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Youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. nfl the expert advice though doesn't really come from me. I mean a little bit but primarily it comes from joe dolan who is one of the owners and masters of all he oversees at fantasy points dot com where you should use the code feast by the way he's also according to fantasy pros dot com the number one ranked fantasy football analyst on planet earth. Over the last five years. You can go check it google. It use your googly machine and you'll see that at f. g underscore donating is number one. He's the best we liked the best. That's why we have the best at f g underscore dolan joe. What's up man. Hey rosco too good to be with you here. I need you know we started doing this last year and we weren't on video on video now. I just realized well. I've realized this before but i really need to stop taking hot showers. Before i come on here i look i look like i just went for like an eight mile. Run without read my vases so Did stop doing that right before the bod gas. I just realized that. I was gonna ask you. Look a little flush your your cheeks and face you look a little flush and once and i have a hot cup of coffee over here which isn't helping things either. Know it's funny because i am a. I am a king of the thermostat. That is my possession and i. my body. Temperature is a lot higher than my wife's. So i have to keep the thermostat at a temperature where i feel cool however i take showers. That are close to boiling. I don't understand why it's just. It's just the weird quirks that i am That i have. But but yeah. I looked like i just ran a marathon which i can utterly guarantee you is not the case right so i've got questions now number one. What do you normally keep the thermostat in the winter during the day. It's at sixty eight. Usually sixty seven to go to bed In the summer. I'll let the wife turn it up to seventy because she really hates air conditioning. Now you know people are like apparently. I'm actually relatively moderate when it comes to the thermostat or like I'm a big proponent of air conditioning. I love it. It's a great invention. I think it could have saved. James garfield life back in eighteen. Eighty one if it existed. So i mean air. Conditioning is a wonderful thing But i keep it at seventy the summer. Sixty seven to sleep during the summer. I don't know what your thermostat situation is. Ross but i get the feeling you're like me. You prefer the core thermostat. We keep it at seventy pretty much year round. That's not too bad. that's i have to turn it down to go to bed that it has to be turned down and go to bed. I sleep very hot. And i'd be lying if i said i'm in control of the thermostat We also have two kids. So i too little girl so i'm not totally in charge of that. I am intrigued though. Because we now record this show wednesdays at one thirty pm eastern time the mid day shower. Tell me shower. did you work out. I actually. I want to get a haircut so after the haircut. You gotta get a you gotta get the all the The the deep doo dads out out of your hair. So that's why that's why right now. God okay very interesting all right. This is why joe's the man this is why we love this show And by the way we are year round. And what's really cool in the off season. Is we get into every different fantasy football genre like we talk dynasty. We talked best ball into a lot of best ball. Stuff this offseason. that's my preferred format. It's interesting joe. I feel like the more. I talked to people. They're they're like leaning to either basketball or dynasty dynasties like that is like i want to be involved year round best balls like let me just draft and then be done. Yeah and i love both of them. So i'm joining a new dynasty league. This offseason and best ball season is right around the corner. Ross as a matter of fact at fantasy points dot com. We just did kind of staff. Best ball rankings. That are going to be up soon. And i gotta be honest with you and i think that's what we're going to get into today. I mean talk about speculation station. You know i it you you saw a tweet from adam schefter a little bit earlier this week and he said it was a. It was on monday night. And he said hero was a graphic and said here all quarterbacks whose futures are up in the air and He essentially set the over under. We've over under his on this podcast. He set the over under of eighteen quarterback changes in the nfl. Basically eighteen teams are going to have a new main starting quarterback in the twenty twenty one season. And adam schefter said he will take the over now. Adam schefter isn't just pulling that willing nilly out of his butt cheeks adam. Schefter is going to be informed when he's thinking of something like that. So i went through personally and i said how many quarterback situations do i feel confident. Our i set. I set it at a ninety percent confidence interval. And i said to myself argue ninety percent or more confident that the main starting quarterback from this particular team from the twenty twenty season is going to be the starting quarterback for a team the same team in twenty twenty one and frankly ross. I came up with only eleven teams. Where i'm ninety percent or more confident that the quarterback who either was projected to be their main starter and got hurt like in like in the situation of dak prescott. Joe burrow guys like that or the guys who started the majority of their games in the twenty twenty season. Or you're going to be their quarterback in the twenty twenty one season and i came up with only eleven teams and i feel like that is a staggering number. Yeah i mean just you saying that is surprising to me. I need to go through it. A little plug here by the way. Adam schefter will be on fridays. Ross tucker football podcast. And i am going to ask him about that. And i'm gonna ask about because i'm taking the under. He says over eighteen changes. I'm taking the under. Because of the caps situation in this app. People being less. I think that's interesting. I always think it's interesting. I guess i look at cretin. When i'm wrong here joe because i'm obviously wrong. I feel like january february march and to some extent april our big dynasty months very much. You're saying it's best ballroom. Wait until after the draft for people people are getting into best ball there. There's already sites that have best ball drafts up and people are asking for best ball rankings. I will tell you personally. I this is just my personal preference. I don't like to play until after the draft or at least until after free agency but there are very many people who are out there. Who are saying dude. Like i i can predict. I can get values on guys like kenny. Golladay going into free agency. I can get values on guys like alan robinson who were going into free agency. How many times have we seen a screenshot up on twitter. This week of people who bet the tampa bay buccaneers to win the nfc or win the super bowl. Before tom brady signed their people who saw the writing on the wall and said if tom brady leaves new england this tampa situation is great. So there's there's gambling to be done there. There's there's rolls of the dice. There's informed speculation that you can be doing there in best ball. It's essentially like betting futures. In a way i personally i like to focus my time right now on preparing for free agency and all that stuff preparing for the draft. I'll get into a best ball every now and again. But the vast majority the vast majority of most people's best ball drafts are after the draft may is when that sees a really starts up and then june july you start to see the fish come into the waters a bit but may is really when that starts up but there are absolutely going to be best ball drafts going off from now until after the super bowl starting right after super bowl. Okay man. I got a million questions to ask you now This is awesome by the way absolutely awesome. I should mention by the way speaking of awesome. While we're on the topic of things that are awesome. Listen to this one joe. Draft kings is the official daily fantasy partner of super bowl. Fifty five and they're bringing back their golden ticket giveaway with up to fifty five million dollars in prizes up for grabs. All you have to do is get your share of these huge prizes. Enter draftkings free super bowl prediction challenge. That's it submit your picks you will get a free instant prize up to twenty five thousand dollars. So why not. Drawings by the way has paid out this is a staggering number over seven billion dollars billion with a b. to its players since two thousand twelve so they know thing two about big paydays. Download the draftkings at now use promo code. Ross to enter the free fifty. Five million dollars super bowl prediction challenge. Everyone gets an instant prize up to twenty five thousand dollars just for playing so use promo code. Ross now enter the free fifty five million dollars super bowl channel only draftkings the official daily fantasy partner up super bowl fifty five terms conditions eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details. While we're on that joe. I do want to talk about the conference championship game and the first question i have for you is how did you do on. Dfs on the sunday slate at draftkings. How how did you. How did your fantasy sunday go. Well i think. I built everything kind of around a really cheap tight. End cameron bright and that ended up working out pretty well. 'cause he scored a touchdown. I would have liked to see him. Catch a passer two more but it but it it worked out well because i thought the match up was good for cameron break and then it was kind of a load up on the expensive receivers stefan digs tyreek hill. So it ended up going pretty well. But the problem is so many duped lineup on those two on those two game slates. That are just really really difficult to That are really difficult to separate yourself from the pack. So i focused much more on making prop bets and i gotta be honest. Ross a my biggest pro- better the entire week which we've talked about it. Last week. i apologize. We'll talk about process with a super bowl next week by My biggest bet for the championship brown was marquez. Valdes scantling longest reception over seventeen and a half. Yeah about four of them so unfortunately you don't get you. Don't get a tiered payouts. Based on how many receptions he has over that that benchmark But that was an easy win for me. And i had cameron bray over to an app. Perceptions was all which also worked out pretty well but other than that i hit the The buccaneers plus the three did not hit the bills. Plus the three and a half did not get that one of the bills were just out from the mo from from basically the opening snap and you know they got the the fumble with nicole hardman and outside of that it was. It was kind of kansas city. Showing its metal Showing that still the team to beat quite obviously as they advance their second consecutive super bowl. Yet there's a lot. I want to get to with you there. That is interesting though. I if people listen to podcast no i had the bucks getting three and a half at dr king's i you know usually do the money podcast on tuesday. I wish i would've laid the two and a half with the chiefs. I was leaning towards it. But i wasn't one hundred and ten percent sherm home's gonna play. Obviously he played. He played well and joe's right because joe's the number one ranked fancy analyst out there. We'll go through all the prop bets next week. What what What takeaways did you have from the conference championship games. I would say from a fantasy standpoint for next year job. I i'm wondering ross. And maybe we. All those of us are sitting here scratching our growing areas watching these games. It's easy for us to say. But i'm wondering if next year we might finally see some coaches realize you gotta score touchdowns to beat good teams and you know i. I wish i wish that was controversial. I wish that that which that. I didn't have to say that. It's obvious it self evident but i have say it but like you saw green bay. As a matter of fact the funny part was the analytics. The like the win probability. A models didn't see much of a problem with matt floors decision to kick it of course A lot of the might not take into account. The fact that tom brady is on the other side of the football You know but i would have gone for it for matt lahore. But the sean sean mcdermott situation. Where all those field goals he kicked out. Were just mind numbing to me. Especially since they have been an aggressive team is year and he comes from the andy reid school. You saw andy. Reid go for on fourth down with a league with his backup quarterback two weeks ago. So you saw that. And sean mcvay sean. mcdermott coming. From the andy reid the fact that they went for it on fourth and one near midfield on the opening drive of the game which was absolutely correct. Call the back that he didn't do it later in the games and they settle for short field goals. It's just not getting done so i have. I have to make this plead other coaches. You saw two teams lose in the conference championship games. Maybe not because of decisions to kick field goals but those decisions didn't help. They certainly didn't help. Like i think buffalo was going to run out of the building anyway. I didn't think buffalo was gonna win even if they had gone for the touchdowns but it would've been nice to see them. Tried but green bay. You rogers you have aaron rodgers. Let them try to make a play. So i was disappointed by that. You just saw somebody in la anthony. Lynn who i mean you look at the resume. You look at the fact that justin herber had arguably the greatest rookie season any quarterback has ever had and he just got fired. And you would have to say ross in large part because some of his in game decision making that bordered on the baffling so what. I don't understand like coaches make. These plays well safe. Plays just lost green bay. The conference championship game or at least contributed to it. Safe plays just lost buffalo. The conference championship game or at least contributed to it safe. Plays got anthony lynn fired. I mean i don't think. The chargers wanted to move on from the coaching staff. That helped develop justin herbert. I don't think they wanted to do that. But they saw no other choice because of games they got thrown away so these safe choices are costing teams wins the costing teams jobs from a fantasy perspective. They're costing us points. So that's way down on the totem pole. Team should be making these decisions. But i'm just wondering at this point or these coaches going to realize that being aggressive is the right call. It's not. I like i understand. You want to change the mathematics of the game. I'm i'm a big proponent of don't kick them field goal unless it changes the numbers of possessions that the game that that that it would take to tie the game or win the game. I'm a big proponent of that sometimes you do have to use your gut but being aggressive more often than not is going to be the right call and especially in that big stage. And i'm just hoping that on that big stage. Those teams kind of turtles leads to more of a sea. Change in the nfl. Something that we've already seen happen in years past teams being more aggressive. I know doug. Peterson just got fired. Eagles but the the phillies special super bowl. Teams like frank. Reich comes from peterson trade super aggressive this year. Andy reid being super aggressive this year. It it's the right call to be aggressive. And i believe me i don't think about bills fans are sitting at home today. Like a man. I'm glad we only lost by fourteen man. If we miss those field goals we didn't get those downs. It doesn't matter all right so then we get to all good points. Joe i guess my takeaway is like i'm not going to be huge on clyde edwards air next year. I mean it seemed like they can plug in any guy named e williams and that guy is effective and that was one thing that jumped out to me. I think devin singletary stinks now. I mean what. I wanna hear you read on that. Ross i mean i look. They can't run. The football got hit the whole very hard and then he had that drop. I think that they will draft another running back. Zack moss. But i was disappointed in single terry for sure that that's one that jumped out to me and then That's from the afc game bit mainly running back thoughts and then the nfc. I think brady be back. I i you know tough. The whole four net ronald jones thing will be tough year. You know what you do there. The receiver positional be tough there but anyway that was. My thought is mainly involving the running backs in the afc championship game. Yeah and like i. Here's the thing it's going to take a whole off season to parse what's going on with edwards helaire because obviously he was a first second round. Pick which you know. Look good for a few games. He wasn't a total bust but then he got hurt. And then now the ride in the hawkeye and daryl williams and i don't blame them for that it's the time to develop clyde edwards layer and built his confidence. You're trying to win a super bowl. So i i don't disagree with that at all I think the running back position across the board from this round is interesting because aaron jones is a free agent. Are they going to resign him. I would have said absolutely a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure now. Jamaal williams is a free agent. I think jamal williams is a guy who in the right situation can be a pretty productive player and aj dylan started to come on at the end of the year. And i mean guys built like a truck. So i mean he may obviously drafted them in the second round so they love him so he's going to be somebody who is on the rise ronald jones i think is super confusing to me when it comes to What what what he's going to do. He's got a year left on his rookie contract. Wonderful night obviously was signed for the vet minimum this year for nets been illegitimate ross. Impact player for them in the playoffs. Like like not even just a guy who kind keeps things on schedule as they say. The run game does that. He's been an impact player. I mean i've seen him make that touchdown. Run might have been the best. Ron leonard for abby nfl. Like i mean like that where he the spin move. He fights through contact to get to the goal line. It was an impressive. Run and leonard fournette. You've now leaning into this playoff lenny. Thing he's got an ad that says it on it and what eat maybe understood. His earning potential now is significant. If he puts up big numbers in the playoffs but ronald jones. I know he's a guy who's been who's driven nuts in the fantasy community when you're out on 'em he breaks off one of those seventy five yard runs when you're in on him. He had ten carries for sixteen yards the tampa bay buccaneers to me. I don't know keyshawn. Bonds going to factor in. I don't know what they're going to bring back for net. We'll see what happens in the super bowl. But they're a team that i i still think is going to be searching at the running back position. This offseason art. So let's get to and we'll have a lot of offseason to discuss this but we do know some people playing dynasty or looking at their dynasty lineups and trades. We know we're playing best ball. We'll have time for quarterback movement stuff because that's a little bit up in the air my question joe as how closely do you follow the head coach and assistant coach movement. And how significant is that even like. Shane waldron offensive coordinator in seattle. Wanna make this our draftkings segment because people can play best ball at draftkings by the way and they're going to start to look at these. I think this is where you can get edge on people a fantasy perspective. You really understand these head coaches these assistant coaches that are now calling plays their backgrounds and what their stock went up the andre swift o in campbell anthony lynn and duce. Staley run the crap out of the ball. Joe andre swift doctors went up. Well what's funny about the swift. And yes ross. I do pay attention to coaches as a matter of fact. I'm doing a series of articles at fantasy points dot com breaking these down now. A lot of them are going to be speculation. You know how you know. Even when the rams higher sean mcvay a couple years ago like a. I think there is people who are like. Oh this pretty promising higher. I don't think people thought he was going to be the next hot thing. I mean i which turned out to be and now everybody wants to poach on mcveigh's coaching tree. Obviously matt or got a job and now waldron gets a job and stanley gets a job so now. Everybody's poaching his coaching tree and frank. Right was the second choice in indianapolis and then and then nick serianni gets the job and was was interviewed. So now people wanna poach is tree so you. You can't know right away. I have albion's i have no app. Inclu what arben myers offense is going to look like in jacksonville. Guys never coached a down the nfl. So i'm fascinated. I'm going to be morning myself. When i read and watch the press conferences here but i do pay attention to them but in the case of the andre swift. That one is pretty fascinating. Ross because look at that. Detroit lion offense. Matthew stafford is gone ninety nine percent. I mean they've agreed that they're going to separate them. I want to their official website. Just look look up information about all the new coaches and they have like a they have like a thank you. Matthew stafford thing on there and like the fans are donating to a charity in the end his name and so obviously. The official website seems to be leaning into matthew stafford on the top. Three wide receivers. Kenny golladay marvin jones. And danny. I'm at door all free agents. So you have dan campbell former tight end tight ends coach. The number one receiver on that team right now is probably dj hopkinson. Who's already on the roster. So that's good news for him and then you have. This running back focused coaching staff. I mean anthony. Lynn induce daily combine for like eighteen years of playing in the. Nfl have been coaching in the league for about a combined years. So that's good news for the andre swift so when i see obvious things like that i also lean into thinking man you wanna make sure you don't overrate. What happened in a previous spot because of the talent that was there so i look at the fact that in anthony lynn tenure with the chargers he was there for four years as the head coach. He had a running back finish in the top ten in targets at the position. Three out of the four years and the year in which one didn't that was twenty eighteen. Both austin ekeler end. Melvin gordon finished in the top. Twenty now question then becomes. Is that because you had good receiving backs and philip rivers. Who likes to check it down or is that part of what anthony. Lynn system is going to look like and that's a question that goes that can go on answered right now because we don't even know who's going to be throwing the ball in detroit help ross. I assume anthony. Lynn is gonna call the plays. But i don't know i look at that that lyon coaching staff and i don't see any playcalling experience and i tend think that's overrated on much more into play design than i am in playcalling. I'm of the mind that if the plays are good you can call good place. I think the design is most important. But i can't find any discernible. Playcalling experience for dan. Campbell anthony lynn. Duce staley so. I'm fascinated to see what's going to happen there but i agree like you. Look at the coaches you look at the roster and you try to match the strength to see what's going to happen but you also do have to wait to see how teams are built this offseason and with the quarterback position up in the air. It creates a lot of uncertainty and perhaps for sharper players some buying opportunities for dynasty. Yeah i think you're i think it's a good point whether it's dynasty or best ball if you can sort of play this right with what's gonna end up happening with the quarterbacks you're going to be in a good position i mean what we know. Now is some of the assistant coach. Stop some of the head coach stuff. The quarterback stuff's going to be bananas and we really won't know i mean. None of the trades can even be official until march joe yet. They can't and i remember. Alex smith when he was traded to washington when kansas city made the decision to go with mahomes a couple years ago. I think that broke before the super bowl and they could announce it for like two months so like you to sit here and say all right. I'm ninety five percent. Sure this is going to happen. But what if one of the sides pull out the deals not official. So we'll see what's going on there. You're going to have quarterback battles. I think i just saw some cowboys beat writer speckling dallas white let dak prescott agency like that's why that's why of the teams that i broke down. And saying i feel confident that these teams are gonna have the same starting quarterback in twenty twenty one thousand not one of them dak prescott free agent. And he's coming off a series entry so they're not on their Philadelphia's not on there. I know the speculation was nick serianni. Ani's coming in and he's gonna fix some answer that's their plan. I'm not hundred percent. Sure that i'm not what like the eagles are. Apparently hiring florida offensive coordinator. Brian johnson to be their quarterbacks coach. Brian johnston apparently has known jalen hurts. Jail hurts with a toddler. So i mean there's there's there's situations up in the air there. You look at aaron rodgers and that would be one where you say. Oh for sure he's back. He's going to win the mvp while you see beat. Writers saying aaron rodgers sounded like he was completely uncertain of his future. So even some of these teams rethink. It's obvious that the quarterback is coming back. It's not that situation this year and that's why there was such a a low number of teams were. I'm confident who's going to be the quarterback how the new york jets have the number two pick. We know they're going to have a new quarterback but we don't know who that's going to be is going to be zach wilson from byu. Who's number two daniel jeremiah's board or are they gonna use that as a package for deshaun watson. I would prefer to shawn watson if i were jets fan of the jets. I would prefer you know what. I'm not confident to. Tonga is going to be the quarterback miami. He didn't show anything. Ross that would prevent me. If i were if i were brian floors and his staff there chris greer in miami. He didn't show anything to prevent me from. Trading for deshaun watson if the shawn watson is available so i mean i look at this from from this perspective and it's just a staggering number of genes are unsettled or could make an upgrade at the position that they choose to and that makes this one of the most fascinating off-season from a dynasty standpoint. I i've ever seen in this industry. He is joe dolan at f. g. Underscore i'm at ross tucker. Nfl remember this. Podcast is year round man between the coaching stuff and the quarterback stuff and dynasty and best ball. There's going to be allowed to get into this offseason next week though. It's all about the super bowl. It's all about the prop bets. Make sure you tune in and make sure you follow joe at f. g. underscore dolan a matt. Ross tucker nfl at ross tucker pod is the podcast networks social media handle other than that. I'm stopped. were done. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast podcast. Make sure to also subscribe to the tucker football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at apple podcasts. Ross tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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