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BIP Recap w/ Kevin & Astrid + Jerry OConnell Interview


<music> what's up everyone. It's chicks in the office with ria and friend. We are giving you that friday energy on a thursday of course we have a a great show for you today. We got all of the major news topics. We know you're waiting on the edge of your seat for that liam miley tyler gee-gee all of that jeff befriend befriend how're you doing. I am great rea- i have stopped number one on my generous brothers concert tour this weekend. I will be congrats. Let's congrats or the show sunday night. If there are any listeners out there who will also be out the phillies show hit me out. Let me know go drink with friend. I'll be there with my a friend and my sister and my sister's friend is going to be a great time. I would like to say that my friend my friend found our nick jonas poster that we made for good morning america in honestly i'm not quite sure what year and it was when they performed aguila poster was <hes> nixed stud muffin that and then we had a picture of a muffin and a picture of nick very creative very wrong back back. We wrote basically letter which was wild because i don't know why without they were going to be able to read this some super small. I can't even read it from here super small but it says nick joey kevin justice we parentheses claritin francesca love you so times a billion much we blew up each for you but in case you don't get them then we put our phone oh numbers on the poster because we also blow up beach balls and wrote our phone numbers on those and tried to hit them to the stage <hes> creative if that is really smart and we wrote yeah those are new jersey numbers. You guys really thought that was going to win them over. Yeah like geez. You're from new jersey or the area code like puck yet new jersey representative yeah so then we wrote so give us a call all caps underlined anytime and we'll take you to rita's are treats wow how as if the jonas speller is need to if they like we needed to buy them free so they could get free rita's italian ice then we wrote by the way my birthday they was yesterday parentheses claire. We're coming to your nj. Show on july fifteenth and philadelphia show on july twenty third can't wait for your new welcome and then in large letters we wrote you guys are amazing and we love you. God bless his well really gets me. Why did you guys. I have so many questions about this number. One plus cleared franchesca p._s. Nick c._u. At our wedding smile claridyn had an agreement that whichever one nick jonas picked we would be okay with it like we'd be like we're best friends whichever one of us he's picks to marry. I mean he will support them. You guys are fucking crazy but honestly set. I just have so many questions like. Did you guys think the jonas brothers had time on stage to read that entire novel no. I don't know what you thought they could see yeah. I mean we were at g._m._a._c. Kevin johnson signed not that one of course not the that one would have been wavering back of the sign the front of the sign that said nick stud muffin read it was a good one yeah 'cause they had like a segment segment but at one point there were like let let me see all your signs so everybody there's up and then kevin pointed this out. Yeah i mean god bless you guys are the jonas brothers at that time were beautifully. You're pandering pandering to the jonas brothers. God willing to catholic school girls was saying god bless to the german because you know god bless. 'em god bless her clay. You're not even going to get the joke but like it was heavy. No no is because it's from very early on jewish brothers fan like you could by purity rings to like that looked looked like their purity rings and claire founders nick jonas and the other day that says poked she like she found all the stuff in a box in her house which is just amazing. You guys memorabilia yeah. You guys have to bring them to the concerts. He's got the sign got blackout my phone number. Yes it is still my same a._m. Phone number. You can't have that yeah yeah but i mean the signs in grave condition that has to be brought yeah. If you guys don't bring that i know well i would really like ideally it would be best to bring it depends state but i feel bad because i would have to take it from clarity and also we don't really want to embarrass ourselves that much and also. I would really be embarrassed if you brought that so leave it at all. Thanks no. I'm doing it with your friends but leaving super fair <hes> we got a we're going to do a whoa. Did i descend that bonus bonus. Whoa did i just because it's coming from inside the pods. It's an inside the pod. It's an inside the pod voted. I descend that right. Which is why would i descend that happened in the first place is because i sent hank attacks that just did not mean to go to him and once again i found myself sending tax tax that are not supposed to go well. They weren't this one was was supposed to go to you guys. I just it was just an accident. John explain let me explain so i was out mondays tuesdays week because i was in the hospital guys. I'm fine. Don't worry and people get scared when automatically people think you're dying. I'm fine. I've talked about my stomach issues on the podcast before and i did not go to the doctor and things really came crashing down on me my body. Just shut down down yep <hes> but you know we're all good. I got some medicine my my stomach. Lining was inflamed possibly going to the doctor say yeah. If if you think sh- she's getting out of this i'm not because i was in the hospital. Okay now. You must follow up with doctor <hes> some medication. We're all good guys guys so i was in the hospital twice actually sunday and and tuesday and i had i._v.'s in both of my arms because on sunday they put in one one arm on tuesday they put it in the other arm and if you look at my arms there the spots where they put in are are just completely destroyed like just so bruised and bloody and discussing they just it looks scary. Honestly i'm wearing long sleeves right now. Because it's scary so i had gone into the shower i got home from the hospital i had gone into the shower and i got i out of the shower and removed my bandages <hes> from the insides of my arms and i was naked obviously obviously and i was so appalled at the sight of my arms that i had to show somebody what they looked like and of course it's my go-to people our friend noah. I'm like you gotta. You guys got to see the bruises on my aren't. Noah's already getting uncomfortable. I also there scroll back the chat so i can. I was sick and i wasn't in yeah right at home sleeping. Yes no asleep enough time. There was enough time. Yes i take picture a bold arm of both arms and i didn't know in where i was aiming. The camera and i accidentally sent a nude. Basically the chesney authors the chad. This is the thing you can't see anything but it is very clear your name. It is very clear. I'm naked because you could see like down the whole left side of your body body from like under your boobs tigger fuck that francis looking at this i had so like i said it is like the bottom right cooler so if like when i first opened the photos i did not notice i was like oh my god her arms or so bruised take it wasn't until recent in all caps. Wait cover your eyes. No i don't look at that. Everyone delete now didn't realize that my body was the first shot so you can go see. I'm gonna go die now. I mean so what so what happened. Was i bam noah yeah. The pictures were very high up in the chat. I accidentally sent my naked body and the chicks in the office group chat that happened and then i had to immediately sadly immediately cover up situation and i was like a million texas spamming noah's phone do not open. The chicks in the office group jet <hes> open. I mean we are writing a million in the chicks in the off. Your debt writing like don't score allows ran texts noah several tell them to delete the show uh-huh. I mean honestly though after so no it was fined because i'm gonna find no as tax. I was just like he wrote view. Hello question and then he said i have not scrolled up and then he goes what happened l. May i'm so confused. I just woke up. I i was just i was confused. Because i woke up i had like fifty tax from that group and then other texts in all caps being don't go ah i only open yeah. Could you imagine just like imagine my reaction to when i after had sent the actors and it's like but it with otis you'll notice that meet vaginal area the phone you know what makes it worse is. The tan lines situation tan lines blake to wait. It's obviously it's summer. The tan line is more. I guess noticeable yeah like it's there's more more emphasis area areas pale over there but it was like oh to fr- friend is the one that actually stop me because i i went to the group and was confused. I was scrolling up and then i saw in all caps. Fran route like says no one knows it gentlemen because yeah we gave me his phone to delete the picture the pictures so as very gentlemanlike of noah friend did not delete the pictures because he's looking at it like hey well. I will clarify a half hour later. I'm walking to get lunch and ria text me going to save us. Hey do you still have the pictures. I deleted them but i i want to show hey because i was like. Are you ask you asking me to resend. The nude. Bacteria goes because i will do it because he capitalized what a lotta also has seen me naked plenty. It's so like a hat these pictures on my on her phone. I don't give a fuck. You really can't like can't so you really can't see anything. No there's no way you besides your arms but i had i had told hold hank what happened and he was like send me the picture immediately. He was like no no no but then i sent him the picture and he was like oh oh that's nothing. Don't worry about that. Heck like thought. The picture was bad and like this morning tried to like yelling. No no just like not not i would yeah. Are you mad at me. Throw your girl just like why pass in the office and be like you delete those pictures my just i. I honestly was laughing about this for so long all day 'cause it's one of those nervous laughs like i was clearly embarrassed that i just did that but i also thought it was really funny that i just did that. I was faced timing with my mom and i was telling my mom and i hear my dad in the background. Go you sent a new dad. No dad no no. We're all good here so yeah that was that was my woes. I descend that of the league one. It was a real go at the end of the day. I sorry i can't talk at at the end of the day. I was happy it happened so we can tell the story on the podcast. It also could have been way worse could have been way worse. I got a nipple in there all right a friend. I think it's time to get into today's topics. We have a lot to cover here. We have an update on the liam. Miley caitlyn brody situation and tyler and g g have been out on more dates ace app rocky was convicted. Harry styles will not be playing prince eric. We have a bachelor bachelor in paradise recap with kevin astroid a paradise success story in itself and a great interview with jerry o'connell so let's get into it starting starting off with the liam miley caitlyn brody situation in line so i recently just moved into a brand new apartment and making your home beautiful is the ultimate form of self care you know picking out the designs what the aesthetic what art you're going to hang and of course most importantly your bed your sheets your comforter so that you can go to sleep and have the best night's sleep every single night and i have the best night's sleep every single night because of brooklyn and sheets. It's i'm not kidding you guys. I sleep on these sheets sodas fran. 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E. n. dot com promo code c. i. t. o. trust me guys you want to do this. They are the bash sheets ever. Obviously obviously everybody knows the news about miley and liam splitting up caitlin carter brody jenner's ex wife not really wife <hes> moving on with miley cyrus in italy. They were seen make an out. We know all of that but more has come out about it yeah because there's been a few you. There's been a lot of rumors like oh liam said. This olim said that liam is in australia and he's just with his family. Just i think really trying to lay low at this point. You know just hopefully wait for this oughta blow over he posted posted on instagram beautiful son sunrise sunset photo and he wrote high all just a quick note to say that miley and i have recently separated. I wish or nothing but health and happiness going forward. This is a private matter and i have not made or no i have have not made nor will i be making any comments any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace love yes so liam is obviously going through a lot. I mean this is a real life relationship. This is not fake. This is actually liam hemsworth life right right now. Miley cyrus is just make carter in italy. Obviously he's going to be affected by. He doesn't really want to speak about it. Credit to him. He's going to go just live his life life privately unlike brody jenner who can't stop commenting about the situation which i love yeah. I'm big fan of brody jenner yeah. He's he's a friend of ours at the front of the podcast. I would say not an actual close but he's a friend of the program right. I think he's made it just very clear <music> obviously that he's made this more of a a laughing matter i would. I would say you know. I mean what are you supposed to do. Just keep lewis. Live living your life and laugh. You gotta just move on. I don't think that brody jenner was <hes> too heartbroken about splitting up kaylynn carter. I'm honest we watched the hills. It seemed like they were headed. In that direction. I think brody jenner likes to be single live his life although he's moving on with josie can saco yeah yeah can you confirm brody does not wasting time no end look. This is he. He dates any dates any dates and now it's come out that he's been seeing josie. <hes> i am sure this will not be serious for the foreseeable future. I just feel like now that brody's a not an unmarried man. He's probably gonna play the field goal but yeah. I agree with that and listen. I love josie rosie. Josie is absolutely stunning yet all know that very obvious and they're probably just having fun good exactly she's single hot. People right. I mean josie gotta liberal exactly glaze the field zach but there to single hot people that are hooking up yeah that's great and we kind of assume that because we did see jozies comment comment on brody's instagram's where all the jokes were happening and everything and she just commented an emoji with the heart is and we were like what is like josie already hardy slide in engineering girls like the relationship was the fires out even out yet which i think was probably <hes> a little bit of okay caitlyn miley or showing their p._d._a. Yeah feel like maybe brody and josie had conversation where they're like all right fuck it. Let's do it now where the open and josie left comment then brody's mom had come back to josie with faces and then brody's mom started liking in some shady comments on it yeah she posted on her own instagram and then she started liking comments one comment that basically said like that they these women were just trying to get over their exes. No which makes sense because brand thomas lee said the same thing e not he was asked about it and he was like look. This all feels very fake to me like they are all friends. They all know each other a caitlyn and my you know caitlin ellen miley liam broady hitting they all they all know each other so he was like look. It just seems like they're just like <hes> <hes>. Let's make out and make steel out of this break up. <hes> listen i- brandon lee love him i think he's i think he's a voice voice of reason which i really do believe what he says a everything he says on the hills it makes sense always the voice roses. He's very honest person so i think that if you really thought something was going on he would say it and i think if he thinks he's gonna say honest and i think a lot of what he says is true grew so right i kind of believe him a little bit i mean maybe they really are into each other and if they are good for them but i can see where he is coming from because if they are all friends and they were all hang <music> out like as a foursome yeah i could see them being like fucking. We're you know breaking up and brought see over there. Let's make out. I mean i don't know about that. I kind of think that they have a relationship going on. I'm going to be honest l. I'm hearing from sources that what i'm hearing from sources legit sources legit sources or like the blind source no like sources in house l. k. like in this sources assists are saying okay maybe not. I don't know i'm just aren't out there that i think that maybe caitlyn a miley do do like each other yeah and if not they're just fucking going around either way. It seems like brody's is having a laugh at it. He commented on our instagram saying living my crazy life. Yep and liam seems to not want to talk about and the one thing that i three people seem fine. One person seems to be which obviously they're no not all fine. They're putting on an alto tuchus others so many rumors and i like miley and liam for some reason they're just a couple. Oh that anytime. I see some tabloid rumor about them. I just don't believe it like i just 'cause. I just feel like their private. Life is something that it we might not understand. God's trying to like hints. No no no. I actually was just trying to clear my throat. I need a civil water but i'm gonna wait. What am i doing no. No that was purely just me. I think that like they. I don't know they're just they had such a weird relationship relationship that i see all these rumors that seemed like the easy easy rumors spread the oh miley. Liam didn't like miley social life. Save and miley didn't like liam social. Life and miley really wanted the merit. Oh my god and your throne and miley really wanted to go to therapy towards the end of it. There's all these rumors. I'm like i don't buy any. I don't believe that by any of this but i guess look apparently they have been separated for a while now. It's not like this is a fresh thing. They've been broken up for a couple months yeah so i mean if i'm going to be honest here. I love miley cyrus yeah. I just think that you know she. She's a free spirit. She wants to do what she wants to do. It would be tough yeah. Yes and i just think that's not liam hemsworth way of living which is fine. Everybody can have their own way of living. There's just doesn't match up. It's not gonna work for them in their world i- awesome things that said you know there that miley is not going or either of them. I don't know i'm not going to file for divorce anytime soon because there are hopes that maybe they will end up back together someday so it's like yeah who knows you. You just never know because the two of them there's rumors about everything unlike its you get both ends of the spectrum. It's like they hate each other. They love each other. They're never getting back together. They're getting back together so i asked you just have to wait and see because that's how that's how it's always been with them. They break up. Everybody freaks out. They get back together. Is it's been a cycle happened a few times. This one just feels so crazy because because they got married yeah they did get married and we'll see we'll see what happens with them. <hes> hill season two. I just wanna say fire. It's going to be so good. It's gonna wanna shit on hill susan one but it was boring. I own a rhody gender parts. Yes okay so i think he's like season. Two might a beef. Yes definitely gonna pick up joe. It seems like gee-gee hadeed and tyler see are becoming yeah our in more official they're on like their fourth or fifth date by now and we finally picture finally got pictures of them standing next to each other 'paparazzi photos their dress casual. They look like they went to rose new bar. They got some friends with them. Listen all i know is you don't on c._g. Hadeed out with a guy unless that guy's becoming her boyfriend yeah lock it in. This is my next prediction on a roll here. This one's not crazy one to protect definitely selena indeed and tyler see boyfriend girlfriend one hundred percent. That's going to happen. I mean g._d. Hadeed does not go out with guys in public and then they they don't turn into her boyfriend. If we see that well she's really only. She's only been out with her boyfriend's. Yeah you've only ever really seen zane zane and joe jonas and cody simpson. Oh my god. I forgot about cody simpson well. That just took me way back yeah. I loved g g simpson. It's really that i was on my god. I loved them. I thought they were like the perfect blinds california surfer couple yeah they. It just got those vibes yeah. I don't think i was like as into the hadeed. I was also very into cody simpson. Cody simpson wasn't my vibe. I see i could see that cody. Simpson was definitely my jam. Two of them together really made sense ever since we interviewed jerry o'connell every average m._s._a. G g. I want to say gee senate. He's you know tyler is out. There with jesse hadeed yeah. It's just that you know because she's a super super bowl exactly but i mean they're they're out. Apparently he stated her apartment again tuesday. I mean fuck yeah. If i'm tyler caller see and invited me to sleep over yeah. Yes apparently was times in a row. Just sleep on your three million dollar couch. Yeah i saw i i saw reports saying that they left. Jiji's apartment like forty five minutes apart on tuesday morning and then just add that again apparently leaving wednesday morning. You know a good for him said he is a nomad. Yeah put in a nice place to sleep and getting those dates in with g._d._p. I'm telling you they're going to be official soon. Dan yeah and the haters will be sad but we're going to be happy for him. Straight the bulls debris the phrase so you probably know oh you should be taking vitamins to help supplement your diet but with so many options how do you know which nutrients you need and which ones you're probably already getting enough of from your diet. That's why i you need. 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Asap rocky was found guilty in the sweden assault case but he won't be serving any time yup no community service he's he's gotta pay fines and not even mocks right so it's him and the two other guys that heroes with they have to the three of them split a thirteen hundred dollar fine is just pennies for a set. A sabra henny has that in his pockets at all time he takes out to cash rush slams it right in front of the judge walks out he didn't do that. He likes pisses that amount of money every day every every time. A sap rocky is asleep. He's making double apple that and more like he's. He's completely fine. It's just the money exactly so long as he's not getting any jail time no jail time for our beautiful boy right yes app rocky. I upgraded him from pretty beautiful. Beautiful beautiful at the double be just sounds better beautiful boy yeah boy rocky. I'll get to see him perform. Yes which is fantastic because i have been waiting my whole life not my whole life. I've been waiting years to see rocky. Perform live in person listen and i finally will be able to see that in october. I think he so he will not be in jail. He won't be in jail so we'd no <hes> so apparently the judges. I thought that he did enough time. The month that he served in jail there was enough evidence. I guess to show that it was an excessive excessive amount of force us which which is what he was you know kind of charged with the problem was the prosecutors could not prove that ace stop and <hes> the people who were with used the bottles like the champagne bottles when they were fighting the victim. They said there wasn't a single person who could say that they did see. It wasn't on video so there was just no proof so you know they were. He was convicted of salt. Trend this on the group chat. He's got a little streak right now and he's never been arrested before. I honestly you don't think a sap rocky has as i say i think he's pretty clean. I think at brock is pretty clean. <hes> obviously this adds to it. I mean yeah and it's i mean it's not even in our country right. I i think everybody is aware oh no. He's been arrested before. He was two weeks in two thousand four. He served two weeks for drug. Dealing alright doesn't twelve fish fish fry. Josh drive in two thousand four longtime ago. Oh my god how young he was arrested twenty twelve twelve or more no he was arrested for an alleged participation brawl that took place in downtown manhattan. Okay ooh two thousand twelve. He was sued for allegedly violent. I'm sorry before i continue. We said that is just getting worse. I see what's coming to read it. I would like to say he does not have a clean record. Let's rewind beep ace brockie not lean. I'll read the next one in july two thousand twelve. He was sued for allegedly violently attacking an innocent man after being spotted doing illegal drugs and clothing store in new york okay oh oh he was later arrested for assaulting amateur photographers who took photos of the incident okay so what happened was. He has a little bit uh of maybe a anger issue and then fights people yeah. It seems like he's about her a lot of a lot of salt. Oh oh no it does does. This one's bad bad all right on august thirty fifth not thirty. I was like august thirty fifth. I'm getting nervous on august august thirty first. She doesn't thirteen. He allegedly slapped a woman. During the budweiser made in america festival he was charged with misdemeanor simple salt a a class two misdemeanor. The case was dismissed after a witness failed to appear in court. The woman later filed the lawsuit pledge fezzan fourteen asserting that she will suffered certain conditions at a constant quest of the alleged assault <hes> he states that he never touched the woman yeah <hes> and he said that he should have known there could have been so there could have been trouble in place with so many people around sixteen. One is funny so i would like inter eight not clean. It's not clear twenty sixteen. Remember remember three seconds ago. We're like it was two thousand four. He was so young. I take back everything i said into your life teen. He was involved in a fistfight in new zealand after refusing while out so you know what i think my after refusing to let a man board the elevator he was on so as sat rocky does have a fighting a fighting problem all right so in toronto oh in january. We hit somebody again all right so i think i would like to go back back to my original opinion. When all of this i came out and i was like look he beat somebody up. You get arrested when you do do that. January twenty nineteen description is so bad okay last one before the sweden case in january two thousand nineteen. He was involved in a scuffle in toronto 'alto. A video shows him holding bottle while barking at a man kneeling on the ground while holding his face so we take back everything we salaries sham rocky being clean guy and getting street credit. Yeah seems like he seems like he likes to fill up a lot. Yes seems like they get on his bad hat side. Yeah you don't get any several. He's bad side. I guess you know what maybe this guy. In sweden knew about his track record unlike like us and thought maybe provoking a sap would would please look the kid. The kid asked for sixteen thousand dollars in damages did not knock that much got thirteen hundred but he obviously wanted wanted more likely said when you watch the video. It's very clear that these guys were following the group being really really annoying <hes> but like i said again he camping people up. You're going to get arrested thousand. I said to begin listen. We were unaware of rockies fighting pass but i'm glad that we we came came to conclusion of this live on the podcast. We are now way more aware of his criminal record here. We're way more aware aware that into consideration in the future yes as sap rocky. Does i have a criminal record great smile beautiful smile. Some might say the best smile door not cassim inglewood seeing me down sharla baio becca point showing shaw talks with shane. Yeah we have some poor unfortunate news. She get that poor unfortunate news. I suppose i'll come on. That was a good one. No nut you are you little mermaid news poor unfortunate souls porn fortunate news still don't know oh oh my god. The song poor unfortunate so's berbie not following yeah. Why was paying attention. I just wasn't following some poor unfortunate news out of got it all right well well. I laughed. I'm sure other people laugh people people way to start the second peterhof. It was tough. Don't worry really that was going to get laughs from release rea- waiting for like a hood goodwin friend ha they you don't worry people are gonna people are gonna tweet. Do they laugh. Thank you <hes> so yeah anyway. The bad news <music> harris style unfortunate unfortunate news. Harry styles will not be playing prince eric in the live action little mermaid. I'll tell you when i read that he was i i was oh just about harry. Styles is prince eric watching myself self swoon theater seeing rain in front of my eyes and then i watched my dreams and hopes follow far yeah. I said i did follow far fall apart because that's how i feel about they. That's how i feel about those that news. We gotta grow up art fine. Sorry oh man cry. The literally in tears all right well right dreams fell apart and he won't be playing prince eric which now leaves. That's the question who will be playing prince eric. I hate this because i also there. Were rumors that prince eric prince eric ter- that harry said no like harry just rumor has it he might just turned down the role right. That's what has me most shook about higher thing that we could have had harry styles that was very very much a possibility because he was offered the role and apparently he said no. He turned it down. I want to know why he turned down. I have a feeling it just maybe because he felt like schedule cinnamon. A scheduling thing could a music video while friend music videos. Don't tell you know what i'm saying. Maybe he's got like a new album. He's working on no album. Maybe it's time focus on music which i'd like to add by the way when we did talk about harry styles making his acting debut. We forgot to mention dunkirk dunkirk hurt and we both have seen dunkirk but it's just like it. He was acting but it was. He was not a main character. He was quiet like as a leading man. He was not required to speak a lot. <hes> whereas prince eric would be required to speak a lot. I mean that's a lead man role yes so i wanna make sure that everyone knows we do know aware that he was a dunkirk but it's just and harley. Oh yes yes kaffir that it was just it just sucks 'cause i thought thought and also it sucks because these websites are. I don't know they they jumped the gun. They reported this. It was not actually confirmed by anybody. I don't think like it was just a bad rumor. I guess that people ran with and said it was a done deal and was not a done deal at all and he's not going to be playing the role so i don't. I know i guess that leaves room for nick jonas to step in. Oh i forgot nick. Jonas was the other choice. They're out offering for me out of my choice. No i in in rumors in i. I think there's been a lot of <hes> maybe social media support for nick jonas to have this role but i also don't think nick's going to be able to do it either. They're going on tour for the next two years base and we're going to like half the concept yeah. He's way so i'm like allie. He's probably too busy to. I don't know it'll be interesting. I think i saw a lot of people who are talking about timothy xiaomei but i really wine line needle right. I i like it. I have i like him i do. I think he's a great actor like actually have like a great actor. He's not just like a pretty face look serik <hes> but he's in. He's in a lot of stuff like that. Do you see the new trailer for little women. That's coming out and he looks any he's like. I don't know i just i wanna see somebody new in this. I think like austin butler is elvis. Awesome butler is not new to us but but he's new to a lot of people. It's great that he'll play elvis because elvis's such a prominent figure you need. Somebody who people don't have austin butler attached to different roles. They're not like austin butler and thinking of whatever character he played somewhere else. <hes> so i got like has to be the same for prince eric. What if it's like. Noah sent an email or something i i know but that's like i saw so many people were viewing older actors the guys who are very much in their thirties plus right playing arrogant on the planet. Are you living on people. I want to gotta be a young guy because the area is like she's young right. I want to see young heartthrob. Yeah like highly bailey is is not her like fallen in love with some old white guy is i don't. I don't like it doesn't really make sense. No it does not really make sense well. The field is open yet so that's wide open. I feel like this. There's going to be so many rumors now about who is going to take this role but the news is gonna come out quick because the news came out quick about harry and then the news was taken away. Jonas jonas brothers are on tour time for it but i still secretly wish it was like i just really do wish it was nick of course you do but i don't know i can't even think right now of who else i think would be good. Harry styles house really just would have been so. It's going to be somebody who takes us off guard yeah. They will whatever whoever is gonna be. I think we're going to be really surprised right so hopefully within the next two weeks. I would say yeah yeah because i would assume they got everything else. Everybody else's film to do chop chop people. I know like the every other role is cast. It seems like let's get the show on the dam road chris uh-huh. Did you see that chrissy. Teigen also just tweeted that she would love to be in this movie. Just like put that allie gotta roll. Put that out in the universe. She'll just be like a random other mermaids swimming around. I love to have that kind of power because now she might just get some like very small extra role or she's in the background of something. That's great so i if i tweeted i would really love to be in the new the little mermaid movie my tweets not going very far yeah like when they put miley cyrus in high school musical two yes yes that that was a fan voted that was a fan voted number one hundred percent yeah yeah fan voting experience great times when we were all watching change us to see who would pop up yup bring me back yep yep and just like when we got to vote on the t shirt that <hes> that corbin bleu had to wear remember that this came back act to me really well. You know what those when disney was super interactive in front yeah. Those were the days <music> we all love good subscription box right from food boxes wellness boxes. They're all the rage judge. 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Kiko is a convenient affordable way to encourage your children to be anything they want to be. There's no no commitment you can cancel anytime monthly options start at nine hundred ninety five per month including shipping for our listeners to kiko dot com slash chicks to get your first month free everyday counts when it comes to making a difference so don't miss out on this amazing opportunity again. Go to kiwi co dot com slash chicks and get your first month free. That's k. i w i c o dot com. Slash chicks kiwi co dot com slash checks all right everyone we are here with two very special special guests our dear friend kevin an astronaut. I hope you don't mind your friends the last time we saw you guys that rowdy so i think that makes us france the super bowl so when we saw guys last when we went to get a drink after we left you guys the bartender goes oh good luck at the game tomorrow to kevin who and the lady who thinks that the night before the out of roughing rally zell i have to moscow mules twelve hours the super bowl doubles and watching rough and rowdy spend the night before. What do you say take it easy on us. Well really good about that. Oh yeah that is so funny. I mean it's obviously we love having you guys here bachelor in paradise we're going to have you guys kind of. We do a recap every week week. I know a lot of people expect here. Trent not happening this week. Sorry guys. We have kevin astronaut which we are very excited about because you guys obviously a._c. Last season you're still together. Congratulate paradise someone yeah. How's life been you guys are living living together toronto. The winner was very brutal. Yeah i almost died and but now that it's summer and our condos all done and renovated place fix it up. Quick <hes> travel lots but she's officially. I love ed cameras so you really like it. I've really really like aria korea. Where were you before florida. So that's why the big time john was really bad. My skin was so dry all winter. I was so static everything. I would shock doc so but that's good you guys are cohabitating well. She fits in very well in canada. That's for sure yeah during renovations major they give me a six month deadline to propose so turns thirty on february twenty third say that i got engaged before i that we've said that if i moved to canada so you just have something chester should equal and other grabs well. That's great. We got a little sneak peek. Now i mean there alpher strips. Yeah love that love that well after you now. A fan of toronto sports assumes i'm good luck. I think that's why the raptors one. I moved there and saw first championship. Huge could be me yeah yeah well. That's great. I'm so happy for you guys. Honestly we always say you guys. Are one of our favorite couples. Were so happy happy. You guys are both so normal really the the the main parties that you guys are super normal right. Sometimes what we see on these shows a lot of not normal people level not so normal <hes> so we're gonna get into stu. The back areas recap a lot happening <hes> before we get into this week. I want to ask you guys. Obviously the blake kaelin hannah that whole situation has been the talk of bachelor in paradise the texan everything and you guys is were on blake's side here i think i i was seeing or just like defending them a little bit which i understand he's supporting. He's your friend yeah. I think think we're trying to to be voice a little bit because i know he's a little bit in a dark hole last couple of weeks. He definitely did a lot of fucking up. He did himself wrong in this whole the thing he knows it. I just think he didn't have a voice on the show like he said he walked around the beach having no idea that there was this much drama behind his back in his face was playing football at running around. He doesn't know how upset cameras and i think he was. Kinda rudely awoken once he saw the reviews the reality <music> steve type stuff come out about how he was <hes> and i think it hit him like a ton of bricks and then he realized how much he messed up before like stagecoach ordeal and all that stuff <hes> i think it all hit him in front of the world or in front of the bachelor world rather just him getting told by her on the beach i matter you. This is why you should be talking to me. <hes> <hes> so i'm not saying he's right. We're definitely on the side for grows like if i was either of the girls and i found that out i would be upset. Yeah dinner are we. We said this. We were just like they were both wrong. In our eyes everyone did so everybody. Everybody was all all kaelin every great doing great and i and i will say one thing i did comment on his instagram posts that big dramatic night when he did the screen shots and i said i told you before not to post the texts and i had a lot of people say oh look he's. He's been thinking about it for a week. As kevin posted yeah what actually happened was it was the saturday before the premiere and we had watched this episodes early so we we had access to them early and blake saw how bad it was like for himself yeah and i told him don't release them until you gauge the how the audience audience takes it and then i'm sure you guys saw twitter like i'm sure he has weren't fans of him after episode one because none of us really were just fell back in the corner like somebody has to see that it goes to wronged her. I still did not just like blow off and say keep it. A secret did not do all that proof on the tech. I see that and i get that i think he may be could've gone with posting the text messages that were like without cover weeks before that were like them to beating to tell ohana. Do we do this for freaking out. That would have been the drunk tax. Measures is what i was like all right. That's like 'cause i thought about like as a girl. I kind of drunk next month. Ask put alabi like oh. That's that's like. You're on your mom's on instagram days like i literally just looking to have sex yeah yeah when she says he sweet talked her yeah he didn't you know i think it's just so hard. Everybody hooks up nowadays yeah and it can just get taken saw context so it's just like shady on his. We'll say it's not the place to bring your baggage and you're like you. Don't do it in paradise. They will come now. That's a blake. We said you know you shouldn't have went. He's like one hundred percent. I should not have gone or i should have actually figured it out with the the face to face like are we good ed or we address. I can't new york yesterday with extra extra. Yeah i mean sometimes when you've got a good one to go in for like minutes while he was saying that they never turn runoff really their sirens when they're on the fire trucks to turn off the siren you're liable. If somebody hits ya dynamics now yeah in the pot because all right. Let's continue okay where was that blake should not have gone us. Paradise is just not a place to bring that baggage and i think he was very quick to learn that the one thing i will say about the first in paradise it's soap izzy and there's so many people and so many producers in so many interviews going on that when when it looks like us to the viewers that blake hasn't talked to ceylan. They probably weren't even in the same vicinity for that. I yeah yeah maybe on purpose. Maybe just because everyone's talking to everyone but it's like interviews are going on over here. These people are talking here. It's not just like a free. It's not like the real world like big brother you just hanging out and there's cameras around. There's a lot of sub conversations in sub interviews going on <hes> and i think when you throw in a little bit editing and stuff. You're going to really get a story painted for you that maybe that wasn't the case right and i think we've all been in a situation where we're trying to back ourselves out of a hole but then we end up digging ourselves deeper. I think everybody has been in in that situation where you're trying to protect yourself and say no no. This is what actually happened but then you descend on bad which is what blake did the exact minute actor when you stop attacking her and i didn't think he had a place to go and for. I'm not saying you did the right thing at all. I'm saying for him. That was his like knowing. Some people believe him. I think it just made me feel a little bit but i think you guys would have believed him had he not sent out those tax and just said that's not how it happened. She came on to me. You and i didn't go star. Would you buy it well. The problem is and i think that we're realizing this a little bit more as we watch. You know we keep talking about the show. We try to look out for everyone's. Everyone's feelings because like you guys said. There's so much that we don't see that's being so i almost feel like i always try to keep it in the back of my mind like their stuff if that were not see a so try to be fair to everybody. Has it sucks when you end up with this shitty edit that <hes> you know i think i think if blake had kind kind of posted that instagram and had made that statement and just talk more about how he had a really tough year and this all this stuff happening mates about decisions i i would've taken his word for that like i. I think i would i would have been like okay that makes sense like i know like they didn't really prove too much to me at all as many more confused infused because then it was like all right. These are conversations that happened. Maybe five minutes on one day like what else happened. After all your texts <music> six months like so you can choose which shop now what else was said because obviously this these aren't the only text messages you guys have ever pat acting of just all messy. It's all messy. Book -ocial media has ruined. Shall we all meet each other before everybody. That's ray said like last night. It was like you you just the show the premise of meeting somebody on this piece for the first time of other people who are in the same franchises you. It just doesn't work anymore because coaches all of us already next year. They've served stagecoach partly come because maybe longer benach yours and no pad because it's it's just impossible now there but it's so it sucks because is i feel like now at the season. I'm just hearing recaps of stuff happened months ago yeah that we didn't see and the thing that i said yesterday in someone we were speaking with where blake head that unlucky year of being the popular kid for a year where maybe he wasn't so popular with girls before this awesome d._m._z. are full and the christina's of the world are reaching out to him and now that so it's like the copa poulton had one day and you're going to paradise or if you know jason and him jason blake too hot commodities that all this time to build up their golden boy images totally and then you can really blow that he had nowhere to go but down yeah he was just like the up soaring handsome dude from becca season and he had nowhere to go but down and i think he just got his hand cut into cookie jars. It is like there are millions of girls who will sleep with with everyone yeah franchise exactly and we talked about this with tyler obviously okay who he is so high up right now. It's like he can only go. Why would this guy ever by. Would you ever wanted to like pointless him dating d._j. Adid go do that off away from the franchise because people are just gonna end up not liking you if you're you know you're what you'll be. Happy like good for you for the franchise is moving like it used to be even right before us and we're pretty genuine. I didn't who she was. She annoyed you right now. You're the popular kid or the villain or the hog guy or the girl coming off a season. You all know each other all follow each other your friends or your at stagecoach. You're doing all these things where a lot of of it is where you're kind of motives going to even go on paradise and that's where the killing and christina and blakely would they have dated it blake asked her out on a date and said this get paradise in which he said yesterday is everybody have that kind of dangling fruit of. Let's go to paradise. Have a fun free summer where we get to be on t._v. There's a lot of fun. We had a blast. Is there so it's going in a direction where it's hard to find the genuine hundred percent there just to see what happens feels like that's what's kinda going on with with blake lake and hannah like they obviously knew each other. They were talking before. It's like hey. Let's let's go to paradise. Let's hang out with see where it goes and i don't think either one of them plan end on having other people getting neck so it's hannah's probably had this plan in her head that she would just be with blake. Blake asked genre date and she's like well. Shit and then dylan is like in love with her already so yeah so it's there. It's so way more confusing because it's like you. You have an idea of how you think it's going to go and then you just don't realize these other people are there who might like you right right so this week <hes> we see that dylan is obviously the number. One person just wants hannah. He's there for hannah <hes> and we see hannah they met before by the way yeah facetime the two of them at the same in the same room dylan at hand so i'd ask any of them have not met each other at some point saying there's anything romantic together once they met in the same room exactly so it's not i'm sure they all have so you know. Hannah a is talking to dylan. It seems like they have like a strong connection which we think but then hannah's playing the field and she's talking to blake still even after all the stuff about play comes out how all the other girls are like well. Hannah's not innocent here. There's something missing to this puzzle and then it is revealed that hannah and blake had hung hung out before the season blake had flown to alabama and they kissed so that adds a whole other layer to the story and now out hannah is playing both dylan and blake. I just i what do you think of like. Do you think hannah had some feelings for blake when you see her and see your face kind of what do you think of the girls kind of 'cause. It seems like now the other girls are like almost mad maybe that they were left out of all the stuff and i could understand tation. Hannah kinda got into it and i understood where tasers coming from musical. Why did you let me go on a date with this guy when you when you kiss we're nobody told me you because it just makes you feel like an idiot. You're like oh. Maybe i should have known this but i don't know i just it's like now. Hannah very clearly likes played very mentioned when he came in with the day car before yes. Oh my gosh. She loved you saw stall. 'cause you face. She's like i'm going on. Oh yea alex this is the data we need and then we're going to be this popular couple and that's just all blake's mind that he didn't pick those. It was the first thing we asked him. What the yeah that's i was at that point. I was like maybe he was just trying to like. Throw people off the said like be you like make it so obvious that they calculated. I honestly think so. We saw him in mexico. We went down for christmas wedding so the cast came in and we saw him and we had already read some spoilers. Did you take on a on the first day and he's like don't ask just like walked away. Something had gone on obviously. We don't know the details but he didn't fully understand what he was doing. No one knows that's a question and now from a girl's standpoint astro. You've been on the show. You guys obviously connected. What would you have done in hannah's position now that she's playing both illinois blake. Obviously you didn't do that but do you think it's i just think watching watching the show has made me realize i'm so freaking old when i wanted to show i just looked at it as i'm like if i hit it off with one person that's the person i'm going to try to click with. It doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen. It'll just be friendship roses to just stay and hang out hang out yep yep but so. I don't think it gets that hard to figure out your feelings between two guys. I think you know who you like more. I think it's just the opinions of everybody else are kind of steering her towards dylan so she's just doing that because i don't think she wants to look bad. I don't think wants to choose the wrong guy and then every so much right so it's just it's kind of that thing when you're should i go with what my heart tells me or. Should i be smart about it and go for the guy who's only into me so right and i think we've all been in that position. You're feeling to people but then you know. I like you know you guys are in the same way. You act like you don't know which person from you i can. I can. I ask from three women. If there's a guy who's kind of the bad boy even though he's not he's not he's like he's like the most mr rogers the normal dude blake. The battle area doesn't make him a bad the forbidden hidden for everyone's saying no no no and then you have the guy who won't let your arm go right. I've never met a girl if i were to cling on that doesn't wanna shimmy away. A little didn't see what the interesting guy might be saying on the other. Maybe that's just what i've got if i've ever gotten clingy with a girl before it's gone well for me yeah. I think it's just the i think it's right off the bat like right off the bat like that. I would be like oh yeah yeah yeah. Kasich like girls like assholes always gonna be the ones that will change and we can also be like super insecure so there's times i feel like if i had a guy immediately attached to me. I'd be like our sons uh-huh outright yelich why why is this guy like me so much so fast like this is. This is something that's going on dealing even entertained having a conversation with another girl shit. I don't wanna let this guy go. I better if hannah's dylan make an hour would like something. She would have been like she would swing onto him exactly early. Which is why. I really appreciate dylan. Though i agree as we and i you know like he's he's just a really good guy like he doesn't want to be making out with random girls because he he likes hannah yeah and that's what i mean. It's kind of a double edged sword for you want to be sincere and be like your. I'm all in for you but i think he'd have better shot with her. If you just would've said you know what i'm open to then i'm talking to show whoever else totally well. We'll see how that plays out because right. Now has all over the place going back and forth <hes> the live show will be interesting if we're just talking because the only one you can't spoil originally the skit spoil is just and there's so much that happens between everybody leaving the beads. It's the lives yet. Film right and your back of reality your background your friends your family. You can kind of ask those opinions. Yes puts everything into perspective. Jack like changes a lot and then we had teixeira who is not with blake. Even though blake gave her the rose which was just very confusing in general i mean i guess you just had no other choice. Asu he gave he gave the rosa but then she hits it off with john. Paul jones who i loved john hall. Do we like him to guys like a wedding and he's trying to take a minute. You're on the first thing said he was like bro. Your hair man fucking inspiration imperative so he was. He's a great guy. He's like bro of <hes> yeah. Yeah i the everything poetry that's amazing that was take zinc but at the same time because i felt like even though he obviously messed it up it was like the gesture that count like puts trying to brandon so because people were like how is taste falling for that that was so bad it was. I thought it was very different you know i said he would have gone a producers phone and tried in memories that for hours impressive. I was actually the first thing i said if i remember that figure recap. That's very impressive because he does dude right. It'd be like give me your phone. Let me read this shakespeare experience hours until i can try to impress yeah. I thought it was sweet. Yeah and then <hes> katie and kristi cousy seemed to be hitting it off. I loved i. I really loved the idea of katie and wells. I for some reason like i don't know why wills is not getting the love wells bibi. We'll yuri. Maybe tone know how to flirt right table. Just need people who are outside of this world. I don't know what it is with katie. She got she was over served. It was over. She's like mom says she was not her fault. She was she was just sobbing and you tweeted weeded like ship kadian wills and i agree with you and then all of a sudden. She started crying babies. Don't work where i was watching it and was like yes. I really want this to happen pain and then she started crying and i was like okay. They're breaking up by five minute. Well isn't that moment if you have a girl and she starts crying. After what do i do with her now. Now it's like okay wasn't making any sense though really hit it off with chris which is like like saying <hes> it's funny because just from watching this show for so many years chris really has just been the the joke like he's just become the butt of everybody's joke because because this has been the six show that six show that he has gone on it's been on he's been on the show six times. This is the first time ten years and told us ten years since he for the first time we went on on right. She's only thirty two. That's why thirty two he is not the oldest guy on the thirty four years old. He's thirty due to the oldest guy. Everyone is like he's got the walker and his insult. You poke fun at himself for doing so many shows but i also think i i can relate to him a lot because he wasn't the blake or the the the well-known kind of related tumor the hawk. We're no one really knew him and he came at the wedding right away knew everything about me. Super nice guy and i hope it works out for him. I think he he's the most eligible and actually right like maybe you get married because i don't think living allies and so chris was the one with analysts rail then gave christina the couch. It was random. What are you guys thinking shorts trip to paradise bless her heart uh-huh i think she shot herself in the foot a little bit yeah really like she came as like angela's were spa instead of for herself so she had that in the chamber like the she was gonna be angeles eyes and ears and you never going to get far right now. I think trends tweet tweet nailed it on the head. He was like hanley's. That's what you get for not looking at your own paper. Ask yourself into people's relationships when you you're just supposed to be there for yourself off. I think that i i'm sorry i don't mean to laugh out hard at this but when she was talking about this is just phenomenal editing by the bachelor's producers by the way she was just talking about how this is like the most confident she's been something in years oh yeah and she was just going on and on and on and then twenty seconds later he's like christina and it's just music music music drops. She's like it's like a lot of people come on for all of the wrong. Reasons say this girl love skin fall in love with like almost anyone like she just wants that relationship so bad and same with cam him. I'd say that's like how i'm sorry to hear about cam. I feel bad like he. He's a weird dude but like i really just married enough your kids not the mother of my shoulder and before you even spoke with like a little little i probably kaelin. They've had one conversation so weird part of me. I feel bad for so long that now i'm just starting to feel bad on my i gotta stop shitting on this guy. Because we even saw christina deana forget he was sitting right in front of me amazing but it was also sad 'cause he just gets up and walks away and i was like cam buddy. Kaelin is never speaking speaking to you ever again. Dean just walked in just came in. It's over for you. How funny is kaelin just like i don't know how he went anything for arose that would mean like deans like yeah. I live out in my van like i don't really do it. I'd travel this and she's like that's so cool. Unlike if dean wasn't as cute as he is he'd be like sealing that would be cool shower and my friends. Oh i have no ambition wipe under he goes. I under i actually wrote. I was writing tweet out because i thought he said he he under delivers delivers. No no no no he under four hundred performs and over deliver promises. I think yeah under promises and overdeliver i thought he said he under promises and under delivers. I was like all right guy. I mean we know your dean but you need to show a little a little passion here feel. He just got his winterless lifestyle. It just wants to travel and all this stuff and you know good for him for doing that. I think he just wants to laugh at himself. If he came in paradise said i'm unemployed. I'm looking for a job. It looks like he just saying dan. I'm having fun in my life right now. He's late twenties travelling around nice to have like a nice place shower just trying to have a little more fun with it like same with the mustache. I'm sure he's not dead. Serious mustache always wanted to have some fun in paradise like what is fourth row to find and make fun of himself a little bit. Even though what he's doing is just temporary thing. I'm sure he'll get normal life back right. What do you guys think about him. Saying <hes> you know because obviously the last time we saw on paradise he played with christina and and deal l. d. low and now he's saying i learned from that this that the other thing. What do you guys think. I don't think he'll make that same mistake on t._v. Again like yeah a- aware that there's cameras everywhere this time around i can. I can see that and i think you become more self aware than more t._v. Even know my very first time on t._v. You don't really realize how big it can be edited. Switch de knows what he's doing now he knows. I don't know we don't know personally. I don't talk to you anymore. Actually it's been a long time but i think him. Ceylan have spoken organ their way they clicked joked and really. He picked her up and walked off. I feel like they have no idea like i don't talk with them but i have a feeling. They have definitely hung up. Multiple taste is just like it's impossible to think you are that like i've never been that comfortable with somebody i just i met that's impossible so obviously young everybody. Everybody connects jordan seemed to have the biggest issue with blake think i'm so happy. Jordan walked into him and demi together are just a tag team match made in heaven just comedy comedy wise like i'm not saying they should be a couple but really as majors. They just wanna watch you. You say funny things. Demis demis getting alive sport but she's also getting a little heat just because they're like wool. All these people are coming in with relationships are knowing each other and everyone's like demi was just dating somebody who four nobody cares. This is fine but unchartered territory. I think it's just a different case because she had said on the show like hey like the girl i've been seeing. Were not exclusive. Were keeping it open and so obviously the woman she was dating knew that he was going to go on paradise. It was not like a jed situations. You never get it either like intro package she talks about. It's not something that's coming out on the beach yeah because somebody else's telling on her. She's saying it herself. She shows up in the interim. Girl shows up exac- we'll see wall street. I'll have him but it's crazy because i think that she and see because it's like when all this of i give everybody else so much shit and then i'm like well but she just makes his show. Better fast wasn't on the show i would be. I wouldn't be laughing as much and sometimes like the drama gets a little too serious all right we need the community folks every once in a while. The one thing i will say this might just be a left field. Perspective is she. She met the girl she was dating after she signed for the show because we all knew she was number one for like going on the show she yeah. She said i met her. After i already committed to paradise the one thing i will say is you could easily resent someone for not advancing. This is pretty fun. Reality stays pretty fun to do. I feel like she might have been like i can't get too serious because i'm going on the show and she was fully transparent on that side so when she got there i mean it took her only day five. She's telling you derek has only been there for three weeks under a week and she can't better hertel this guy that i met someone new in the end of the room so i think to compare it to like the jeter. I think some people are going overboard with that. It's not like hey i'm doing. This is a career. I'll be right back. This is just like met a girl but i don't know how serious it is. I don't want to throw away this opportunity with paradise harris and all this stuff. I have ahead so. I'm gonna put it on the back burner. I don't i think should yeah actually and i totally respect everything she did because you're right. I think that paradise is a fun thing and we all knew that demi was an absolute lock <unk> as like the first person to be going to paradise and she was the funniest person on colton season and you know the people that are going to be on paradise and our people and demi was one of those people bowl and she was opened with everybody. I respect and i think she did the right thing so i love her honestly thirty she might have got there. As long as she's opened with the decks of the world she can do whatever if you want to date a guy she can do. She's open with everybody involved and they're all single at the end of the day that's why they're on the beach together yeah and it's and they have she's. She's got great obviously great commentary and then last night the end of this episode jordan and christian get into this fight. It seems games like jordan. Jordan just can't help himself <hes> like i feel like he just i don't know what it is that he has to get involved in like the the big gestures at end very quickly say how much we dislike that christian guy though i i said to her thanks she's like we have to watch this episode before. We go wash today and i watched it like that. Date is the stickiest issues ever seen in my life. He's all that stuff that was actually i was like what do you mean guy looks like he wants them water and like wing sound like you see that you like. You're gonna be puke in front of you really loved the attention like i don't even know who christian is supposed history so the only way i remember him as he's the guy who was trying to pick a fight with jordan at the reunion reunion say already have draw and i think that's what motivated jordan a little bit more. You know what you're messing with my friend. I already don't like you from s. Yeah so. I'm not interested romantically in anyone so i don't really talk to like. I feel like there's so many roses that are kind kind of now. He's not clicking. I don't think he's getting a mystery rose. I think he knows klay stanks clays or clays like one of our favorites. I love personally. He's too nice of a guy. He would never do what jordan i think during a fucking last time let's go do some fun which is why jordan is great on t._v. You need that and also i think it was. It's just a matter of you know. Some people were like oh you know because obviously we only saw part of the clip. We didn't see the whole thing. Yeah we see jordan body slamming him but you see before that christian goes after him so he was defending himself really go ahead body slam. It'll be interesting because it's <hes> any any physical location and you're gone. That's part of our country yeah so interesting to see if they stay or if they gotta do and obviously like and it sucks because i see so much and i really have only had like two two storylines spoiled for me from just because of twitter being handled don't accidental news. Just i'm e. News lately ruined it for me but they're like. I'm so oh meticulous with it because i know it's like all right like i can see people tweeting already about jordan and christian. I'm like no. I don't wanna know if they get kicked off or not like because everybody he knows everybody already so you know how i said. I knew the spoilers yeah. There's a lot there's actually dean one right the dean and caylin dating i was like what are you just ruined forever. Even bother taking it down or writing everybody. Nobody knows now yeah yeah so it is it is what it is. I guess there's another publication. That's very popular and once spoil on there. Maybe that you news wants to get ahead. Yeah <hes> <hes> yeah just from yeah and people like stuff they're like. Did you see reality steve post. This and i'm like stop sending say publicly saying i i don't want to like don't even when you are spoiled like we know everything. That's happened on the season yeah. I'm still enjoying because you still want to hear the conversations and things people say spoiled for the most of it now. I have one big spoiler but i i won't a lot of the demi stuff got spoiled for me to do. We just blow up so much when i came out that she was dating a girl and so that kind of blow up but other than that not really. I'm pretty pretty clean besides that yeah are do you have anything else you want to now now. I think that wraps it up. I think we covered everything from this. Week's episode yeah and of course next week. Episode is gonna lead off with the fight right now. I'll ask you guys woo woo right now. Are your favorites too. <hes> and this thing together you think well they know the winners. They could still have favorites. They can throw us off the semi favorites arcadian chris and they're both people. I didn't know never really watched his season before i watched bolton's and i just like how normal they are. They remind us of us. They're probably just having margaritas watching hence why she was a little intoxicated us. Just drinking sister lives judging everyone limit for drinks into drinks and our tutoring which were they. They don't start until i thought it was to our i would be t._v. With fatso the i've been reading drinks and ny everywhere gentleman our fuck yes so the bird. The first time that got implicated was when they went back to film the second part of korean grins and winter games. We were the first full season that had to have the drink rule and we figured out you do a shot at five fifty nine and a shot at six one full hour on no no right to ask wells what time it is because you don't have a phone or watch or anything so you don't know when the hour up so you have to be on figuring out his job to like cut people out. They have a caste photos which we all kitty is in every single time time and yeah just mark the drinks our but it is actually good. We will say i've only ever done it with the drink rule. I did like it because at least there's no belligerent right. You can have a little boy what is going on but you're not like do you count out after who did the most drinks and all but they should. I think we always just did the max. You're allowed on the same amount. Who's your favorite. I just want to see more. Mike yeah i think he's he was the one guy at the wedding that came up to mount uses super genuine a nice and if he's not really hope mike gets like slaves i wanted to c._b._s. Season would actually be fun to watch. It'd be amazing season. We skip that one so we only know him from paradise. Yeah we want to watch the watch. The fat win you watch the jad fidel. It's all over yeah but besides that i just think i think <hes> i know too much of the ending right to spoil a couple of surprises though for chevron did incoming good. I hope it'll actually want to watch all right. Thank you guys and hopefully you'll be back axon jeff. We are here with a very special guest jerry o'connell. We are so excited to have you so so excited that i wanted to do with jerry chan friend friend of the show longtime man i was here when you guys the day you found out you were nominated for people's people's choice award. It was a great day huge tango way back a follow along. You guys go in there that night. That was we were all waiting with. Baited breath brad unfortunately fine. I mean i think obviously losing hurts sometimes but <hes> i i mean it truly is like being nominated so cool. It was so cool that we even got to go yeah but the l._a. Yes red carpet. Who the biggest star kardashians. We took a video of the kardashian kim kardashian's but i also i also walked right past scarlett johansson bathrooms producer. That was pretty big. I just i was it. I just walked by was like that scarlett johansson. You guys were all like people's choice. Lisa words people so you could have been like hey what's up scarlet. It's nice to meet fellow nominee bill and i feel like they they didn't want to be there as much as we did. Though you now now we were so excited to be there. Are there are definitely some. There are some people it's funny because when you're actually sitting you can see who comes and goes like there is some people she went to their table for their award and then just left like fire their ten minutes you guys were there the whole <music> as long as possible. They basically time right right right right table dancing. The big stars like slip in slipped yeah but they're allowed to do that because they're the big stars right. Did you take anything like the centerpiece or anything or oh took something. We should still have all your tickets and everything oh you did. Oh wait a little keepsake box closet. Well well you guys should go to like errands brothers or one of those framing places and it should be like a whole thing. You know. That's so true. Doll them somewhere. I just throw everything in my closet. No no. I'm really proud of you. Could shed a tear. All of our stuff was gone. I didn't like i didn't know what a beautiful moment yeah. That is beautiful jerry my number number one question for you today first question. Do you need my credit card. Oh yes so what you're referring to his. I was on t._m._z. This terrible story. Actually i mean this is really elitist. Good nightmare story on actually <hes> i i'm. I'm really like ashamed today. The other day. I was coming out of my boss's office wendy williams i have this show the jerry osho in wendy williams slot <hes> i know you guys are avid wendy watchers <hes> i left your house and t._m._z. was there and they followed me to a citi bike kiosk which i'm new to the city bikes. Those don't know in new york city here. You can rent a bike for twelve twelve dollars a day and ride anywhere in the city within a half hour which is a weird rule. You only have a half hour in between citi bike things. I'll really never done it because i'm too who scare them. Get hit by a car yummy two guys. I gotta tell you it's a pretty cool way to get ready. You do get a little sweaty. Yeah i personally this is kind of gross for your listeners. I need to carry deodorant with me. When suddenly i think most girls in the summer cared yoder in their bag or something you need to re up during the day uber not you don't judge people physically but you don't look like you have like body odor. Oh no no. I mean if if we swat enough enough it happened. I've had sweating issues before we've talked about on the show before it is what it is not smell but like pit stance but we get past. It sure sure sure <hes> do us like real deodorant or do us like the weird crystal just like the crystal. Have you ever seen the people that just rub like crystals on their armpits. I've avenue although i've been i've been using like this all natural deodorant. Those are big these days grocer there. It's good. It's it doesn't work as well but i feel better that i'm not it. Doesn't i tell myself as you're trying to get away from what happened with the credit card. I'm going to get back to that. I'm just gonna talk for second about a natural <hes>. I don't wanna gross your listeners out. I really want everybody to watch jerry. Osho in wendy's time slot come monday august twelfth but i do need as many chemicals can mydeal bitten. I mean hard spiny where hardcore i need. The chemicals scientists i can't go to like trader joe's and be like trader joe's natural right mint deodorant well. There's been a study now that i think like all these young kids. Just don't wear where'd yoder anymore. Oh yeah you didn't see that my grandma durban grandma told me <hes> to talk about it on the show because she thought on the news disturbed young yeah adler like i think it was like forty percent or something. It was pretty high on kids axe body spray. Isn't that like everybody's just going on natural. It's why the subway way smells a little bit more of these days. I'm one hundred years older than both the view of back in my day guys used to wear little <hes> sent called truecar. Oh yes no yeah yacht sent sent anyway. <hes> i left my bosses <hes> house. I had a big meeting with her and <hes> teams was right outside. She's famous happen spend wendy williams team. You know <hes> typically because i live in calabasas where your <hes> former people's choice awards friends live a lot of times times. I'll go to the rite aid or c._v._s. and they'll be t._m._z. There because kylie went to go check on her lip kit yeah <hes> or sephora by go to old tower or something and <hes> so teams he was there and they started asking me questions about the show blah blah blah blah blah and i went to the city by kiosk and i put my credit card in and it didn't work and i have one more credit card something something's going on with me credit or is it just the worst feeling ever because when you go to a store and that happens you know you have the money and you're trying to convince the people like no no i got it. I got it. I swear here and they're still looking at you like i machine. I wasn't sure i had the money to be honest with you and as i put it in t._m._z. was there i was like in my head. I was like a plea. Please worst lease lord jesus above. Please hear me now jesus jesus. I never asked you for anything that she's lease. I know kids and i'm supposed to ask for their help. Martin and i'm supposed to ask for like my family's health and everything and i just want to have a healthy nice family but please lord jesus don't do this. Don't let harvey eleven get his hands on my credit card. Don't do it don't do it. Please lord jesus christ and then <hes> neither neither the cards worked <hes> man they posted it and here's how i didn't even tell my wife like last night when home can choose like how was your day and it was it was fine. It was fun. One is using anything crazy habit like we're all good. We're good and <hes> i went to sleep thinking. You know what i talked to t._m._z. About my show show maybe they'll be cool and they won't show the part in work. Maybe they'll be cool. Maybe harvey will be like don't show that it's super embarrassing <music> but all they showed was the obviously i mean t._m._z. They're gonna show the most embarrassing thing that they can often be embarrassed. I want yeah no that yeah. I mean everybody's added d- that's happened to me. Once i would dinner with some of my friends we were going out. I didn't bring like my whole wallet. I brought one card and the card for some reason just got locked up and i was like they kept they were running all my friends cars. They were like this. This is the only one that's not working. I tell my friends pay for me. You know sometimes it happens right. Just quick question about that. Experience was t._m._z. Filming coming you know was not there. Okay so you understand how my situation. I good way way worse way worse okay. Have you recovered from the the situation. I have not. I'm still not therapy session for it right now. <hes> yeah it's still it happened yesterday. It was posted today. I say topic postage. Did you hear jerry osho right. I guess so yeah. I wanna just make believe like it's sort of like dramatic hardcastle broadcast but it also doesn't help you know when you're here in new york. People yelping like got any big man see you yeah ever credit man. Oh that stings jerry that right. Oh man are they not paying you enough for the jerry osho <hes> you know. I don't think the money has i haven't cashed the check out. Company housing housing starts monday right once that happens that'll righted. Unfortunately it won't help my credit score which is now affected and everyone knows these things as as well. I'm very happy. Harvey didn't post my credit score outlets like a look a little graphic design generous. That's nice. He was so <hes> he is looking out for me a little the little pet but this show premiers monday. How excited are you. You know it's super exciting. I mean i'll tell you the full story. I filled in for wendy williams last year. I think i came up and saw you guys is right around that time and <hes> wendy williams is doing this thing where an august she's taking the aug people do and <hes> they wanna test has to show in that slot and she said do you wanna go in and i was like let's do it yeah <hes>. It's basically what you guys do watch bachelor in paradise every night. I watched ninety fiance. Let's say every night <hes> little love and hip hop hollywood sprinkled in there and <hes> have to come to work and talk about it. Yeah it's really fun or do you know what one of the <hes> <hes> one of the big advantages. This is giving the early screeners who shows all all of them only don't see we don't get had also nice. I wish we screener nice take-up. I'm watching t._v. On it here's here's a problem with me and this is going to be some high pollutant problems in this little inside and i'm sorry everyone's bored by this but like what was happening was i'm here with my wife and kids in the city and it's super fun you know because i have california girls it on the subway. Like how do they react to that. They're discussing <hes> the first couple of times they were super grossed grossed out <hes> super fair yeah you know the first couple of times they were going to camp uptown so i was like all right. Let's go uptown and they were like what's going on. Why ain't getting the guber because we're taking the train. That's gonna take an hour if we take an uber and they were like just rent a car and he's like you can't have a car in the city girls. It costs too much. I mean have you tried the park in the city pass driving. It's not worth having a car in the city. I mean i i'm not joking. How much do you think oh because i looked into it. How much is a parking space costs to for a month but i know that my hi parents came this weekend and my dad park the car and it was forty five bucks for like an hour tower just garage. I've done it. I've had two parked car overnight in a garage and paying in the morning. It was like sixty bucks. I wanna tell you story about pardon corner garage. Last week. We rented a car car and my wife parking garage as opposed to in manhattan hat parked. I'd say about ten pm got in at night and i was like oh. I got to get to this parking garage early. 'cause i don't want to pay that much. I went to the parking garage at six thirty a._m. How much do you think that ten pm to six thirty a._m. That cost fifty bucks no one one fifty over a hundred dollars and i said to the guy keep it. I don't want the car not being taken. Here's you you gotta pay and i was like no. It's not my car keep it. I don't care yeah keep it. I'll just i'll say was stolen. Hey meant you gotta get this car at here. I'm not even playing with you and i was like at this is impossible. I'm from the city. You can't do this to me. I'm from this country. No i know you're trying to pull one over. I'm not a tourist man and he was like hey man. This is what it is that these are the rates crazy. I was shot so that's so anyway. I had to get on the train with my daughters and <hes> i made the mistake of you know a few cars like passed and they were super crowded and then i saw uncrowded card and i was like oh this is going here and it was super crowded because there is smaller purcell was someone was sleeping is mostly got on the car and got in the train car and my kids were like yep yep yep that happens like twice a week. I i can't even imagine like walking onto the subway not ever being on the subway so i was picturing your daughter's. Doing this is crazy but we do it every day. Yeah i don't even know what's your program is dealing with the elements the super heat and like how you deal with that. It's really interesting to listen yeah. You're absolutely right. You complain about something but new yorkers don't care like they'll see a person sleeping on the like the i saw this a couple of weeks ago but the train it was just you know rush hour so the trains cars totally full. Nobody cares. The guy practically had his head in somebody else's lap because he was like move over like i'm gonna sit down so it was like he sat down. The guy was sleeping on his phone didn't didn't blink didn't learn. I just took the seat sure it's <hes> yeah it's unfair when they take up like so many seats like by the way you could get in a fetal position and only take up two seats. You know taking up like you're really tall right but you could just like curl up but yeah just take two or three. You don't yeah you would probably do like three. I think when i sleep like a ball i'm like i'm like yeah. <hes> executed yeah just curl up. I'd only take up one of the two seater yes yeah that's naming but it's fun to get my girls on the rough him up a little bit yeah new york life but then so they'll just be you guys will be here. Obviously life in the show will be here while we do the show. The show is live every day. <hes> it's going to be so fun. You know i've hosted did wendy. A bunch of times hosted live with kelly and ryan a bunch of times so i have a little bit of experience and it's fun because i was like i was like the substitute. Not i am the substitute teacher of daytime and like finally like that. A lot of kids like throwing things at me and not respecting rain. You know like you do with a substitute. The teacher but finally wendy was like hey you know what i wanna. Put you through your time fulltime faculty and that's what she's actually saying. I'm gonna let you teach summer for school right. That's what she said. I come back and you don't have to be a substitute so i'm like i'm like a substitute teacher. Who's like a full-time summer. Yes summer schoolteacher. No oh there there you go. That's awesome. That was a super depressing analogy but it show asking me way better than summer school right. I know but i sound camp. That summer camp is fun. You pretty sure compared myself to substitute teachers who were like yeah lowest wrong. No but i you get excited when substance yeah look i remember them all citing a subsidy yes we had i had the worst social studies teacher and some days he just wanted to come in and we'd have the sub and it was the best it was always what was the best because you had no respect for that. Because the sub would just uh-huh maybe like put on a movie so you're saying that making the sound any better or not. I try jerry osho as she's just wheel out like yeah. H ask everybody not going to do the show today. We're just gonna watch last night's episode of ninety day fiance the the other way. Americans are going over there. Check it out play just way maybe you could just do yes right yeah the we we have some skits involved funnier die. You know that there are partners in the show so they're doing some super funny sketches sketches and skits in it sun. It's going to be done good gag really fun huge guests. I'm not even kidding guys. Our first guest is kelly ripa and we saw <hes> <hes> before i know but i mean i need to like do a little bit of preparation it some it's a little daunting. She's you guys work in booking. That's a big book. <hes> the second day. I don't know if you're caught up on real housewives in orange county but we're getting <hes> what is referred to as the trace amigas picky gumbel sin tamra judge and shannon producer. They're going to sit on the couch and <hes>. I can't believe what a journalist i am now. They're <hes> it's exciting because vicki gumbleton is no longer and the surfers really hot topic yeah nobody. Nobody knows if that that was her choice. If it wasn't her toys she is one of the <hes> longest reigning now swastikas up until now so it's <hes> it's it's gonna be cool to have her there. Yeah <hes> and you said you've been watching bachelor bachelor in paradise yeah. I have all of them. I mean i gotta tell you a <music> a story that we're sort of like concentrating on now is that <hes> super hottie tyler from bachelor going out with g. <music> <hes> he's like a big story our story for us as well. What are you gonna. We're we're. We're calling it the daily fix room. That's our room. Wendy has her hot topics in your daily picks effects. I think it's a really interesting story. You know what i think i think gum g watched the bachelorette and like i said to her someone who works there that guy. I want to go out with that guy yeah right and they just made it. I think they made it happen yeah by the way. Can you imagine like your the phone rings and it's like <hes> though i work for g._t._e. Adid miller on all under you know <hes> yacht yeah <hes> yeah she would like to go bowling with you like a polling date or you call that a. g. g. d. it. Yes judy stuart weitzman. <hes> tommy hilfiger g hadeed. Yes oh yeah go. That guy went from losing the bachelorette going out with you not yeah it's insane. It's insane. I gotta tell you. I think it's the first time in any reality franchise that a loser has like shot straight to the wrong. Well atoms well. Yeah so like wells. Adams was on. I don't even remember which which luciano joe's i think i think maybe joe i don't know but he is now engaged sarah hyland from modern family okay. That's a big bigger bigger than go out with somebody <hes> she. They haven't actually gone out but she was flirting with him. Mike from the season so you know what happens is. I think all these celebrities celebrities watching these shows and when someone gets voted off is like oh hell no get me his number right now. Yeah i respect it. I think they should go oh for it. Who who would you call up tyler of cornerstone. Is you know what i want to freak anyone out but he is the hottest hottest person i've ever seen yeah. He's the most hands were right there with him. I don't judge people physically at all but he is is the hottest person on that franchise right just an observation. Oh you man or woman it has to be said survey. Dr colton was pretty pretty hot and he didn't do it for me really yeah. He was a little lack of experience. You all american bogies super super virgin vanilla right. He did have a lack of experience more experienced like that right but it was just like everything he did. I was like you're such verge. I got everything right. I'm not judging him was like listen. I'm about to host this show. You guys host shows like you get better with experience you know by the way you only get better by doing. It can't like practicing show host. Show you gotta get right in there. You know like that's the only way you really figure stuff out. That's so scary about jerry. Oh show i don't want to compared to colton lack of sex life but <hes> like a my first show is a lot like these shows are live so i want to tell everybody like mistakes are going to be made. I'm probably not going to be that good but you'll be great unlike colton i'm gonna do. It still still got do it. I'm going to do it hard yeah. You're gonna go for it. I'm going to try to take my time. Go slow careful all night yeah. I don't wanna like you know like. I don't want to just go out there and like to pass be done for right control. You know i gotta go jero show premiering monday the twelfth i have to like at least taken our can't like come out here and and just let the seconds now. No one wants go one minute man now. You know you're right you. Gotta push it to the limit at this getting offensive what i'm saying. I'm going to segue this nicely. Your wife's coming as talk show. Oh yeah it's going to be super. Superfund to <hes> are you. I'm going to be interviewing my wife. I'm gonna be interviewing my kids. They're going to get on the air. What are you most nervous for for the for the entire show i would say <hes> like failing some answering pulling me yeah yeah <hes> that would be super awkward. <hes> you know it's live to see another kind of scary thing. It's like it's out there right. Have anything like prepared to pump up before you got life. You know what the wendy staff who who is doing the show wendy williams. Just my boss shout to her. She's my oprah <hes>. They're really like they helped me relax and like get into it a little bit. You know they're really really <hes>. They're super helpful with me. They're just <hes> they're just great big. Calm me down. It's it's scary going out there. You know she'd have like a like a playlist. Did you ever doing these like super live. We are radio. Show is yeah radio. Go right but we're not lying right now. We're not in front of a studio all be totally driving arriving from because we're live on radio but we're not we're live from this bird office so it doesn't really feel like anybody's listening service the first of like in the beginning. Oh yeah absolutely you ever go back and listen to the beginning ones. I've never even herself effort you. Listen to the podcast just to hear them. I i've listened a few times when i thought that fran and i were being like really funny and i listen back on like damn. We were funny. They're hi like producer. This is so funny. When i did kelly gilman you know the guy who's always on kelly and ryan producer. He said to me i did something i messed up like an ending and he went. Hey man. It's never is bad as you think. It's never as good you think right. It was like a really interesting piece of advice. I think that's great advice. I think that's true very true but i'm i'm. I'm very excited to watch the show. It's ten a._m. In new york right then and new york. It's the wind slot so we're always to win anytime. I i love her. It's it's it's going to be good time. Our we're very excited. Ah i can feel it. Hopefully we're crossing. You always retweeted anytime you vote here. Blah blah blah those spoke into the universe so we get nominated what's going to happen. Come on oh. They're gonna. What are you gonna wear. I'm gonna level up this year gonna level up. I don't know what what i have in mind but i'm deathly got. What did we wear last year. Give me some designers go. Oh mine was from macy so i got mine from from revolve i should know about. We didn't go with fashion nova. You guys are like become become celebrities now. You can get like designers like yeah. This is <hes> who are some other ones. We'll just have like gucci alchemy yeah yeah because i i'm not kidding. I'm not joking can do that. You're i'd young people in media your. I don't judge people physically ugly but you're actively want to see you in those things yeah yeah. Maybe we'll try this year yeah. We didn't share so we'll try. We'll try this year. You have to do it. You know all you have to get what all the stars do. Get stylists right yeah. That's what we have to do this year. We didn't do that low. Cost big bucks parcel to pay for it yeah yeah it does cost money as it does help well. It's yeah tremendous young the premier. It was my wife. Rebecca romaine look around famous moll who i went to a premier with her once and i literally like i just went to no fence above the store but like i just grabbed and h and m like suit i love it you know and my wife was like this was like a black tie event and i was like i look good h and she was like like we need to like say like hey. What are you wearing and you can't be like oh. I went to the outlets and got this like. I can't drop let names off offeth avenue off the rack nor sure yeah. I can't like like <hes> what's the poll polo is like ralph. Lauren is but i think i think we can do at the series like a little crossing awesome. My fingers jerry cross love guys. Thanks sherry that wraps up today's episode. We hope you have a fantastic week. Everybody just a reminder that are emerged is on sale. We got the tie sweatshirts back in stock. You have the crop hoodies. The fall season is coming. See wanna make sure you order those sweatshirts and get them just in in time. I was thinking it's all good i ended in any way the song row sir how how we actually loss pill it took place. Thank eh they said larry's may yeah <music> <music> <music> ahead. Thanks <music>.

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