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From Moto Dot net. It's the motor week. Podcast with your host Wilson. Why Hello and welcome to Mota Week. My name is Wilson you so much for listening to the only motor. Gp Show on the Internet. That thinks that maybe just maybe we're halo. Lorenzo HASN'T PICKED ENOUGH MOTOGP LEGENDS. To feud with. Has He had it out with? Mick and yet because that might be the next place to go you know if he wants to collect the whole set This episode was initially just going to be your comments kind of a follow up to what we did a couple of days ago but come we gotta talk about Hor. Hey Lorenzo feuding with Giacomo Agostini and while we're at it. Let's discuss some rumors. About where races may maybe run this season amylase talk about the next round of the Motor Week? Motor? Gp Nineteen Challenge at Thailand this week and of course we're going to have plenty of your comments pictures and videos so let's get right down to it Before we get to the full run down to about you over the website at Moto Week Dot net. If you haven't checked it out yet you can find all of the latest episodes there. You can also follow along on twitter and Instagram at Moto weekend since we're on instagram. I WanNa thank the folks at three performance for giving me a thumbs up on the picture I posted of the motor week bike as I was putting their hoses on it No sponsorship there by the way I bought those myself and put them on myself although if as three performances listening and they want to sponsor the show. I'm all for that You know hit me up on the email motor week. Usa GO DOT COM. We'll talk and of course do me a favor and give me a thumbs up and leave your comments on facebook and on Reddit. Facebook DOT com slash week dot net then over overarm right at our slash moto week if you haven't joined it yet and you haven't been over to the sub that's where all the action is. We're talking about all kinds of different stuff. We're posting pictures. Were having video game competition. So We'd love you to join him with us. So head to read it slash are slash motor week. Subscribe to the forum dive into the conversation. Let us know what you WanNa talk about all right so here. It is the rundown just about everything. We're going to talk about today on the program and we will start with a small update on the motor. Gp Challenge This week is Thailand by the way and in the second. I'll tell you when the deadline is going to be and then we well even though we're just GONNA do comments. We are going to talk about a little bit of motor. Gp News here because MotoGP Legend Giacomo Agostini takes a little bit of a shot at Lorenzo. And then he gives it right back to him so we'll discuss the situation and who may want to back off a little bit in this case a loss. I have a quick update on the Andrea a appeal. Then we'll jump into motogp. Gp scheduled news. Now there is nothing new to announce when it comes to harass says. Hopefully we'll hear something later on this week but there are a couple of rumors out there. In fact Rozan Raleigh was talking about Sapang having their race later on this year and the possibility that they could have it with fans so we will discuss just how realistic that idea might be plus. We'll look at what a race state could look like in harass in July once. Things are approved and then finally debut of Suzuki answered a couple of questions that we were discussing on the show about. Maybe what the manufacturers think of track selection for an abbreviated Mo- GPC's founded interesting. So we'll chat about that as well and then there is a virtual emoji. Gp Race this weekend. Don't worry we're not gonNA talk a whole lot about it. Then we'll get to your comments We got a lot of interesting stuff to talk about that. You were discussing on facebook this week. whether there should be penalties for teams and riders breaking cove regulations once. They're in place and once we can go racing How RIDER STAY IN SHAPE? Some silly season rumors about Andrea defeats the Oso Plus we'll talk about video the motor week bike and some other odds and ends as well. Then we'll wrap up with a lot of really awesome pictures in one very very scary video and I got a story that goes along with that too so stick around to the end of the show art. So let's get into it starting with the Moto Week Moto GP Nineteen Challenge and yes indeed this week. We ARE OFF TO THAILAND. So start practicing and once you get a good lap make sure you posted up on red at sorry. I wasn't on top of it. The sudden change in my work schedule that delayed the show week. I was also pretty slow getting around the Thailand. Put that up and start to put together the numbers for guitar. So thanks to chip are fifty-one for starting the threat over on it pinned up at the top. So let's get moving on it. How `Bout we shift now because before it. Was You know turning your times by Tuesday? Obviously that's passed us. Let's make it to the end of the week so by Sunday. Make sure you submitted your best times. Then we'll move on Monday to one of the coolest tracks in real life. But my video Game Arch Nemesis Circuit of the Americas. I can never put in a good lap time there. It's the S.'s. And then that really tight hairpin before the backstretch both of those completely get me all the time so I'm not making any promises about being able to get on that one and this week I will tell you the times for guitar by the way and put them all up in the thread there and then we'll bounce that one down will leave the Thailand threat up at the top chip if you're listening See if they'd let you change the title on that so it says round two and then Dash Thailand's everybody knows what track the race this week but get on and get practice in post your best times all right. So let's move on to this whole wholesaler. Enzo Giacomo Agostini thing. I don't know if you saw this or not but I go pretty much called out or hey for bailing on Honda because he couldn't figure out the bike as opposed to him being fearful of more injuries in his career. And if you remember back to win or Hey announced his retirement he said listen. I'm just hurt myself too much recently and what. I'm really nervous about. Because he had that back injury to he said what I'm really nervous about is that I injured myself to the point where I can't recover from it so I'm just GONNA go ahead and call it a day step away now. And then that's what he did. But then of course he became a Yamaha test rider and then there was the wildcard announcement and then there were the rumors that maybe he was interested in coming back fulltime for Petronas in two thousand twenty one. And so that's what led to. I guess Teeny Sang. What he said he said. Hey it looks to me like he just couldn't handle the Honda and so we bailed on it and it doesn't really have much at all to do with him being afraid of going out there and getting injured and then Lorenzo shot right back in an interview of his own saying quote. What is he no? He hasn't ridden the bike in fifty years and of quote. Now I like to. I typically don't like to take sides and stuff like this because I feel like my job is to present let you guys tell me what you think but I think that I go may know a little something even if he hasn't competed in fifty years and sure the bikes were nearly as fast back in his day but when he was riding he was also protected by like a beanie and goggles on city streets. So in my opinion when you go out there and win the Isle of Man Ten Times back in the sixties and seventies it. Kinda earned the right to call a guy out. I don't think anybody's going to question. You know what you're saying number one and number two if you're tough enough to make those kinds of comments especially when I mean really isn't wrong and he said as much Giacomo was asked about it again and he said Hey. Let's just call it as it when Lorenzo was on top of the world. I said this is fantastic. And you know any bales on the Honda say this is why he bailed on the Honda Myth. The truth hurts all. I can't do anything about that. But think about it for a second because Lorenzo was already inked in for wildcard starts when the season was expected to be normal. We don't know what's going to happen now. But initially he was one hundred percent going to do at least one probably more wildcard rides on the Amaha and there were all of those rumors swirling around that he did want to come back full-time patrol it's to the point where Valentine Rossi. Just a couple of weeks ago was saying. Hey listen I think he could do it? I don't know if he has the motivation to do it. But I think he's capable of doing it. So that's how legitimate those rumors were that even the doctor was talking about them and saying listen. I know for certain but he he could do it. You know it's definitely within the realm of possibility and that being the case it certainly does look like what he said was his reasoning for retirement. The risk of injury. Maybe isn't really truly the case you know I would have owned it. I would have said Yeah. There was awful. It was built for mark and mark only and that's why nobody else has been able to win on it. Nobody will be able to win on it. And you watch Alex Marquez. Won't win on it either. That that's not my opinion. I'm just saying that's what Lorenzo should have said because at least that would have just looked like. Hey but by arguing with and then taking a shot at Agostini. What happens when he does do that? Wildcard ride or if he decides to raise full-time for Yamaha. Either in twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two. Well now he's painted himself into a corner where he says that. Aggo is full of it with his opinion but then if he gets back on a bike and goes racing. How can you justify that? How can you then say oh well you know I was really scared of getting injured but then something magical happened in. I'm not scared anymore. No it's GonNa look like everything that you know. Giacomo said was right and that he was bailing on the Honda because he couldn't figure out how to race it so like I said if I him I would have just own the whole thing been like. Yeah I sucked on the Honda because the Hondas not good for anybody but Marc Marquez. And honestly if he had said that how many of us would have really disagreed with him on that. Hell even cal crutch. Low would agree with him on CAL's one races on the Honda so he should've just taken the bull by the horns turned background on Honda and not started the online feud with Agostini. But that's what happens when everybody's sitting at home and they have nothing better to do and it just goes to show that you can take the Cadi away from Lorenzo but you can't take the drama away from him ever so we'll have to see how that will continue to develop if it continues to develop because after all they're still at home both of them with nothing better to do Speaking of craziness in drama The Andrea you know appeal a case that will be presented on Friday now. I know that I said that. They had until Friday to file the appeal on the last show but that was only because of the terminology that Andreas lawyers used. What his lawyer meant is that they were always going to have an appeal. They made the request for the appeal previously. But it's just now it's going to be officially quote unquote filed on Friday. So he said Bob when he met was they're going to be presenting their case on Friday. I'm assuming they're going to do that. Remotely like maybe over zoom or something. But almost certainly it'll be presented with shaggy's it wasn't me you know accidentally playing in the background so. I guess we'll have to wait until at least Friday to hear something. I'm pretty certain that if we don't here on Friday that at least over the weekend we'll get some comments from the appropriate camp from the Andre in on a camp but we may not hear right away officially from the F. Im what's going to happen. Maybe oh I mean they have up to twenty days to consider the evidence and make a ruling so it could be right away or could be as many as a couple of weeks before we get an official ruling. But I'm sure there's GonNa be tons of spam from both apprecia- and Andrea as people aren't so let's move on now to motor. Gp Schedule News. No new update. It's like you said at the beginning of the show about a potential start to the season at Horr- as as of yet but I do expect that we'll be hearing something soon if not the end of this week then maybe early on next week. But I'm sure it's going to be sooner rather than later that we get some sort of thumbs up From the Spanish government and know that things are going to start to move forward but in the meantime Ressam Rizzoli who runs the Petronas Yamaha team and up until very recently was also in charge of Sapang International Circuit. He said that he's very optimistic. That the Malaysian GP will be able to happen. Mostly because there's a decent amount of time between now and when the race was originally scheduled that's on November first. But here's the interesting part. He said that he thinks it's going to be a minimum of six months. After local lockdowns are lifted before a large event like a motor. Gp Race will be able to be run with fans but then he went on to say that he's hopeful that the track is going to be able to make that happen noting how much they rely on tickets and concession sales to you know obviously keep things going well you know. I'm as optimistic as anyone and I have been this entire time. You guys if you listen to the show you know it but I'll tell you Rizzoli in his compatriots may not want to get too far ahead of themselves here because even in a best case scenario resolves own projections don't really calculate out. I mean if they started to ease restrictions today at Sapang then that six month window that he brought up puts two full weeks past their schedule. Brace state and even as optimistic as I like to be. Malaysia is a huge race attendance. Wise and I don't see any scenario where one hundred thousand plus people are going to be allowed to congregate in the same place until there's either a vaccine or really effective treatment that can stop this virus in its tracks and I think that moment will come. I'm just not sure it's going to be developed and implemented within the next six months and I think that resume resolve understands that as well so I would even bring it up. I wouldn't even mention fans coming to the track. Well I think that it's a tactical play. I think that result is trying to do a couple of things. Bhai laying out that vision for the Malaysian. Gp Number One. I think he wants to reinforce to Dorna that. The track is eager to try to make something happen and so it does make sense for him to mention it because as of right now it seems that. Motogp is very cautious to start exploring. They're not really sharing. Formula One's enthusiasm that they're going to be able to travel freely around the world and just a couple of months time and I think that's a realistic thing. I mean Carmelo said that. They just want to plan some rounds. I assess the situation. Then start to look out a little bit further at remote locations and I'm sure that result is just trying to throw some pangs hat in the ring by saying. Hey we're here and we really WANNA do something. But then the second reason I think that rosaline brought up the whole thing is for the same reason that Misano made their comments last week to make sure that everybody knows where the track and the promoter make their money and they're looking to door now to make it viable for everyone to run these races not just storing and the individual teams and that goes double for Sapang because the track is owned by the government. So I don't know what the exact setup there is. I'm sure that maybe one or two you do out there but my assumption my understanding is that they don't go out and get a third party promoter to command. They're handling it all in house so when that race doesn't happen it's not the track losing out on the rental fee. It's the track losing out on everything from that race weekend so I think that's why brought it up. He wanted to make sure the door and understand that. Hey we gotta get paid. If we're GONNA do this now. Could that work against them in the end? Sure I suppose you know. When they're attracts that are easy to drive to? That are only asking maybe expenses to be covered while others. Further away are trying to ensure that they make a profit. Well that could make during. Think twice about leveraging themselves too far but I can see why they were throwing out those ideas just to make sure that everybody knows that. Hey here it's a Pang. We exist and we definitely want to try to make something happen here but in the end. I seriously doubt that if there is a Malaysian GPA. And I think there's a decent chance there could be a race in Malaysia but if there is one. I seriously doubt that they're going to be fans present. Let alone the one hundred and fifty thousand fans that you normally. I'll take it isn't that's a little bit of a misnomer because you know they talk about having sold a hundred fifty thousand tickets. So that's over three days and the last thing you might have one hundred thousand people there and then you know the rest of them spread out over the first two days of the weekend but in one way or the other. That's so many people that I just don't see that happening yet. I don't see it happening until maybe next year but who knows I mean obviously find out And then once race's do start the next big question is what are they gonNA look like? What is it GonNa look like in harass? I mean we all know that there aren't going to be fans there but what's the rest of the weekend going to look like and that's a good question and hasn't really given us any specifics yet. Because they've got time to be able to put it together and so it's really a lot of. It is up to us to speculate now. I'M GONNA check out the NASCAR race this weekend because I think that'll give us a little bit of insight. I think that'll be some indicator of what types of precautions. Every sport ends up having to put in place now. Crash Dot Net Speculated a little bit about how race weekend might look and they talked to someone from Dorna who did confirm that they are still putting together all of the details but they said that we can kind of expect a grid before things start to just be the bike and the rider and one engineer and they aren't really sure how you know the podium work or how post race celebrations might be handled. You know I would imagine that the grid procedure that. That's going to be accurate that you're just GonNa have you know the writer on the bike and maybe one or two guys out there to tend to the bike but it's not going to be five thousand people wandering around like you know normally would be and then even if they do have appointment. I don't know that they're necessarily going to park for May and a podium after the race if they do have a podium ceremony it'll certainly be a minimum number of people. Not The you know procession. Line everybody shaking hands congratulating. Obviously they're not going to do that. And a couple of different ways. That could go. I mean they could just introduce each one one at a time. They come up maybe already with their trophy and then maybe they just stand there for the camera that will be kind of weird and then if they do have a podium maybe they have a wider podium and then they already have the trophies sitting there and then the introduce each one. They get up on the podium. Obviously the boxes are spaced out and then they that point could do the national anthem and they can even champagne as long as you know. Everybody's responsible with it. The only drink their own. Maybe not have the clink clink right beforehand But still one way or the other a minimum distance. I'm sure would happen between all. The writers now press conferences. I would think that they would have an absolute minimum of media. Maybe just the commentators. And that's it. And they might not even be in the same room together they might have in each in separate rooms just with a microphone and a camera and I hate to keep going back to NASCAR and I apologize everybody else around the world. Who could CARE LESS ABOUT NASCAR. But it's all we've got right here in the United States when it comes to professional sports and it's just about the start this weekend so they've been talking quite a bit about how they're going to manage all this and they're going to do all of their interviews remotely Not only to keep the competitor's isolated but also to allow the media to interact with the participants without being there and I think that's the smartest way to do it even if you have the world commentators there then you know have them up in the box and then the riders in a room with a camera and microphone. You can still do. Your interview. Don't have to be you know within six feet or ten feet or twelve. They don't have to be in the same room at all to be able to get that level of interaction and I think that's all we're going to have is the world feed. There may be Simon in. I don't even know if the world commentators will be there. They might just be back at the studio. Might Be Simon and nobody else for all we know and I think that's the smart way to do it because you know if I'm being honest personally I would be technically honoured if they you know invited me to be one of the few media members at the race. But I'd rather do the whole thing remotely I'd rather not be there for everybody involved. I WANNA risk all of that traveling and being in a place that I'm unfamiliar with and at the same time I certainly wouldn't WanNa risk me getting a competitor sick because I didn't know I was you know of course is all a moot point because I wouldn't really classify myself as a media member mostly because I'm not all about the free food and the free tickets although I do I will say I do. Enjoy THE MINI FRIDGE. Full of rebel. That part is kind of cool But things like ornate movements through the garage through the motorhome area one way walkways. All of that is likely going to be in place. Like you're probably going to see the riders each moving at a separate time to their bike to their pillbox and going to their bike and then they'll be like walkways where everybody's gotta go the same direction so you don't have people walking by each other in opposite directions and masks. Definitely they are one hundred percent gonNA make everybody where I'm asking. I'm certain of that. I mean they've got to Of course once teams are there. It's going to be really difficult to keep everybody sufficiently apart. I mean even with really good precautions in place. People have to be able to work on the bikes. And while you can minimize contact between say the engineers and the mechanics and the riders were the mechanics themselves. I mean they need to get in there and the need to get stuff done. Although I'm sure that there are some things that they could do to minimize the risks further. Maybe give you more time between sessions that way one person at a time can work on the bike and I don't know maybe we'll see that or that combined with you know protective gear allowing them to get a little bit closer but with the protective gear but there will be testing before and after rounds and when I say testing on on me. Motegi pizzas sing although there will be that but I mean. Covert nineteen testing. And that's great. I think that is going to be the biggest thing in their favor. It's GonNa go a long way towards giving the competitors in the local governments that are saying yes to this peace of mind that they're not increasing the risk to local communities as everybody comes in or out. Now I'm not sure how they're gonNA handle meals or lodging all of the team members although they'll definitely have to have a plan of some sort of course. I would highly recommend I would highly recommend that it probably not be in charge of said plan at least for the meals portion of the weekend unless they're all going to go vegan which case then appropriate can have added they can plan everything But on a bit of a side note and switching gears a little bit here Suzuki's wd Brivio. He actually addressed one of the things that I was worried about. When we started discussing the chances of real racing you know. How do you get everyone to agree on track choices and what Brivio said and this was somewhat surprising to me? He said that the manufacturers had already discussed the idea of running the season at a very limited number of tracks with multiple races at each before dohrn even brought the plan to them and he said that they had already all agreed that that was going to be okay. But it's a very positive thing because I thought that was going to be. The big sticking point for manufacturers is that they didn't WanNa give their competitors a leg up by running multiple races at you know. Say the rebel ring were do. Cadi has a big advantage. You're even at harass were Honda typically would have a very big advantage and do coty would be at a disadvantage on but Burgio said two things that makes sense and I think this is probably why they could come to an agreement he said. Hey number one. We all know that. The fast riders are going to be fast one way or the other no matter where you're riding And he also said that. Sure having two races at a place like say. Austria definitely favors some bikes and some riders but those same bikes. Those same teams are likely to not get nearly as much of an advantage at horr- as so it all evens out a bit and he's right about that. I mean you know to. Coty is definitely the manufacturer to beat and Austria but they are certainly not the manufacturer to beat when it comes to harass so as long as they can come up with some sort of balance even if you're running races at a limited number of tracks there's at least a little bit of variation and enough balance to make everybody happy then. I guess it's not going to be that big of a deal which is good of course until we find out about who says. We can't really speculate on where they might go after that. Although I think that Austria is going to be very very high on the list not only get one race but probably to do the same thing. They're doing it says and do multiple weekends couple of motor GP weekends and then a world superbike weekend. I'm of course the only racing that's going to be happening for two wheeled. Traffic this weekend is online. Yes there is another virtual motor. Gp Race this weekend This one's on me Sano. It might be fun. I Dunno Valentine Rossi's is going to be back up. Both he will be racing for Yamaha. The marquess brothers on the Repsol Hondas and there's also going to be a motive to a motive three and for the first time a Modo erase this week and maybe we should have done the modal e bikes firm Ojep- nineteen challenge. Okay maybe not. They sound cool though on Motor. Gp night. I think I think Colin person but also think that they sound good emotive GP nineteen So that's GonNa be video pass this weekend. Which of course everybody can watch for free in addition to the people who pay for it like all of us which one of you brought up in your comments and we'll get to that in a minute because it is time finally now to get to your comments from the past week. We got a lot of pictures. Somebody we're GONNA talk about but also a couple of topics that you guys wanted to bring up as well so let's START THERE MR T. Brought up to important topics because now that we know that. Hopefully we're going racing in mid July and that there's going to be that one day test July fifteenth. That's going to be the first time any of these guys can get on track and it might be the first time that any of these guys are that some of these guys are even allowed to get on a motorcycle. But MR T's first concern is how are all these guys going? Stay in shape. How are they going to keep their motivation? The longer and longer they sit now there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel right now but that is not set in stone yet and if something were to go wrong then they could find themselves waiting even longer to go racing a. What do they do well? That's a valid concern and it's freak mobile pointed out Jack Miller of was in an advantageous place because he was allowed to get out on his dirt track because it's on his property where he lives while everybody else had the wait for regulations to be lifted to be able to do any kind of extended training outside especially in Italy Of course now Valentino. Rossi is allowed to go back to the ranch and get that back going again. So he and Rogers Franken. Morbidelli are already starting to ride again. So that's going to be huge for them. Of course overall I agree with hosmer. Sixty-nine seventy five that of everybody on the grid. The one guy that doesn't need to worry at all cal crutch slow in fact he would probably love it if nobody was allowed to do anything right up until the first race because I mean how many times have we seen him get hurt and then he's gotta go sit out for the entire week. He comes back on qualifying race day and ends up finishing third or fourth or fifth. I mean he seems to thrive in those situations where he's forcibly kept off the bike right up until the race is about to start and then goes out there and makes everybody else. Look Lazy. So I'm sure that he was loving life right now because this is like his prime situation not being able to ride not being able to ride not being able to ride and you put them on the bike and he goes crazy for everybody else. They're probably going a little bit nuts not being able to work out and be in those routines and I think it was Andrea so that a month or so ago started talking about this that for him. It's not the fact that he can't go out and ride so much as the mental routine. Isn't there and that. He was mentally prepared for and everybody was. And then it just stops and so you're in that mindset and you've been doing everything mentally to prepare for that moment physically for that matter and then it's just not there and now you've got to start that whole process over again as one of the good things about motor. Gp's plan right now because with a lot of time between now and mid July then the writers once everything gets to stamp of approval on it. Then they can start that process again and get themselves not just physically but mentally in shape to go competing even if it's a short season it doesn't matter if it's one race or if it's fifteen or twenty two races at the running. I'm sure that that mental approach at preparation is the same no matter what so. That's another benefit of motogp taking things a little bit slower than maybe some of the other sports. Have A MR T. second question. Should there be fines for riders that break Corentin or otherwise. Don't follow the health rules leading up to the start of the season now. That might be a little bit more controversial question. But it's one I have a definite answer to. Yes they absolutely need to have some sort of threat of a penalty for teams and riders. That don't follow the rules and I know they're probably some people saying hey man. You got to be realistic about this. But I am being realistic in a perfect world. Everybody would be one hundred percent responsible all the time. And in general and I know I've said this before the show not only do I think that motor. Gp Fans are a little bit smarter than your average person. But I think that MotoGP riders are a little bit smarter than your average athlete. But I could be wrong about that. And One way. Or the other. When it comes to the riders especially. We're talking about young rich people here and whenever you have people with a lot of money especially young people. There's a tendency to feel like you might be a little bit above the rules and all it takes. All it takes. Is One person to be irresponsible? In this case and the entire thing could potentially get shut down so not only the story. I need to be as vigilant and as strict as ever with the writers and the teams in terms of regulations and laying out the rules but there definitely needs to be consequences for breaking those roles. Maybe not a huge monetary amount but some sort of monetary. Fine combining with reinforcing to the riders. There will be zero tolerance policy in terms of participating. If you mess up and you're not there for the test or you go do something risky after. You've already taken submitted your test. You're not going to be racing and to tell those riders and they're not going to be racing if they break the rules that would hit them much harder than just the financial fine It could mean the difference between shotted podium or not in the race if it's their favorite track or it could mean a shot at the championship or not. If they're having early season and more than anything these guys want to race they WANNA get trophies. They want something to propel them in the twenty twenty one if not give them a shot at what could very well be a wide open. Twenty twenty I mean with the season being shorter than usual and focused on just a couple of tracks. You could see some guys that are able to take advantage of it so even missing a single race. I'M GONNA say. Gaza mean people other than Mark Marquess take advantage of it so missing even a single race could have huge implications so combining those two the monetary fine for the rider and team along with the very real threat of having to potentially miss around. That may well be enough to keep everyone in line and I think it does help that. Motor JP is usually a series where even just missing one event is already catastrophic. I mean in baseball. Or whatever flavor of football you like one player missing one or maybe even a handful of events may not be that big of a deal to either them or their team's chances but Emoji p that one race is everything so I think that there's going to be motivation on the of the riders and the teams to begin with. But I think that that does need to be reinforced by motor. Gp With a real set of guidelines. That if you don't do these things that's what's going to happen including sitting out of the race. I think they'll have much better chance of controlling everybody in keeping everybody safe throughout the entire season. Whatever that season may end up looking like Alfred or Adrian Who MAKES ARE AWESOME TROPHIES. Which by the way I got an email from Adrian just the other day and he said he's already working on a design for the fantasy MotoGP. Hov So keep that in the back of your head that if we go racing fingers crossed knock on from Mica in July that make sure you signed up for the League because there will be trophies and play but he's also got off track there. Adrian's also got Formula One. Tv and he said that their initial response to the current situation. This is going back around that the video passos talking about earlier. He said that At once initial response to the situation has been that extend everybody's subscription by an extra two months so I guess maybe giving them the offseason And Holzer sixty-nine seventy five says that. Nbc is doing the same thing with their track pass APP but Usman we haven't heard anything from Dorna at least I haven't heard anything from Dorner. If you have definitely posted. Read it on facebook or send me an email but nothing yet and I really think that Dorner Emoji p. should do something especially since they're already saying even the best case scenario wouldn't be including all the rounds for the season so. I said it before I'll say it again. I really think if you're out there listening Dornan I know you are that. You've gotTA stick by all of us who've stuck by you in. Don't make us regret not asking for our money back when we had the chance. Give us an extra year. You know that you can do it you can. You can do it and you know you don't need the money right away. You know the extending that one olive branch is GonNa lock all of us. And we're we'RE NOT GONNA even question signing up for twenty twenty two if you extend us all the way to twenty twenty one. We need to have some sort of like online rally or something like that Moving on Bono Sir. Buenos are asked about rumors that Andrea also could potentially go to KTM next year. Now I know that sounds a little bit crazy but if there is any truth to those rumors we were talking about last week. The poll SPAGO is being considered by Honda. Well then KTM. I'm we need somebody. But would that Person Be Andrea? Co Cell and. I don't know that's kind of a tough one because after the whole show and Zarko disaster you'll KTM circle the wagons for twenty twenty going completely in House with a writer lineup. With the idea there being that you know they don't WanNa take a chance on an outside writer when they've got people available who already understand the cork some features of the sixteen as one for the Doug Miro fans so even in a situation where a spago did leave you would think that they would look inward for a replacement most likely. Miguel Olivera. Who'S SMART? Who's talented and already got passed up for Brad Bender when it came to replacing Jones Argo but with that being said if you were in charge of KTM would you pass up Andrea Davinci. Oso and it's not that simple. I mean I get dove is thirty four years old but he's finished second in the championship the past three consecutive seasons and he's won twelve races and scored twenty six podiums over that span. And when you're someone cates him. Who's got that rebel money at your disposal? And you know those rebel executive same. We want big name. People we want wins. You know spending that kind of money on a rider of that caliber doesn't seem like that. Big of a deal especially since dove is rebel rider. Anyway so on paper. It doesn't seem like it's that outlandish of an idea now in reality. I don't know that it's going to happen. I mean these rumors very likely originated from kind of humorous back and forth last year. Phillip Island between Dovy Carlo or not and just knowing that that's who started the conversation in the first place immediately makes me not want to believe that it's terribly valid But it also could be the dove agent is using that talk and maybe spreading that around little bit using it to his advantage to try to get more money for Andrea and I get that because to county certainly have been painted into a corner already by losing out on all of the riders that they had at the top of their list to replace dovy and Marquez Vanilla Charro but even though vs like the only one out there right now for as manager I mean even then that hardball talk doesn't really have too much bite unless there's someone out there that's interested you know if he just goes in says. Hey you got screwed up you gotta pay my guy now they might be able to get you know a little bit of a bum but if he goes in there and he says hey listen you screwed up. He's ready to walk. Ktm's Rabi beside him. Now all the sudden that makes a little bit more impact on do coty and cates Cam. A far more plausible option both financially and performance wise than APPRECIA-. So I think that the dovy camp connor has to push that rumor that maybe just maybe Katie. I'm as interested in them so I think the chances are slim mostly. I think the team is trying to work the best deal possible with to Kati but I think that they would entertain something from him. They would least sit down at the table and talk to them and calcium willing to listen if it came down to that too because he does offer the opportunity to instantly compete with mark if they can get him a bike. That's in the general ballpark and at the same time. Take away one of their rivals. Weapons Dovy and I mean who would say no to that option whether or not you have holes SPAGO. I mean I think that all sides would at least sit down and consider it even though. I don't think it's necessarily going to happen overall. I would say we're talking about ninety five percent chance that dovy follow suit with everyone else in the garage simply resigns with his current team to Coty then about a five percent chance. He turns over the Apple Cart and pulls off a surprise deal with KTM boy. Wouldn't that be fun if he did? I would love to see Andre. The Video Trimbe wrangle that KTM especially since they made the improvements who knows what we're going to get out of it this year. I mean we haven't been able to see it yet Mark moving away. A little bit from O. G. P. But still staying on track a chip. Rc fifty one. He's had back on track in fact he's going to be out of Chuck Wallet This Weekend. My neck of the woods if I had my speed triple sorta right now. I'll be right there with you ma'am but it's awesome to see that there is going to be happening especially here in. California because California. Obviously there have been a lot of people that have gotten sick and so they're moving along a little bit more slowly than other places here in the United States are so it's awesome to see that. They've opened things up in their allowing. Attractive should be pretty easy to keep things safe. Let us know how it goes chip. It's this weekend that he's going to be out there. I mean they spread everybody out now if you go. Seven megaphone at the riders meeting. Call everybody out over the PA system and off. You go which you actually reminded me chip. I need to see if they've started up auto cross events or if they're going to start about across events again at Auto Club speedway because I was all set to go to one and then they they cancelled it. Moving on Jigsaw Flyer. Tell me and tell me that you have sold. That are see. Fifty one with the Stars and Stripes Bodywork. Because I do not have the money right now so if it's gone then I won't have to think about it but if it's still for sale then it's GonNa be right there in the back of my brain. How do I justify a fourth bike? And I don't think that would go over very well at all for me here on the Home Front so tell me you saw that thing. Then I don't have to think about it anymore. Faith three sixteen was talking about a friend of his that had an S. T. four which is awesome by the way but that I put a fourteen tooth sprocket on help it off the line and I wasn't quite sure what was on line so I pulled the cover off to have a look a good news. I found where oil leak is so no. I need to fix that. We'll do Qadis. What can you say But I've got a fifteen tooth sprocket. I can see why he went down one because I fear that. That bike is geared. So weird first year does feel a little bit low which combined with the heavy clutch means that. If you're not on it enough I mean you gotta start to slip the clutch way more than I like to with a dry clutch and so I could see how going down to would make it a little bit easier to just kind of grab and go off the line along with. Of course the acceleration of imaging first gear on and I might have to try that when it's time to swap everything out but I'm still not sure and I would be curious to know what your friend thinks. Her thought know if he saw as bike or not but while I think that first skier is a little bit long. Actually think that second gear is a little bit short and so going down to I would think would make second very abrupt and downshifting. The second will be a little bit Harrier when you're riding hard in the twisties. I'm because of that. I can totally believe that. His T. can in general believe that his S. T. Four feels clunky here then in our one by far especially when you get to the peak of that torque because the Tibor is very direct on off at that point especially in second gear and that can make feel a little bit of a barrel of course in the fun way but I can agree that it will make it feel clunky and certainly I wouldn't characterize it as smooth but I wonder what going down to tooth would do for For second gear. That'd be interesting to find out All right so let's move on to some pictures we'll start with. Dj purchase with a pair of killer bikes to Whoa no Manson jealous in a pro racing. Livery and a super duke along with a strangely gigantic squirrel of but at least he's being socially responsible and wearing his mask. And also properly socially distancing so you can find that picture read at all of these are in red and DJ posted another shot with a third friend of theirs who has just as awesome of a bike and Augusta brutally eight hundred America. You WanNa talk about rare. There you go. I've never seen one of those things in person if such a killer livery. It's not just read Wayne Blue. It's like a Pearl Red White and blue and he was definitely socially distanced from the two of you but really come on when it comes to that picture Dj. I'm mostly more so than even the bikes. I'm mostly just jealous of your frigging gas prices. They're a buck seventy three the gallon come on man. Don't show me stuff like stuck in southern California where that stuff is. Priced like a precious metal even now when no one's buying gas still get paid like three bucks a gallon vertebrae me I'm here GNOME. I'm depressed But the cheer me up Alfred. Ap otherwise known as the guy who make sure awesome fantasy trophies knows. I'm a sucker for triumphs instantly. Brought my mood right back up again with his Bonneville up in the mountains with Omega Dude. Who's with him on the street? Triple that's right to tribes in the same place. And what is that stuff up there in the mountains behind you is that I? I think? That's no is what that is and it's been awhile for me so I'm assuming that's what all that new stuff that didn't look like grass behind you was Mega do posted a closer shot of history. It's an R. I love that one that all black with the gold wheels and the gold logo. I think that for me. It's it's a tough one for me between that one and then of course you know the Pearl White with the black and red frame. That was pretty awesome to It's a toss up for me between those two liveries on a street triple are speaking of triumphs. I like the photos. Were getting this week. Pistol Pete sixty-three put up his Bonnie t one twenty with a new smoked windscreen screen to it's small but I'm sure it's effective. I wanted an extended windscreen for my speed triple. But they all either require you to drill into or use it. He's a Velcro on the factory. Fly Screen and my speed triple is so old that the fly screen is pretty much on obtaining him at this point so. I don't want to mess it up. I've been keeping an eye out on Ebay like every two or three months or so ago on Ebay and I looked to see if I can find a really old speed triple flies. Screen doesn't even matter what color it is doesn't have to be orange like the bike. It can be any color at all in the naked. Use It to put an extended screen on Some the screen on the speed triplets relatively effective barley. Not Nearly as much as what you have is though Coulter Nineteen eighty-three on man. He posted a crazy video. And I'd be curious to hear a little bit more about what happened here if you're willing to do that on read it but Basically his friend was following him and another on his Kawasaki and he ran off the road into a ditch and completely totaled the bike. I mean that was nuts and of course the video of the entire incident and it didn't even seem like you guys were going all that fast or around that tight of corner. It just Kinda happened although I can understand it even though it wasn't that sharp of a corner and you can tell me if this is what happened to your friend or not. I had something somewhat like that happened. Years ago years ago it was a slight curve going into the decent clip. I will admit that but nothing crazy and I was on the BMW. So it's a big bike. Not that that should matter all that much and I don't even know why this term was not scary at all just a you know arc in the road with a little bit of a grass in the ditch and a wooden fence for farm on one side and for some reason. I can't even say why tensed up just a little bit in the next thing you know. I was massively under steering and heading for the side of the road which now I'm looking at because I'm like why am I drifting and now I'm looking that way now I'm going away even more right so I stood the bike up in a clampdown on the brakes and I came to a stop. Maybe like it was off the road. It was like a foot into the grass or so that finally got it to a stop but it was weird. It never happened to me before. It's never happened to me sense. There was nothing intimidating about that corner. But you know you just make the slightest mistake and you panic or tense up just a little bit and the next thing you know it can spiral on you. And I'm not sure if that's what happened your friend or not. I know that in one of the responses somebody mentioned to us to the rest fantastic book to read because that is what I just described is a perfect example of one of the things that they talk about in that book. Where you tense up just a little bit. Then you compound it with a little bit of targeting station on the back end and all the sudden things can get away from you so and I'm not sure if that's what happened to your friend or not now I didn't need my gear that day Before I was wearing it but like alternate team. Eighty-three showed us in reminded us with his friend. It can be way worse. Oh always always wear your stuff. You know here where it's hot. I'll see people usually not motorcyclists you'll most of the bike guys around here. I mean they're used to it being hot so it doesn't bother them. They know it's going to be hot. They put on there leather jacket. They put their pants or whatever. But the people who don't that I see a lot of around here are guys riding scooters and nothing against scooters. There's some really cool scooters out there but the people that I see riding around where I live then ride scooters because they like bikes they ride them only because they get great gas mileage and they think oh I'm doing my part to save the world But since they aren't in the bikes then that means that they also aren't in the gear like at all I mean they aren't even aware of gear so they'll be Darton out traffic wearing tank tops and flip flops and stuff like the old school squids. I don't know if they still do that or are there still squids now now. I'm feeling old as I say that out loud But a couple of months ago I literally and this was back before they shut down everything. I was sitting outside at a restaurant. One of those quick surface places. They do a lot to go orders and a guy comes up on a scooter and gets off of any goes inside to pick up his to go order and gets back on the scooter. And I'm not kidding you. He literally forgot to put his helmet back on. He had the stop. He starts riding in thinking. Why's that Ma'am wearing nothing on his head? And he stopped about six feet after he started riding shuts. The thing off gets off in the middle of the parking lot and opens up his seat and grabs his helmet. He literally just forgot. You just forgot all about his helmet and in California's state where you've gotta wear a helmet so and trust me. He didn't look like the type of guy who was so used to not wearing a helmet in another state that it just slipped his mind he just simply wasn't thinking about its gear at all so make sure that when you go out there especially if you're doing some fun riding like call tournus friends. Were that you definitely. Don't forget about your Gearan dominantly. Don't forget about your helmet. So call her. You said that He walked away from it hopefully. He's alright the bike and bummed the bike. It's definitely toast. But he said it wasn't that expensive so hopefully can get a new one quickly and be writing again sometime soon. Now that was a follow up to coulter. Nineteen eighty-three post of his new bike. Oh Man and if I'm being honest I didn't even know about that bike until you posted it and I was like man. What the heck is that thing? Well that thing is a Harley F X T R one fourteen if you think about it as kind of like a Harley Dia vel that's not far off the mark and that's not a slight to it either. I mean it is a good looking bike just like the die of L. is so very nice stuff man. Of course the funny part was the culture. Was Tony at home in his seven. Hundred Dollar Ford Ranger like the exact opposite of what he just bought And I had the left not because the ranger is seven hundred dollars but because man that thing brings back memories okay so I don't know what your years is But when I was a kid my dad traded in his VW bus for Nineteen eighty-four Ranger and yours looks like the same general body style His was red with a white cap and I clearly remember that he would put us in the bed of that thing. You pump open air bed right and then throw the three of us kids in the back of it and then we would ride like two and a half hours to the beach. Of course that was back when you do things like that and nobody would think twice about it. It's it's a miracle that we're all alive today but the second on that range I was like oh my gosh. Having flashbacks to riding to the beach And culture also clarified that his mom is peaking out at a little over ten horsepower with the tune in that killer exhaust In that there are indeed race series. For Brahms and now I WANNA Graham. Because I want to try did I know that it's a small bike? Doesn't have a whole lot of power but on a tiny go kart track. That must be a blast. I so want to give it a try mostly because it could be. You could do real racing and then not have to worry about sleeping on the couch because if I brought home like say an are six instead. I'm going to go do some competitive racing while I she would take out a really big insurance policy on me And then I would be stuck in the living room like for the rest of my life but a little grandma be like look. It's like a little toy. Here's something to worry about. I'm just going to go kart track. It's GonNa be fun so I think that would be like the perfect cover. I think it's a really good plan. Although culture I will have to have you at that point. Well me up one of those awesome exhausts because that's the thing sounds killer Z. Muffin man awesome screening by the way Just got a bike that I've always wanted a Yamaha r one but our face are one and I know that that's kind of like the maligned are one. Everybody looks down on. But I think in hindsight that's going to be regarded as a classic because not only was it. The first are one with the cross plane crankshaft but it was so out there stylistically at the time that I think down the road that it's GONNA h well even if it happens to be a little bit heavier than the generation came after it and a little bit wonky. You're looking than the bike that came before but it's got that cross plane that's got those like super intense allies. I've seen some people do like colors and stuff on. I think they're pretty cool. Not Our fifty one call but they're pretty cool Tidy forty six posted a video where he keeps his insanely clean. Hyper Strada over the winter and you sir have a very understanding wife in your screening is very appropriate for as clean as You keep. That tag on. Bike mean that dog. Your dog is a riot. He could've cared less. Came through the room with the phone slash camera where my dog would have been all up in my face the entire way trying to look the thing All right so that does it for this episode. I thought this was going to be short. I thought we were GONNA talk for a couple of minutes right and then that was going to be it. No I think this is actually longer than the motor. Gp News episode. We did a couple of days. But that's all right. I want to do more so come next. Obviously we're GONNA do the latest updates on both the motor. Gp schedule negotiations and anything more we can find out about the Andrea you know in a appeal plus of course we'll have the latest moti. Gp News your comments so definitely leave him. I'll tell you where to in a second because if you'd only comments I'm probably going to not have a whole lot at all on the next show and then we'll see who Lorenzo decides to get into a fight with for the second half of the week because I'm sure it'll be somebody So until then definitely check out. The website subscribe. If you want to. That'd be awesome but of course you can always find all of the latest episodes on the website at Moto Week Dot net. You can follow along on twitter and instagram at motor weak and most importantly like the show and leave your comments on both facebook and Reddit facebook. Facebook DOT com slash moto week dot net doom favor. Click the thumbs up. When you get there that will you'll get notifications and tell me that you enjoyed the show and then on. Reddit are slash Moto Week. Sign up if you haven't yet then subscribe to the forum and then dive into the conversation. Post pictures post videos. Tell me what you want to talk about on the show Post your lap times for Thailand. You'll have until the end of the week the Post that and then of course start preparing for circuit of the Americas as well. We'll talk in the next show about all of the standings and everything like that. I'll come up with some sort of standing system or something so one way or the other. I'm ready you've got a chance to talk about stuff. You got a chance to look at pictures. You got a chance to play video games. I mean we're doing everything over there and we would love to have you be part of it so our slash mode week art so until we talk again just a couple of days from now. I WanNa thank you so much for listening. Stay safe all the rules and regulations in your area. Don't want you getting sick. And whenever possible remember? Cover your face with a motorcycle helmet. I'm sure very soon. The scientific community is all going to agree that that is the best way to do it. so thanks again for listening ride safe and I'll talk to you soon.

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