If You Get Stuck In a Riot; Best Shooting Drills During Ammo Shortage: Gun Talk Radio | 06.28.20 Hour 1


Crimson trace offers a full line of protection oriented products, including red laser sights, green laser sights and tactical weapon lights to elevate your confidence in moments that matter learn more at Crimson trace dot com. All right because gun talk. About twelve guns ammo opted. Store gun safe out to be a responsible gun over how to shoot well how to yes defend yourself with a firearm which means gun fighting? You know. Term Gun fighting gun is really. Fight. Is the operative word? We'll talk a bit about that in about thirty minutes. We'll be talking with an expert about what was. What should you do if you get into the middle of one of these protests? The drive along somehow you ended up in the middle one of these things people are beaten on your car and trying to smash out your windows. What do you do? How do you go about it? What's the deal? Talk to a real pro about that. We have a lot of other very interesting things going on today. We're GONNA. Be talking about a new APP. It's going to help you perhaps. not, run, a foul of the law as you carry your pocket knife. From state to state. Yeah, no sounds crazy, but. It happens when people get arrested for having a pocket knife of all things. And then we got this crazy story. How gun control groups are invading PTA meetings. Yes. PTA Parent Teacher Association. GOINT. When parents come through these PTA meetings, there's spokesperson there from the MOMS demand. Action. Pretending that they're not. And they're handing out goofy. Little gun locks don't really work. And they're saying with the gun. Fifty people. And then what was really interesting in this one? I'm reading this article. They spokesperson says well. Yes, this actually this. Or they call it the beast smart to program. It was actually created by the MOMS demand action. Bloomberg created gun ban group. But, also we're working in conjunction with. The National Sport Shooting Foundation. Got It wrong. It's national shooting. Sports Foundation which. Would, I saw that wait what since? I sit on the governing board of the national. Shooting Sports Foundation and of course no NSF is not partnering. With the moms demand action or every town for gun, safety or any of the Bloomberg gun ban groups of course not. It was a lie. But what was interesting? Was the messaging. To parents. And what they did at these meetings. At its core, the messaging is how do we shame gun owners? Well We, ask them. Do! You have guns in your house. When our kids may be going over to play at their house. How do you store your guns? And they actually had them practice with each other doing this. Cost play. And they're actually practicing asking each other. Do you have guns? How do you store your guns as though you would have any idea that's safe? This is what's going on. It's going on. It places that you are simply not aware. This is what happens when you have. Billions of dollars to pour into gun, control and gun confiscation gun bans. When you have Bloomberg, it says yeah, here's a hundred Oh. Yeah, here's another one hundred here. Here's another hundred million. And then hire quite frankly some very smart people. And you turn them loose. And they say we will infiltrate the schools. We will be talking to the mothers. We won't be putting programs in the schools to that. Go before the children. To make them understand. That, they need to be frightened of guns. Not Educated about frightened of them, and they really shouldn't hang around with the kids from families who own guns. Gun Shaming. Why would you expect any different? We've got the whole deal going on. Right now and we have. Oh my gosh. The. I. Don't even say protests the riots. The riots going on. In Minneapolis the city council voted unanimously to disband. Not The fun. Disband the police department. But then immediately several of the council members. Hired private firms to do personal security for them using taxpayer dollars, so let's see we get rid of the police who were there to protect everyone and of course city council members, and then immediately because they said well, we've been threatened. Now we're going to hire private security. And let you the taxpayers. Pay For it. Why we're telling you. You can't have police protection anymore. We're doing away with the police. You're utterly. On Your own. But I'm special you see because. I'm on the city council. Understand that I'm important, so I will use your money to protect me, but I'll still hold onto your money all the taxes you paid. Oh, yeah! We're not giving it back to you. We're going to defend the police. We're going to disband the police. We're GONNA keep your money and we're gonNA use that money for me, personally have. Private Security. I think. People are getting to the point where they're gonNA have had. Quite enough. Of this whole thing. Have you reached that point yet. Numbers eight six six tall gun. Let's go talk to Joe. Line four out of St Port Louisiana Hello Joe. What's on your mind, sir? With these great ammo price, we had the last couple of years I really much shooting, but now we're trending back for their almost double. What my? Path so much shooting is getting ready to take a serious brock. And I'm curious. What drills are you? GonNa do with one hundred grounds or two hundred. Eight how're you remember? Yeah. That's a great question. I mean. Here's the deal. ammo is much more expensive. It's fifty percent more if not one hundred percent more than it was six months ago. And harder to get so I I. Get your point. I go back to her back when I was learning to play golf, I was a serious golfer for a while. I don't do that very much anymore. But I remember. The pros and the instructors saying something that really stuck with me. They said never hit a practice shot. That, you don't have a plan for that. There's a reason for hitting that very shot where you get over the ball. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to accomplish with this practice shut? Why don't we apply that to our shooting and rather than go on out there and. May, Be Bank. How about drawn Shit one shot. Or draw and shoot two shots. What am I working on? Am I working hard? Focus on the front sight. Am I working on the trigger press? Maybe swapping out making sure you get a dozen rounds and doing some ball and dummy drills where you're mixing the dummy rounds in with their loaded around and that way when it goes, Click, if that multiple dip slow and right are low in left when you're right handed. That you know that you are flinching. I think Joe. The drill is to simply have a plan for every single shot fired a reason for it. What am I specifically working on? Why am I pulling the trigger? Not just make it. Go Bang and have fun. But I'm working on something you know, draw shoe wants. Then you pause and then slowly re holster. Than using a timer I would start using a timer all the time to draw and shoot twice. You know and just working on things I think. What do you think joe? Does that make sense. Basically what you're saying, it's all. Just. Fundamentals every shock. There is only fundamentals that that's all there is. There's nothing else other than fundamentals and people talk about advanced technique. Advanced Technique is just fundamentals moving somewhat faster, but it is all fundamentals, its grip draw presentation lining up sites, pressing the trigger in such a way that you don't disturb the sites and then follow through when you press the trigger. Don't come out of it. Stay in the gun. Keep your sights on the target. See what happens. You need to and this word of things that people don't practice. You draw. You get your presentation. You get your side. Need to prepare. For the next shot, so for every shot fired. There are two site pictures. Let me say that again for every shot fired. There are two site pictures. There's the site pitcher before the guns goes off and then there's the site pitcher after the gun goes off. That way. You are prepared for the next shot if you need it. If you fire two shots. There are three site pictures. That is a mental thing, but that is something you can really drill draw shoot, you know. Sight picture fired a shot. Stay target, stay on target, stay on target and now binger straight comeback. Re Holster slowly. That that's good stuff right there I think. Doing that you could make a little AMMO. Go along with a hundred or two hundred ground at the range. You can get some serious practice NGO. All right appreciate your call Sir eight six six. Talk. Get you here. Just call me at Tom Talk Gun, of course, you can always check us out over at gun. Talk Dot Com. CHECK US out. We've got a lot of cool stuff for sale over its shop gun. Talk, Dot Com. 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What makes the outdoor so great? Band together to rescue our wetlands. Or Honey Badger defense line features the new three fifty seven twenty green load, performance, specifications or thirteen, hundred and sixty five feet per second from six inch, revolver and thousand nine hundred feet per second from eighteen inch carbon barrel. Since this projectile is a precision machine monolithic bullet, there's absolutely no chance of failure due to over expansion fragmentation of the bullet. We think you'll appreciate the honey badger for the least complicated reason in the world, it simply works black y'all ZAN munition, the power of performance. All right back to the eight six six talk gun. Certainly get you in here. A lot of things going on several states are having changes in their gun laws that take place July one. Coming right up. Virginia. Has I think it's ten new gun control laws that were passed. there. It is a prime example. The adage elections have consequences. What happened here? Let's recap. What happened in Virginia Michael Bloomberg came in with his money. And he got a number of Democrats elected last year. They were elected on the promise that they would. Restrict gun rights. They would take away guns. And Bloomberg's able to buy enough advertising to get people elected. And frankly I would just say this a lot gun owners. Did Not Take the threat seriously. They didn't see it coming. And they got elected. And they started introducing bills and they were horrible bills. And we had a big rally. We went to the state capital. Probably had somewhere between forty and sixty thousand thousand people. At the rally. Gun Rights People. Know Crimes. Shootings! No accidents? We've cleaned up our own trash. We brought trash bags. We cleaned it up. It was cleaner when we left. Forty. Thousand Sixty thousand people left then before we got there. The legislature did. Nothing. Respond they. Basically it's we don't care. We got elected. We promised Michael Bloomberg. We would be. His gun controls shells. And that's what we're GONNA do now. We have ten new gun laws going into effect their gun rationing. Can't buy more than one gun a month you know. Red Flag. Laws University background checks. It's kind of the whole wish list. Of The gun ban movement. So that kicks in Indiana. They're going to have a change positive change. In that defy concealed carry permits now going to be free. There's no charge for that. That's a good move. As a look at what happened in Virginia. And we have another election coming up. Are you registered to vote? Do you know if all of your friends are registered well, how would you know? Will you ask them? It's not intrusive. It's just smart. You ask. Are you registered to vote? I hope you don't get someone to give you that old. I well, I don't want to be on a list. Let me, just tell you. There are some lists that are worth being on. Imagine signing document that says I am committing. Treason. I openly call for the overthrow the government. They're a bunch of people who did day you know. The documents was called the declaration of independence. That was a pretty good list. To be on. So. Please don't give me the whole. I don't want to be on a list I don't have a concealed carry permit I. Don't do this I don't do that because I don't want to be unless you're already. Own lists if you're buying guns. And if you're not registered to vote, I'm just sorry. You're not you're you're part of the problem? We have to register everybody. We have to get the vote out. We have to make people understand. And I get it, but as a couple of people said recently look, this is a binary choice on the. President. We have to keep the Senate. We have to keep Donald Trump in. It really is quite simple and yes. He screwed up on the bump stocks and he screwed up on the take the guns away due process later. He says stuff. He just does. But what he does is different. And so far he's been pretty good, not great, not perfect, but pretty darn good. And your only choices, trump had pretty good are biting absolutely horrible. Where he promises to confiscate guns. He promises to ban. Gotcha promises to ban your full capacity standard capacity magazines. He promises to have gun rash. He promises I mean. All the whole shopping list from the gun control movement. That's that's Joe Biden. So there really is. I mean seriously. Is. Anybody saying. There's a choice here if you're a gun person. You can say well I wished trump didn't i. get that I understand it, but that doesn't mean you act like a baby. Suck your thumb ago. POUT in the corner. You Get up. You Register vote simple as that all right it just is. Now there's an interesting. The Gun Ban movement the gun ban industry. Floats allow triable in terms of verbiage. And frankly they've been pretty good well. It helps it to have the media behind him at getting. Their scary words out there. Steady nights special from way back, ghost guns. ASSAULT WEAPONS SNIPER RIFLES Things that are designed to scare people. Things that are designed to confuse people. Terms they can use and get picked up and people use them a lot, and so the latest one one day they've been using for quite some time actually in different for different ways. Loophole. Created this mythical thing called the gun show loophole where they claim that you on a gun show. Of course you don't have to pay the laws except for the fact that. At Gun shows all state, federal and local laws apply. There's no exception to gun shows over. It is totally false, totally mythical. Totally made up. And yet people believe it. So they decided to go one step further. With loophole. GonNa. Believe this one, but yeah, you probably will. Now. They're saying this whole second amendment is a loophole. These be closed. The entire. Second? Amendment is a loophole. It's a mistake. It's something that should not have happened. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The second does a grant. Anything it doesn't give individuals citizens anything. The Second Amendment is restrictive. The Second Amendment tells the government. Keep your hands off. This shall not be infringed the right of the people. That's that you'd be all the people the right of the people. To keep, that is to own to buy. To have and to bear to keep him bear bear means to have. To have with you to wear on your person. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It's not ambiguous. It's pretty straightforward. Which is why they think? The only way that they can get what they want, which to confiscate guns to band guns to literally banned private ownership of guns is to get rid of the second amendment. How do we do that? We declared a loophole. It should never have been. It was a mistake. I don't know. Maybe everybody was drunk today that they came up with the second amendment. Maybe we'll get rid of it that way, but it is absolutely their idea and their plan to try to get rid of it. They've been trying to do it to the courts, and that's frankly the reason that push should donald trump's. Two hundred federal judges now. He's put on the basis. We need some more justices me. That's what this election is all about. Come what you do when you get in the middle of one of these schwalier demonstration forties, riots have an expert who will help us out I'm Tom Gresham. This is gone. All right, we're back. Tom Gresham eight six six talk gun. Get you in here. That's our magic number. It's called gun. Talk because that's what we did. We talk about guns around here. Join me right now. Is an old friend? Good friend Ed head from a gun sight instructor, but also a career border patrol officer law enforcement Guy Hey. How are you? I'm nice to hear from you. Good to be with you? You know. We've had a lot of interesting conversations with. A lot of training with you over gunsight. You might just explain a little bit about your background. And how long were you with Border Patrol? I was born control agent for twenty four years over San Diego's south of San Diego down on the border And Let's see I was in air force security police for four years, and I've got a degree in criminal justice. And I've been firearms instructor for about thirty five years. So I saw you posting something about these. I don't even want to give them legitimacy. Call them protests the riots. Just reading a story about a woman who got caught in the middle of this, she's called Fredericksburg Virginia I think it was. She's called nine one one. They're telling her well. Actually it's an approved basically approved riot. It's approved protest and there's nothing we can do. The police are monitoring it from afar. No kidding. That's what they said and she's in her car and they're these people are bidding on her car. She's got her little kid in their kid of screaming and she's scared out of her mind. And the official policy as well, you know. Hey, they got a permanent. As are. What are we supposed to do? What's the average person supposed to do in the midst of all this? I think the first thing you have to understand is as our mutual friend. Michael Bane says all the time you're on your own. And when you find yourself in a situation like that you can't expect help to be arriving in and pulling you out of it and save you, so you're on your own. what we teach. Gunsight is the first two principles personal defense our awareness in alertness. Aware are bad people out there in these kinds of demonstrations are happening and so forth. And if you know for example, there's going to be one downtown today. Don't go there. Don't be though it's awareness and then of alertness avoidance of these kinds of situations. Don't get yourself into these situations. You see something turnaround. Get Out of there. Like this woman, however, if you find yourself in the middle of it. And, they're beating on the car and they're trying to get in I. Hope You have your windows up in your door's locked. In second if it becomes a desperate situation, you need to understand that. Your car is a very powerful weapon. And if you have to run somebody over, or if you have to drive up on the sidewalk or run up over the curb or hit another car? You need to get out of there and use that vehicle offensively to protect yourself your love it, and then I went one caller according the dispatcher nine. One one person is actually telling her well. Don't run into any of these people who of course are illegally blocking the road and it's like I remember I. Want To tell people understand that nine one one dispatcher, telling you what to do not do is not legal instruction from a police officer. That's just somebody on the phone. You GotTa do what you gotTa do. You Do, and and how many of these videos have we seen? Recently where people are being dragged out of their cars, the windows are being smashed in there, being dragged out of their cars and beaten, and so forth in some cases, people have been killed. Why would you want to subject yourself to that so? If I like I said if it becomes a desperate situation, if they're just standing there and blocking, you and nobody's trying to threaten or harm you. That's one thing right when they start trying to rip you out of the car. It's time to get out of there. I've always use the example. I said look. If, they're in front of the car. Okay, I'm just inconvenienced. I'm here a table an inconvenience? If they're beating on the car now, I'm going to have to call the insurance company, but if they start breaking out the windows, the game has changed. The rules are different at this point and I'm going to do whatever it is because I am not going to get pulled out of the car. If I have to run over somebody I'll do that if I have to shoot somebody do that, but not letting somebody reach in and get a hold of me in the car. That's not happening. Exactly, and and some people have gotten themselves in trouble because they get out of the car and engage these writers. Oh Gee, and again that's A. that's a bad move state in the car. And, you know the drill we. We've seen all too often. Some of our folks I call it testosterone poisoning. They suffer from testosterone poisoning. They WANNA. Get Out. They WanNa to confront these folks. They want to take them on. Not Understanding that you know, you may have been in a bar, fight or two, but you've never had fifteen people jump at once. No! That's exactly right. That's exactly right and as a last resort, you can have to use your firearm. Member when I sat in your rental car and shot out the windows. I remember that was fun. Yeah. Yeah remember when we did that, but you can shoot through the windows you can. If you have to, you can do that. and. Yes, it's going to be loud and yes, there's going to be last in flying around inside the car. But if you must, you can do that to defend yourself. You could shoot through the side windows, which will blow out, but if shoot through your windshield? It will actually weirdly enough just poke holes in it craze it a little bit, but it's not going to blow out the wind chill and. I've heard people say you know it goes to a different point of impact, our point of the point of impact, but for us when we were doing that I was getting pretty good hit shooting through the windshield. Somebody's know standing off the right on the hood of your car. I don't think you have to worry about too much. In the in in terms of deflection pretty much aimed for what you WanNa get to pull the trigger. as you mentioned the side when those yeah, they blow out right away, but surprisingly, and this is why I think it's important to have. Your door's locked in your windows up all the time and was pretty hard to break those side windows from outside. You've really got a pound. Right as someone is someone who is who has tried to break them out many times before either as an experiment on duty. You've really got a pound on those things, so they're up there pretty strong on the other hand. You're trapped in the car listening. You know going to the water or something like that and you're trapped in the car. You can't get that door open. Pull your pistol out. Stick the muzzle of the gun in the corner of the side window. pull the trigger in the window will disappear the nine millimeter glass breaker yeah. That's. Open the window. Actually. A friend of mine was saved nine one one nine eleven in New York with the buildings came down. He's a police officer there and special unit. NYPD And the gusts the big win picked up and smacked him to other officers up against the glass. Building there, and they were covered with abry and being crushed, and their pressed into the glass, one of the officers was able to get his pistol out and press the Muslim against the big glass fraud of this store and fire, three shots, and blow it out, and they were able to fall into the building with all this debris on top of them. Let's say their lives so yeah, it makes a really good glass breaker. Really does now I. Haven't heard that one before, but that's terrific I know several instances where people use their firearm. To break the window and get out of the car, so yeah, it works. I guess you hold on a second. We'll take a quick break. We're GONNA. We got some more things to talk about here. You Bet okay. 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Of course you know gun side as the Harvard, have gun. These schools also a career law enforcement officer. Are Well. Remember one of the classes at gunsight. You're you're talking. You're talking about when you're driving along, you may have to wind down. It's Nice Day, but when you get into town in a place where you live to be stopped. You said you see sade each other shiels up. He bring those windows up I. Remember that clearly. Yeah, and you know a lot of these cars now go ahead and lock their doors automatically. When you go, you know, go fifteen miles an hour or something like that but even so when we get in the car now it's same thing shields up. Lock them windows up and away. We go and almost never even drive the windows down anymore. No, no, exactly I pretty much, don't either unless. Country Road out there. You just want to enjoy for a little bit, but if I'm going fast, it's too loud, it's. And you know you know enough of the old state troopers the guys who actually a lot of them. Ended up with hearing damage from riding the roads in the fifties with the wind down. Yes so little dealer! I used to patrol even when it was freezing cold with the heater on full blast and the window down so I could hear what was going around going on around me. What was going on outside? Interesting. All right so. Put us back in the middle. Where somehow we've ended up in the middle of a riot, or maybe not, maybe it's just. Three guys have come out. One's blocking the car and tour on. One side of your car. If you have to if you had to shoot somebody. I'm just thinking in my head. I think. What would I do I'd probably I would shoot. I would drive. Would get away and then I would stop somewhere and call nine one one and tell them what happened. Is that a pretty decent plan? Yes I think so I think the the thing is. You've got to get out of the danger area. And you do whatever you need to do to do that. which may involve? Shooting driving over somebody or something. And, yes, get to a safe place. Go ahead and call, don't. Don't feel like I have to stay right here. I'm going to get in trouble if I Leave the scene. That's that's not yet. You've got to get get away from the danger. The Dangerous Proxima. It's right there. You have to get away. Even if you just drive two blocks away or maybe drive a half mile away pulled into a parking lot. Call, say look. This is what happened. This is where I am. I can meet the police right here. I'm not trying to leave the scene of the crime or anything like that. I was just getting away so I could be safe. Is there any particular reason? These days to favor one caliber over another for handguns. I, don't I don't really think so. I like to say nobody likes to get shot with anything. They usually don't want. They don't WanNA stand there and take it. No, that was nice. Give me another place. Of any any of the good premium, defensive ammunition made nowadays in like nine forty and forty five, and you know what three eighty eight bad. There's some pretty good through a lot there. Any of that you're carrying is going to get the job done if you can get the hits. And you know we talking about that's the hardware side of it, but the shortcoming four so many people as the software side of it which is step right between your ears of knowing what to do when to do it how to do it. And you know. I swear I just keep seeing people doing dumb things that you can relate back to TV and you can tell they've ever gotten any real training. It's just that vacuum gets filled with something. And usually it's the stupid gun hailing we see on TV and movies. Yeah and that's why it's so important to get good quality training, and as Jeff. Cooper used to say people who people would ask him, so you teach people how to shoot nick say. Among other things. The mental conditioning combat that we do at gunsight and the way we. Literally Change People. They're different people when they leave after week at gun sight. What's going to give you the tools mentally and physically handle these kinds of situations. I've told a lot of people that and I know. He almost see their eyes. Gloss over, and I'll tell them look. You will be a different personal day five. Then you were on day one. and. You Know Bob, La, and a few of my friends and I won't make this blanket. Offer to everybody, but I've told a dozen or more so here's the deal. If you today five and you disagree with me, I'll give you your tuition back. I will pay for your tuition. I have never had anybody take me up on that. They all came. We say oh, yeah I I, look at things different I, operate. Differently I am not the same person I used to be. That's that's exactly right. The real the real product we sell at gun peace of mind. And it comes from having the ability to command your environment. Be Able to control. What goes on around you? And and that's priceless. I don't know what you could pay to have that ability and then not to have to live with fear. Exactly right if you had one thing to thirty seconds. Advice to anybody on this subject what would be? Your, no more a gunfighter because you have a gun, then you are a musician because you went and bought a violin. Get trained get high quality professional training. It's just critically important especially for all these new gun owners joining Iraq's. If you're a good new gun owner, or if you know new gun on her, and you're the gun person around help them get some training. It had thank you so much I appreciate your time. Look forward to seeing out in Arizona. Always a pleasure Tom. Thank you all right. You take care. It's up to us, we're. We're the gun folks in our in your community. You're probably the gun guy or the gun Gal. How do you help people out? What do you help people? What's the advice? You're giving people when they ask you? Because I know, they're asking US questions eight six six talk gun this gun talk. Oh Man This. Tom Gresham Gun. Talk. I'm just looking at this news. Story! In the Wall Street Journal. Reuters is carried it as well. They're saying that. remediated. Brimmerton firearms. GET READY TO FILE bankruptcy again. Possibly selling the company. To the Navajo nation. Now. There's no punchline here that Stetson story. You were remember that Remington went bankrupt filed. Chapter eleven bankruptcy a few years ago. Going way back. They were bought by was purchased by the service. Group they? became the Freedom Group. The whiz kids the Hedge Fund. Maltese Zillionaires Kind of seen so many times. It come into the. Firearms Industry. And they look at it and go. This is antiquated. This is old fashioned. Here's how we did it. At fill in the blank. Black and decker coke wherever they came from didn't matter. We can cut the cost. We can. Trim things back. And they do. Not Understanding that these are not widgets that we've been buying this is. In revenue if you're agreeing family. You've been buying green shells and green guns. For four or five or six or seven generations? Your family. Eight, seventy, seven hundred doesn't matter Levin hundreds love at Eighty, seven on and on and on. But. They come in and go with. You. Guys are just antiquated. You don't have to. Use allsteel. We can use this part in here. Unfortunately. They do. Not, understanding and I have corner. Some of these guys they come in from these other companies to gun comes. Up Now I. don't care anymore I'd say look. Here's the deal. You're gonNA come, and you're going to want to cut everything. You're going to want to cheapen into product, so here's what you don't understand that we the consumers. We know everything about your guns. We take him apart. We know what the parts are made of. We know how they're put together. And when you start changing things up, we want only immediately and we will share that information. This is not just a widget. This is the thing I buy with the absolute full expectation that it's going to last me a lifetime. I will be able to use it every year. And it will last literally a lifetime. If you change it so that it does it I will not be happy. and. Unfortunately it appears. That's what has happened here. I don't know what's going to happen here. Guys I I you know and this also affects Marlin. What's going to happen with Marlin? Of, course, this is a story. This is about to happen or may happen. We don't know if it will happen. And I don't know what the nation wants to do with. Remittances there was a couple years ago. They were going to get it and get out of consumer debt his. Market! And Start. Making, smart, guns. SMART guns. Might want to look history of that with Smith and Wesson. How it almost destroyed. The company would Ed Schultz. The president had decided to do that to go meet at the. Rose Garden the White House. Yeah almost destroyed the company. We'll keep you posted on this, but this is. upsetting. I love REMINGTON products grew up in seven, hundred, the eight seventy and eleven hundred. I hate what's going on. I don't know where it goes from here. Fortunately, we we've got some really great. American gun companies out there. We'll keep working on that if making when we come back, I also want to tell you. About a way that can possibly help you. Not Get arrested for having a pocket knife as you go through various cities and states around this is important stuff. This gun talk gives us a holler eight six six talk gun.

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