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Would day three of eighty we at the o._c. Week e._s._p._n. O._c. house in anaheim chris did some good kishan. Did some good catching watching doors travis's pitching ski. You got a future. I could do it a little bit. I think that about the crowd and the guy was running pretty quick runner there you go august doesn't like dan either. Casper doesn't like dan so like the pay. Gotta ring the doorbell. They just walk in and cassius upset. He doesn't like intruders day three of e._s._p._n. O._c. week we arrive at the house in anaheim now tomorrow. We're going to be a black gold country club black in yorba linda for day four for a special golf rate for all e._s._p._n. L._a. Listeners check that out but here's the thing day five. You need a new t._v. text o._c. Right now two four zero seven zero five you can get on our v._i._p. Lewis to be with us is it rocket bruce and buena park seventy-seven beach boulevard across from porthos. You can celebrate the end of o._c. Week with the morning show and a lucky you got to be present to win is going to win a brand new atv. They've got a special menu for the good morning sunshine menu that they're going to be serving at rocket bruce some good stuff on here a pulled pork machaca burrito french toast two tickets. It's a paradise and a special so that's all friday morning at the rocket ruse in buena park and you know what else is rock and chris o. At eight fifty seven keys doppler is opinion sixty six degrees although the suds coming out going to be a mid eighties today rosh. Let's close less close with less than you have right now. <music> keys headline his presented by sprint kaku well emoji house flutie rupp's frustrates russian. What does that mean there. You go we do i was. I thought this was a big palm. Tree emoji house few erupts in manhattan beach. Residents are taking action once upon a time on thirty ninth street in manhattan beach house was painted with neutral colors and palettes and grays and tans fans and whites and now all of a sudden this pink with big emoji faces all over you know they got the smiley face tongue out the lip today the sunglasses face. That's my favorite. They got them all up and so people are going crazy. A neighbor reported the home owner katherine key to the city using the property for short term rentals such touches airbnb which they did not like because other people are renting sometimes even an airbnb people come in here neighborhood that you really are looking for is that they do a radio show the ryen illegal in manhattan beach. You can't airbnb in manhattan beach. I didn't know that either yeah. I couldn't serbia my place in venice so that would make sense now. The house is painted bright pink. We yellow emojis frustrating the owners all over the neighborhood. You're bringing it down. Do they have the plan emotion other. They do not have the eggplant emoji as what i see you they've got the google. Lee is highly tongue hanging out and one with the zip yeah. That's something i love it. Why i asked you want to be with that guy. We're told me what i couldn't do. My house told me i couldn't airbnb in my house. You know what boom how you like me. Now i care less as a neighbor to be honest which you would your color of your house. Look like you would be the color what it says each town you're not. We're not pervian but we're not in a suburban residential gated community. This is a tale. You got trash next gorgeous all all up and down the streets of manhattan beach. You got him up in costa mesa. You got them up in huntington beach. You got its big houses and little old cottages and checks. That is what it is that that's the that's the story of the name. I get that a beach town can have a dump right next to a place. That's absolutely amazing yeah. I i understand that but but i don't want some guy with a giant fuchsia house with emojis painted on the side because it's ugly and i don't want my neighbor if your front doors. You're just like your car. There's a difference between us this and just something that's genuinely hideous you. He's no where how to start it because the neighbor said you can't have airbnb property because the neighbors right yeah so the neighbors get the community gets to me if i want somebody staying in my house. Why don't you give a damn right exactly. Why do you care because i gotta look at it. Every come on show. The five wanted somebody to come. Stay in my house. I don't care if you do airbnb so obvious. Oh why would you go to the city for me not to be able to do it. No no no the airbnb being be part doesn't bother me. It's the color and the faces on the side of what started all of this in the first place was the fact that you try to petition me not to be able to do airbnb in their class. Do the city and i can't airbnb this. Why are you doing that. This is why we can live together. We disagree on h._o._a. Rules that's exactly what this is about as first amendments rights all boy. This is about freedom of expression. He's expressed himself on his house. I say power to the people i'm going to go up there myself janez janez jasmine mostly house every morning my ties if they made in there and all kinds of pineapple travel the seats girls is very good. Oh i'm not so what you see. Thank you jazz by the way speed of emotion on the pets there anything cuter than somebody your partner or somebody you're dancing isn't worth trying to catch text the face with zipper mouth. That's adorable what that's adorable. Face the emoji with the smiley face with a zipper mouth. It'd be like oh. We can't talk about it but you know what it's funny because we are missing the real story here. Which is the artistry of these emojis. He's a really well done chelsea. Come on right or when travis at five forty raja go hey travis. Where are you in a text and he replies back with the poop emoji. That's never happened. Yes sir talk. I've got to stop five times on the way that did happen. I never emoji. Do you just go along with it but let an honest dealer chris in all honesty now. The neighbor shouldn't define or declare what one can do with their home. That was keys headline morning. You're listening to k s._p._n. They live in a historic district. No and i have and you you wanna put a different kind of shade on your house. You have to go through a committee because there's a certain shave a needs to happen to fit in with the historic district re regulations and restrictions and that's okay. Historic is fine but i'm moving into a area in which a dump up is next to a gorgeous home next to dump that next door tear down. Why do i care but i've lived in neighborhoods that have a h._o._a. Rules and i can't paint my house a color unless i get signed off found by the entire community just painted just because see what the community says all right. I'm a organized march jesse jackson doing so hard knocks debuted you'd last night the oakland raiders talk about antonio brown frost biting. Is that a word frostbitten frostbitten feet. Thank you frostbitten twice. By so he burned earned his feet and now we know why he cold burns. There was also some other stuff in hard knocks including some guest appearances and let's start with the john madden jon gruden brings in the former coach of the raiders all year aamer eighty-three-year-old john madden john john madden his voice isn't very loud john madden sam john madden will boom. Here's where you gotta take the guy moving what's going. Hey what's gonna morning morning. With seven mass let us first thing they do so that would get rid of all hangovers when you're a player and you have to drive arrive that one hundred ten degrees out of coaching you just standing out here. You can ride this thing all day. They show up at camp hoda rubber absolutely the billy. Oh my god smells like a bar on the practice. I can't imagine anything worse than having to go performance of football practice hung you okay so what happens here. Here's here's the deal training camp so take you inside. Hey quiet near the guys living you. When i played we would have about on oh call it. Twelve practices straight today's right two four six eight ten. Whatever count the number of days he's in before you have an off day it least twelve practices straight before you have an off day so that day is let's call it saturday saturday so you're off saturday night. You don't come back into hill sunday afternoon but you don't practice again till monday so saturday night imagine you've been practicing for basically twelve practices straight week and a half two weeks. Whatever you have nothing in your system i mean a couple of people might have stuff in their system for the most part. There's no alcohol. There's no sort of substance none of that that that funny grass. It's not just none of that stuff then you go out and you go out you consume alcohol and when you come back to practice monday to feel <hes> mhm you talk about the i'm literally telling you the field smells like a bar no really seriously. I don't have a problem with because everybody. Nobody is toasted coast so i'll i'll go with that. No i'm not saying it's a problem he just asked did. Does it really happened a bit. I just have a problem with the decision making to have that be part of your first episode when you're the oakland raiders head invade. Let's not oakley. It's not the raiders raiders that make that decision this h._b._o. Decision on what to aaron how to edit it and put it together today. Jon gruden whom no-no jon gruden who jon gruden asked to come john not and i didn't have a conversation about where they use that h._b._o. Used at h._b._o. Could've used the john dill at the end. I get that i'm talking. I'm talking about pre-production pre-production. Which is john getting a fall says. I want to have a conversation. Can you come in. Let's talk about that. No let's not talk about the hangover. Part is winning hammer shows up. I don't think that they they're just talking when you put it when reality in i don't know how much you know about reality but i know you know about reality cameras adjusted here. If people just i it's not john grew the stuff that happens before one thing. That grooten is not doing. He's not paying attention in scripting what they're going to do with h._b._o. He's just talking. He does going going on and just doing it. I get that but he he talked to madden <hes> and i'm sure they said hey i want you to about blah blah blah he did and he told me and i won't let me ask you. A little story about what you did at training camp is okay so that's been that's my point and he thinks that that's cute. My point they bring in john madden and i understand that everybody that's an n._f._l. Player right now certainly knows the name john madden but they probably know it as much from the video game as they do anything else about coach. I was just gonna say this. John madden resonate with a modern n._f._l. Player at all and some players are always going to know the history of the league. Some players will wheel but for the most part they're not. That's not john madden to these guys. Nowadays is the video sure and then they may goal in google seaweed coached in this that and the other but for the most part. What is the video game which is appealing. That's an appealing. That's appealing. You got this. This dude has changed the face of video game right. You know thirty five forty years ago and so two a player young player. That's like a wow even when i play the john matt did our did our games on monday night football it. It was still like him grew john man you know you're you're of a certain age where you remember john madden video game. You remember john madden as a broadcast. I only remember him. I don't remember as as a coach only remember him with c._b._s. Dick's not dick stock had summer all pat summerall the men. They'll tell you know because cowboy games early morning by the time john madden was done coaching the raiders. It was the late seventies. You kids like you barely remember. Women town florida's right. Tom floors was the first coach of the raiders that you really remember so but at least jon gruden excuse me john madden and has some connection to the raiders has some connection to the n._f._l. Jon gruden also brought in celebrity chef guy fieri to the team. Here's here's guy fieri on hard knocks. Yeah we <hes> we were going to come out and cook coach. Let's at clear we did that a couple times way trauma to the end of this stuff your venue making me sweat watching this all right so he's always john's always brought somebody in feary. He's always very about this guy fieri but what could always from that area. I know he's a raider fan but you know wrong uh-huh antonio brown give a damn about guy fieri knock knock because my feet falling apart because you might like cooking and you might have watched his show i i don't honest to just show me the pitch and i'm not going to do there is around tasting food. We'll so here's sitting in in the meeting room and here comes guy fieri and you're like oh. There's the guy that rides around tasted food and then you what you to now. I mean listen to what he's got to say if he's i don't know what he's talking about. I would assume he's talking about cooking. Enjoy the diet that you need to certain things and putting your body. Let's get a wall. He's he's done but that does have an aunt but that doesn't mean your yeah. You're good food. I don't wanna rotund football player attack when i go get my hair done if you're jacked up. You're not touching my hair. Wait out. It'd be offset optical so it's working out by emi. We was at cheer. It was the duty trainer on and the whole thing and he's working out. You know one of those older type. Miami emme retired like ladies or whatever put look like chris so points gene assay. That's a trainer. Just didn't i'm like i can't hide in hard earned exactly sorry take a shot. That wasn't shot. I wanna do a show like that. Though i just go around tasting food would you go from anaheim house dan. How's the survey can happen cheese. It's day three of week. We are here at the house post. Looking pretty good sons up getting ready date three. Oh see week he's he's s._p._n. Moose seaweeds three of those c- week. We are live at e._s._p._n. O._c. house. I had a lot of fun this morning. So far boys a lot of different things going on to meet district butcher crafted premium burgers steakhouse quality burgers right in your house and our our friend and modern cotton hundred percent made in the u._s._a. Visit modern cotton dot com to receive a free swatch of fabric now. I talked about the fabric earlier for modern. This is a nice swatch of fabric here. L. c. filled fabrics nice blake here from modern concave by e._s._p._n. To bring us glaciers good mornings goes up so why is modern cotton. Why are they the swatch of fabric so soft nice. Why are your tea's better than everybody else. Well we use a specific blend of fibers <hes> that are sourced throughout the united states and over europe. We're using just the premium. Blended fibers are fibers about thirty five percent longer in staple length than your normal cotton. 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If you want to just a little swatch just feel it. Go to modern con dot com. Thank you so much for the shirts. Thanks to be a part of e._s._p._n. You know see week. Thanks for having me put this on. It's not bad. I'm not giving this one back to blake. This one goes with me all right. I'm believe it or not believe it or believe it. It an been twelve years since barry bonds hit that home run to passing karen. I'm looking at it now. On the replay well years ago. Barry bonds became the new home run champion and he hit his seven hundred and fifty six career home run. He passed hank aaron for the most all time and a perfect example of this alex rodriguez was universally universally loathed by sports fans by baseball fans in particular as disingenuous and as a steroid cheat. Alex rodriguez goes on t._v. Alex alex rodriguez turns out to be a pretty insightful baseball analyst and kind of goes through the process of reinventing himself as a pretty likable guy and i would argue that most most people now have a pretty positive association with alex rodriguez and one thing he did is he owned it yup. I did that and blah. Blah blah about barry bonds twelve four years later is still every time barry bonds. His name comes up. They can't be ten seconds into the conversation with somebody goes well yeah but we all know before. It's one of the tape take bonds twelve years later i don't. I don't care what he was taken. I don't care what was going on. I know he's cheating. I get it. I just know that what i saw for that period of time was it's the most amazing stretch of offensive baseball i've ever seen in my entire life. If you took steroids you can do that now. It could no point. He went three ps prior to the matter though he still hit it but see here's the thing i'm the i that you just mentioned. Here's the ad that guy yeah no but here's here's the ninth when it comes to barry. Bonds steroids can and do a lot of things that can make you stronger. You can help you with your recovering wedding. Hit not do is make you better at hanae court combat on the ball and it exactly accolades that combination is why he is who he is because in the era of steroid use everyone was using steroids or came. Everybody tapped out a window here for you. My point is a good chunk were using steroids but still being able to get the same results and others others can't relate users. Were not alienated. The way that and part of it is is the bonds is a really deeply unlike other but other steroid for this other steroid arroyo users didn't break all these records and all of this in in be celebrated as they weren't as good clem in cleveland all light one means either. That's what i mean and and i think it's more the unlike because what's his face was a pitcher. No not sammy pink man <hes> andy pettitte. Andy pettitte came out and said you know what i'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. Guess what come on back and come white. It's fine. It's a likability not if all that lying to me you keep lie i to me and you just lying to me. You lied to me wiping my nose to smell like roses come on but even but even let us andy pettitte as the example key because andy pettitte never said. I did it what andy pettitte said as well. I needed to get healthy again so right now. I probably shouldn't have done it in retrospect but he never came out and said look. I was cheating because it was making me a better period. This data part is good enough for me. Okay but clemens and bonds you take it all courts and automatic close. Guys were not only the biggest benefactors whatever it is they were taking because they were already great players but they're both universally disliked if either one of those guys could somehow soften their image or their presence and just kind of have a little bit of it. You know what it it was. The time i got caught up in it. I don't feel great about it is what it is and they lied all the way to the courtroom i i understand but so does everybody else in the company went and say it they went all the way with all asia league baseball he goes standing in front of congress congress at all in front of a lot of people saying i didn't do it yeah but then eventually he said oh yeah. We'll start too late for them. Why because they did at that ten years ago okay but it's eric should say hey rod just kind of didn't last year to know iraq did era did he had to redo it. We did yeah. He did a couple of times. The reality is is that berry boxes. Jaylo didn't hurt the helps. He should be in the hall of fame. He's been a hall of fame because we all know when he was skinny. Burying pittsburgh he was in the hall of fame. He went his m._v._p.'s before he started his his head exploded in the free came home run hitter but he cheated he cheated allegedly allegedly cheated but what he didn't do was make sure that the media loved him from beginning to end and he's being punished because he didn't give a guy who's quotes. He's being a._m. Punish has some tankers during media day. He's not being punished because restores us. He's being punished because of how a handful of people fill about him who needed him for quotes twenty years ago who's in the hall of who's got hall of fame recently. That was a steroid. Nobody nobody's gotten in. Here's cody has changed and the people who vote has changed. Ah yes travis lookalikes fewer few if you're you're the other part of this too is is gonna say anybody's name because i don't want to put anybody even take names you just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean you didn't do it. Well come on pastor. Just because you weren't named in a report doesn't mean you didn't do it if if if the report and i don't know and i didn't see then that means you didn't do no. That's not true to me. It is listen to it is sports illustrated data story brady anderson when he exploded for that was fifty plus home runs or whatever he did burgers or something talking about he was he was. What was he rollerblading more picture all this by the way he did he did he caught yes. Yes so then he did but key come on man. He didn't have to say no. I'm not going to punish you because i think you did it. When i know you did it at some different. I don't think i'm going to change your mind to try one other way. Okay go ahead okay. When lance armstrong was the a guy that beat cancer and was was winning the tour de france and every other rider of that race was busted for it and lance armstrong was kicking. Everybody's buddies asking that race. Every the whole sport was as dirty as could be and he's at the top winning. We haven't caught him yet by anybody with any sense of logic was saying look if everybody's cheating in this guy smoking everybody come on man. You got guys that are hitting. All these home runs that are hidden all all these but they never got caught. It's a come on man. It is all moment but didn't get caught at the time so therefore. I'm like okay well. He didn't get car cool man. He's he's incredible. The guys that cheat no it's not that incredible. He didn't get caught. Give me my brain but that's what we're talking to you and we saw it. It's only a crime. If you get cut i mean if you rob the bank and you got away with these better at covering it up right good. Is that how it is look man them dues this. It was in baseball that took steroids and broke all the records and became this that and the other understand they were great before the royds but the fact that you have put this into your system. You cheated not only other players on other teams. That was not doing it then. No i don't i don't just this term is in my head he other way. I agree do not what they took away from the guys that were clean. I'm one hundred percent with the on if i the super bowl lawsuit vote romanowski when he was roy ended up and all of that and this time i would have been mad absolutely zooming every last one of your teammates as was clean which i never got caught. I don't care jacksonville's cloud went to the super bowl and that's really been with north carolina panthers uh-huh panthers the panthers that went to the super bowl loss and they all you found out they had truckloads of like roy lost but they beat someone a._f._c. championship a._f._c. championship champ shift. It is day three of o._c. We were here at the house in anaheim. It's get nice outside three of o._c. Week seaweed feeling e._s._p._n. O._t._c. week by from orange county all week long e._s._p._n. O._c. weekday number three from the o._c. How the heating location travis secret of course it's all made possible here at the house. Keep it as hydrated and having some fun hydration situation. I'm a casper jumping trap this it buddy how you doing file there you go this. I told you like me. Get smell the bacon on your breath peanut butter and get a shot out of this shaggy. Look at me and cathy. Is there you go. Casper threw off the biltmore. We got the decor light. Refresh your summer with a coors light one more time. Refresh your summer over the course. Let me open down here. I'm like oh did you hear that pop and kalashnikov company of course the great colonial country treaters of siegel batch world-class hawaiian. Rum's james tastes the aloha enjoy responsibly. Let's we'll taste them yeah. Last time i got into the clo- rum. It was a log shelat. I'm not gonna lie. That's pretty that's pretty good. You know what else is pretty good trial. Let's go to the n._f._l. Let's start this in green bay. Packers and new head coach matt leflore and aaron rodgers not on the same page early in camp. The coach likes can't likes camp likes working out with other teams. Here's what aaron rodgers said said about doing a joint practice with texans. I wouldn't mind if they didn't do it for another fourteen years and then he said that the offensive work is of great value because schematically. There's not a lot there and he doesn't like the risk of injury. Is this just one of those things or is this a real problem between rogers and the floor. Take it or shake it. Take it real problems. Take take take it though she sleep but i think when you think when you think about what i said the other day about out joint practices. It's a no no. No one wants to do that but coaches then only ones you. There's there's nothing to gain from it. The iran tell you 'cause. Let's coaches are stupid. He just do stuff. They just day or stupid. I told you this the other day and raja's comes out and basically backs up exactly exactly what i'll say it. No one wants to do that. You risk injury. You're getting no real work at all and it is going to be a power struggle for this young head head coach and matlock floor in aaron rodgers. It's going to be a power struggle in math going to have to cave in or else. He's going to get fire yeah. I was just gonna say if you're a brand new head coach jay first time head coach and all of a sudden you gotta go coach your first team as the head guy that's one thing you've got to be the head coach of the green bay packers with a hall of fame quarterback. Who's in the meat prime of his career. That's a totally different thing different. Yeah it's different because ann rogers is also different. He's so cerebral. He's so questions every think think anyway. He's not just gonna go to get him on like other. Q._b.'s wills so you know skiing on the walls though skin on the wall. What do you mean it meaning matlock floor. Oh if you if you were dealing dealing with coach that came in and mike shanahan or bill parcells done something that has some skin on the wall the aaron rodgers with baal down where if there's a guy like sean mcvay say the world gets up into shining face their push mcvay a smart enough to realize that i need him to produce some let him do what he needs to do. If he's doing what he needs to do in his positive then we're gonna be okay and if it's negative it's gonna follow him. I've done everything to make him a better player. I'll keep my job. We'll get rid of him next one also in the n._f._l. Are- this very quickly from the washington post the washington redskins will become the first n._f._l. Team to have a gambling focused telecast of their games offering cash prizes to viewers who correctly predicting game outcomes during the preseason. This is the new normal in in the n._f._l. Where everything is going to be gambled on in game all the time. Take shake it. Take it take it. This is a test model you you beat a guinea pig and let's see how it goes but this is just another form in a way of gambling and put more money into the owner's pocket. They're gonna figure a real way out to make it even bigger especially when new stadiums are being built. You know you're going to be able to do all in game stuff right at your seat or you probably going to be able to go to the cage in the concourse being able to do it. They're going to do go to your iphones they they. They're figuring a way out to be slick. You know the league man yeah. This is a money play seconds. That legislation was passed that sports gambling can be legalized state to state but this is this is a challenge. It's gonna be gamble. I it's coming in. They're going to get a piece of it. Even if it's one percent of the gambling market i mean forget about the hesitation was never a question of morality. Hesitation was trying to figure out the best way to monetize this new stream of money and now they figured it out the you know the head coach ralph yeah. It's not gonna stop to all right next one also n._f._l. Topic to texans should go after disgruntled running back melvin gordon orden taking a shaky. I think they take it. Take it yeah i think they should i think they need running back help. They got rid of a deontay four-minute from saying his name right. They got rid of him. They cut him a couple of days ago. They needed running back. They need somebody to take some of the load off of the shine watson loosen in things up for the andre hopkins in passing game. So why wouldn't you go after melvin gordon. Why wouldn't you break down at the end of the season. When you look at his string of injuries they all seem to occur toward the end of the day need running back health. They need renovating. They haven't really had one since arian foster and on top of that they are a team. I'm ready to connor break out in burst. I mean that that's exactly what type of team they are right now. They're good. They're missing. They have a quarterback. They have a playmaking wide receiver. Their defense is a highly effective. This is the piece missing yeah. No no no. I mean if you the question is why wouldn't you to me. That's the only question that if you believe that your team that's a chance to make the deep run in the postseason then you need to make sure you're clicking on all cylinders and that's a player melvin gordon who historically has shown to break down towards the n._f._c.'s those injuries occur bulls bulls on parade travis the single stupidest motto i've ever heard of my thyroid wipe. The texans heavy bulls on parade thing that is beyond stupid stupid all right the next one carson wentz says the preseason games are not necessary for him. Carson wentz is right key ticket or shaken take it. Oh <music> clearly a couple of reasons why unnecessary risk injury for him. He's an injury prone type player. At least he's shown that over the first a couple of years of his career secondly new ram shown that you don't need to play in the preseason to be successful and go to the super bowl jared goff had an amazing all pro type season and did not play in the preseason. Tom brady place yeah but that's okay. That's that's what belichick likes to do but tom brady doesn't need to play doesn't a half to play but because bella check is of the old mentality in school mine that's what he wants to do. What if something happened. Tom brady and a preseason game. I mean look tom. Brady didn't take a lotta hits. I guess we'll have it. We're moving on to the next guy. There's say the question i was going to was is there criticism at bill belichick that what the hell was he doing out there. No whereas bill belichick earned diplomatic immunity it'll be it'll be criticism because that's just what people do but bella check will answer it as we're moving been on our next guy. That's how i've been. I've been doing this for thirty five years the same way and nothing's ever happened before but blah blah one more very quickly back to dallas cowboys. Amari cooper is the player with the most leverage in trying to get a new contract taking a shake. It take it take more than back because does if he does that can't afford to sit out for a number reasons. He hasn't made any money and he's a quarterback. That's under heavy scrutiny amongst the league. He's not somebody that they would snatch up if he was on the open market in a heartbeat and pay him that type of money cooper on the other hand has shown at then when when he came from the raiders to the cowboys here with the seven to it increased his percentages in passing game on third downs and all of those other things and on top of that he was a number one pick in the first round pick for the raiders so economically he could. She'll you know it's totally different. Zeke's at the bottom of the list. Zeke is at home club in his letter houses. How's this autumn. Question is about leverage. Zeke has the least amount of leverage right because of all the things we talked about. He's got two years left on his andy. Leeann have at least amount of leverage all right there you go so we brought the nerf gun down from the toy box the moisture toe box here at the o._c. Saw fire that off. Let's get to the pool in the they say. I wanted to fire my nerve gonna again. You need blue dot com. V. shoe dot com like you chew a piece of bacon and first thing in the the morning put their to the promo code seven ten and you pay five dollars shipping. That's all you can try pollute you. You can fire that nerve all night long and youtube travis even even at the house until it no thank you dave for a week from the house day three o._c. Week you. You can't miss a moment of o._c. Week check out our social at e._s._p._n. Los angeles for all the e._s._p._n. Week events and celebrate e._s._p._n. Uh-huh see week with us all week log e._s._p._n. Not weekdays number three c. house so here's what's going the rest of the day roger's gonna hit up the anaheim packing district from noon to to to go see raj and then you could hear a little freddie jackson rosslea denying medieval times i i key is going to joust with mason and all are great listeners at one their way in horry pop that up a little bit off the talk you take off the towel rush. No don't do not not in front of me or come on now don't do that tomorrow is dave. Go ahead to hand me that butcherblock right there. Ah tomorrow was able golf at black gold golf club in yorba linda. If you wanna play golf and take the day off work. They got a great rate for you. Sixty nine dollars down almost forty dollars to play that absolutely beautiful course travis ireland are going to have multiple foursomes. Go out there and day five finally we will wrap obosi z. week on friday and we're going to give away a t._v. Text o._c. To letters to four zero seven zero five. I'm gonna get on the morning shows v._i._p. Rock and brews in blamed park seventy-seven beach boulevard across from porthos. We had some yesteryear list. Last night was fun fun fun very generous. Generous listeners to know are littered bias cocktails. They supply raj and chris. You know with the product that they need. Yes there is a lot of coors light at this house. Tunsil insulate coors light by the way hold on. We've got a pyramid of course light sixteen packs. We've got a cooler full of it. We've got an originator full of it. We've got a second refrigerator full of it. Coors light refresh your summer course light coors light. Refresh your summer look. I wish that we were on t._v. For no other reason so they could see the eyebrows when you the eyebrows go up no sean so radio well we did a seventy two radio show nine thousand nine hundred ninety s radio millennial linnea we check the ratings are going pretty well. How was that other stuff used to do with dave shore was that successful you remind me of the mortar was his name every time that used to be so mean trying to move a lot every time you used to see me until i started working on this show was as you would give me the radio because that's how your parents reimposed in half that starts saturday at two o'clock as a matter in fact just starts tomorrow finally and the raiders in no absolutely and there's a full slate game tomorrow. Most of the games for this week are actually on thursday. There's about twelve games taking place tomorrow and a couple of different ones kind of jump right out at you. The chargers are in arizona and it's the first time that we're going to get to see cuyler. Murray in a quasi marian tiny murray key is all about building his confidence and just making sure that he walks off that field feeling pretty good about himself or is he actually gonna learn something going out there for the first time without fake it is about building his confidence especially whatever time that he plays if he gets to the engineer to draws you want those to be successful. You wanna see him possibly get in and out of third down situations. You don't want to just hand the ball off nine three times and you take taking my game you wanna give him the reps you want him to be in tough situations where now all of a sudden it's third and seven you know they're gonna bring the heat. You want to see him in an environment armand that you just do. He's a rookie quarterback was unproven. Rookie head coach is unproven. You want to see what they can do. What happens if he goes out there and just is throwing the ball aw everywhere but where it's supposed to go. He's just he's inaccurate. He's jittery he. He's just not looking that. You're putting him in position to see succeed. You're calling plays that presumably family. He is comfortable with rose that he's comfortable with and nothing goes right view of a moment or is it just a everybody calm down. I mean ask you this. What happens if he goes out there and throws. The five touchdown means nothing well then. Why does the opposite means because that's how we do it. I'll that's my point. It's like you can't you can't sit and say preseason. It means nothing but then when something bad happens in preseason it means everything all depends on what's coming at him if he if he goes out there and he's not performing being at the level that he did in scrimmages or in o._t. As in many cameras all the same reads and all the same throws and he's not not getting it there. I could chuck that up to nervousness his first time seeing something in live action that if he goes out there and he torches the unit that he's playing against and he engineers to strikes going drive capped off by a forty yard field goal now seventeen seven and he's eight of eleven for seventy nine yards two touchdowns but he all the reads right and everything and he's progressing and he's absorbing the information. He's taking it then. I would say to myself okay. That's that's exactly what we've envisioned. We've seen this for many camps through. I do summer training now in preseason games. It makes me go okay. We're going to build on this. What about cliff kingsbury his debut two. It's the first game he's going to be busy rolling up his sleeves and walk around l. sunglasses on thinking these at texas tech. I promise you that's going to be doing rolling player to two lines of reasoning. There is the awareness of cameras to kelly and he's trying to play it up. He's also the aspect of the fact that because he's aware of the narrative he's going to do the exact opposite because he doesn't want to continue that near. He wants be taken seriously. They look sean. Today's fully aware of the cameras doesn't affect his ability to football coach where he doesn't play to the camera but he's aware the camera gruden is aware of the camera played to the camera cliff is in a situation in which people feel as if he doesn't deserve to be there and because of that. I have a hard time believing someone with any amount of intelligence is going to know that's what people are whispering about you if you come pound by playing to the cameras by rolling up if you sweep and modeling christie okay over there what is home free. He's he's not okay. He's never been okay. They got his toys. They got his co. See house to hold the toy like that but it's a it's a poem trance. It makes me feel summary. What about the fast food on the maske no trying to put the mask under my tile. Oh aw dig about what's under the tower. We'll head travis. What's a good deal. Never take preseason games out of this. Let's assume we're getting ready to go in the week one and you've just float whatever never happened. Preseason good bad or anywhere in between what's a good first year for karla murray is that isn't a five win season. Do they have to win. I mean what is a season where you come out of that saying. You know what we're gonna be okay. This guy is better quarterback play. They had a year ago but it was impossible to evaluate the quarterback players. The team was terrible well. It's better quarterback. Clayton had a year ago now. The team is different. You've went out. You've acquired your draft. You've done things you got into coaching the old guy getting one year now. We want better progress than we had a year ago now. If that means winning three games amy you're showing progressing. You're losing games in tough situations by late field goals late scoring drives defenses playing better offense is certainly playing better but you're still losing games showing showing me progress if not dog fire you know i'm just gonna fire after just got a fire yeah i do. I do i do but so you didn't wanna hire him yeah. We were you don't want to hire. The firm is not very hard and he and his team some fiery me here two years in a row now. It's not my team so i'm a fire meeting. Okay but notes that you are you did hire him but i wouldn't have never hired him so far for me to pretend he wouldn't have hired him and then he you wouldn't have drafting exactly so the whole scenario it's hard. He was only employee rooting for them to lose the only one that will system coaches to lose did you. The pool boy waived by off. Leave that why he later by calling him a pool boy. He's a pool. The pool runs immediately business. No he services the apu. Maybe he's young at heart. Runs wanted to take a picture with is because he's actually she listener of the show. Go get him okay so we were talking about. We were talking about this. Don't the preseason football and the rams. It's whatever i'm not paying a whole bunch of attention to it exception being the routes and half the cleveland and browns too because i think that they are feeling very very much and i think that they are set up to have a really disappointing season feminine cells in large part because the the videos given reasons to fill themselves. You know we want that right. Why are you playing with the studio. Snakes going on. It's four minutes left in a e._s._p._n. E._s._p._n. jane three they're trying to hit us on you and a half and i got my eyes on the clock because i can't wait to leave speaking of the clock. Are you excited for you. You feel like a good burger. After the show meet. Meet district is just showed up isaac the chef there in the backyard at the barbecue meat district butcher craft grafted premium burgers steakhouse quality burgers right in your house and we're gonna enjoy some of those after for the show. It's going to be beautiful brown team. Everyone's eight known are going to root for to lose. I'm excited to see him. I want them to do well. I'm rooting against him. I don't like acting like they've accomplished something before. They've accomplish accomplish something. I don't like that. I don't like baker mayfield. I don't like that coach pretending that all of a sudden tough he's a tough guy that i'm going to fire that whole thing is anybody that has authority already does not need to tell you that they have authority and this man is going around saying if i catch you anonymously leaking nettie but first of all you're not going to be anonymous so dan just showed sort of our one of our bosses dan. What size t shirt is that right. I mean that's a that's a small right. It's stuck in between us growing e._d._s. from the kids section. I couldn't fit in a small when i was six years old then. What does that say about dance jeans yesterday before you even hear i'd say dan coming with those little bitty jeans. He's he's a very spelt man. Not an ounce of fat on them. I could get one of my legs in those jeans. You and i would be bursting equally. Just put our bike half of our lady of there'd be a denim shrapnel assert is tiny. It's a tiny little small guy smallers entire life. It's nothing new what are you going to do. What are you gonna do any manja joy the o._c. Week for two more days. That's exactly right. We going to be at your belinda glac goal tomorrow. Inflator park rocket bruise on friday raj is going to be in the packing district in anaheim today for noon for lunchtime. Show where it is. How yeah like the towel for their and key is gonna joust tonight tonight against mason you got your lance readies sharp at the top no atlanta's blunt chris. It's a blunt thing yeah. It's not pointed at the end. It's rounded oh. I didn't know that well that changes everything so so anyway tonight with mason. It's medieval times with your pick me to do something with him. What he means you could pick just like l z or janice. We want some crawdads. Somebody some crowd to women just sassy. That's uh-huh sixteen seconds guys redoing its key. Last five seconds of this show have not been very good have a fantastic day day three threes.

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