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Hello again, giants fans and welcome to a new addition of the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue view radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host Ed Valentine of big blue view and today's show is our first pre two thousand in nineteen NFL draft show. Hopefully, you have been following in reading a lot of the the commentary at big blue view from myself, Pat, traina work from Chris Fleming. And Dan poodle, all of the the the content that we've been producing since the draft began on Thursday night. Obviously quite a lively discussion over the giants decision to choose Daniel Jones do quarterback at number six in the draft. You know, whether or not that decision turns out to be the right one. Is one that we won't know for several years until we find out what sort of quarterback Jones develops into at the NFL level, and what sort of team the giants put around him. But you know, we've we've I've spent a lot of words of spent a lot of time writing about this at big blue view, you guys who have have read a lot of that work. You know, where I stand on that right now, I'm not going to spend today's show going over and over that opinion, instead of listening to to my opinion, what I'm going to do today is bring in Scott right draft analyst from draft countdown dot com, and we're going to talk to Scott about his thoughts on what Dave Gettleman ended giants did here in two thousand nineteen draft. So, you know, without any further delay. Let's bring Scott in right now and get to that. Discussion. All right giants fans. I'm joined now by Scott right draft analyst from draft countdown. And we're going to spend some time reviewing what the what the giants did during the draft. How you doing today? Scott, I'm doing excellent. I it's hard to believe the draft is over. It's always a bit of a letdown. When you build to it all year long. It seems like in the blink of an eye. It's it comes and goes. But the great thing about the NFL draft is even when it's over the next one's less than a year away. Oh, please. Just don't post a mock draft already. They're out there man, you why they're they're not gonna ask you at this time of year. But they're out there. I know I saw one in the only the only good takeaway. I got from it was that the giants didn't have a top ten pick in the in that particular mock. So so I'll take that. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. It's a, but you know, what NFL Stoute's they're looking ahead. I mean, not only are they looking now they've been looking at twenty twenty prospects for a month. You know, they've moved ahead. Well before the draft comes along. So it's a it truly is a year long process. We kind of joke about it. But for the NFL there well into twenty twenty oh, sure. Their work on these kids was done on these kids that were in this draft class. That was just concluded their work was done, you know, months and months ago. Yes, for sure by the end of March wants all those pro days wrapped up so yeah, they've turned their attention. And now they're getting ready pretty soon here in the next month. They'll be getting together to go over there spring grades and start a new, and it's fun. It's fun to. To not only talk about what actually happened instead of speculating, but then we can whole new crop players to begin analyzing dissection will let's let's analyze in dissect and talk about what the giants just did, you know, before we started you and I were talking a little bit off line here off air. And I said, you know, back in the day the giants made headlines for for winning things they made the back page of the New York tabloids for winning things in not for the various moves that they made. But boy, they sure are interesting. These days. Interesting in not necessarily a good way. But yeah, I mean, certainly, that's the one of the storylines strapped. You know, when we look back five years from now, that's one of the moments that that this draft is we remembered for for better or worse on. That's of course, the giants taking Daniel Jones at number six overall. But ultimately, I don't consider that a huge surprise. I mean, I hadn't gone to the giants for months and months, I thought it would be at seventeen, but the case people made in I tend to agree with it is if you have that much of a conviction on a quarterback at you'd think he's your guy why wait till seventeen in risk losing him. Just take him at six. Now, if it works out great that's not too early. It's impossible overpay for a good core back. He turns out to be average starting quarterback. They gotta steal with the number six overall pick. But if he if he struggles to make that decision last year to pass Sam darnold than all those other quarterbacks look all that much worse. So I don't think it's a stretch to say this is a a franchise. Defining decision for at least the next half decade and in arguably career defining decision for Dave Gettleman, if this doesn't work out or if it does this kind of what he's gonna be remembered for at least the latter part of his career. Oh, it most certainly is in you know, we we have to we have to pound pound. My chest a little bit here because you initially made that claim about Daniel Jones right here on this show. So let's. I'm gonna take some credit there for giving you the the form to do that in, you know, just just pound my chest a little bit. Well, I appreciate it. I look back and I remember doing that shows in February. And I remember the reaction from giants fans at the time wasn't a very positive. They weren't necessarily in the in the corner of Daniel Jones at that time since then when it became looking like, he's a possibility Nelson sees been drafted have giants fans talk themselves into him or zapped process began or is it still a all negative. Well, obviously, the reaction, and you never know if it's a minority of people, but you know, people who disagree with any decision. There's always this vocal outrage or outcry. And I think a lot of that is what we're hearing in seeing is is the people that didn't like it are venting their frustration. They're venting their anger. You know, I pulled each and every pick that the giants made during the draft. I pulled those picks at big blue view. And I think it's the first time in the history of doing those things that pick ever got an F. And I think fifty six percent of people that voted in that poll gave the selection of Jones at number six f if that I think that tells you how the fan base feels I've gotta say someone without a horse in the race. I absolutely loved watching all the reaction videos on social media giants fans when that pick was announce they are Kirti priceless raging ranging from just absolute rage just disbelief into just staring around like wondering what just happened and everything in between just a fear gold. It certainly is was an end the reaction was to be expected. But I think as I wrote Sunday at big blue view might take is this. And I think it's. Similar to yours. Look, we don't know if Dave Gettleman judgment here is going to be right. You know as much as you do this for a living, and I have guys at my site. Like Mark Scofield who studied quarterbacks for a living. And you know, as you wrote in your draft review. It's not too choice. You would have made to take Jones at six, you know, Mark didn't have Jones I think he had Jones as the fifth or sixth rink quarterback on his board. You know? But the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter if there were two teams as some have indicated it doesn't matter if there were two teams that would have taken Jones before the giants had a chance to at six. It doesn't matter. What any of us really think we don't know for certain if Jones is going to be better than than Dwayne Haskins. We don't know if he's going to be better than trace McSorley who was the last quarterback dry. After Bret Rippin who didn't even get drafted. You know, what matters really is this is the conviction that the Dave Gettleman had this is what he believed he was willing to stake. The franchise, you know, his reputation on that. And the giants go forward from there. I give him credit for that. Yeah. I'd rather have an option in the building the not like they did last year. I mean, at least now there's a guy that that you can if things start going poorly lateness seizing Suheil state that we got somebody who can take a look at now. So so I kind of general rule when it comes to the NFL draft. I try not to criticize teams for what they do at the quarterback position. Because I'd rather see them try, and at least swing or take the shot rather than just spin your wheels for decade with Andy Dalton I mean, I mean to me that's the worst possible thing for an NFL team. So so keep swinging a in the key for this. Now would scare me more. So than anything if I were the giants fans is Gettleman being too attached to this pick. You look what happened in Jacksonville? Blake Bortles that gentleman. Majors. Just he was so all in them. Blake Bortles in and was going to try to make that work at all costs, and he'd probably strung it out two years longer than he should have. So so if it doesn't work out is Gilman gonna be reluctant to cut the court who knows if it doesn't work out Gilman might not be there to make the call. But but that's something that would concern me. But, but at least they have an option they took a shot, which is which is more than they did last year. It's it's it's gonna be fascinating to watch. And galman. I I wonder if even watching him do you think he understands kind of the the long implications? He understand the viewer Daniel Jones in or does the reaction surprises him. No. I don't think the reaction surprises him at all to be honest with you. And I mean, he's he's been hearing criticism from the New York media from certain segments of the media. He's been hearing outrage about a lot of his decisions for a while. He gets it. I'm not sure that that he appreciates it. I'm sure he doesn't appreciate it. But knowing Gettleman, I don't think he cares. I mean, he says look he says I've been part of seven different teams that won the or that have been to the Super Bowl. He said, I know what this is supposed to look like. For me. The one question on his resume has always been you. Can he pick a quarterback? And he's you know, he's pushed his chips to the table now. And and in three or four years. We'll know if he's right. You know, a lot of people think he he was crazy to to go with Jones. But I think you know, you, and I would agree. I think that inside the NFL I think Jones was viewed a lot differently than he was outside by analysts like yourself, and and and many others who who weren't really that. Appreciative of Jones. Yep. Absolutely. He's been on the NFL radar for for long time. Well before this draft cycle, even and that's the I think the important thing before we move on from that tech. I think it's important to to note, it seems like we're digging on Daniel Jones, and he's not without Regina qualities. I had was as one of the fifty best players in this whole draft. He's got the prototypical size. His arm is strong enough. He's. Very smart. There's a lot to like about him. Honestly, my biggest concern is durability because he's been hurt even going back to high school two of the last three or three less four something like that. So that's kind of what concerns me more than anything else. He might not have as much upside as some of the other quarterbacks in this class. But I would make a strong argument that he has a much higher floor than Dwayne Haskins or or July. So or Kyle Murray for that matter. So so Daniel Jones, it's it could be a whole lot worse. It's not like they took a late round pick of the top of the draft. He was going in the first round if they didn't take them then. And you know, what goes back to Gilman's conviction on him? And in weight, you have to admire that that I think anybody who is involved at the draft covers at analyze the prospects. You you have to have that certain degree of confidence in yourself that your right in Gilman, certainly has Daniel Jones only time will tell was right. But but I the gumption and he has staked his legacy, he staked, you know. The the next four. Five years the future of of the giants on that. But Scott, we could we could talk about we could talk about that forever. But let's move on a little bit. Let's talk about some of the other picks that the giants made. Beyond saying, Arianna 'Grande and Drake are talked about ad nauseam as celebrities. But there's one thing that's rarely discussed their music on switched on pop. We go deep into the sounds of pop music to explain what it means how it's made. And why it's so effective. We talked with some of today's greatest artists producers journalists to code the musical logic behind our modern soundtrack and understand its role in our culture. Switched on pop won't reveal for you. 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See to just me and Paul ranting each other about the role of the government and check us out on Tuesdays. When I have seen every episode. Subscribe diverse forever podcasts are served. We'll see. Just sort of for me give me other after the quarterback pick give me your favorite pick. Maybe your favorite value. Among you know, the the other nine picks that the giants made. I mean, I could give you a bunch, but I'd start with the next one at seventeen overall pick that got for Odell Beckham Dexter Lawrence defensive tackle from Clemson. I was a big fan of his items. One of the ten best players. Hold draft. Regardless of position to me. He is a special prospect a special physical specimen. There is not a Dexter Lawrence at every draft in in. You know, when I was working on the reviews, which are up on the site of the frustration on picks. I I thought it was apropos that the team that took Dexter Lawrence is the team George Young, you know, who's who's, of course, famous for his his planet theory that there are only so many big men who run fast on the planet. So you take them and Dexter Lawrence. I mean, he is the. Prototypical Zamel that and people are talking. I mean, there's no question everyone agrees. He's a dominant run stuff. You're taking up space in the middle. But the knock on him is he's not a great pass rusher in. It's true is not gonna be Aaron Donald record double digit sacks on a yearly basis there in the middle. But he's a much better pass rusher. I think they give credit for just because clemson's align was so strong. They didn't need to have been there in passing downs. They'd bring our Huggins who's in the NFL now too. So that was more lack of opportunity than a lack of ability with Dexter Lawrence. So I really liked that pick of for them. And like I said another I mean, if you're gonna say, which which is these guys are the giants type Daniel Jones, Dexter Lawrence would both be on the shortlist. It's funny because you, and I had talked about this a while ago and talked about this with with a couple of other draft analysts in it's so funny because. People that have done this for a while. Both you head had said to me, and I kinda saw it a little bit as well that both if the giants had types both Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence. Our guys that that fit the type of players that that you would have pegged, you know, for the giants for the less twenty thirty forty years. Yeah. And and you know in the twenty years I've been covering the draft and probably the decade or two before the giants had changed the least amount of any other team. And some of that's good. I mean, they've had a lot success in the time range in in. Currently they're going through a rough patch, but but they have a very specific philosophy. And and and that's what they're going to stick with until things change. And and I think when they brought Dave Gettleman in this league in this most recent front office change when they brought in Dave Gettleman that was kind of a recommitment ceremony if you will to to that same approach. So definitely wasn't surprised to see either of those guys. Then the thing that I really liked I guess about the giants classes is they just they just hit cornerback early and hard. And and I like that when a team has an obvious deficiency. Bring in a bunch of guys. You know, we saw the Packers do that last year there top couple picks where we're Cornerbacks in. They got some good ones starting with the Andrea Baker from Georgia. They trade up to get the third first-round pick. And you know, I. Honestly, I don't know if he was that much better than the other options that I would've traded up for him. But he was obviously the guy they liked and they went and get them. And I never felt the team for that. Don't forget their third round pick was used in supplemental draft on Sam bills combat from injury. But then they got a couple of really good ones. Too on date date three enjoying love cornerback Notre Dame who fell around or to hear expected. But what one thing that? I like to do is when you talk to fan base is what do they think the players, you know, they're passionately involved. They seen everything Notre Dame fans will tell you how much they like Julian love in home port, and he was to that team. So an underrated guy, and then I like the Corey Valentine picked to to wash burn in the six round in needle thoughts are with him that that fortunate -at's accident after the draft wears friend was killed and and he was shot. And hopefully, it sounds like he's going to be all right? And hope that's the case. But I thought he was going to go around earlier, I thought he was a fifth round pick and really good natural athlete. So so they've got some really interesting competition now at corner. Back in in. I feel like one way or another that positions going to be salt now because they they went hit it so hard. So again, you know, kudos to them for for identifying area. They wanted upgraded make sure the job done. It is interesting. I mean, the giants I think they took the Ximenes as the edge rusher at the end of of the third round. But they did go really heavy on corner and people are still sort of put, but they didn't get an edge rusher. You know, they didn't they passed on Josh Allen in the first round for Daniel Jones, which you know, Dave Gettleman admitted that that was a very difficult thing for him to do, you know, knowing as much as he loves the the edge rushers. The hog molly's those kinds of guys, but there's there's more than one way to build a defense. There's more than one way to help a pass rush. And I think that the giants accumulated at least my perspective is the accumulated a lot of quality talent. Yeah. And I like Zimmer he was a guy at one point was being talked about maybe a player who could sneak into the lighter part of the first round. So I think he's a really good player is not explosive. He's he's more of a crafty pass rusher. More of a power guy, but just really solid he's assignment sound. So a good player in kind of fits into that that that mole that that James Bechers had success with over the years. So I think he's going to be a really good fit there. And that was good value for the third round in in in by then the pass rushers were starting to kind of dry up. They kind of got in on the very tail end of that of that top group. So you know, they waited probably as long as they possibly could to get a pass rusher. But they still wound up getting a good one. I am going to have to work on figuring out of pronounce that young man's name. You know, what I talked about the senior bowl interviewed. I can tell you for sure it's ocean. Zimin ass-. Good good. All right. So I won't I won't put your when I get to talk to him. I messed it up a little bit. And he corrected me. So it stuck in my head Zimin ass- Zimin ass-. All right. I'm going to have to practice that one. Anyway, Scott, let's do this. Let's overall I think there's a lot more to like in this giants draft. I think then people may give it credit for, you know, especially since there's still people who wanna throw their remote through the TV or their laptop out the window when they think about the Daniel Jones pick. But look at looking at what they did. Is there one move? Is there one pick that you can think of other than Daniel Jones? You know, is there one that's a that's a head scratcher for you. How about what they didn't do? How about not didn't bring in a solid blocker to shore up that offense line a little more. That's the that's what kind of stands out to me looking at their draft class. And you're right. I mean, it's far from a disaster. There's a lot to like about what they did. But ultimately at the end of the day, the only one truly going to make a difference is Daniel Jones. I mean, that's the pick. That's good determine whether the giants are contending for spot in the playoffs with Super Bowl in the next five years, or if they're picking at the top of the draft in five years, so so as good as I love, Dexter Lawrence. I love this corners, they took. But ultimately it all comes back to that quarterback. And let's be interesting to see in the transition, and how that's handled because they've obviously been been very careful with ally in that relationship. But if things start to go self and come from mid season looks out of it. Are they gonna be willing to make that switch in is going to be okay with that? Because they tried to make the switch on a couple of years ago and play young guy, and they just fired the guys who made that decision in July. Back in it is most definitely a very interesting time for the giants. You know, as you said, they do have, you know, they do have the the succession plan in place. Now be interesting to see how this all unfolds as you said it'll be really interesting if they're not doing well this year. It'll be interesting to see how quickly they go to Daniel Jones, Scott, always appreciate your time. And your insight just remind folks where they can find your work where they can find you on Twitter and know what you might have coming up. Yeah. Check me out a draft countdown dot com. Got my review of all the first round picks up already come down to the twenty twenty NFL draft less than a year away. And then also follow me on Twitter at draft. All right, Scott. Thank you much for your time. We'll talk to you again anytime. Thanks for having me. Okay. Giants fans are thanks to Scott right for spending some time with us shedding some some light on his thoughts. His. Opinions on what the giants did in this draft class Scots opinion seems to be that you know, that there's a lot more to like inist draft class than than angry fans. You know, who are who still can't get past the Daniel Jones selection. There's a lot more to like, then then people really want to want to admit anyway giants fans, we thank you for listening. As always a please remember to subscribe to big blue, you radio on all of your favorite podcast applications, and you know, when you're out there arguing about whatever the giants do whether it's a Jones decision. Whatever choice. It is. You know, whatever it is. With the giants, please. Remember, try to be nice to each other. All right. Thank you very much. And we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason card. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the. Shutdown. 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