important because you might miss something in a book about native American story if that's not where you come from. And you might think oh. This seems really far fetched. And so when you write your review your like, the book wasn't not believable. It was good. The writing was fine. But it wasn't not believable. And if that book had been reviewed by someone who's native American they can say, oh my God. This is my life. Right. This is right on or only God, this is horrible who this person who wrote this book has no idea about what's going on. And so that's really really important and not helps book sales. So if you want, and then the other part of is there's this thing called com, which are if you pitch a book, and you're like, I'm Kelty. I'm writing a book about being a host. It's kind of like, and you say around six bucks you'd say like six or seven books at it's like, well, if you're an author of color who's writing about a gender queer native American Girl off the reservation who lives in the city they're off for that. And so you're harder to sell your book it's harder to get in. So there's a there's an article which all linked to the show notes about coms from last year and the percentages were just terrifyingly terrible. So yeah, that's all part of it's all it's. Going on everywhere. Right. This dry for diversity and inclusion and equity in publishing these stories and a few years back. The Atlantic published on things saying that I believe college educated black women are the most likely people to read a book, and you would never think that based on what's published. Wow. I don't know if that's still true. I think that was like two thousand fourteen or fifteen years even still like I don't think that that is the person when I read the article, I was like, really. Yeah. I was like I am a college educated black woman, and I feel like that's not real. But it's true. Actually when he think about it. I was thinking like as you ran during your recommendations of psycho. We'll like let's think of who you read that's been a black author. And I'm like, I don't know that like I mean other than rupaul I know that anyone like stands out like necessarily. I'm sure I have it hasn't been anyway. So I'm going to I'm going to diversify my book, supporting its diversify your bookshelf there. Yeah. We'll we'll help you with that. If anybody else has diversifying their bookshelf goals. This is a good place to be. Okay. So we're gonna start with you to books you love one book, you hate. Okay. The first book I ever fell in love with that really changed. My life was Wally lamb. She's come undone. I have read that book probably five or six times over the years. I read it. I mean, it's very old. But it was just a book that like I just fell in love with the style of writing and felt like, oh, I can find myself in a character. Because I think up until then I was quite young when I discovered it. But I was reading books to escape and that was the first book that I fell in love with. I was like oh other than like are you there? God, it's me Margaret, but I fell in love with her as a character. And was like, oh, I can really understand some of this. So that book, I think changed really really really really changed me. Oh, okay. Another book that I really really loved that has served me is Barbara Walters. Memoir called audition. It is huge. It is massive. It's six hundred pages. But. But I found so much great advice on being a she was such a forefront. I first of all I love a biography. Like, my number one like I've always like a true story of someone's life. And I hate when they're written badly. Like when people throw it together, you can totally tell but like a great celebrity memoir. I love it. So that book really like it just changed my life. I love the way. She can I give you one more that. I really now that list, there's an amazing book. It's by an indie author I want everyone to know about it. Some shouted out right now, I had an old intern here, and she her name's dean, and I'm going to die. I'm going to mess up your bless name Yana, and she's from Rwanda and she wrote her memoir called embracing survival. Both of her parents were killed in the Rwandan genocide in front of her and she was six years old and she was homeless and anyway, her entire story. I never I went to a wa. The last year for charity mission. And I never really understood the genocide because it's something I studied in school and something that I I mean, I saw hotel Rwanda, and I knew the story, and I knew about the history books, but I got really into it. Her book was on most heartbreaking thing. I mean people getting their arms cut off in front of it was so insane. But this book of her being like, Nope. This doesn't define me. And then coming in the knowing her she came here. She was internet entertainment. It was just life changing. And it's like on Amazon is eleven dollars all the money goes to her like, she self published in bracing survival, but will be in the show notes people. Look, you hate. Oh, my God the mountain shadow. I don't know that mountain shadow is the follow up to Sean. Okay. So Sean haram is like twelve hundred pages of the most amazing store. The most amazing characters you love them so much and it was a worldwide hit like oh my God. Amazing amazing the rights for the movie and Netflix fingerling, around for ten years. And then the author wrote the mountain shadow, which is the fault and other twelve hundred words, the most disappointing book, it's like the characters that you love later in their lives and all the magic is gone. And it's just like shit for shit throwing ideas. I mean, it is the MO I almost quit it one hundred times. And because it's so long came so invest in this. But then I thought oh what if it gets good at some point? Right. Do you allow yourself to QuickBooks? I do I do it's hard for me. It's hard. I do. Sometimes I put a book down. I like am not that into it in the moment. But I know that I'll go back to it. So I kind of just it's like it's in my house if I really wanted. I can go back. There's I'm not. A giver upper. But this book I was like this is so shit, and I can tell that your publisher was like right another shot. Of course, sometimes my husband's in the music business. And he's like sometimes like an artist like he says Moore and five like maroon five has one songs about Jane. Right. Like, they're going to release ten more. That are great. But like there's one song. Jane like, everyone has one first album. Sometimes an author has choice thing that they have one great novel in them. And then like this next one was like, oh, yeah. That's no good. What about the last? Great book, you read the last book, I read was the Honey busts. I don't know that either. Oh my God. He obscure obscure too many authors named Meredith may the book is about this girl. She has this sort of hard upbringing with hard family hard, mother and grandfather who on his property has his old bus where he farms like has behind. That's why it's called Honey bus on it. And she has to be certain age before she's allowed in the time. She spends in the bus with her grandfather like just changes his this really wise like overcoming adversity story when this book ended or towards the end of it. I'm not gonna ruin I'm not gonna spoil. No spoiler. Okay. I bawled like a babe. Like, I was so emotionally touchy characters it's weight so fiction is not real. Okay. So it's fiction story. But all my God. I bawled like I was like so touch with these people, and I was like I want I think this is turning into a movie too. It's so good. Honey. What are you reading right now? Oh my God right now. I just finished the work party book, and I have a book on my bookshelf. And I'm reading it and I'm like halfway through and a camera. I'm not going to remember the title. Sorry. I'm talking bad one. Don't worry do remote because I just got a library card. So now, I'm like really deep in like my library card. Do audio books or no, kindle or anything? No. I tried to get into the kindle. I can't. I gotta hold it. I gotta smell it. I gotta like I gotta know gotta have it with me, which is annoying because when I go on vacation, I'm going to change your life ready. So I don't I am strong used to have a joke with my sister-in-law that I was gonna start a movement called books pitch, which was just about physical books. I'm since become less of an asshole about that. But I went to Japan eighteen days took some books but borrowed my best friend's kindle and what I put on it. And this was huge for me as I borrowed from the library books. I already physically owned so that when I got home or if I wasn't that into it. Or if I started and didn't finish I could still finish the actual book. So it's like doubling up, but because it's library. I didn't have to pay for it. So it felt like okay to do that. And if it ran out I still have actual book and ended up reading two books on kindle the first two books. I've ever e- read in my life. And it was like, okay. Because I knew I had kind of like a backup plan for travel only. I don't know about that. It worked for me. Also, you can do L Saudi or realm word. I am. That's like that's a level of even notice the true. It's eat. I do audio book through the library too. But when do you audiobook I on my car right over here when I'm folding laundry when I'm in the shower, if I'm not listening to a podcast, so podcast. Always go first. And then audiobooks also you can found out you can speed up audio. So I I'm listening to comma Harris's book right now at one point five, it's a little nasal. But it's pretty much fine. Yeah. Yeah. And our sponsor here is audible, so you can have your. I thirty days and your free audiobook, if you had trial dot com slash the stacks. Oh, that's great hasty wanted to try audio book for free. Let's see what are there anything? Is. There. Anything on your list that you're looking forward to reading books that one Kamla? Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty good. Is it good? Yeah. It's pretty good. I mean, it's like a mix of memoir and kind of policy and a little bit of tooting. Her own horn kind of thing. Do you think that she has a good shot? I hope so. Yeah, she seems like a great woman. Yeah. I like her a lot. I like what she's done. She's from Oakland, which is where I'm from. I went to high school with her niece. So she's been on my radar for a long time. I liked her a lot. I don't have a book that's on my list, but I have one more recommendation. Go ahead. You know, I cover their Oscars entertainment award shows. So usually the books that are the movies that end up winning the big awards usually based on a great book from like years ago, and this year all the books were kinda shit, except for black clansmen the movie if you like the book, I like the book, the I did not like the book, I liked the movie see, I hated the movie interesting. They're different. They're not the not the same story. No. I like the book was remedial. Like, it was like, very simple. Yeah. But I don't know. I I also was like in the middle of chin surgery on a lot of drugs when I read it. But either slot. It was like I really enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed any what I'd call Oskar books. Yeah. Because a lot of times like the movies are based on like this this book. And like, I don't know. Did you read the wife by medals or so that was a book? I haven't read it either. But I've heard the movie was insane. And I've heard the book is really good. I won't I would put that she has a new book, the female pursuasion. I think. Came out last year. The covers really cool. It's like bright colors. Let's see you. Will you talked about this a little bit? Do you have a reading goal for yourself this year? Yes. So last year I wanted to read one hundred books twenty eighteen it was lofty, and I got like twelve it was fat because I read really big long like really had the Michelle Obama just had a lot of really big books. So this year, I'm doing fifty books already at twenty two which I feel really good about. And I think it's because it started my bullet journal this year. And now I'm writing down every book and a little review of it in my journal, suits, keeping me like super-motivated. But also like I read every night before I go to bed. That's how I calm down. So I've been like really on a tangent of reading so I would like to read fifty books, but I also I'm such a a type people pleaser that like I want to read the books because I can skim book. Right. I want to really read really read it. So you are almost on track for. Yeah. And some of them are big and some. Them are like little and now that the library card. I feel because I used to buy my books at Costco, because they're always a little bit. You know? And then I realized I was spending so such Dixon of money. And I started a book exchange here at the CBS offices. And I was like the only one doing it. There's a great one our New York office because our Newark entertainment tonight office gets all the books from the publishers you get and so whenever I go there. I like always still tenor whatever books, but here no one wanted to book exchange with me. So I was just like I just have piles of books, and then I don't like. With you know, I know like if you box. No, I'm gonna give you. Are there any things that you wish were different about your reading life? You read a lot. So are there things that you wish you could change about it? Yeah. I I think that the having now being a member of the stocks is going to change me a little bit. I think that my like we're talking about before I think my reading is not super diversified. I'm someone who spends a lot of time in airports. And so I think that whatever those top-shelf books are that have the major publish them get in the fronts of bookstores or the fronts of you know, Buddha goes in the airport. That's what I pick up. So I want I think that I really want help you to help me support authors and use my power, and my putt form to like help authors that maybe wouldn't necessarily get there to successful. You know, it just takes a little bit of a shift in your thinking too. Because I keep talking books onto the crazy spreadsheet I'll send it to she'll geek out about it. But it track. My percentages. And like if I were left to read on my own devices, just based on what I like, which was like a lot of true crime nonfiction. I would read a ton of white men because that's also who is allowed to publish those kinds of bugs, and so active lamb like, okay. Like right now, I'm like thirty five bucks or something into the year. And I'm at like fifty eight percent men. So I'm like, okay. I need to pick up some women books. I'm like, it's a conscious effort for me and not someone who is like very focused on making sure that my bookshelf represents like what I want the world to represent. Yeah. So I think for for most people if you're not thinking about it. You're it. It's really easy to read a bunch of white guys are bunch of white ladies or a bunch of people who looked like you, and it's good to diversify. But also, those tables publishers pay to have the book facing out, right? We're on those front tables Barnes and noble. I table that you walk into spots book. That's like sitting up basing you when you walk in the door. There was money. Yes. Just so, you know, people. Yeah. No. I know, and I'm like, you know, why don't we? T like use my power to and that's one of the things like the libraries been awesome about is that you can go in and you can find books, and and if you live in a place, not like us in LA were you go to your library and ask about a book, and they don't have it. You can ask them to get the book and not helps your library, obviously, diversify. But it also helps with book sales, and it lets people know that like that's a book that the library should have same with pre ordering books that really helps author especially diverse author or an author of color of gender identity. Whatever it is if you're pre they're getting high preordered, the publisher's going to say, oh, we need a second printing, or oh, you should be pushing this book more stores people are interested in that. So if you're passionate about that kind of stuff those are things you can do as an individual calling your library and say, make sure you have this when it comes out and interesting, this is like we haven't really announced it, but I know, you know, late again, we're putting together a book, and when we were going around to all the publishers and working contracts and stuff, I found it. So so. So interesting that like if you if you purchase have you talked about this before in your show, if you go and you purchase a book on Amazon dot com, like a hardcover paperback, or whatever it counts as like point two five of an actual book towards like the sales of the author's book. If you go to an independent bookstore, it's weighted. So that counts is like if you buy one book at an independent bookstore in your town accounts, like four bucks well towards like I'm saying towards the New York Times bestseller list, which is like a dream. But you know. It's all if you go to a Barnes and noble councils like something else. It's like this really weird. If you're an indie artist, and you self published something and the easiest way to put it out as like on audible or like an Amazon account. You can't really staff your book into like a book Vinton Riddick store in Idaho. But like you're losing out because you'll never make the list. So one of the things that exists is a website called India-bound. I don't know if you know, but yes, so you can shop on independent either generally support independent bookstores or you can shop through India bound and buy from your local bookstore. So it's basically a way to make it or if you live somewhere, and you're like, I don't like my local bookstore. I wanna shop at that bookstore in Tennessee. Then you can do it that way too. And we linked to India-bound also in the show. Okay. If you wanna shop through India-bound, if thoughts more convenient for you, that's an option. I am a big fan of get your books were ever you feel like you can get your book. So if you think you have to shop through Amazon, and that's why you have to do it get your book, and if you're a library person, get your bug. Yeah. But there's definitely ways to get your book to support off. Thor's and artists and all that stuff. And I'm an advocate for all book things. I love it. Honey, those links gonna be hit up. Yeah. Let's go. Let's go rock out India-bound this week. Okay. Do you have a favorite bookstore since we're here? I don't I mean, I should I I love a bookstore though. Yeah. But not not a particular Kelty favorite. Now spent so much time in airports like my favorite bookstores LAX. What's the last book that made you laugh, you know, what I just finished Kerama? Oh, okay. Chroma from queer is my memoir Ishfaq, he made me cry a lot. But he made me laugh a lot especially in the his whole book like the first fifteen chapters about his life, and then his last little bit is about the queer eye auditions, and like how it all came down for them to be in the queer eye the new five five, and it's just a funny. He's a funny guy. I've not even seen the new queer eye. It's really good. If heard it's good. I don't I don't watch any TV anymore. What was the book where you felt like you learned a lot? Oh, yes. You know, what I'm going to go back to work party? So work party is this book by Jacqueline Johnson. She created this thing called creatine, cultivate, because she realized that there were all these sort of like, better yourself business conferences for men. And there wasn't anything for like young millennial women that had to do with like. Better yourself, but also like an Instagram feed, always stuff and so- crinkled Vida's, huge worldwide. Like you go for a weekend, and you have all these speakers. And it's amazing. So she wrote this book called work party. And it is like the tough love of being a woman in the workforce. And there were so many tips and thoughts and things that she brought up about contracts, and you know, a lot of times like all these this is stupid, but I'll get these little deals for gang. Like, oh, hey, will you guys come here and do this thing, and I'll just sign the contract and like God, I should how to lawyer look like. You know? So it was like a lot of like how to how to nail and enter view. And the thing that really stuck out to me was that she said like your reputation is your invitation from day one. So like, you don't get successful. In the decide you're going to be like a nice person everyone's going to like, so like your hustle on the way up, and I have the issue of like that I can be in my intervention. I can be kinda short with people. Like, I'm really I describe myself as a boss bitch a lot of my plate. I've a lot to do. I'm like to do this person where I'm like, okay. Let's go through all these things done. And it's not because I don't love you wanna caudal you or I wanna like everyone feel fuzzy warm side. But like I'm trying to I'm a business woman. So sometimes that I think can come off like Becca Tobin will be like, it's not that. You're mean, it's that your tone is cold. And I'm like, and then when I read Jacqueline's books, she was talking about she's like your reputation follows you forever. So few people think you're colder. The think your tone is offer. They think you're like. Difficult or whatever hate the thing of difficult. This bullshit yourself. But, but you know, that will follow you forever. And I sort of got myself down a whole because when we're making the league TV show. I was so precious about it because this is our brand this is our baby and Becca jacker like a little bit more. Like it's going to be what it's going to be. And I'm like, no, it has to be like, and I I really got into a place where I think I was like possibly cruel cruel, but like mean or anal or difficult for sure. And then I was like, ooh, any of these forty people that I've been working with on this project. When I go see them in ten years on a different project. They're gonna be like, ooh, she was she's real dick. Everyone says that is like such a dick. They're like oh Allen is such a bitch. And you're like well Ellen. She's like America's sweetheart behind the scenes, she's has this reputation of being like, really awful. And I don't want to be that person. Right, right. Nobody wants to be hardy. I really liked it. Actually, what about a book that brings you joy the book that always brings me joy. Oh dog's purpose. I love any dog. I just I've read like so many of them. I love any through the eyes of a dog story. I'm a sucker for God damn golden retriever friend. No, he lost your I don't know if it's a dog. I know it's about a dog and a woman who's a writer, maybe or something, but it won the national book award. Oh in the fall. So it's like it's a big it's a big deal book. But it was a small book. Nobody talked about also tiny thing. And apparently it's about dog and people love it. Okay. I just read this book unsaid by Mitch Albom. Who wrote the fun people? You mean have? Well, it's like maybe the worst Mitch book and definitely the worst dog's point of view book but like still so enjoyable. I love when a dog is like where my people like, oh, they love the food. They must be gone full of. I know. Yes. Sure. Tracy, not really in my wheelhouse. But surprise euro people. No one's apprised by that. You're not like I like hate fiction. I don't hate fiction. I'm learning till I but like anything that's like make believe I don't like magic. I don't like I don't I don't like fantasy. I mean read the Harry Potter's because you had to I'm surely. But like I don't like fantasy. I'm not into Sifi. I don't really like just I don't like I like I like the heavy plot. And I like like heavy dark. I wanna feel the weight of the world like like, my my jam like like a book about a dark arts. Unless like something terrible has happened to this dog. I'm probably not interested, and it wouldn't usually someone dies. Right. And the dog always dies at the end. Well spoiler. Because I don't have to read it now bearing a dog where you're just reaping a corner. Like sorry dog funeral not available. This is terrible. I I like dogs. They're lovely. What's a book? You feel embarrassed about never having read probably everything political. Like, I know that I'm supposed to read all of the politics books. The last politics book, I think I read was like the seven of the nine eleven files member like the whole big report. I mean, I read like Hillary Clinton's Red Eye Bhamas like I read those books, but like, I don't know like history. Yeah. Event more historical. If it's like, the this is the battle of whatever I'm not into it. I haven't read any of that. And you know, what's also messed up is that, and I don't know if any Canadian listeners will agree with this in Canada when I was growing up I studied like British history, and I studied Asian history. A large melting pot of Asian people in Canada. But we never studied US. History. So like all of that the like embattled history of the United States, I've had to learn as an adult well, June America, they don't actually teach history. They teach some like weird version of events where it's like a lot a lot a lot of like pre revolutionary war a little like, they're like, there was a thing called slavery. And then we fought to end it. And then it's like, okay, civil rights. There's like the whole like war called the Korean war that was fought and lots of people died, and I read a book last year was the first time I ever learned anything about the Korean war. And America was part of that war. Like Vietnam was like we've on Vietnam. Maybe we lost. We're not sure nobody knows what really happened. Okay. Okay. And then okay. So don't feel too bad. You probably know what Americans know about American history. Kelty? I know that you guys are doing a lady gang book. But if there was going to be a book of Kelty's life, who would you want to write it, probably you? I can't right? It's gonna. Notes. You have a murder. Hostile to the store on. So I don't know if you know, this is super bear saying I self published a book you did what I was like in my twenties yet about what? So this is so much. I'm so excited. We're going to buy okay? It's called rockets Rockstars and rock bottom. I mean, it is so Email spending a lot of time on the warped tour. So I had this blog called high kicks high hopes, and I in my twenties was like codependent, I loved boy, I loved boys and I loved rockstar. So David three in a row, and it was terrible every time. And so I wrote I took this collection of blogs, and then turn it into this. Like, why do I just keep dating the same guy over and over again? And then the story of like now, I'm going to be alone and figure out how to love myself. So it's like sixty thousand page or sixty thousand words, and it's pretty pathetic. It's very remedial. But I love it. So I wrote that so you'll get your own. I'd write my own book. But now first of all no one would want the book about my life because it's like letter to me sitting in the corner crying and like being out like fun at work. Iraq cat, you are on entertainment. And you're like do cool things we would be so interested. I will say I have a great idea for a book when I retire. You're gonna write a fucking burn book of Hollywood. I have everything written down. I have all my stores. I'm going to name. The names limited be like. Julia Roberts were awful. Like you. I'm going to really go there and save the thing that I want to say 'cause Kathy Griffin. Did that book? This is not a near wheelhouse. But she did like an aide Z of Hollywood every letter she was like J Josh Grogan, the biggest player in Hollywood that no one would expect like Ling fucking everyone like it's wild. Anyway, I wanna write that book. That's really mean-spirited. But I think it'd be really fun. I already that. We'll. A real one. We'll do it. I love that. Don't worry. We'll go to prison now that some Hollywood murders. I'll read it. I'll I love it. I love a petty. I love a mean, you know, I love I love petty. I know I love petty too late again because very petty. Very can't wait. Can we do you know when that is opposed to be eventually in the world? I don't know like twenty twenty one. No, no, no, no. I think it'll be twenty twenty. Oh, wow. Fat. It's like, we're almost done amazing. Okay. Well, I love that. We'll be talking about this. Don't worry. Okay. This is pretty much my last one. Okay. I still this one from the New York Times by the book if you could require the current president of the United States to read one book, what would it be God? County has shook. Well, I mean in my humble opinion, the current president United States needs a lot of books. Yeah. Can he read this comes up a lot? When I ask this question. Yeah. The thing is this question came from the New York Times, and they did it before it used to be your effort Obama. And I think they probably didn't even before. Then it's like part of this questionnaire that they do with different authors. So now the question feels like really waited and heavy and almost kind of mean-spirited, but it's not that's not the intention of the question or the book or the question or of the New York Times it just so happened that given what happened into sixteen. The president wasn't someone that necessarily could read that we thought could read right right over sure about what I will say. I don't have a good answer for this. But I'm going to say, I was so impressed with Michelle. I mean, I know Michelle Obama's book is like such a juggernaut horse. It's fabulous. But you know, what really struck me in it that I think that our current president could read is like just not take yourself. So seriously like that you are the president and you have the nuclear codes. But at the same time, your energy is the energy of a country. You know? And I thought that there was like an Michelle's book. She was like I just wanted to like roll down the window or like, I just wanted to go out to target. And you know, I think of course, everything is seriously. But like there is a pettiness to the media world like, but I I liked how in her book she was sort of open about turning the Ida that and knowing not everyone's gonna like me. I'm not like, but Hodge jokes on you, still happy and my husband and everything's gonna be okay. And the right. I don't know. I think there's a lesson there. That's what I loved about the book. I I love the inner working of like understanding her mindset, not go insane in that little bubble of not being able to open the windows in your house. Right. Yeah. No, it's true. I haven't finished it. I'm like seventy five percent through it. I'm listening to it. Also. And I agree. I also love that she failed the bar the first time coma Harris that she said that her book today both failed the bar the first time, which is like if I don't succeed you could run. For president. And or be the first lady and also go to like be a huge deal. Even if you fail the first time, whatever your thing is like what people fail the bar the first time. I don't know. I know people do I don't know if most people do, but I also don't know that I would think these to vary accomplished women that I know and think are just perfect and amazing and wonderful. Would I have such a good? Michelle Obama story. Can I tell you? Okay. We could close this. We'll close Michelle. Okay. So I had just finished reading her book around the Grammy time, which was February. And I was hosting the Grammy's for CBS with eve from the talk. Yeah. Rough rider. And so we for the last section of the show, even I were carted underneath the staple center. And we through to you know, Alicia key and the Grammy start right now. And so even are standing there in her little dresses and were holding our mics were ready like counting down our ear. Okay. Okay. Great. And like. This buzz energy starts coming. And I see this like sequined pantsuit like strutting, it is Michelle friggin Obama. And like, I'm telling you the air was different. She's so tall. I didn't. I mean, I knew she was tall. But like Honey is a goddamn, supermodel. She is so tall her presence. Like, it is even a bigger presence in like Oprah Winfrey. Well, like she has this aura around her. That's just like an there's all the secret service, and they're like getting everyone out of the way and Michelle Obama comes over to eve, and she's like. Like tapping her on the ass. And so then Michelle and then like she kinda like makes contact walks away. And she walks away. I'm like, oh my God. I didn't like to meet her. And I think eve was kind of like afterwards. I bugged eve. I was like why the fuck didn't. You interviews me to Michelle. And he was like sorry. I was like so caught off guard whatever anyway, so my show walks away. And there's a video that we have of me just yelling after your book. Like, I loser. Anyway. But so good, okay. We'll we're gonna end with love your book. Love your Bush's. Like, yes. So did the whole fucking. How about time? So next week. We're back. We're talking about tiny beautiful things by Cheryl strayed, there won't be spoilers. If you don't know about the book, it's a book of advice from when she was an advice columnist. It's fantastic. It's my second time reading I love this book. So check it out. If you want to read it if not you can still tune in next week Kelsey will be back. We'll be talking about it Kelty. Thank you for being here. And we will see you guys in the sex. Thank you all so much for listening to today's episode. And thank you Kelty night for being our guest Kelty's back next week to talk about tiny beautiful things by Cheryl straight as part of the sax book club. I also want to say a special. Thank you this week to Alex Inger, Ashley north clearly he Taylor Ruffin and Joseph Papa not to mention the ladies of the lady gang and the folks podcast one. Remember to get your book recommendation read on the air by sending us an Email at asking the sax at G L dot com for more from stocks. Follow us on social media at the sax pod on Instagram and at the sax pot underscore on Twitter and check out the website. The sax podcast dot com to join the sax packing inside access to this show. Good. A patriot dot com slash the stacks and joined the fun. Remember to get your free thirty day. Audible trial and free audiobook download by going to audible trial dot com slash the stacks. Make sure your subscribe to the show wherever you got your podcasts. And if you're listening to apple podcasts, please take a moment to rate and review a graphic designer is Robin McCray. And our theme. Music is from to gear GIS this show was created and produced by me, Tracy Thomas. I will see you in the stocks. Questions for bar. I'm Ed Donahue, the AP news minute. Attorney general William bar will face questions from lawmakers for the first time since releasing special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia report, there are new revelations Muller express frustration to bar about how the reports findings were being portrayed. The grandfather of suspect tristen Andrew tyrel says what he's hearing is foreign to him. It's not in his grandsons DNA Tyrrell's in custody accused of killing two people on the campus of the university of North Carolina Charlotte campus police chief Jeff Baker says the arrest was made in the room where the shots were fired our officers immediately what offering mmediately went to the suspect to take him down. For people were injured three are in critical condition. A judge in Britain since sentence Wicky leaks, founder Julian Assange to fifty weeks in prison for skipping bail seven years ago and holding up in the Ecuadorian embassy a son sought asylum in Ecuador's London embassy in June of twenty twelve to. Void extradition to Sweden. I'm donahue.

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