Week 16 (Part 2)


It's time to eat. What are you hungry four? Sit Down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross Tucker and Joe Dolan we now on the fantasy. Feast Eytan podcast. Yeah let's eat maybe it is the fantasy. Feast eating podcast asking if you're looking for a place to make some online wagers it's all about bed online dot ag and it's all about the Promo Code podcast one for for several different reasons number one. You get a fifty percent sign up bonus. Oh the college bowls here. There's a game on every night. If you like to make those games a little more interesting go to bed online DOT AG. Use the Promo Code. podcast one or like this weekend. I I will be on Saturday in New England as the Patriots. Take on the bills. You WanNa bet on some of these standalone Saturday games you you can do so again though the place to do its bed online dot. Ag Promo Code podcast one. Your online sportsbook spoke experts. And if I win the podcast one sport that challenge yet again. You may get one hundred dollars in your account if you reply to my tweet at Ross Tucker our nfl he is at F. G. Underscore Dolan and my first guest in terms of F. G is that Dolan is the best. We already know that he has been Joe. You have been unbelievable on this show all year long and and we will continue to finish trump guys all year long. We don't leave. We're still here week. Seventeen playoff. We ain't go nowhere. We ain't going nowhere. We can't be stopped now. 'cause we're the fantasy fees for life. Yes let's do it all right. Joe Will Start episode number two with a little west coast. Ball the raiders at the chargers. Hey big a big big dominant performance last week. Four Minnesota against the chargers it was just a bad game and Philip rivers after looking pretty good for a couple of weeks really well it. It really caught up to a three interceptions. He was just floating the ball down the field. I'm not really sure. What the hell he was doing and Melvin? Gordon fumbled twice a really just is a bad showing however against the raiders team that has been officially eliminated from the playoffs. They close the black hole with a terrible loss to the Jaguars I m star ordering everybody. Mike Williams Keenan Allen Hunter Henry. Obviously and Gordon Alan and Williams are going to be in my my top twenty five at wide receiver Henry despite the bad game last week just to catch a fumble. I am putting him back in my line. Up Against the raiders and the backs. I think he's you still have to roll with them even though I might feel a little bit better about Ecuador this week because the Melvin. Gordon's fumbled troubles. I'm playing all those guys against Oakland. I think the chargers chargers rebound a little bit here even though these are teams drawing dead nothing to play for on either side and then what about on the raiders side. Yeah Josh Jacobs you've got to roll with them. They said they're not shutting him down. He had over one hundred yards from. Scrimmage I'm going with what worked I am playing Josh Jacobs. I employing Darren Waller for obvious reasons and Tyrel Williams I think is a wide receiver for this is a really simple fantasy team right now. All the raiders. Don't have a lot of weapons. Just keep an did I on Josh Jacob Status Throughout the week. Lions at the broncos wild. We are recording this Joe. Ten minutes ago the Lions announced Bob Quinn Matt Patricia. Both will return next year. The question becomes uh-huh. How long can you go keeping a mediocre coach but also also flip flip side? How long does it take for something like this? To be turned around. The lions were dead in the water soon as Matthew Stafford got her now. I think I think they had lost some close games before for them but Stafford was playing really really good football. They go to driscoll who I think could have kept him afloat a couple more weeks. He gets her. David Loud. Doesn't have it so I mean I understand it. This is actually a pretty talented roster. They carry on Johnson early in the year and there is the one thing that I think is interesting about this game. Carry Harry on Johnson's eligible to come off of I R. I wouldn't be shocked if he's going to be in some lineups in week sixteen they had the the Youngster Hills from slippery rock doc scoring two touchdowns for them last week but I mean Kerryon. Johnson is somebody. I'd consider the only other guys you can really look at though. Kenny Kenny. Golladay is going to get the shadow coverage of Chris Harris which I don't love Although the broncos have struggled I would still play Golladay as a wide receiver. Three and Danny Amendola who went for over one hundred yards last week for the lions from David Blau so I think those guys are worth considering. I consider Kerryon Johnson a low end rb three not not a fantasy team. I'm really looking to invest a ton in here in week. Sixteen with David at quarterback. It's really not pretty for them. What about the other side for the Broncos was you? How much do you take if anything from the snow game? Not really a whole lot. I thought it was good that that drew lock played in some adversity. But that's a tough spot on the road in a driving snow. I don't know how much you can really take away from. What I do know is that the lions can't cover anybody right now? Darius slay has been banged banged up they give up a three touchdown to shot paramount. So I am throwing Portland Sutton back into my lineup. I love this week as a wide receiver to Philip Lindsay. He's a flex option. I really do not like this backfield at all. I think Roy screaming has been more of a wrench than anything else. Not Somebody that I'm terribly excited about is Philip Lindsay. And you have to keep an eye on the status of Noah Fan who's been dealing with hip a foot. He hurt his shoulder last week. He somebody I wanNA play against the lions if I can as a low end tight end one but you have to keep an eye on his status this week. He's banged up and they might shut him down and get them ready for the off season. So for the broncos Lanka's really the only guy I feel great about as Cortlandt Sutton cardinals are at the seahawks looking forward to your breakdown of this one. Well how about the Drake Drake Kenyan drake four touchdowns last week. And Look. He was a guy we were ranking is kind of a low end or be too high rb three. He hadn't been getting it done but the seahawks have had problems mostly in the passing game. But I kind of consider Kenyan drake this week I think given what he did. He established himself as the lead back. Obviously Nicely Christian. McCaffrey went off against the seahawks. Chris McCaffrey goes off against everybody. But they gave up catches to McCaffrey. That gave up rushing touchdowns to them. They're a little bit banged up. Defensively early I honestly think that a that Kenyan drake is going to be on the RB to radar for me so I I like Kenyan drake this week. Four the cardinals. I think Tyler Murray is a High Ryan. QB To one thing that was really good to see from. Murray against the browns last week was that he was back to running for fifty six on the ground He threw the touchdown pass is that he didn't really need to do a whole lot. It was too Dan Arnold by the way Ivy League guy. He's not but he sounds like one. He's yeah yeah he's not he's one of those. Yeah he's like one of those number. Three big white tight ends that I presume went to the Ivy League now because all of them did the valves of the world. But he's a now he caught a touchdown pass last week The Guy I can. I'm considering besides drake in Murree Christian Kirk had five targets last week. He had twenty eight yards receiving this. This is a far better match up. Then he had on the perimeter last week against Denzel Ward Ingredients and company. Seattle secondary is exploited. I actually think Christian Kirk can can. I don't want to say go off in this matchup but I do believe Christian Kirk can have a good solid game that rewards for playing him here against Seattle so so I think With the with the cars probably needing to score points I think they'll be throwing kirk did have just four for thirty seven against Seattle earlier this year but these are different teams at this point point. I am okay rolling with Christian Kirk. The Guy I just really. I'm struggling with his lawyer. Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald has been under. What sixty receiving yards now in eight of his last nine games? He hasn't sees only scored once in that span. He's just a wide receiver fourth. This point the the cardinals really are not a very good fantasy team. That's interesting all right. What about the other side for the seahawks? I mean they're gonNA pound Chris Carson. We know they're gonNA pound Chris Carson. I it's it's obvious they're gonNA pound Chris Carson The one thing that I would worry about is if I had decay metcalf because decay metcalfe's going to be the primary parameter receiver and. That's where Patrick. The Peterson rooms and Peterson really had been that shutdown guy until last week but he shut down Odell Beckham last week. And maybe that's a symptom of the browns to stinking but That was vintage. Patrick Peterson last week so I would worry about decay metcalf. I'M GONNA put him as low end wide receiver three but because of that. I'm going to upgrade tyler. Lockett doc it who finally came back alive with eight for one twenty and a touchdown last week against Carolina. I'm upgrading him to a wide receiver. One against the slot coverage bridge of Arizona. They had recently released their slot corner so it just goes to show you that they have not been very fond of it. I know what happened with Jarvis Landry but I think that one we can much more chalk up the browns being a mess so tyler Lockett wide receiver. One decay metcalf member. Josh Gordon's suspended again. Low End wide receiver. Three Chris. Carson is a hammer rb one and I think Russell Wilson is a solid. QB One would like to see him run more but he threw the ball very efficiently against Carolina Twentieth. twenty-six Threw for two touchdowns touchdowns would like to see him run more but I think he's a solid. QB One during this match up with Arizona. It's the eagles. It's the cowboys and I need to know what you got on this huge game for those two teams. I have zero confidence in either of these teams names which makes it so hard to breakdown from fantasy perspective because I just like I think both of them have shown they can beat anybody and they can lose I anybody and especially the Eagles Eagles show making lose to anybody but the cowboys I mean. They've lost to the jets. They've lost some bad games too. So here's here's the thing that I'm and most confident. I am most confident that Dallas is passing game will have success because the eagles just below coverages every week Ronald. It'll Darby's bagged up jalen. I like but he can't run. It's it's it's a tough match-up for them. And I think the cowboys receivers numbers are GonNa want to try to get back on track. Given how badly they struggled last week. I'm talking COBB and COBB struggle to but Cooper N. Gallop both Struggled badly they each had only one catch against the rams. I'm predicting bounce back. Games for both Cooper and Gallup. I'd ranked cooper as a wide receiver. One and Gallup as a wide receiver to Air Argo. I think Dak Prescott. You gotTa Roll with this week. The Philadelphia Made Twain Haskins look like Dan Marino last week. So they aren't home. They're better at home. But just keep in mind you you know Dak.. Prescott provides a much bigger challenge than say ally. Manning did two weeks ago and they still gave up points to ally in the first half so I'm going with Dak Prescott as a QB one. And you're obviously playing Zeke. Each and every week even though the eagles run defense has been good. Zeke has phenomenal numbers in his career against the eagles. You are starting him. I I feel more confident in Dallas. Offense doesn't mean they can't lay an egg but I just think they are strong at the positions where the eagles the weakest on the other side. What about the eagles? You Got Malcolm Sanders. What else mile? Sanders was Matt Miles Fan. I guess yeah I mean. He's League winner He's been he's really emerged. As matter of fact I I saw the that. He is officially the most successful rookie in eagles. History in terms of yards from scrimmage that that that beats is that beats any running back beats with Shawn McCoy beach. Brian Westbrook. It beats to Sean Jackson. Any of these rookies that the eagles have had in recent years tells you what kind of year he's had. You have to start him. He is a borderline underline. Rb One right now. We'll see about a Jordan Howard status that would affect Boston Scott status as a flex worthy option the only wide receiver from Philadelphia. What else you can play at this? Point is Greg Ward and I am stunned how these eagles who have had wide receiver problems all all year even when guys were healthy which hasn't been much of the year but even when alarm. Jeffrey were healthy. They didn't have anybody could run. You know guys were dropping passes. They had this Guy Ward in their building all season long and didn't know what he could do Carson Wentz stone him eighteen targets the last two weeks. So let's trust them. He caught the game winning touchdown pass or white sides out there running into people so I don't know what the eagles scouting books it's like it wide receiver. But they need to completely tear it down and rebuild it because they missed on our thankful whiteside for now for now. He is a rookie. They completely miss evaluated the position in house. So I don't know what's going on but Greg Ward to to get back to. The point is a wide receiver. Three worthy play because wentz throw them the ball. You're obviously playings accurate. There's no doubt about that. Dallas Qatar has consistently been a low end tight end one. You can consider made a spectacular catch at the end of that game. And that's something we've been asking for. The Eagles need some receivers to make place for their quarterback. Got Hurt made one for his quarterback ward made one for his quarterback Mile Sanders made one for his quarterback. And it's the young young guys who are stepping up for Philadelphia. So those are the guys. I'm considering I consider Carson Wentz a high end. QB Too. Because I still don't love the supporting cast around around him and we need to see about Lane Johnson. The right tackle status. The Eagles were shorthanded. They're running on fumes. But finally Greg Ward. They got a young receiver. Who's given I am a little bit of life and and that's a good thing for Carson Wentz the night game it's the chiefs and the bears? Where do you get that one? Oh boy this is going to be a pretty fun one for fantasy purposes. Let's start with the bears at home. Don't love David Montgomery and a potentially a high scoring game. Although the chiefs have had a bad run defense I think Montgomery is probably a high influx. I will consider the same for Tariq Cohen who seeing a lot of targets. The the last few few weeks tweet Cohen. I would consider a high end flex where I'm focusing for Chicago. I have both Allen Robinson. Anthony Miller in a championship. Yup and I think I'm going to play them both because I think this could be a high scoring game. I love what I see from. Anthony Miller I mean this guy has been utterly fantastic. How about fifteen eighteen targets last week against Green Bay he goes for nine one eighteen and a touchdown? I am playing him over. Odell Beckham Junior in a championship chip around without hesitation. That's where I'm at with Beckham but that's where I'm at with Anthony Miller. Anthony Miller has top ten targets three of his last five games. He's top nine targets in in four of his last five games and in the game where he didn't get nine targets. He scored a touchdown so he has been a fantasy stud over the last five weeks. It's coincided with Mitchell trubisky numbers getting better it's coincided with for bisky getting more confident and honestly I know. He threw the two picks last week but he's running a little bit more Mitchell. trubisky isn't a bad. Add Stream Worthy quarterback if you're really concerned about your position I don't know who you might be playing say say maybe you've had Tom Brady. And you're like man. I just can't trust them. I'd actually play Trubisky Bisky over Tom Brady this week against Kansas City. Kansas City's defense has been playing better than people think but I do think Chicago is going to have to try to score points. And that's why I'm actually okay in investing acting in their passing game on Sunday night against Kansas City. Wow Okay what about the chiefs and the other side while the chiefs have become a really well defined fantasy team. Because there's only a few guys you can consider Travis Kelsey play without question tyreek Hill. You play without question Patrick. Mahomes you play without question. The question becomes. Who else do you consider? They're telling you what they think of their backfield. They pulled Spencer wear off the couch and he's lead their bathroom and snaps last two weeks so they don't trust the Shawn Mccoy who camping your lineup. They don't trust Darwin Thomson. Who can't be in your lineup Spencer? Ware hasn't done anything with those snaps. So he can't be in your lineup. My question is does Damian Williams return term. And if he does are you okay with playing him. I'd probably rank them as more of Affleck's Sammy Watkins. I'm sick of this guy. He he caught a two point conversion last week. Instilled in top ten points at a p PR so really. I'm looking at Kelsey Hill and homes and maybe Damian Williams if he comes back fortunately for you for fantasy Kelsey hill the homes. Those three score hell a lot of fantasy points. Yeah you got that right. They were amazing snow. What about Monday Sunday night? Let's dive into it. It's it's packers and the Vikings packer passing. Offense is like pulling teeth but I will say this. I love off Davante Adams this week. You know the I think the secret about Minnesota's secondary roads has been banged up. I know trae wings banged up earlier this year. The secondary has not been very good good from Minnesota. This is a team very dependent on the pass rush. I love Davante Adams this week. I I think he's got shot to really win some fantasy championships He had a big game last week. I know he's been more disappointed. I think he's down in the thirties and total fantasy points scored this year. Obviously he was hurt for a while but I think he's got a good shot to be very very very strong This week it's a mediocre matchup for Aaron Rodgers though and the the thing about Rogers is he doesn't have any other receivers you can trust. He throws a perfect deep ball. Marcus Marcus status gambling last week. And scanlon gator owned it. I mean he just let the ball fall. It wasn't even a drop. He pulled his hands back. They have nobody else you can trust in the passing game and the only other guy you can consider and he. Somebody definitely is Aaron Jones Aaron Jones. He's been very touchdown dependent but he seems is to score them at bunches. So Aaron Jones guy you have to play. I don't think it's a great match up by any stretch of the imagination against Minnesota this week but I don't know how you can look at this offense and say man Somebody outside of Aaron Jones. I'M GONNA Trust out there. Minnesota has in fact Ross given up the fifth most fantasy points per game to running backs over the last five weeks. So Jones Davante Adams Slam dunks Aaron Rodgers. You probably have to make a call on him in your lineup. Nobody else's worth considering for the packers and it's Kinda sad that we've gotten to that point okay and then on the other side the Minnesota. Vikings Dalvin cooks health status. Data's again in question. Yeah this is the big question of the week and and obviously it's the last team we're talking about but Dow Cook seems to think he's going to be able to play Monday night. This were recording according this on Tuesday so if Dalvin Cook Place. I don't think you have a choice. You kind of have to play them. But you have to give yourself another option. We don't know if Alexander Madison Davin cooks backup is gonNA play. He didn't play last week. So if cook and Madison don't play the backup will be Mike Boon. You are super talented kid. WHO's for for those of us who play preseason? DFS We are intimately familiar with Mike Boon The guy blows up every preseason. I don't know why he can't get carries but he got two touchdowns last week. After Cook left the game he is the guy I would be focusing on the waiver wire if Alexander Madison has already owned if if you have both cook and Madison you need to pick up Mike Boon this week you need to. I don't like I just talked about Shawn McCoy. Get rid of them. You're not playing them. Just get rid of them. Go pick pick up like boot. You need to pick them up this week if you have cooked or Madison. So he's the guy to focus on. That's the big question now. Green Bay's defense. I think has been very very problematic and last week. Mitchell trubisky did throw the two interceptions but I think this is a highly explainable defense. They gave up big lines in the secondary to both Alan Robinson Anthony Miller so stefan digs atom feeling. Both of them are in your lineups. I think kirk cousins at home is a solid fantasy option this week unfortunately with feeling back with the questions about the run game. The tight end positions kind of fallen by the wayside. So I don't think you consider either of those guys but the rest of them. Keep an eye on the backfield. We can't answer it today however feeling digs during your lineup. Up Kirk cousins the lineup. I think this is a good spot for Minnesota at home Joe. That was awesome. That was absolutely awesome. I'm ready for for some. DFS This week speaking of awesome. You know what that was that was arguably a box of awesome. which is exactly what you should start? Start this holiday season. You should start a new monthly routine upgrade. 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Feast for twenty percent percent off your first box. That's the key box of awesome dot com. Make sure you use the code feast and if you forget go to the sponsors tab at Ross Tucker Dot com that'll do it by the way for feast this week reminder again. We're back next week week seventeen. DFS Is how you separate the men from the boys and then playoff DFS is always fun as well. Check out the PODCAST. Today we are still on a roll and big on that podcast for the year for those of you that like to make wagers. We are doing exactly that. And of course Andrew. Brandt always terrific on the Ross Tucker football podcast other than that. I am totally stuff now. Dessert was delicious. I think we're done here. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker DOT COM or wherever podcasts can be found.

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